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Full text of "Woods' Baltimore city directory (1877)"

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10 Post Office Ave. , Baltimore. 


Germania LIFE Ins. Co. ** $ 7,8 7 9,1 .85 36 


DiFiWs pi, $1,389,0891 MCllS pi, $4,440,46963. 

Merchants' Ins. Co. m, $ 1,003,605 00 

Newark. N. J.. Established 1858. LOSSffi Paid, $933,441' 63 

Buffalo German Ins, Co. «, $686,200 20 

Buffalo, N.Y., Established 1867. LOSSeS M, $495,884 67 

PeteTsteS; CO. «, $548,14573 

Petersbu^ y V^Established 1860. LOSSeS Pall. $482,944 66 

ins' Insurance Co. « $433,146 20 

St. Louis, Mo., Established 1837. LOSSCS Paid. $2,287,136 00 

Standard Fire Ins. Co. m $324,001 13 

Trenton, N. J., Established 1868. L0SS6S Paid. $213,688 99 

Germania Insurance Co. ■ $302,283 01 

Newark, IT. J., Established 1870. LOSSeS Paid. $179,943 71 

on all the approved plans. ^®-Yoj* will save money by giving me a call 
before placing or renewing your Insurance. The above Companies 
paid Losses amounting to over NINE MILLION DOLLARS. 

"W. F. CL G-EE-KC^A-ItlDT, Genl. -A.^b- for TsOla. 
: : 1 1 : — 

■ ■ - 

sxxnvniN a cowm 

V «i 

M \ >. I PAOT1 RIOltS <> 


Improved Elevators 

PATJBTTED JAN'Y 25. 1876, and FEB'Y 13. 1877. 



Hand Elevators, 
Steam Elevators, 
Water Elevators, 





II0IS1 IM. I N(.IM S, 


H ' 


■i i .i 

1 1 


»— ■ i 

i '« »i: 


cond Hand Hoisting Machines. 








i T 


Patented April 18, 1871, 

Re-Issued July 25. 1876. 

For Warehouses, Factories, 

Stores, Hotels and 


And every place where Mer- 
chandise, (fee, is tlMllsft'lTed 

from one story to another. 
There are hundreds of them 
operating in different cities 

and town-. 

Send for Price Last and 

Circulars containing Refer- 



Of the most approved kind 
adapted for 



All kinds of 


For House Fronts, Mills, 
Factories, &c. 4@f°Tobacco 
Screws, of all kinds, fur- 

*- : - --'-• - ■ ■ • nished at shortest notice. 

JAMES BATES, Iron Foundry and Machine Shop, 



— < 


ill i : 


< >F HA l/ri MOKE, 
3M, E. Cor. Soutbi and. Second. Streets,. 

THI8 I OMPANY, E8T \!W iMIKh FOB OVER HAL! \ • F.N n i. 




<>> FAVORABLE ii.k vi;-;. 

Insurance for a Single Day or Longer Period. BUILDERS RISKS 
at moderate rates. 


Augustus J. Albert, James M. Anderson, J. Alex. Shrlver, David F. Wrmdburn. 

Thoe. W. Levering, Frederick Achey, Herman J. Reitz, James Bat 

John M •..■ilt. Bamuol Hun. James Myer, Hugb w. Bolton, 

Joanna Drvdeo, Francis W. Bomiett Thomas J. Wil William H. Victory, 

II. It LnuaiTinai). Ooorge Franrk, William H. Brown, Edwin F. Abel), 

Caleb Parka, George J. Appold, Nicholson, William H. Ford, 

John G. Reaney, Austin Jenkins, Gnstarns A. Dorgao, Wiliinm Whitelnck. 

Monde* I. Cohen, >Iok. Jan. Taylor, 


Air Line Passenger and Freight Route, 



iiioiifl, York fc, and Ctatfe R. 8. Line, 



\ I l O'CLOCK, l*. A£. 


Connecting with the Richmond and Danville, < h and Ohio, Piedmont 

Air Line, North Carolina, Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta, Greenville and 
Columbia, Richmond and Atlanta Ur Li 

For it 1 1 Information ap|>l> to 

R. FOSTER, Genl Manager. 
H. T. DOUGLASS, Supt. Richmond, Va. 

Metropolitan Savings Bank, 

Cor. LEXINGTON and CALVERT Sts.. Monument Square. 

Receives deposits daily from 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. Interest paid on Deposits. 
C. C. SHRIVER. Treasurer. ISAAC HAETMAN, President. 


Alfred Jeukiu.s, John Murphy, F. Wm. Dammann. Daniel J. Foley, 

J. .1. Turner, Lake Cassidy, Joseph Judlk, Thomas J. Slyer, 

George W. Webb. Daniel Donnelly, John W. Jenkins, lienrj Bogue, 

John A. Middleton. Henry R, McNally, Wm. H. V. Smith, Joseph Fink, 
C.Oliver O'Oonnell, John Malloy, ('. Austin Jenkins, Oumb'ld Dugau, 

John T. Piquett, 
Henry ifcCaffiray, 
Isaac H&Ftman, 
Thomas (/. Yearly, 
J no. M. Fredericks 

People's Machine & Boiler Works. 




Scru-tlx S±cLe of tlie Basin.. 



o.W I. Ml \ , : : | 11 \| ■ , 

Rail WATa. 




CELLARS, &c, emptied during 

the Day or Night WITHOUT 



order- respectfully solicited by Hail or Persona] 
Applical Lou. 


{B w. Cor. Lexington and St. Paul Sts 

Or at \o 244 Montgomery St. 

PHIXiIP M Mlt II. Proprietor. 



Coffin Warerooms. Nos. 4 and 6 Druid Hill Ave. 







V l.\'//' I t TOR )'. 

depot. newyork. tbei ( BALTIMORE. 

DKALMKS IX 15 It I S r VJj I<S , 



'tantly on puled Horsi u«d Cat- 

tle Hair ; Mixed and Hog H 

All order« I through tlie P e or Agent will be promptly atl 

The highest prices paid for Cattle and Horse Tails and Hog Hair. 



ngineers «fc Maeliini J 


Manufacturers of Flour, Grist and Guano Mills, both Portable and 

Stationary; also, Circular, Single and Gang Saw Mills. All 

other Machinery and Models made to order. 

Nos. 40. 42 and 44 York Street, near Light. 

Iron and lira-- Caxtlngs, Low and lli.'ii Pressure Engines and Boilers, Tank-, dbc. Blacksmithing 
:- branches. Repairing promptly attended to 

i !8T v i; I .1-.1 i i : l> l SgO. 

./. //. //. vsizjsll <;■ sojst, 



Supplies for Cotton, Woolen, Silk, and all descriptions of Fac- 
tories, Paper, ETloi - ■ Mills. Railroad and Machine Shops. GHjdj Belting, 
Hose and Packing, Lubricating Oils for all kinds of Machinery. Lacing Leather, 
Flour and < Irain Emery,] ei Machinery, Emery Wheels, Wool < larding Machines, 
l'.< >bu ins. Shuttles and Spools Reeds, Hi ddl< .-. Roller Skin-. Holler Cloths, Bolting 
• is, Steam Packing. Mill Pi ks, Picker Leather, Pickers. Potato Btsrch, King 
Trare w srps, <; lues, ftc 




Required by Societies, 




u i 



ft I 

en ° 






Deeds and Mortgages! 



Established 1836. 

~ 3CO<iWHi§£> 

* Wzm &w< 


^ t~> »~\ * 






Our Perpetual 


Price 10 C'ts 



&^r- \ 

w ^iss' mjmwsmwsM ©» 

Opposite Sun Building, 

^.^SiU^Si^ ^ u 

Prices Moderate. 




'xJ f » I ♦ 





z: — n — z:.z~ — — . 


Sl^IjMOf^ ClTY 




A Street Directory, 

Also, a Supplement, containing the Wards and New Precincts. 



Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven 
by John W. Woods, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. 



Bird W. E. 13 w Biddle 

Clabaugb E. A. & Son, (Edwin A. and Usher 
Clabaugh) com. merchts. room 3 American 

Formau A. T. (successor to Jefferson & Sadler) 
grocer, 144 s Broadway 

Gengnagel Edward, salesman, 2.8 Frederick 

Gernand G. & Co. manufrs. advertis'g frames, 
134 w Baltimore 

Heinekamp Wm. piano manufr.373 w Baltimore 

Henry Daniel F. 220 George 

Kilgoure Matthew W .salesman, over 411 w Bal- 

Longacie Orleans, manager for J. B. & J. M. 

Cornell, 182 w Baltimore, dw 57 Mosher 
Jenkins Wm. H. bailiff Crim. Court, 3 s Mount 
Todd Bernhard, 614 Lexington 
Waterbury N. 225 w Townsend 
Weis Mrs. C. dressmaker, 4 Druid Hill av 
West Mrs. Charles, 220 George 
West Charles jr. 220 George 
West George H. 220 George 
West William H. 220 George 
Wilson Leroy M. cotton factor and genl. com. 

mercht. 90 w Lombard 



Adjutant General, 955 

Aged Men's Home, .... 977 
Ajred Women's Home, .... 977 
Allston Association, .... 976 
Almshouse Trustees, .... 960 

American Mechanics, (0. TJ. A. M.) . 974 
American Mechanics, (Junior 0. U. A. M.) 974 
Appeal Tax Court, . . . .956 
Appendix, ...... 955 

Arcadian, 976 

AtheDaeum, 977 

Baltimore Association for the Improvement 

of the Condition of the Poor, . . 976 
Bait. Chapter, Am. Institute of Architects, 975 
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, . 979 
Baltimore Eye and Ear Institute, . 980 

Baltimore Manual Labor School, 
Baltimore Medical Association, 
Baltimore Medical and Surgical Society, 
Baltimore Orphan Asylum, . 
Baltimore Warehouse Company. 


Bayview Asylum, 

B'nai B'rith, Independent Order, 

Board of Public Works, . 

Board of Trade, .... 

Boys' Home Society of Baltimore, 

Business Directory, . . from 821 to 954 

Cadets of Temperance 973 

Caledonian Club 975 

Cemeteries, 986 

Church Association of Diocese of Maryland, 975 



Citizens' Security and Land Company 

City Commissioner, .... 

City Council, .... 

City Government, .... 

City Librarian, .... 

City Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph 

City Surveyor, .... 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, 

Colored Orphans' Home, 

Colored Persons, . from 736 to 820 

Commissary U. S. Army, . . . 962 

Commissioners of Public Schools, . . 957 

Commissioners for Opening Streets, . 957 

Committee of Foreign Missions, &c, . 979 

Concordia Club, 975 

Consolidated Real Estate and Fire Ins. Co. 968 
Consuls and Vice-Cotisuls, . . . 964 
Consumers' Mutual Gas Light Co., . . 977 
Corn and Flour Exchange, . . . 964 

Coroners, 955 

Corrections, Additions, &c, back of title. 

Courts, 963 

Custom House 962 

Dispensaries, ...... 979 

Engineer Corps U. S. A 963 

Express Companies 971 


Eye and Ear Infirmary 980 

Finance Commissioners, . . . 956 

Fire Department, 959 

French Benevolent Society, . . 977 

Gas Light Company of Baltimore, . . 977 
German Orphan Asylum, . . . 980 
German Society of Maryland, . . . 974 
Germania Club, ..... 974 
Germania Maennerchor, .... 975 

Good Templars, I. 973 

Government of the United States, . . 955 
Government of the State of Maryland, 955 

Harbor Masters 957 

Health Department, .... 957 
Hebrew Benevolent Society, . . . 978 
Hebrew Hospital and Asylum Association, 978 
Hebrew Ladies' Sewing Society, . . 978 
Hebrew Orphan Asylum, . . . 978 
Henry Watson Childrens,' Aid Society, . 976 
Heptasophs, or S. W. M.. . . . 974 
Hibernian Society of Baltimore, . . 974 
Home for the Aged, M. E. Church, . 978 
Home of the Friendless, .... 977 

Home for Girls, 977 

House of Refuge, ..... 976 
House of Reformation — Colored, . . 976 
House of the Good Shepherd, . . . 978 
Infirmaries, Hospitals, &c, . . . 980 
Inspector of Buildings, .... 956 
Inspector of Gas Meters, . . . 956 
Inspector of Illuminating Gas, . . 956 

Inspector of Long and Dry Measures, . 957 
Inspectors (U. S.) of Steamboats, . . 963 
Inspectors of Weights and Measures, . 957 
Internal Revenue, ..... 962 
Johns Hopkins Hospital, . . . 980 
Johns Hopkins Colored Orphan Asylum, 980 
Johns Hopkins University, . . . 976 
Knights of the Golden Eagle, . . 973 
Knights of Pythias, . . . .973 

Ladies Sewing Society of German Orphan 

Asylum, 980 

Little Sisters of the Poor, ... 976 
List of Names of Residents, from 49 to 735 
Location and Teachers of Public Schools, 957 
Magistrates, ...... 957 

Male Free School and Colvin Inst, for Girls, 978 

Markets 961 

Maryland Academy of Arts and Sciences, 975 
Maryland Agricultural and Mechanical As- 
sociation, ...... 977 

Maryland Bible Society, . . . 979 
Maryland College of Pharmacy, . . 979 

Maryland Club 975 

Maryland Deaf and Dumb Institution, . 978 
Maryland Eye and Ear Institute, . 980 

Maryland Gas Works, .... 977 
Maryland Horticultural Society, . . 975 
Maryland Hospital for the Insane, . . 980 



Maryland Industrial School for Girls, 
Maryland inebriate Asylum, . 
Maryland Institute, .... 

Maryland lust, for Instruction of Blind, . 
Maryland Sunday School Union, 
Maryland Tract Society, .... 

Maryland Tubing Transportation Co. . 
Masoos, . . ..... 

Medical and Cbirorgical Faculty of Md. 
Merchants' Exchange and News Rooms, 
Merchants' and Mechanics' Permanent 
Building and Loan Company, 

1 iv t Hliee, .... 

Notaries Public, ..... 

Odd Fellows, (l.O.O.F.) . 

! >me, .... 

Park Commissioners, .... 

Passenger Railways, .... 

Peabody [nstitate 

Peoples Gas Oompauy, .... 

Permanent Land Company, 

Police Organisation, .... 
Post Office, 

Prisoners' Aid Association, 

Protestant Episcopal Brotherhood, 

Protestant Infant Orphan Asylum, . 

Public Schools, Locutions and Teachers, 

Quartermaster United States Army, 

Railroads, ...... 

Men, (Improved Order) . 

Red Men, (Independent Order) . 

Registers in Bankruptcy, . . 

Resident Commissioners of Deeds, &c. 

Safe Deposit and Trust Company, . 

Scheutzen Park Association, 

Schentzen Park(WeBl Baltimore) Assoc'n, 

Society for Educating Poor and Orphan 




. 972 


























Society of C. S. Army and Navy, . 974 
Sins of Temperance, .... 974 

Sooth Baltimore Permanent Mutual Loan 

and Savings association, . . . 968 
St. Andrew Society, .... 974 
St. Anthony (R C.) Ger. Orphan Asylum, 978 

St. Francis Orphan Asylum, 

St. George Society, ... 

St. Joseph House of Industry, 

St. Joseph General Hospital, . 

St. Mary Female Orphan Asylum, 

St. Mary Industrial School for Boys, 

Si. Paul Orphan Asylum, . 

St. Paul Boys' Home, 

St. Peter | Bpisc >pal) Orphan Asylum, 

St. Vincent de Paul Orphan Asylum, 

St. Vincent Infant Asylum, 

St iges, .... 

State Hoard of Education, . 

State Normal School, 

Steamships and Steamboats, 

Street Directory, 

Superintendents of Chimney Sweeps 

Superintendents of Lumps, 

Superintendents of Streets, 

Tax Department, 


The "Home," 

Union Orphan Asylum, 

United Friends of America, 

United States Treasury, 

Vaccine Physicians, 

Ward Managers of the Poor, 

Wards and New Precincts, 

Water Board, . 

Weather Observation Office, 

Young Men's Catholic Ass'n of Bait 

Young Men's Christiau Association, 

imore, 975 

I0$K ¥0 Sl/glN^S f)lf$C¥Of(Y. 



Accountants, ...... 





Adjusters of Averages, 


Brick Manufacturers and Dealers, 


Agencies- Collection, Commercial and Mer- 

Bridge and Wharf Builders, 


cantile, ...... 


Britannia Ware Manufacturers, 


Agencies — Immigrant, 


Brokers — Custom House, 


Agencies — Law, ..... 


Brokers — Exchange, Bill and Stock, . 


Asrents — Advertising and Publishing, . 


Brokers — Merchandise and Shi 

?P 1Q g. 


Agents — Book and Subscription, 


Brokers — Real Estate, 


Agents — Claim and Pension, 


Brooms, Baskets and Wooden Ware, 


Agents — General, ..... 


Brush Manufacturers and Dealers, 


Agents, Brokers and Managers — Insurance 


Building Materials, 


Agents — Manufacturers, .... 


Burr Mill Stone Manufacturers, 


Agents — Property and Collectors, 


Business Colleges, . 



Agents — Real Estate, .... 


Butchers, .... 



Agmts — Steamers, Rail Road and Passen- 

Butter Dealers, 




Cabinet Makers, . 



Agricultural Implements, 


Can Makers, 


Antiquarian Books, .... 


Car Wheel Manufacturers, . 


Apothecaries, Druggists and Chemists, 


Cards — Machine, 


Architects and Civil Engineers, . 


Card Writers, 


Artificial Flowers, ^c. .... 


Carpenters and Builders, 


Artificial Limbs, Trusses, &c, 


Carpet Cleaners, . 


Artists, ....... 


Carpets, Oil Cloth, &c. . 



Artists' Materials, .... 


Carpet Weavers, . 


Attorneys at Law, ..... 


Carriage and Coach Makers, 


Auction and Commission Merchants. . 


Carriage Goods, Hardware, 


Awnings and Tents, .... 


Carvers and Gilders, 


Bacon Dealers, ..... 


Cattle Dealers, 



Bag Manufacturers and Brokers, 


Cement and Plaster, 


Bakers, ...... 


Chair Caners, 


Bankers, ....... 


Chair Makers, 

. 851 

Banks, ...... 


Chemists and Dealers in Chemi 



Banks — National, 


China, Glass and Queensvvare, 


Banks — Savings, .... 




Barrel Dealers, ..... 


Chronometers and Nautical Ins 



Basket Makers 


Cigar Moulds, Presses and Stra 

ps, . 




Cloaks, Shawls and Mantillas, 


Bell Founders 




Bell Hangers, ...... 


Clothiers — Children, . 


Bill Posting and Distributing, 


Clothiers — Retail, 


Billiard and Bowling Saloons, 


Clothiers — Wholesale, 


Birds, Aquaria and Taxidermists, 


Cloths, Cas3imeres, Vestings, & 



Blacking Manufacturers, 


Coal and Wood Dealers, 


Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, . 


Coal Oil, 


Bleachers and Pressers, .... 


Coffee Renovators, 


Block and Pump Makers, 


Coffee Roasters and Spice Grin 



Boarding Houses, ..... 


Collar Makers, 


Boat Builders, ..... 


Commercial Colleges, 


Boiler Makers, ..... 


Commission Merchants, 


Bolting Cloths, 


Commissioners of Deeds, 


Bonnet Frame Manufacturers, 


Companies — Miscellaneous, 


Bonnets, Ribbons, Silk and Straw Goods, 

• 835 

Confectioners and Fruiterers — 



Book Binders, 


Confectioners and Fruiterers — 



Booksellers, Stationers and Publishers, 




Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufactur- 




ers — Retail, 




Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufactur- 

Copper, .... 


ers — Wholesale 




Boots and Shoes — Ladies', . 


Cork Cutters and Dealers, . 


Boot.Shoeand Gaiter Upper Manufacturers, 


Corsets, .... 






Bux Makers 


Cotton Brokers, 

. 863 

Brass and Bell Founders, 


Cotton Dealers and Factors, 




Cotton Duck Manufacturers, 



IND1 \ l<> !:l-INKSS DIKK«T< >KV. 

Yarns, A ... 

Ouppc iiers, 

i Hair M innfaoturers, 

Carriers, Leather and Findings Dealers, 
: Killers in Cutlery, 


Den inl Depot, 


cers .ui 1 Engravers, 

■rird. .... 


Drain Pipet and Tile-. 
Dredging Machine Company, 

i lUers. ..... 

Drutrgists — Wholesale, . 

I . • "is — Retail .... 

— Wholesale and Commission 
md Scourers. .... 

1>\.- Woods and Dve Stuffs, . 

i'ools, .' . ... 

tricians, ..... 

'typers, ..... 
•■'org, ..... 

lideries and Laces, 

—Civil and Mechanical, . 
I Boilers, .... 
Engravers, ..... 

• tors, ..... 
Express Forwarders, 

Fuk-v Goods and Notions — Retail, 

is and Notions — Wholesale, 

Felt Manufacturers 

Fertilizers, ..... 

I Rasp Manufacturers, 
Fne Brick .Manufacturers, 
.1 t 'beese Dealers, 
Pishing Tackle, Twine, &c, . 

Manufacturers, .... 
Florists and Nurserymen, 
md Feed Dealers, 

Painters, .... 

Fruit Butter, .... 

Fruit Ih-alers, ..... 
Furniture]' i Manufacturers, 

Furri-: - an 1 Fur Dealers, 
tiers and Fixtures, 

kfeter M ikers 

- Furnishing Gk "1 1 — I; tail. 

Q ea'l Furnishing Goods — Whole- 


I rare healers, 
Manufacturers, .... 
er», .... 

'A' ! '"I- Varus, Ac, 
Flour Dealers, 
fards, . 
G id Polishers, 

Q R tail, .... 

»!ers, ..... 
I Dealers, 

• r« rs an : , 

■i ■• M inufactarers Agents, 
















Hardware— Retail, .... 882 

Hardware — Wholesale 383 iml Cap Manufacturers, . . 882 

1 ' aps, Furs and Straw Goods — Retail 883 

Hats, Gaps, Pnra, &c — Wholesale, . 883 

Hay and Straw Dealers, . . . 883 

Hermetically Sealed Fruits, Oysters, &c, 883 

Hide and Leather Dealers, . . . 883 

Hoe Manufacturers, .... 884 

Hoisting Machines, Elevators and Trucks, 884 

Hoopskirta, ..... 884 

Horse Dealers, 884 

Horse Sheers, 884 

Hose Manufacturers. .... 884 

Hosiery, Yarns, Worsteds, &c, . 884 

Hotels, 884 

House Furnishing Goods, . . . 885 

Ice Cream, 886 

Ice Depots, 886 

Importers, ...... 886 

Iudia Rubber Goods 887 

Inspectors, ...... 887 

Instrument Makers, .... 888 

Insurance Companies, .... 888 

Intelligence Offices, .... 890 

Iron Founders, ..... 890 

Iron Fence Railing, .... 891 

Iron, Steel and Metal Dealers, . . 891 

Iron Furnaces, ..... 891 

Japanners and Ornamenters, . . . 891 

Jewelers 891 

Junk Dealers, 892 

Ladies' Furnishing, .... 892 

Last Makers, 892 

Laundries, *92 

Lamps and Oil, 893 

Leather Belting. .... 893 
Leather and Oil Dealers, . . .893 

Lightning Rods, .... 893 

Lime and Hair, 893 

Linen Goods 893 

Liquor and Wine Dealers — Retail, . 893 

Liquors and Wines — Wholesale, . 894 

Lithographers, ..... 895 

Livery, Hack and Sale Stables, . . 895 

Locksmiths and Bell Hangers, . . 896 
Looking Glass and Picture Frame Manu 

Lumber Dealers, 

M Hiufacturers' and Machinists' Supplies, 
Marble and Stone Workers, 
M ittress Manufacturers, 
Merchant Tailors, . 
Millers — Merchant, 
Millinery, . . . 

Millinery Goods, 
Mineral Water. 

ineous, .... 

Morocco Manufacturers and D 
Music and Musical Instruments, 
Music Teachers, .... 


N nal Stores, .... 

Newspapers, .... 

■i 1 Periodicals, 
Nickel Plating 









Notaries Public, 905 

Notions — Wholesale, .... 905 

Nurses and Midwives, .... 905 

Oil Dealers and Refiners, . . . 906 

Opticians, 906 

Organ Builders and Dealers, . . . 906 

Oyster and Fruit Dealers and Packers, 906 

Packing (Provision) Houses, . . . 907 

Painters 907 

Paiuts, Oils, Glass, &c 908 

Paper Bags, 909 

Paper Box Man ufauturers, . . . 909 

Paper Hangings and Window Shades, 909 

Paper Stock, 909 

Paper Warehouses, .... 909 

Passe Partouts, 910 

Patent Articles, 910 

Patent Medicines, 910 

Pattern Makers, 910 

Pavers, Graders and Contractors, . . 910 

Pawnbrokers, 910 

Perfumery 910 

Phosphates, 910 

Photographers, 910 

Photographers' Stock 91 1 

Physicians, 911 

Piano Dealers and Manufacturers, . 915 

Pickling and Preserving, . . . 915 

Picture Frame Manufacturers, . . 915 
Pictures, Chromos, &c, . . .915 

Plane Makers, 916 

Plasterers, 916 

Plaster Mills, 916 

Plumbers, 916 

Pocket Book and Jewelry Case Manufac- 
turers, 917 

Potteries, 917 

Printers — Book and Job, . . . 917 
Printers — Copperplate, . . . .917 

Printers' Inks 917 

Produce Dealers 917 

Provision Brokers, .... 918 

Provision Dealers, 918 

Provision Merchants— Wholesale, . 919 

Pump and Block Makers, . . . 919 

Pyrotechnist 919 

Railways (Marine) 919 

Ranges and Furnaces, .... 919 

Refrigerators, 919 

Regalia Makers, 920 

Registers in Bankruptcy, . . . 920 

Restaurant, 920 

Riggers, . . . . .921 

Rivert and Spike Works, ... 921 

Rolling Mills, 921 

Roofers, 921 

Rope Makers and Dealers, . . .921 
Saddle and Harness Makers, . . .921 

Saddle and Harness Leather, . . 922 

Saddlery and Coach Hardware, . . 922 
Safes— Fire Proof, . . . .922 

Sail Makers, .•..'. 922 

Salt Dealers 922 

Sand Dealers, 922 

Sash. Door and Blind Manufacturers, . 922 

Saw Manufacturers, .... 922 
Saw and Planing Mills, . . .923 

Scales, 923 

Schools, Academies and Colleges, . . 923 

Second Hand Goods, .... 924 

Seeds, 924 


Sewing Machines, .... 924 

Ship Builders and Marine Railway, . 924 

Ship Chandlers, .... 925 

Ship Joiners, . . . : . . 925 

Ship Smiths, 925 

Shipping Masters, 925 

Shipping Merchants 925 

Shirt Manufacturers 926 

Shoe Bows and Trimmings, . . 926 

Shoe Findings, . . . . . 926 

Show Cnrds, 926 

Show Case Manufacturers, . . . 926 

Silks, Ribbons, &c, .... 926 

Silver Platers and Plated Ware, . . 926 

Silversmiths, 926 

Slaters, 927 

Slate Roofers, 927 

Smokers' Articles, .... 927 

Smut Machines 927 

Snuff Manufacturers, .... 927 

Soap and Candle Manufacturers, . 927 

Spices, 927 

Stamping, Fluting and Pinking, . 927 

Stationery, Blank Books, &c, . . 927 

Stenm Forges, 928 

Steamship and Steamboat Lines, . . 928 

Steam and Water Heating, . . 928 

Stencil Cutters 928 

Stereoscopes and Views, . . ■ 928 

Stone Cutters and Masons, . . . 928 
Storage and Wharfage, . . .928 

Stove Dealers 928 

Sugar Refineries, 929 

Surveyors 930 

Tailors' and Clothiers' Trimmings, . . 930 

Tanners and Curriers, . . . 930 

Tea and Coffee Dealers, . . . * . 930 

Telegraphs, 930 

Tin Plate and Metals, . . . .930 
Tin Ware and Sheet Iron Workers, . 930 
Tobacco and Cigars— Retail, . . .931 
Tobacco and Cigar Dealers and Manufac- 
turers—Wholesale, .... 933 
Toilet Articles, Perfumery, &c. . . 934 

Tonic Beer, 934 

Tow Boats and Lighters, . . . 934 

Trimmings, Laces, &c, . . . 934 

Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, &c, . 935 

Turners, 935 

Type Founders, 935 

Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers and 

Repairers, 935 

Undertakers, 935 

Undertakers' Trimmings, . . . 936 

Upholsterers, 936 

Veterinary Surgeons 936 

Vinegar Makers, ..... 936 

Watches and Jewelry, . . . 936 

Watch Case Makers, .... 953 

Weather Strips, 953 

Weighers 953 

Whips and Canes, .... 953 

White Lead Manufacturers, . . . 953 

Wig Makers, 953 

W T ire Workers, 953 

Wood Dealers 953 

Wood — Sawed and Split, . . . 954 

Wooden and Willow Ware, . . 954 

Wool Dealers, 954 

Yeast Makers, 954 





The Principal Cities in the U. S. 


For Free Reference. 

Albany, Norfolk and Portsmouth, 

Boston, New Haven, 

1 Brooklyn, New Orleans, 

Buffalo, New 'York, 

Chicago, Pawtucket, 

Cincinnati, Philadelphia, 

Cleveland, Pittsburgh, 

Detroit, Richmond, 

Hartford, San Francisco, 

Indianapolis, Springfield, 

Louisville, St. Louis, 

Milwaukee, Syracuse, 

Nashville, Washington, 

Newark, Wilmington. 

Orders received and promptly filled at this office for Directories 
published in other Cities. 

All kinds of Commercial, R. R. Printing, Circulars, Bill Heads, 
Labels, &c, done in the Latest Styles,'with prompt dispatch, and at 
the Lowest Rates. 




<>IH<>«- and I'd l>llKliliig Jloiihc, 

Over No. 12 South Street. 



AL— Alley 
AV — Avenue 
CT— Court 

E— East 
LA — Lane 
N— North 

PL— Place 

S— South 
SP — Space 

SQ— Square 
W— West 
WHF— Wharf 





ABBOT— E from 

Schroeder, N of Baltimore 


ABBOT— from 217 N Bond 

Central av 

ABE— froa 


burg S to Cross E of Light 



-fniWilliamson alEof Light to Cross 


ABRAHAM— from 31 Harford av 




—from High N of Hillen 





from Frederick avW of Fulton 





— Nf 

•oin 118 E Baltimore 










































































To East av 









M)_N from 702 W. Baltimore 




AMITY (Sj— S from 079 W. Baltimore 




T— E i 

nd W from 41 N Amity 




— E from 65 Forrest 


Harford av 


-S fron 

Nichqlsen, E of Towson 




AL — (formerly Point la) N W from 



Broadway, N of Eager 



ANN (N) 

—North from 332 E Baltimore 









Point la 






Jackson sq av 





To North av 




-from Aisquith rear of Jackson 





S from 23 E Baltimore 






















Gran by 














-S fro 

n 343 E Baltimore 







Eastern av 






Canton av 




ALBERT AL— from 14 Neighbor 





3 from Boston .E of Burrough 




ALLEN AL— E from 48 S Exeter 





from East Falls av, S of Can- 



East-era av 

ton av. 



(Jan ton av 







East Falls av 






1 292 






I Baltlm 

31 11:11111 

63 Payette 

lU'i Mullikii. 

no i uu 


W ilker 

260 19 

217 Abbott 

I Eager 



.■■ Biddle 

To North 
■ (S.)— S from 251 K Baltimore 
■ Right. 

1 Baltimore 
38 -15 Lombard 
74 Pratt 

140 125 Cough 
18') 157 Uink 
210 197 Eastern ay 
'anion av 
266 265 Aliceanna 

J 299 Lancaster 

318 Shaks] 

359 Thames 
BOOTH— from Arlington av to Callendar al, S 

iTH— W from 11 S Carey 

\ STEAMSHIP WHARF— foot of Mc- 

rj'a wharf 

IN— S B from Chester to East av 
Left. Right. 

20 Chester 

7 | I i W V lit) 

86 Lea kin 

109 Concord 


I I u . 

189 O'Donnell 

217 Ubesapeake 

To I. 
BOCLD1N AL— -from Laovale, between Penn- 
sylvania av and DM 

from S iring, S of Baltimore 
rry's wharf 9 ol Pratt 
BOWL Y' 8 WHARF— 8 from 71 W Pratt, and 
- mth 

remont 8 of Hotline 
Left. 1 1 i k r 1 1 
4 noont 


lar al 
hi Scbroeder 
130 103 Bolllnsal 

i LB— fl from Clement, B of Webster 

BOY BR— E from 7 S Collington av to Patterson 

Park av 
BRADENBAUGB Al — from Saratoga. W of 

BRADFORD AL — from Towns* nd,E of hospital 
BRADFORD A I. — (Canton)— from 449 Can- 
ton ilV 

BRADWIOK CT— from Foundry W of North 

BRANNAN CT— from L. Hughes, between 
Livht and I Ihai les 

BBEWER Al from 294 W Hoffman 

BROAD Al from 77 B Lombard 

BROADWAY CT— E from Bethel. S of Balti- 

BROADWAY, (N)— N from 286 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 



B iltimore 



Jackson Square av 































To North av 

BROADWAY, (S)— S from 297 E Baltimore 





















Eastern nv 



Canton av 












BROADWAY, LITTLE— from Lombard, E of 

BR( i\VN — from Charles-st «v, N of Denmead 
BROWN— N of Frederick av, W of Small wood 
BROWN— from 381 S Charles 
BROWN AL— N from 8 Low 
BROWN'S WHARF— from 57 Thames 
BRUCE— N from 972 w Baltimore 
BRUNE— from 327 Franklin 
BRYANT CT— from L. Hughes, W of Light 
BUCH WAN'S WHARF— from 37 W Pratt 

BUREN— N from 201 N Front 

Bl RGUNDY AL— W from 10 L. Baca 

BURKE— N and S from Baltimore. E of Patter 

son Park av 
BDRRODGH— S from Fori av, B of railroad 

BUSH— from James, S of Bayard 
BUTCHER ROW — Pennasav extended 
BUTLER AL— N from 251 Montgomery 

BUTLER— S from Montgomery, Bof Leadeuhall 
BYRD— Sfroru Randall. W of" Johnson 

CABLE — from Spear's wharf to Commerce, S 

of Pratt 
CALHOUN, (N)— from 828 W Baltimore 
Left. Right 

1 2 Baltimore 

19 Fayette 

40 Lexington 




Left. Right. 

Edmondson av 
194 Harlem av 
401 402 Patterson av 
469 458 Presstmun 
CALHOUN, (S)— S from 859 w Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 Booth 

10 Hollins 

25 Lombard 
30 31 Lemmon al 

51 McHenry 
67 Ramsay 
CALHOUN AL— from Pratt, W of Light-st 

CALHOUN CT— W from Calhoun, N of Lex- 
CALLENDAR AL— from 639 W Baltimore to 

CALYERT. (N)— N from 150 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

12 13 Fayette 

26 27 Lexington 

55 Saratoga 

74 81 Pleasant 

92 Mulberry 

103 Foundry 

128 Franklin 

166 129 Centre 

161 Monument 
130 193 Madison 
214 219 Read 
250 249 Eager 
CALVERT. (S)— S from 149 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 4 Baltimore 
19 20 German 

26 Mercer 
37 30 Water 
45 44 Lombard 
C3 72 Pratt 

CALVERT AL— rear of 76 Harford av 
CALVERTUN MILLS— near Old Almshouse 
CALVERTON ROAD— from Frederick av W 

of Pulaski 
CAMBRIDGE— S E from Canton av 
CAMDEN— W from 98 Light-st wharf 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Light-st wharf 
18 27 Charles 

40 61 Hanover 

86 75 Sharp 

102 101 Howard 
134 125 Eutaw 
150 147 Paca 
CAMDEN AL— from Linden av, N of Biddle 
CAMDEN LA— from Camden, E of Sharp 
CAMEL AL— W from Cathedral, N of Biddle 
CAMP AV— W from York road, N of North av 
OANBY PLACE— Lexington from Carey to 

CANNON— N and S from Baltimore,E of Burke 
CANTON— N and S from Baltimore E of 

CANTON AV— E from Jones Falls, S of East- 
ern av 

Left. Right. 

2 East Falls av 

Central av 
150 Eden 

168 Spring 

184 141 Caroline 

196 203 Dallas 
208 209 Bond 
228 229 Bethel 
244 213 Broadway 
264 263 Re-ester 
286 249 Ann 
300 269 Durham 
316 279 Wolfe 

332 299 Chapel 
346 319 Washington 
372 393 Castle 
38d Chester 

414 Colliugtou av 

421 Essex 

441 Patterson Park av 
508 421 Burke 
437 Port 
461 Cannon 
To East av 
CAREY (N)— N from 826 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

1 Waverley terrace 
39 Lexington 
56 Bethany la 

68 Lehrmau al 

84 69 Saratoga 

146 125 Franklin 
190 173 Edmondson av 
232 219 Harlem av 
260 Lanvale 

Lafayette av 

Cathedral cemetery 
408 401 Patterson av 
468 469 Presstman 

CAREY (S)— S from 827 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

3 2 Baltimore 
14 Booth 

23 22 Hollins 

39 56 Lombard 

72 Lemmon al 
80 Pratt 
102 McHenry 
CARLTON— from 539 W. Fayette 
CAROLINE (N)— N from 206 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

18 19 Hampstead 

46 55 Fayette 

50 Holland 

80 79 Mullikin 

88 93 Orleans 

124 125 Jefferson 
164 149 McElderry 
200 175 Monument 

] 1 




A m lion j 


290 . - ■ I 'hase 

312 315 B 

J hn 

N^nl) uv 

on til B Haltimore 

4 l Baltimore 

M Pratt 

130 101 Googh 

174 131 Bunk 

If, l Eastern bv 

.nt. '11 «v 


338 Dock 

360 Tbamea 

CAROLINE AL— from Caroline S of Balti- 

OAROLINE CT— from Eden al W of Caroline 
CARROLL— 8 from Oron W ofNantieoke 
OARROLLTON AV (N)— N from 8u8 W Bal- 
Left. Bight. 

1 2 Baltimore 

5 4 Raborg 


19 26 Vine 


55 48 Wagon al 


M Mulberry 

131 133 Franklin 

175 174 Bdmondaon av 
217 206 Htirletn av 

151 Lanvale 

Lafayette a? 


To Cathedra] cemetery 

CARROLLTON AV (6)— B from 783 W Bal- 

Left. Bight. 

1 4 Baltimore 

23 38 MolliiiB 

41 74 Lombard 

67 I'rutt 

CAR80M CT— from 191 Weal 

3 ILK (N , — N from 416 B Baltimore 
Left. Bight. 

i 1 Baltimore 

Jackson sq av 

44 n Payette 
»i8 71 Urli 


-s frum 411 I Baltimore 
l Baltimore 

3i .• Lombard 

125 124 baoi 

121 ■altera av 

i:t7 n av 

148 Fountain 

IBDRAL A L— from Charles S of Franklin 

CATHEDRAL— N from Mulberry 

Left. Right. 

1 Mulberry 

18 3 Hamilton 

34 15 C> ii I if 

50 71 .Monument 

68 77 Madison 

86 Uirhmond 

89 Bead 

100 37 Tyson al 

61 Eager 

148 Tvson 

1 1 1 Chase 

198 Hi Biddle 


221 Hoffman 
327 Oliver 
368 Federal 

To North av 
CECIL— from 144 Lee 

CEDAR A V— from Hoffman E of Penna av 
CEMETERY AV— E from 292 n Bond 
CEMETERY LA— W frm Monroe, N frmFred'k 
CENTRAL AL— from Favette \V of Howard 
CENTRAL AV (N)— N from 154 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 
7 Hnmpstead 

31 Favette 
C> High al 

8 41 Holland 

43 May 
38 57 Mullikln 

82 65 Orleans 

108 107 Jefferson 
126 129 McElderry 
168 Edward 

187 Monument 
188 231 Madison 
166 St. James 

265 Chew 
180 269 Smith al 
264 289 Eager 
260 339 Chase 
316 349 Biddle 
332 395 John 
432 435 Hoffman 
444 473 Harford av 
CENTRAL AV (S)— from 157 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

13 Watson 
42 19 Lombard 

B2 l*i ait 

122 Gough 

164 61 Bank 

Eastern av 
Canton av 
To Lancaster 
CENTRE (W r )— W from Jones Falls.Sof Monu- 
Left. Right. [meni 

2 1 Jones Falls 

4 23 Holliday 



Left. Right. 


48 49 Calvert 

50 51 Hargrove al 

60 65 St. Paul 

78 Charles 

Plover al 
Park av 
88 Tvson 

To Howard 
CENTRE (E)— E from Jones Falls, S of Monu- 
ment to Front 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

13 Swan 
27 34 Second 
41 Hawk 

49 66 Lombard 
71 92 Pratt 

CHAPEL— N from 378 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

24 23 Jackson sq av 

64 65 Fayette 

92 93 Orleans 

119 Jefferson 
166 Monument 

CHAPEL (S)— S from 377 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 Baltimore 

30 7 Lombard 

56 39 Pratt 

108 83 Gough 

134 107 Bank 
152 135 Eastern av 
188 159 Canton av 
CHAPEL CT— from Wolf, S of Fayette 
CHAPMAN CT— from Watson, W of Central av 
CHAPPEL AL— from Mulberry, E of Park av 
CHAPPELL— from 578 Penni av extended 
CHARLES (N)— N from 228 W Baltimore 
Left. Bight. 

2 1 Baltimore 

14 Fayette 
32 33 Lexington 
54^ Barnet 

64 55 Saratoga 

86 87 Pleasant 

101 Mulberry 


124 123 Hamilton 

140 137 Centre 

152 147 Mt. Vernon Place 

153 Madison 
184 183 Read 
,236 233 Eager 
266 263 Chase 
289 Biddle 
355 Tovvnsend 

To North av 
CHARLES (S)— S from 231 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

17 14 German 

Left. Right 
45 46 Lombard 

55 Balderston 

83 84 Pratt 
99 102 Camden 

124 Conway 
155 160 Bane 

Welcome al 
185 186 Lee 
201 194 York 

213 210 Hill 
233 232 Hughes 
245 250 Montgomery 
273 280 Henrietta 
309 320 Hamburg 

370 Cross 
381 Brown 

417 412 West 

To River 
CHARLES-ST A V— Continuation of N Charles 
Left. Right. [N of North av 

North av 

Den mead 

84 Brown 
Huntingdon av 

CHASE LE)— E from Jones Falls, S of Biddle 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
40 Forrest 

Greenmount av 
204 Ensor 

233 Harford av 

240 231 Aisquith 
244 245 Somerset 
262 Central av 

284 Eden 

304 Caroline 

306 313 Dallas 
326 S29 Bond 
334 275 Bethel 

347 Gay 
366 349 Broadway 
376 McDonogh 

410 393 Ann 
434 411 Durham 
458 433 Wolfe 
476 451 Chapel 

469 Washington 
483 Castle 
CHASE (W)— W from Jones Falls, S of Biddle 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
78 Calvert 
87 80 St. Paul 

105 21 Maryland av 

CHASE'S WHARF— from 1 Thames 
CHAUNCEY— S from Battery Square 
CHEAPSIDE— S from Water, W of South 
CHEPULTEPEC— E from Eutaw, S of West 
CHESAPEAKE— N and S from Baltimore, E 

of Patapsco 
CHESNUT— from 68 E Fayette 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Fayette 

28 Necessity al 
64 59 Douglass 





. Al.- 




• ii ii r 


;t al 



k «.f 

Baltimore, B of 










3ji p ( T— from II L'hesnut ..1 

■ om E Uiltimore. 
CHES -8 from E 

i; Bht. 



D .iv 

Can too nv 

CHESTER CT—S from Foundry, W of North 
from Hurford av, N ol .Miidlson 
Left. Right. 

Harford uv 

Central a? 


: n ay 
Ifi I) mogh 




It UV 

CHINA— S from 170 Lee 

l II A L— from 323 Franklin 
CBURCH CT — n John's (Loth.) 

i E of Penna av 
CBDRCH, LITTLE— from Johnson, 8 ofMont- 
g. i. 

i Howard to Penn,S of German 
k VENUE- N from O'Doonell, I., tern 

WHARF— intersection of Lancaster, at 

• am 
I AL rrom 323 Franklin 
• 'LA RE from James, s of Blk 
CLARET A L— from Intersection Henrietta and 

L— from 198 Fot 
•ii 19 Clint 

ad Low 
I BanoTet 

K from Montgomery, S i.f Benson 
IM— E from Boj • 





















CLIPPORD Al — from Scott, N of Columbia 
CLINTON — N from Lazaret Furnace, EofCitj 

CLINTON AL— from 29 S Frederick 
CLINTON AV— N from 267 Mulberry 

Palls i 'l 
CLOVER AL— Sfrm Richmond,W of Cathedral 
COHEN Al.— s from 92 Mulberry 
COLE— from Strieker, S of Ramsay 
COLLEGE AL— from 91 Saratoga 
COLL1NGTON AV— (N) (formerly Cboptankjl 

from 472 E Baltimore 
COLL1NGTON AV— (S) (formerly Ohoptitok) 
from 477 K Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

7 h Baltimore 

21 24 Lombard 

43 43 Pratt 

92 Gondii 
143 142 Dank 
161 156 Eastern av 
177 168 Canton av 
COLLINS CT— from Saratoga, W of Fremont 
COLLISON CT— F from Stirling between Chew 

Mini Eager 
COLUMBIA— W from S Paca, S of Pratt 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Paca 

40 37 Gieene 

7f> Bmory 
BO WHrner 

114 137 Fremont 

168 199 Sterrett 
201 136 Beott 
224 Wyetfa 

24o Walker 

248 Parkin 

349 Poppleton 
367 Amity 
To C 
COLVIN AL— from Trent, S of Gay 
COMB AL— from Lee W of Hanover 
COMET— from 8 Aisquitb 
COMMERCE— 8 from 75 Exchange place 
COMMERCIAL WHARF— from 97 to 103 

CONCORD— S from Pish Market space 
CONCORD— N from Truzton, B of Jones Fulls 
CONCORD — from Boston B of Leakin, ('anion 
CONSTITUTION— from 205 N Front to the 

Penitentiary wall 
CONSTITUTION, LITTLE— -from Penitentiary 

wall to Biddle 
CONWAY— W from 130 Light street wharf 
Left. Right. 

Light street wharf 
20 13 Charles 

34 31 Hanover 

4s 49 Sharp 

72 67 Howard 
91 Bntaw 

H7 L. Paca • 

142 137 L, Greene 
196 196 Warner 
246 217 Fremont 
COOKSIE— S from the basin, between Hull 

and Towson 
CORDERY'S WHARF— now Abraham's Ship 

^ ard, cor Th imes and Philpot 
CORNER'S WHARF— S end of Buchanan's 

CORNER S WHARF -foot of Ann 

lGE CT from Mulberry to L. Pleasant 
1 . I 1 1 in BOW— from Clinton, 8 of Boston 



COUNTY WHARF— foot of Broadway 
COURTHOUSE LA— from Calvert to St. Paul, 

S front of Courthouse 
COURT ROW— Wof Pennaav and N of Biddle 
COURTLAXD— N from 29 Lexington 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Lexington 

19 Saratoga \ 

36 41 Pleasant 

52 51 Mulberry 

76 75 Franklin 

QOVE AL — from Lexington, W of Fremont 
BOVINGTON— S*from Water line. E of Henry 
COWPEN AL— W from 8 n Liberty 
COX — from JoDes, S of water front 
CREEK AL— from 174 Hamburg, E of Hanover 
CROOKED LA— from 85 Payette, W of Charles 
CROSS— W from Basin, S of Hamburg 
Left. Right. 


77 Johnston 
99 Battery av 

109 Durst al 

119 120 William 

140 Abeyal 
158 Light 
170 Elizabeth la 
194 James la 
208 Charles 
235 240 Hanover 

254 Race 
28 i 284 Leaden hall' 
320 Sharp 
336 Howard 
Ohio av 
344 Eutaw 

364 Warner 

406 411 Russell 
420 435 Ridgely 
456 Paca 

58 Hamburg 
90 St. Peter al 
Columbia av 
CROSS A L— from 87 N Greene 
CUBA- E from Hull, N of Beason 
CUMBERLAND— from N Gilmor, N of Baker 
CURLEY— from Lancaster, EofPatuxent 
CURRIERS CT— from Waltemeyer al, E of 

CURTIS AL— from Edmondson av, W of Fre- 
CYPRESS AL— from Lombard E of Sharp 

D AL— E from 33 N Greene 
DARK LA— from 34 N Calvert 
DALLAS (N)— from 220 K Baltimore 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Baltimore 

14 19 Hampstead 

49 Favette 
54 Miillikin 

62 85 Orleans 

96 119 Jefferson 
124 143 McEldery 
175 Monument 
185 Millima!) 
152 191 Madison 
180 219 Chew 

224 251 Eager 
289 Chase 
262 329 John 

To North av 


DALLAS (S)— S from 235 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

46 33 Lombard 

78 69 Pratt 

136 133 Gough . 
154 155 Bank 
1S8 185 Eastern av 
228 223 Canton av 
252 245 Aliecanna 
284 277 Lancaster 
318 Dock 
DAVIS— N from 13 Lexington 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Lexington 

16 Saratoga 
34 Pleasant 
59 62 Foundry 

75 Franklin 

DAWSON AL— from 481 W Pratt 
DAWSON— N of Hudson, E of Bennett, Canton 
DECATUR— S from Cox, E of Lowman 
DECKER AL— from W Eager 
DELUOL AL— from Penna av, Sof Biddle 
DENMEAD— from York Road, N of North av 
DEWBERRY AL— X and S from Baltimore, W 

of Arlington av 
DIAMOND— from 203 W Favette 
DICKSON AL— from Mosher, W of Cathedral 
DILLON— E of Patapsco, S of Hudson 
DIVISION— X from 290 W Hoffman 
Left. Right 

2 Hoffman 


86 89 Lanvale 

136 131 Towosend 
174 Mosher 
216 McMechin 
270 Wilson 

Patterson av 




To Xorth av 
DOLPHIN— W from Cathedral, X of Hoffman 
Left. Right. 

82 John 
107 106 Foster al 

Park av 
127 128 Jenkins al 

137 13U Bolton 
151 Linden av 
159 Jordan al 
167 Eutaw 

Madison av 
181 146 Stoddard al 
183 Diuid Hill av 

197 152 Etting 
209 1G4 Division 
Penna av 
At gyle av 
M\ rtle av 
To Fremont 
DONNELL'S WHARF— foot of Fell, West 

DONNELLY CT— E from 73 Harford av 
DONNELLY CT— north from 170 Front, N of 

DONOHUE AL— S from Eastern av 
DONOVAN AL— W from 2 Jasper 



a Fulton. S or l'niu 
R__W Iron. II U I'rult 

^L — from Townsend amount 

DOYLB AL— from 16 Bank 

DRUID BILL A\-N \\ Iron 168 N Eutaw 
i ] Satan 


p .it a 

St. Mary 

66 Orchard 

84 89 Moore al 

101 Piddle 

169 Pi 

198 189 Boffman 
111 Dolphin 


371 3-0 McMechin 

Patterson av 
To North av 
DRUID BILL PARK— Madison av extended 
DRUID VILLB VILLAGE— 4 miles on Falls id 
- WHF— from 31 Pell 
5IC \N AL, N ,— from Baltimore, E of Chester 
j .\L.(S)— from Baltimore.E of Chester 
Left. Right. 

1 Lombard 
56 45 Pratt 
101 98 Gough 

108 12'.' Bank 

• m av 
Canton av 
B \V1!F— from 29 W Pratt 
DURHAM (Ni — N from 348 E Baltimore 
Left. Right; 

1 Baltimore 
33 Jackson sq av 
58 55 Fayette 

93 Orleans 
278 275 Chew 

DURHAM (S)— s from 61 B Baltimore 
2 1 Biiltimore 

Lome trd 
111 ui Gongh 
169 Bank 

. II V 

I intoc ss 
) 1 1 Alt< •■ mo i 
. i Lancaster 
DURST AL— I * between WUilam and 

rv uv 

BAGBR i'Ej — Efi-.m Jones PaUiSofObaee 
Left, Bight. 

Jones FalU 

or d 

L. Constitution 

Lift. Bight 
42 11 Constitution 

66 Porresl 

95 Greenmoont av 

108 105 M.Kim 

120 129 llillman 

I a 149 Vallej 

166 Wilcox 

173 Harford av 

L90 IW Kn.-or 

200 191 Stirling 

208 Alsquith 

224 226 8 imerset 

248 2-r.i Central av 

283 Eden 

2C2 I "line 

270 Dallas 

329 BelairaT 

334 335 Bond 

384 387 Broad wav 
390 39!t McDonogfa 

424 433 Ann 

444 453 Durham 

464 473 Wolfe 

( 'llMJIL'l 


To Fast av 
EAGER (W)— W from Jones Fulls N of Read 
Left. Right. 

Joms Falls 
20 23 St. Paul 

39 LovegroTS al 
< IbHrlea 

40 Morton al 

EAST — from 86 E Baltimore 
Left. Right 

8 Laurel 

20 1 1 Fayette 

36 29 Balfmoon si 
80 67 Douglass 

150 153 Bnsor 
168 Billen 

198 H»7 Pronl 
EAST FALLS AV— S fioni 1 B Pratt 
BAST AV — Eastern boundary 
EASTERN AV— B from Mill, SofBowlj 
Left. Right. 


\\ 'i -i Falls av 
1,; BaSl Falls av 

21 President 

56 65 Albemarle 

58 Bigh 

82 Bxeter 

1 14 1 16 Centra] av 

136 133 Bden 

M2 161 Spring 

162 179 Caroline 

178 193 Dallas 

209 Bond 

206 229 Bethel 

212 241 Broadway 

228 266 Regester 

•jr.2 281 Ann 

281 Durham 

290 299 Wolfe 
308 315 Chapel 



Left. Right. 

322 329 Washington 

350 347 Castle 

376 Chester 

398 353 Collingtonav 

407 Patterson Park av 
441 Burke 

To East av 
EDEN (N)— N from 164 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

16 15 Hampstead 

40 45 Fayette 

53 Holland 

64 69 May 

82 87 Mullikin 

102 105 Orleins 
142 141 Jefferson 
182 169 McElderry 
216 211 Monument 

245 Madison 
240 241 Gay 
248 243 Chew 

263 Anthony 
276 Eager 

328 273 Chase 
378 285 Biddle 

303 John 
432 335 Hoffman 

To North av 
EDEN (S)— S from 177 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

4 1 Baltimore 

35 Lombard 
18 61 Pratt 

112 113 Gough 

148 155 Bank 

176 Eastern av 

Canton av 
To Lancaster 
EDEN A L— from 6 N Eden 
EDEN CT— from Central av N of Jefferson 
EDEN ST. CT— from Caroline to Eden, S of 

EDMONDSON AV— W from 191 N Fremont 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Fremont 


65 64 Arlington av 
SI 74 Carrollton av 
95 86 Carey 

121 Calhoun 

149 Strieker 
181 Gilmor 

EDWARD— from 137 Aisquith 
ELBOW LA— from 66 S Paca 
EISL KIN— from Sterrett S of McIIenrv 
EISLEIN AL— from Scott N of Hamburg 
ELDER AL— from 63 Orchard 
ELK — from James S of Gunpowder 
ELLINS— from 116 W Hoffman 
ELLIOTT — E from cor Boston and Patapsco 
ELLICOTT— S of Water, E of Light 
ELM — •from Townsend N of Oliver 
ELIZABETH LA— from Cross E of Charles 
EMORY— S from 377 W Pratt 
ENSOR— N from Chestnut and Gay 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Chestnut 
24 13 East 

48 35 Fotrest 

74 81 Monument 

Left. Right. 
98 115 Madison 
146 189 Chew 
157 Webb 
187 Eager 
213 Harford :av 
ENSOR CT— from Ensor S of Madison 
ESSEX — from Canton av to Burke 
JETNA LA— W from 52 Harrison 
ETTING— from 286 W Hoffman 
EUTAW (N)— N from 356 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

18 Fayette 

28 21 Marion 

33 Lexington 
51 Clay 
78 69 Saratoga 

106 93 Mulberry 

122 119 Franklin 
142 143 New 

170 171 Druid Hill av 
174 Monument 

220 St. Mary 
217 Madison 

260 273 Biddle 
270 279 Rose 
298 303 Preston 
338 341 Hoffman 
364 361 Dolphin 
380 Lanvale 

412 401 Townsend 
432 421 Mosher 
464 455 McMechin 
Patterson av 
To North av 
EUTAW (S)— S from 363 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

5 8 German 

23 32 Lombard 

33 44 King 

51 56 Pratt 

55 68 Dover 

84 Camden 
90 West al 
96 Perry 
114 Conway 
132 Wayne 
148 Barre 
205 180 Lee 
217 York 

221 216 Montgomery 
279 286 Henrietta 
285 310 Hamburg 

333 350 Cross 
369 West 

389 Chepul tepee 

EUTAW CT— Eutaw to State, S of Franklin 
EUTAW PLACE— Eutaw st, N of Dolphin 
EXCHANGE AL— S from 57 Second 
EXCHANGE PLACE— from South to Gay, in 

EXETER (N)— N from 60 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

4 1 Baltimore 

18 19 Fayette 

44 43 Necessity al 

120 125 Low 

B l . 1 I I R E C T R \ . 



B li.ilimi. i- 





119 Trinity 

Canton at 

ilia to Constitution. S of 

Cathedral extended 
i S w II ^RF— fool of CoTii 

I Falls av, S of Styles 

i B ' 

Central bt 
W)— W rrom Joues Falls, N of 
Left. Right. [Baltimore 

i Jones Falls 

|l rick 



88 7'.' Charles 

• linn 
116 101 Sharp 

116 116 Liberty 

11m 123 I'arkiiv 

161 Howard 

• law 
17-1 ) 

198 1 B Pearl 

J 7 Anh 

■ mont 
419 Poppleton 

146 Amitv 

■ ier 
.i Carlton 
I irrolltoa ai 




\ inceni 


m rd 

.•i". [more 

2 1 .1 

U i; Front 

33 l 

. An. 

-t7 Exeter 
68 Chesnnt 

77 Bast 
102 Ai.-ijuith 

160 1 55 < lentral uv 
179 Bden 
191 Sprint: 
•Jin 23? Dallas 
264 281 Bethel 
284 Bro id way 

!;■ gester 
335 Ann 
342 368 1 >ni haio 
362 B76 Wolfe 
382 385 Cbapel 
402 429 Washington 
428 463 Ca 
464 465 Chester 
486 621 Coliington av 
51 - 5G9 Patterson Park at 

TO K -I :iV 

I-' 1 : 1 1 BR A I B a n. i W t'i m Jones Fulls N of ( Hi rc7 

FELL— S from 127 Thames 

I'll 111 LA — from Johnson to Basin 

FIP AL — from Eden N of Baltimore 

FISH MARKET SPACE— from Jones Falls to 

Centre Market Bpace, V ol Hawk 
FLATIRON AL—S of Monument, between Gaj 

and Stirling 
FLEET AL — from Hammoddal, W of Caroline 
FORNEY AL — from Arch, between Fayette 

and Lexington 
FORREST— from Halfmoon al, E of Fust 
Left. Right. 
•j l Halfmoon al 

28 29 Donglan 

47 Hull la 



141 Low 
124 123 <i'.v 

140 149 Ensor 
160 153 Hillen 

Harford av 
170 Front 

■ . enmonnt av 

183 Monument 
225 Madison 
:t04 259 Truxton 
B iger 

F< IRREST PI Forn si exl bel Bagei and Cbast 

FORT A V — E from Sharp, S of Clement 
FOSTER Al from 63 W Biddle 

FOUNDRY— W from 171 N Front 

FOUNTAIN— E from 192 B Washington 
l OURTH- -S from Fifth, nr Powder House 
l i: \ NCIS— S of Madison ar, B of Penna av 
I i; \ s k LIN— W fun .lone- Falls, N of Mulberry 
Left. Right. 



2 i Calvert 

9 Courtland 

26 St. I'aul 

40 31 Charles 

64 53 Cathedral 

66 l'ark av 

:»l 79 Tyson 

100 91 Howard 







95 State 

117 Eutaw 
129 Jasper 
139 Paca 
172 179 Pearl 
218 237 Pine 
232 255 Myrtle av 
280 301 Clinton ay 
322 339 Brune 
348 373 Fremont 
356 379 Poppleton 
451 Schroeder 
478 485 Arlington av 

503 Carroll ton av 
507 Stockton al 

531 Calhoun 
544 Gilmor 


To Calverton rd 
— S from 9 Water 
FRANKLIN SQUARE— bounded by Lexing- 
ton, Carey, Fayette and Calhoun 
FREDERICK (N)— N from 50 W Baltimore 
Left. Right 

1 Baltimore 
17 Fayette 
37 -<Etna la 
65 Gay 

FREDERICK (S)— S from 41W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

23 22 Second 

39 Lombard 
40 Smith al 

59 52 Pratt 

FREDERICK AV— W from 2 S Gilmor 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Gilmor 

33 12 Mount 

47 40 Fulton 

61 Addison al 

89 Monroe 

40 Goldsmith al 
58 Parson 

98 88 Pulaski 

107 Calverton rd 
212 Pratt 

201 Biown 
218 Bentalou 

Gwvnn Falls 
-N from 570 VV Baltimore 



Left. Right 



















Sarah Ann 

Harmony la 





Edmondson a* 



Earlem av 







Lafayette av 








Patterson av 


Liberty rd 




To Penna av 


-S from 557 W Baltimore 



















Me Henry 







Columbia av 

















L. Montgomery 




China al 




om French la to Wine al. W 

of Light 


om Charles, N of Lombard 


'roin Thomsen, E of Belair 


FRIENDSHIP CT— from 37 n Eden 

FRISBY LA— S E from St. Paul 

FRONT (N)— N from 12 E Baltimore 






































FRONT (S)— S from 13 E Baltimore 
FULTON IN)— N from W Baltimore, W of 

Left. Right. 



Edmondson av 
Lafayette av 
Patterson av 
Liberty rd 



Kl'I/l ■ from Baltio ' Mount 


2 Baltimore 


1 6 ! I 

ioa nl 

90 D 


FULTON AL— 8 from Howard, B of Park av 

, - oded 

PORN \CK A L— from An h a ' gton 

PURR( - p McHenry, B of Beotalou 

LAGHB8 CT— E from Oollington ar,8 of 

n nv 

., 106 W Monument 

2 l Monument 
26 23 Madison 

114 119 Biddle 

tersection of Linden av 
QARRBTT AL — W from 108 St. Paul 
GARRISON LA — from Frederick av to Cal- 

Terluii !■ 

, is II mil urp 

- \\ Baltimore 

l Baltimore 

19 Fayette 

63 Frederick 

BO Saratoga 


108 lot Front 

131 High 

17'> 153 Bxeter 

I B CheSUUt 

231 Forrest 

339 Aiequitb 
330 355 Monument 
Central av 
:v.i~ Madison 
4ir> Bden 

4 7:* Caroline 
491 Dallas 

501 Mom 1 


• Bidd •■ 

Ho lni IB 


F( lii nl 
I. m 

To North av 
W Baltimore 
1 i Baltii 


OBI K from 1 1 Arlington ai 

— W from 20 Pennsylvania si 
Left Bight. 

I Penna av 

13 ' I 


65 B 

Left. Bight. 

Myrtle av 

130 83 Clinton av 


249 Schroeder 
Arlington nv 
GEORGE Al — from 13 George to Biddle 
GERMAN— W from 14 South 
Left. Right. 
1 j Sontb 

14 Calvert 
31 Grant 


■ li la 
1 2 Charles 

17 20 Hauover 

35 Sharp 

39 Liberty 

47 40 Howard 

7o Bo taw 
109 90 I'.ui 

111 110 Greene 

163 Penn 

184 Pine 
221 242 Fremont 
GIBSON'S WHARF— from 4:; Fell 
GILBERT — N from Bdmondson av between 
Fremont and Schroeder 

GILLINGHAM Al from Howard to Lombard 

N of Pratt 
GILMOR (N)— N from 004 W Baltimore 
Left. Rient. 

1 2 Baltimore 

9 Fayette 

35 34 Lexington 

38 47 Saratoga 

82 Mulberry 

142 Franklin 

Ivlmondson av 
Harlem av 
Lafayette nv 
252 Mosher 
323 3IG Winchester 
351 340 Patterson av 
389 Lorman 

Press tmao 
Liberty rd 

GILMOR (S)— S from 93? W Biltirnore 
Left. ' Right. 

J Baltimore 
12 Booth 
1 16 Lombard 

5 36 Li'inmon al 

17 52 Pratt 

M'.i M.-II.-nry 
103 Bam sj 

GITTINGS— W from William. BefOsfcad 

GITTINGS CT— K from James la, lietweeu 

Ponltnev end < ross 
GOLD— from N C*rej extended to Penna av 
GOLDSMITH AL— from 40 Frederick at 
GOOD AL— from Charles, S of Hill 

ciin I iMAN Al fmWUUamsona] \V..f Charles 

GOODWIN— from 406 Harford av 

GOODWIN Al from Sharp N of Fayette 

GOULD CT— from Montgomery, W of Light 

GOULD LA— from James, W of Light 

GOl OH, LITTLE— from Granby, R of Exeter 



GOUGH— S and E from 53 Granby 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Granby 

21 Pratt 
24 13 Central av 

36 17 Eden 

54 43 Spring 

72 55 Caroline 

84 65 Dallas 

96 77 Bond 

108 91 Bethel 

114 107 Broadway 

130 127 Regester 
J 46 Ann 

168 153 Durham 

175 Wolfe 
2d0 193 Chapel 

208 213 Washington 
226 239 Castle 

252 263 Chester 
260 279 Collingtonav 

307 Patterson Park av 
To East av 
GRACE CT— from King, W of Howard 
GRANBY— E from Jones Falls. N of Pratt 
Left. Right. 

1 Jones Falls 
24 Albeir.arie 

30 25 High 

46 41 Exeter 

55 Gough 

132 107 Central av 
GRANT— S from 169 W Baltimore 
GRANVILLE A L— from North av to Federal, 

E of Jones Falls 
GRAVKS— from 54 E Monument 
GREEK — from Hamburg to Cross, between 

Leadeuhall and Hanover 
GREEN CT— from 84 Hamburg, E of Light 
GREENE, (N)— N from 420 w Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

4 Raborg 

22 21 Fayette 

46 37 Lexington 

76 53 Saratoga 

100 77 Mulberry 

124 95 Franklin 

GREENE, (S)— S from 425 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

10 German 
28 Cider al 
41 Lombard 

53 54 King 

71 6S Pratt 

84 Dover 

91 Columbia 

Left. Right. 
99 102 Columbia 
111 116 Elbow la 

119 126 Paca 

133 142 Conway 
141 152 Wayne 
149 162 Bane 
167 176 Lee 

GREENMOUNT AV— N from intersection of 
Forrest and Harford av 
Left. Right. 

1 Harford ay 
4 7 Monument 

44 35 Madison 

Left. Right. 
88 Truxton 

136 131 Eager 

184 Chase 

204 Biddle 

296 John . 

To North av 
GREEN WILLOW— from 114 Myrtle av to 

Pennsylvania av 
GREENWOOD— from Belair av nr Baltimore 

GREEVES WHARF— foot of Broadway 
GRIFFIN CT— E from 143 S Collington av 
GRIFFISS CT— W from 45 President 
GRINDALL— E of William, S of Hamburg 
GRINNAN CT— from Montgomery W of Light 
GROCER AL— from Robert, N E of Fremont 
GROVE — N from Penitentiary wall to E Eager 
GUNPOWDER— from James S of Bush 
GUILFORD— from 52 South to Franklin la 
GUILFORD AL— from 202 Liuht 
GWYNN — from Boston E of Windsor to Essex, 

GWYNN LA— from Lanvale 


H A L— from 156 N Eden 

HAGAN CT— from 3 Bank 

HAGAR CT— from 90 Stirling 

HAINES— SE from Ridgely, betw Bavard and 

HALFMOON AL— from 17 Chesnut 
HALL AL — S from Cross between Battery av 

and Johnson 
HAMBURG— VV from Basin S of Henrietta 
Left. Right. 

4 Covington 

42 23 Johnson 

55 Battery av 

84 73 William 

102 95 Light 

1 18 139 Charles 

174 159 Hanover 

202 205 Leadenhall 
218 221 Peach al 
236 235 Sharp 

262 283 Ohio av 
276 29"£ Eutaw 
288 311 China al 
322 325 Russell 
362 357 Ridgely 

378 371 Burgundy al 
415 Paca 
439 Scott 
449 Wyeth 
HAMILTON— W frm Hargrove al N of Franklin 
HAMILTON AL— from Eden to Central av S 

of McElderrv 
HAMILTON TERRACE— N Eutaw „ between 

Madison and Biddle 
HAMMOND AL — from President to Caroline N 

of Canton av 
HAMPDEN VILLAGE— 3J miles on Falls rd 



\i»— K fiuin Central uv n of Bsdti- 



i :< i i I 


r< r 
I . 

141 lit 


J.. ( 
; lenrietta 
i lamburg 

I ■ I 

; ,iv 

To I. 
BARNDEN CT— from Henrietta, E of I 
HARE— fn >«nac 

HARFORD AV — from intersection of Porrcs( 

and G It »* 


Porri Bt 
7 Monaiueat 
31 Abraham 

N .i.lior 




l| Jolin 

('• n tnil ii v 

.. ... I 
Poial la 
Lam ale 
Ton nseod 

I ;lV 

HARGROVE A I. N i 51 Saratoga 

HARLEM AV— N from Troppe rd B of Clin- 
HABLBM AV — W from Premont betw< 
moodaon a* and Lanvale 
Lett. Bight. 

2 Pramonl 
. der 
Ington av 
1 rrollton av 

BARLBM PARK— bounded by Bdmondeon 

in nod ' iiliinir 

HARMON i i remont 

HARPER S rrom " I ol Stuart 

HAR a to Blllott 



LOtM at B of 

HARRISON— N rrom 20 W Baltimore 
Left. Bight. 

l Baltimore 

21 IB Payette 

61 -l'.'iuii In 

IIAKTWAY A I. — from Baltimore to Qerman 
B of Sharp 

LBERGER CT— from West Dear James 
HAUBERT S from Cos K of Decatur 
ll.\\\ from Premont to Emory \ of Columbia 
HAWK — from Joins Palls t" Centn Market 

\ dt Lomh ird 
HEATH— K from Sharp S of Randall 
HENDERSON S 97HARP— from M Pell 
HENRIETTA— W rrom Light S of Montgomery 
Left. Right. 
2 l Light 


80 Bevan 

94 107 
I4U 131 Sharp 

151 Howard 
180 175 Ohio a* 

Hut iw 
20ti 213 China al 
239 L. Montgomery 
HENRV — S from water line K of Johnson 
HERRING CT— from Googh K of Bond 
HIGH (N)-N from 12 K Baltimore 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Baltiim re 

22 Payette 
108 109 Low 
126 121 Gaj 
152 • Hillen 
154 Addison 

173 Humes 
186 193 From 
HIGH (S)— 8 from 43 B Baltimore 
Left. Right. 
4 Baltimore 

I Plowman 
16 Watson 
30 39 Lombard 
56 59 Granny 

73 Pratt ' 
92 95 Stiles 

108 10? Paws 
124 129 Trinity 
136 139 Eastern m 
IllCil Al — from Aisquith X of Kavette 
HILL— U from 218 Light 
Left. Right 
2 l Light 

46 Charles 

72 73 Hanover 

114 li!" Sharp 

1 IS 129 Patapsco sv 

M7 S| i ing Garden nv 
l 16 149 Howard 
HILLEN— B from Jones Palls, W of Gay 
Left. Light. 
2 - i 

II Front 

74 tei 

92 nut 


182 127 Poi 
i r. i 139 Bnsor 
HILLMAN- -from b Neighbor 



HOFFMAN (W)— W from Jones Falls, N of 

Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
St. Paul 
112 Maryland av 
153 152 Foster al 

165 Park av 

198 Bolton 
213 228 Linden av 
229 238 Jordan al 
235 244 Eutaw 

252 Madison av 
243 262 Stoddard al 
255 280 Druid Hill av 
286 Etting 
290 Division 
294 Brewer al 
Penna av 
304 Wilruer al 
333 314 Argyle av 

To Myrtle av 
HOFFMAN (E)— E from Jones Falls.N of John 
HOG AL— S of Ulrick al, W of Caroline 
HOLBROOK AL— frm North av, W of Aisquith 
HOLLAND— E from 21 Aisquith 
Left. Right. 

8 1 Aisquith 

32 Lewis 
46 57 Central av 

72 73 Eden 

88 Spring 

HOLLAND A L— from 168 E Eager 
HOLLIDAY (N)— N from 104 w Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 Baltimore 
25 Fayette 
26 Lexington 

56 Saratoga 
104 Pleasant 
128 127 Foundry 


To Monument 
HOLLIDAY (S)— S from 101 W Baltimore 
BOLLINGSWORTH— S from 101 W Lombard 
HOLLJNS— \V from Fremont, S of Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Fremont 

57 Parkin 

89 88 Poppleton 
115 114 Amity 
141 140 Schroeder 
189 188 Oregon 

235 228 Carroll ton av 
269 258 Carey 
301 304 Calhoun 
324 Strieker 
352 Gilmor 
319 362 Mount 
369 374 Fulton 

Frederick av 
401 Monroe 

Calverton id 
HOLLINS AL— from 609 W Pratt 
BOLTZMAN CT— N from 458 Canton av 
HOMESTEAD VILLAGE— Harford av, N of 
North av 

HOMESPUN AL— from Fremont S of Conway 
HOOPER'S WHARF— E from foot of Wolfe 
HOPE— from Point la, E of Aisquith 
HOPE AL— from Warren to HamburgE of Wil- 
HORN— W from Washington, N of Chase 
HOUSE CT— W from Charles. N of Barre 
HOWARD (N)— N from 326 W Baltimore 
Left. Right 




































Park av 





•S from 325 W Baltimore 















































St. ckboltn 
To Ostend 


way anr 

A n n 


-from Eager, E of Greenmount 



-E from corner Boston and Burke 


AL— t 

rom Oliver, E of Cathedral 

HUGH— fi 

om Locust, W of Union Dock 


-W from Basin, N of Montgomery 








Co ung ten 











LITTLE— W from Light, N if 


Right. [Montgomery 










Butler al 

HUGHES CT— N from 265 Hughes 
HUGHES QUAY— intersection of Light street 

what t' ami K end of Lee 
HULL A L— from 47 Forrest 




iV- from York road, N ol 

■ i : 


. tod Si. Peter 

■ I 


tern av 

. II V 


from water line, B of 

S -E from 1 1 Aisquitb 
Si >\ aL- • : : ' Balto. 

JACKSON PLACE — N from Jackson 
of B 

■ SQUARE — B of Broadway, betw'n 
i Baltimore 

. KF AV— E from Broadway, 
Hht. [N of Baltimore 

1 Broadway 
l ; lr\ in- . 

38 I>ui 

• Ibapel 

114 133 Castle 

Lugton av 
134 PaltereuD Park av 
S \\ BARF— fool of Bond, W Bide 
. of Batter; av 
JAMES LA— from Hamburg, B of Charles 
183 Lexington 
E frum sl AUquilh 

l Aiequitb 

il av 


87 I 

113 117 B 

- thai 


b im 




>n,N of Bond 



I ,iiunanl 

JOHN, (E. i— K from Jones Falls, N of Middle 

Jones Falls 

mount av 
Harford ay 
< lentral av 

Eden , 


321 Dallas 

322 339 Bond 


JOHN, (W)— W from Jones Palls, N oi Middle 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
SI t 

St. Paul 
Cbai les 
Marj land av 
07 Lanvale 

77 Townsend 

147 McMechin 

187 Wilson 

199 North av 

JOHN AL— N of 109 Franklin 
JOHN CT— Nof Dolphin, betw'n John and 

Park av 
JOHNSON— S from Water Line, E of William 
Left. Right. 


Wai ren 
4 Hamburg 
20 Grindall 
41 42 Cross 

84 Weal 

191 152 Clement 

27>; Port av 
JONES — S from Cox, B of !.'• 
JONES t'T— s from Payette H of Washington 
JOPPA LA— W from Broadway, S of Monu- 
JORDAN AL— from 159 W Biddle 
JOSEPHINE— W from 71 Arch 


KAUFMAN Al W ln,m 394 S diaries 

KENT — from James, S of Manokin 

KERR 3 WHARF— from 17 Thames 

KK'i SRR— N ofHoffm in, B of Gay 

KIMMELL AL— from 151 Lexington 

KING— W from 49 S Howard 

K INC OT— S of King, between Butaw and Paca 

KNOZ AL — N from 363 Lexington 

i. \ I. (Vein in derick, 8 <>f Lombard 
LAFA\ BTTB A V— continuation of Tov 

I., ft. Right. [from Fremont 

207 Premonl 

18o Arlington av 
i larrollton av 
i ' irej 
Pol too 

• • i tod rd 




n E SO— bound«d by Car 

rollton av, 


CT-from Leadenhall, S of 

Lunvale, Lafayette av and Arlington av 


LANCASTER— E from East Falls 

av, S of 


-from Boston, E of Gwynn, to Essex 


LEE— from 190 Light-st whf 

Left. Right. 



East Falls av 



Light-st wharf 







X al 





Central av 









Ohio av 

1 Caroline 





19 Dallas 


L. Greene 


35 Bond 


China al 


55 Bethel 





65 Broadway 






LEE-ST WHARF— from Light to Johnson 


105 Ann 

LEFFERMAN AL— from 44 Front 


117 Durham 


-W from 40 Arlington av 





Schroeder to Poppleton, N of 


Pratt an 

d W f 

om Carey 



AL — from Fremont to Callendar al. 


N of Pratt 



jm Wayne, W of Eutaw 



From 3 

I Holland 


— E from 235 Penna av 

LEXINGTON— W from 26 N Holliday 

LANDWEHR LA— from 233 Frederick av 




(E) — E from Jones Falls, S of 







(W) — W from Jones 

Falls, S of 










Jones Falls 



St. Paul 





Maryland av 








112 John 





130 Park av 





134 Bolton 





146 Linden av 







Madison av 








Druid Hill av 




158 Etting 







Myrtle av 

186 Penna av 





Wilmer al 




214 Argyle av 




224 Myrtle av 





240 Fremont 





Arlington av 





264 Carrollton av 








Carrollton av 
Stockton al 











LA — from Greenmount to 1st toll- 




pate, Fal 

s road 





-from East to Aisquith, 

N of Balti- 









now Patterson av 



LAWRENCE— S from Clement, E o 

f Boyle 

To Calverton rd 

LAWSON AL— N from 26 German 



-N from 300 W Baltimore 


—from 320 William 



LEADENHALL— from 262 Montgomery 







Cowpen al 


1 Montgomery 





45 Henrietta 




81 Hamburg 





117 Cross 










. R E01 



• Ji«il 


S Iroin Pi 


. lit. 

211' ) <>rk 


• Jies 
v intgomery 

I. Church 

W irren 
Williamson al 

:\ I) 



485 464 Gill 

:t iit 
. .lall 
615 616 I 


To i 

N . . > 141 u Bl . 



M Hoffman 


" DOT 


• ■ Charles 


• rry'swhf I 

I.. • 

• fllll* 


i lentra] ht 
U4 Eden 

173 Spring 
17.; 181 Caroline 

■ illas 

■j 17 Bond 
216 233 Bethel 

241 Broadway 
•. getter 

2 11 A till 

286 313 Durham 
353 Chapel 
361 Wasbin 
387 Csitle 

398 4K< Chester 

lington ar 

477 Patterson Park :it 

To Baat a» 
LOMBARD (W)— W from Jones Falls, S of 
Left. Right. 

Jones Fulls 
5 8 Concord 

17 23 Centre Market Bpaca 

39 38 Frederick 

47 50 ' 

75 Commerce 

87 90 South 

99 84 Calvert 

1C1 Bollingawortb 

105 88 Grant 

101 94 Light 

141 120 Charles 

153 138 Hanover 

107 1G0 Sharp 


179 164 Howard 

193 164 Eutaw 

207 Paca 

231 208 Greene 

273 248 Perm 

311 294 Fremont 


379 Bartlett 

399 364 Pai kin 

419 386 Calleodar sd 
4'j:i 406 Poppleton 

417 Amity 

•177 458 Sehro( I 

482 Hollinsal 
513 506 Arlingtc 
iO Carrolltoi 
30 Stockton al 
601 600 Carey 

16 Mount 
12 Pulton 
118 Monroe 

To l rederiob at 
LONEY B I. A— from Belair ay, W of Baltimore 
i . m< 

DOCK— from Pratt, between Dugan's 
IfcBlderry'a a Imrves 
LORENZA — from Penna ar to Fremont, N of 



LORMAN— from 389 N Gilmor 
LORMAN AL— from German, W of Greene 
LOUDON AV— N from Millington la 
LUVKGROVE AL— from 70 W Madison 
LOW — from Jones Falls, E of Gay 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
2 1 Front 

36 21 High 

40 37 Exeter 

46 49 Cbesnut 

90 89 Forrest 

154 155 Aisquith 
LOWMAN— S from Cox, E of Jones Falls 
LOYOLA PLACE— E side of Calvert, between 

Monument and Madison 
LUDLOW — S from Beason, E of Lawrence 
LUMBER AL— from Bowlv, S of Pratt 
LUZERNE— N and S from'Balto. E of Cannon 


MACCUBBIN— from Regester, N of Orleans 
MADEIRA AL— N from 440 Canton av 
MADISON(E)— EfmJonesFalls.Nof Monument 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
2 9 Buren 

51 Constitution 
84 Forrest 

Gieenmount ay 
94 McKim 

118 95 Harford av 

142 127 Ensor 
168 159 Stirling 
184 164 Aisquith 
190 165 Madison al 
208 Somerset 

197 Central av 
199 Gay 
230 217 Eden 
244 229 Spring 
268 243 Caroline 
288 267 Dallas 
308 289 Bond 

315 Bethel 
356 Broadway 

366 McDonog'h 

402 Ann 

406 405 Durham 
424 413 Wolfe 

To East av 
MADISON (Wj— W from Jones Falls, N of 
Left. Right. 

12 Jones Falls 
14 North 
42 Calvert 

Hargrove al 
54 St. Paul 
70 Lovegrove al 
82 Charles 
90 Morton al 
112 Plover al 
117 126 Park av 

123 132 Tyson 
135 144 Howard 
147 Lind<-n av 

MADISON AV— or W Madison continued 
Left. Right. 
161 Eutaw 

163 St. Mary 

179 Orchard 

Left. Right. 

201 210 Biddle 

232 Rose 
247 272 Preston 
269 294 Hoffman 
293 328 Dolphin; 
319 346 Lanvale 
333 368 Townsend 
361 400 Moslier 
387 314 MeMechin 
423 426 Wilson , 

Patterson av 
505 Presstman 

North av 
783 Madison la 

MADISON AL— from Gay E of Aisquith 
MADISON CT— from Madison W of Eden 
MADISON LA — from termination of Madison 

av running in front of Druid Hill Park 
MADISON SQUARE— bounded by Chase, Car- 
oline, Eager and Eden 
MANGOED— E from Scott, S of Woodward 
MANN CT— rear of 121 s Sharp 
MANOKIN— from James S of Putnam 
MARION— W from 28 n Liberty 
MARION CT— from Marion W "of Park 
MARRIOTT— from Allen S of Nicholson 
MARSHALL— S from Fort av, W of Byrd 
MARTIN — S from Beason, E of Benjamin 
MARY — from North av, E of Penna av 
MARYLAND AV— N from 21 Chase, W of 

Left. Right. 

North av 
227 226 Denmead 
283 284 Brown 
302 Shirk 

Sum wait 
Huntingdon av 
MASON AL — from 56 Camel al, between Lin- 
den av and Bolton 
MATTHEWS— from Calvert S of Lombard 
MAY' — from 43 Central av N of Holland 
MAY CT— from West, E of Light 
MAY, LITTLE— E from 37 n Spring 
McCLELLAN— from 282 w Baltimore 
McCLURE'S DOCK— hetw Commerce & South 
McCOMAS — from Spring Gardens S of Winder 
McCULLOH— from 211 W Biddle 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Numsen al 

33 4u Preston 

65 72 Hoffman 

97 100 Dolphin 
127 130 Lanvale 
155 144 Townsend 
Patterson av 
To North av 
McCULLOH A L— from 1 Orchard 
McDERMOT CT— fiom 87 E Lombard 
McDONOGH— N from 366 Madison 
McDONOGH CT— E from Collington av, S of 
Eastern av 

1» I REG T ORY. 

n ■ 

I , .llll 


-K from 


I Fremont 

; ill 

83 S 

r. Ill 
1'ojij.Ii ttlll 

' ■ l > 


• ' . Imor 
330 333 Mount 

KL— from 370 W Lombard 


a of ll.iir.ini ;iv. betw Cbew 

HIN— from 835 P< nnsylvnnia av 

an .iv 

Druid Hill iiv 

10 av 

Bo I 
Linden uv 

11 V 

North uv 
>ui No N High 

Lancaster and 

qm i) W <•!' Cbai 
MILL a iron. I" wharf 

MILL: to Broad waj , N of 


1 a to Sprii 



ii Hiiliimore, \\ ol 

■ HUgbM 





. ' William 

I7.x 1st Light 
l Charles 
ll. no ver 

Pouch al 

Ohio uv 

i taw 
MONTGOMERY I T — fi ornery, W of 


of Montgomery 
MONTMORENCY A L— from Myrtle av, N of 

MONUMENT (E)— E from Jones Falls, N of 
Left. Right. [Centre 

2 l Jones Falls 

4 . in -n 

20 23 Constitution 
loo est 

102 moon I av 

1 16 Harford at 

H6 127 Bnsor 

145 Stirling 

2H Aisquith 

173 i. 

260 21 1 Central av 

282 239 Bden 

257 Spring 
I ;oline 

348 293 Dallas 

311 Hond 

394 341 Bethel 

414 Broadway 

434 Ann 

450 Durham 

468 467 Wolfe 
485 Chapel 




.-I ;iv 

MONUMENT, (W)— W from Jones Falls, N 
Right, [of Centre 

l 2 Jones Falls 

4ii Calvext 
Si Paul 
ii Mi. Vernon Place 
61 I rles 

72 Cathedral 
78 Park a? 
90 l 
109 i"i Howard 
lnt; Garden 
119 ll" Butaw 
MONUMENT, LITTLE— from 174 N Entaw 
MONUMENT SQUARE— Calvert betw Lexing< 

tun n 

MOORE AL -from 18 Testier 
MORRIS \L from 198 W Biddle 

MORT< IN A I — f 

MOSHER- -S W fr Oatbedral.N ofTownst nd 

Left. Right 


I'm I av 













Left. Right. 

Linden av 
Madison av 
Druid Hill av 
Penna av 
Wi liner al 
Argyle av 
Myrtle av 
Ai lingtoo av 
Carroll ton av 
Ca i ey 
MOTT— from 242 N Gav 
MOTT STREET CT— from Mott, W of Gay 
MOUND— from McMechin to Cathedral ext 
MOUNT— N from 948 W Baltimore 
MOUNT (S) — S from 955 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

Frederick av 
Lemmon al 
MOUNT ROYAL— from McMechin to Cathedral 


miles on Falls id 
MOUNT VERNON PLACE— from St. Paul to 

Cathedral, N of Centre 
MULBERRY— W frosn 90 N Calvert 
Left. Right. 

1 Calvert 

11a; grove al 
St. Paul 
Chai les 
Park av 

Myrtle av 
Clinton av 
Arlington av 
Carrollton av 

To Calverton road 
— — from 13 Hock 
MULBERRY AL — from Fremont N of Lexington 
MULL1K1N CT— from Mullikin W of Caroline 











MULLIKIN— E from 41 Aisquith 
Left. Right. 





















Central av 









MYRTLE AV— N fiom 305 Lexington 
Left. Right. 


1 2 

13 20 




Penn al 

33 48 Sarah Ann 

43 Mulberry 

61 Peirce 

71 Chesnut al 

86 George 
114 Greenwill4w 
154 Clinton av 
190 Hoffman 
234 Dolphin 
270 Lanvale 
312 Towusend 
390 Fremont 
MYERS AV— from Webster, S of Fort av 
MYERS CT— E from 286 S Dallas 


NANTK'OKE— S from Cross, W of Sassafras 
NAPOLEON A L— Eutaw to PacaS of Baltimore 
NEALE — S from Marriott, E of Harper 
NECESSITY AL— from 28 Chesuut 
NEIGHBOR— from McKim to Harford av, N of 

NE1LSON CT— rear of 32 Thames 
NEW— W from 142 N Eutaw 
NEW CHURCH— from Crooked la to N Sharp, 
S of Lexington 

NkWINGTON PI Penna av, N of North av 

NEWMAN CT— E fiui Dew berrv al.S of Hollins 
NEW WILSON— E From Pennsylvania av, N 

of McMechin 
NICHOLSON— from Porter, S of Cox 
NICHOLSON, LITTLE— from Aisquith, S of 

NORRIS— N from Lanvale, W of Calhoun 
NORR1S AL— N from 844 W Baltimore 
NORTH— N from 118 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

24 Fayette 

32 31 Lexington 

54 59 Saratoga 

82 99 Pleasant 

116 131 Foundrv 
130 149 Franklin 

175 Centre 

295 Eager 
( 'Imse 
To North av 


■ ■ 

. N of 1'resbury 

.id Hill av 

AL Kton 

■ M N of Klliott, 

.,t, N of Foundry 
w Pratt 
..> n\ ) 

\\ o< Bo ward 
OLIVER— W nmount ft? N of Hoff- 


ORANOB AL— W f 33 N Gay 

IAKD— VY from 17'.' Madison av 

1 McCnllobaJ 

H Qt 
1 Hill av 



■ \V Baltimore 
1 2 Baltimore 

9 10 Booth 

45 ard 

ORLEANS— from 81 1 

I Fone.-t 

Vo . 

31 Aisquith 

■ it 
69 1. 

il av 



■ ■\\\f\ 




81 Washington 


RD— from Druid Hill a? to Pennaav, N 

RD AV— Efrom York rd, N ofHnnting- 



1 Baltic 
81 Marion 

1 • 

l' iklin 

lid Hill av 

PACi om 391 W Baltimore 

Left. Bight. 

j Baltimore 

1 16 German 
::>', Lombard 

35 King 


55 Dover 

54 Columbia av 
B I ow la 
Tl L. P 

106 L. Gieene 
1 »j5 l. r >»; Warner 
203 2< -' Fremont 
212 St. Peter 
J4'j 240 Sterrett 
3o5 300 Hamburg 


PACA A I W from 4'J K Para 

LITTLE— from 71 Paca, 8 of Camden 
PACA PL— from Paca, N of Franklin 
PAGE AL— from 23 Amitj S of Payette 
| PAINTER CT— from ">7 E Fayette ' 
PARK AV— X From 8 N Liberty 
Left. Right. 


2 1 F 

12 15 Marion 

23 Lexington 
46 Clay 

62 9 toga 

90 65 Mulberry 
104 aklin 

75 Hamilton 
122 85 Centre 

128 Monument 

109 Madison 
178 153 Richmond 
190 on al 

193 Howard 
202 Biddle 

248 233 Preston 
318 303 Dolphin 
'Mb Laarale 
350 351 Townsend 
W ill 
PARK LA — from Penna av nr tolljrate 
PARK PLACE— Park av from McMecbin to 

hi. N of Bolton 
PARKIN— from 51 II 
PARRISH — S from Pratt, W of Strieker 
PARRISH Al.-N lion, Tenant, W i t Strieker 
PARRISH AL— S from Mulberry, W of Strieker 
PATAPSCO — S from Hamburg, K of Cbarlea 
PATAPSCO AL— from Henrietta, B of Charles 
PATAPSCO AV— from Hill. W ol Sharp 

PSCO, I'. I s from B Balti- 

more, B of Lucerne 
PATTERSON— S From Bl W Pratl 
PATTERSON AV — W from Butaw exl 

Ku taw 
Madison nr 

Droid Hill av 
l»i\ i- 
1 2 Fremont 



Left. Right. 

46 Carey 

81 Whatcoat 

97 Strieker 

PATTERSON LA— from Jenkins lane, N of 

Greenmount av 
PATTERSON PARK— E of Patterson Park av 

between Baltimore and Eastern av 
PATTERSON PARK AV— N from Baltimore, 

E of Collington av 
PATTERSON PARK AV (S)— S from Balti- 
more, E of Collington av 
Left. Right. 

15 Baltimore 
33 Lombard 
67 Pratt 
2 169 Eastern av 
20 185 Canton av 
56 1 93 Essex 
PATTERSON'S WHARF— E of Drawbridge 
PATUXENT— N and S from E Baltimore, E 

of Patapsco 
PAYSON— N £S fm W Baltimore, W of Mooroc 
PEACH AL— from 284 Montgomery 
PEAR AL— from 309 W Biddle 
PEARL— N from 440 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

14 11 Raborg 

28 21 Fayette 

64 49 Lexington 

122 83 Saratoga 

136 Sarah Ann 

148 111 Mulberry 
164 Peirce 

174 129 Franklin 
192 Penna av 

PEIRCE— W from 164 Pearl 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Pearl 


98 93 Myrtle av 
137 Clinton av 

212 213 Fremont 
216 219 Poppleton 
246 245 Schroeder 
PENN— from 163 German 

PENN AL — from German to Cider al E of Penn 
PENNSYLVANIA AV— N W fm 177$ Franklin 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Franklin 

18 Pearl 

20 George 

39 Si. Mary 
51 Orchard 
70 77 Biddle 

109 Union 
106 Greenwillow 

135 Preston 

155 Oxford 

158 173 Hoffman 
196 Dolphin 

240 Lanvale 

290 301 Townsend 
334 341 Mosher 
362 Smith 

385 McMechin 
430 431 Wilson 

Left. Right. 

464 477 Patterson av 
500 Robert 

556 Presstman 

570 Fremont 

577 Bloom 
600 615 Gold 
654 669 Baker 
712 Cumberland 

752 North av 

PERRY— W from 1 10 S Charles 
PETTICOAT AL— from Ensor S of Madison 
PHILPOT— from Basin to Thames, S of Block 
PHILPOT AL— from 16 L. Gough 
PIG AL— from Charles S of Lee 
PIMLICO AL— S from L. Montgomery, bet w 

Kutaw at'.d China 
PIN AL — from Arch, N of Lexington 
PINE (N)— from 510 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

8 3 Raborg 

16 5 Fnvette 

26 25 Vine 

39 Penn al 
44 49 Josephine 

72 59 Saratoga 

88 65 Sarah Ann 

104 73 Mulberry 

122 91 Peirce 

132 103 Franklin 

162 177 George 
PINE (S)— fiom 505 W Baltimore 
PLEASANT— W from Jones Falls S of Foundry 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Jones Falls 

4 3 Holliday 

5 North 
22 23 Hargrove al 

30 31 St. Paul 

42 Oharles 

PLEASANT AL— from 150 S Chapel 
PLEASANT, L.— from 86 N Charles to Pan; av 
PLOVER A L— from Hamilton, E of Park av 
PLOWMAN— from Jones Falls to High S of 

PLUM AL— from 314 Montgomery 
PLUM ROW— from 23 Plum al 
POINT LA— from Broadway at Guy 
POINT— from 1 Thames 

POPPLETON (N)— N from 678 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

12 15 Raborg 

30 23 Payette 

31 Vine 
54 43 Lexington 

81 Saratoga 
96 95 Harmony la 

99 Mulberry 
116 101 Peirce 
124 105 Fmnklifr 
POPPLETON (S)— S from 657 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore' 

11 Booth 
20 21 Hollius 

26 31 Boyd 


30 ' *rd 

57 Lrmmon 

■ nry 
116 111 
13-4 123 R.van 

. :il>ift 

from Aliceannatu Canton av, between 
■on and H 

section of Greene 

K0d I 

AL— E frcin 1 r. 5 S Chester 

,\ Baltimore 

B.ltimore E ot Pa- 

POULTNEY— W from Light, Sof Hamburg 

1 i K)— K from Jones Fulls S of Lombard 

Jones Falls 

2 1 Ea.«t Falls av 
]'.< Pre.-ident 

48 37 Albemarle 

50 39 Bigfa 

I i I \eter 

I lough 
132 105 Central ay 

1. Kden 
141 141 Spring 

168 183 Dallas 
186 201 Bond 
HI Bethel 

258 259 Regester 
281 Ann 

■ I Wolfe 
:r. (Impel 
326 337 Washington 
346 361 < 
366 t 'heater 

lington av 
4JJ Patterson Park nv 
T<i East av 
PRATT (W)— W from Jones Falls S of Lom- 
Left. Right. [bard 

Jones Falls 
1 av 

11 ll Concord 


McElderrr'a wharf 
30 Centre Market space 
LQ'l wharf 
OOBCU'l wharf 
46 Frederick 
37 jRtian'p wharf 

Smith's Wharf 
68 I 
43 Wharf 

'• 1 two 

61 104 rce 

• nth 

71 Bo* ly'i ■ barf 

i.klin la 
Ho I 



199 238 Baa 

1 | BfON al 

Left. Right. 
231 264 Sharp 
. D Boward 

295 BM F.uiaw 
323 302 Pace 
347 388 Greene 
377 Emory 

405 432 Peon 
445 402 Fremont 
503 594 Scott 

Mount Clare Station 
52G Parkin 
550 Callendar al 
560 Poppleton 
580 Amity 
600 Scbroeder 
630 Oregon 
680 Carrollton av 
TOfl Stockton al 
719 718 Carey 
741 736 Calhoun 

753 76fi Strieker 
801 784 Grilmor 
803 804 Mount 
835 836 Fulton 
893 892 Monroe 
953 946 Pavson 
989 Pulaski 
1035 Smallwood 

1045 Frederick av 

PRATT-ST. WHARF— from Light street to 

Bowly's wharf 
PRATT'S WHARF (iron)— Boston, Cauton 
PRESBDRY— from N Calhoun, N of Baker 
PRESIDENT— S from 17 E Piatt 
PRESIDENT A L— from President, S of East- 
ern av 
PRESSTMAN— W from Linden av, N of Pat- 
Left. Right. [terson av 
Linden av 
Madison av 

Druid BUI av 
Pinna av 
1 2 Stockton 

230 Calhoun 
244 Wh-ncoat 
262 Strieker 
PRESTON— W from Cathedral, N of John 
Left. Right. 


35 34 Foster al 

60 Park av 

69 Jenkins al 

85 Boltoa 

101 96 Maeon tl 

115 98 Linden av 

139 108 Jordan al 

163 124 Bstan 

M olison av 


138 Stodd.ird al 

189 149 Draid Bill a» 

243 Pellliu av 

PBIOB A I from T8 Frederick a* 

PRICK CT— from Enjjer. W of ( in-'iimount nr 

PROCTOR Al from Chase, E of (ireenm'tav 

PR08PECT LA— from Anthony. Sof Eden 
BB— 8 from Marriott, Eof Neale 


PUBLIC WHF— foot of Wills, S of City Dock 
PULASKI— N and S from W Baltimore, W of 

PUTNAM— from Jarnej, S of Clare 


QUAY AL— from Basin to Light, S of Lee 

RABORG— W from 4 N Greene 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Greene 

4 5 Pearl 

18 17 Arch 

64 73 Pine 

114 121 Fremont 
206 205 Poppleton 
224 - 229 Amity 
236 Schroeder 

320 Carrol I tou av 

334 Stockton al 

RACE— S from Cross, W of Hanover 
RAMSAY — W from cor of Columbia av and 
Left. Right. [Fremont 

2 Fremont 

50 Sterrett 

60 Scott 

89 Bartlett 

164 189 Poppleton 
192 207 Amity 
264 277 Strieker 
288 287 Parrish 
312 297 Gilmor 
334 347 Fulton 
386 Monroe 

RAMSAY'S WHARF— from 17 Thames 
RANSTEAD'S WHARF— foot of Bush 
RANDALL— E from Sharp, S of Fort av 
RAYNUR AV— W from L.uivale 
READ — W from Jones Falls, N of Madison 
Ltft. Right. 

Jones Falls 
St. Paul 
27 26 Lovegrove al 

80 Morton al 
REDGRAVE CT— S from 58 Dover 
REESE— S from Nicholson, E of Porter 
REfc.SE AL— from Lee, W of Sharp 
REGESTER (N)— N from 314 e Baltimore 
REGESTER (S)— S from 321 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

8 1 Baltimore 

26 35 Lombard 

58 63 Pratt 

102 113 Gough 
134 137 Bank 
150 159 Eastern av 
164 181 Canton av 
184 199 Aliceanna 
208 221 Lancaster 
REMINGTON AV— N E from Huntingdon av 
RESERVOIR AV— S from Bank, E of Chester 
RETREAT— E from Penna av N of North av to 

Druid Hillav 
REYNOLDS CT— W from Light, N of Mont- 

RICE— N of Lancaster, W of Luzerne 
RICE— W from 223 N Fremont 
RICHARD — from Lancaster E of Broadway 
RICHMOND— from 86 Cathedral 
RICKETT AL— from Montgomery, W of Light 
RIDGELY— from Fremont S of Conway 
RINGGOLD AL— from 18"McHenry 
ROBERT— from Penna av, N of Patterson av 
ROBINSON— from Elliott W of East av 
ROBINSON CT— N from 210 Eastern av 
ROCK— from 397 Lexington 
ROPEWALK AL— E and W from Charles, S 

of West 
ROSE— from 232 Madison av 
ROSE — from Lancaster E of Cannon, Canton 
ROSE LA— Cathedral extended 
ROSS— from Howard to Eutaw,S of Monument 
RUE— N from Lancaster, W of Luzerne 
RUPARD— S from Montgomery, W of water 

RUSSELL— from 207 S Fremont 
RUSSELL CT— from 78 Harford av 
RUSSELL LA— from N. Central av, N of 

RUTTER AL— from McMechin.W of Cathedral 
RYAN— from Parkin to Amity, S of McHenry 


SADLER AL— from Warren, E of Henry 
SALISBURY AL— from Exeter to Lloyd, N of 

SALISBURY CT— from 50 E Lombard 
SARAH ANN— W from 136 Pearl 
SARATOGA— W from 78 N Gay 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Gay 

22 Holliday 

35 North 
24 Davis 

36 51 Hargrove al 

46 Courtland 

48 St. Paul 

56 Church lane 

58 77 Charles 

72 81 Sharp 

86 Liberty 

llfi 105 Park av 

125 Tyson 
142 129 Howard 

135 State 
164 153 Eutaw 
178 165 Jasper 
192 171 Paca 
202 177 Diamond 

191 Greene 
218 201 Pearl 
230 213 Arch 
280 271 Pine 
298 291 Myrtle av 
394 387 Fremont 
406 413 Rock 
424 427 Poppleton 
454 Amity 

470 483 Schroeder 
528 537 Arlington av 
544 561 Carlton 
580 Carrollton av 

656 Calhoun 

672 Strieker 

696 Gilmor 

710 703 Mount 
SARATOGA CT— from Arch, S of Saratoga 
SASSAFRAS— S from Cross, W of Wicomico 


— N from 7J2 w Baltimore 

1 - 



n nl 

. rv 



;.i liv 


1 2 Baltimore 

8 Booth 

16 Hoi 

: : ij (1 
43 30 

53 Lemroon 

lEDER CT— fromScbroeder W of Amity 
■ Lombard 

1 2 Lombard 

31 Pratt 

61 McBenrj 

85 Rj -ii 


183 I ward 

174 Si. Peter al 
. 2 16 Hamburg 

. iiolni 
>CK— from 15 Th 
N 1) ( W (—from CeoUe Market rpace, S of 
Left. Bight. [Baltimore 

1 - i tentre Maiketsp 

19 G 


73 llolliday 

-Efrom Jones PalU,N of Lombard 
V— from Fifth U 
LITTLE— S from Fifth 

trkson al, S of Cross 
om Water, i Bouse 

ELI,— from i a* 

■ rr..m 24 W i 
roNVILLE— 3 miles on B. a R.B. 

tie to Diamond, B oj 

l R— from Bond to Bro.dwa>. N of 

i Baltimore 

I ■ 


46 Lom 




110 \\ I 

163 160 Lee 

Left. Right. 
173 184 York 
183 804 Hill 

■ii'< Montgomery 
270 Henrietta 
816 Ilniiiiurg 

I ross 
382 Wesl 
391 Stockholm 

To water • 

SHIELDS AI N from 144 W Townsead 

SHIRK— from Jona Palle, N of Brown 

SHORT— N from 52 Orleans 

SHORT AL— from 29 Short 

SHBDB LA — N from Press tmsn, \V of Fulton 

SHDTEB (S >— N fiom 228 Chew 

SHOTEB > — S rrom 2 II Chew 

8HDTTES IT— K rrom Grace ct S of King 

SIXTH— from Fourth 

8LEMMER AL— from Grant, v B of President 

SLBMMRfi AL— from Soring N of Monument 

SMALLWUOD— M and S from Baltimore \V of 

SMITH— from 362 Pennu ht 
SMITH AL— from Gay to Frederick B of Lom- 
SMITH AL— from 256 N Eden 
SMITH CT— from 66 N Bote* 
SMITH LA — from Smith's whf to Buchanan's 

whf, S of Pratt 
SMITH'S WHARF— from 8 B cor of Pratt, 

foot of Gav 
SNYDER CT— from Regester to Ann, N of 

Eastern *▼ 
SOMERSET— from 206 B Madison 
SORRELi CT— N from Cross B Of Howard 
SOUTH- 8 from 121 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

20 German 
27 ond 

32 Water 
41 42 Lombard 

52 Guilford 
71 66 Pratt 

7C Wood 
I "7 84 To Basin 

SOUTH LA— K from Bam, betw Charles and 

SPEAR'S WHARF- rrom 43 W Pratt 

SPRING AL— E from 7 N Spring 

SPRING Al W from 10 N Spring 

SPRING CT— from 100 8 Charles 
SPUING-ST CT— from Spring, betw Madison 
sod Monument 

SPRING GARDEN AT— from York Wof Sharp 
SPRING GARDEN WHP— toot of Eutaw 
SPRING ROW— 8 Spring between Lombard 

ami Pratt 
SPRING (N)— N from 186 E Bah 
Left. Right. 

1 Baltimore 
10 Tenpin al 

11 Hani| 

31 Holland 
45 Mav 


30 57 Orleans 

>. | 81 J«fl< 

82 93 McEiderrj 

126 LIS Moaoment 

152 Madison 

170 173 Gay 



SPRING (S)— S from 190 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 
18 9 Baltimore 

20 Lombard 

8o C9 Pratt 

132 129 Cough 

15o 161 Bank 
180 169 Eastern av 
Canton av 
SPRUCE AL— from S Washington, S of Gougb 
SPURRIER CT— S of Lexington, W of St. Paul 
STAG AL — from 158 Lexington 
STABLE AL— from 55 Exchange pi 
STATE— N from 133 Saratoga 
STATE-ST CT— from Stale, N of Saratoga 
STERRETT— S from 30 McHenry 
STEVENS AL— E fiom Front, S of Gay 
STEVENSON— S from Beuson, E of Allen 
STEVENSON CT— E from 104 Jasper 
STILES— E from 24 East Falls av 
STIRLING— from 17 Mott 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Mott 

80 73 Monument 

104 113 Madison 

137 Chew 
146 149 Webb 
190 187 Eager 
218 Aisquith 

STIRLING AL— from 135 Stirling 
STIRRAT CT ok AL— rear 81 Stirling, N of 

STOCKHO.LM— Wfrora Leadenhall,N of Ostend 
STOCKTON— N fr Patterson av,W of Fremont 
STOCKTON AL— from 507 Franklin 
STOCKTON AL— N from 820 W Baltimore 
STOCKTON AL— S from Baltimore, W of Car- 

rollton av 
STODDARD AL—fromNumsenal, between Mc- 

Culloh and Druid Hill av 
STONE AL— from Biddle to Biddle al E of 

Pennsylvania av 
STRANGE AL— from Charles, N of Baltimore 
STRICKER AL— from Strieker, N of Favettt 
STRICKER (N)— N from 866 W B dtimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

11 14 Fayette 

29 Lexington 
57 40 Saratoga 

101 76 Mulberry 

127 114 Franklin 

159 146 Edmondson av 
Harlem av 
278 Lafayette av 
317 318 Mosb'er 
407 416 Winchester 
433 331 Patterson av 
489 494 Presstman 
2 Liberty rd 
44 Baker 
STRICKER (S)— S from 905 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 Booth 
4 Hollina 


30 3 Lemrnon al 
32 19 Pratt 

98 61 McIIeury 

123 Ramsay 
151 Cole 

STUART— from Nicholson, E of Andre 
STUMP AL— from Barre, W of Charles 
ST. JAMES — from Central av, N of Madison 
ST. JAMES AL— from Chew, N of Central av 
ST. MARY— W from 163 Madison av 
ST. MARY CT— from 11 Pennsylvania av 
ST. PAUL— N from 188 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

24 15 Fayette 

26$ 29 Lexington 
50 5 1 Saratoga 

58£ 69 Pleasant 
68 85 Mulberry 

109 Franklin 
84J 115 Hamilton 

125 Centre 
106 149 Monument 
116 171 Madison 

130 197 Read 
160 237 Eager 
277 Chase 
287 Biddle 
North av 
ST. PAUL CT— W from Hargrove al, N of 

ST. PETER— from S Paca to Parkin, S of Co- 
ST. PETER AL— from Parkin, S of Columbia 
ST. THOMAS CT— from 213 Chesnut between 

Hillen and Front 
SUM WALT— from Charles-st av, N of Shirk 
SWAN — from Jones Falls to Centre Market 

space, S of Baltimore 
SWAN AL— between S Bethel and S Bond 
SWANN'S WHARF— from cor Fell and Wolfe 
SWEET AIR VILLAGE— 3J miles on Falls rd 

TEMPLE— from 54 E Baltimore 
TENANT— W from Fremont, N of Mosber 
TENPIN AL— from 10 N Spring 
TESSIER— N from 106 St. Mary 
THAMES— E from Philpot, S of Lancaster 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Philpot 

14 Caroline 

40 39 Bond 

90 87 Broadway 
126 129 Ann 

THIRD— from Cross to Randall 
THOMPSON AL— from Fremont, N of Lombard 
THOMSEN— from Forrest to Aisquith, N of 

TOONE— E from Boston, S of Elliott 
TOWNSEND— W from Jones Falls, E of Lanvale 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
Charles-st av 
Maryland av 
73 John 

Park av 

91 86 Boltou 

Linden av 
Madison av 
Druid Hill av 
108 Division 



r al 


la al 



Palls.Nof Lanvale 
T«»WSO.N— S • E of Hull 

a HARF— E end c.f Hughes 
. rY— E fro 
TRUX Peniteo- 

T^ Si norili fro 9 ■• 'iia 

S AL— from 30 N Howard 
TRU8T AL— from 6 Bill 8 U> L. Hughes 


UBLBB Al Hanover lo Charles, N Of Pratt 

K A I Caroline to Spring, 8 uf Prim 

UNION — from 109 Penna at 
UNION AL— E • N Central a? 

UNION CT— from 45 N Edeu 

-N of M nitson, between Ensorand 
UNION ImiCK— fiom Eastern av W of Jones 
, to Burin 

A RE— hounded bj Gilmor, Striek- 
er. Hullius and Lorn 
UPTON— B of Fremont 

N PAKE— from George between Myrtle 
av and Fremont 

7 ALLEY— from 33 Neighbor, W of Hnrford ht 
V1CKER— S from Chew, between Harford av 

and MeKim 
VINCENT— from Patterson uv W of Gilmor 
VINCENT — H Horn Baliimore, E of Mount 
NT AL— from Ramsay, B of Bonn! 
VINt'ENT CT— B tr<.iii Vincent. N of Lexington 
VINE— W from 19 Arch 


1 A rch 
CI Pine 
131 127 Fremont 


185 190 Beoroeder 


- rOlltOB uv 

ckton ul 

LITTLE— from Qarltoi M of Fayette 


■ 13 Mvrt • 
WAGON AL— :. N Amity 

WALKER— fro 
WALKER— from 133 N Bond 
WALKER CT— W from Leadenball.S ofBam- 

WALL—' - ,if Pratt 

WARNER— from ;•; Colombia 


I 2 Elbow U 

1 1 12 Burgundy al 


. Right. 
35 38 Wayne 

39 Barre 

71 74 Lee 

83 84 Montgomery 

91 98 Henrietta 

Hamhui _' 
1C1 180 Cross 

WARREN- 8 of Russell 
WARREN— from Light, 8 of L Church 
WARREN CT, F. P. —from 161 8 Bethel 
WASHINGTON AV— s fiom Cross, W of Car- 
WASHINGTON, (N)— N from 393 B Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 1 Baltimore 

IS 21 Ja'k.-^on sq uv 

66 65 Faveite 

96 93 Or'lems 

116 127 JeflVrson 

Hid. lie 
WASHINGTON fS>— S from Baltimore, B of 

Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 
46 35 Lombard 
64 65 Pratt 

116 115 Gough 
140 137 Bank 
162 169 Eastern av 
188 193 Canton uv 
192 Fountain 

2f'9 Aliceanna 
WASHINGTON CT— E from Washington, S of 

of FavHte 
WASHINGTON PLACE— from Centre to Mad- 
ison, W of St. Paul 
WASHING!'" IB SQUARE— including Wash- 
ington Monument, at the intersection of 
Mount Vernon and Washiugton places. 
WATCHHOUSB AL— fiom Saratoga, E of 

WATEB— from South lo Light. N of Lombard 
WATER. F.H.— Efiom William. 8 of Giltings 
WATERS CT— from 317 W Biddls 
WATERS WHARF— from N E cor Fell and 

WATERS RoW— from Biddle W of Penna av 
WATSON— from High to Central a* ,S of Balti- 
WATSON AL— from 5 Wats 
WATSON CT— S from 71 Watson 
WAVERLBY TERRACE— Carey, from Faj- 

ette to Lexington 
WAYNE— W from I io S Sharp 
WBRB— from 1 ".7 Eimor 

IR— from 4oi Light 
WEBSTER— S from Clement 
WEBSTBR AL— from ArbeJ al, 8 of Eager 
WEBSTER CT— rear of 179 Greonmount av 

WELCOME A I W from 174 Light-st wharf 

WELLS — E from Spring Gardens, S of Binnev 
WELLS* MILLER 8 A I — E from 70 President 
WELLS WHARF— foot of Warren near Cov- 



"WELSH A L— from 192 Lexington 
WEST — W from Basiu, S of Cross 
Left. Right. 
42 Johnston 

Battery ay 










Ohio av 

E u t a w 



WEST AL — from Eutaw, S of Camden 
WEST AL— fn.m 200 Stirling near Eager 
WEST FALLS AV— S from Lombard 
Left. Right. 

2 Lombard 
8 Pratt 


Eastern av 

Canton av 

-N and S fiom Patterson av, W 










13 212 

of Calhoun. 
WHITE AL— W from 88 N Poppleton 
WICOMICO— S from Cross, W of Severn 
WILCOX— N from 168 E Eager 
WILHELM— W of Fulton, S of McHenry 
WILKENS— Nfrom Frederick av, E of tollgate 
WILKENS A V— W from Monroe, S of Freder- 
ick av 

-S from 23 York 


Armistead la 











Lay lope 

Fort av 

WILLIAMSON AL— from Hanover to Abey al, 

N of Hamburg 
W1LLINGER CT— E from Ensor, N of Chase 
WILLOW— from 52 Harford av 
WILLS— from 28 Philpot 
WILLS-ST W;1F— End of Wills 
WILMER AL— from 304 W Hoffman 
WILSON AL— S from 161 E Madison 
WILSON— from 431 Penna av 
Left. Right. 

Penna av 



Druid Hill av 


Madison av 


Linden av 



























Left. Right. 

Park av 
' To North av 
WINANS ROW— from Jackson, E of Light 
WINDER— K from 757 Light 
W1NDERLING ROW— N from 438 Canton av 
WINDSOR— from 47 Boston to Essex 
WINDSOR MILL ROAD— W from Fremont, nr 

Penna av 
WINK AL— E from Charles, S of Baltimore 
WINTER AL — between Cross and Hamburg, 

W of Hanover 
WOLFE (N)— N from 364 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

9 1 Baltimore 

18 25 Jackson sq av 

56 75 Fayette 

86 103 Orleans 
1 Monument 

33 Madison 

172 Chew 

216 Eager 

258 Biddle 

WOLFE (Si— S from 375 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

15 Baltimore 
4 23 Lombard 

30 53 Pratt 

78 101 Gough 
98 127 Bank 
114 159 Eastern av 

134 185 Canton av 
160 217 Aiiceanna 
196 Lancaster 

259 Thames 
269 Fell 
WOLFE AL— from Perry, W of Howard 
WOOD— from South to Bowly's whfS of Pratt 
WUOD AL— from Adams, E 'of Fremont 
WOOD AL— W from 8 N Charles 
WOOD CT— S of Bank, W of Central av 

Hill Park 
WOODVILLE— rear Giltnor, nr Patterson av 
WOODWARD— E from Scott, S of St. Peter 
WOODYEAR— from Patterson av, W of Carey 
WOOSTER— from James, S of Stockholm 
WYETH— from 224 Columbia 


X AL— from Lee to York, W of Charles 

Y AL— Sfrom 56 Hill 
YELLOTT CT— rear 219 Chesnut 
YORK— W of Basin, S of Lee 
Left. Right. 

23 38 William 

53 54 Light 

105 104 Charles 

114 X al 

12-5 124 Comb al 
155 154 Sharp 
182 Howard 
19.6 Ohio av 
202 Eutaw 
YOUNG— from 22 Orleans 
YOUNG AL— W from 197 N Bethel 



The Principal Cities in the U. S. 


For Free Reference. 

Albany, Norfolk and Portsmouth, 

Boston, New Haven, 

Brooklyn, New Orleans, 

Buffalo, New York, 

Chicago, Pawtucket, 

Cincinnati, Philadelphia, 

Cleveland, Pittsburgh. 

Detroit, Richmond, 

Hartford, San Francisco, 

Indianapolis, Springfield, 

Louisville, St. Louis, 

Milwaukee, Syracuse, 

Nashville, Washington, 

Newark, Wilmington, 

Orders received and promptly filled at this office for Directories 
published in other Cities. 

All kindfl of Commercial, It. R. Printing, Circulars, Bill Heads, 
Labels, &c, done in the Latest Styles, with prompt dispatch, and at 
the Lowest Rates. 




<»m«-«> uixl I'll 1>11mIi lnfiT SOVM) 

No. 12 South Street, up stairs. 




n. north ; s. south ; e. east ; w. west ; st. street ; ct. court ; av. avenue; al. alley ; ta. lane; 
</w>. dwelling ; cor. corner ; ext. extended ; rd. road ; nr. near ; L. P. Locust Point. 
Note : The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers. 







t" 1 




i — I 





Aaron Augustus, carp. 2 Hopeal 

Aaron Mrs. Bettie, 181 Dover 

Aaron Columbus, canmkr, lu6 Battery av 

Aaron George, grocery, 3u8 Light 

Aarou Geo. W. capt. police, 182 n Caroline 

Aaron James, 181 Dover 

Aaiuii Joseph, 181 Dover 

Aaron Marcel ius, carp. 100 Battery av 

Aaron Martha, teacher, 66 e Pratt 

Aaron Samuel, canmkr, 106 Battery av 

Aarousohn Dr. Abraham, cor Caroline and 

Abbott Alexander, 227 n Broadway 
ABBOTT C. F. & CO. (C. F. and C. W. Ab- 

bottj Morning Star Bitters Co, llu s Charles 
Abbott C. Webster (C. F. A. & Co. J chemical 

laboratory, 110 s Charles, dw 655 w Fayette 
Abbott Chas. 0. stevedore, 78 n Washington 
Abbott Cornelius F. (C. F. A. & Co. J 655 W 

Abbott Daniel E. R carp. 187 Orleans 
Abbott David M. caip. 114 Jefferson 
Abbott Mrs. E. A. li 3 s High 
Abbott Francis, moulder, Druidville 
Abbott Geo. M. canmkr, 408 e Madison 
Abbott H. (H. A. & Son) Homestead, 
Abbott H. & Son (H. A., J.S. Gilmau)s s Gay 

president, cor Burke dj- Hudson 
Abbott Jacob, tobacconist, 83 Aisquith, dw 7 

Abbott James F. (Henry, McAllister & Co.) 269 

n Broadway 
Abbott James, boilermkr, 180 Lee 
Abbott James W. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John C. manner, 29 u Wolfe 
Abbott John F. mariner. 143 Battery av 
Abbott John E., dredger, 4 Anuistead la 
Abbott John E. jr. dredger, 4 Arniistead la 
Abbott John N. carp. 300 McDonogh 

Abbott J. Walter, clerk, 143 Battery av 
Abbott Laviuia, seamstress, 178 Montgomery 
Abbott Samuel, lab. 16 Armistead la 
Abbott Thos. 0. brakeman, 195 Fort av 
Abbott Wm. H. oysters, Claret aland L. Mont- 
gomery, dw 11 Russell 
Abbott Wm. H. H. clerk, 355 e Baltimore 
Aoel Fred. lab. 48 3 Durtiara 
Abel Gott'ried, baker, 56 s Charles 
Abel John, liquors, 240 Aliceanna 
Abel John, cutter, 240 Aliceanna 
Abel Joseph, clerk, 182 s Paca 
Abel Joseph, cutter, 355 e Lombard 
Abel Mrs. Martha, 182 s Paca 
Abel Wm. grocery, 10 Claggett al 
A bell A. S. (A. S. A. & Co.) 83 Saratoga 
ABELL A. S. & CO (A. S. and Geo. W. 
Abeil) prop'rs and publ'rs of the Sun, Sun 
iron building, s e cor Baltimore and South 
Abell David T. printer, 360 Mulberry 
Abell Edwin F., Sun office, dw 83 Saratoga 
Abell Edward M. butcher, 48 Centre and 32 

Lexington markets, dw 177 Penna av 
Abell Frank M. jr. 290 w Hoffman 
Abell Franklin M. butcher, 24 Richmond and 

20 Latayette markets, dw 29u w Hoffman 
Abell Geo. W. (A. S. Abell & Co.) editor Sun, 3 

340 Madison av 
Abell Joseph L. clerk, 182 s Paca 
Abell Tuos. L. gauger, 44 s Mount 
Abell Walter R. editor Sun, 83 Saratoga 
Abendschein Dr. Andrew, dentist and barber, 

168 s Bond 
Abendschein Charles, clerk, 438 Canton av 
Abendschein Henry, barber, 168 s Bond 
Abendschein John, provisions, 438 Canton av 

Abendschoem Clement, carpet weaver, 232 a 
nk..i.. r 










•—I • 




Abendschoem Mrs 

Mary, trimmings, 843 w 


Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 















i ■ 

Co., ill 
I Hiding, dn 

, len 

millinery, 7:-i w Baltimore 

. 17" William 

. 170 William 

26 William 
II caulki i, 66 Batterj nv 
R 1.. pi inU i, Bwan hotel 
»\ in. II. grocer j, 170 William 

tin end sheet iron \\ork> i 

. H carpenti r. 123 Bkmburg 


.v A. i plas- 
i [i, <lw 3JU Mul- 

Abral .lilor, 41 Baw 

A i rahain Mr? Ma, daline liquors, 380 Eastern hv 

Abraham Nathan, rags, 244 i Cbarlee 

.■ . ■• Baltimore 
i kr, 1 18 ■ Bond 

.1. J. &i Win. H. 

Abrahams )sbipbnilders,Pbllpoi and Thames. 

ami propi t> Canton M trine Railway and 

• w l>ock 

MM Joim J. (J. J. A. & Sods) Port De- 


Abrahams Wm jr. clerk, 7 i Broadwaj 

ii J. Abrahams & Sons) 

:>\ard (Cochran & Co.) 24.1 

ivat Wm. W. (Coclmin k Co.) 85 8 

^. J. marblecutter, Greenmount av 

• J jr. marbleworker, Qreen mount 

dn nr t Ixfoi 'l 
irlss II. marblecutter, 299 Bunk 
.. W. marbleworker, Greenmonnt 
• metery, dw York rd nr 
Abrami ■ irpeuter, 4i2e Chase 

Johu, painter, I 

Lrdener, 7 1 


I Band er, 71 i Smoker 

dlmkr 107 B ink 
Dm nam 


Ml II v 

Abnrn l 

Pbilpot, dn 


n Bzetet 

• I 

■ ■ 

1 <UH, 108 - 

EOJUM .ui.l 

Peaking, Bolting, II...-.', Boiler Felt 

\j oi Music, J. 1'. Ferguson, ni 
Howard nr Franklin 
Acbenback John II. pin t> rer, 1 1 '■ 
Achej Obas. P. ( P. A< hej .v 
Acbev Prederick k Son (!•'. end Chas. I 
Achej ) cm r i< I Si ty 

Frederick Aebey A Son) 1 2t> 

Ache ■ nrrier, 48 s Sti ii 

Achtermann Henry collector, 186 Lexington 

Acbl .in ('anion av 

Achsiger Barbara, grocer?, 440 
Acbzif er < !aspi r, cli rk, 440 ' anton av 
Acbi i k, i ai p 140 Canton av 

man Andrew, tailor, 1 u uv 

an Annie II. 181 < ' undra 
rmaa Charles eanmkr, 93 s Lombard 
Ackerman Francis, gi "<■•!>. 100 n Dallas 

I astls 
Ackei man M II. u i ison 

Ackerman Henrj, lab. 129 Conway 
Ackerman Berman, lab. H8 Albemarle 
Ackerman John A. baker, 8 n Wolfe 
Ackei man Jnlm B. tailor, 1 1 
Ackerman Julius, barnessmkr, J J ;-t Eastern at 
Ackerman Nicholas sr. cutter, over jij i 


Dan Nicholas, stevedore, over 212 I 

Broad n ay 
Ackler Ceo. shoemaker, 321 Saratoga 
Aokler Jacob B. ihoecotter, 321 Saral 
Ackler Win. police, 18 Qreenmounl as 
Atom John, Imsketinaker, '.'> Diamond 
Actual Buili s, John H. Allen, pros' t, 

ovi r n s cor Baltimore and Cbarles 
Adair Barry II. (J. Savage Williams & C\k) 4'> 

Mt. Vernon |>I 

Adair .John, machinist, 159 Linden av 

Adair Robert J. clerk, 169 Linden av 

Adam Chas. A. sboemkr, 29 i Wolf 

Adai:; 191 c Baltimore 

Adam Fred, W. cabinetmkr, 21 S 

ADAMB ALBBBT, boots and I Druid 

Hill av 
Adams Alex, wagoner, 86 Miller 
Adams Alex, butcher, Chapel nr Chase 
Adams Ada B. teacher, 188 n Madison 
Adams August, cigarmkr, 256 Lee 
Adams August, bio. 21 1 Wolf 

ii Co. (Wm. II. Adams, Irving 

A. Buck, Chas. B. Berrj ) trh< lesale b 

caps, 2~,n « Baltimore 
Adams Benj. engineer, 98 1 Collington uv 
Adams Benj. lab. H'7 Leadenball 
Adams Charles, grocery, CDonnell and i:.i-t- 

1 III nv 

Ad ims Charles, telegraphist, 59] Lea 

ikr, O'Donuell and Six- 

■ atll 

Chas, I. (K. Adams ft Sons) 159 Ed- 
mondsoB as 

1 r. telegraphist, 59j Lee 

apothecary, 1 e cur Fulton 
and Pratt 
Adam-' ( hai les T. 12 •• Baltimore 
A. Ian,.- Charles \\ , 81 ■ I ej ettc 
Adams I barlottc W. teacher. 188 w Madison 
Adams Christian, barkpr, O Donnell and Six- 
Adams David, iboemkr, 118 n Central av 
Adams l»' '■ 'tin, 88 Basti 1 a av 

Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 

Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Ag ent, American Building . 



A. DAMS EDWARD & SONS (E., C. E. & W. 
H. Adams) grocers and produce, n e cor Hol- 
lins and Carroll ton av 
Adams Edw ; d (B. Adams & Sons) 278 Hollins 
Adams Emelius, coal yard, n w cor Central av 
and Gonub and Caroline and Dock, dw 408 
e Baltimore 
ADAMS EXPRESS CO. 162 and 164 W Balti- 
more, and depot 22,7 and 229 a Howard, John 
Q. A. Herring, Bupt. 
Adams Express stables, North nr Saratoga 
Adams Miss E. artist, 45 n Calvert 
Adams Frank W. clerk, 278 Hollios 
Adams Franklin G. telegraphist, 59£ Lee 
Adams George, gardener, u w cor Patterson 

Park av and Cough 
Adams Geo. C. driver, 359 Hollins 
Adams Ceo. F. printer, 10 n Bond 
Adams Geo. F. clerk, 30 Clarke 
Adams Dr. Geo. F. 215 Druid Hill av 
Adams Rev. Geo. F. 30 Clarke 
Adams George W. fireman, 233 William 
Adams Geo. W. engineer, 3: ; 5 e Monument 
Adams Geo. W. bricklayer. 34 Warner 
Adams Capt. Gustav, mariner, 16 Concord 
Adams Harry B. clerk, 66 n Paca 
Adams Mrs. Hannah, tailonss, 359 Hollins 
Adams Henry, pianomaker, 256 Lee 
Adams Henry, cigarmaker, 256 Lee 
Adams Henry jr. moulder. 81 n Poppleton 
Adams Henry sr. shoemaker, 149 n Fremont 
Adams Henry ('.fellow Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity, 230 n Howard 
Adams Henry P. gen'l sec : y Y.M.C.A. 5 Pearl 
Adams Herbert B. fellow Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, 237 w Biddle 
Adams Howard D. sailmaker, 35 Jackson pi 
Aoams J. L. clerk, 138 n Madison 
Adams James, bookkeeper 3^9 n Strieker 
Adams J. Thos.( Adams & McQuade)154 w Pratt 
Adams J. M. clerk, 241 n UarrolltOQ av 
Adams James M. clerk, 204 George 
Adams James R. bookkpr, 158 n Arlington ar 
Adams James R. mariner, 83 Jackson sq av 
Adams Jetferson, clerk, 59^ Lee 
Adams John, harnessmaker, 32 s Sharp 
Adams John, machinist, 115 Jackson sq av 
Adams John, pickler, Mouumeut nr Burke 
Adams John, lab. 240 Frederick av 
Adams Jonu, weaver, 93 Bank 
Adams John A. plasterer, 32 Wyeth 
Adams John A. salesman, 295 Argyle av 
Adams John C. paperhanger, 195 Jetferson 
Adams Capt. Johu E. stevedore, 68 Gough 
Adams John G. R. plasterer, 32 Wyeth 
Adams John F. 138 w Madison 
Adams John F. (S. H.&J. F.A.) 600 w Fayette 
Adams John H. (John H.A.& Co.)35 Jackson pi 
Adams John H. & Co. (John H. A., J. Thos. 
Cibuous) sailmakers, Wolf and Thames aud 
Block and West Falls av 
Adams John H. jr., sailmaker, 35 Jackson pi 
Adams Johu K. carp. 156 s Fremont 
Adams John M. salesman, 241 Carrolllon av 
Adams Johu Q. clerk, 15 South 
Adams John Q. (Carroll, A. & Co.) 241 u Car- 
rolllon av 
Adams John Q. gas inspector, 256 n Eden 
Adams John W. blacksmith, 530 Harford av 
Adams John W. caulker, 184 s Bethel 
ADAMS JOHN W. & CO. (J.W. Adams) com. 
merchts, 149 n Howard 


$100,000 TO LOAN I /©N 

In Sums to Sail, at (T) f ,1 



22 K C-ay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible ofiicestill continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Adams John W. (J. W. A. & Oo.) 276 Hollins 
Adams Joseph, capper, 3T>7 e Lombard 
Adams Joseph, fruit packer, 115 Jackson sq av 
Adams Joseph, jr. plasterer, 582 Hanover 
Adams Joseph W. engineer, 20 w Lombard 
Adams Lawrence, excavator, Sterrett and Co- 
Adams Lydia, restaurant. 454 u Fremont 
Adams .Mrs. Mary A. 317 Aliceanna 
Adams Matthew W. bookkpr, 93 n Eden 
ADAMS cj- MgQUADE (J. Thomas Adams, M. 

J. McQuade) restaurant, 154 w Pratt 
ADAMS MICHAEL, restaurant and brickmkr, 

O'Dounelland Sixteenth 
ADAMS Mrs. R. manuf. shirts, over 230 w 

Baltimore, cor. Charles 
Adams Robert A. mariner, 83 Jackson sq av 
Adams R. W. shoetnkr, 179 n Fremont 
Adams Samuel, watchmaker, 20 e Pratt 
Adams S. 6. printer, 48^ Conway 
Adams S. G. printer, 179 n High 
ADAMS S. H. & J. F. carpenters and builders, 

A\ Baruett nr Charles 
Adams Samuel H. (S. H. & J. F. A.) 223 n 

Adams Samuel S. mariner, 29 n Bond 
Adams Samuel T. 66 n Paca 
Adams Sidney, 194 e Fayette 
Adams Sidney, telegraphist, 59| Lee 
Adams Mrs. S. H. 225 w Biddle 
Adatus Thomas, capper, 115 Jackson sq av 
Adams Thomas, drayman, 117 L. Greene 
Adams Thos D. carp. 439 e Fayette 
Adams Thos. E. M. 'clerk, 196 Dolphiu 
Adams T. Ira, clerk, 600 w Fayette 
Adams Thos. J. caulker, 250 Aliceanna 
Adams Thos. S. clerk, 278 Hollins 
Adams Thomas Y. excavator, Sterrett and Co- 
Adams Theodore, glazier, 308 Hanover 
Adams White Lead Company, over 27 s Charles 
Adams Win, jr. salesman, 309 Lexington 
Adams Wru. driver, Sterrett and Columbia 
Adams Wm. carp. 149 n Fremont 
Adams Wm., 309 Lexington 
Adam3 Wm. C. blacksmith, 530 Harford av 
Adams Wm. J. clerk, :>9$ Lee 
Adams Capt. Wm. F. 315 e Pratt 
Adams Wm. H. (B. Adams & Sons) 33 s Cal- 
Adams Wm. H. (Adams, Buck & Co.) 216 n 

Carrollton av 
Adams Wm. II. pilot, 108 s Washington 
Adams Wm. T. prod. com. mercht. 27 Barre, 

dw 59 J Lee 
Adderly Luke, fireman, 4 Hawk 
Addicks Christian, canmkr, 281 Canton av 























i— ■ 



No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




Aiidnkh l 1 rrta, mantuamki 

n av 



' • 
\ . 

A ii V 

M ant weigh i C Ii 618 


i. and J.ime^ 
Hor.' . s e cor German and 


ii A. I ookkpr, 1 1 Warren 
Addl.-on J : •- 1 1 

- d Jobn W. iiiik -cull 

a Joseph T. trav. ngenl, McMechin nr 
Addison Nannie, teacher, '.'• Warren 

B., McMi chin nr John 
iQi I T. clei k. 616 ■ Fa\ette 
3a I.- D 8 Warren 
Addison Taylor, clerk, 17 Henrietta 

.'i Theodore, engineer, ,'i4 » Poppleton 
vjii Win. cai p. T"i William 
n Win. h. collector, 1 ( o Marre 
Addieon Win W.(A. k Boran,)l94n Fremont 
_ . Durham 
• -. uioalder, 46 s Central av 
(Guggenbeimer J" A.) 13 s 

:i Jamea F. \*\<. Sweet Air 
Aaron, cattle l>r. ker, 53 Jetlerson 

.v Co. ) J.'.J e Baltimore 

. aw 
. B6 Conwaj 
: t, clerk, 7o D Care.\ 
. salesman, 103 L Greene 

meat, ) 243 w Lomliard 
Her, A. Adler, M Julm) 
il clothing and shirt m nufrs, !:"> 
Adiei ' . . l.,. \ a. :':, Lexington 

v dement liei , J. Clement,) 

■ in snufactuters, 19 Light 

.:i a; A ; Frederick av opp. 
..ion J'ai k cemeterj 
Henrj I.. ■ • Ann 

335 e Pralt 
Herman, (.L. Adler JtCo.)l6tt w Lomhaid 
i a Lombard 
. . Baltimore 
.(• ft A.) ■;•• ii Carej 
Jobn P. whet Iwright, i - Brane 

< '< nlral av 

: Berman Adler,) 
, n En taw 
i L. Adler k Co mbard 

I ■ Baltimore 

. - Lexlogtoo, dw 

Adli r II (j 

- Bulaa 

Adler B. J. 188 Li Kington 

Adler Solomon, clerk, 166 a Lombard 

Adlei Thomas, hostler, 382 Penna bt 

Adler Wm. trimminga and dry noods, 292,294 

n How ml, da 82 Aisquitb 
Adol| B Henry, boat builder, 106 n Caroline 
Adolph Jobn, Inb. 7u Reason 
A d < > 1 1 ' I » Wm. paddler, 113 s Chapel 
Adrean John, lab. I ■ 
ADREON HARBISON, 0. 8. Pension Agent, 

basemen I PoatoDce, • ■« 283 e Balttmose 
Adreon Julm, lab. 49 I 
Adreoo Dr. L. dentist, 198 Penna a» 
u Stephen A cl< rk, 2H i> Liberty 
n Wm. l io Hanoi er 
Adreou Wm. T. clerk, t>2n Lexington 
Adreon Mrs. W. II 28 11 Libert* 
Adiiaatis John II. clot 1 I 
ADT JOHN B. engineer and machinist, 90 D 

Hollida* , in ii a Ann 
Adj Junes, variety sioie, 153 8 Sharp 
Atinu nil Wolfgang, lab. 151 s Durham 
Aestor Henrj W. carp. 47" Aisnuilb 
Aestur John P. lab -4 7 7 Aisquitb 
.1. Da Fin insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. 

aeenc) , I Rialto building LIFE INSDRANI B I OF IIART- 

PORD, T. R. Alexander, general agt, 3 Post- 

office av 
AilaMoux Epaulette, carp. 233 n bond 
Affayroax Francis P. blarkamitb, 1 i*5 East 
Affarruux James, cup loo Mullikin 
Affayroux Melauie, 278 n Ann 
a fielder Harry, clerk, ;s i o a Lmiihard 
Affelder .Max, secretary Permaueni Land Co. of 

Baltimore, and insurance broker, 22 Second, 

dn 310 w Lombard 
Affelder Samuel, salesman, 31 (J w Lombard 

iAftuug Joba, shoemkr, 171 Hanover 
Aged Men's Home, Dr. C F. Child, supt, cor 
Calhonn and Lexington 
Aged Women's Home, Mis* Mcllbany, suj>t . 
Lexiigtou nr Calhoun 
: Aguew John D. bookkpr, 62 Fawn 
Ag'new Tbos J. clerk, 62 F.iwu 
Agnew Tbos. A grocer,secot Pratt and Eutata 
Agnus Pelix, business manager American office, 

478 Eutaw place 

I Aheru Daniel, feed, 120 s Chester 
A hern James, manner, 2 Qrifllsi cl 
Abern Jeremiab, lab. 12::> Exeter 
Abern Jobn, 77.; Madison av 
Ahern Jobn, gilder, 123s Kxeter 
Abern Patrick, shoemkr, 139 Low 
Abem Peter, carter, 68 Parrish 
Ahi in \\ in. lab. 2 GrifBsa ct 
Aberns Otto, so emkr, M'O Hauorer 
I Ahi Charles, machinist, Y"ik rd opp Point la 
I Ahi Prancis P. miller, Beleldere nr Greenm't ar 
Ahi Henry, ship carp. Hunter al nr John 
Ahi Roma, painter, 241 n Wolfe 
Ahlhorn Arthur, clerk, 168 Lexington 
Ablborn Gustar, elerk, 166 Lexington 
Ablborn Julius, dollat store, 166 Lexington 

Mrs. I latnerine, 164 ■ Washington 
Ablers Charles, tobacconist, 148 Hank 
Abies Frederick, driver, Belalr a* ext 
Ahies Geo. F. cigarmkr, 14 d Wolfs 
Ahles John, cigarmkr, 74 n Wolfe 
a Bgei Wm. | B ions ft A.) 369 Hollins 
Aboaae Frederick, cabinetmkr, 13 China 
Abrend Herman, notions, 7 Patterson av 

• KERB' KX< IHANGE to be had on the Principal Cities of the 
U. S. and Canadas at Sadler's Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. i n the World, O. F. Bresee , G-en. Agt. 
~^1kT~ 53 ALB 

Ahiendt Charlotte, notions. 215 Bank 

Ahrendt Henry, moulder, 215 Bank 

Ahiendt Henry, clerk, 102 w Favette 

Ahrendt Robert, bookkpr, 215 Bank 

Ahrens Adolph. 76 St. Paul 

Ahrens Adolph jr. ( A.,Spilker & Co.)76 St.Paul 

Ahrens Christian, cabinetmkr, 220 Bank 

Ahreus Mrs. Geo. Ad. 33 w Biddle 

Ahrens Henry, baker, 239 w Pratt 

Ahrens Jacob, hacks, '73 Mullikin 

Ahrens Julius, confectionery and baker, 239 w 

AHRENS. SPILKER & CO. (Adolph Ahrensjr. 

and Win. E Spilker) wholes, grocers, 20 Water 
Ahring Ernest. Ill n Central av 
Ahring Henry, junk, 59 L^wis 
Ahrling Charles W. plumber and gasfitter, 79 

McRldern 's whf 
Ahrling Geo. D. carp. 79 McEIderrv's whf 
Ahrling H. Henry, tavern, 79 McEIderrv's whf 
Aichele Jacob, wood and coal, 265 s Sharp, dw 

246 Hanover 
Aidt Lewis, boots and shoes, 56 Druid Hill av 
AIKEN GEO. B. & CO. (Geo. B. Aiken. Geo. 

D. Wolvington, ) wholes, wood and willow 

ware, 106 w Lombard 
Aiken Geo. B.(G'0. B. A.&Co.)730 Lexington 
Aiken Matthew K. bookkpr. 284 w Baltimore 
Aiken Wm. H. clerk, 610 w Fayette 
Aikin Prof. Wm. E. A. analytical chemist, 178 

w Baltimore, dw 219 n Eutaw 
Ailworth & Bro. ( J. S. & W. B. Ailwoi til) teas, 

367 Light 
Ailworth James, painter, 413 s Charles 
Ailworth James L. clerk, 174 w Fayette 
Ailworth J. S. (A. & Bro.) 156 w Lombard 
Ailworth W. B. (A. «J- Bro.) 156 w Lombard 
Aimstead Louis, barkpr, 3 s Durham 
Aires Andrew J. shipjoiner, 168 Bmk 
Aires James, engineer. 67 s Washington 
Airey Frank, driver, 80 Peirce 
A ire j Mrs. Geo. \V. 262 Presstman 
Airey Hiram, lab. 232 Preston 
Airey James, butter, 178 Druid Hill av 
Airey James, engineer, 89 s Caroline 
Airey James K. driver, 113 w Townsend 
Airey Jerome, butter, 113 w Townsend 
Airey Joseph, lab. 113 w Townsend 
Airey Philip, driver, 80 Peirce 
Airey Wm. cigarmkr, 232 Preston 
Airey Wm. F.'supt. Baltimore Coal Tar Co. 89 

8 Caroline 
Airline Anthony, tailor, 171 Harford av 
Airline John, tailor, 171 Harford av 
Aisqaith Charlotte E. teacher, 196 Dolphin 
Aisquith Geo. G. clerk. 196 Dolphin 
Aisquith Mrs. Mary H 196 Dolphin 
Aisquith Street (M. P.) Church, Aisquith and 

Aisquith Street Presbyterian Church, cor Ais- 
quith and Edward 
Aitcheson James, brass founder, 74 North, dw 

374 n Strieker 
Aitken Andrew, 139 n Gay 
Aitken Mrs. Agnes, 157 Mosher 
Aitken Bros.( Waller H. & Geo. R. Aitken) no- 
tions and faucj goods. 65 n Eutaw 
Aitken Geo. R. (A. Bros.) New York 
Aitken John B. auctioneer, St. Clair hotel 
Aitken Robert, clerk, 139 n Gay 
Aitken Robert, machinist, 139 n Gav 
Aitken Walter H. (A. Bros.) 65 n Eutaw 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Suit, at <y) 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. |h 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office still continues to make the (—, 

largest loans on goods of every description and on t-rj 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of h-j 

charges than any other office in this city. . V 


Akehurst Mrs. Mary Ann, Druidville 

Akers Charles, lab." 179 Hughes 

Akers Edward, watchmaker and jeweler, 126 

Akers Edwin, dry goods, 138 Lexington 
Akers Edwin jr. salesman, 138 Lexington 
Akers Frank J. salesman. 138 Lexington 
Akers Geo. T. lab. 104 Oooksie 
Akers Geo. W. watchman, 179 Hughes 
Akers James P. salesman. 138 Lexington 
Akers John, engineer, 236 William 
Akers John H. fireman, 179 Hughes 
Akers John M. clerk, 138 Lexington 
Akers Resin T boilermkr, 208 William 
Akers Wm. H. boilermkr, 186 William 
Akers Wm. R. clerk, 138 Lexington 
Akburst Stephen, moulder, Hampden 

Alamo Hal 1 , 60 n Carroll' iv 

Alamo Stables, 60 n Carroll ton av 

Albacher John, 305 Cross 

Alband Chas. restaurant, 129 Penna av 

Albaugh Albert, cup. 26 Penn 

Albait'jh Ah'X wheelwright, 137 n Schroeder 

ALBAUGH EDWARD W. produce office. 5 

Dover, dw 1 70 Bane 
AlbauL'h Elder D. conductor, 666 Lexington 
Albaugh Kphraim, 666 Lexington 
Albaugh Mrs. Frances, 15o s Pa en 
Albaugh Geo. painter. 1 0*Z n Pine 
Albaugh Geo. shoemkr, 190 n Eden 
Albauah Geo. A. clerk, Hanover mkt, dw 199 

Albaugh Grafton, shoemkr, 177 n Eutaw 
Albaugh Grafton jr. painter, 317 McHeriry 
Albaugh Harry C. actor, 46 Hill 
Albaugh Henry C. carp. 355 Penna av 
Albaugh Hiram, boilermkr. 46 Hill 
Albaugh John., 106 Penna av,dw 114 
Albaugh Joseph, blacksmith. 116 Fort av 
Albaugh Wm. A. brush man ufr. 101 J Camden, 

dw 4*5 n Fremont 
Albaugh Wm. H. produce, 16 Penna av, dw 80 

Albers Albert, lab 196 C niton av 
Albers Antone, clerk. 95 s Sharp 
Albers Chas. F. bookkpr. 368 n Strieker 
Albers Fred. lab. 132 s Wolfe 
Albers Henry jr. discount cleric, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Henry, lab. 283 n Dallas 
Albers Henry, brickmkr. 3ol Aliceanna 
Albers Dr. Henry, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Win. cutter, 117 s Washington 
Albeit A.& H J, paperhau<rings,&c. 18 n Eulaw 
Albert Adelbert, lab. 114 Sora rsel 
Albert Alfred H. 64 Columbia 
Albeit Angel, stonecutter. 299 w Pratt 
Albert Annie M. tavern, 72 Mulberry 

"Better One Hour TOO SOON than One Minute TOO LATE." 
Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

tnal Life I arance Co. of New York, 







B CO. 


.1. jr . 


ad Wm. .1 \ 

. All -it Im- 

;.i ill 

• mom, 

I iroline,dw!82 
N . rhbor 
242 Druid Hill at 

n Payette 


,113 Hem ietta 
Allien IN u ! I Montgomi ry 

3cbi ueder 

. art) 199 w Fayette 
John, Itc.-. -. brewery 

lohn, butcber,93 Lexiugtouand 15 Hol- 
la Hullins 
: John, bootfitter, . r >7 Bank 

\- Fayette 
[A. J. A. jr. *Co.) Bnlto co 
. , :;i Lex'iDgtoa market, 


' S. court house, 

< i I v 

v .1. f Albert .v Bro ) 

. Co.)759Madison rt 
RTI, PRIOR .v cm. (C. AH.- ii 

Bulte) Importers lane; ^ooils, 348 

1 tti n Mi Is, office 24 German 
RTSON ISAAC, prop'r Mansion 

■ and Si p ill 

ii hi 

Mi . Blh n V Conway, proprie- 

■ n Dallas 


Pi rt 

.':• dcrick uv 

« Pratt 

I. McH i.: 

1 1 If 
Bttei 24 n B Ii n 

H ( ' jineers' and Machinists' Toole and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Albrecht Win. lab. 423 Alieeanna 
Albright Julius, blacksmith, 32 n Ann 
k Pred K. ::it a Middle 

; ii I) clerk, 201 9 iratoga Win. II. I), bookkeeper, 341 w Middle 
Alden Mrs. Man v B iltimore 

•Alder ( 'has. II moulder, Ham 
Alderdice Win. B. cigar mnnuf r,2c7 s Charles. 

dw si Hill 
Aldernev Dairy, L. rZlausman, prop'r, Gilmor 

and I'h tic isii n uv 

in < leo 1> salesman, 370 lf.dlius 
Ai.lcr.-on John II ch-rk. 171 w Lombard 
Alderson Mrs, Lucy, boarding, 171 w Lombard 
Alderson Maggie, dressmkr, 458 a Eager .n Tbos, Farmer, 456 e Baj 
Aldred Mrs. 3arah A . 238 Aisquith 
Aldridge Capitnla, milliner, 35 Warren 
Aldridge Geo. W. carp. 220 a Premont 
Aldridge James I>. machinist, 69 McHenry 
Aldridge Dr. John II. 64 St Paul 
Aldridge John, condnctor, 35 Warren 
Aldridge Louisa. .':."> Warren 
Aldridge N. A. clerk. :t5 Warren 
Aldridge Wm. S. clerk, 220 B Premont 
Aler David A. ro chsmith, "2 b Carey 
Aler Bmannel V. BboeBtter, 72 s Carey 
Aler Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 Hollins 
Aler Mrs. Bodice, 18 Ge 
Aler Jeremiah, finish, r. 72 s Carey 
Aler John, 82 n Bntaw 
Aler John T. moulder. 228 P 
Aler John T. pumpmkr, 103 Mulberry 
Aler John W. clerk, 82 n Butaw 
Aler Reuhen J. clerk. 31 Garden 
Aler Washington Z bookkeeper, 103 Mulberry 
Ale:- W. Orvitle, Balesman, 103 Mulberry 
Aler Wm. II. jr. moulder, 466 W Lombard 
Alexander Mrs. Caroline 213 ■ Pratt 
Alexander Uhas. W. clerk, 72 Lee 
Alexander Ch as. clerk, 192 Hanover 
Alexander Bbeneser A. ganger, '.W3 n Bond 
Alexander Geo. brakeman, 324 e Madison 
Alexander Jas. (A. & Reileyl401 w Fayette 
Alexander J-.s. painter, Strieker nr Lanvale 

Alexander Julian J. (Linthicum & A.) 272 


Alexander Murk, clerk. 64 Saratoga 
Alexander Myer, tobacconist, 213 w Pratt 

Alexander Nathan E. lumber insp'r, 133 Mine 

Alexander Mrs. Rachel, 163 William 
Alexander Richard, varnisber, 305 a Lombard 

Alexander Richard, clerk, 72 L >■ 

exander <V R*iley, (Jas. Alexander, John A. 
i i mercbt tailors, 129 w Pai 
L Alexander Simon, clerk. 213 w Pratl 
Alexander T. R. Insurance agent, :; Postoffice 

u v. dw 1 50 Bolton 
Alexandi r 1 t Lombard 

Alexander Wm. olgarmkr, 213 w Pratl 
Alters John, lab. 261 s l> i 

| Alford Chas, II. I kkeeper, 413 e Baltimore 

Alford Prank, gasfitter, 265 Q Caroline 
Alford Geo. C. I r, 544 Lexin 

ALPORD J \ML\s : ind Jas. 

ll Alford ) insurance Postoffice at 

Alford Jas. B. (J. i irolins 

Alford Jas. II. (J. B. A .v Son) 105 Googh 
Alford John, lab. 1 58 Madeira al 
L Alford Wm B. clerk, :; n Strieker 
Algeiei •' icob, c irp. 77 Grindall 
Alger I'orier R. :tio Lexington 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-enl Agt. 




Algire George W. shoemaker, Hampden 
Alheit Chas. lab. 97 Jeflvrson 
Alheit Frederick, shoemaker, 149 e Fayette 
Ailieit Geo. blacksmith, 204 Colombia 
Allaire Harry, clerk, 29 s Patterson Park av 
Allan Chas. If. printer, 11 s Caroline 
macher & Co. agents. 5 s Gay 
Allar Conrad, shoemaker, 247 n Front 
Allard Allien A. tinner, 162 e Eager 
Allard Chas. A. carp. 199 n Bond 
Allard Edward C. jr carp. 459 n Gay 
Allard Mrs Emily, toys, 459 n Gay 
Allard Joseph, carp 820 u Broadway 
Allard Mrs. Mary C. 142 n Pine 
Allard Thos. B. carp. 508 Franklin 
Allard Win. carp. 346 n Gay 
Allard Wtn. H. H. stonecutter, 204 e Eager 
Allderdice Wm. cigannaker, 84 Hill 
Allemand Ctias. clerk, Waverley 
Allen Alexander, clerk 42 s Strieker 
Allen Arthur, salesman, 436 n Central av 
Alien Benj. T. carp. 71 ti Arlington av 
Allen Burgess B. pump and blockmaker, 266 s 

Allen C. M. clerk, 155 n Eutaw 
Allen Chas. S. conductor, 155 Cross 
Allen Edward, plumber, 84 Block 
Allen Edward F. clerk, 325 e Eager 
Allen Geo. E. salesman, 46 Pearl 
Allen Geo. E. salesman, 516 w Fayette 
Allen Geo. F. lab. 25 Potomac 
Allen Geo. S. foreman, 155 Cross 
Allen G. W. clerk, 24 s Strieker 
Allen Geo. W. painter, 205 n Eutaw 
Allen Gerald us S. jr. clerk, 107 Argyle av 
Allen Geraldus S. money messenger Adams 

Express, 107 Argyle av 
Allen Mrs. Henrietta, 133 L. Greene 
Allen Henry (Timson & A.) 159 e Baltimore 
Allen Henry, carp. 1 n Ann 
Allen Henry A. professor of music, cor Eutaw 

pi aud McMecbin 
Allen Henry D. puddler, cor O'Donnell and 

Allen Henry L. baker, 130 n Caroline 
Allen Mrs. H. S. millinery, 155 n Eutaw 
Allen Isaac, caulker, 106 Cooksie 
Allen Isaac sr. caulker, 2t Hamburg 
Allen James, fire dept. 200 Barre 
Allen James W. cooper, 339 w Lombard 
Allen John, clerk, 15 South 
Allen John, lab. 186 s Bond 
Allen John, saloon, 65 \v Pratt 
Allen John H. 58 n Liberty 
Allen John H. machinist, 163 n Fremont 
Allen John H. pres't Actual Business College, 

Baltimore and Charles, dw Howard house 
Allen John R. machinist, 163 n Fremont 
Allen John T. puddler, 352 Aliceanna 
Allen John W. blacksmith, 38 n Poppleton 
Alleu Joseph, mariner, 30 Burrough 
Allen Joseph E. cooper, 40 Hare 
Allen Joseph S. carp. 394 e Madison 
Allen Kate, hairdresser, 142 n Pine 
Allen Mrs. Laura, 41 n Poppleton 
Allen Lawrence, baker, 19 McElderry 
Allen Mrs. Lizzie, 36 Lewis 
Allen Luther W. P. salesman, 184 Mosber 
Allen L. W. S. 339 w Lombard 
Allen Mrs. Marg.ret, Hampden 
Allen Mary, Mount Vernon mills 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Suit, at 




22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. ^ 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 18S0. Hj 

This responsible office still continues to make the ■ ■? 

largest loans on goods of every description and on QU 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 

charges than any other office in this city. y-^ 


Allen Mrs. Mary, 12 n Spring 
I Allen Mrs. Mary A. 40 Hare 
| Allen Mary E. grocery, 19 McElderry 
! Allen Mrs" Marv R. confect'ry. 38 n Popjdetoti 
I Allen Orlando 81. salesman, 11 Jackson 
I Allen Mrs. Rebecca, 204 Aisquilh 
| Allen Rhodes G. Sign painter. 44 s Fulton 
J Allen Robert, Mt. Vernon mills 
iNAIlen Robert J. bricklayer, Franklin and 
Allen Sarah, Mt. Vernon mills 
Allen Sarah, sec. hand clothing, 266 s Bond 
Allen Sarah J. 33 Chew 
Allen Solomon, carp. 163 D Arlington av 
Allen Thomas, mariner, 26 Burrough 
Allen Thomas, shoefinisher, 186 n Fremont 
Allen Thomas F. shoemaker, 116 Warner 
Allen William, carp. 238 Conway 
Allen William, carp. 14 Burrough 
Allen William, carp. 203 George 
Allen William, junk, Wilcox nr Chase 
Allen William, broker, 415 Franklin 
^ Allen Wm. B gunsmith, 228 Conway 
\ Allen Wm. H. architect and builder, cor Lex- 


i— I 




dw Charles-st av and j 



ington and North 

Sum wait 
Allen Wm. H. shoemaker, 30 Hill 
Allen Wm. M. jr. clerk, 24 s Strieker 
Allen Wm. N. coal dealer, Pratt and Fulton, 

dw 682 w Lomb-ird 
Allenbaugh Chas. T. plumber, 136 Penna av 
Allenbaugh Geo. W. plasterer, 17 s Monroe 
Allenbaugh John carp. 472 e Chase 
Allenbaugh Wm. H. shoemaker, 499 Saratoga 
Allen's Josiah J. Sons (J. C. Durborow & Co.) 

55 Light 
Allers Diedrich H.groc'ry and feed. 140 s Eutaw £js 
Allers Harman E. lab. 404 s Charles 
Allers John, fireman, 333 William 
Allers John A. sr. brickmaker, 410 s Charles, 

dw n e cor Hollins and Gilmor 
Allers John H: brickmaker, Gilmor andHollins 
Allers John H. clerk, 140 s Eutaw 
Allershausen Louis, tanner, 58 s Charles 
Alles Conrad, cigarmaker, 310 s Dallas 
Alles Philip, provisions, 14 Centre Market sp 
^SAllewalt John Q. (J.Q.A. & Co.) 72 e Eager 
ALLEWALT J. Q. & CO. (J.Q.Allewalt) com. 

nierchts. 120 North 
Alliance Fire Ins. Co. of Boston, 79 Second 
Allison Mrs. Ann, 65 s Eden 
Allison Jas. S. jr. bookkeeper, 136 McElderry 
Allison James S. weigher C. H., Star hotel 
Allison John T. engineer, Hampden 
Allison Mrs. Mary, Druidville 
Vllison Philip S." (John H. Hugg $ Co.) 209 e £ 

Pratt <t> 














No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 








Bet, dw Be> 

tinti ' 


• v . !H. J oirp 


Allnmnd Ji lui I A.) 81 

• lr*l 

Allnull Imand B Allium, M. B. 

John B, oxer 

Allnutt - - \ k Co.) 131 Bolton 

Alluuti II ■ fee. 103 w Pratt, 


\ elerk 16 Han ■ 

inin h, Baltimore and Gilmor 
All Sa 8 61 n Eutaw 

A - Win shoemaker, 10" Bollina 

clerk, 126 n Charles 

[ON, ne cor Charles and 
Franklin, George ^^' : u Brown, pres't, Benrj 

r JOc'j 

ALLSTON JOSBPB BLTTH, attorney, 32 St. 

I'.uil. dw 37 I'll 
Alluisi Christopher, barber, 107 Cbesaot 
Alluisi SalTAtor, model maker, 107 Chesnut 
Allwell Geo. bricklayer, 286 McDonogh 
Allwell Stephen D, rapemaker, 286 McDonogh 
Allwell Stephen 8 can maker, 354 e Fayette 
Allwell Win. mariner, 93 Bank 
Ailyn Deborah. teaeb< r, 231 <• Pmtt 
A I mack Geo. W, blacksmith, :il7 Mulberry 
A Imendinger Jacob, carpel weaver, 30 Union ' 
Almond John, butcher, 55 Saratoga 
Aliiiimv Mordecai, carp. 27 Qreenmonnt av 
AloottOeo R W. 121 McOuIlofa 
ALNDTT JAMBS W president Rank of Com- 
merce, 17: 
Alose Henrietta, confect'ry, 115 n Central av 

1 15 n Central av 
Alp.-'- ooper, 166 i Spring 

Alrick Mrs P W. 86 m Chase 
Alriek II. 121 » Madison 

.hi Edward, peddler, 131 s Eden 
taper, broommaker, 017 Bebur nv 
n, shoemaker, 1 1 Baker cl 
Alt John, shoemaker, l Cbesnntal 
Altemus Joseph B. ( Coffin, Altemus <v Co.) Pbil- 

Alteoborg William, butter, Jackson sq :iv and 

' Denj , ta Ali< sauna 

: Pred. beer, Third av and O'Donnell 
Altevogt Herman, lab 361 Aliceanna, Canton 

ft -n lab. 351 Aliceanna, Canton 
Alt bans Win. clerk, 01 s Payi 
Althen Jacob, 1 tb. '.: W* etb 
Altbon* Prank, baker, I3S d Pront 
Altmeiei Simon, 16 Lloyd 

- '•'.) I Ann 
1 lhapel and 1 1 
rk, 18 St. Peter 
1 r k, 1 8 S I 1 ' 
II. chi p. 148 e Monument 
ALTP1 ,, i-:i\i.„i- 

Altrieth Chi ll mover 

Altrietfa Mi- |« jr.'j 


19 II 11 >VSf 

Altvater Cuarle- 

Altvuter Charles, clerk, 1 10 Bastere av 
Altvater Conrad, tailor, Burke and Aliceanna 
Altvuter Conrad B.bill poster, 148s Washington 
Altvuter Eliaabetb, 7 IfcBlderry 

Altvater Ceo. potter, Burke and Aliceanna 

Altvuter Jacob, clothing Batter, 89 Barmony la 
AltvMter Mrs. John. 108 Eastern av 
Altrater John, clerk, r>l n Paca 
Altrater Joseph, canmkr, Aliceanna and Rurke 
Altvuter Jos. blackamith, Burke and Aliceanna 

Altvuter L'-wis. bootl and shoes. 331 n G iy 
Altvuter Louis, liquors, 110 Eastern av 
Altrater Louis, Ian. 14 Wi' 

Altvuter Win. II. carp I Milliman 
Altvuter Win II ca> p. 7 McKlderrv 

Altvatber Jobs C. bill poster, 28 s Carotins 

Alrarsf Angel, (Martinez & Co.) 160 n Arling- 
ton av 
AI rater Benrr, lab. iss Bastsrn bt 
Alvey Samuel It. dispatcher, 07!t w Parette 
Amaral Antonio M. ibosmaker, 40 u Poppleton 
Amand John, lab Baker nr Penna av 
Amazon Pire [nsnrancsCo. of Cincinnati, s w 

cor South und Qsrroau 
Ambach Adolpb, tailor, 213 n Dallas 
Ambach BorgunderA Co. (David, Michael and 
Max Ambach. Joseph jr. and Henry Bun.' un- 
der) wholesale clothiers, 271 w Baltimore 
Ambach David. (Ambach, Burgunder & Co. ) 

257 w Lombard 
Ambach Max, (A., Burgunder & Co.) 257 w 

Ambach Michael, (A., Burgunder & Co.) 150 

\v Lombard 
Ambach Simon, porter. '270 W Pr<tt 
Amberg Alfred, shucker, 411 Aliceanna 
Amberg Ceo. tailor, 4il Alicetnna 
Ambers.' Heurv, shucker, 41! Aliceanna 
Ambrogi Biogir, tVuit stand, Gay and Pratt, 

dw 1 15 Saratoga 
Ambrogi R. fruit. 49 n Calrert.dw 115 Saratoga 
Ambrose Andrew, lab. 312 e Oh 1 
Ambn se Charles, paper hanger, 261 s Charles 
Ambrose Jut v. lab. 59 I Castle 
Amelang Angus! merch. tailor, 42 n Calvert, 

dw 2 n Caroline 
Amelans Charles A tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Amelang Geo. lab. 19 Washington av 
Amelang v7m. lab. 48 Washington av 
Amelung August, bake;. 260s Eutaw 
Amelung Frederick, tobacconist, 7 e Monument 

Amelung Herman, baker. '200 I Huluw 

Amen George, porter, 1 2 - Pearl 
Amend Christopher, lab, 193 Clemen I 
Amend Joseph, junk, 150 s Eden 
Amend Louis, wheelwright, 235 s Ann 
Amend Mrs Man . 137 R ink 
Amen. I Muthias. blacksmith. 235 B Ann 

Amend Valentine, shoemkr, 12 Spruce a! 
Amendt Jacob, tanner, 59 Bank 

Anient Andrew, shoemkr, 195 Eastern av 
Anient John, lab. H .'! | Bethel 

Amer Benry, baker, 840 w Pratl 

A mer Martin, irter, lit Wi 

American Central Pirs Ins. Co. of 8t. Louis, 8 

German nr South 
American Colonisation Society, Dr. Jus. Ball, 

agent, over 8 ' Isrman 

AMERICAN BUILDING, I w cor Baltimore 

ami South 

1 Dredging Machine Co., Nathaniel A. 
I! lillie, agent, r> Post office av 

Arithmetic and B Oalcula taught by the most Improved 

altthocU, at Badler'a Business College, Charles St. 

Insurance Agen ts and Brokers, American Building. 





American District Telegraph Company, of Balti- 
more; First District, s w cor Baltimore and 
Calvert, branch office 119 \v Baltimore; Sec- 
ond District under Eutaw hotel; Third Dis- 
trict 53 Richmond; Fourth District Harlem 
sq; Fifth District Broadway and Baltimore 

American Engineer, G. H. & W. T. Howard, 
proprietors, 18 Second 

AMERICAN FARMER. Samuel Sands & Son, 
publishers, over 9 North 

American Fire Ins. Co. of Newark, 37 Post- 
office av 

American Fire Ins Co. of Baltimore, 6 South, 
James L Armstrong, pres't 

Americcn Fire Ins. Co. of Philadelphia, agency 
9 and 1 1 North 

American Gas Coal Co., James Boyce, presi- 
dent. American bid" 

American and German Benevolent Society, G3 

American and German Institute, Prof. F. 
Knapp, 29, 31 and 3:-! n Holliday 
merican Hotel, Mrs R. C Fairchilds, pro- 
prietress, n w cor Franklin and Calvert 
merican Life Ins. Co. of Philadelphia, E B. 
Tyler, agent, 131 w Baltimore 

ry Steffens, Agent and Surveyor, 
36 Pell 


and W. T. Price) over 97 and 99 Hanover 

S. Dovey, manager, n e cor Park av and 


salesroom 131 w Baltimore, E.B.Tyler, prop'r 
Amersback Leonard, beer, 256 n Wolfe 
^Ame3 Daniel R. notions. 303 n Gav 
Ames Rev. Edward R. 184 McCulloh 
Ames Capt.Edward R. jr., IT S A. 184 McCulloh 
Ames Hudson N. engineer, 98 Myrtle av 
Ames John, 40 Clarke 
Ames L. F. fancy goods, 301 n Gay 
Ame- Thos. S. fancy goods, 163 n Gay 
Ames Wm. II. bookkpr, 208 e Pratt 
Amey Geo. W. moulder, 150 McHenry 
Amey Joseph, bricklayer, 148 s Paca 
Amey L«*vi, sbipcarp. 144 Battery av 
Amey Win. fisherman, 144 Battery av 
Amey Wm. bricklayer, 14 Runsay 
Amey Win. E. fisherman, 118 Cross 
Amfang John, lab. 85 n Chapel 
Amick Henry, ropemkr, 545 Harford av 
Amick Wm. ropemkr, 515 Aisquith 
Amling Barbara, tailoress, 265 e Lombard 
Amling George, beer, 265 e Lombard 
Annuel Philip, boot crimper, 43 Harrison 
Ammer Daniel, clerk 153 Fierce 
Amrner George, currier, 183 e Lombard 
Ammer Jacob, watchman, 153 Peirce 
Ammer Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 153 Peirce 
Ammer S. Z. teacher. 205 Madison av 
Ammidon John P. 263 Linde:i av 
Ammon John, baker, 219 s Durham 
Amos Cbas. L. clerk, 357 Madison av 
Amos 0. Wesley, Bhoemkr, Cathedra] ext 
Amos Fred. A. bricklayer, 123 Edmondson av 
Amos Isabella, 48 n Strieker 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues tomake the 
largest loans ou goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rat*..- oi 
charges than any other office in this city. 

33E]V.J^31I]V & "CO. 


Amos I R. \ I. R. A. & Co.) Lntherville, Balti- 
more CO 
Amos I. R. & Co (I R. Amos) blank book 

manuf's. and bookbinders, s e cor Postoffice 

av and Baltimore 
Amos Jas. T. sa'esman, 57 e Madison 
Amos Jas. W. clerk. 123 Edmondson av 
Amos Mrs. Joseph. millinery »oods,165n Eutaw 
Amos Rebecca, 78 n Strieker 
Amos Robert, shoemkr 6"> Ilillen 
Amos Wm. W. photographer, 4 s Poppleton 
Nimuss Alfred P. jr. bookeeper, 174 n Carroll - 
ton av 
Amoss Chas. E. musician. 5 Wolfe, n of Monu- 
A moss George, brakeman. 324 e Madison 
Amoss James E. clerk. 328 n Caroline 
Amoss James 0. bookbinder; 328 n Caroline 
Amoss Milton, milk, 631 Belair av 
Amoss Thos. J. lab. 631 Belair av 
Amoss Wm. br ■keman. 324 e Madison 
Amoss Wm. Y. lab. 5 Wolfe, n of Monument 
Amoss Winfu-ld S. clerk. 328 n Caroline 
Amrain John, wagons, 59 n High 
Amrheim Joseph, cooper, 16 Q s Durham 
Amrhein Andrew, lab. 5 Sliiith al 
Amrhein Casper, cooper, 173 Madeira a] 
Amrhein Chrisr. baker, 22 s Patterson Park av 
Amrhein Ceo. shoemkr. Central av and Short al 
Amrhein Gotfried, butcher, 3 Belair market, 

dw Harford rd nr Darley Paik 
Amrhein Jacob, shoemkr. 198 Harford av 
Amrhein Joseph, cabiuetmkr, 18 n Castle 
Amrhein Joseph, cooper, 225 a Durham 
Amrim Henry, shoemkr, 76 s Regester 
Amthor Dr. Robert, 42 n Broadway 
Amtmann John J. lab 4t s Wolfe 
Anchor Transportation Co., Geo. W.Cross, agt, 

199 North 
Andeifuhren Edw. G shoemkr, 125 n Howard 
Anderfubren Louis A. wood toys, 428 w Pratt, 

dw 357 Columbia 
Anders John, bricklayer, 44 Stockton 
Anders Mrs. Kate, grocery, 104 Jefferson 
Anderson A. L. agent Walton Wiiann & Co's 

phosphate, 16 Bowly'a whf.dw 149 n Strieker 
Anderson Ann, butter, 137 Ensor 
Anderson Andrew, genl. agent for New York 

and Washington Air Line. 82 Camden 
Anderson Andrew, Inb 320 Eastern av 

importers hardware, n w cor Light and Pratt 
Anderson B T. Hour and feed, 126 n High, dw 

15ri Chesnut 
Anderson Chaney, carp 40 Myrtle av 
Anderson Chas. blksmith, 315 Franklin 
Anderson Chas. C. carp 7 Oliver ct , 




















"LEARN all you can TO-DAY, you may need it TO-MORROW. 

Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 






Mutual Life Insnranoi 
A X l » 

Co. .of New York, 

Anden i-o. >i» 

An •'.• mi 

I klin 
• n ' ' irrollton av 

r! nv 

j l - Howard 

\ " D ilphin 

IATJT, 111 William 

IS ii Butaw 

• 10, I H mover 

I' printer, 24 d 1 1 
■ •■ . blksn ith, I : B 8cot1 

- Washington 

- • si A.) *JTi» w Lanvale 
n Geo. II lab 23 B irtlett 
n II. A. b I 1 1 vert on rd 

Anderson Henry, mariner. 177 i Wolfe 

• : \V. clerk. 183 D Culvert 
Hagb, painter, 48 Hammond al 
Anderson Capl 128 n Broad « >. 

itnes, police, 156 West 
Anden Baltimore 

• • ii James, backs, 22 Linden av 

ANDERSON & SON, (James M. 
Anderson, W. S. Anderson,) En- 
gravers, Printers, Stationers, 
Blank Book Manufacturers, and 
Dealers in Fancy Goods, 148 W. 





in James K. borseshoer, 138 German, 
dw 147 
Ai derson J ioh (» police, I .">''. W 
ANDERSON JAMBS M. [Anderson h Son.) 
Firemen's [na < k>. '. 93 ii Calvert 
I Hamburg 
on .J lines N. ( Wheal A A ) 44 a Liberty 
■ ign 
lin, lab. :!7I Wi. 
Anderson John. 142 e L 
on John jr. Man 
ii John. sboemak< r, 134 Camden 
■ son John jr m u ner 'er 

ihn jr. mariner, 23 Thames 
Anderson John, tailor. 127 o P« i 

■ii J >hn, h ickman 356 d Butaw 
Anders in John, di m-r, i Garden 
Andersen John W. .•. \V Ander 

« r and frail packer, '.» Albemarle 

~ v • " John W. (John W. A A 

. ~] II im i 
^ And 

q ; D John H. carp. 161 I 8harp 

■ Anderson John <;. ; r, 184 Greene 

H. p linter, 362 w Lo n 
■__ hi M tinner, 18 Warn n 

D J mini II. 31 i Hollini 
_J A., lei "i Mr-. I. J, | i |. | 

n L i i i rds, n e cor North and 
Baltimore, dw ; 

v. milliner. 160 Han 
U imenl 

ton, da Ball) mo 




ion N i than lei V. clerk, 23 Thai 

• . blacksmith, 1 45 s Wolf 
■ ibipsniith 
m R. !•'. carpenter. 21 V7hatcoat 
Anderson R. 8. l B9 w Lomh ird 

D Rich d I! co ipe , 92 Hamburg 
Anderson Rich'ri T. brakeman, 290 > S 
- m Robert M. carp I67 a 8harp 
Anderson Wi i Boa t, Pulton nr I'm er 
Anders n S. prool I to, Wai n • hotel 

in Dr. 8. H., Prank lin and Pine 
Anderson Theodore engineer Winans row 
Thomas, lab. 15 Clinton av 
■ ion Thos. Ine 

Anderson Thos. jr. c-irp. 212 a Caroline 

>•! Thomas I>. (Anderson Bros.) Hamp- 
den, Baltimore co 
Anderson Thos. J. engineer, <>9 C 
Anderson Tbot W. canmkr, 178 Johneon 
Anderson W. 8. (Anderson at Son,) 183 n Oal- 

n Win shoefittsr, r >* William 
Anderson Win. contractor, l90GreenmonntajJJfc 
Anderson Win. dentist, 138 D Bxeter 
Ainl.-r.--on Win. 158 n Howard 
Anderson Wm. painter, 195 n Butaw 
Anderson Wm. back man, l Garden 
Anderson Wm. II. painter, 11 n Sharp dw 358 

Anderson Wm. II. H. attorney, 42 St. Paul, Jw 

158 n Howard 
Anderton Wm. 0. punter, 220 Sar 
Anderson Win. T jr. shucker, I 90b Washington 
Anderson Wm. T cigarmkr, 19 I W hington 
Anderson Walter B. oyster packer, 89 n Calvert 
Andre Cbas. P, carp. 241 b Sharp 
ANDRE CHRISTOPHRR, painter and dealer 

in p 

Andre Geo. painter, '-'7:s William 
Andre Dr. J. Ridgway, 121 e Baltimore 
Andrea Herman, shoemkr, ear 

Andrea Henry, Bhoemkr, 22 Sbakspear 
Andrea Wm provisions, 202 a Bmaw 
Andreas Adam, barkpr, 2 s Frederick 
Andreas Gottleib, grocery, 37 n Frederick 
Andreas Mrs. Margaret, 124 a Wo i 
An Ires Geo. cabinetmkr, <;s Portland 

. Mrs. Annie, b larding, North av nr 
Andrews Alex lah. 9 Sumwalt ct 

■ II, mat Iner, 23 Holland 
>wa Benj. Insp cto I '. JI '.'7 a Wolfe 
An Irews Chas. lab. 30 Albemarle 

1 ii- 0. painter, 87 n F nr 

ws Chas H. gunsmith, 323 Eastern 
A ndr >wa 1> ni 1 machinist, 68 

brokers ai d com merchts. 7 I 8 nith's whf 
Audi th, 52 ii P h- ' 

Audi Ramsay 

Andrews Prank, painter -7 a Pine 

. o. lab. :' Sumwalt ct 
Andrews Geo. W. carp. 307 d Gilmor 
Andrews Geo. W. shoemaker, 14 d 

Andre-'. 7 n Knttw 

Andrews Henry, rags, 191 West 
Audn u ii, nry, ol rk, ; >^ William 
Andrea - 11 0. clerk 198 Mulberry 
Andrea - Heronli - R W 
Andrews Isabella, !' n Pine 
Andrea lienor, 18 Hanover, r >7 Cen- 

trs snd 45 I. ixinpton mkts, dw 164 i 

II 1 >LMKS (t CO., I ad Mac od Supplies, 

Packing, Belting,, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolt*, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, Genera l Agent, American Building. 




v Andrews Jas. B. (Andrews & Co.) 231 n Fre- 
Andrews James, cooper, 193 s Chester 
Andrews John, shoemkr, 498 Madeira al 
Andrews John, lab. 187 Montgomery 
Andrews John, watchman. Gay and Exeter 
Andrews John, huckster, 193 s Chester 
Andrews John H machinist, 55 s High 
Andrews John J. undertaker. 4 Druid Hill av 
Andrews John \V. sailmkr, 23 Holland 
Andrews Joseph, lab. 9 Sum wait ct 
Andrews Jos. W. (Andrews & Co.) 231 n Fre- 
Andrews Ringgold, police, 87 n High 
Andrews R. Snowdeu, architect, cor North and 

Maryland avs 
Andrews Sarah com raercht. 188 William 
Andrews Sarah K clerk. 55 s High 
Andrews Thomas, machinist, Ramsav ext 
Andrews Thos. B. gunsmith, 141 n Exeter 
Andrews Dr. T. F., Barnum's hotel 

druggists and chemists, 5 w Baltimore 
Andrews W. A clerk, 198 Mulberry 
Andrews Wm. lab. 2 Hasselberger ct 
Andrews Wm. sa'esman, 37 s Carey 
Andrews Win. A. painter, 87 n Pine 
Andrews Wm. E. clerk, 307 n Gilmor 
Andrt Joseph, wheelwright, 228 Elliott 
Anft Aluis, cabinetmkr, 46 n Castle 
Anft Henrich, tinner, 46 n Castle 
Angel Geo. carter. Monument nr Duncan al 
Angel Louis, baker, 305 e Lombard 
Angel Mary J. 66 Harford av 
Angelmier Geo. carter, 537 Saratoga 
Angelmier John, police, 503 Saratoga 
Angelmier Jos. W. tailor, 252 e Chase 
Angelmier Matthias jr. carter, 537 Saratoga 
Angelmier Matthias sr. carter. 537 Saratoga 
Anger Frank, lab. First nr Toone 
Anger Lewis, butcher, 12 Hanover mkt, dw 

Retieat or Mary 
Angerman Henry, coachtrimmer, 250 George 
Angeruian W. restaurant, 31o w Pratt 
Angerman Wm. H. (T. A. Brown & Co.) 487 

Angermyer John, lithographer, 261 n Fremont 
Anglitz John, brickrakr, 40 Haubert 
An<rst Ferdinand, shoemkr, 100 Dover 
Anker Francis, paver, 257 Aisquith 
Anker Henry J. pressman. 257 Aisquith 
Alike- Matthew, tailor, 504 e Fayette 
Annacker Herman, baker, 4 n High 
Annan J. R. com. agent, 19 Lexington 
Annuo Roberdean, bookkpr, 292 w Baltimore 
Annan Wm. L. bookkpr, 37 Mulberry 
Annandale W. J. bookkpr, 353 n Broadway ■ 
Atinen Henry, drayman, 228 n Dallas 
Annen John, lab. 228 n Dallas 
Anschutz Valentine, lab. 228 s Ann 
ADSbntZ Albert, upholsterer. 171 e Madison 
Anshutz Chas. locksmith and stoves, 217 Can- 
ton av 
Anshutz Fred, engineer, rear 16 Concord 
Ansou Stephen, shoemkr. 55 n Schroeder 
Auspach J. teacher, 25s Saratoga 
Anthony Daniel, clerk, 90 n Eden 
Anthony Livid, fireman, 103 s Gilmor 
Anthony Edward, fisherman, 57 Johnson 
Anthony Francis, fisherman, 57 Johnson 
Anthony edge tool grinder. 90 n Eden 
Anthony Geo. W. jr. printer. 90 n Eden 






MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 

22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. g 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1S30. - 

This responsible office still continues to make the HH 

largestloans on goods of every description and on ^Z, 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Hates of e*J 

charges than any other office in this city. h> 

BENJA31IN «fc CO. Q 

" w 

Anthony Henry A. (John D. Hammond # Co.) j-j-j 
348 Myrtle av ^ 

Anthony James H. watchman, 123 Mullikin qq 

Anthony John, puddler, 103 s Gilmor 

Anthony T. L. bookkpr, 207 w Lombard !<= 

Anthony Wm. carp. 197 n Central av O 

Antlidz Michael, lab. 47 Madeira al 

Anton Catherine, beer, 247 s Wolfe P. 

Anton George, cutler, 216 e Eager 

Anton Henry, tailor, 216 e Ea^er 

Anton Henry, cooper, 336 e Lombard 

Anton John H. tailor, 216 e Eager 

Anzmann Anthony, notions, 227 Lexington 

Anzraann Joseph, bootmkr. 173 German 

Apel Adolph, tailor, 159 e Pratt 

Apel J. G. plasterer, 124 Parkin 

Apollo Garden, 561 w Baltimore 


Appel Adam, butcher, 10 Hollins mkt, dwGar- 
rison la 

Appel C. fireman, 34 n Chapel < 

Appel Chas. C. cigar mkr, 414 Eastern av 

Appel Conrad, clerk, 157 s Paca 

Appel Conrad, tailor, 414 Eastern av 

Appel Edward, tailor, 289 Eastern av 

Appel Frank, tobacconist, 438 n Gay 

Appel Fredk. 24 Shakspear 

Appel Fredk. lab. 478 Canton av 

Appel Fredk. tailor, 209 Mullikin 

Appel Fredk. lab. 9 n Durham 

Appel F. W. stationer. 90 e Lombard 

Appel Geo. butcher, 33 Hanover market, dw 
Frederick av nr Gwvnn's Falls 

Appel Geo silver plater, 9o e Lombard 

Appel Mrs. Hannah 157 s Paca 

Appel Henry, lab. 5 Brannan ct 

Appel Henry, cigarmkr, 70 Mullikin 

Appel Henry, tailor, 271 e Madison 

Appel Henry, letter carrier, 213 n Eutaw 

Appel Johnj lab. 989 w Pratt 

Appel Johu, harnessmkr, 327 Hanover 

Appel John, lab. 38 Port 

Appel John, watchman, 157 s Paca 

Appel John, tailor, 70 MuHikin 

Appel John, shoemkr, 22 Clinton av 

Appel John, tailor, 101 Cambridge 

Appel Leonard, lab. 89 Fort av 

Appel Martin, tailor, 7« Mullikin 

Appel Mrs. Mary, tobacconist. 70 Mullikin 

Appel Nicholas, beer, 45 s Wolfe 

Appel Nicholas, brushmkr, 289 Eastern av 

Appel Wm. clerk, 9u e Lombard 

Appel Wra. shoemkr, Sweet Air 

Appell Christian, candwnkr. 231 s Sharp 

Appleby Chas. pattemmkr, Woodberry 

Appleby D. J. student. Paca and Fayette 

Appleby Edward II. pattemmkr, 304 n Eutaw 


















No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 










AIT 60 

Appleby John, citunkr. M n Wolfe 
., ' \\',i id berry 

huckster, l V7h 

Del, drag I ■ B illimore 

Applebj Win. driver, I n Calhoun ext 
i Win. II. machinist, VToodberrv 
Applesmrth ila broker, 18 Bowly's 

whf. nklin 

garth Charles L packer, 128 Montgomery 

- L. clerk 1 29 Montgomery 
f«rth Henri C picker, 344 Lexington 
Ipp i srarth 0«pt John mariner, 178Montgomery 
Applegartfa J< nA J l.A.£Oo.)19lTowosend 
arth John V. k Co J I Applegartfa, j 
a mercbti BO Light-si whf 
.arth John I". ciparmkr, 168 Hanover 

r M ili- in ni A tin 

• ii .1. jr c inmaker, U 
n r Aiin 

arth N'lt'imi.-! ( 07 q.a.&S >n,)48 Pawn 
St aniel J Boar and ft" d, Gi s 
• da 5 7 a I . 
Applegartfa Robi cigarmkr, J77 ■ Sharp 
Applegartfa Robt. II. plumber, 344 Lexington 

M idieon ni' Ann 

APPLEGARTH ROPUS W. attorney, 23 n 

Calvert, il m 149 n On boon 
Applegarth Th ■ M | W. 169 Mulberry 

Applegartfa W .1 i- Paw n 

i ili Mrs. W Carev 

APPLRQARTB WH. fc SOV, (Nathaniel and 
T at. Appli :;, broken and comni'n 

merchants, 39 w Pratt, <-"r Buchanan's whf 
Applegartfa Wm pilot, 93 - Chester 

■irih Win II. paver, Madison nr Ann 
• rextb W'n i. d Bannver 

d'g.24 •• B tltiiuore 
I! '-'j P. ifa ceo 1st, Mulberry and Fre- 
mont <U i 
Appier F. ('. c 'ti luctor, 38 a Carroll ton av 
Appier Henry, unne 344 B 
Appier Orlando M p ipfrhangei - 6 - Poppleton 
APPLBTOM I) k i. publisher*, W. W. 

Ha . a< . rem r il agent 22 P 
App eton Th ■ lab 15 Stockton 

■ kite Henry B. machinist, 24 Argyle av 
clerk, 24 irgyle av 
■ Mn M. \l 14 Argyle av 
II patternmkr,2 
i Frank T. clerk, 262 n Oh ■ 

APPOLD GEORGE a miss. (G. J.. Samuel 
and W. .!. Appold, (bids and leather dealers, 
W ttei i u ii'i, North nr M tdison 
A c erk, 28 s Monument 
Appold Geo. J.(Q 62 n Charles 

Appold Geo N. clerk, 8<> St. Paul 

Howard v cler .. 21 ; n Calverl 
Appold Ml.' :i . ion in i 

Appold : i n Calverl 

App" | nr John 

Appold Then R. 174 n 

Appold Win. Hi i, , ... Hoffm n 

APPRAISER 8 OPFIGB D. S ) i s cor Gay 

and Lombard 
A pi Predk. ; 
Apt Henry, brush mk . I 

■ :' 

ob, driver 


: ni'l V7oi kingmen's Qnii 


Arbln Conrad, butcher, Jenkins la and Green- 
in. nun av 
Arbin Henry, batcher, Jenkins la and Green- 

monnt nv 
Arbin William, butcher, Jenkins la ana Green- 

monnl av 
Arbuckle Predk. K. lab. i"i Green cl 
Arbnckle Win grocery, 161 Battery av 
Arch Bankrui, grocery, 19 n Chapel 
Arch Catherine, notions, 236 b Mond 
Arch <'"*>■ lah. 377 Canton av 
Archer Caleb, carp. 16 Bolland 
Archer Cornelius, lab, 7 Abbot 
Archer Q irchitect, I e cor Charles and 

Lexington, <lw 188 Division 
Archer Geo. batter, 22S e Baltimore 
Archer Benry,att'y,42 St Paul.dw 77 n Charles 
Archei Jas. M. clerk, 760 Lexington 
Archer Rev. J.isiah, 414 Saratoga 
Archer Samuel, boots and shoes, over 9 II mo- 
ver, dw '2io w Lombard 
Archer v7m. clerk, 760 Lexington 
Archibald Thos. l ib i b Second 
Arden Ohas. dyer, 1 7 J Saratoga 
Arder Chas. L. T. manager Staten Island Dye- 
ing Co. i 72 Baratoga 
Ardin i>. ladies' Bhoemaker, in Lexington, dw 

314 n Eataw 
Ardisson Maxmin, mariner, Banter al nr John 
A rend I Mrs Elixa, grocery, Wolfe and Biddla 
Arena Henry, (Von Kapffk A.) 103 Park av 
Arens John, shoemkr, 816 w Baltimore 
Arien .Mrs. Blixatieth, 253 Preston 
Aring Jesse, helpei 

Aring Samuel, furn. wagons, 333 w Hoffman 
Aring Win helpei □ ■■! r 

Arlington House. L. Pingerbnte, propr. n e cor 

Rutaw an l Payette 
Arlington Savings Bank, W. S. Cur, prest. I 

Park av 
Armacosl Amos, stonemason, <>\t'or<l, Fork rJ 
Armacoal Calvin A conductor, 66 McMechin 
Armacosl Geo W, huckster, 7 Thomsen 
Armacosl Prank II. (F B.A.ikCo.)270Argyleav 
Armacosl P. II. & Co. (Frank II Armacost, O. 

H. Thomas,) tobaccouiata, 407 a Premout 
Ann icosi Jas. T. clerk P. 0. 81 Chew 
Ai macoal M irg iret, -■'■ Lewis 
Armacosl Mecbor, hay, 270 Argyle av 
Armacosl Mechor. stonemason, 7 Pederal 
Armacost Richard B.atonem Bon, »;>; McMechin 
Arinaiiilt Lewis, cigarmkr, 174 Hamburg 
Arinbrusl John Br. painter 276 b Sharp 
Armhrust John jr. painter, 276 b Sharp 
Armbrnster Geo. fllemaker, 227 w Payette 
Armbruster John, blacksmith, 227 w Payette 
Armeling <;• ' rson 

Armeling Geo, feed, 206 n Bond 
A i meling Geo. jr. clerk, 1 62 b Bond 
Armeling Henry, boatbuilder, 137sRegester 
Armeling John II. cigarmkr, i r> j i Bond 
Armendl John K. gunsmith, ho Thamee,da 20 

A i mend l Paul, ha ; ' laanon 

Armesworthj Benjamin, blacksmitl 

dw I 26 s How. ni 
Armigi i \ . ,i I cup .'.77 s Payette 
A i miger Ben 9 1 d Ann 

Armigei Bernard B, carp 377 e Payette 
Armiger Buch in in, wo •'! carver, .'(77 e Paj ette 
Armigei Bli G. pi Inter, n n Front 
Armiger Geo. I>. bootfitter, 46 Clay 

ih. 2 Kino-. 

SADLER'S Bryant and Btratton BUSINESS O >LLEGE, Baltimore, 
id 8 N. Charles" St., W. H. Badlbb, President. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, G-en. Ag t, 
~~ AKM 61 ARN 

Armiger Mrs. Isabella, 377 e Fayette 
Arroiger J. C. 95 William 
Armiger James R. clerk, 61 Harlem av 
Armiger Jesse, brickmaker, 247 J Buttery av 
Armiger John L. hats aud caps, 100 n Gay, dw 

290 Aisquith 
Armiger John M. boilermkr, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Joseph, conibmaker, 190 e Baltimore 
Armiger Joseph, mariner, 19 Hill 
Armiger Josiah, farmer, 95 William 
Armiger Joshua E. builder, 417 n Central av 
Armiger Margaret, notions, 190 e Baltimore 
Armiger Peter, coachmkr, 153 n Central av 
Armiger Richard, (R. A. & Son,) 323 e Eager 
Armiger Richard & Son, (Richard & Win, L. 

Armiger,) refrigerator runnufactrs, 12 Second 
Armiger Robert B. carpenter, 54 e Pratt, dw 

437 e Fayette 
Armiger Thomas B. woodcarver, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Thomas E. clerk, 417 n Central av 
Armiger Wm. L. (R. A. & Son,) 323 e Eager 
Armistead Bros. (George $ J. Ryan Armistead) 

note brokers, room 10, 57 Second 
Armisiead George, (Armistead Bros.) 103 w 

Armistead John I. 9 McCulloh 
Armisiead J. Ryuii,(A. Bros, and Gordon & A.) 

1U3 W Monument 
Armitage Geo. T. painter, 71 Penna av 
A i milage Dr. James, 14 n Paca 
Armitage James, machinist, 75 s Gilmor 
Armitage Jos. blksmith, Gilmor and Lemmon al 
Armor Chas. G. marker C. H., 327 n Bond 
Armor Geo. F. glassware, lamps and oils, 164 

Armor Mrs. Rachel, 8b" n Greene 
Armory Fifth Nat. Guard, over Richmond mkt 
Armory Sixth Nat. Guard, cor Calvert and 

Armstrong Andrew, boilermaker, 213 n Bond 
Armstrong Andw.J. coachti imuier,21nCaroline 
Armstrong B. A.(Bi»iuerd,A. & Co.)New York 
Armstrong Beuj. H. machinist, 431 n Gay 
Armstrong Mrs. C. S. 241 n Eutaw 

W.J. H. Walters, W.H. Pagon, J. McK. 

White, James H. Cator,) silk, millinery and 

white goods, 237 and 239 w Baltimore 
Armstrong Daniel S. builder, 103 w Fayette,dw 

B.ilto. co 

W. Armstrong, J. Denny,) Furni- 
ture Manufacturers and Under- 
takers, Light and Montgomery. 

Armstrong Edward A. tinner, Canton and 

O Donuell 
Ariuslroug Mrs. Elizabeth Y. 280 Madison av 
Armstioug George, machinist, 10 Bruue 
Armstrong Henry, carp. 114 e Biddle 

Armstrong, J. S. Hopkins,) Provi- 
sion Commission Merchants, 6 
Exchange place. 

ARMSTRONG JAS. & CO., (Chas. Webb, 
Thomas Armstrong,) soap and candle manu- 
facturers, Concord ur Lombard 

Armstrong James, 304 Madison av 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office still continues to make the 

largest loans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 


Armstrong James, stair builder, 198 Argyle av 
Armstrong James, manufacturer stove and 

hollow ware, 60 Light, dw 264 e Biddle 
Armstrong James, lab. 11 s Front 
Armstrong James C. clerk. 250 e Monument 
Armstrong Mrs. James D. 166 McCulloh 
Armstrong James L. pres't American Fire Ins. 

Co. of Baltimore, 6 South, dw 64 Clarke 
Armstrong James T. clerk, 241 n Eutaw 
Armstrong James W. (A. & Denny,) 135 

Armstrong J. E. bricklayer, 28 s Gilmor 
Armstrong John, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong John A. 19 Cathedral 
Armstrong John B. clerk, 241 n Eutaw 
Armstrong John D. tinner, 1 O'Donnell 
Armstrong John M. teacher, 79 s Gilmor 
Armstrong Mrs. Josephine L. periodicals, 228 e 

Armstrong Joseph, shoemaker, Mt. Vernon 
Armstrong Mrs. Mary, grocery, 32 Granby 
Armstrong Bobert C. bricklayer, 28 s Gilmor 
Armstrong Robert L. clerk, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong Mrs. Robt.W. mil'ry,128 Lexington 
Armstrong R. D. ( A. & Hopkins) n w cor Mad- 
ison av and Mosher 
Armstrong R. W. salesman, 128 Lexington 
Armstrong Samuel C. painter, 1 Cambridge 
Armstrong Mrs. Sarah, 84 Luzerne 
Armstrong Sam'l S printer, 104 Chew 
Armstrong Mrs. Thomas, 73 n Paca 
Armstrong Thomas, lab. Calhoun nr Ramsay 
Armstrong Thos. (J. A. & Co.) 236 n Calvert 
Armstrong Victor C. (Toralinson & A ) 197 

Armstrong Wm. 6 South, dw 42 Clarke 
Armstrong Wm. J. (Hoffman, A. &Chadwick,) 

178 Division 
Armstrong Wm. F. wagoner, 173 Orleans 
Armstrong Wm. H. bricklayer, 330 s Bond 
Armstrong Wm. H. tinner, Waverley 
Armstrong Wm. K. bricklayer, Hampden 
Arnall Wm. M. investor, Burton's hotel 
Arnd Francis, 261 e Lombard 
Arnd Leopold, tobacconist, 261 e Lombard 
Arndt Henry, 34 George 
Arndt Jacob, basketmkr, 1 Biddle al 
Arndt John J. tinner, 1 Biddle al 
Arnedt Wm. driver, 13 Maccubbin 
Arnett Rev. C. Smith, 5 McElderry 
Arnett Chas. H. barkeeper, 79 Elliott 
Arnett Geo. H. clerk, 5 McElderry 
Arnett Jos. canmkr, 97 Elliott 
Arnett Jos. H. lab. 97 Elliott 
Arnett Levi, sboemkr, 359 n Gay 
Aruett Wm. H. bags and quartermaster's sup- 
plies, 1 16 Light, dw 5 McElderry 

Neatness, Accuracy "and Dispatch are BUSINESS"REQUISITE8. 

Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 




















I — 









i— i 






Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




i — 



di Qilmor 
mkr, 69 Madeira al 
■i P< " !i:l " v 
Arnold Conrad, blacksmith, nmore 

I Mrs. Elisabeth, milk. 304 Johnson 

rkklayer, 26 St. Peter 

■ Lombard 
Crank, bricklayer, 16 Bt. P( lei 
Arnold F. .v. Son, (Francis and John w . Ar- 
ioal instrument a Sbarp 

lab. B a Lombard 


o. brickmkr, 239 William 
,,. bricklayer. 26 St. Peter 
Arnold Geo. polios, 38 Forrest 
Arnold ■• 5 « Lombard 

., \v. teacher, 295 Saratoga 

Arnold 0*0. W. CBJrp. B9 GUI 

Arnold Geo. W. baker, 10 1 Presstman 

Arnold Gotleib, sboemkr, B I S.'uroeder 

Arnold Barry, clerk, 7 sHi^h 

Arnuld Henry, bricklayer, 26 St. Petet 

Arnold Henry, lab. :> w Lombard 

Arnold Henry !■'. carp, and builder, 314Hanover 

Arnold Dr. Ju D 7 1 High 

Id Jobn, wheelwright, 482 Penna av 
Arnold John, machinist, 80 s Strieker 
Arnold John, lub. 202 a Bond 

Id John, clerk, John nr Spring 
1 John, tailor, 28 Thames 

. J no. W.(F.Arnold£Son)180Argyleav 
Arnold John W bookkpr, Mouui nr Lexington 
Arnold Joseph !•'. lab. Woodberry 

: Loins, sboemkr. aoo n Howard 

nold, J. W. Marshall) trunk and upholster- 
bardware, 53 Light 
Arnold Michael, tanner, 194 D Front 

: Nathan, lab. Woodberry 
Arnold .Nicholas, tailor. 71 Bank 
I diehard H. rubber weather strips, 125 
Moll i 

I Samuel B. clerk, 112 s Dallas 
Arnold Sarah J. matron Md. Institute for Blind, 
North av 

; Win. II. provisions, 123 Townsend, dw 
:si7 Penna a* 

: Win. B. (Arnuld, Marshall k Co.) 40V 
■ ban vale 
Arnold Win. 11. brickmkr, 408 I BuUW 

: Win. J. oysters, 174 n I 
Arnold l»r. Wm.T. dentist, office 05 i 
dn ■'. 13 w Lombard 

.:,, 108 ii Chapel 
Arnreich Jobn, sboemkr, 66 Olay 
Aro James, laii. r. 7 - Harford av 

Aro Joint Ii. saloon, West and i'luinal 
ArO Jobn 'i S>78 Harford av 

Aio J loner, 678 Ha ford av 

Aio Joseph jr. huckster, 378 Harford at 
Aro Mrs. Matilda, grocery, T>78 Harford av 
. :;.. M. lab. .;' Abej al 
6 Hollinj 
mkr, i - 1 Den berry al 

Arold John, cooper, 128 s Dallas 
Ai rat Prod lab. 

Arratta Stephen, roofer, :'• Plowman 
Arringdale Wm.II .Shirk or Oak 

ml, marine) . 226 - Durham 1 
Arscotl Wm. clerk, 226 i Durham 

Artel Casper, lab. -1 Jackson Ct 

Arthur Mrs. Catherine, lannd. 81 Booth 
Arthur (.'has. bill poster, N 0. It. •!."> Valley 

Arthur Obas. silver polisher, B i Washington 
Arthur Clarence, spinner, Mi. Vernon mills 
Arthur David, butter, 107 6 Madison 
Arthur David II. bookkeeper, 107 6 Madison 
Arthur Dr. Geo. demist, 77 Franklin 
ABTHUB BEN BY, baker, 53 d Botaw and 32 

Camden, dw 53 n Butaw 
Arthur J. Plemming, teacher, 081 Lexington 
Arthur James, carp. 507 Pranklin 
Arthur John, blacksmith, 7 Pleasant 
Arthur John, lab. Washington av est 
Arthur John, lab. 168 S Washington 
I Arthur John, hatter, 91 n Broadway 
' Arthur John 0. Oterseer, Ml. Vernon 
Arthur John T. baker, Druidville 
Arthur John W. machinist, Washington av est 
Arthur Patrick, bodcarrier, 158 s Washington 

Arthur Dr. Bobt. dentist, 77 Franklin 

Arthur Thomas, driver, 168 b Washington 

Arthur Thomas, police, 20 e Eager 

Arthur Win. hatter, 8 s Washington 

Arthur Wm. C. 719 Lexington 

Arthur Dr. Wm.S.(Bellerman&Co.)53 u Eutaw 

Arthur Wm. W. 8 s Washington 

Arthurs Mrs. Ann 0. 207 St. Paul 
Arthurs Henry J. clerk, 7:: D Lxeter 
Artman Jacob, lab. 72 McBiderry 
Arvey Napoleon, sbipcarp. 49 Luzerne 
Arsner Charles, pianomkr, l68sSbarp 
ASH BECK LOUIS, restaurant, 13 s Eutaw 

« Pelting Co. of Nen Fork, (Ml. Classen, 
', 140 s Howard 
Aschmeier Wm. tailor, 453 Light 

irf George H. (Louis Urube k Co.) 254 

i B. Benry, carpenter and builder, 107 
Cider al, dw 157 German 
Asendorf John, restaurant, 382 Saratoga, nnd 

carp. and builder, 50 Cider al.dw 382 S LTatOgS 

A. h Emma <■. dressmaker, 14 1 s Bond 

Ash Mrs. Geo. T. ;s72 e Baltimore 

Asb [sudors (M. Gutman >v Co.} C8 n Carey 

A ii l -i.u'l, clerk, 639 Lexington 

Ash Louis (M. Gotman & Co.) 68 n Carey 

Ah Marshal, driver, ti'J FoRS I 

Asfa Michael 1. wool, cotton, furs,&c. 102 Light 

■1 ubf, d\\ 66 I- I 
Asfa S. clerk, 08 u Carey 

;. Henry, lab. B Addison al 

Ashburm r (lias. II. prist. Abbott Iron Co. cor 
Burke and Boston, dw J 1 n Broadway 

Asbborner Thos, clerk. 21 a Broadway 
ASHBDB1 JOSEPH M. *t CO. (Joseph M. Ash- 
bury, Geo. D. Iveraon) grocers, 36 McCnlloh 
Ashbury Joseph M. (J.M.A. k Co.)i98 Mosber 
Ashburi Win. B. clerk, 4 1 i Sharp 

i»r. Thos. A. resident physician Unirer- 

oiiy Hospital, Lombard ami (ireene 
Asbcom John L. pilot, 96 (Jough 
Asboom Mis. Mori K. boarding, 184 s Ann 
Asbcom Nathaniel, ms. agent, 708 e> Lombard 

oft Geo. eanmkr, nui s Lombard 
Asboroft Ceo. W. lab. lol e Lombard 

EOLME8 k 0O M Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and luppliee, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,00000. 


O. F. Bresee, Gen'l Agt. 


Ashcroft Robert, sbipbuiluVr, 54 s Bioadway 

Ashcroft Robert J. clerk, 54 s Broad way 

Ashcroft \Ve!ls, fire de|>t. 30! e Lombard 

Ashe Thos.P.gasfitter and paintei ,240 s ICutaw 

Asber Abraham, baker, 42 n Spring 

Ashley Chas. C. boxiuKr, 177 Hudson 

Ashlev John J. lab. 96 Stiles 

Ashley Mrs. S. J. dressmaking, 06 Stiles 

Ashlev Win. H. boxmkr, 63 Columbia 

Ashlev Win. H. jr. clerk, 63 Columbia 

Ashman Wm. huckster. 23 Ryan 

Ashmen: Wm. H. 44 n Poppleton 

Ashton Chas. E. printer, 135 n Carrollton av 

Ashton Clinton J. phonographer, 135 n Carioll- 

ton av 
Ashton Geo. C. scourer and rep' r, 117 n Howard 
Ashton James, 481 e Chase 
Ashton J;.hn H. machinist, 324 w Fayette 
Ashton John M. painter, 23 Mott 
Ashton John, U.S. gauger, 324 w Fayette^ 
Ashton Thomas, 135 n Carrollton av 
Ashton Wm. 481 e Chase 
Ash way Mrs. Catherine, 63 Albemarle 
Ash way Louis, firemau, 63 Albemarle 
Askew Albert C. upholsterer, 30 n Paca 
Askew Chas. L. carp. 77 n Pine 
ASKEW JEHUB. asst. postm'r, 325 n Strieker 
Askew John, engineer, 49 s Caroline 
Askew Wm. H. clerk, Clifton nr the Park 
Askew Wm. N. clerk, 155 Forrest 
Askey James, salesman, 281 e Fayette 
Askey James R. manager Balto. Gas Fixture 

Co! 281 e Fayette 
Askey Joseph, salesman, 281 e Fayette 
Askey Wm. cooper, 56 Stiles 
Askey Wm. shoefiuisher, 281 e Fayette 
Asmus Daniel, carp. 200 L. Hughes 
Aspelme;. er Fredk. barkeeper, 72 Pearl 
Aspelmycr Fredk. bartender, 187 Lexington 
Asper David, lab. 378 Eastern av 
Asper James, lab. 378 Eastern av 
Assau George, 272 Canton av 
Assau Wm. bookkpr, 272 Canton av 
Assert Julius, machinist, 118 Raborg 
Assman Adolph, shoemkr, 2U0 u Caroline 
Assman Jacob, cooper, 293 Cross 
4 South, John Cushiug, president. John C. 
Boyd, secretary 
Associate Reformed Church, Fayette betw. Lib- 
erty and Charles 
Associate Reformed Chapel, 97 W Fayette 
Astley Wm. C. clerk, Jefferson nr Chester 
Astwood John H. porter, 88 e Pratt 
Athenaeum Buildiug, cor St. Paul and Saratoga 
Atherton Benj. mariner, 10 e Lombard 
Athman Henry, cigarmkr, 244 n Central av 
Atkins E. C. (W.J.Parker & Co.) Eutaw hotel 
Atkins John, waiter, 120 Preston 
Atkins Joseph VV. clerk, Eutaw hotel 
Atkinson Dr. A. prof, college Physicians and 

Surgeons, dw 59 n Charles 
Atkinson Allen, quarryuian, 939 Lexington 
Atkinson Alfred, bookkpr, 26 n Strieker 
Atkinson Mrs. Araminta, 9 McElderry 
Atkinson 0. W. bookkpr, 298 n Gay 
Atkinson Edward T. clerk, 39 Ml. Vernon pi 
Atkinson Ceo. A. clerk, 69 n Arlington av 
Atkinson Geo. G. clerk, 39 Mount Vernon pi 
Atkiusou Ceo. lab. 26 Smith 
Atkinson Hannah, 51 s Monroe 
Atkinson Hiram, painter, 530 Saratoga 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Suras to Stilt, at 



22 11. Qay Street, near Fayette St. g 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. ^ 

This responsible office still continues to make the l~ 3 

largest loans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of qq 

charges than any other office in this city. j_j 

BENJAMIN <fc CO. £rj 

Atkinson Dr. I. E. 209 w Biddle 

Atkinson James, barber, Ensor and Hillen, dw 

403 n Gay 
Atkinson Jas. H. quarryman. 14 Brune 
Atkinson Mrs. J. E. 209 w Biddle 
Atkinson John, backman, 198 Mullikin 
Atkinson Jobn P. 95 Chew 
Atkinson Jolin W. dry goods, 298 n Gay 
Atkinson Joseph, cabinetmkr, 553 Saratoga 
Atkinson Joseph A. (Wm. A'. & Bro.)56 Cum- 
Atkinson Joseph T. attorney, and com. of deeds, 

48 St. Paul, dw 95 
Atkinson J. Spencer, clerk, Mansion house 
Atkinson Mrs. Mary J. 95 Chew 
Atkinson Matthew S.(Locher & A. )209 wBiddle 
Atkinson M. D. clerk, 26 Stiles 
Atkinson Dr. Robert, school, 164 w Madison, 

dw 81 Cathedral 
Atkinson Saml. E. 198 e Pratt 
Atkinson Mrs. Dr. Thomas. C. 39 Mount Ver- 
non pi 
Atkinson Thos. F. carp. 9 EcElderry 
Atkinson Thos. S. machinist, 91 n Sehroeder 
Atkinson Wm. George (A. Schumacher & Co.) 

279 n Caroline 

Atkinson Wrn. wireworker, 548 Hanover 

Atkinson Wm. (Wm. A. & Bro.) Penna av ext 

Atkinson Wm. & Bro. (Wm. and Joseph A. 

Atkinson) butchers, 27 Centre, 14 Lexington ^ 

and 32 Hanover rakts *£> 

ATKINSON WM. C. grocer, 186 s Broadway, <=° 

dw 27 . 

ATLANTIC COAST LINE via Portsmouth, W. ^ 

H. Fitzgerald, agent, 9 German 
Atlantic Hall, 45 n Amity 
Atlantic Ins. Co. of New York, agency 9 North 

Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph, branch office P 

1 Light-st whf 
TIC TELEGRAPH CO. 121 w Baltimore, G. 
S. Mott, manager 
Atlantic Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 32 South 
Hartioid, Lawford & McKim, agents, 10 s 
Atlee James, 305 n Strieker 
Atler Francis, bricklayer, 230 Lee 
Atlei Geo. W. coachsmitb, 96 n Foppleton 
.Atler Wm. A. salesman, 96 n Poppleton 
Atwell B. A. boarding, 46 Hanover 
Atwell Benj. F. painter, 445 e Fayette 
Atwell Daniel, carp. 219 Gough 
Atwell Edwin, clerk, 46 Hanover 
Atwell Geo. A. clerk, 91 s Broadway 









No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


>-■ • 
















— . 



O. F. Bresee & Sons. Life, Fire and Marine 



• : 


lllnllllt av 

AlwoU J..I111 H •MiMCir. 
Atwi II Jobi 

|'|" r> L63 Wi'lli.ini 

AtWe! I '.Itltoll .IV 

A (well Mr.i. Mart, tailoress, 163 William 
A I well Richard il IS Ouurtland 
Atwell Win. c.n]p -j ) < \\< a 
Atwell Win. 1- 4ti Han 
AtwoodMrs. M >i . 6 i « Baltimore 
Win. mil v, i Lombard exl 
AuimI Mr.-. Annie, drj goods, irimmiogt, l»; 



Anbel Coorad, backater, 409 <■■ Fayette 
Prank, printer, io Stem-it 

inetmkr, ig Sterretl 
- i in 
Aubrej John I i oiine 

j M id. L. lauudrj , B3 n Charles 

^w Qikr, 196 ii C in-line 
Bruscup, (.1. 11 Audoun, T. Hrus- 
cup) real estate brokers, iu Law 
Audoun Jos. A. pan- i Dinar, w cur Broadway 

and Monument 
AuQunn Jos. II. (A. ft Bruecup) attorney, n w 
tnd Monument 
.n Lew is W on p. 3u9 Urleana 
Don Oliver, (Binyun 4 A.J 132 Bank 
Audoun Oliver \\ . carp, 132 Bauk 
Auer Matthew, bal getter 

Aueroacb Mra. Anna fi. grocery, 22 William- 
l n al 

u Ii Christian, dra j man, 22 Williamson al 
Auerbacb Jos. 1. watetiinkr, 139 a Paca 

3 ilomun, tax dept i.' s Howard 
Augenbaugh Beruard V. conductor, American 

Ralph H.aboemannfr. 162 Hanover, dw 

R. (11. A. Waidner J/ Co.) 
ill ton hole) 

■ Hitter, 252 d Howard 
A'.ii John, lagei i>« .j , guo e Eager 
A hi Michael, boots and shoes, 316 □ Gay 
mgb Mrs .loim 11. 17 e Eager 

■.. in N. te icber, loo Chew 
Aulhacfa Mi*. John A. bu tuber, 1 1 and 26 Fells 

Point iiiki, dw Belnir ii>.ni or <iiy limits 
A ulbach John <i. lab. 19 Libertj al 
A ulbach Jueeph, blkamith, 116 Fort a* 
Auid IJ.-uj !• . lient. police, 3 S Washington 

clerk, 47 York 
Auti] Daniel, lab. 249 .-> Bethel 
Auld I'avnt, mariner, 271 e Lombard 
; s m J. clei k, B . Saratoga 
l i|m. tvdward n . 368 s Baltimore 
Auld Had I m ij . lime and i<« d, j\ n Greene, 

iiw jot S iratoga 
Auld John, nurioer, 1 87 a Bethel, 
"iin h. din, William 

. iiiihi \\ . i. it., i .,'i ■ Pratt 

pb H. (BoWi : William 

Auld Mrs Man. i, l~, I e i 

Philip, sbtpcarp. 80 Hughaa 

Ri< bard, in. >i nui, 76 ' Iwu b 
Auld V. l.omliard 

Aull (.in latina, w %ty i 

A mi 1 i . i,. t|),.| 

Aull Henrj , ii m ct 

a v ]•: 

Aull J. n oh II. gen. agt. Wilcox ft Qibl 
me lunch tington, dw Waverlcy 

All. I. LOUIS, coal and wood, a e enr Qough 
and Spring, dw 120 a Carol ine 

Aull Louis J. carp, and builder, 2 Gougn, dw 

W.n • 

Aull Mary, dreasmkr, ah President 

Aull Matt bias, lab. 191 i Bethel 

Aull Mra.Sa villa, trimmings, ah President 

Aull •'. R. (A. ft Co.) 249 Druid Hill av 

An i ft So. (C. R. Auli) bookbinders, 131 w 

Anil Samuel, - 19 Druid Hill av 
Auli \\ in. machinist, 105 I Poppleton 
Anltfeldl Fred, lab. 14 Ostend 
Anlthause Geo. W. produce dealer, 105 I sharp 
Auiiiuellei John, lab. f> l ii Cm 
Auperlo Mrs Catherine, lannd, 31'King 
Aurich Durutbeu, dry goods 929 a Pratt 
A u rich T. Fred. lab. 929 w Pratl 

. • o o. < '. carp. 34 Elisabeth la 
Austen Di . Philip II 8 Cathedral 

o Alex. R, Cm/.en>' National Rank, 

Maryland av exl 
Austin Jus K. P. (Jos. K. P. A. £ Co.) 121 n 

I '.dveii 
Austin Jus. K. P. & Co. (Jus. K. P. Austin, 

Edmund Lee) produce ana provisions, 121 n 

Calvet t 
Austin John T. stove mounter, 97 8 Chester 
Austin Samuel, Btripper, 51 n Wolfe 
Austin Mrs. Sophia, 51 n Wolfe 
Austin Tneodore D. chainiikr, 3t>3 s Sharp 
Austin Theodore G. buokpr, 39 n Strieker 
Austin Wm. carter, mo' Williamson al 
Austin Wm. shipsmilh, 213 Bank 
Austin Wm. F. carp. Ill Ridgelj 
Austin Wm. F. bricklayer, mi Ridgely 
Austrian Mrs.B. bats and caps, 213s Broadway 
Austrian Robt. bate and caps, '.• s Liberty, dw 

213 s Broad m ay 
Autn John, lah. 122 Johnson 
Auili Nicholas, tailor, 122 Johnson 
A Mud Thos. L. peddler, 429 e Ch 
Averill Ed. S. (Win. 15. Hatch ft Co.) 17G 

Harlem av 
A vessel And roe, blacksmith, 242a Dallas 
Avesaer Win. puddler, 242 S Dallas 
Aw. .ii Feidinand, shoemkr, iivA Saratoga 
Awall Geo. shoecntter, -i i ;*A Saratoga 
Awbre) Andrew J. dgarmlcr, 306 e .Monument 
Awbrej Andrew J. cigarmkr, 290 <■ Madison 
Awbrey John S. plaaterer, 196 n Caroline 
A wines Priestly, tobacconist, 280 e .Mouument, 

du 196 ii Caroline 
Awbrej Thos P. jr. clerk, 848 Aiaquith 
Awbrej Thos P, ar. painter, 343 Aiaquith 

iiw, deck, s e cor Lanvale and Arllng- 

ton av 

Ax Uhrlatian, (G. W. (i.iil ft Ax) s e cor Lan- 
vale ami A i ItngtOO uv 

Axi Mrs. Frederica, conlect'ry, Belairav est 
am Martin, cigaruiaker, Belairav ezt 

Ayd Mis. i aioline K. 261 Aiaquith 

Ajd John (Robinson ft Co.) 12U n Calvert 

Ayd Joseph, clerk, '.IGI Ai.-ipnlli 

Aydeiott James M. clerk, -*<! w Lombard 
Avdeioii W. s. B. aaleaman, 207 sj Lombard 
Ayers Mrs. Emma, 2'.»f) vjou^h 
Ayers Frank vY. sawing machlBea, j *. • 7 a Middle 
Ayera Geo. vV. carpenter, .■'!<• e Madison 
Ayers Jamas H. nguer, 45 s Ann 

YOUflU GENTLEMEN thoroughly prepured for BUSINESS, 
At Sadler'a Brjanf and Stratton Buainese College. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building 
AYE 65 ^BAE 

kvera John P. (A. & Riddel 1) 464 Mulberry 
A*YERS & RIDDELL (John P. Ayers, E. R. 

Riddell) accountants, 57 Saratoga 
Ayers Capt. Samuel, 214 a Ann 
Ayler Jesse, painter, 161 e Monument. 
Aylsworth B. McG. carp.£ builder, 390 e Chase 
A J la worth Ira B, stair builder, 390 e Chase 
Aymer John, lab., Clinton, nr Elliott 
Ayuioid Benj. lab., 385 s Charles 
A vies [a ■ac. lab. 191 s Bond 
Ajrea Owen, lab. 191 s Bond 
Ay res Sidney, cooper, 191 s Bond 
Azt Henry, lab. 104 Lancaster 

Baake Tobias, cooper, 862 w Pratt 

Babb Mrs. J. D. jr. cake baker, 68 s Charles 

Babb Lawrence, lab. 189 s Caroline 

Bubcock .lames M inspector C H. 51 Warren 

Babcock Mrs. Maria, 158 Lanvale 

BaOenditer August, clerk, 8 n Pine 

Baliendrier Leo|iold, piauuniaker 8 n Pine 

Brtbeudrier Louis, jr. clerk, 8 n Pine 

Babendrier Louis, pianomaker, 8 n Pine 

Babeirdrier Mrs. Sophia, 8 n Pine 

Babylon John, brakennm, 208 L. Constitution 

B-.cii Adam, groceries, flour, feed, 329 Aisquith 

Bach Adam, broommakei, 52 n Wolfe 

Bach Catherine, grocery, 52 n Wolfe 

Bach Henry, sr.(Hartman, B. & Co.) 209 Druid 

Hill av 
Bach lb my, jr. cleik, 209 Uruid Hill av 
Bach Henry, 856 w Pratt John, lab. 52 n Wolfe 
Bach John C. ca'penur, 418 s Charles 
B-ich John P. shoemaker. 87 McEiderry 
Bach Philip, huckster, Penna av ext 
Bach rach A. dry goods, 77 Ensur 
B.iCbarach J. A. clerk, 77 l.nsor 
Bicharach Nathan A. salesman, 12 n Caroline 
Bucbarach Simon, salesman, 77 Ensor 
B.icheider David, shoemaker. 39 Holland 
Bacheld' r James, agent, 1 64 Jefferson 
Bachelder Thomas, painter, 39 Holland 
Bach man Adam, nrebrickmkr, 234 Battery av 
Bach man Adam, lab. 58 Essex 
Bach man Adam, whitewashes 189 sWashington 
Bachman Albert, packer, 194 Columbia 
Bacbuiau August, packer, 194 Columbia 
Bac hmau Belthaser, lab. 58 Kssex 
Bachman Bernard, lab. 44 Thames 
Buchmau Mrs. Christine, grocery, 215 s Eutaw 
Bachman Dorsett, driver, 58 Essex 
Bachman Fred, driver, 146 Johnson 
Bachman Fred, barnessinkr, 163 s Fremont 
Bachman Fred, shoemaker, 215 s Eutaw 
Bachman Henry, grocery, 186 e Fayette 
Bachman Henry A. printer, 186 e Faxette 
Bachman Henry, lab. 58 Essex 
Bachman John H. cabinetmkr, 264 s Ann 
Bachman John M. tobacconist, 196 s .Sharp 
Bachman Louis, uierebt. tailor, 566 w Baltimore 
Bachman Richard,porter, 74 n Ga\ 
BACHMANN ANTON, restaurant, 131 n Howard 
Bachmann August, shoemkr, 7 L. Montgomery 
Bacbuiano Charles VV. beer, 76e Baltimore 
Bachmnnn Henry, tailor, 78 n Durham 
Bachmann John, liquors, 211 Hollins 
Bachmann Bey. Marcus, 127 Bank 
Bachmann Tlios. beer, 15 e Baltimore 
Bachopt Geo. stevedore, 128 s Chapel 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Snit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. > 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 2^ 

This responsible office still continues to make the t? 

largest loans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Bates of s-\ 

charges than any other office in this city. *+~ 

BENJAMIN «fc CO. !> 

Bachrach Aaron, collector, 164 e Lombard 

Bachrach Abraham, 46 s High 

Bachrach David, jr. photographer, over n e 

cor Lexington and Eutaw, dw 186 Pearl 
Bachrach Henrietta, 238 Canton av 
Bachrach Isaac, 128 e Pratt 
Bachrach J. <fe Co. (J. Bachrach August Hanff) 

wholesale jewelry, o\er 246 \v Baltimore 
Bachrach Jacob (J. B. & Co.) 260 Lexington 
Bachrach Joseph, clerk, 238 Canton av 
Bachrach Moses, photographer, 186 Pearl 
Bachtele Louis H machinist, 63 e Pratt 
Back Adam, wagoner, 312 w Hoffman 
Back John, oysters, 312 w Hoffman 
Backanus Henry, mariner, 134 s Regester 
Backer Peter, lab. 56 McMechin 
Backtrt Andieas, shoemaker, 146 s Chapel 
Backer! John, lab. 146 s Chapel 
Backert John, turner, 142 s Chapel 
Backes Peter, shoemaker, 45 s Castle 
Backman Geo. A. patternmkr, 57 McHenry 
Backnmn James E. patternmkr, 57 McHenry 
Backti Joseph, lab. 177 s Bethel 
Backus Rev. Dr. John C. 126 w Madison 
Bacon Elisha, br. ssnn'r, Baltimore &Small\vood 
Bacon Francis, bell ha tiger, 204 n Wolle 
Bacon J. hdvv'd, ticket agent, 695 w Lombard 
Bacon Thomas, shoemaker, 495 Aisquith 
Bai-on Win. baggage matter, 225 n Bond 
Badders Kzekiel, shoemkr, 714 Hanover 
"Badders Henry H. carp. 241 Faik av 
Baden Henry, lab. 263 Aliceanna 
Baden Jerry, pilot, 204 s Ann 
Baden Thomas H. 114 Harmony la 
Badenhauer Theodore, beer, 2 Stockholm 
Bader Henry, cooper, 172 s Regester 
Bader Mrs. Henry, barber, 191 Lexington 
Bader John, cooper, 172 s Regester 
Bader Samuel, filecutter, 182 s Regester 
Badger Chas. carp Madison av nr North av 
Badger David E. carp. 32 St. Peter 
Badger James, carp. 32 St. Peter 
Badger Thomas P. gaiter fitter, 81 n High 
Badinger Jacob, lab. 172 s Wolf 
Bad ley Chas. W. salesman, 161 n Fremont 
Baechtel Chas. W. brakeman, 153 Johnson 
Baeckel John, shoemaker, 258 e Fayette 
Baeier Martin, butcher, Eastern av nr Third 
Baer Arthur P. (A. B. Baer& Co.) 404 Park av 
BAER ARTHUR P. & CO. (A. P. Baer, C. E. 
Savage) hides and leather, 7 and 9 Cheap- 
side, cor Lombard 
Baer Bankhard, 361 e Baltimore 
BAKR k BRO. (Geo H. and C. W. Baer) gen- 
eral commission merchants, 42 Second 
Baer Charles, 361 e Baltimore ^ 

Baer Chas. lab. 13 Armistead la 












SADLER'S Bryant and Stratton BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore, g. 
Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York, 


Bier A Bro i.loli 

i lolumbia 
ib. ill 
I lull Clinton nr Ninth uv 

II. 143 Helton 
n Biddle 

i nbia 

il.inrtinkr, 144 D Caroline 
r Heorj, j iriog 

iac and Solomon Baer) 
ton, A I I Camden 

., '.'7 Oak 
Loo bard 
Z r Jobn cooper, i 1 Goodman al 

~~ .. .1 ibn, 48 McCullofa 

r John B. blacksmith. 520 Light, dw 527 

• ph, 1 1" 13 Armistead la 
• J. Henry, driver, '.»7 Oak 
Mr-. Julia, millinery, 193 n Gay 

cht, tailor, 08 n Calvert,dw 

. - 71 Lee 

bael, sboemkr, 9 China al 
~ Bai ioaebsmith, 45 n < 'aioline 

■ n N. li i Broadway 
.onion (Isaac 1!. & <'o.) 272 Hollins 
i-.K Tllns. 8. attorney, 4'j Lexington, dw 
218 McCullob 

Win. brakeman, W inane row 
n.-tfin Charles G. clerk, 109 Camden 
■ostein Louis, clerk, i< 9 Camden 

— Baernstein Solomon, dry goods and grocery, 

109 C«mden 
H '-rk, 14 George 

ikkpr^ 14 George 
•'_•■ I August, la mnell 

jer J. F. clerk, 234 w Lomhard 
'•' Baeijer Co I ton k B.) 382 Franklin 

tjei Mrs. Loaisa, 234 w Lombard 
234 \y Lombard 
I John, 193 w Payette 
„ l: iggell Tbos. wireworker, 28 s Greene 

— BaggeM Townsend, batcher, 4 L. Hay 

. gfaaw Cyrus, packer, 334 e Pratt 
■ ill John VV. moulder, 176 Bank 
> .'. Chs ■■ and Broadway 

t ■<. .n Anton (Nebmsmann, B.Ie Koehler) 

ui 18 Qreenmonnt a? 

unett, lab 454 Light 
. Garrett II. lab. 464 Light 

McRlderry ext 
n II. i7i 8 Bden 
r Andrew, brewer, Trappe rd aud O'Do - 

9 n Amity 
list John, carp. 88 D Amity 

lei Uicbael, miller, 7 Ryan 
i r Tbos. i irnisher, B ' lollin 
II Harry co Pearl 

.niey ('hika. plnmber, Patterson av and Cal- 

1 1 tagfa 

I - Linden uv 

' D Dallas 

1 vol k. printer, 1 58 a Lombard 
m.K'i I.. Kelly ) ship chandlers, 

, — i 1 06 and 101 I 

Bailey Bdward A. painter, 163 Druid Hill av 

Edwin, fire dept. 174 Gough 

Bdwio, 16 s Broadway 

. e, jr. bookkpr, 180 St. Paul 
Bailej George, blacksmith, 52 Cross 
Bailej Geo. H. lab. Ramsay ext 

PT. clerk, Patterson hy and Cnlboun 
Bai lei Geo. W. hatter, 52 e Baltimore 
Bailey Bent aisher, 481 Aisquith 

.1. Cusbing, clerk, 237 w Lombard 

Bailey .J is. T. huckster, 395 Scott 
Bailey James W. machinist, ington 

Bailey .lane N. dressmkr, 17.'! Montgomery 
Bailey John, lab. 321 McHenry 
Bailey John. lab. 27 Harrison 
Bailey .1 Oross 

B dley Jobn '■'. mariner, 12 Green ct 
Bailey John II. jeweler, 403 Light 
Jobn B. lab. 423 McHenry 
Bailey John L. earn. 164 e 

Jobn li. carp. 1 45 Montgomery 
Baile John U. pampmaker, 17 b Ann 
Bailey John T. grocery, Smith and Argyle av 
Bailey John W. painter, 163 Druid Bill av 

la-vin, carp. 1 73 Montgomery 
Bailej Lewis E.(Coshings A B.)237w Lombard 
Bailey Mrs. Lucy S. Confectionery, 61 Elisor 
Bailey Margaret, hoarding, 84 Hanover 
Bailey Barks D. butcher, 16 Cross-st market, 

dw 79 Fori av 
Bailey & Richardson (Win. 0. Bailey and Sam- 
uel Richardson) manufro. doors, sashes, Ac, 
467 w Pratl 
Bailey Richard, 271 n Caroline 
Bailey S. T. painter, 60 n Greene 
Bailey Syduor, clerk, 156 w Lombard 
Bailej Mrs. Susan, tailoress, 142 Sharp 
Bailey ('apt. Tbos. mariner, 48 Jackson sq av 
Bailey Tbos. P. machinist, 138 Linden av 
Bailey Thus. L. oysters, 132 William 
Bailey Win. dru<j clerk, Smith aud Argyle aT 
Bailey Win. caulker, 52 (.'ross 
Bailey Win. mariner, 130 Gross 
Bailey Win. hoots and shoes, 64 n Howard, dw 

150 n Arlington av 
Bailey Win. A. tailor, 173 Montgomery 
Bailey Wo. 0. (B. k Richardson) 222' Lee 
Bailey Win. 11. shoecutter, 170 Saratoga 

l'.aih-y Win. J. clerk, si Banovet 

Bailey Win. L. tailor, no u Broadway 
Bailey W. L. agenl Virginia Midland R.R. 149 
w Baltimore, da Carrol I ton hotel 

Baillie ('has. R. cleik, 771 Lexington 

Baillie Nathaniel A. general manager Americau 

Dredf IngOo. 5 Postofliceav,dw 764Lexington 
Baillie Nathaniel A. jr. bookkpr, 764 Lexington 
Bailone Pascal B. carp, and builder, 262 a Ann 
Bally (J. P. clerk, 262 w Hoffman 
Bail, George W. ,93 n Charles, dw 

i w Biddle 
Baily James, chemist and druggist, 70 s Calvert. 

dw 262 W llollm <n 

Geo. W. builder, 592 w Pratt 
Ham Geo. W. jr. carp. 29 Wagon al 

Bain John P. clerk, H7 n PoppletOO 
Bain Mrs. John W. 87 D PonpletOn 

1: ■ in James, marli 
Bainbridge Bdward T. 1 19 Lanrale 
Bainer Barry, ihoemaker, 152 1 Fremont 
BAIR BROS. (Win. and Geo. B Bairjmannft. 
copper paint, coi Pratt and Buchanan's whf 

HOLME8 •'■ ,,( )., Kngiii.'iTs" ami Machinists 1 Tools and Supplies, 
•, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, Gen eral A gent, American Building 
BAT - 



Bair Edward, cigar manufacturer, 25 Light, dw 

659 w Fayette 
Bair Mrs. -Elizabeth, 140 n Calhoua 
Bair Geo. B. (B. Bros.) 140 n Calhoun 
Bair Wm. jr. (B. Bros.) 140 n Calhoun 
Baird A. S. (Boykin, Carmer & Co.) 95 Ed- 

mondson av 
Baird Geo. W. clerk, 95 Jackson sq av 
Baird Rev. James H. 33 Lexington 
Baird Mason W. machinist, 95 Jackson sq av 
Baird Robi-rt C. machinist, 95 Jackson sq av 
Baitz Henry, cabinetmaker, 32 Bank 
Baitz Wm. H. clerk, 32 Bauk 
Baitzell John, bricklayer, 126 s Fulton 
Baitzell Wm. E. bookkeeper, 67 St. Peter 
Baker A. C. clerk, 164 w Fayette 
Baker Mrs. Araminta, 86 e Pratt 
Baker Arthur, shipcarp. 42 Cross 
Baker August, canmaker, 293 s Bond 
Baker B. N. (B.,Whitely & Co.) sec'y Chemical 

Co. of Canton, dw Frederick id 
Baker B. P. (B.P.B. & Co.) New York 
Baker B. P. & Co. (B. P. Baker, )com. merchts. 

87 Second 

J. Baker, Wm. Baker, jr., Charles 
E. Baker and George B. Baker,) 
Manufacturers BaltimoreWindow 
Glass, Druggists' Glassware and 
Bottles ; Impoi'ters Bicarb. Soda, 
Sal Soda, and other Chemicals, 
Paints, Colors, Oils, Glue, &c, 32 
and 34 s Charles. 

Baker Mrs. 0. J. diessmkr, 59 n Pine 

Baker Mrs. Catherine, 219 Bank 

Baker Charles, beer, 51 Lancaster 

Baker Charles, bricklayer, 45 Randall 

Baker Chas. E. cigannkr, Washington hotel 

Baker Chas. E. 18 n Strieker 

Baker Chas. E. (Baker Bros.&Co.)247 Linden av 

Baker Chas. G. carpenter, 331 n Ann 

Baker Chas. H. scalerukr, 6 Jasper 

BAKER CHAS. J. (Baker Bros. & Co.,) 
prest. Franklin Bank, prest. Canton Co., dw 
Athol, Frederick rd 

Baker Chas. L. clerk, 15 Pearl 

Baker Chas. N. carp. 99 Chew 

Baker Chas. T. butcher, 542 Penna av 

Baker Christopher, 147 Hill 

Baker Conrad, liquors, Frekerick av nr Cal- 
vertou rd 

Baker David, bricklayer, 263 n Dallas 

Baker Edward, boilermkr, 455 w Lombard 

Baker Edwd. J. (Dickey, Baker # Co.) Friend- 
ship, York rd 

Baker Edward J. jr. meterrnaker, 25 Somerset 

Baker Edward W. printer, 343 e Fayette 

Baker Elijah, coaclitrimmer, 266 e Madison 

Baker Mrs. Eliza, 99 Chew 

Baker Mrs. Eliza, 529 n Gay 

Baker Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 42 Woodyear 

Baker Mrs. Elizabeth, 51 Diamond 

Baker Emanuel, porter, 37 James la 

Baker Ernest, carp. 147 Hill 

Baker Frank, clerk, 440 n Gay 

Baker Frank, drayman, 145 s Spring 

Baker Fredk. carp. 74 Leadenhall 

Baker Fredk. lab. 69 Madeira al 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at {^ 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

Baker Fredk. cooper, 327 Eastern av 

Baker Fredk. saddler, 340 Mulberry 

Baker Fredk. coachmaker, 99 Chew 

Baker Fredk. tailor, 218 n Caroline 

Baker Fiedk. shoemaker, 198 Bank 

Baker Fredk H. boilermaker, 455 w Lombard 

Baker Fredk. H. boilermaker, Hampden 

Baker Fredk. T. attorney, 40 St. Paul 

Baker F. H. salesman, 104 n Broadway 

Baker F. M. earriagemaker, 51 n Exeter 

Baker Geo. milk, Loney la 

Baker G Alex, real estate broker, 51 n Calvert, 

dw 194 Saratoga 
Baker Rev. G. G~ 249 n Caroline 
Baker Geo. confectioner, 99 s Sharp 
Baker Geo. flagman, 116 e Biddle 
Baker Geo. shoemaker, 67 s Exeter 
Baker Geo. varnisher, 340 Mulberry 
Baker Geo. salesman, 368 u Gay 
Baker Geo. blksmith, 275 n Dailas 
Baker Geo. blksmith, 193 s Broadway 
Baker Geo. A. teacher, 294 Argyle av 
Baker Geo. B (Baker Bros. & Co.) 193 Linden av 
Baker Geo. C. bookkpr,Presstman nr Whatcoat 
Baker Geor^ie C. teacher, 50 s Ann 
Baker Greenbury W. milk, 529 n Gay 
Baker Mrs. Gertrude, glassware, 338 n Gay- 
Baker Henry, watchman, Woodberry 
Baker Henry, boilermkr, 188 s Eutaw 
Baker Heury, shoemkr, 93 Fort av 
Baker Henry, coaebpainter, 99 Chew 
Baker Henry, wheelwright, 232 Preston 
Baker Henry, tailor, 537 Gay 
Baker Henry, McElderry ext 
Baker Henry, undertaker, 38 Holland 
Baker Henry, caulker, 72 Block 
Baker Henry, carp. Lanvale and Aisquith 
Baker Henry, clerk, 238 Barre 
Baker Henry, mariner, 213 n Gay 
Baker Henry, pipemkr, 181 n Bethel 
Baker Henry M. 169 n Strieker 
Baker Henry W. clerk, Waverley 
Baker Herman, shipcarp. 152 s Caroline 
Baker Horace D. mariner, 182 s Chapel 
Baker Jacob, shoemkr, 107 Columbia 
Baker Jacob, police, 440 n Gay 
Baker Jacob, watchman, 12 \v Madison 
Baker Jacob, butcher, 100 Centre, 59 Lexing- 
ton, and 55 Hanover mkts. dw 540 Penna av 
Baker James, porter, 198 e Lombard 
Baker James, machinist, 80 n Amity 
Baker James, lab. 156 n Chapel 
Baker James, caulker, 2o Fell 
Baker James jr. machinist, 394 Saratoga 
Baker James B. hostler, 22 Boston 
Baker James C. sr. shipcarp. 175 Bank 
Baker James C. jr. mariner, 175 Bank 






No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 













Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 












h Biddle 
■ " - a Biddle 

Bak^ r Jeremiah, . idle 

Maker Jobo, Btf k 

DDl ill 


Poll i la • 
John, collier, 7'J To* 
K.ikei John, lab. 162 Hamburg 
i k 
i tin, ■ nun .< Hand 

• I.omlmrd 
A ii^U- .il 
B.ker Julni. sbipcarpenter, 219 Hank 
Baker r, Tl B ah 

Bak< r Job I 

■ John li Bboemaxer, 300 Light 
Baker John II i McHenry 

1 tin J. mariner. 
Biker John L. sbipjoiner Fayette 

boemaker, 169 n I Proline 
BAKER JOHN M. n antels and stores, 50 w 

B.iker Jubn M. confectionery, 123 Oolainbia 

John T. | , Bank 

Baker John T. boilermaker, 455 w Lombard 
Baker John T police, 263 n Dallas 
Baker John V po ic4 . 189 d Caroline 
J in W . bi k-kmaki r, 1 59 Wt it 
•' I. ii W . gn Biirford «t 

Bakei j..i u W Jr. officer Penitentiary, 105 n 

Broad a ..\ 
B>ker Rev. John II 363 Aiaquith 

o>' I'll, blacksmith, 'J' 7 R.imsHj 
Josiah, rarder, W 
l.. A. collector I 8 n P i ■ 
Biker Lawrence, lab. reai 16 Elisabeth la 
race, clerk, 31 n Fremont 
Mi .». I. una cbina 1!"'. b Bond 
- I'.u k uv 
Banei Mis. Lida, lailoi Loinlmrd 

Baker Lonis, 238 I 

Louisa, dreasmkr, 381 w Pratt 
Mrs. Margaret, si 126 Henrietta 

Pi ill 

Baker Mis. Mary, cfainaware, 199 Hamburg 

N. paper and la^u, 120 w Lombard, 
dw I nery 

Baker N T ser vman, 660 a Lombard 

BAKER R J. & CO. Importers and 
Dealers in Dye Woods, DyeStufls, 
Oilol' V it riolaud Pure Ground Bone 
Dust, Chemicals for making Super- 
phosphates of lime and Fertilizers, 
30 and 88 S. Charles street. 

BAKER R J. k CO. R J Baker, R J. Hol- 
lingswurlbj iinporieia and ilr.ilirj* in dye 
'-. cbem icals and oil of vit- 

' ' I! k Co.) Carroll CO 
Robert lal B I B itteri ur 
Baker Robert \i jr. cabinetmkr, l»',i w i 
U.ik<-r Rohert J. tinner, 14*0 u Gay 

* M.u j land av 
link' r Mrs Bai ih C. Waverley 


Bakei " i 

Baker Tbeodon II. cabinetmkr, Belair av est 


ii, < !erk, 28 1 u I 

Baker Wal i Lanvalt 

Baker Wesley, Breman, 311 Light 

Baker, J. S. Whitelcy, F. B. Craw- 
ford i Agents and Shippers of Coal, 
over 16 South, Franklin Bank 

Baker Win battc i ir 

Baker Win. ropemkr, -til n Dallas 
Baker Win. 361 Madison av 
Baker w m. driver, 141 Alio 

Win. lab. 4 10 D ' 
B ikei Win. lab. McElderrj est 
Baker Wm. shoemkr, 308 ('anion av 
Baker Wm. driver, IS James la 
Baker Win. pianomkr, rear 23V s Charles 
Baker Win. jr. ( I J . i k: • i Hi us. k Co.) Balto CO 
Bakei Wm. 7 2 A Columbia 
Baker Wm. junk, 21 Pell 
Bukei Wm. A sbipcarp. 15 Williamson a] 
Baker Win. A. city missionary, J8l n Eden 
linker Wm. B. lab. 696 a Lombard 
Baker W m. I! brassfinisher, 343 e Fayette 
Baker W in. c. engineer, "J -in Ooogb 
Bakei Wm. <;. clerk, -to:: u Gilmor 
Baker Wm. II. Btonecutler 99 - Sharp 
Baker W in. H. huckster, 134 s How aid 
Baker Wm. 11. K. tailor, 107 1 Broadway 
Bakei Win. J. Ii a id ware, 47!i w Baltimore 
Baker Win. M. clerk, 53 n Giluior 
Baker Wm. W. cooper, 134 Bank 
Baker Wm. W. printer, J.'t Argyleav 
linker W. S. Q president Baltimore Oar Wheel 

Co. 15 South, da Charles-st uv exi 
Bakie Donald J. cooper, 13 n Exeter 
Bakie Joseph, clerk, 13 D Exeter 
Bakie Thomas, lastmkr, 18 n Exeter 
Bald Daniel P. clerk, '.<l Penna av 
Bald Prederick W. gunsmith, '.'1 I'enna av 
Bala Ceo. carter, 771 Light 
Bald w in shoemkr, 30 Clement 
Bald W. Charles, ;»i Penna ae 
BalderstOD Dr. A. Holmes (Isaiah B.&Son^ 

21 Lexi ^1011 
Balderston Hugh k Son (J. Balderston] wire 

arorki lyert 

Balderston Isaiah k Son (Isaiah and A. H. Bal- 

derstoo) real estate inokeis, 21 Lexington 
tin 1 lr. Isaiah, 7'J u Carey 
•ion Jacob( Hugh B A- Bon) 
Balderston John 1 1. 218 St. Paul 

Mara U us, in iliei . 22 Parrisb. 

Balderston Tbos. wire aorker, r»ir> w Fayette 
Baldner Prandna, dreasmkr 249 Mulberry 
Baldus On kr, 163 " Fine 

Baldus .Mr.-. Mi: t'y, 162 D Fine 

Baldns Wm. T clerk, Harford av m Foint la 
Baldwin Andrew, moulder, 68 a Exeter 
Baldwin Aquilla, rink, 66 n Exeter 
Baldwin Caleb 0. Inspector 0. H. 182 a Fruit 
Baldwin t lb i n 669 Penna av 

Baldwin Christopher 0. (Woodward, Baldwin 
rris) Nen fork 


ller'H Bryant and Btimtton Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World. O. F. Bre see, Gen. Agt 




Baldwin Cliff, conductor, 119 Camden 
BALDWIN & CUGLE (T. P. Baldwin, C.Cugle) 
commission merchants and wholesale cotton 
yarn, 21 German 
Baldwin David, treas. Savings Bank of Balti- 
more, dw Albion house 
Baldwin Dr. Edwin 0. 124 :> Exeter 
Baldwin Edwin D. moulder, 68 n Exeter 
Baldwin E. F. architect, s w corLexington and 

Charles, dw 198 Division 
Baldwin Geo. E. contractor, G'>4 w Payette 
Baldwin Geo. E. D. machinist. 68 n Exeter 
Baldwin Henry, machinist, Mt Vernon 
Baldwin Henry T,o\8ter packer, 443 Canton av 
Baldwin James, lab. L09 9 Chester 
Baldwin Mrs. John F. 162 Conway 
Baldwin John H. jr. carp. 109 s Chester 
Baldwin John H. of A. carp. 109 s Chester 
Baldwin John H. carp. 160 n Eden" 
Baldwin John H. adjuster, 13 Rialto building 
BaldwiuJohuT. lab. Loudon av nrMillington la 
Baldwin John T. driver, 167 s Chester 
Baldwin Joseph J. carp. 119 Preston 
Baldwin Josephine, fancy goods, 90 Richmond, 

dw 119 Preston 
Baldwin Julia, 182 Mosher 
Baldwin Le Roy E. 27 s Gilmor 
Baldwin Martha J. 119 Preston 
Baldwin Mrs. Mary, 92 Parkin 
Baldwin Michael, lab. 57 President 
Baldwin Oliver P. asst. editor Sun, Waverley 
Baldwin Oliver P. jr. attorney, 51 St. Paul, dw 

Baldwin Perry, provisions, rffimpden 
Baldwin Robt. T. prest. Nat. Mechanics bank, 

335 Madison av 
Baldwin Robt. jr. attorney, s e cor Calvert and 

Fayette, dw 335 Madison av 
Baldwin R. W. attorney, 42 St. Paul, dw 314 n 

Baidwin Robert W. carp. 109 s Chester 
Baldwin Dr. Silas, 150 w Townseud 
Baldwin Sunnnei field, (Woodward, Baldwin & 

Norris) n e cor Madison av and Mosher 
Baldwin Thus, eleik, 14o w Hoffman 
Baldwin Thus. P. (B. £ Cugle) 61 Mosher 
Baldwin WalterS. clerk, 310 Lexingtou 
Baldwin Win. wholesale and retail dry goods, 

135 n Gay, dw NO w Hoffman 
Baldwin Win. II. cooper, 162 Conway 
Baldwin Wm. H. jr. (Woodward, Baldwin & 

Norris) 105 Park av 
Baldwin Win. II. blacksmith, 338 Ramsay 
Baldwin Wm. N. machinist, Hampden 
Baldwin Wm. T. salesman, 308 w Baltimore 
Baldwin Zachariah T. 659 Penna av 
Balke Fredk. carp. 7 n Sharp, dw 125 Franklin 
Ball Chas. W.W. gas machines, 33 German,dw 

40 n Calvert 
Ball Clay, clerk, 51 n Gilmor 
Ball Rev. Dabney, 36 n Gilmor 
Ball D. C. clerk, Bond and Fayette 
Ball David, brick mauuf. n w cor Putnam and 

Washington id, dw 51 n Gilmor 
Ball Frank W. reporter, 177 u Carey 
Ball Geo lab. 188 s Regester 
Ball Ceo. H. confectioner, 388 Light 
Ball John, bricklayer, 328 Mulberry 
Ball John, blacksmith, 328 w Pratt 
Ball John, clerk, 266 u Ann 
Ball JohnD.carp. 335 n Howard, dw82 wBiddle 
Ball John L shoemaker, 193 East 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. ^ 

Established by the late Levi Benjamtn, 1830. hrj 

This responsible office still continues to make the ' — ' 

largest loans on goods of every description and on ^ 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of ^ 

co. h3 

— (_, 



charges than any other office in this city. 

Ball John L. bricklayer, 171 s Chesier 

Ball Joseph M. shoemaker, 34 Pearl 

Ball John T. lab. 36 u Strieker 

Ball John W. shoemkr, Cemetery av nr Bond 

Ball Mary N.dressnikr, 122 wTownsend,dw 124 

Ball Philip A. salesman, 344 n Strieker 

Ball Philip A. jr. clerk, 344 n Strieker 

Ball Robert, porter, 99 s Wolfe 

Ball Mrs. Sarah A. dressmkr. 36 n Strieker 

Ball T. Walker, clerk. 110 n Oarrolhon av 

BALL WALTER' ireas Balto. Steam Packet 
Co H South, dw 185 Bolton 

Ball Walter, clerk, 89 Pearl 

Ball Walter R. clerk. 89 Pearl 

Ball Walter S Clerk, 185 Bolton 

Ball Wm. shoemaker. 3') Clement 

Ball Wm. A. bricklayer, 36 n Strieker 

Ball Wm. D. 124 w Townsend 

Ball Wm. H . Mt. Vernon mills 

Balla Chas. T. tinner, 43 Elizabeth la 

Ballard Byron, conductor, Retreat nr Mary 

Ballard Chas. B. letter carrier P. 

Ballard Chas. E. bookkpf, 146 Dolphin 
Ballard Mrs. Edward J. 3-7 8 Myrtle av 
Ballard Fred, coach rakr, York rd nrcity limits 
Ballard Fred, jr painter. York rd nrcity limits 
Ballard Geo E. clerk, 133 Division 
Ballard J. Edward, clerk, 378 Myrtle av 
Ballard Laura V. 378 Myrtle av 
Ballard Mrs. Ruth M. 356 n Strieker 
Ballard Saml. H. cieik, 356 n Stiicker 
Ballard Thos. painter, 388 w Eager 
Ballaid Win. C. clerk, 396 n Strieker 
Ballauf Augustus, morocco dresser, 69 Harrison 
Ballauf Chas. E. furniture, 53 e Fayette 
Ballauf has. E. morocco dresser. 53 e Fayette 
Ballauf Win. L. 292 e Monument 
Balle Frauk, tailor, 21 n Spring 
Ballentine Alex, ship carpenter, 102 s Ann 
Balleutine. Archibald, plasterer, 191 s Paca 
Ballentine Mrs. Eliza. 191 s Paca 
Ballinan Clemens, lab. 311 Hamburg 
Ballman Frank, beer, 258 n Bond 
Ballman Henry, lab. 311 Hamburg 
Ballman Henry, packer, 61 Park av 
Ballman Henry, tinner, 258 n Bond 
Ballman Johu W. painter, 258 n Bond 
Ballman Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 311 Hamburg 
Ballueder Conrad, tailor, 195 Orleans 
Balster George, 198 s Ann t— ' 

Balster John C. Bbipjoiner, 255 Canton av y. 

Baltimore Academy of the Visitation, n w cor ^ 
Park av and Centre t __ t 

Baltimoie Alhemeuna, cor St. Paul and Sara- £T. 
toga, occupied by 'Baltimore Library Co., O" 
Mercantile Library Association and Mil. His- 2 
torical Society «^" 












DRAFTS on the Principal Cities of the U. B. and Canadas 
Cashed at Sadler's Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 









■ Improrii 

or, l' lit in 
w Pi 




cod Lou i! I ' 


BALTIMORE BREW BR\ I Dandelet) cor 

Ham . 

-' Ride and Tallow A 

timi. No I, A. I. W if. president, t ■ cor 
• ■> nr) F.ill 



rSkii ociatiou, Neighbor and 
M Kim 

• manafacturers of chil- 
ll'-nry S Hell, BUp't, 138 
w Pi 
. prt-a't, .) M. Law ford, sec'y, cor Bs- 
1 : ton, office 15 S intb 
CalvertoD ami Powhatan Railway, 
•itix-rc nr Calvert on id., tffice 24 
\ll.WAV STATION, Balti- 
more nr Mount 
Tbot. Wilson, pre* t. George A. Reed 
and treu-r . cemetery Belair ai 
Ball i mo Bye und Bar Dispensary, - 

ntral av 
Baltimore < 'haplar, American Institute of Archl- 

■ larles and Lexington 
Baltimi 1* lot and Ysrnish Work?, 

office lot w Lombard 

UFACTORY, George S. Feurst & 
Co. propr's, 133 and 140 Camden. 

n n cor i Ibai !>•- and Lexingtoi 
BALTIMORE CITY JAIL, Madison .• of Jones 


lilir irian, Citjr Hall 


1 and Bich mge pl i 

1( . i ■ i t iden 
BALI I r Campbell W. 

II. ,i, 

indi .' W. Holchinson and 

Bill | . propr's, .'! St. Paul 

ipp Centre 

Baltimore City Detectives, office City Hill 
Baltimore City 1"; 

■ r. ! n Charles 
Bnltiin '.' unit. Co. • 

v i . p 

and tie tsr. office 1 U 
Baltimore City Bavriew Asylum, Eastern ar« 

of K i-l ;iv 

Baltimore Coffi »• Polish 

P. En . i ci 2 ( lomn 


TCI; ideo, works foot Lead- 


V I q itt and 



Baltimoi of Dental Surgery, 8 e cor 

Bntaw and Lexington 

Baltimore Cotton Exchange, Exchange Read- 
ing Rooms, E M. Lai 

Diegs Brothers, 2 South. 

Baltimore Condensed Mils Co. [S.W. Canfield 

sr and jr. ) 7!» w Baltimore 
CHANGE, cor South and Wood. Win. P. 

Clinton, Canton, office 57 8 Gay, 
Pope, Cole & Co., proprietors. 


and Loml ard 
Baltimore and Drum Point R. R., A J. Albert, 
^ Payette 

PANY, Oliver Hoblitzell. sup't, 
6 s Holliday. 

and Bar Infirmary, s w cor 
e and Lombard 
Baltimore Episcopal Methodist, .1. B. Wilson 

Jj Co. pnblishei - 1 16 m B i Hi more 
suring b unset from losses bj fire, office IS 
South, Prnncis a Crook, tieas. Bu 

Baltimore Bye and Bar Institute, Dr.'Juliau J. 

Chisolm, surgeon in charge, '•' Franklin ' 

oc Park av and 

Wilson, N. i'. Brooks, |" • 
Baltimore Pertilisinu Co. I Wood 

South and Water, Wm <! Harrison, | 
Baltimore Pire Department.- ,'l'u. 

Baltimore and Pn ■ 

Henry Williams, agt. office lis Light-si wbl 

BOLMES d l i Engineers' and Machini ] >ls and Supplies, 

Pa> tiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Gen'l Agt 




Baltimore Free School and Colvin Institute for 
Girls. 39i Coartland 

Baltimore Fruit Butter Co. rear 24 s Charles, 
Bliek & Hamburger, proprietors 

Baltimore Gas Fixture Co. James R. Askey, 
manager. 1 7 a Eutaw 

publishers daily and weekly Gazette, 106 w 

Baltimore Goal. Dispensary. Liberty nr Fayette 

Baltimore Glass Works, (Baker Bros. & Co.) 
Ostend nr Eutaw 

Baltimore and Hall's Spring Passenger Railway 
Co. office Darley Park. Saml. B. Davis, sunt. 

Baltimore Herald, Tom Wash. Smith, propr. 5 
St. Paul 

135 w Fayette, Boerieke $ Tafel 

Baltimore Hub Factory. J. & E. Stinson, proprs. 
86 n Hollidav 

AND PRICE-CURRENT, Porter and Hamil- 
ton publishers, Exchange Reading Rooms 

Baltimore Latin School for Boys, Hoffman and 
Linden nv, John Teackle, principal 

son & Co. proprs. 210 s Howard 

Smith publisher, over 166 W Baltimore 

Baltimore Marine Observatory, e end of Mont- 

Baltimore Mill Furnishing Establishment, B. F. 
Starr & Co. 173 North 

BALTIMORE NEWS CO. Ill w Baltimore and 
5 South. Sun Iron building 

Baltimore Nickel Plaiting Works, A. Greenleaf 
<fe Co. proprs. 15 Mercer 

Baltimore and North Branch Soap Stone Co. 
Chas. Fairbank agt, 54 s Sharp 

Baltimore Novel ty (Jo. n e cor Gay and Lombard 

Baltimore and Ohio R R. Go's Emigrant office, 
99 Thames, Gebhard Leirabach, agent 

pean Freight and Emigrant wharf, L. P. 
office, Hull between Marriott and Nicholson, 
L. P., W. M.Clement, agent 

Office Camden Station, Camden street 
CENTRAL STATION, foot of Mill, Henry 
Halm, agent 

OFFICE, s e cor Baltimore and Calvert, 
Smiley. Myers and Mercer, agents 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Freight and Emi- 
grant Office, Hull nr Nicholson, L. P., W. 
M. Clement, agent 

FICE, s e cor Baltimore and Calvert, W. W. 
Br on nitii, agent 

ELEVATORS, A. and B., L. P., Edward 
Boelkey, inspector of grain, F. A. Wheeler, 
supt. 4 s Holliday 

Baltimore and i >hio Railroad d's. Henderson's 
Wharf Station, J. H. Roberts, agent 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroads Go's Chase's Sta- 
tion, Chase's whf, W. T. Moore, agent 

Baltimore,Peabody Heights and Waverley Rail- 
road, Geo. P. Frick, prest. starts from cor 
German and South, office McMechin & Oliver 


INET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

la Sums to Suit, at 



22 K &ay Street, near Payette St. SL 

Established by the late Levi Eenjajmin, 1830. uT 

Thisresponsibleofficestillcontinuestomakethe |__ 

largestloansongoodsof every description and on .>■ 

Merchandise in General,, on Lower Rates of r ^. 

charges than any other office in this city. 

SEivjrjvMiiN «fc co. 3. 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, Strieker, betvv Lex- 
ington and Saratoga 

and Belvidere. Val. Winters, prest. 
BOAT CO. : J > Light-st whf, J. Alex. Sbriver, 

vice prest — [See Advertisement. 

Denison, P. M.. Iietween Gay and Holliday, 

Lombard and Second 
Baltimore and Potomac Hotel, Patrick Preston, 

propr. cor Calvert and Pleasant 
Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Co., Oden 

Bowie, prest. ticket office n e cor Baltimore 

and Calvert 
Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Depot, Penna 

av opp Wilson, J. C. Lassen, at'ent 
Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Freight Depot, 

201 and 203 North, Ira Day, at'ent 

LAND SOCIETY, Chas. E. Savage, prest. 

Wilton Snowden, secy, 41 n Charles 

s e cor President and Fawn sts. Wm. Gilmor 

of Wm. 









Baltimore and Roanoke Steamboat Co., Robert ^ 

Tyson, agent, 4 Spears whf U- 

Baltimore Retort and Fire Brick Works, Hull Z 

cor Nicholson, L. P. offiee 4 s Holliday 
Baltimore Schnetzen Park, Belair rd nr North 

av. Chas. Myohl, see'y, over 8 w Pratt 
Baltimore Sheep Butchers' and Wool Pulling 

Association, No. 1, 5i'5 Penna av 
Baltimore Shoe and Lather Board of Trade, 

Henry C. Smith, pres't, E. S. AUnutt, sec]y, 

28^ w Baltimore 
Baltimore Shoe Manuf. Co., John Mooney, sec'y, 

14 German nr Calvert 
Baltimore Show Case Co. (Yunghein and 

Bmkhaid) 27 McClellan 

office, Union Dock, office over 8 South, R. L. 

Poor, general agent 




No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 




O. F. Bresee <fe Sons, Life. Fire and Marine 





BAI 72 

Baltim pensary, a e cor North 

L tundry, i i High, - 
Baltim 0. B. Bicki 

prop'n, 46 ii llolliday 
Baltimore Slock Board, W. K Wallaet 

oxer II South 
Baltim . w Lombard, 



I ' and Win K. Wood .<i 

Hal t jinort- Hud 1 n Liberty 
Baltim rbeatre, 1 e Baltimore, Reman 

BALTIMORE SUN. 8 e eor Baltimore and 

th, A B Abell a Co prop'n 
b J. Taylor, agent, office 213 West 
Baltimore Ten Company, lt>4 Lexington, G. L. 

Herbert, prop'r 
Baltim Works, foot of Cross 


and Baltimore 
■ in, publishers and proprietors, 3 Post- 
offlce a v 
boor and McKim, J W. Rook, sec'y 
BALTIMORE WECKRR, daily and weekly 
iper;88}w Baltimore, J. R. 
Fell man k Co. prop' re 
aw 49, 51, :>:'• and 55 a Frederick, 10 
Union Dock, 66 Conway, < ffice 2 Rialto 
building, J. H. Barney, president 
Biltimoie and Southern Steam Ship Co. Edwin 
Fitzgerald, gen), agent, office ami whf. Lee 
and Light 
BALTIMORBAN, THE (weekly) Cratcbfield 
and Haas, publ'ra, Morse bldg, 50 w Fayette 
Baltia Isaac, sho-mkr, 19 Barnes 
Baltz Edward, batcher, 4 Cumtxrland 
Henry, batcher, 488 Puma av 
igemkr, Beiair av est 
Baits Wm. butcher, 35 Beiair and 34 Hanover 
markets, dw Be air av nr Balto. cemetery 
1 h i-. 7 1 ii i larey 
B iltael fackaonaq av 

BALTZBLL Dr. FRANK B., r i:» Hanover, dw 

175 8t Paul 
Baltzell Barry B, 175 St. Paul 
Biltzt Paul 

II Dr W. II. 17:, St. Paul 

nius, i ii |>. BO Mn'. land a* 
oehar l R. B. .v o , ) a II m Fayette 
linebard .v Co B B lis John B.Haugb) 

■ IV nli ii d, tboemkr, 31 - irey 
a driver, 138 i Wolfe 
Ba set llenn . tailor, <;i < I'Donnell 
M utbiai ah. 174 i v 

lab. '.'7'i a Ann 
Mich lab. 16 I < 'impel 
r Valentine cat ler, 181 ii 
acta Christian, tailor, B 
15 mil.. oh ll-nry, shoemkr, : I in rd 


ich Joseph, atoveaetter, 7:» s Fremont Joseph jr. cashier. 79 I Fremont 

Bamber Thomas machinist, Wood berry 

er Wm. W. pattern ink r, 280 HauoiM 
Bamberger Abraham, n Spring 

Bamberger Ansel, (I! k Bilau) 353 Lexington 

' a Chapel 
Bamberger Chaa wheelwright, Oxford, York 

rd, dw Homestead 
Bambergei Darid, hosiery, fee. 152 Leiinglon, 

dw 29 s But iw 
Bamberger B. wholesale notions, over -17 w 

[more, dw 1 7 11 w Lombard 
Bamberger .V Bilau, (A. Bamberger, A. Kilau) 

trimminira and fancj goods, 265 m Baltimore 
Bamberger Jaa W a heelwriuht, Oxford, Voru rd 
Bamberger John V. wheelwright, Oxford, York 

rd, dw Homestead 
Bamberger Jonaa D. clerk. 29 b ButAW 
Bamberger Jos. 0. blacksmith, 508 Franklin 
Bamberger Jus. C brick I' r 31" Greenuiouut aT 
Bamberger Julius, clerk, 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger L nis, clerk. i7o w Lombard 
Bamberger Robert T. clerk, 2 13 e M i liaon 
Bamberger Wra. 11 grocery 243 e Madison 
Bamberger Wm. W. letter carrier, oj Brune 
Bami ick I ieo ge, lab 10 Fell 
Banbliel Darid, m chiuist, 249 n Dallas 
Bancrof' Clias. F. bookkpr, 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft John D. bricklayer and furnace build- 
er, 32 e Fayette 
Baud Fifth Raiment, C. W. Wernig, leader, 

2 l Ge 
Bandel Andrew J. :i7 Fawn 
Bandel Andrew J jr. clerk, 37 Fawn 
Handel Charles, driver, 1 '.i e Madison 
Hindi 1 Decatur A (John M. Handel A Sons) 

365 e Pratt 
Bandel Mrs. R. 365 e Pratt 
Bandel Frank painter, 19-< u Caroline 
B mdel Frank B clerk, 1~ Fawn 
Bandel Frank B telegraphist, 267 n Broadway 
Bandel Geo. W l 13 Saratoga 
Bandel John M. & Sons, (J. W.. Martin L. and 

D. A. B'tndel) shipping and com. merchants, 

81 Smith's whf 
Bandel John W (J. M. B. 4 S m*) 365 e Pratt 

Bindel Littleton C clerk, 37 Faun 

Bandel Leonard J. ptimpmkr, 352 e Cbasa 

Handel Mrs. M A. f><n 

Bandel Martin L. (John M.B. j > Sons)268 Druid 
Hill av 

Bandel Michael II. I 13 Saratoga 

Bandel Philip, 202 a Fayette 

Bandel S tmuel Q clerk, 37 Fawn 

Hand, ll Charles 9 112 a Caroline 

Bandell Bdwd. W.carp.12 Swan,dwl86 nEdeu 

Bandell Geo. W. carver. 8<>i w Baltimore 

Bandell Geo W jr. dyer, '■<> - Bond 

Handel! Geo. W.i Bond 

Han. I'll Hairy, shoemkr. 50a Bond 
Bandell Henry M. shoemkr. 185 n Bden 
Bandel] -lames I. Bhoemkr, 185 a Bden 
Bandell .lames s packer, 50 i Bond 
Han. led John, dri a I lalvert 

Bandell Leonard, plumber, ■.:.". Anthonj 

Mat i B 93 n Bden 
Bandell S>mL L. U ian,267oBroadwaj 

Bandell Wm. R clerk. 2t;7 d Broadwaj 
Bandell Wm. T. canmki . 113 
Landman ('has. butchel I and Clinton 

Bando Obas. oooduotor, North a» nr Met'uiloh 

"Honesty, E everance re the KEYS T< i 8 

Sadler's Bryant and Stratton Business College, G aud 8 N. Charles St. 

Insurance A gents and Brokers, American Building 
^BAN 73 BAN 

Bando Frederick, barber, 267 n Bond 

Bang Fredk. tailor, Wolfe nr Orleans 

Bang Geo. F. cutter, 98 n Wolfe 

Bangerd Geo. carpetweaver, 260 e Lombard 

Bangert D. L. clerk, 89 Chew 

Ban^ert Fredk. A. coal oil. 82 Chew 

Bungert Jas.W. dancing master, 291 e Lombard 

Bangert John, shoemkr, 253 Hollins 

Baugert Joseph, 228 Go ugh 

Bangert Philip, coal oil and lamps, s W corner 

Central av and Chew 
Bangert Wm. produce, 116 McEtderry 
Bangor Insurance Co. of Bangor, Me., South 

and German 
Bangs Charles E. clerk, 351 Druid Hill av 
Banc's Chas ( Jas.Carey £Go.)35l Druid Hill av 
Bangs Eli, cooper, 13 Weber 
Bangs Frank, clerk, 189 B irre 
Bangs Wm. lab. 14 Johnson 
Bangs Win H. cooper, 82 William 
Banh : . r d John, lab 134 s Wolfe 
Banheard Valentine, sexton Har Sinai ceme- 
tery, Belair av ext 
Banheard Win. barber, Belair av ext 
Banister Rev. T. Lewis, 416 e Baltimore 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 South, James W. 

A'.nuti, president 
Bankard David. carp. Patterson av and Calhoun 
Bankard Mrs. Emma L. 154 Mullikin 
Bank, id H. N. & Co. ( H.N. Bankard, )real estate 

agtnts, 5 St. Paul 
Bankard Henry N.(H.N.B.& Co.)sec'y Newing- 

ton Land and Loan Co. 22 s Strieker 
Bankard Jacob, batcher, 102 Jackson sq av ' 
Bankard Jacob J. butcher, 97 and 99 Centre 

Market, dw Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard Mrs. James M. butcher, 475 Mulberry 
Bankard John E. ca dii»er. 487 n Fremont 
Bankard Martin A. lab. 126 s Spring 
Bank . rd Wesley, carp. Patterson av and Calhoun 
Bankard Win. H. salesman, 84 George 
Banket d Dennis, inspector C. H. 2 26 Franklin 
Bankerd J. Milton, clerk, 226 Franklin 
Bankerd John, lab. 229 n Bond 
Bankerd Josiah. printer. 547 u Gay 
Banlu rd Wm. 301 n Gilmor 
Bankhead Robert, cle k. 27 n Fremont 
Baukhead Robt. L plasterer, 27 n Fremont 
Bankner John, shoemkr, Spring nr Chase 
BANKS ANDREW, 52 Lexington, dw 

Eutaw pi 
Banks Benj. F. furn. wagon, 92 n Caroline 
Banks C. W. (American Novelty Co.) Elkridge 

L tnding 
Banks Chas. A. clerk, 18 n Carey 
Banks Chas. W. S. clerk, 149 s Sharp 
Banks Knos R. shoemkr, 337 n Bond 
Banks Fiank F huckster, 189 Ramsay 
Banks Frank W. clerk, 9 n Mount 
Banks Fred, shucker, 36 Rue 
Banks Geo. W. tax department, 63 n Gilmor 
Banks Henry, shoemkr, 36 Rue 
Banks Henry P. shoemkr, 337 n Bond 
Banks Herman, mariner, ::s7 Eastern av 
Banks Mrs. John, 7 s Schroeder 
Bank- John W. butter, 54 Green mount av 
Banks John W. machinist, 253 Dolphin 
Banks Lewis, machinist, 11 Etting 
Banks Marion, machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
BANKS MORTON D. furniture and chair fac- 
tory, 59 South, dw 134 u Broad wax- 
Banks Mrs. M. L. 161 Druid Hill av 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 2 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the <^ 
largest loans on goods of every description and on _ 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 

charges than any other office in this city 

— — t— i 


Banks R. T. & Sou, (R. T. and R.T.Banks jr.) 

china and glassware, 53 South 
Banks Robert T.(R.T.B.£Son, ) n e cor Calvert 

and Madison 
Banks Robert T. jr.(R.T.B.& Son,)n e cor Cal- 
vert and Madison 
Banks Samuel, clerk. 64 Fawn 
Banks Samuel, finisher, 253 Dolphin 
Banks Samuel, machinist, 305 Forrest 
Banks Sarul. C. coachtrimmer, 337 n Bond 
Banks Sanil. M. dairy, 822 w Baltimore 
Banks W. E. (Swayne & B. ) 199 n Calvert 
Banks Wm. fireman, Winans row 
Banks Wm. lab. 5 Cooksie 
Banks Wm. shoemkr, I In Cooksie 
Banks Wm. B. clerk, 193 n Calvert 
Banks Wm. H. roofing- and spouting, 2 Druid 

Hill av, dw 442 n Calhoun 
Banks Wm. J butter, 54 Greenniottnt av 
Banks Wm. M. butter, 54 Greeiimoiint av 
Bankstahl J. shoemkr, 277 n Dallas 
Bannan John, picture dealer, 417 n Fremont 
Bannan John, painter, over 46 w Centre, dw 

211 Dolphin 
Bannan John A. engineer, 105 n Poppleton 
Bannan John J. barkpr, 49 Preston 
Bannan Lawrence, machinist, 79 York 
Bannan Oweu, lab. 120 Scott 
Bannan Peter, lab. 14 Ohio av 
Bannan Thomas, driver, 3 Diamond 
Bannan Wm. F. clerk, 417 D Fremont 
Bannenberg Fred, shoemkr, 104 L Greene 
Banner Wm. tailor, 344 s Sharp 
Banning Alexander, 285 Hollins 
421 | Banning Henry, salesman, 562 w Lombard 
Banning M E. 280 Lexington 
Banning Richard A. clerk, 562 w Lombard 
Banning Robert, salesman. 563 w Lombard 
Bannister Silas II. clerk, 15 Jackson pi 
BANXON MICHAEL, attorney, 32 St. Paul 

dw Anne Arundel co 
Bannon Thomas, potter. 34 n Bond 
Banschek Joseph, lab. Lancaster and Durham 
Bansemer G. A. (W G.B.& Co. )202 w Hoffman 
BANSEMER W G. ft CO. (W. G. and G. A. 

Bansemer,) wholes, grocers and commission 

merchants, 45 German cor Howard 
Bansemer Wm G.(W.G.B.$Co. )365 Madison av 
Bauson Henry, clerk, 45 Gratify 
Banthem Chas. W. carriage mkr. 276 s Charles 
Ban them Ge i. carriage manufr. 57 Henrietta 

dw 276 S Charles 
Banthem James, coach mkr, 276 s Charles 
Bantz Dr. Edward. 22 Columbia 
Bantz Eugene H. tobacconist, 29 n Charles dw 

305 Lexingti n 
Bantz Gideon C. clerk, 21 Columbia. 

SADLER'S Bryant and Stratton BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore' 
Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 



i — 










i— • 







Mutual Life Insurauce Co. of New York, 
i:\.\ 74 BAB 











Bantx Benrj : Mle 

Banta I 


oefitter, '. 1 1 - Durham 
Oburch VI r Yo k rd 

Baptist • Biting and l>>l|>liin 

!■:.! Pratt 
Baptisl Mi~>i.'ii Chapel I*, i : . «• it r Fremont 
I! u|iiol ' . w Pratl '1 

B iqaul Jul 2231 w Pratl 

Bat Lei i cli thin 
A in 

.!, 3fl Pleasant 
od, tailor, J 7 J a Bond 
I! irbareck Joseph, cai lei . i W 

■ eana 
I! irber Pran • 10 w Baltini 

Han 0. ! Lexington 

Barber Benrj G sales oau, u e cor. P\m and : 

I! ilClmore 
Barber Mrs. [sab lift 598 Lexington 
Barber Mrs. John <i. 510 w Baltimore 
Barber John T. dep'y kp'r Penitentiary, 149 s ■ 
Oollington av 

I.Josephine A. dressml r, 456 Saratoga 
It irbei Co lington av 

Barbine Chas B fisherman, 68 Johnson 
Barbine Jacob F bricklayer, 341 b Sharp 
Barbine Wm. S. ship carp. 157 Battery uv 
Bariiour Edward ironworker, 4 Bennett 
Barbour Daniel X. huckster, 37 Chew 
Barbour Geo. clerk, Waverlev 

B irbour Joseph, lab, 11 est ad 

Barbonr Lloyd B. ironroller, 4 Bennett 

mr Philip .1 lient. police, 328 n Bond 
B irbonr Susan B. 58 Preston 
Barbonr Thos. batter, 410 n Gay 
Barbrick Wm. mariner, ii Hammond al 
Barbrick Win. mariner, l 15 Aliceanna 
Barckerl Geo. brewer, 2 Bradford al 
Barclay Charles J. telegraphist, .'!i3e Chase 
l> mln Dr. I '<■ L Hi' ■ B. 165 Ar ryle av 

. Re7. Joseph il 239 w I. inv lie 
Barclay Marcus, engineer, Druid Hill Park 
Bard Thos. P traveling agt. 122 w Lanvale 

il inn Anton, i lilor, 265 Centra] av 
Bardenfielder Geo W. porter, 236 e Lombard 
B mli an i 'has. bookkpr, I 82 e I 
Bardroff Geo. B. clerk, 62 b CheBter 
B irdroff John, p isterer, 46 It ick 

Wood Dealer, 45 Boston Street, 
dw 62 S. Chester. 

iff Pet«»r, pianomkr, rear of 20 Rock. 
BARGAR ,v BRO. (Henry and Washington 
ir,J bricklay rs and builders, 172 Mul- 

IS Franklin 
r Geo W. police, -ill nrielta 
ll.ii trur Barry, bricklayer, 172 Mulberry 
Bargai Henry, (I! .v Bro.) 172 Mulbi rry 
ii II moulder, B i Henrietta 
i, i: ,\: Bro ) ''7 Druid Hill uv 
ian, 1 79 I 'Ii 
ii A. II. Foi '■ i. - 1 1 ii <' : i i 

Barbs 150 Mulberry 

Barhtal Conrad, lab 15 I M ideira .1 
Barirkman Jacob, cedar cooper, 200 e H Itimore 

■ ':n i<ti hi. tboeml lai'b s 

Barke Columbus, tinner, :: _ - Charles 
Bai e John, bo i 

Barker Alfred, patternmaker, 262 n Front 
Barker Bt-nj S. screwman, 178 s Bntaw 
f. 77 n Cba 

irles II. clerk, i Franklin 
Charles W. clerk, 1 7 J a Arlington av 
Barker Charles W. phai ■ Columbia 

Mrs K A I n i larey 
Barker Edward W. (B. 4 Gwaibmey, ) Hnnt- 

Ingdnn av w of < Ibarles-ll 
Rob) W Gwathmey, )flour, grain and com. 
merchts, l Wi 
Barker Geo E. ■■■ \ in manfr. and repairer, IC8 


Barker Graham - 1 as i an, 544 w Fayi 

Barker 11 C. fa >r, 83 i Ann 

Barker Jas H. clerk, 130 w Hoffman 

Barker ('apt. James T mariner, 297 e M 

B irker Mrs, .1 me, 131 n C ilveri 

Btrker John, lab. 138 Eastern av 

Barker John A. real estate agent, .".7 Lexington 
dw 86 n < 'Ii irles 

Barker JoseDh lab 368 n Strieker 

Barker Joseph II. . W tods Weeks & Co. n 

Barker Lewis R pattern mkr, 262 n Front 

Barker Robert, Bhipcarp. B '• 8 Ann 

Barker Wesley, lab. 152 

B iiker Wm. in ichinist, Star 

Barker & W iggner, ( Wm. K. Barker 
W iggner) leaf tob icco, 31 'I i man 

Barker Wm. ser.rt. police, 3 M D B 

Barker Win. 1 Franklin 

Barker Wm C. lab 892 Light 

Barker Wm K. (B.4 Waggner) 172 o Arling- 
ton uv 

Barker Wm. T. clerk, 692 Light 

Barklage Mrs Gertrudi 

Barklage Mrs. Mar| iret, 9f Pearl 

Barklage & Benneman ( John Benneman) pack" 
inj- biixiukis. 1;"> Cowp n al 

Barkley Geo L. provisio is, 267 e Loml ard 

BARKLEY * BASSON (J 0. Barkley, \ 
Basson) c »ffee, leas aud roasted ■ 

B Charles 

Barklei James, bookkpr 43 Eastern av 
Barkley Johu C | B & II i son | 31 1 e Eager 
Barkley Mrs. Matilda, 13 Eastern it 
Barklej Robert, 1r it Eastern iv 
Bai km in (;■•'>. W 164 a I !hai les 
Bark man .1 cob, (B A Lawder,) 164 s Charles 
Bui-kin hi . I is S bookkpr. 53 s Exeter 
Barkman Johu M. brick a er 140 Mulberry 
Barkman .1 isepb, bi c i iver, 1 10 Mulb 
Barkman Joaeph cigarmkr, 4io Mulberry 
It irkm 'ii & Law d< r, i Jacob Barkm in, E 

Lawder, jr ) genl. com. merchts. 116 Light 

ii wh uf 
Barkman 8 iml II clei k. 40 ! 
Barkman Wm II. cig ii mkr, 140 Mulberry 
Bark uayer Fred W. grocery, cor McHenryand 


. lithographer, 177 n < larolina 
Fred, lithographer, 39 Jackson 
Bar age Bei n ird. olerk, 260 Muni torn 
B nl i e Catherine, grocer. \ . ; i; 

e Frank, grocery, 260 Monl irv 

BOLMEfi C >. Engineers' and Machinists* Tools and Supplies, 
Pa Belting, Hose Boiler Felt, Wa be, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &o. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Building. 




Barlage Herman H. 4 Rock , 

Barlage Henry H. jr. milk, 658 Lexington 

Barlage John, milk, 658 Lexington 

Barlev Augustus F. clerk, 46 Druid Hill av 

Barley Geo.. W. engineer, 503 w Lombard 

Barlegps Joseph, mariner, 230 s Ann 

Barley Mrs. Julia, seamstress, 46 Druid Hill av 

Barling Ann. 231 George 

Barling Edward, cup 152 u Betbel 

Barlow Chas. lab. 46 Somerset 

Barlow Francis 0. clerk, Aisquith and Lanvale 

Barlow James W. collector. 73 n Liberty 

Barlow Jas T. paprhngr, Aisquith and Lanvale 

Barlow John II painter, 46 Somerset 

Barlow Joseph M. upholsterer, 34 Brum' 

Barlow Win. F. upholsterer, 157 Jefferson 

Barnard Chas. P., Gibbous hotel 

Barnard Randolph, bricklayer. 92 Myrtle av 

Barnard Louisa, teacher, 84 s High 

Barnard Win. machinist, John nr McMechin 

Barndollar Win, P.(Meixsel & Co. )40u Calhoun 

Barner Drurv J. cigarmkr, 42 n High 

B. truer James, bookbinder; 42 n High: 

Barner Mrs Julia, seamstress, 42 n Hi^h 

Barues Alex. M. lumber insp. 34 West Falls av, 

dw First nr Eastern av 
Barnes Andrew, pi inter, 4! 7 w Lombard 
Barnes A. M. tailor, 54 s Wolfe 
Barnes Benj. F. painter, 89 George 
Barnes C. Fletcher, bookkpr,220 n Carrollton av 
Barnes C. W. bookkpr, 334 e Pratt 
Barnes Charles E. (Hanson P. B. & Son) 283 

Barnes Christopher R. bricklayer, 63 Barnes 
Barnes D. Wilton, clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes Daniel J. blacksmith. Ills Chester 
Barnes Edmund L. printer, 27 s Chester 
Barnes Edwin F. actor, 3 n Hiyh 
Barnes Felix D. butcher, 24 Whatcoat 
Barnes Frank, shipcarp. 41 Covington 
Barnes Frank, shipcarp. 36 Covington 
Barnes Geo A. lab. 155 s Washington 
Chas. E. Barnes) oyster and fruit brokers, 
348 Aliceann i 
Barnes Geo. M. boilermkr, 498 Fort av 
Barnes Hanson P. I H. P B. &Son, ) 283 Gough 
Bines Henry, shipcarp. 41 Covington 
Barnes Hy. A. oyster packer, 98 s Washington 
Barnes Henry C. barkpr. 114 s Fulton 
Barnes Henry W. carp. 399 Lexington 
Barnes J. Henry, conductor, 410 e Fayette 
Barnes J. T. Mason, deputy city collector, 59 

Court! md 
Barnes Jacob S. (Win. R. Barnes & Co.) 10 

B lines J ames, barkpr, 72 s Durham 
Barnes Jas. E. lumber marker, I 55 s Washington 
Barnes James S. moulder. 96 s Carey 
Barnes Jas. B. wheelwright, 155 s Washington 
Barnes Jas. F. lab. 21 I s Chester 
Barnes Jas. H. cabinetmkr, 417 w Lombard 
Barnes John A. barkpr, lis Durham 
Barnes John H. 155 s Washington 
Barnes John H. attorney, 366 e Baltimore 
Barnes John R clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes John R. salesman, 329 e Biddle 
Barues John T, painter, 417 w Lombard 
Barnes John W. millwright, 124 u Schroeder 
Barnes Joseph A. carp. 71 Eastern av 
Barnes Joshua, boilermkr, 417 w Lombard 
Barnes Leakin, mariner, 57 s Gilmor 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOANS 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gray Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamik, 1830. 

This responsible office sti 1 1 continues to make the 

largest loans ou good* of every description and on 

Mbhohandisb in General, ou Lower Kates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 

B TEiyjAivriiv Sc oo. 

Barnes Mrs. Louisa, 73S w Pratt 
Barnes Mrs. M. A. 20 Peirce 
Barnes M. D. miller, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Barnes Michael, lab. 72 s Durham 
Barnes Pratt, lab. 318 Canton av 
Barnes Richard, shipcarp. 425 e Fayette 
Barnes Mrs. Ruth, dressmkr, 136 McElderry 
Barnes S. S. (Hunt, Barnes & Co.) 334 e Pratt 
Barnes Samuel A. carp. 431 Cross 
Barnes Samuel F. moulder, 10 Ramsa\' 
Barnes Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 42 Abev al 
BARNES THOS. H. com. mercht. over 67 s 

Gay, dw 527 Franklin 
Barnes Thomas M. lab. 738 w Pratt 
Barnes Capt. Thos. H. 14 Williamson al 
Barnes Wm carp. 34 n Strieker 
Barnes Wm. lab. 176 s Washington 
Barnes Wm. C. driver, 57 s Exeter 
Barnes Wm. H. packer, 237 Gough 
Barnes Wm. H. lab. 738 w Pratt 
Barnes Wm. J. contractor, 136 McElderry 
Barnes Rev. Win. M. 319 n Eutaw 
BARNES WM. R. & CO. (Wm. R and J. S. 

Barnes,) oyster packers, 130, 132 and 134 

Barnes Wm. R.( Wm.R. Barnes & Co. )10 Barnet 
Barnet Francis M. tinner, 34 s Gilmor 
Barnet Geo. W. clerk Miller's hotel 
Barnet Henry E machinist, 34 s Gilmor 
Barnet John" H. clerk Hollin3 Market, dw 34 

s Gilmor 
Bamett Amelia E. millinery, 70 n Charles 
Barnett Mrs. Eliza, boarding. 42 Columbia 
Barnett J. W. salesman, 264 w Fayette 
Barnett James, caulker, 137 Johnson 
Barnett James H. miller, 87 Oak 
Barnett James T painter, 52 s Collington av 
Barnett John F. wheelwright, 434 Saratoga, dw 

Barnett Samuel, watchman, 1 Layloup 
Barnett Thomas, painter. 52 s C"llington av 
Barnett, Win. clerk, 42 Columbia 
Barnelt Wm. C. bricklayer, 27 L. Church 
Barnett Wm. H. collarm'kr, 27 L. Church 
Barn tt Wm. P. (Wra.P.Bl Co.) Dolphin and 

Park av 
BARNETT WM. P. & CO. ( Wm. P. Barnett) 

apothecaries, Dolphin and Park av 
BARNEY JAMBS H. prest. Baltimore Ware- 
house Co 2 Rialto bag, dw 76 n Charles 
Barnhard John, barber, liar Sinai Cemetery 
Bam hard Valentine, supt. liar Sinai Cemetery, 

Belair av ext 
Barnhart Win. machinist, 16 Lemtnon 
Barnhart Win. N blacksmith, Woodberry 
Barnhill Andrew H. clerk, 364 e Eager 
Barnickel Mrs. Anna, huckstress, 3 Painter ct 













Ex 1 



No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

M atrial Life Insurance Co. of New York. 














Baroickel John, morocoo dresser BS n Chapel 

Barnickel John P cotter, 1 1 5 McElderry 

I* .ru itz A. II bookkeeper D S. Treasury, dw 

lit. Washington 

. lent, 38 G 
Barnits Covington D. attorney, 71 w Fayette, 

da Linden av nr North av 

J rk, 203 ii Carey 
Bai Dili Mrs Leon 
B i roali | l imberland 

• ck( r -i machinist, 2 8 McHenry 

Barnstickei Michael, lab. 278 McHeury 


B i mini III - 20 s Fulton 

BARNUM S i IT-. HOTEL, fronting Calv-rt 

Si Paul mihI Fayette, Ba it u i ii & Co. pro ''rs 

BARNUM A CO proprieiora Barnum'a city 

tio*» 1 1 and F.i ette 

I! ■ i ii ii in Edward T clerk, '.<7 Division 
B •rim i. II II a ilesman, 91 Division 
Barnwell Patrick F clerk, IS Duii n 

i lira R ise. grocer) , 18 Union 
Baroch Anton, tailor. 13 Angle al 
Baroch Joseph, coMchmkr, 'M Harries 

Michael, lailor, 40 B.irnes 
Baron Bernhardt, foreman, 172 s Charles 
Huron J.ilm. machinist, lo Armistead la 

. Edwin G. paints, oils and g;ass, 338 
a Pratt, dw 126 Colombia 
Baroui Ceo. W. Bhoemkr. I>4 Burgundy al 
Ban Bankard, shoemkr, 20 a Collington av 
Barr Daniel, clerk, 215 William 
Barren er Andrew C. grocery, 286 Harford av 
Barranger Francis, gardener, York rd nr first 

Barranger G. W batcher, 34 Centre. 77 Lex- 
n, 63 Hanover and 25 Richmond mkts, 
dw Penna av • xt 

per Geo. W., P una av ext 

Henry (.'. butcher, Penna av ext 
Barranger John, lab. York rd nr first tollgate 
Barranger John A. butcher, 36 Hanover Mkt, 

dw 4o8 Division 
Barranger John F. provisions, s wcor McElderry 

and Spring 
Barranger John L. police, 200 n Wolfe 
Barranger Mrs. Lewis L. -r butcher, 77 Lex- 
ingtou, 34 Centre and 63 Hanover Mkts, dw 
Barranger Lewie L. jr. butcher, 62 Centre, 28 
icton and t>5 Hanover Mkts, dw 265 w 
larranger Thoe. *ergt. police. 196 n Caroline 
Sarranger Wm. hostler] 03 McElderry 
Barranger Zachariab T. cmmkr, 274 Chew 
10 John I), bookkpr, 201 Maryland av 
Barrett Anthony, lab. 48 Fort av 
hirretl k C l.J.B rrrett,Jas Carroll) 

larretl Catharine, milliner, 546 w Payette 

• David, 7 Bran 
Barrett Edward, lab. 62 Sliles 

125 w Lombard 
102 - Begr 
larrett G tb, over 280 w Baltimore, 


B musician, 166 Penna av 
. ler, l 12 u Central av 
i 15 u Fremont 
BARRETT .v. BIGGINS, ( W.D Barrett, J. T. 

■ Baltimore 

Barrett II irrv 0. 49 MrCulloh 

Barrett Jas II peddler, 115 e Monument 

Barrett Oapt. Jus. J. restaurant, 03 South, dw 

34 n Front 
Bat nit Jas. J.(B. k Carroll) Fulton nr Franklin 
Barrett Jas. M. lab. -7 Battery aV 
Barrett Jas. W. hatfinisber, 415 e Eager 
Barrett J is. W. Bhoemkr, 132 n Central av 
Bat rett John, collier, 16 Hull 
Barrett John, lab. 280 Raborg 
Barrett John, jr attorney, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett John, groo ry, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett lohn II. mariner, 1K» Battery av 
B unit John L. 36 1 Eden 
Barrett John S. elassblower, I3fl Bidgely 
Ban- tt Margaret B. is g Fremont 
Barrett Margaret M. 168 Lanvale 
Barrett Mai tin, lab. 129 - 
Barrett Martin, lab 19 Pleasant al 
Birrett Michael lab, 2 Foundry 
Barrett Nathan (B., Nephews, & Co.) Staten 

Island N. V. 

tban.Edwaidand Joa Heal A.C.Wood)Staten 

Island, fancy dyeing establishment, 110 w 

Barrett Patrick, lab. 110 Duucm al 
Barrett Thomas fish, 371 8 Eutaw, dw 373 
Barrett Thomas, messenger, 62 Stiles 
Barrett Wm. telegraphist, 355 Lexington 
Barrett Wm. D. (B..ii Higeins) 49 McCullob 
Barrett Wm. 11 junk. B4 a Poppleton 
Barrett Win T clerk. 8M Exchange pi 
Barrick Eugene C. iJolm A Homer & Co.) 305 

W Lanvale 
Barrickman. Mrs Lh anor, 109 n Paca 
Bar ri ore Geo. dry goods, 131 a Gay 
Barrington E. P. jr. bookkpr, 003 w Fayette 
Barringtoo Kdward P. bookkpr 663 w Fayette 
Barrington Frank, clerk, 95 Colombia 
Barrington Frank, 1 97 Maryland av 
Barroll A. S. draughtsman, 28 w Rager 
Barroll Benj. C. attorney, 23 Lexington, dw 

28 w Eager 
Barroll Benj. jr. (G.Meredith k Co. 1 agent 

Oonnellsville Gas Coal Co. 25 1 Gay, dw 285 

n Charles 

Barroll Edmund, dry goods, agent, 20 s Sharp, 

dw 280 Madison nv 

Barroll Frederick, clerk, 286 Madison av 

Barroll J. W I 1 (J W. Barroll,) real estate 
brokers 68 « Fayette 

Barroll .las. W. (J. W B.AOo.)286 Madison av 
Barroll Wm. V attorney, 08 w Fayette, dw 280 

Madison av 
Barro Edward T. boraeshoer, 323 m Biddle 
Barron .las. bookbinder, 134 Harford av 
Barron Jas.|>. 137 b Lombard 
Barron John, cat p B9 A rg« le av 
Barron John, (John B A Son.) ~:> 1 Paca 
Barron John II. clerk, 39 Richmond. 
B u ron Dr. k rgj le av 

Barron .lohn A Sou. (John and R. W. Barron,) 

(i - 1 1 and produce, 10 Fish Ma<kelsp 
Barron Roger W. (John B. A Son,) 123 s Paca 
Barron Samuel II. clerk, Point la nr Jenkins la 
I Barron Tbos. painter, 1 46 George l 
1 Tbos. I». 169 w Lombard 
Barron Tbos. F reterinariau, '.'7 Argyleav 
Barron Tbos F. jr. veterinarian, !>7 Argyle av 
Barron Tbos. J. ladies and children's suits, 63 



iit at Sad -iness College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles Street. 

Largest Li fe Ins. Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt 



Barron Wm. D. salesman, 169 w Lombard 
Burrow A. R. clerk, Mansion bouse 
Barrow Francis, lab. Wolfe nr Biddle 
Barrow Jacob F. washing machines, 13 n Gay, 

dw John nr Spring 
Barrow Thos. H. salesman, 517 w Fayette 
Barrows Peter, fireman, 115 Lancaster 
Barry Mrs. Arietta, 5u3 w Fayette 
Barry Mrs. Catherine, 9 w Chase 
BARRY & CATHCART, (Wm. R. Barry and 
A. Roszel Cathcart, J insurance agents and 
bro kers, 16 Second 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, 16 
Second St., opp. Postoffice. 

BARRY & HOOGEWERrF, (J. 0. Barry, S. 
E. Huogewerff, ) merchandise brokers, 4 
Grocers' Exchange, Commerce 
Barry Dennis J, plumber, 37 Valley 
Barry Emory clerk, 360 w Fayette 
Barry Geo. G. clerk, 5o3 w Fayette 
Barry Geo. E. clerk, 36U w Fayette 
Barry Heury A. sales agt for Susquehanna Coal 

Co. 26 Postoffice av, dw 66 n Paca 
Barry J. Marshall, produce, 205 w Pratt, dw 57 

S Mbarp 
Barry Jas. clerk, 139 German 
Barry Jas. clerk, 525 w Lombard 
Barry Jas. clerK, 37 Valley 
Barry Jas. S. jr. plumber, 37 Valley 
Barry J. Casey, (B.&uoogewertt, ) 11 McCulloh 
Barry John, .can maker, 126 McHenry 
Barry John, clerk, 173 w Lombard 
Barry John, huckster, 63 L. Montgomery 
Barry John W. clerk. 503 w Fayette 
Barry Joshua H. salesman, 297 Mosher 
Barry Lawrence, lab. 6 s Central av 
Barry Mrs. Mary, grocery, 126 McHenry 
Barry Mrs. Mary, 3 Watson 
Barry Patrick T. plumber, 149 Dolphin, dw 37 

Barry Airs. Robert C. 88 w Biddle 
Barry Robert, clerk, 3 Watson 
Barry Samuel H. varuisher, Point la nr York rd 
Barry Staudish, currier, 85 Warner 
Barry Virginia. 182 Division 
Bany Wm. millwright, 126 McHenry 
Barry Wm. porter, 44 Rock 
Barry Wm. A. (Jus. Carrick & Co.) 66 n Paca 
Barry Win. R. ^B. £ Cathcart, ) 310 Lexington 
Barry Wm. T. collarmaker, 44 Rock 
Barschdorf Wm. priuter, 115 e Lombard 
Bartansek Joseph, lab. 282 s Dallas 
Bartsch Frederick, boxmaker, 700 Ramsay 
Bartschdorf Gotfriedjlinenw'vr, 115 e Lombard 
Bartel Philip, lab. 153 Madeira al 
BARTELL CHRISTOPHER, saloon, 3 n Fred- 
Bartell L. E. flour and grain, 93 e Pratt 
Bartell Mrs. Sophia, 144 e Lombard 
Bartells Mrs. Elizab. tobacconist, 326 e Lombard 
Bartells Heury, cigarmkr, 24 Callender al 
Bartells Henry, police. 326 e Lombard 
Bartells John, locksmith, 156 Hollins 
Bartenbacker Geo. P. junk, 909 w Pratt 
Barteus Fredk, bark'pr, 1 s Frederick 
Bartgis Chas. C. bookpr, 329 e Biddle 
Bartgis John If. clerk, 128 n Exeter 
Bartgis Mrs. Mary C. 128 n Exeter 
Bartgis Mrs. Sophia E. 329 e Biddle 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. &ay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This reeponsibleofficestill continues tomake the 
lar-estloans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city 


Barth Chris, boots and shoes, 182 Lexington 
Barth C. S. grocery, 89 s Fremont 
Barth Daniel, harnessmkr, 8 St. Mary 
Barth Edwin, huckster, 87 Lexington 
Barth Mrs. Elizabeth, 215 Gou^h 
Barth Francis M. trunkmkr, 89 s Fremont 
Barth Fiederick, butcher, 14 Calverton rd 
Barth Henry, beet, 48 Hanover 
Barth Herman A. stonecutter. Belair av ext 
Barth John, marble cutter. Belair av nr Balti- 
more cemetery 
Barth Louis, blacksmith, 215 Gough 
BARTH SAMUEL, com. merclit. and importer 
of liquors, wines, cigars, &c, (pres't Union 
Banking Co.) i.ffice 21 South, dw 316 Lex- 
BaiihTbos. M painter, 89 s Fremont 
Barth Wm. lab. "l 79 s Bethel 
Barth Wm Y. clerk, 182 Lexington 
Barth. 1 Fredk. teacher, 101 n Eden 
Bartholomaei C. G. cabinetmkr, luO Cathedral, 

dw 13 w Chase 
Bartholomaei Geo. clerk, 251 Franklin 
Bartholomaei Geo cabinetmkr, 147 s Spring 
Bartholomee John J. cigarpacker, 188 Lanvale 
Bartholomee T. M & Co. (T. M. Bartholomee.) 

produce, 99 vv Lombard 
Bartholomee Theodore M. (T. M. B. &,Co.) cor 

Mulberry and Caiey 
Bai tholotneus Geo. printer, 24 Cove al 
Bartholomew Mrs. Leonard, cabinetmkr, 249 

Bartholomew Godfrey, cooper, 47 Haropstead 
Bartholomew Henry, salesman, 32 Whatcoat 
Bartholomew Justus, tailor, 72 Gough 
Bartholomew Thos. J. harnessmkr, 537 n Gay 
Bartbolow Andrew J. passenger a^t,Penn R.R. 
62 n Poppleton 
| Bartholow Hester A. 62 n Poppleton 
; Bartholow John, butcher, 367 Lexington 
Bartholow J. M. C. (Chase, B. & Co.) N. Y. 
Bartholow Sainl. carp. 346 Franklin 
Bartlett Chas. W. boatbuilder, 215 William 
Bartlett David L. (B.,Robbins& Co.)57 Hollins 
Bartlett Edwd. L (B.,Robbins& Co. )28 Hollins 
Bartlett George W. B. coal and wood, 1 Park 

av, dw 31 Franklin 
Bartlett J. Kemp, Carrollton hotel 
Bartlett James, boatbuilder, foot Montgomery, 

dw 424 Light 
Bartlett James F. jr. boatbuilder, 108 West 
Bartlett Dr. Joseph T. apothecary, Bayview 

asylum, dw 171 n Carrollton av 
BARTLETT, ROBBIN3 & CO. (D.L. Bartlett, 
H.W. Robbius) wholes, stove warehouse and 
architectural iron works and heating appa- 
ratus, 24 Light, foundry Pratt and Scott 




BOOKKEEPING Thoroughly and Practically TAUGHT 
At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 





















Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




I — 

>— • 
















liartlett Mrs. Marj . 16 n High 
|:.iril. tt ksmitb, l '■ 

Bar. Win. I Vim's R. C. 

church, York rd 

■; Win. K. clerk, k>j n Howard 
o Ubuilder, 311 Hunk 
Ba< iman Catherine, 49 i Bond 
I5.ii tin .n Christopher, brassA - Bond 

Barimau Joiiii r. brooaamaker, 19 i Bond 
1! ii tmao Win. P. cigai n 
Bartol A Bockmiller, (H. B. Bartol, Win. P. 

Bocktniller) carriage manors. 94 n Culvert 
Burtol Uenrj B (B. 4 Bockmiller) 219 Aiaquitb 
Bartol James L chief judge Court of Appeals, 

Ul IV 

Bar tol John, tailor, 151 Dover 

. Mrs. Sophia a.. 61 I lonrtland 
Barton An In « 0. aailmaker, 96 Granby 
Barton Baal B. (Barton >v rlepner,) 517 n Gay 

Barton Dr. Boiling W. 117 W Mudisou 

Barton Cecil ins, gatekeeper, 169 s Chnpel 

Barton Daniel, miller, Ramsay ext 

Barton Daniel 1'. bookkpr, 285 e Baltimore 

Barton Bdward, processor, 369 Canton av 

liarton Esau, miller, 6 e Baltimore 

Barton Frank, lab. 24k a Bond 

Barton Frank jr. lab. J IS i Bond 

Barton Geo. machinist, Drnidville 

Barton Geo. tailor, 258 u Central av 

Barton Greenbury, 46 Granby 

Barton Hy. E. 44i» e Lombard 

Burton Ignatius D. printer, 121 n Eden 

Barton Jacob, miller, Falls id above tollgate 

Burton Jus. shipjoiner, 145Gough 

Bui ton .las. I. merchant tuilor, 65 w Fayette, 

dw 285 e Baltimore 
Barton Jennings, Bbipjoiner, 86 s Chester 
Barton John T. builder, Cottage av ur York rd 
Barton Joseph, wagoner, 152 n Spring 
Burton Joseph G. barber, 108 e Monument 
Barton Joshua, vainisher, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Burton Joshua, finisher, 259 William 
Burton Julius, tailor, 3 Spring it 
Burton & Bepner, (Beat R. Burton, T. II. Kep- 

ner,)prodncecom. merchts,2 Bowly's whf 
Barton Martin, lab. 18 Potomac 
Barton Mrs. M u*y, 309 Canton av 
Barton Patrick, capper, 369 Canton av 
Barton Randolph, (B. & Wilmer) 121 Bolton 
Barton Rebecca, 258 e Madison 
Barton Samuel, ship carp. 423 e Lombard 
Barton Samuel J. carp. Madison nr Ann 
Burton Mrs. Sarah, boarding, e Baltimore 

Barton Seler, gatekeeper, io'j a Chapel 
Barton Setli, drrrer, Caroline and Chew 
15 irton Tlmd. J. theatric il agt.24? a Baltimore 
Bai tun Tbeo. employment agent, 106 w Fayette 
Burton Thou. L. machinist, 2 i a Schroeder 
Barton Willard Q. grocery 17 ■ Strieker 
BARTON ft WILMER, fR. Barton, S. Wilmer) 
attorm ys, 85 Bt. 1'aul 

/. idiui iuh, lab. 213 n Oaroline 

Bartow Rev. Evelyn, 226 n Eutaw 
B. u Hum Win. potter, 201 n Bond 

\' I'll, blksmltb, 142 a Oentral av 
■ irlstopber, shlpcarp. 8 s Chester 
>■, upholsterer, 150 i Ann 

II r John, upholsterer, lol Jackson sq av 
Burtz Cbas. P. bookkeeper, 342 a Chase 

B iSCOm P. tuilor. :;l I'.irkin 

Basal Joseph, iboemkr, 7o n Durham 
•.. Joseph, lab. 70 a ffolre 

Bum h B. secondhand goods, 349 s Charles 
Bascbke Hugo, tailor, 12 Walker 

Daniel I'. bakery, 7.") n Arlington s»t 
Bash Bdward II. 248 Myrtle as 
Bei rv m. B2 w Monument 
Bash John II. i Patterson ft B. ) 244 Linden av 
Bashak Thorn is, iboemkr, 32 Than 
Basbam Henry, sailmaker, 21 Porrestpl 
Busier Frederick, cigarmaker, Frederick rd nr 
Culver ton rd 

BaslerJoha l'. grocery, 267 Mulberry 
; Mathias, cooper, 127 Lemmon 

".is. Annie. 82 s Ann 

barles, clothing, 225 1 Broadway 

Bass Joseph, blksuiith, York id nr Waverley 

Base Slgmund, uotions, 6 Coiumbla 

Bass Simon D. cleik, 193 w Pratt 
3imon D. clerk, 6 Columbia 
1 0. jeweler, 221 e Payette 

Bassetl Freeman, boilennaker, 70 William 

bassett John B. mariner, 16.". s Wolfe 

Bassett Richard, collector, 62 n Front 

Bassetl Wm. huckster, 47 York 

BASSHOB THOMAS C. ft 00. (T. 0. Basshor, 
W. Stebbins) eng'rs and maniifs. heating 
apparatus. 28 Light. — I See Advertisement. 

Basshor Thomas C. (T. 0. Basshor & Co.) 269 
Linden av 

Bast John, upholsterer, 68 Oxford 

Bast John, machinist, 121 Hollius 

Bast John, bakery ami grocery, 98 e Lombard 

Bast Mrs. Louisa, 121 Hollius 

Bust Win. buker, 98 e Lombard 

Bastable A. N. & Co. (A.N. and G.M. Beatable) 

cattle dealers, Calverton drove yard 
Bastable Alvin N. (A.N.B. &. Co.)' 50 McCulloh 
Bastable G. M. (A.N.B. & Co.) 7a. 
Bastanelli Mrs. Ada, boarding, 92 S.iratoga 
Bastert Mrs. Augusta, varieties, 35 s Canuou 
Bastert Win. moulder, 35 s Cannon 
Bastinelli Mrs. Rose, children's clothing, 63 e 

BaswitZ Cbas. clerk, 81 n Bxeter 
Busvvitz Moritz, clerk, 81 n Exeter 
Batehelor Andrew J. shipcarp. 250 a Pratt 
Batchelor Benj. B. sailmkr, 222 a Lombard 
Batehelor Mrs Catherine, 7u Druid Hill av 
Batchelor Cbas. M. iboemkr, 176 Hanover 
Batchelor Christopher 0. lumber, 421 n Gay 

Batchelor Mrs. F.liza, 7 Cambridge 

Batchelor Bdward, barkpr, 88 Aisquith 
Batchelor George, coachmen, 72 Maryland nv 
Batchelor Geo. F. clerk, 222 a Lombard 
Batchelor John, fisherman, 16 West 
Batchelor John, oysterman, 46 Weal 
Batchelor John, mariner, 249 William 
Batchelor John A. lab. 257 William 
Batchelor Joseph a. .■oi Aisouith 
Batchelor Joseph P. clerk, I61 1 1. mover 
Batchelor Mrs. Kate, 268 William 
Batehelor Laura L. 222 a Lombard 

Batchelor Louis P. messenger Adams' Express, 

Penna av 
Batchelor Martin, lab. 261 William 
1; tchelor Mrs Mary A. confeot'y, 421 d Gay 
Batchelor Samuel K. oysters, h7 n Ann 
Batchelor Wallace, upholsterer, 167 Hanover 
Batchelor Wm. j uii t. .r , 2.>n <• Pratt 
Batchelor Wm. A. clerk, 167 Hanover 

Batchelor Wm. N. moulder, 7 Cumbridge 

Batchen Albert (' clerk, 14 (ieorge 
Batcben Conrad, bookkpr, 14 (Jeorge 

HOLMES <ft CO., Engineers, and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-en'l Agt. 




Bateman Benj.M. G. tin and sheet iron \vorker> 

270 Light, dw 207 Johnson 
Bateuian Chits. E. clerk, Waverley 
Bateman Frank, clerk, Franklin hotel 
Bateman Francis T. coach painter, 235 Chew 
Bateman Gotleib, shoemkr, McElderrv ext 
Bateman & Hooper, (Wm.H. Bateman, Frank X. 
Hooper, | printers' machinists, basement cor 
Fayette and Holliday 
Bateman Harry, clerk, 142 e Monument 
Bateman Howard A. clerk, 413 e Eager 
BaieiUiiu Howard A. clerk, 179 Aisquith 
Bateman Jus. J.bookkpr, Gorsuch av, Waverley 
Bateman James S. tobacco and confectionery, 

Bateman John L. boilermkr, 242 Hollins 
Bateman Jos. E. prop'r Franklin hotel, n e cor 

High and Hillen 
Bateman Samuel B. driver, rear 224 Light 
Bateman Samuel B. jr. fireman, 226 Light 
Bateman Samuel B. sr. moulder, 226 Light 
Bat< mau Samuel D. printer, 212 Harford av 
Bateman Saml. H. coachmkr, 361 Lexington 
Bateman Mrs. Sarah, 4 Sterrett 
Bateman Thos. B. grocery, 115 u High, dw 209 

Bateman Win, H. (B. & Hooper) 144 Harford av 
Bateman Wm. H. clerk, 261 n Dallas 
Bateman Wm. L. 235 Chew 
Bateman Wm. W., U. S. N. 235 Chew 
Bates Dr. B. tonic beer, factory 80 Centre Mar- 
ket sp, office n e cor Baltimore and Charles, 
dw 399 Madison av 
Bates EdvvB. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 400 Light 
Bates Edward E. moulder. 21 Parkin 
Bates F. L. carp. 65 s Eden 
Bates Frank E. clerk, 399 Madison av 
Bates Herman, machinist, 52 n Eden 
Bates Dr. J. Anson, orthopedic surgeon, 203 

Madison av 
Bat, s Dr. J. W. P. 73 e Baltimore, dw 42 
Bales James, painter, 489 w Lombard 
BATES JAMES sr. iron founder and patentee 
of Bates' safety elevator and hoisting wheel, 
manuf.corPratt and President, dw 8 s Broad- 
way — [See advertisement, inside front Cover 
Bates Jas. 0. ( Wm.H.Heunegan <f Co.) Wheel- 
ing, W. Va. 
Bates James W. clerk, 20 s Broadway 
Bates James W. coal shipper, 8 Irvine pi 
Bates John, puddler, 17 Clement 
Bates John, bookkpr, 13 s Broadway 
Bates Joshua A. machinist, 20 s Broadway 
Bates Rev Lawrence W. 400 Light 
Bates O. D. clerk, 89 Mosher 
Bates Wilbur F. paUernmkr, 8 s Broadway 
Bates Win. F. carp, 8 s Broadway 
Batbam Eugene H. blacksmith, 116 n Schroeder 
Bathgate Charles, fireman, 572 Hanover 
Bathschatis Albert, shoemkr, 9 Barnes 
Batbschatia Henry A. agent, 258 e Monument 
Bathmst John G. 45 Mt. Vernon pi 
Baikins John L. tinner, 78 Battery av 
Batscbe Henry, cabinetmkr, 14 President 
Batsctaing Henry, lab. 120 Lancaster 
Batsching John, lab. 24 Walker 
Bataon Benj. F. janitor, Star hotel 
Battee Richard Ridgely, attomev, 5 St. Paul, 

dw 327 Druid Hill av 
Battee John, carp. 16 s Castle 
Battee John R. fire dept. 138 e Lombard 
Batten C. Norman, clerk, 247 Lanvale 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

<Iim Sams to Suit, at $yj 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 




Batten Orlando B. teacher, 247 Lanvale 
Batten Samuel, 247 Lanvale 
Battenfield Anna, confectionery, '409 Canton av 
Battenfield Daniel, chairmkr, 409 Canton av 
Battenfield Daniel, tailor, 98 Leadenhall 
Battenfield Geo. lab. 160 s Collington av 
Battenfield Henry, huckster, 218 Eastern av 
Batterden Patrick, lab. 8 Willow 
Battin Hantaan, notions, 3 s Exeter 
Battinger Win. butcher, Baker nr Gilmor 
Battonfield Wm. shipping office, 14 Fell, dw 

Canton av nr Broadway 
Battram Thos. waiter, 107 Pearl 
Batty Joseph W. engineer, 162 Bank 
Batz Maggie, grocery, 24 Clinton 
Batz Nicholas, lab. 24 Clinton 
Batzer Anton, tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer Frederick, tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer George, tailor 225 e Eager 
Batzer George, beer, 4 Pleasant 
Batzer John, ironmoulder, 225 e Eager 
Batzer John, tailor, 243 e Eager 
Batzer Johu jr. tailor, 243 e Eager 
Batzer John C. tailor, 208 e Eager 
Batzer John G. tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer Mrs. Mary, grocery, 225 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph, tailor, 208 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph A. cutter, 307 n Eden 
Batzler J. F. 110 German 
Batzold Chas. saddlemkr, 172 s Durham 
Batzold Fred, baker, 172 s Durham 
Batzold Wm. lab. 172 s Durham 
Bau John, carp. Garrison la nr Frederick av 
Baublitz Geo. F. shoemkr, Clifton nr the Park 
Bauch Mrs. Elizabeth, 239 e Eager 
Bauchardt Charles, cigarmkr, 75 n Eutaw 
Bauchardt Simon W. parasols and umbrellas, 

75 n Eutaw 
Baucherding J. H. clerk, 195 Hanover 
Bauduin Gotfried, clerk, 106 Frederick av 
Bauer Adam, cabinetmkr. 427 Cross 
Bauer Adam, cooper, 21 s Durham 
Bauer Dr. G. H., Woodberry 
Bauer Alex. H. telegraphist, 211 George 
Bauer Andrew, grocery, 163 n Eutaw 
Bauer Casper, shoemkr, 31 n Chapel 
Bauer Christopher, baker, 204 Eastern av 
Bauer Daniel, tailor, 470 e Monument 
B;iuer Ernst, cabinetmkr, 39 Milliman 
Biuer Francis, grocery, 68 Bank 
Bauer Frank, Baker nr Gilmor 
Bauer Frank, wirewkr, 61 Myrtle av 
Bauer Ferdinand, wirewkr, 2*3 1 ^ Mulberry 
Bauer Fredk, beer, cor Chesapeake and Elliott 
Bauer Frederick W. liqours, cor Jackson sq av 

and Wolfe 
Bauer Geo. shoemkr, 84 n Central av. 



No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 













O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 













n av 

• cabinetmkr, 826 \^ Baltimore 
it. hut George K. dairj . 6 n Pine 

• L. tailor, 259 n Gay 
B IU< r Hint icr 

Henry, il iritt, Belair av ezl 

k av 
Bauer Jacob, ,-ln i-ii. kr, I9u ■ Chapel 
Bauer John, blksmitb, 323 Park n» 
15 in. -i John, painter, 166 t Spring 
I! .ui-i John , a bi - I 16 Light 

John, broommkr, 61 Lancaetet 
B iner John, ■ av 

Bauer John, grocer/, - -7 <• M moment 
I mtofl av 

John, lab. 308 Canton av 
Baner John, tailor, 390 n Ceniral av 

John A. n ire cloth manufr. go s Calverl 
; M ynii' av 
Baser John A. confectionery, 57 Harford av 

John B. tinner, 2 >9 a Gay 
B ner John I! cooper, 5 a Chapel 
Bauer John C. wireclotb maker, 24 1 Argjle av 
i; mi r John II. clerk. 257 e Monument 
Bauer Joseph, clerk, Belair av cxi 
Bauer Joseph, conductor, <r. i Light 
Bauer Peter, driver, 7<; Woodyear 
Bauer Theodore, grocery, 37 Hillen 

•■ Joseph, lab. 93 Johnson 
Baoermand Sigmund, cooper, 177 b Eden 
Bauernfeind Cbristolf, lab. Clinton A Lancaster 
Bauernfeind Henry, lab. 15 b Durham 
Bauernfeind John, beer, 70 s Wolfe 

•chmidt Conrad, cigarmkr, 127 Hudson 
Bauernscbmidt Geo. rags, 113 s Castle 
Bauernschmidt George, brewer, and lager beer 

on, Belair av nr Greenwood park 
Bauernscbmidt John jr. brewer. 803 w Pratt 
Bauernschmidt John, brewer, foot Ridgely, and 

w Pratt 
Bauerncbub John, lab 333 Eastern av 
i 1 1. ."> Sterrett 
Robert, baker, 88 McKim 
Bauerscbaub Geo. cooper, 362 McDonogh 
Bauersfeld Fredk. beer, 65 Park av 

• Id Win. baker, 239 n Gay 
Bauersfeld Wm. buker, !• Walker 
Baugh 1 ilizers, tc. 103 South 

Baugbei Mi*. J. C, Bt. Junes hotel 

Baugber .lame.--, carp. 96 George 
Bang her Joseph, clerk, 90 Mulberry 

t Joshua W. I inner, 461 e Chase 

Baugber Wm. II propr. Three Tun.- hotel 
Baugbman Obas W. painter, 1 24 n Bchroeder 
Baugbman .v Co. (John W. Baugbman, John 

D. Lisli ) paioters, 31 Lexington 
Baugbmata Daniel, carp. 688 Saratoga 
Baugbman Geo. pianoiukr, 188 Henrietta 
Baughmun Geo. F. ■boemkr, 120 Harmony la 
Baugbman John II. 134 n Bchroeder 
Baugbman v7.(B k <'o | B2 q Bchroeder 
Bangb man Joseph K. |>ainter, 184 n Scbroeder 
Baugbman Samuel II. clerk, :t Albemarle 

man Samuel II. clerk, ;i7 Peuna. av 
Baugbman Win paperhanger, 239 Lexington 

i ..i Anton, tailor, II- Somerset 

Bauta "i- Wm. tailor, 58 Portland 
Baubn Gotleib, lab 1 40 Bank 
Baukhagc I l. clerk, 100 Light 
li.uilauf John, lab. IS Abbott 
Baum Catherine, milliner, 311 Saratoga 

Bauui Mr.-. Elisabeth, 311 Saratoga 
Baum BI en, dry goods, 81 Pearl 
Baum Ernest, bairworker, l furrow 
Baum Fred, cabinetmkr, 77 .- Wolfe 
Baum Frederick S. brickluyer, a>x Goo 

Baum Ceo. Bhucker, 4 T < "• Canton av 

Baum Geo I tb. 19 Whali oat 

Baum Hannah, 88 Pearl 

Baum Isaac, grocery, '..'7 e Payette 

I! i u ii i John, lab. 59 Gough 

Hi ii iii John, cooper, -i7>; Canton av 

Baum Joim II. 49 Wbatco >t 

Baum Kushman, butcher, 8 Fella Point mkt, 

dw f. 54 e I'.i ) • 

Biuin Lew i.-, painter, 311 Saratoga 
Baom Saml. glacier, 112 e Lombard 

Baum Valentine, shoefitter, 131 I'eirce 

Baum Wm. 0. bookkpr, 211 Saratoga 
Bauman Mrs Annie, millinery, l 10 n Butaw 
I. luu.ui ci, as. musician, I2u Aisquitb 
Bauman Geo. lab. 162 Preston 
Bauman John, carp. 146 n Butaw 
I;, in in in John, lab. 7 Pol tugal nl 
Baumann August, stove liner, 156 Dover 
Bauman n George, lab. 15C Dover 
Haimiinn John, cooper, 222 Frederick av 
Baumann John T. musician, 333 e Madison 
Baumann Nicholas, sboemkr, 37 Butler 
Baumann Philip, beer. 43 n Frederick 
Baumbacfa Andrew, tailor, 58 n Caroline 
Baumbach 0. H. sboemkr, Calve! ton rd nr Cal- 
verton hotel 

Baumbach Henry, clerk, 5 1 2 w Pratt 
Baumeister Ann M. grocery, 2i8 Aliceanna 
Baumeister Fred, boxmkr, 22A s Ann 
Baumeister Fritz, tavern, 114 Thames 
Baumeister Henry, clerk, Jit< Aliceanna 
Baumeister Wm. clerk, 2 1 H Aliceanna 
Baumer Catherine, Clinton nr Elliott 
Baumer Leonard, lab. Clinton nr Elliott 
Baumer Sigmund, cooper, 177 s Eden 
Baumgart Catherine, coufect'ry, 20.-; Hanover 
Baumgart Jacob, cabinetmkr, ->'< 3 Hanover 
Baumgarteu t barles, cabinetuikr, ir>7 b Eden 
Baumgarteo Chat. C. barber, 167 - Eden 
Baumgarten Henry, tailor, 454 w Pratt 
Baumgarteu S. k Son (Seiig i Wm. Baumgar- 
ten) engravers, 5 Postoffice av 
Baumgarien Selig, (S B. at Son,) 46 e Fayette 
Baumgarteu Win (S. B. A Son,) 45 e Fa; 
Baumgartuer Adam, lab. 148 Johnson 
Bauiugartnei Andrew, beer, 47 Albemarle 
Baumgart ner Andrew jr. clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner John, bakery, 16 Gough 
Bauragartner John, provisions, Bond and Eager 
Baumbauer Edward, cabinetuikr, over 3 

.1 ,\ 11 Baker cl 
Baumbauer GuStaVUS, liquors, 452 Saratoga 

Baumbauer Balpb, cabluetmkr, 9 Baker ct 
Baumbauer Robert, printer, 9 Bakei cl 
Baumuller John, sboemkr, 3J'.' William 

B.nir Henry, ineicht. tailor, 387 n Howard 

Baureisi Fredk. brewer, Belnirav ezl 
Baureisi John, saloon, 25 w Pratt 
Bam Conrad, huckster, 18 Penna av 

Baus John II. hostler, 13 Brown la 
Bausch Chns. huckster, Cl Short 

. Christian, lab. 62 Bboi I 
Bausch Conrad, lab ik:i - Cbs ter 
Bausch Geo cooper, 188 ■ ( Ibvctar 
Bausch John, blacksmith, 189 s Chester 

her Geo. leed, 431 Cross 


Superior Facilitiep at Sadler's BuRiness College. 

Insurance Agents an d Brokers, Am er ican Building. 
~BAU 81 BAY 

Bauscher Valentine, cutter, 228 n Wolfe 

Bausmim Lawrence H. 98 Fort av 

Bausiuan Wai. mariner, 25-1 e Pratt 

Bausmith Chas. moulder, 41 e Biddle 

Baux Mrs. C. dressmkr, 171 n Eutaw 

Bawden John H. casbr. Second National Bank, 

d\v 108 a Broadway 
Bawden John, 108 n Broadway 
Bawn James, 97 Peirce 
Bawn John, maltster, 170 s Central av 
Bawn Thomas, 97 Peirce 
BAXLEY Dr. CLAUDE, 288 Madison av 
Baxley Mrs. Eliza, 165 Chesnut 
Baxley Geo. plasterer, 5 Parrish 
Baxley I. Rieman, 197 n Howard 
Baxley James, blacksmith, 65 s Monroe 
Baxley J. Brown, (J. Brown Baxley & Son,) 

Madison av and McMechin 
BAXLEY J. BROWN & SON, (J. B and J. B. 

Baxley jr.) pharmacists, a e cor Madison av 

and McMechin 
Baxley Jackson B. jr. (J.Brown Baxley & Son,) 

Madison av and McMechin 
Baxley Mrs. Sarah, 106 Orleans 
Baxley Win. H. tinner, 125 Hollins 
BAXTER & BIRD, (Thos. W. Baxter, W. E. 

Bird,) tobacco com. merchts. 12 Commerce 
Baxter James W. cooper, 111 n Caroline 
Baxter Jos. V. bailiff tax dept. 313 William 
Baxter Mary, dressmkr, 68 Jackson sq av 
Baxter Michael, lab. 344 Hanover 
Baxter Thos. W. (B. & Bird,) Albion house 
Baxter Win. watchman, 25 Thames 
Baxter \\ tu. stonecutter, 45 Preston 
Baxter Wm. cooper, 122 Orleans 
Baxter Win. P. lab. 68 Jackson sq av 
Bay Courtney, 219 w Hoffman 
Bay Geor-e E. wholes, tobacco and cigars, 40 

Light, dw 219 w Hoffman 
BAY & HEIM, (J.H.Bay, W G.Heim, ) general 

com. merchants, 51 South 
Bay James H. (B. & Heim,) 211 Franklin 
Bay Joliu W. grain com. mercht. 39 and 41 s 

Frederick, dw 16 n Bond 
Bay Uliver, carp. 211 Franklin 
Bayard R. B. (Jas. Knox <J- Co.) 41 Cathedral 
Bayer August, lab. 53 Lancaster 
Bayer Geo. shoemkr, 113 s Wolfe 
Bayer Geo. restaurant, Madison av nr North av 
Bayer Geo. mercht. tailor, 453 w Baltimore 
Bayer Geo. C. confectionery, 182 Barre 
Bayer Joseph, bill poster, 164 s Regester 
Bayer Leonard, cutter, 132 Saratoga 
Bayer Martin, barber, 80 e Lombard 
Bayeux John, tobacconist, 230 e Fayette 
Bayfieid James, 93 n Fine 
Bayler Albert, butter, 325 n Gay 
Bayles Larubdin, conf'ec'y, 272 w Biddle 
Bayiess John T. carp. 226 Harford av 
Bay ley Chas. grocery, 22 n High 
Bay ley Chas. jr. 22 n High 
Bay ley Chas. 280 McDonogh 
Bayley Henry, 42 Cumberland 
Bay ley Jacob W. 448 e Fayette 
Bayley Most Rev. James R* archbishop of Bal- 
timore, 106 n Charles 
Bayley John, weaver, 261 n Wo'fe 
Bay ley R. P.(R. P. B.& Co.) 633 w Lombard 
Bayley R. P. & Co. (R. P. Bayley. J. E. Ellis,) 

china, glas3 and queensware, 20 Hanover 
Baylies A. R. 573 w Fayette 
Baylies Chas. F.(C.F.B.^Bro.)400 e Baltimore 

Y! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. > 

Established by the lato Levi Benjamin, 1830. £- * 
This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the 
largestloans on goods of every description and on H-j 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of ^ 
charges than any other office in this city. O 

= f> 
i — I 



Baylies Chas. F. k Bro.(C. F. and E. Baylies,) 

grocers, s e cor Eden and Jefferson 
Baylies Edw. (C. F. B. & Bro.) 70 n Carey 
Baylies Ceo. II. grain, 127 McElderry whf, dw 

22 Aisquith 
Baylies James L. bookkpr, 192 n Calhoun 
Bay lies James T. clerk, 22 Aisquith 
Baylies Jno.H.(Hunirichonse,B.&Co. )79nCarey 
Baylies Reuben, clerk, 26 Hanover 
Baylies Wm. T. (Humrichouse, B. & Co.) 402 

e Baltimore 
Bay lis Camillas, paperhanger, 400 w Lombard 
Bay lis Edgar, pipe fitter, 400 w Lombard 
Bay lis James R. agent for the adjustable spring 

bed, 400 w Lombard 
Bay lis John W. machinist, 400 w Lombard 
Baylor Robert B. bookkpr, 35 w John 
Bayly Chas. B. cleik, 434 e Knger 
Bayly G'O. J. clerk, f>25 u Fayette 
Ba ly Geo. W. tobacconist, 93 n Charles, dw 

Biddle nr Eutaw 
Bayly James F. clerk, 22 s Calhoun 
Bayly Julien, drug clerk, 98 n Charles 
Bayly Mrs. Margaret, 525 w Fayette 
Bavly Robert, letter carrier, 200 Madison av 
Bayly Mrs. Sarah A. 22 s Calhoun 
Bayly Mrs. Sarah U. dressmkr, 212 s Charles 
Bayly Thos. R. letter carrier, 200 Madison av 
Bayn Dashiell, paperhanger, 86 Granby 
Bay n James F. rigger, 86 Granby 
Bayn John M. conductor, 198 n Caroline 
Baynard Mrs. Eiiza, 7 Cathedral 
j Baynard James, barkpr, 88 s Exeter 
1 Baynard Mrs. Nellie, millinery, 88 s Exeter 
| Baynard Wm. H. bricklayer, 246 George 
Bayne Benj. C. pilot, 264 e Lombard 
Bayne Beuj. C. sliipjoiner, 18 s Collington av 
Bayne Chas. E. clerk, 264 e Lombard 
Bay:ie Danl. K. (Wm. B. & Co. ) 4<:6 Park av 
Bayne Geo. C. D. com. mercht, 6 Barre, dw 

180 Hanover 
Bayne Geo. H. clerk, 19 s Sharp 
Bayne Johu, bricklayer, 89 e Lombard 
Bayne John A. pilot, 56 s Ann 
Bayne John T. carp. Hampden 
Bayne Lawrence P. jr. clerk, 406 Park a# 
Bayne Patterson & Co. (P. Bayne, H. Simmonds) 

wholes, molasses and syrups. 4 Commerce 
Bayne Patterson (P. B. & Co.) 153 n Arling- 
ton av 
Bayne Wm. jr. clerk, 406 Park av 
Bayne Wm. (Wm. B. & Co.) 406 Park av 
BAYNE WM. & CO. (Wm. and D. K. Bayne) 

wholesale grocers, 65 Exchange pi 
Bayne Wm. C. police, 407 s Charles 
Bayne Wm. H. (Ross Campbell & Co.) 60 









a - 



At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 











Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 








> — 





Win. I!. ] • mi 

■ nrad, brick maker, 1 Wall 
B. maoul 


It. i\ D( 

H.n di usor 

ibn, bav pn H idiaoo 


■ an 1 Bd< m. da 101 •■ Madison 
'.'. ro 1'. carp, i Prospect la 
"inlinki , 151 Siii 1 i ti |_r 

■ . jr. nun b]e cuttei 181 a Fremont 
•nan Fi ink. Inl>. Hampden 
man John W. blacksmith, ilnmpden 
!!.\V lS^ LUM, Eastern nn.xi, I • 

Philadelphia and Mi. Carmel cemetery roads, 
Oitj Ball 

t< in av est, opp Bay view 


Bayiand Mn. Catherine, 145 n Oalhonn 

: ft Duvall (W. II. Bayiand and K. B. 
Duvall, jr.) propert) agents, B Law building 
1 Win. II. [B. .v Duvall) Mansion house 
ib. 75 Thames 
Beach Tims. E. painter, 28 Mott 

Wm. H.OOlli ' lourt,199e Fayette 

Wm. .1. >■ irp, 2 16 Mad ison av 
Beach Wm. .). saloon, l s Calvert, dw 130 n 

ni.*i Iner, 453 <• Eager 
ii Blisbs J., ('. 8. N. 244 e Pratt 
Beacbam Mr.-. Elisabeth J. 882 s Pratt 

ni Fred. B. (G.A.Kirby fcCo.) ^ s Man- 
land av 

•ni liiirr\ T.(J.S.B.&Co.)150 nCalboun 
Beacbam Mrs. Henrietta, 273 w Lombard 

ro .IS. ft Bro. (8. T. <fc H. T. Beacbam) 
lu.iriin- railway and ship yard, Covington 

f Warn d 
in James W. sr .{Cable & B.)AvondaIe, 
OarroU Oo 
Beach im James W. 215 w Townsend 
Beacbam John 8. 328 Madison av 
'•i Lennox, sbipcarp. r>8 Lee 

U Rosa B. B3 e Baltimore 

ni Sarah, dreesmkr, 98 Hambnrg 

Beacbam Saml. T.(J.8.B.A Bro. )68.Maryland av 

imp Geo. K. carp. 2 1 4 s diaries 
Beachamp Wm. A. bookkeeper, 17 Warren 
Beach om Elijah T. photographic printer, 47 St. 

,i pf i 'has batter, B Bnsor 

draughtsman, h Ensor 
Beadenkopf Martin, hatter, 8 Bnsor 

pi Thomas M. student, B Bnsor 
□ Johi B clerk, 105 w Payette 
.liilm s. grocery, 105 si Paj stte 
Beal£bai machinist, 106 Hill 
Beal%. 8. N. 120 i Ann 

Rev. Dai id .1 . 63 William 
Howard P. sashmkr, 227 e Pratt 
James II colli i toi :'.: n Bond 
irp. 03 n Bond 
•■■■ i Levi v\ . lab. -n Parrish 

• ivei B paintei . 35 I u Bond 
ai i, iniii ioei . 21(1 William 
i, i. link agt, .'.m n Washington 
.'. ■ ley , Bremen, 164 Johnson 
n Oalhonn 

BOLMES A CO., Engineers' and 

king, Belting,, Boiler Felt, 

\ . Brooke, b< okkeeper, 230 I. ifav< tte ai 
Beall Benjamin B. 191 Pranklin 

Mrs. Benjamin L. 56 Midilloh 
Beall butcher, ii Belair mkt, dw 

Beall Edward B. bookkpr, l". r > w Madison 
Beall Oeoi • T jr , attorney, over National 

Mechanii .- Mink, dw 428 n Mount 

Henrj D news editor Sun, 61 n diaries 
Beall .1. M. (Wilkms k B ) Butaw hotel 
Beall B. 0. 38 Olarke 
Beall Saml. P. conductor, 33 Olarke 
Beall Thos. B 1 I Beall,) com. 

m erchan ts, 40 « Lombard 
Beall Thomas B. (Thos. B. B. *Oo.) 191 Druid 

Kill av 
Beall Thomas, lab. r.3 II mliert 
B all W. Prancis. telegraphist, 321 <• Pratt 

ear Elite II. 48 n Oalhonn 
Bealim \. real estate broker, 49 Lei- 

ington, dw 1 16 n Strieker 
Bealmear Samuel, millinery, straw and fancy 

goods, B2 Lexington, dw St. Denis, Balto.Oo, 
Bealmear Thomas, clerk, 88 Columbia 
Bealmear Wm. B. salesman, l ni n Calhoun 
Beam Andrew, carp. 204 n Fremont 
Beam Geo. W. icecream, 61 Division 
BEAM [SAACR. apothecary, Read mid Charles 
Beam Isaac R apothecary, Ninth av and Charles 
Benin Mis. Maria, Oalrerton rd 
Beam Win. II. carp. 204 n Fremont 
Beami r Bev. Walter J. 147 Scott 
Benn A. K. clerk. 74 s Washington 
Bean Mrs. Christiana, 110 s Chester 
Bean Ceo. canmkr, 1 M 4 Cough 
Bean Ceo. W. plumber, 20U I Ann 
Bean .June- W. pilot, 7 1 B Washington 

Bean John II. pilot, 7 1 .- Washington 

Bean John, lab. 263 a Dallas 

Bean Robert M. pilot, i Jo Qough 

Bean Thos. L. clerk, 2 Oliver 

lit an Wm. II. watchman, 422 Hanover 

Beans Edward H. proprietor Star hotel, loo n 

Beans Bliss, engineer, 62 a Strieker 
Beana Henry, traveling agent, 62 b Snicker 
Beana Howard, clerk, 181 Aisquitfa 
Bear Anthony, carter, 420 Light 
John, tailor, 7'.i e Lombard 
Beard c. L. clerk, oo Oourtlaod 
Beard Daniel, bricklayer, u. r ) Conway 
Beard Blixa A. 166 a Eager 
Beard Prancis, carp. 6(1 Lee 
Beard Geo. W. tinner, 53 McBlderry 
Beard Geo. W., U. S. N., 13 n Strieker 
Beard Henrj c., Adam 209 Barn 

Beard Henry W. lab. 291 Bolllna 
Hani .1. F. bookkeeper, 102 Myrtle av 
Beard .lames K blksmith, 64 Obew 
Beard Oapt. Joim, wharfinger, Block nr draw- 
bridge, dw 80 l-'' 1 ' 
Beard John 0. mariner, 52 s Durham 
Beard Joseph S. 19 6 Front 

Bind loseph jr. 19 Front 

Beard Lewis J. printer, f>7 Columbia 
Beard Maria, boarding, 67 Columbia 
Beard 0. A helper, 537 Saratoga 

Beard Bum, 57 Columbia 

Beard Samuel, coaebman, 24 Miller 
Beard Thomas, watohman, I66s8barp 
Beard Wm. D.oai p. 60 Lee 
Beardaley laaae, machinist, :io Miller 

uotacbiniBts' Tools and Supplies, 

Waate, Bolts, Nuta, WaaLers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral A gent, American Building. 

" BEA 83 BEC 

Bearsch Benj. (B. & Rosario) 262 s Broad way 
Bearsch & Rosario (Benj. Bearsch, Joseph E. 

Rosario) barbers, 262 s Broadway 
Bearsch Geo. boots and shoes, 229 B Broadway 
Beasley W. F. specialties, 39 German, nr Lisrht, 

dw 234 Lafayette av 
Beastell Augusta, dressmaker, 158 n Pine 
Beastell Margaret, 158 n Pine 
Beastell Win. H. clerk, 158 n Pine 
B'asteti Chas. jr. attorney, 48 St. Paul, dw 318 

Madison av 
Beatley Baldwin, lab. 225 Hanover 
Beatley Mrs. Francis, tailoress, 225 Hanover 
Beatley Cap!. N. R. mariner, 411 e Lombard 
Beatly Wm capper, 35 Bradford al 
Beaton John, shipcarp. 91 Patuxent 
Beaton Malcolm, shipcarp. 91 Patuxent 
Beaton Malcom J. boxnikr, 91 Patuxent 
Beatsou Geo. II. coal dealer, York ur William, 

dw 12 w Lombard 
Beatty Chas. W. clerk N.O. dw 430 n Carey 
Beatty Eli A. moulder, 247 Bank 
Beatty Dr. G. D. 226 w Hoffman 
BEATTY JAMES & CO. (James Beatty, Geo. 
R. Skillman) cracker bakers, 92, 94 and 96 
Dugan's wharf 
BeattyJ. Edwin, office 148 w Baltimore, dw 71 

n Broadway 
Beatty James (Jas.B. & Co.) 35 Courtland 
Beatty Mrs. James L. 244 Hollius 
Beatty Joseph, baker, 135 s High 
Beatty Joseph G. paperuanger, 53 Fawn 
Beatty Wm.blksmith,37 Barre.dw 149 Hanover 
Beatty Wm. H. conductor, 61 s Ann 
Beatty Win. J. A. baker, 130 s High 
Beatty Win. R. (J.'S. J. Lacy & Co.) 247 Bank 
Beauehamp Cbas. E. clerk, 128 Myrtle av 
Beatichamp John, painter, Linden av ext 
Bcauchamp Robert H. carp. 108 William 
Beauehamp Robert S. merchant tailor, 37 Ger- 
man nr Light, dw Baltimore nr Poppleton 
Beauch.imp Thos. K. clerk. 95 Hollins 
Beauehamp Win. clerk, 11 Warren 
Beauehamp Capt. Wm.S. mariner, 69 8 Chester 
Beaufort Mary E. teacher, 12Argyleav 
Beaufort Sarah J. 12 Argyle av 
Beaumont Abraham, bootmkr, 203 s Paca 
Beaumont Alex. H. machinist, Loudon av nr 

Millington la 
Beaumont Lewis, carp. 150 n Schroeder 
Beaumont Mrs. Mary L.dreBsmkr, 150nSchroeder 
Beaumont Thos. J. miller, 30 s Gilmor 
Beaver Jas. S. shoemkr, 429 w Lombard 
Beaver Line European Steamers, L. P., James 
Hooper & Co. agents, over n e cor Gay and 
Beaver Mrs. Rebecca, dressmkr, 429 w Lombard 
Beazey Duncan, student, 87 Cathedral 
Bebee Henry, artist, 190 Saratoga 
Becher Ernest, tailor, 58 McHenry 
Bechler Siguiund, tailor, 714 w Baltimore 
Becht Conrad, cooper, Lemmon nr Monroe 
Brechtel Geo. J. (Lorentz & Rittler)Quiucy, 111 
Bechtel John W. plummer and stove dealer, 93 

n Eutaw, dw 93 Mulberry 
Bechtold August, lab. Baker nr Penna aT 
Bechtold Henry, shoes, 69 Orleans 
Bechtold Henry jr. shoemkr, 69 Urleans 
Bechtold John, lab. 58 Elliott 
Beck Adam, beer, 720 w Pratt 
Beck Anton, 371 UrU-ans 
Beck August, lab. rear 254 s Caroline 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 

22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the 

largest loans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 


Beck August, sr. beer brewery, G-nison la nr 

Beck August jr. brewer, Garrison la nr Fred- 
erick av 
Beck August, nightman, 75 Bank 
Beck August (T.B. & Son)29 Calverton rd 
Beck Charles, drug clerk, 2 Harford av 
Beck Chas. clerk, 106 Eastern av 
Beck Chas. R R. clerk, 612 w Lombard 
Beck Conrad, lab. 355 Eastern av 
Beck Conrad, shoemkr, 84 s Fremont 
Beck Conrad, barber. 472 D Gay 
Beck Edward, huckster, 186 Aliceanna 
Beck Ernest W. clerk, 71 Greenmount aV 
Beck Francis, tailor, 187 Aliceanna 
Beck Fred, driver, 78 Henrietta 
Beck Fred, photographer, 327 s Sharp 
Beck Fred, canmkr, 37 s Fulton 
Beck Fred, tailor, 463 n Gay 
Beck Fred. W. 254 Aisquith 
Beck Geo. lab. 1 s Durham 
Beck Geo. cabinetmkr, 42 Harrison 
Beck Geo. brewer, 420 n Fremont 
Beck Ceo. F. photographer, 327 s Sharp 
Beck Geo. W., Central house, 82 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Beck G. Herman, 243 Argyle av 
Beck Henry, 453 e Fayette 
Beck Henry, lab. 106 Eastern av 
Beck Jacob, tobacconist, 471 n Gay 
Beck Jacob, carp. 212 Aliceanna 
Beck Jacob F. superv'r N.C.R.W. 39 s Strieker 
Beck James, shoemkr, 6 Booth 
Beek John, plasterer, Millington la nr Freder- 
ick av 
Beck John, brewer, Bay view 
Beck John jr. butcher, 74 Lexington Market, 

dw Hollins ext 
Beck John, butcher, 95 Lexington and 16 Hol- 
lins Markets, dw Hollius ext 
BECK JOHN, cooper, tools and truss hoops, 

26 and 28 William, dw 147 Montgomery 
Beck John, barber, 189 s Ann 
Beck John, shoemkr, 94 LeadenhalL 
Beck John, engineer, 116 w Hoffman 
Beck John, cabinetmkr, 33 Cambridge 
Beck John F. coaebpainter, 79 Oak 
Beck John G. pianomkr, 327 s Sharp 
Beek John M. sec'y Maryland Fire Ins. Co. 10 

Edmondson av 
Beck Joseph, shoemkr, 582 Penna av 
Beck Joseph A. painter, 10 Orleans 
Beck Mrs. J.Adam, butcher, 55 Lexington Mkt, 

dw Garrison la 
Beck Louis, shoemkr, 62 Thames 
Beck Michael, painter, 34 n Holliday 
Beck Peter J. engiueer, Randall nr Light 















i— ■ • 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 






















Peter W. clerk, 1 17 Montgoi 
Philip, wbipmkr, 

1 1 ■ 

Beck " 

Etudolpb, bookbinder, 16 Smith 
Beck Thomas (T. B t - rerton rd 

Brck Thomas .'. br< ilverton rd 


Spring lager bow brewery, Baltimore 
ilvei ton rd 
Vid. clerk ay 

Beck u m i ytte 

Win. printer. 1 1 I Bzetet 

I ruraitnre wagon, 849 Mulberry 
Bevkedorf Win. D| • Clay 

l!i-( kel Looia, lab. !«< b Sprii 

i ,. bookkpr, 38 ■ Botaw 
BECKENBAUGH Da. THOS. L apothecary, 
s n cor Lombard and Poppl'too 

■..Miner Abraham (B.&Bro.] 844 Orleans 
rimer A Bro (A and 1. Beckenbeimei | 
junk. 34 n Ontral av 
Beckenheimer Isaac (B. k Bro.) 844 Orleans 
lienner Mrs Mi ma, 344 Oilcans 
lal :• Doni hoe al 
Becker Adam, barber, 3'J Haubert.dw 12 T 

blacksmith, 169 H unbnrg 
Becker August, lab. 18 Stockholm 
Becker August, eigarmkr, 261 ■ Howard 
Becker August, sboemkr, 7fi Druid Hill av 

net, slio.inkr, 259 II >mbnrg 
Beckt ; coaehmkr. 269 Hamburg 

Beekei k Bio. (Henrj Hod Philip Becker) box 

mkrs 17 n Frederick 
BBCKEB BROS [C. F. and L. B.cker)leaf 

toba Lombard 

Beckeri'. p. Q, liquors, 1 80 Lexington, d\v 70 

I • den 
Becker Mis. Catherine, 77 >■ Loml 

e-l/l n, 24 » L< • 

Becker (.'has. eigarmkr, 181 n Bethel 
Beekei oelmkr, : j 8\ w Pratt 

Becker Chas. jr. painter, 381 a Pratt 
Beekei Chaa. jr. esprees wa^on. 489 w Payette 
Becker Chaa. sboemkr; 54 Portland 
Becker Cbaa barkpr, 55 Preeideut 
I irej 
r Chas L blackamitb 25:» Hamburg 
Becker ('his. U lobacconfst, 4\>' m B iltimore 

Christian, eabinetmkr, 124 I Spring 
Becker Conrad, cigarmkr, Bakei ct ar Knox al 

M Conrad, huckster, 111 Bank 
Becker Cum ad, carp. BU9 Mulberry 

Backet Conrad B. liqaora, <>4 e Payette 
Becker Francis, - n av 

Prank, cooper. 27 J i i; >nd 
Beekei Frank, clerk, 249 Eastern av 

Beekei iiikr, I I n Front 

Beekei Pred, ihipamitb, B7sCb«pel 

- Pred (B Bros.) Carey and Mother 
-. painter, 176 i ( ran line 
i ii p. j i Thames 
i; butcher, 23 F.P. Market, dw Third 

av mid Baaiei n ar 

W.wboles.lios.&wiaes,898 w Pratt 
Becker Qodfried, tailor, 238 Bine 

Benrj and Louis A. Becker) 
tobacconists, 102 n 1 1 

41 7 Aliceanns 

Becker llenrv, piaimmkr, 81 Scott 
Becker Henry, [ah. 181 D Bethel 

Henry, tailor, 103 n Caroline 
Becker Henry, milk, O'Donnell and Sixteenth 
Becker Henry, broommkr, 212 i I 

llenrv. bakery, 281 e Pratt 

Becker Henry, sboemkr 7 s Drnid Hill av 

er Henry, ba Mulberry 

llenrv (Kuuiiiier k B.) 4:t. r > n Gilraor 
k Bro.) 141 n High 

!l. nrj i 11 B. k Son) 102 n G iy 
Becker Henrj 0. candy manufr, 121 n Qay,dw 


Becker. I. A. H. teller, 154 n Bxttet 
B< cker J tcob, 128 

213 Henrietta 
Backer John, botcher, 24 Fells Point Market. 

dn Thi d and EaSlei n iv 

: John, painter, 76 Somerset 

Becker John A. printer. 77 e Lombard 
Becker John A. elerk, 303 a Prntt 

t Julius cooper, 77 e Lombard 
Becker Mrs. Kate, 154 Madeira al 
Becker Louis, blacksmith, 259 Hamburg 
Becker Louis, hookkpr.cor Fulton and Mulberry 

I B;os.) 24 i d ( t ey 
Bicker Louis, apothecary, Pratt and Ann 

Lonif, shoem :r, 156 < 'atbedral 
Becker Louis A (H. B. & Son) 102 n Gay 

r M iriraret i 5 Lexington 

BE< EBB NICHOLAS, tavern, 55 President 
Becker Philip, clerk, 177 Gongh 
Becker Philip (B. j- Bio.) 28 D Front 
Becker Sophia, tailoress, 537 e Fayette 
Becker Valentine, baker, B96 W Pratt 

: \\ in. lab. 4 17 Alices una 
Becker Wm. sboemkr, 124 Lee 
Beekei Win. locksmith, 4 d Schroeder 
Becker Wm. driver, 1 8M s Begester 
Beckett (ieo. W. driver, 241 Columbia 
Beckett J »hn I 
Beckett Tbos. engineer 
Beckhardt Abraham, clerk. 86 vTarner 
Beckbauser Christian, bakei Bond 

Bj J lui W | i w Lombard 

Berkley W. o. conductor, 119 Camden 
Beck ley Mrs Wm. II paperhanginga and win- 

% sbadea, D w cor Gay and East 
Beckman Fred, finisher, 1.7 Co umliia 
Beck man Joseph, tailor, ij.;.- Dallas 

..m Nicholas, i irnisher, 57 s Durham 
Ueckman Peter, luti io Ostend 
Bvckmimi Geo. grocery, 142 Chen 

urn Herman, driver, 14"« t Sharp 
Beckraann Rudolph, huckster, 201 Lemmon 
Beckmeyei Walter L. wirew'ker, 135 Chew 
Beckmeyer Wm. irirew'ker, i Hilliman 
Beckmeyei Wm. sr. |iorter. 7"i HcElderry 
Beckner Jacob, tinner, 71 i Ite_ester 
Beckner Bolandis, salesman, 223 Lee 

i Wm. C. tobacconist, cor Baltimore 

• I Libei ty 

. ! lb. - ■ Harrison, ('anion 

Beckwith David <i. cooper, 183 Gough 

:'b Frank M. letter carrier, 228 Gough 
Beckwith Horace, lab. 90 Qranbj 
It. i k» i th John B. lab. 3 1 Johnson 
Beck with Wm. L. dork, 84 Johnson 

Bed ill Lorenzo, diner, BOS l.'artollton av 

iter, Notre Dame. Lancaster and Clinton 
Badeckei Henry, beer, 258 Frederick av 

BANKERS' EXCHANGE to be bad on the Principal Cities of the 

U. S. and Canadaa at Sadler's Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World, O. F . Bres ee, Gen. Agt- 
BED~ 85 ~BEI 




Bedford & Houlton (John R. D. Bedford, Saral 

C. Houlton, ) attorneys nod conveyancers, n 

w cor Lexington and St. Paul 
Bedford John R.D. (B & Houlton) 68 Harlem av 
Bedford Theodore W. coal and wood, 554 w 

Baltimore, dw 358 w Fayette 
Bed gar Christiana furniture, 65 Penna av 
Bednar Geo. tailor, Hope nr Point la 
Bedsuorth Mrs. Rachel, 397 e Chase 
Bedsworth Winfield, elerk, 397 e Chase 
BeeChailes, cibinetmkr, 19 Parkin • 

Bee Henry, cabioetmkr, 19 Parkin 
Beebe Charles S. wooden woe and cordage, 92 

w Lombard, dw 74 McCulloh 
Beebe John, brickmkr, 557 e Fayette 
Beebe Mrs. Sarah, 7J Penna av 
Beecher Edward, harnessmkr, 419 w Lombard 
Beecher J. Gregg, photographer, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher Win. N. clerk. 123 n Calhoun 
Beecher Wm. W. druggist Southern Dispensary, 

45 Conway, dw 204 n Eutaw 
Beechler Geo. lab. 117 Low 
Beefelt Edward, cigartukr, 44 n Schroeder 
Beehl Michael, clothing cutter, 2 Irvine pi 
Beehler Mrs. C. M. 624 Lexington 
Be. hler Charles, cigarmkr, 71 Portland 
Beehler Charles, snipcarp. 137 Cross 
Beehler Ch is. E. clerk, 624 Lexington 
Beehler David E. salesman, 624 Lexington 
Beehler Mrs. Frances, umbrella, whip and cane 

manufacturer, 235 w Baltimore 
Beehler Frances T. whipmkr, 624 Lexington 
Beehler Wm., D. S. N. 624 Lexington 
Beekman Mrs. Fannie E. confectionery, 70o£ w 

Beeks John L. nightman, 498 Canton av 
Beeks Wm. A lab. 498 Canton av 
Beeks Win. H. lab. 248 Cmton av 
Beeler Henry S. clerk, 23 Stiles 
Beeler Louis F. cashier B. & 0. R R., L. P., 3 

n Broadway 
Beer Robert C. prof, languages, 210 n Fremont 
Beere John, lab. 2 Hammond al 
Beeje Michael, driver, 21 Eastern av 
Beere Patrick, tavern. 3 w Lombard 
Beerer John, clerk, 215 u Dallas 
Beers Chas. W. salesman, 419 e Pratt 
Beers Capt. Wm. ship broker and com. mercb. 

over 4 4 w Pratt, dw 419 e Pratt 
Bees Fredk. shoemkr, 26 Albemarle 
Beetle Mrs. Carrie E. dressmkr. 90 McElderry 
Beetle Walter T. coachpainter, 90 McElderry 
Beetley James R. carp. 151 Gough 
Beetley Jos L. tobacconist, 22 s Ann 
Beetley Robert S 209 Jefferson 
Beetz Geo. shoemkr, 325 w Biddle 
Beetz Nicholas, milk, O'Douuell and Sixteenth 
Befelt Wm. H. police, 226 Scott 
Begga Wm. gardener, 440 e Chase 
Begnell John H. shoemkr, 275 n Ann 
Behee Mrs. Annie C. 18 n Schroeder 
Bfher Wm. lab. Dillon nr Third av 
Behlein Frank, shucker, 419 Aliceanna. 
Behm Michael, wheelwright, 1 n Bond 
Behman Louis, clerk, 104 w Baltimore 
Behmei John, tailor, 80 Qranbv 
Behn Caroline, 263 s Dallas 
Behn Fredk. grocery, 468 e Monument 
Behn Henry, tab. 9 Clement 
Behn Henry, furnishing goods and notions, 160 

n Eataw 
Behnor Nicholas, tailor. 69 Cambridge 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues tomake the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Behnlein John, lab. 29 Goodman al 

Behner Joseph H. tanner. 9 Port 

Behning Henry, cigarmkr, 251 Frederick av 

Behnlein John, cooper. 80 Durst al 

Behnlein John, lab 206 William 

Behounek Frank, lab. 24 Barnes 

Behr Bernhardt, bookkpr, 133 Lexington 

Behr Casper, butcher, 9* n Castle 

Behr Jacob, lab. 6 Curley 

Behr John, lab. 413 Aliceanna 

Behrend Aaron, but her, 71 s Eden 

Behrend Jacob, clerk, 30 Goujjh 

Bchrends August, lab. 467 Saratoga 

Behiends Leopold, 18 Hanover 

Behrens August, cooper, 69 L. Clinch 

Behrens Bernard sr. collector, 27'> n Gay 

Behrens Bernard jr. clerk, 270 n Gay 

Behrens Chas. pa perh anger, 295 Hanover 

Behrens Conrad, boiiermkr, 295 Hanover 

Behrens Mrs. Eva. grocery, 69 L. Church 

Behrens Fred, coachmkr, 69 L. Church 

Behrens Henry, silvei plater, 156 Johnson 

Behrens Henry, morocco dresser. Spring nr John 

Behrens Jacob, watch oik r, 93 n Gay 

Behrens Jacob C. C cigarmannfr. 106 Boston 

Behrens John, carp. 69 L. Church 

Behrens John, clerk, 267 e Biddle 

Behrens Joseph, shoemkr, 351 s Charles 

Behrens Mano, tobacconist. 324 Eastern av 

Behrens Mrs. Theresa, milliner, 270 n Guy 

Behrens Theodore, collector, 53 Centre Mkt sp 

Behring John, lab. 35 Rue 

Behringer Fred, cigarmkr, 29 Lancaster 

Behringer Johanna, huckstress, 29 Lancaster 

Behringer John, candunkr, 193 Barre 

Behringer John G. 370 Saratoga 

Behringer Philip, candymkr, 74 n Schroeder 

Behringer Philip, blacksmith, 29 Lancaster 

Beln mann John, mariner, 192 s Bond 

Beidler Wm. salesman, 92 Saratoga 

Beier Barbara, tavern, 41 Block 

Beier Fred, brewer, Eastern av nr Third 

Beier Geo. lab. 428 Canton av 

Beier Micnael, lab. Eastern av nr Third 

Beier Peter, lab. 396 Aliceanna 

Beierlein Fied. lab 123 u Spring 

Beierlein John, tobacconist and liquors, 395 n 

Beiersmith Andrew, lab. 61 Bank 
Beiger Fred, shoemkr, 400 Aliceanna 
Beiger Geo. lab. 58 s Central av 
Beikirch Lawrence, tailor, 197 Saratoga 
Beikircb Lawrence A. jr. broomrukr, 197 Sara- 
Beikirch Valentine, cigarmkr, 197 Saratoga 
Beikraef Henry, m inner, 2'> L. Gough 
Beil Anton, lab 9 Griffin ct 









"Better One Hour TOO SOON than One Minute TOO LATE. 
Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 


Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 










BEIN CIIABLES, Watchmaker and 
Jeweler, 84 Lexington 

■ ne 


..•innkr, I 4<> n Chapel 
j.innkr. J'.»4 e Fruit 
r It rniniri. cip irmkr 

I e Pratt 
John, b ■ k •• r . ji I m Payette 

dvr 82 
F i a u k . erocerr, 1 16 Beai I 
-. J. hlksmith, 22 s Kxeter 
Charles T. ebipsmith, cor War: 
C'^i;.. ton da B '• (iou'.'l) 

ha, 23 I Kxeter 

•rer 22 8 B 
Win H. jr. np i j 9 Kxeter 

< leu lab -i (i een cl 
ID, < • i _' . i r ' i i ; 

gt, over 
. •;, North and Payette 
( Ian too hv 

juiondo H^t. 

;rrt-st ur Low 
lea* and Dolphin 
Bell A bra iarn ; itt nod ' ' istle 

Bell Alex. H Straas,B o.k Bell) 41 m I. _ 
Bell Dr. Ales T. homeopath - >n av 

Bell Aud^ w J. cat phin 



nr M .nroe 
. . DOTS 

■ iei, Ham; : 

aelta J. gr< 

pp T mill* 

. Lea 

. ud 

■ igbt, ii n Bdea 

■ .-. I. >mbard 

Dklin, ti • m a . I loagb 
i Colambta 
■ ■ -ilt imore 

BKLL ORO W. ' 13 St. Pool, 

■ Biddle 

54 it Carrollton 
Bell Br. A. roam 

Bell llinrv (' tin- 

■ii v s tupt. Baltimoi • 
dff Mow. i. 
Bell B< 

7 Warren 
Bell 1 
•Bell J. K. k Oo. (John B.,Wm. II. & Bd 

•id produce mchts.14 Bowl)'s whf 
1 1 Burro 
Bell .' i 

Bell .inn)'- 1 li engineer, i 12 Don ■ 
Bell James [.pap tke 

iti A. millwright, 46 • 
hu, jr. blk 
Bell John 
Bell John, lab, •;:» Baok 

'..lin potU r. 300 Muli- 
Bell John, gasfitter, 62 
Bell John lab. 150 McHenrv 
Bell John, bnrkeej>er, 2> <• M ultsoo 
Beil John A letter carrier, 1. n V7 ashing ton 
Bell John D. Bfl Barre 

| dw Frederick &r 
Bell John II. 75 n i*c»|»pletoo 

• din B. batcher, Bam] 

Bell John H. X> n Fieinoiit 
Bell John H. jr. 3f> n Frem int 

in X. condoetoi mbard 

. 134 a .Sharp 
I'. co iper, D >v,r nr .Monroe 
Beil Joseph F. tinner. 7JI w Pratt 

Beil Joeiab \'. milk, I' .-tiu 

Bell M.ii ion ' rOUgh 

.v. 174 li I' 

Bell Nelson B. (8. Towuseod 

..v 156 w Lombard 
Bell Richard H sbipc u p. 73 n I; 

Bell Richard L. 1 ivor, Clinton ur Second 
i;.-,l ■: irmkr, 17 1 d D* 

Bell S. 1'. iroiiui 

Bell Samuel, hostler, I 
Bell Dr. Samuel A. lt;i .■< Sharp 

3sal (N.H.Bell, A. J.Saui) whip mauufs. 
OTer 300 a Bolt 
li- I T irling 

Bell Thus stonecutter, Oxford, xork id 
Bell Taos. 1'.. 18 Druid Hill av 

. ios. B tobacconist, l ■ 
Bell Tbos. K. bookkpr, on a? 

Bell Tin.-. I:, cigarmki 

: bomnsln V. 33 Billen 
l;.-.i Walter, p rioter, It. ision ext 
liell Walter jr. lab. 17» n I' 
li'-.l Win. .-; I .". I flollins 

Bell Wm. jr. stoaecatter, 354 Hollias 
Bell Wm. D earn 41 n ( leotra] av 

li.-l! V, '..111 

Bell Wm. M. blsu 

• in .11 jr. ph • Monument 

■ n.ll.jr Lb •■ Mono meat 

Bell Wm H. (J ! ilambis 

!;• II Wm I ' 

. hi. W. (J Richardson .* Oo.)225 ■ Pratt 
w. driver, 169 ' loatoa av 
Bellerman Ofa k. I'. [B W b Oaj 

Bellrrn - i .. Dr. Wm. 

At timij apt 

HOLMES .fe CO., Engineers' and Aiachini is and Bupp] 

Packing, Belting, Boos, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Ni. -rs, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000. 00. O. F. Bresee, Gen'l Agt. 




Bellerinan Mrs. Henrietta, 22 Sarah Ann 

Beliei man John, clerk, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellerman Win. eigarmkr, 22 Sarah Ann 
Belle w Francis, currier, 195 n Caroline 
Belliss 34rs. Rosanna. 107 a Washington 

Belliss Wru. B. caulker, 74 Lancaster 

Be lmaii Conrad, driver, 33 n Durham 

Bello Serafin, clerk, 15 1 Hollins 

Belmont Nail Works agency, 5 German 

Belt Ohas. T. grocery, Sweet Air 

Belt Chas. W. salesman, 260 w Hoffman 

Belt Elisha, blacksmith. 255 Mulberry 

Belt Eugene N.(Cahn, B. & Co.) 179 n Charles 

Belt Francis P. barber, 3J s Carroll ton av 

Belt Frank, potter, Leinmoo nr Mount 

Belt Frank, lab. 343 s Sharp 

Belt Henry S salesman. 260 w Hoffman 

Bf-lt Hickman, carp. 189 e Monument 

Belt John R. driver, Hampden 

Belt Joseph," lab. 343 s Sharp 

Be t Mrs. L. A. 179 n Charles 

Belt Leonard, lab. 343 s Sharp 

Belt Robert H. 412 Park av 

Belt Dr. Snuuel J. 160 German 

Belt S. Sprigg,(T.Belt&Sons) cashier Franklin 

Bank, dw Owinga Mills, W. M. R. R. 
Belt Thus. lab. Hampden 
Bell Tims G. P. clerk, 412 Park av 
Belt T. Hanson, 70 McCulloh 
Belt T. Hanson jr. 26<> w H.iffman 
Belt Trueman sr. (T.B.&Sons) 412 Park av 
Belt Trueman jr. (T.B.&Sons) 412 Park av 
Belt Tiueman & Sons. (Trueman Belt sr., True- 
man Belt jr., S. S. Belt) tobacco, graiu and 
com. merchants, 13 Camden 
Belt Win. carp. Hampden 
BELT WM. agent cut soles and leather dealer, 

lo Mercer, dw s e cor Charles and Biddle 
Belt Wm. H. G. clerk, 189 e Monument 
Beltz August, stevedore, 191 s Bethel 
Beltz Isadore, huckster, 647 Penr.a av 
Beltz John, lab. 51 Bradford al 
Beltz Sarah, dressmkr, 647 Penna av 
Belvidere Brewery, C. Schneider, prop'r, Bel- 
videre ur Oliver 
Belvidere House, u w cor Franklin and Calvert, 

McCormick <fe Co. prop'rs 
Belvidere Land Improvement and Building; As- 
sociation, lidw.D McConkv,pre*t.24n Charles 

prop'r, Eager and th Falls 
Belz John G. carpet weaver, 145 Camden 
Belz Peter, barkpr, 381 Penna av 
Belz Peter, boilermaker, 381 Penna av 
Beman George B. printer, 74 n Strieker 
Beman R 74 n Strieker 
Bemeed.iffer John, tailor, 267 s Durham 
Ben Franklin Fire Ins. Co. of Pa. 26$ Second 
Benamon Mrs. Catherine, 315 Light 
Bencboff ('. F. salesman, 4 s Calhoun 
BEN D ANN PAN 1 EL, galleries of photography, 

26 n Charles, dw 640 Lexington 
Bendann David, (Fryer & B.) 195 n Calvert 
Bendann Fabisb, 640 Lexington 
Bendemau Chas. shoemkr, 193 Preston 
Bi aden Thus, engineer, 1 28 s Duncan al 
Bender Chas. baker, 10 Union 
Bind.: Christian, baker, 10 Union 
Bender Mrs. Christiana, contect'v, 45 Henrietta 
Bender Geo. blacksmith, 10 Union 
Bender Geo. H. conductor, 333 William 
Bender Jacob, grocery, 286 Aliceanna 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Loweb Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Bender James, lab., Bethel nr Aliceanna 
Bender John, lab., Bethel nr Aliceanna 
Bender Joseph, harnessmaker, 45 Henrietta 
Bender Louis, brakeman, 99 a Exeter 
Bender Saml. officer penitentiary, dwHand house 
Bender Thomas, driver, 16 Carlton 
Bender Wilhelmina, china, 37G 8 Ch-rles 
Bender Wm. stonecutter, 17 L. Gough 
Bender Wm. H. tinner, 302 e Chase 
Bendermnn Chas. shoemkr. 193 Preston 
Bendler Frank, musical insti maker, 199Hanover 
Bendler Wm musical instruments, 150 u Gav 
Benedict F. (R.C Small £Co ) 71 Exchange pi 
Benedict Joseph, dry goods, n w cor Eden and 

Benesche Isiac, furniture dealer, 285 n Gay 
Beueze Fred. lab. 10 Stockholm 
Beneze J. watches, 13* s Broadway 
BeneZ't G^o. W. painter, Hampden 
Benezet Thos. K. plasterer. H iinpden 
Benges Henry, tavern. 29 w Pratt 
Bengel John, cutter, 53 Stiles 
Bengert Ameli i, confect'y, 375 Eastern av 
Bengerl Geo. shipjoiner. 375 Eastern av 
Benhardt Casper, lab. 272 Cross 
Benhardt Conrad, baker. 272 Cross 
Benhardt Henry, mariner, 101 Johnson 
Benhardt John M. locksmith. 235 e Lombard 
Beuhart Chas. lab. 101 Eastern av 
Benhart Geo. driver. 176 s Durham 
Benboff Adam, fireman, Clinton nr Boston 
Benhotf Fred, cows, Clinton nr Second av 
Benhoff Geo. machinist, Clinton nr Second av 
Beuhoff Geo. jr. machinist, Clinton ni'Secondav 
Benhoff John Fred. collier, Clinton nr Second av 
Benhoff Wm. engineer, Hudson nr Hare 
Benick Louis, shoemkr, 38 n Caroline 
Benjamin Chas. A. dispatcher B. & O.R. R. 15 

Benjamin Geo. A. moulder, 222 e Favette 
BENJAMIN k CO. (B. F. general loan 

office, 22 n Gay. — [See card, top of pages'] 
Benjamin Mrs. Hannah II., Woodberrv 
Benjamin John W. machinist, Woodberry 
Benjamin Levi, clerk, 12 Aisquith 
Benjamin Samuel, 110 n Caroline 
Benjamin Samuel S. janitor, 60 n High 
Benjamin Solomon, clerk, 12 Aisquith 
Benjamin Wm. express, 272 n Bond 
Benker John, lab. 86 s Bethel 
Benkopp John E. lab. Ill Parkin 
Benkopp John H. lab. Ill Parkin 
Beunamau John H. butcher, 14 Bevan 
Beimel John, gardener, e Lombard ext 
Benner Adam, butcher, 15 Richmond mkt, dw 

Penna av ext 
Benner Albert, machinist, 101 William 







i— ( 








<— f- 
i— ". 








No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. P. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 














n roline 

Bern I i. in 

Banner Dai 1*1, lab 271 n B rod 
Beam • ' ■ irrea 

r Perdinand <'. engineai . ;•.' We. 
Banner I niton 

Banner i ;■ o lab 319 Ban 

BBNNI Rt I T l'« >. magistrate, eoi Baltimore and 
1' im. d n 164 i lot man 

imai 8 clerk, ! it Aisquith 
r Win. tailor, :: 1 1 i Sharp 
Bennar Wm. II II. clerk, 104 Mullikin 
Bennet Janes A clerk, 108 e Baliimore 
Benoel John M. coal, corGentralav andGongh, 
dw km .■ Baltimore 

• Bamael, olerk, 408 e Baltim 

Bennett Alfred, (C Hoffman .v. Co.) 388 Druid 

Hill at 
Ben net) Amandus, oysters, ill Hamburg 
Bennett Mrs. An i B. feed, s7 Penna av 

An' ie M. glassware, 261 s Broadway 

Detractor and builder, 

(.1 W.Stallinga h ( 'o.)office44s Howard, dw 

U uyland >v 

Bennett Brothers. (G.R and Tboa 3. Bennett) 

coal and wood, 156 a Howard and Cathedral 

nr John 

tl 0. W. carp. 251 « Middle 
Bennett Casper, lab. T'.» Johnson 
Bennett Cbas. clerk, 24 i Qaj 
Bennett Obas, B. carp. Monument nr Bnrke 
Be i net I Ootnelius, canmkr, 23 e Payette 

■t I), ('urns, butcher, ."> II irford av 
Bennetl D. Cnrtisjr. canmkr, 20 Harford av 
Bennetl Daniel H. carp. -407 e Bag 
Bennett David, letter carrier, ^o a Ann 

tt David T. build 
Bennett Mrs B. 142 « Bidd e 
Bennett Edward, horses, 128 n Howard 
B naetl Bdward L. plasterer, 70 Harford av 

■ it Bdward W 2:> i e Pratl 
BENNETT BDWIN mannfac white.yellow and 

Rockingham ware, and a^ent Hint glass, cor 
■ ii and Central avs aud Eden nr Canton 
av, dw 7>; Charles-at a? 
Bennett Edwin II clerk, 7>; Obarles-sl av 
Benni tl pry. 321 Bastei a *v 

■ (r' W'.Heun. it, A.C.N. 
Matthews) auctioneers <wnl commission mer- 
chants, 28 and 30 ■ Charles 
Bennetl Prank, carp. 282 Maryland av 
15 nnett Prank P carp. 481 n Premont 
Bennetl G. Ii (Bennett Bros.) 166 D Howard 
Bennetl Geo carver, 106 Johnson 

■ u Geo lab. 1 1 1 Hamburg 

Bennetl Geo. A. salesman, 225 w Hoffman 
Bennett <;••". L i • d Amity 

. W. |iil()t, 31 7 n I aroline 
tt Geo. W. pencils, 229 Dolphin 
Geo W. carp. 251 w Biddle 
Bennetl Benry, bricklayer, Pirst nr Ti 
Bennetl Henry , puddler, 449 Canton av 

■. . clerk, 818 i 
Bennetl Henry W. cli i Idle 

Bennett Isaai L •■ «t p I 

• ■ "i Hoa ard and 

Bennetl James W plumber, 2 Wha 
i: nnett John, lab, oline 

Bennetl Jobi [ton 

Bennetl John n ermkr, 70 L in< 

stl John, tiri-iii iq, ;i'. B 
Bennetl John B. mariner, 841 m Baltimore 
• John II engineer, lf>7 Johnson 

Bennetl .f>>lm I wool, foot Broadway. ■'. 

e Pratl 

Bennett John K sailmkr, 70 La 
Bennetl John Wesley, plasterer, 70 Harl 
Bennetl Joshua H. clerk, 313 e Bager 
Bennetl Mrs. K ii . :h 

Bennetl L H, doner, 86 Hamburg 
Bennetl L 9 m iriner, 1 1 Lee 
Bennetl Lewis, saloon, 24 n If illiday, dw Ann 
and Biddle 

■ Lewis H. plumber, 168 M idisoi 
Bennetl Lewis T agenl W.M.R.R., Pulton sta- 
tion, dw '_ 7 < leorgc 
Benneti Linda, 80 i Pace 
Bennetl Liringsto <>. clerk, Waverley 
Bennett Louis L. clerk, tral av 

Bennett Mrs. Louisa dressmkr, B73 e Bager 
Bennetl Mrs Mary, 8 Bmk 
BeiiDe't Matthew, 121 
Bennetl P Prank, tinier. 164 Gongfa 
Bennetl P, II collectoi . 2 16 a Bond 
Bennett Robt. blacksmith, si s Carrolltonav 
Bennett Roht. huckster, 321 Eastern av 
i. Bennetl Robert McLane, clerk, l»;i Gougfa 
Bennetl Rufos, carp. 267 w Bidd!e, shop in the 

Bennett S P, carp Maryland av and Brown 
Bennetl 8amuel, Bboemfer, 348 Hanover 
Bennetl Samuel, Bhoemkr, 114 Bnsor 
Bennett Silas B collector, 172 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Th03. moulder. 7 Young 
Bennetl Thos. A. clerk, 7 Young 
Bennetl Tims J. bookkpr, lf>:» w Lo a iard 
Bennetl Thos. S. (B Bros.) 1J7 e Monument 
U> nnetl Wm. 121 Saral 
Bennetl Wm. boile i Ann 

Bennetl Wm I>. carp. Ann nr M moment 

Bennetl Wm. B plasterer, 251 m Biddle 
lie nnett Wm. P. (Ob-uperativeOeilingCo.)3ll o 
( la roline 

Bennett Win. II. carp. 33 n B 

Bennetl Won .1 clerk, 218 Lexington 
Bennetl Wm. 0, mariner, 70 Lancaster 
Bennetl Wm W. nun. I'mit nr Strieker 
B'linett W'ii. W painter, 25 II uf»rd av 
Bennevi iti Geo. earn -'i7 e Pratt 
Bebney Jonathan, sboemkr, 7o n Dallas 
Banning Akin, lab. f>o Short 
Banning Pred. lah. fit; Short 
Ben nis James clerk, 108 Preston 
Bennis Mrs. John, ins Preston 
Benin John, sboemkr, 70 n Dallas 
Bennj Job A, varnishar, 276 e Monument 
Benn.i Joseph, brushmkr, 876sSbarp 
Benny Wm. o. sboemkr, 329 e Monum 

L( n Gaston, clerk, 1 12 d Spring 

I l.iiu d. Bhoemkr, 433 w Pratt 
Bensel Conrad, bakery, 131 i Wolfe 
ai i' BI n Schroeder 

Bensel Hem , .Idle 

Bi n ie! John bal er 1 96 e Monument 
Bensel Wm, carp. BI n Schroeder 

i lilor, 289 Colombia 
Benst • I lolnmbia 

Benseler Henri . n Inra A. liquors Monr ie >v Pratl 

i . i W.i onfl ctioner, 105 Hill 
Bensei Mrs. Marion, varieties, 106 Hill 
Benson A. Theodore,drj n Baltimore 

, Mrs. Adi ■ inton iv 

Arithmetic and B Calculations taught by the moat Improved 

Methods, at Sadler'e Business College, Charles St. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 




Benson Basil S. farmer, 69 Columbia 
BENSON BENJ. S. founder, water and gas 
pipe maker, 52 e Monument, dw Huntingdon 
av nr tollgate 
Benson Dr. Chas. W. 106 a Eutaw 
Benson Francis A. 272 Druid Hill av 
Benson Frank W. brakeman,2 12 L.Consiitution 
Benson Dr. Geo. W. 144 Hanover 
Benson Gustavus K. clerk, 663 w Baltimore 
Benson Henry, wbiprakr, 387 Canton av 
Benson Henry T. painter, 89 e Biddle 
Benson Isaac, peddler, 10 Gould ct 
Benson James, oysters, 426 Light 
Benson Jesse C. 327 w Fayette 
Benson Jesse F. brickmaker, 139 Scott 
Benson Joliu, machinist, 180 s Ann 
Benson John E. finisher, 125 Parkin 
Benson John P. grocery, Sweet Air 
Benson John S carp. 125 Parkin 
Benson John T. 672 Lexington 
Benson John T. clerk, Sweet Air 
Benson Joseph, lab. 51 King 
Benson Joseph B. painter, 148 Scott 
Benson Joseph E. painter, 192 e Madison 
Benson M. Kemp, bookkpr, 663 w Baltimore 
Benson Mahlon A. com. mercht. (Meiryman & 

B.) 155 s Paca, dw 172 n Carey 
Benson Mrs. Margaret, dressmaking, 27 Park av 
Benson Milton, 125 s Paca 
Benson Nicholas, junk, 46 s Castle 
BENSON OREGON R. att'y, 47 n Calvert, dw 

Baltimore co 
Benson Dr. Philander V office and apothecary, 

s e cor Hollins and Oregon 
Benson Mrs. R ichel, 128 Bank 
Benson Randolph, coal oil ref. 410 e Eager 
Benson Thomas J. mariner, 330 Aliceanna 
Benson W. L sailmkr, 663 w Baltimore 
Benson Win painter, 150 n Howard 
Benson Dr. Win. dentist, 109 u Chailes,dw 150 

n Ho wird 
Benson William, 60 Jackson sq av, 
Benson ('apt. Wm. D. 89 s Bond 
Benson Wm. W. mariner, 128 Bank 
Benteen M. C. dressmkr, 1:6 Pearl 
Benteen'fi Piano and Organ rooms, Duncan M. 

Robb, agent, 8o w Fayette 
Bentlnll Capt. Robt. mariner, 313 e Baltimore 
Benthall Rob' t jr. mariner, 44 n Broadway 
Behthall Wm. McR. lumber, Enstern av and 

Concord, dw 313 e Baltimore 
Bentley Bros.( Wm.H. and Chas. E. Bentley Jem- 
broideries and stamped goods, 132$ Lexington 
Bentiey C. W. & Sons. (C \V. Bentley sr.,John 
E. Bentley, C W. Bentley jr.) machinists and 
boilermakera, 25 s Fiont 
Bentley C. W.(C.W.B.&Sons)37 n Broadway 
Bentley C.W. jr. (C.W.B.&Sons)37n Broadway 
Bentlej Chas. E. (Bentley Bros.) New York 
Bentley Edgar L clerk, 110 n Eutaw 
Bentley Edward R. brickmkr, 96 St. Peter 
Bentley Geo II. clerk, 4P3£ w Baltimore 
Bentley John E.(C.W.B.&Sons)439e Baltimore 
Bentley Joseph, machinist, 392 w Fayette 
Bentley Peter, pawnbroker, 493£ w Baltimore' 
Bentley W. H. (Bentley Bros.) 132£ Lexington 
Beuton Chits, brassfinisher, 495 w Lombard 
Benton Geo. priuter, 60 Barnes 
Benton Geo. C. cabinetmkr, 185 e Monument 
Benton limy, braBsfinisher, 45 s Calhoun 
Beaton Saml. M. deptj . inspr. tobacco ware- 
bouse, No. 2, dw 24 e Gilmor 




MONET! $100,000 to loan! /©s 

In Sams to Suit, at @ © 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 2 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. qq 
This responsible office still continues to make the. " 
largest loans on goods of every description and on c+- 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of -• 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Benton Saml 
Beuton Wm. 
Benton Wm. 

cabinetmkr, 1*5 e .Monument 
lab. 14 Harris al 
H. shipjoiner, 70 Johnson 
Bentrup Fred'k, carter, 143 s Bethel 
Bentz Edmund, carp. 116 s Castle 
Bentz Geo. C. engineer, 63 n Ch ipel 
Bentz Geo. W. fire dept. 34 n Calvert 
Bentz John, barkpr, 116 s Castle 
Bentz Michael H carliuilder, 9 Mc.Mechin 
Bentz Sarah C. boarding, 186 ('hesnu't 
Bentz Wm. barber, 473 Saratoga 
Benville Thomas, driver, Swan hotel • 

Benz Albeit, pipemaker, 85 Granby 
Benz Casper, hackman, 443 w Fiyette 
Benz Jesse, hackman, 443 w Fayt tte 
Benz John, 443 w Fayette 
Bentzel Henry J. blksmith, 125 n Schroeder 
Benzinger Frederick F. attorney, 19 Law build- 
ings, dw 17 McCulloh 
Benzinger Harry If. clerk, 17 McCulloh 
Benzineer John If. apothecary, 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Dr. Joseph C. homeopattiist, n e cor 

Broadway and Pratt, dw 319 Luivale 
Benzinger Mrs. M. 744 Lexington 
Benzinger M. J clerk, 62 e Fa\ett" 
Benzinger Mrs. Man E. 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Manias, clerk, 744 Lexington 
Berben Leonard, painter, 468 P>iina av 
Berens John, wheelwright, Fayette and Chester 
Berends Bernhard, grocery, 226 s Ann 
Bepperling Ludwig tailor, 78 Albemarle 
Beranek Matthias sr. sawyer, H9 Lancaster 
Beranek Matthias, shoemkr, 89 Lancaster 
Berenger Jas. L 470 e Fayette 
Berg Albert, carpenter) 156 Mulberry 
Berg Mrs. Annie, grocery, 1 07 Riborg 
Berg Albert B. bookkpr, 491 Franklin 
Berg Augustus T. bookkpr. 156 Mulberry 
Berg Cbas. W. clerk, 156 Mulberrj 
Berg Francis, shoemkr, 292 Harford av 
Berg Frank, mariner, 162 3 Washington 
Berg Henry, clerk, 9i s Ann 
Berg John J. porter, 9 Ridgely 
Berg Mrs. Louisa, tobacconist, 57 Holland 
Berg O. II. foreign exchange slock and bill 

broket, 57 Second, dw 8 n Greene 
Berg Philip, boots and shoes, 104 n Gay 
Berg Wm. lab. 107 Raborg 
Bergan John I'. carp. 346 William 
Beige Mis. Christina, 219 e Fayette 
Berge E. EL barkpr, 128 w Baltimore 
Berge Henr . , marblecutter, North av nr Belair av 
Bergeman Ifos s, shoes, 244 s Charles 
Bergen Bmil, shoemkr, 907 w Baltimore 
Bergen Everhard, shoemkr, 907 w Baltimore 
Bergen Hugh. lab. 346 William 
Bergen Joseph, clerk, 343 s Charles 












"LEARX all you can TO-DAY, you may need it TO-MORROW." g? 
Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 













i l; iphael clerk i les 

: i mii.-iii hi. 1-1 Llo.t '1 

Irew. h irnessml r, 2 F rresl pi 

■ Ch is. II P. barkpr I i Lloyd 

9 ii Central ii v 

Berger Mr*. Blisal i 

ilk, barkpr, 14 Lloyd 

Br-rger G iur and feed 4B2 w Lombard 

r Henry R I n Frool 

rineer, 151 Hamburg 

• r John, clerk. 5 a Bzeter 

: n Front 

• r John, cooper. iter 

John, lab. i; r > Wroth 

John F. bo kbinder, 268 n Ann 

• r John II. butcher, 436 e Baltimore 
• John L. tailor, 156 Stirling 

BtTter Jolm If. mineral water nnd vein beer, 
22 Thames, dw :«. r . s Bond 

.1 seph, cabinetmkr, 1 1 Sterretl 
b, machinist, 1 -is e Fa\ ette 
Berger Martin, baker. L':s.'f n Front 
Mi riiz, musician, 1-4 Llovd 
Moriti \ musician l i Lli i 
Berger Philip, tailor, 156 Stirling 
Berger Philip R. sergl police. 132 IVnnaav 
Win. sboen kr. 297 n Gay 

• ills av and 
mby, dw 39 Wilson 
Berperl Michael, lab. 8 Bradford al 
offAntbonv. lab. 136 a Howard 
off Henry, lab. B6 s Cbapel 
iff Joseph, lab 259 e Lomb ird 
n Arthur, a iw\ pr, 76 .Johnson 
Bergin Ryran, lab. 20 Lemmon 

in Matthew, 4 Stockbolm 
Bergin Tbos. agent, notions, 598 w Baltimore 
r Andrew, lab. 71 s C 

! lac, bookkpr, 96 b Sharp 
an John, tnilor. 22 1 Peirce 
an John. Bhoemkr, 102 n Dallas 
IMAN JOSBPH, prop'r National Stables, 
ore, <l w 24 a Grei 
Bl ROMAN JOHN C I tvern, 72 Conway 
I>' rgman Meyer, i Sharp 

in Michael, P B A Son ■ Sharp 
in Philip B 
Bergman P. 4 Son. (Michael Bergman )corriers 
and leather, and saddlery hardware, 367 w 

in S imuel, butcher, a av 

.mi Win. II drug clerk, 2i w Baltimore 
Bergmeii Bernhard, helper, 280 8 Ann 
• Frederick sr. picture frame no 
n'l 60 'I Gay, dr.- u.{ n Bond 

Fred i ick jr clei k, I 13 a Bond 
Bergner Lou :r, 1 ).'; D Bond 

Beratoldl Christopher, tailor, n < I 
Bergnnd Ootfried, lab, 478 Canto a? 
Bei ian Joseph, engineer, 16 Henrietta 

a R. mai iner, 16 Henrietta 
Beriu Ernest, paver. 8 1 Stockton 
. 161 St. Pa 
Berkeli 164 w Fayette 

Berk meyei B I ib, 

Ilini v, di 
. it, beer, 2) 

r, 156 Mulberry 

II')LM|-> ' Mini 

Ming, Hoae, Boiler Felt, 


Berkley A ndreaa, lab. 8 St. P 

H»rK m ' .- F. mariner, 416 Eastern av 

5 ii Butaw 
Berkshire Life Ins. Co. of MassacbussM 

Berlan Henry, whitswasher, 33 Goodman al 
Berlau John, batter, 1 78 Cross 

I Christian, tailor, i lis n Rden 
Berletl Geo II blacksmith, -472 ('anion av 
Berletl Geo, II. blksmith, Lancaster nr 
Berlin <;■ o. A . eigarmkr 169 e Pratt 
Berlin John V i osa 

Berlin erk, 19 W 

Berliner Israel. salesman, 49 Watson 
\\'\ liner R ivel Bhoemk r, 2 • 
Berliner Mrs. B -•< >'■> Watson 
Berliner Sam!, stoves nnl tin ware, 81 Thames, 

dw 49 Wal 
Berliner Samuel, fire dept, 49 Watson 
Berlinii eigarmkr. 8 Watson ct 

Berlinirke Henry, cai ; a ct 

Bei nan John, 18 Bai net 
Barnard A Co (Jas. L. Bernard) sign pa 

no w Baltimore 
Bernard James L. (I>. fi Co.) Eastern av and 

Dui can a] 
Bernard Richard, gilder, 120 w Hoffman 
Bernard Mrs. Sarah, notions, 194 Cross 
Bernard Thos. beer, 46 Centre M u '■ 
Bei i.ard Win. fisherman, L04 CrOBS 

Bernasconi Joseph, Btonecutter, 14 President 
Bernebnrg Geo. machine shop, 350 w Prat! 
Bern, i B 109 e Lombard 
Bernei Benj. (S. I! ft Sons) 129 e Baltimore 
Bernei Ferdinand(S.B.^Sons) I29e Baltimore 
Berne) Louis, law Btudent, 129 e Baltimore 
BERNEI S. ft sons. (Seligman, Ferd. and 
Benj Bernei) wholes, and retail dry goods, 

!.'xin_r'.on and ButAW 

Bernei Seligman, (S B.&Sona) 129 e Baltimore 

Bernei Si n, salesman, 129 e Baltimore 

Berneke Anton, tailor. . il av 

Berner Cbarfes F. bricklayer, ill b Fnlton 
Berner Edward, harn"8smakr, 183 Eastern av 
Berner Frank, cabinetmkr, '■'! Anthony 
Berner Henry F.W.cigarmkr, 115a Washington 
Berner John, lah , 8 Si Pi u t 
Berner Johu H.cabinetmakr, 115 a Waal 
Berner Louis, restaurant, 289 n Howard 
Berner Wm. riirger. ll'>8 Washington 
Berner Valentine, lab B St. P 
Bernetl August, lab. :^<-i Hamburg 
Mi i ■■ e\ Bei card, Bh< ecul ler, 109 <■ Lombard 
Bei n j Joseph, clerk, 109 e Lombard 
• Lombard 
Bernei Samuel, manuf. boots and i t 

1 i I man and Sharp, ihv 266 6 BallO. 

Bernhard Elmer, printer, 19 n Frederick 

d John I. , i f>7 Pn 

Bernhard Lazarus, tavern, 19 n Frederick 
B< rnhard Lewis I Eastern av 

Bernhard Peter, clothing, 83 Harrison 
l < 'has. driver, 196 Aliceanna 
Bernhardt Henry, in av 

Bet nbardl Juhn, driver, 19 Fountain 
Bernhardt Sarah, drj poods, 197 .Canton av 
Bernbeimer Alexander clerk, 287 Saratoga 
Berubi lai bar t, 287 

Bernbeimer Emanuel, 684 w Baltimore 
Bernbeimer Ferdinand, clei k 
Bernbeimer Henry, constable, 840 w Baltimore 
I' i uheimef ' toga 

M ichinisl -' Tools and Supplies, 

i, Holts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Building. 




Bernheimer Sigmund,cluthingr,684 w Biltimore 
Bernstein Mrs. Cecilia, midwife, 113 e Lombard 
Bernstein Chas. teacher, 113 e Lombard 
Bernstein Henry, clothing, 48 Harrison 
Bernstein Jacob, optician, 11 McElderry 
Berntheusel Wm. bakery, 315 n Ann 
Berrecloth Henrv-, (G William & B.) 295 Mosher 
BERRIDGE M.C. attorney, 11 Courtland, dw 

American hotel 
Berry A. Lucien, 229 North av 
Berrj Albert W. manager Sherwood Park 

Marble Co. office 24 Light, d\r 229 Bolton 
Berry Alexander C. police, 48 n Schroeder 
Berry Benj. proprietor China Tea Co. 25 w 

Baltimore and 47 n Eutaw, dw 23 s Fulton 
Berry Benj. F. moulder, 355 Hamburg 
Berry Renj. W. police, 45 Etting 
Berry Charles 0. clerk, 104 Lee 
Berry Chas. D. clerk, North av nr Madison av 
Berry Chas. E. 96 Saratoga 
Berry Christian, lab. 201 Canton av 
Berry Edward, barber, 201 Canton av 
Berry Edward, oysters. 19 n Washington 
Berry Edward R. stonecutter, 163 Lee 
Berry Mis Fanny, restaurant, 210 e Monument 
Berry Frank, clerk, 106 n Calvert 
Berry Frank T clerk, 325 Druid Hill av 
Berry G. Henry, 8 s Greene 
Berry George, sr. moulder, Woodberry 
Berry George, jr. machinist, Woadberrv 
Berry Geo. N. printer. Lexington nr Schroeder 
Berry Geo. R. (J. S. & G. R. B.)440 Eutaw pi 
Berry Geo. VV. carp. Madison nr Ann 
Berry Geo. W. printer, 449 Lexingtou 
Berry Henrv, clerk, 106 n Calvert 
Berry Harry T. clerk, 363 w Lombard 
Berry Henry D. clerk, 934 w Baltimore 
Berry Hopper E. clerk, 47 St. Paul 
Berry Hontio E. 624 w Fayette 
Berry James, conductor, 83 Fort av 
Berry James, cutter, 139 German 
Berry James E. lab. 83 Harrison, Canton 
Berry James W.,Woodberry 
Berry James W. clerk, 34 s Greene 
Berry Jaspei M. real estate, 47 St. Paul, dw 

Berry Jesse L. C. clerk, 104 Lee 
Berry John, shoemkr, 129 L. Greene 
Berry John B. N. 156 w Townsend 
Berry John J. mariner, 97 s Washington 
Berry John S. & Geo. R. fire brick manufac- 
turers, s w cor Hamburg and Warner 
Berry John S. (J.S.&G.R.B ) 432 Eutaw pi 
Berry John W, clerk, 212 Aisquith 
Berry Joseph, 56 Pennsylvania av 
Berry Mrs. Margaret, 201 Canton av 
Berry Michael, printer, 27 e Eager 
BERRY N. E. com. mercht. 10 Bowly's whf, 

dw Anne Arundel co 
Berry Nimrod B. moulder, Woodberry 
Berry Orion, Woodberry 
Berry Patrick, lab. 83 Harrison, Canton 
Berry Mrs. R. A. 97 s Washington 
Berry Richard, watchman, 248 e Fayette 
Berry Mrs S. M. confectionery, 106 n Calvert 
Berry Samuel mariner, 21 Pleasant al 
Berry Thos. L. clerk, 64 n Paca 
Beny Walter W. com. mercht. 153 s Charles, 

dw632 w Fayette 
Berry Winner, 'lab. 17 Williamson al 
Berry Wm. lab. 216 Lee 
Berry Wm. B. 64 n Paca 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Bates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

Berry Wm. H. shoemaker, 163 Lee 

Berry Wm. T. tinner, 52 Cross 

Berryman Elizi, seamstress, 233 n Caroline 

Berry man Johu B. clerk, cor Harlem av and 

Berryman Joseph H. lab. 157 William 
Berryman Julia A. 157 William 
Berryman Thos. lab. 157 William 
Berryman Wm. H. (Rupley&B.) Tinker house, 

Calverton rd 
Bersch Carl, artist, over 24 n Charles, dw 258 

Bersch Christ, lumber, s w cor Howard and 

Henrietta, dw 193 Lanvale 
Bersch Henry, real estate agent, 72 Exchange 

pi, dw 412 e Eager 
Bersch Henry A. clerk, 325 n Broadway 
Bersch Henry A. clerk, 128 McElderry 
Bersch John, woodworker, 68 Division 
Bersch Wm. wool worker, 193 Lanvale 
Bersick Chas. clerk, 41 Scott 
Bersick Geo. M. apothecary, 41 Scott 
Bersick Michael, 41 Scott 
Bert Charles, manufacturer hats, cap and furs, 

51 5 w Baltimore 
Bert Charles, sr, 350 s Charles 
Bert Peter, hats and caps, 302 w Pratt 
B*ERTALOT EDWARD, agent Gaff, Fleisch- 

mann & Co. compressed yeast, 59 s Gay 
Bertleiu John, lab. Clinton nr Elliott 
Bertling Bernard, store, Wavetiey 
Bertner Johanna, grocery, 260 s Eutaw 
Bertram Charles, butcher, 53 Belair Market, dw 

Division ext 
Bertram Wm. butcher, 102 Centre and 58 Bel- 
air Markets, dw Penna av ext 
Bertram Wm. A. engraver. American building, 

dw 315 u Strieker 
Bertrand Mrs. Alice, 208 e Chase 
Bertrand John, confectionery, 113 n Bond 
Berwanger Abraham, peddler, 115 n Exeter 
Berwanger Benj. (Likes, B. & Co.) 59 Hollins 
Beiz Wm. baker, 47 L. McEiderry 
Bescbe Joseph, upholsterer, 239 William 
Besse D uiiel, lab. 291 e Monument 
Bes.-e Mary A. midwife, 130 n Eden 
Bessel Geo. Henry, liquors, 496 u Gay 
Bessey Mrs. Sarah, 221 e Lombard 
Bessler Gustave, beer, 60 Bo- ton 
Bessley James, copper smelter, Clinton nr Sec- 
ond av 
Bessley James jr. lab. Clinton nr Second av 
Bessley Mary, notions, 30 Clinton 
Bessley Robert, copper smelter, 30 Clinton 
Bessley Samuel, lab. Clinton nr Second av 
Best B. J. salesman, Maltby house 
Best R E. salesman, 20 Hanover 























No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

















OT Mnilikin and Bond 
• r. i ■_'■. - Bond 
Bethaaj ( [nd. )( !horcb,corCalhoon Ac Lexington 

Broad wsj 
1 inton nr 'I 

Beibkc I 

I i ■ i 
Bethki l uiioi) hv 

Bethke Regina, 236 Canton av 
Betblehem Greet (Welsh [nd. Chorcb) Toone e 
inton, C • i> ion 
i John. III. u Uue 
nil Mrs. .1 dreaamkr, 69 b Sharp 
rth Win. | B. B. M.illorv ft Oo ) 423 e 

■ Tth Win. A. ell rk, 26 Warren 
Bettinger Geo. cooper, 226 Frederick av 

- m Frederick, n psman 2J'» Lanvale 
John I ib i:n Canton av 

U der, 5 Woodward 

Betton Tbos W. •' n Butaw 
G Djth 
; ne, 132 n Strieker 
- H trader, 42 Gouiif) 
I'. its Mrs Blicab< th, notions, 42 6oni li 

- George, lamplighter, 36 Eastern at 
Bi Its II rrv clerk 132 n Strieker 

- M >ry J i revisions, 347 HnlheiTJ 
i lumrx r Inspector, 37 Jack 
Robert jr saddler, 44 Jackson 
■ m H. <• t-ik 132 ii Strieker 
Betu Win i: .: Mulberrv 

Win M. tinner, 312 Cross 
\ ndrew, cutter, l Mnllikin 
Bets Mrs. Augusta laundress, 5 Truxton 
August, moulder, 143 William 
Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 143 William 
' baa. sboemkr, 63 Forrest 
mariner, 14 I William 
i: TZ CHRISTOPHER, tancj liard ware and 
brewers' material, l!' German ai Hanover, 
dw 7 

inrad, porter, lot d Spring 
Bete Elisabeth shtrl store, 216 Canton av 
Betz (Jeorge, lab. 420 Cat ton a* 

G istavus, coach mkr, 224 n Central av 
Bell H. H. grocery , 301 
Bets I! m, Kicholsi -.^ie 

I! :z Jacob, milk, on av 

Bets Jacob, tailor. 70 b Caroline 
!!■ tz John, lab. 205 ■ Bethel 
Bets John, photogt ipber, over fij w Baltimore 
dw I 'i4 n ,S|iriiiL' 

John, lab 160 Madeira al 

Bets John, tailor, i 

in L. tailor, 66 i Car line 
5 C li ton av 
! av nr Dillon 
B / Wm. carp, I 10 e Pr itl 
Betsel II' in v cabinetmkr, 2 Madeira a] 
Betael John, shocker, I J l s Broadway 

(er John J barber, 441 I'entmav 
r ii Joa lab. 26 Porl 
Ferdinand, ihoemkr, 196 • 
John, butcher, 21 Abbot 

both, 161 i I'ui ham 
Fann; . ftrocei > . 161 s Durham 
Beumler John Henry, cigarmkr, 62 a Durham 

Hmi i ier Julius, sboemkr, 7!» Mulberry 
Benrrier Louise bleacher, Tfl Mulberry 
1 ipacher Mrs. Bliia, boarding, 8 s0 
Beutelspacber Qeorge, moulder, Milling! 
nr Fredet li 
m Chas. clerk, 72 Hanover 
B< ran Chat. lab. Clinton nr Second av 
!'•■ van < 'ha- < 1 k, Merchants bob 1 
Bevan Chas. F (Bevan A: Sun) Linden as mid 

Bevan Dr. Cbas. P. prof. College Physicians 
and But geO -. Lanvale and Llnd 

BeTan Geo. 1 00 i P ica 

Hevan Geo. F. elerk, 41 1 Butaw pi 

ft Hannah (Win. J. Be van, Sain'l Han- 
nah ) marble yard, 200 e Monument 

H. C. attorney, r> Oourtland, dw Linden 
av and Lanvale 
Bevan John T. stonecutter, 206 n Central av 
Bevan Nichol is K. 106 Colombia 
Bevan B A. real estate, 4:i Lexington, dw ir.r> 

m Lanvale 
Bevan Samuel (S. Bevan k Co and Perkins A 

Co.) 380 Butaw pi 
BEVAN SAMUEL k CO. (Samuel Bevan, Win. 
A. Williar, B. G. Miller, F Hertel) import's 
and jobbers in dry goods and notions. 27!» w 
BEVAN ft SON, (C. F. and Wm. F. Bevan) 
mai hie workers, 140 Saratoga and 70 n 
Bevan Thos. stonecutter, 57 w Fayette 
Bevan|i|iersmelter,Clinton nr Second av 
Bevan Thos.jr, ooppersmelter, Clinton nr Third 

B'-van Thos II (Handy A: B. )attomey, 5 Court- 
land, dw 156 Lanvale 
Bevan Wm. coppe smelter. 124 Clinton 
Bevan Wm. F (Bevan ft Son) ir>'> Lanvale 
Bevan Wm. F. j r. Lanvale and Linden av 
Bevan Wm. J. (B & Hannah) 206 n Central av 
Bevans Edgar S. attorney, 4n Lexington, dw 

222 e Baltimore 
Bev hi- Edward T. huckster, 120 n Paca 
Bevans Henry, watchman, 260 i M oli-on 
Bevans James L. farmer, 289 <■ Baltimore 
!;• ram Reuben A L. furniture, 222 e Baltimore 
■ - Robert, mat iner, 134 Montgomi 

Mrs. Sarah, millinery, 289 b Baltimore 
W in. 1 ib. 1 Gallaghers ct 
Wm. | sinter 30 n Chapel 
Bevans Win. tinner, I 42 Chew 

Bevei Idge m Irj goods, i io w M 

Beveridge John, harness, ftc. 277 w P 

. J. IM1 Carter, (Clarence Whiting 
At C.i i 35 < leoi 
Beveridge Robot t, 146 e Madison 
Beveridge T. H. cashier Pepper's hotel 
Bev'ongen Louis, butcher, 32 Fells Point mar- 
ket, dw MeElderry md Wolfe 
Bew, Spencer si Oo (John J. Ben and John 

Spencer) limber merchants, 5 Postofflce av 
!;■ .\ John J. (Bew, Spencer it Oo.) Quebec 

Bewig Henry, beer, 508 Canton av 

Bewley Mrs, Elisabeth I> 276 e Lombard 
Beyer Adam, clerk, '.» . g Poppleton 
Andre* . lab 18 James la 

401 Aliceanna 

1'iiiiKr. 21 I Dm ham 
Beyer Christian, butcher, 18 Hollins mkt, and 
provii ooi 8 - Poppleton 
Fred, beer, B0 n Eden 

BADLEB nt and Btratton BUSIfl ►LLEQE, Baltimore, 

Nob. I N. Oharlefl St., \V. If. SaDLSB, President. 

Largest Life Ins. Co.intbe World, O. F. Bre see, Gen. Agt . 

" BEY 93 ~W 

Beyer Fred, cabinetmkr, 260 s Eutaw 

Beyer Fred, beer, 236 Bank 

Beyer Fred. A. musician, 12 Lloyd 

Beyer Geo. H. lab. 48 James la 

Beyer Gotfreid, tailor, 11 Albemarle 

Be\er Henry, painter, 48 James la 

Beyer John, shoemkr, 210 s Durham 

Beyer John, brickmoulder, 48 James la 

Beyer John, butcher, 69 Lexington market, dw 

Hollins nr Butcher's la 
Beyer Louis, cabinetmkr and undertaker, 78 s 

Beyer Mrs. Louisa, shoe findings, 196 Hollins 
Beyer Michael, beer, Monument and Chester 
Beyer Martin, barber, 80 e Lombard 
Beymer H. B. (B. & Jones ) 224 Druid Hill av 
Beyiner & Jones(H B.Beymerand J. Wm. Jones) 

com. merchts. 95 w Lombard 
Beynon John, clerk, First av nr Clintun 
Beyuon \V. coppersmelter, First av nr Clinton 
Beziat Frank, finisher, 8 Stockholm 
Beziat John M. cigarnikr, 361 w Lombard 
Beziat Joseph H. tinner, 35 n Pine 
Bezold Fred, notions, 263 e Lombard 
Bians Martin, hatter, 119 Montgomery 
Biavs George, 38 Courtland 
Bibb B. C. & Son (B C. and B.S Bibb) stove 

warehouse, 39 and 41 Light 
Bibb Bentlv C. (B. C. B. & Son)256 Linden av 
Bibb Bently S. (B.C.B. & Sou) 256 Linden av 
Bibb Frank, clerk, 32 s Sh-.rp 
Bib'n Mrs. Rosella E. boarding, 32 s Sharp 
Bibb Wm. K. bookkeeper, 32 s Sharp 
Bibb Wm. T. bricklayer, 32 s Sharp 
Bibhy Wm. F. conductor, 15 McMechin 
Bibelheiser Mrs. Ellen, confecty, 147 Pecna av 
Bibelheiser Francis, tiuner, 91 n Greene, dw 

147 Penna av 
Bibelhouser Wm. blacksmith, 60 Boyd 
Bible House, Wm. H. Cole, agt. 25 n Charles 
Bichman Geo. shoemkr, 18 Barney 
Bichman Henry, stonecutter, 18 Barney 
Bichman Wm. lab. 18 Barney 
Bichy Mrs. Catherine, 113 Lexington 
Bichy John, bakery, 117 William 
Bichy John, carver, 116 Franklin 
Bickel Joseph, lab. 96 s Chapel 
Bickel Simon, upholsterer, 128 s Dallas 
Bicker Wm. blacksmith, 171 Columbia 
Bickerstafi' John, blacksmith, 55 Tyson 
Biddison James A. plasterer, 211 Orleans 
Biddison James L. plumber, 211 Orleans 
Biddison K-ite, clerk, 85 Penna av 
Biddison M. lab. DruMville 
Biddison Mrs. Mary, notions, 132 Ramsay 
Biddison Samuel, lab. 54 e Biddle 
Biddison Wm. paperhanger, 132 Jefferson 
Biddison Zachariah, baggagemaster, 108 s Paca 
Biddle Andrew, lab. 38 e Fayette 
Biddle Clarence W. clerk, 35 n Broadway 
Biddle Edwin L. clerk, 35 n Broadway 
Biddle John, lab. rear 340 s Charles 
Biddle John, bill poster, 38 e Fayette 
Biddle Jonathan S. (Isaac A. Sheppard & Co.) 

35 n Broadway 
Biidle Mrs. Mary, fish, 115 s Exeter 
Biddle R. F. moulder, 147 Burgundy al 
Biddle Wm. H. moulder, 147 Burgundy al 
Biddorf Valeutine, turner, 48 s Regester 
Biden Edward, huckster, 71 Hollins 
Biden Joseph, huckster, 71 Hollins 
Biden Joseph, printer, 34 Lemmon 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office still continues to make the 

largest loans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 


Biden Wm. E. huckster, 71 Hollins 
Bidleman Edward, lumber marker, 160 n Bond 
Bidlingmayer John, wheelwright 323_e Madison 
Biedeback Geo. shoemkr, 415 Cross 
Biedebuck John, shoemkr, 415 Cross 
Biedeker Frederick, driver, 173 Columbia 
Biedeuback Andrew, lab. 240 s Durham 
Biedenback August, biker, 240 s Durham 
Biedenkope Maximilian, shoemkr, 116 s Chapel 
Biedenkopb Geo. wholesale and retail confecr, 

60 e Pratt 
Biedler Charles E. salesman, 24 Hanover 
Biedler Wm. T. salesman, 273 w Baltimore 
Bieger Adam. lab. 29 n Chapel 
Bieger Joseph, barber, Fayetie and Wolfe 
Bielelheiser E. B. driver. 135 Druid Hill av 
Bielefeld Helen, 341 Orleans 
Bielefeld Henry, cigarmkr, 187 Hanover 
Bielefeld Herman H. saloon, 187 Hanover 
Bit-lert John H. carp. 696 Ramsay 
Bieler Albert, cigarmkr, 55 Druid Hill av 
Biemiller Mrs. Annie, confect 62 s Paca 
Biemiller J. Henry, flour and feed, 282^ w Pratt, 

dw 253 
BIEMILLER JOHN, ice, 62 s Paca 
Bien Adam R. barkeeper, 314 e Monument 
Bien Chas. carp. 492 Penna av 
Bien Christian, lab. 7 Donohue al 
Bien Henry sr. merchant tailor. 390 Penna av 
Bien Henry jr. bisketmkr, 390 Penna av 
Bien John, butcher, McElderry ext 
Bien John, tinner and stoves, 247 s Ann 
Bien Johu, restaurant, 492 Penna av 
Bien Wm. barber, Clinton nr Eighth av 
Bienlien John, tailor, 38 Jackson sq 
Bieustien Fredk. stevedore, 35 Lewis 
Bienstein Henry, caumkr, 35 Lewis 
Bier Chas. C. (Robins <£ Co.) 272 Hanover 
Bier Christian, cabinetmkr, 186 Scott 
Bier Henry, bookbinder, 124 s Sharp 
Bier Joseph, baker, 408 e Monument 
Bierau Conrad, junk, 74 n Ann 
Bierba-jh August, lab. 138 s Wolfe 
Biei bower Albert, boxmkr, 117 Welcome al, 

dw 92 Bane 
Bierbower Austin, (B.Bros.) 49 St. Paul 
Bierbower Bros. (Austin and Vincent Bierbow- 
er) attorneys, 49 St. Paul 
Bierbower C. R. boxmker, 117 Welcome al, dw 

138 s Sharp 
Bierbower Chas. boxmkr, 92 Barre 
Bierbower Lemuel, boxtuaker, 117 Welcome al, 

dw 92 Barre 
Bierbower Vincent (B Bros.) 49 St. Paul 
Bieritz Christian, lab. 420 Cross 
Bierline Jacob, cooper, 374 West 
Biermann Geo. engineer, 55 s Strickei 

Neatness, Accuracy and Dispatch are BUSINESS REQUISITES. 
Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 




























r— I 








Mutual Life Insurance Co 

of New York, 




■ • . 

Ii Jobo, tailor, IC5 Colombia 
Bier 01 21 7 Eastern .-it 

ocksmith, B d Premoul 
J 'in II, tailor, 68 d I • 

S. brushmkr, Mcflenry or Mil 
liogton la 

.. m, botcher, McBenry or Milling- 

tOII lit 

h Bdmaad D. (B. D.B. It Oo.) 418 Mad- 

BIOBLOW ! Imund D. B 

• ml ship brokers, 66 B Gfay 
ii John, lab. 106 Mullikin 

ib. 106 Mullikin 
r Win. bartender, 106 Mullikin 
man John, lab. 47 Hue 

T. grocer j, 166 Ensor 
(Jba8. R. BtoneraasOQ, 155 Ensor 
- Mary C. dressmkr, 155 Elisor 
i8 Win. W. B. carp. 15'. Elisor 
Alfred, cabinetmkr, lo8 n Sehroeder 

- Mrs, Amanda, 108 d Sehroeder 
Prank S. clerk, 541 Lexington 

- James M. 541 Lexington 

John T. plasterer, 272 e Madison 

- Jgnalhau, engineer, 359 Light 

.. watchman, 272 e Madison 
J >sepb J. cotton (actor, 541 Lexington 
Richard J. clerk, 541 Lexington 
Robi. cabiaetmkr, 272 e Madison 
3 .ml. conductor, 535 w Lombard 

- Zachariab, fireman, 53 s Foppleton 

& Bradford (M. W. Bigham, G. W. 
Bradford) coin, merchants, flour, &c, n w 
cor Franklin and Eutaw 

..ii Mrs. Elisabeth L. 285 Madison av 
ii .J . Plumi r, 154 Boston 
Bigham John B. currier, 115 e Monument 

. John L. clerk, 285 Madison av 
Bigham Marshall M. (Bigham & Bradford) n e 
cor f'ac i and Lombard 

Dennis, holler, 64 Wilmer al 
Bigiey Wm. lab. tt4 Moshei 

Win. jr. lab. 582 Hanover 
Bilisoly E. E. clerk, 423 w Fayette 
;auk, botcher, 365 Orleans 
Billingham Win. medical student, 204 w Lom- 

Billings Edwin E. clerk, 112 Burgundy al 
Billings John, potter, 89 s Chester 
Billings John 11 potter, 80 8 Chester 
Billnigslea James, student, 292 w Payette 

.'•ii Dr. M. B. office i e cor Harford av 

■ ddle, dw 286 n Bond 
Billingsles Mrs. Mary J. 280 n Bond 

las. (B. & Vemetson,) 71 n Bond 
BilHogsley John W. clerk Farmers and Plaut- 
. - > I e 1 

Biilingsley Saml. W. carp. Woodberry 
i bos. A. clerk, 2i s Fulton 
ri 0. A. Yernetson, ) dry goods, cor 
and 1 J l K '< 

Billiogton Gover, lab. 2' Laurel 

i on Jaines P. carter, 167 Orleane 
Billington ThoS. brOOmmkr, 20 Laurel 

gton Win. L. tinner, 77 u Broadway 
Biilman Geo. lab, 2d < 'ioss 
Bil in n Geo. proTisions, 1 s 1'oppleton 
Biilman Michael J Mulberry 

Biilman Mrs. Sarah J. dressmkr, 2o6 Mulberry 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and 

king, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, 

Billmeyer Cbas. B. (Marsbael k B.) 357 n Bond 
Billmeyer Mrs. Bmilj J. A. dressmkr, 331 Sar- 

Billmeyer Jacob, Bboemkr, l<»o w Townssnd 
Billmeyei Joseph, l"" w Townsend 
Billmire Geo. A. engineer, 216 L. Constitution 
Billmire John B. braketnan, 362 Hanover 
Billmire W. II. 0. junior Mt. Vernon church, 

da 207 L. Oonstitntioo 
Billmyer Cbas. A. car driver, 49 Preston 
Billner Willibald, lab. 157 Madison al 
Billstine Benry, pianomkr, 346 do>s 
Billups Alfred M. currier, 13 s Strieker 
Billups Benj. F. coin, mercbt. Mulberry nr Gil- 
ni'. r 
Billups John R. mariner, 408 e Payette 
Billups John W. sailmkr, 191 Montgomery 
Billups Joseph R. clerk, B6 Bdmondson av 
Billups Samael ii. clerk, 319 n Strieker 
Bilson Andrew, plasterer, 286 w II oilman 
Bilson Daniel, plasterer, 2 I'earl 
Bilson John E. plasterer, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson Lucy J. seamstress, 171 w Townsend 
Bilson Samuel, plasterer, 154 n Howard, dw 

237 w Fayette 
Binder John F. machiuist, Paca, 1 door n of 

Franklin, dw 56 Brune 
Binder Mrs. Lewis, liquors, 34 n Fremont 
Bindewald August, shoemkr, 142 Harmony la 
Bindewald Benry, glasab lower, 13 Stocktiolm 

Bindewald John, glassblower, 13 Stockliolm 
Bindewald Louis, 145 Vine 
Binding Henry, grocery, 265 S Ann 
Bindseil Autone, clerk, llo w Fayette 
Bines Eliza, grocery, 242 West 
Bines Frank, huckster, 242 West 
Bines John, distiller, 311 s Charles 
Bines John A. biiggagemaster, 57 Lee 
Bines Martin, hatter, 119 Montgomery 
Bines Kobt. bookkpr, 131 8 Fact 
Bines Wm. 11. president Annapolis and Elk- 
ridge R. R. 297 Lintu 
Bing Geo. V. porter, 120 Burgundy al 
Bingel Cltnieuce, lab. 108 Weal 
Biugel Daniel, lab. 426 Cross 
Bingel Mrs. Eva, 67 s Canollton av. 
Bingel Fredk. bai ber, 2u5 s 1'aca 

Bingel Fredk. barber, 13 Ridgely 
Bingel Benry, tobacconist, 865 w Baltimore 
Biugel Jacob, beer, 491 w Lombard 
Bingel John, grocery, 67 s Canollton av 
Binger August, blacksmith, 349 Eastern av 
QOBtolf, blacksmith, 349 Eastern av 
Bingham Benj. T. wood and coal, Myrtle av 

and Cbesnut al, dw ^L> I Franklin 
Bingham Mrs. B, J. notions, 853 w Balimore 
Bingbam Mis. Blisa, 9 Warner 
Bingham James, com. merchant, over 44 Sec- 
ond, du Bai num.- hotel 

Bingbam John, Eancj store, 853 w Baltimore 
Bingham Rebecca 0. 6.'. a Fremont 
Bingham Boberi, itonecotter, 168 n Howard 
Bingbam Wm. iteamfltter, 98 s Fulton 
Binnie James, huckster, 1 Bond 
Binnii Louis D. machinist, 5o Brune 

11. mux Mrs. Maltha, 51 I nen 

Binswanger D. Jk Co. ([). Binswanger,) print- 

• e cor Boward mid Pa . 
Binswanger Da»ld (D. B. & 60.) 819 Saratoga 
Binswanger Emanuel, second-hand furniture, 

»38 w Baltimore 
Binswanger Simon, bookkpr, 838 w Baltimore 

Machinists' Took and Supplies, 
Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Gen'l Agt. 




Binyon k Andoun, ( W.W. Binyon, O.Audoun. ) 

builders, 137 S Ann 
Binyou B>-nj. F. builder, 651 w Fayette 
Binyou Thos. carp. 130 Bank 
Binyon W'm. H. H. carp. 13u Bank 
Binyou Wm. W. (B. & Audoun,) 130 Bank 
Binz Geo. W. back driver, 473 Saratoga 
Binz Jobu, baker, 473 Saratoga 
Binz John jr. tinner, 473 Saratoga 
Binz Wm. barber, 473 Saratoga 
Biuzei Geo. ship carp. Washington nr Chase 
Birch Chas. (B. & Meauley.) 91 St. Paul 
Birch Chas juuk au'd coal, 170 n Front, dw 

198 East 
Birch Clinton S. job printer, 416 w Baltimore 
Birch & Meanley,(Chas. Bi icb, J. P. Meauley) 

wholes, china and glassware , 27 s Calvert 
Birch Saml. potter, 182 Gough 
Birch Wui. H. farmer, Phila.rd nr Herring run 
Birch head Chris. C. 171 Conway 
Birckhead J. Elizabeth, 68 w Madison 
Birckuead Mrs. Elizabeth, 233 e Madison 
Birckhead Henry J. claim agent, 77 Granby 
Birckuead Jas. 171 Conway 
Birckhead Jas. jr. (B. & Reeves,) 77 Park av 
Biicsuead John H. dairy, opp Mount Royal 

Birckuead Joseph, paiuter, 233 e Madison 
BIRCKHEAD LENNOX, real estate agent and 

collector, 33 tit. Paul, dw 291 n Charles 
Birckuead Nathl. B. coach painter, 44 East 
Birckhead P. M. (B. & Reeves,) 77 Park av 
BIRCKHEAD & REEVEti, (J. Birckhead jr., 

Unas. ri. Reeves, P. M. Birckhead,) general 

ins. agents, 44 Second 
Bird Cuas. D. harnessmkr, 219 n Central av 
Bird Cuas. v\ . huckster, 154 Kamsay 
Bud Mrs. Edge worth, 4u Mount Vernon pi 
Bud Mrs. Elizabeth M. 225 w Biddle 
Bird Empsou C. 23 Jackson 
Bird J.lidward,(J.Kdw'dB &Co. )243 Linden av 
Biid J. Edward jr. clerk, 243 Linden av 
BIRD J. EDWARD & CO. ^J. Edward Bird, 

Peyton L. McCarty,Jo3. A. Bird,)dry goods, 

216 W Baltimore 
Bird Jos. A. (J.Euw'd Birds Co. )83 Harlem av 
Bird Stephen L. <S. L. B. & Co.) 345 n Eutaw 
BIRD siEfbhiN L. & CO. (S. L. Bird,) dry 

goods, 59 n Howard 
Biid W. E. (Baxter & B.) 40 Mount Vernon pi 
Bud Wm. Lee, 345 n Eutaw 
Bud Rev. W. E. 46 Hanoi er 
Birdcall John VV. glasscutter, 110 Hamburg 
Birdsall Samuel, paver, 75 Stirling 
Buely Lewis A. ice, 247 w Lombard 
BirkuecK hairy A. clerk, 105 Chew 
Birkeuback Loreuz, suoeinkr,2o3 Druid Hill av 
BirkeuMock Henry, tailor, 141 n Bond 
Birh.euwald tiolomon, 344 w Lombard 
Biiketl Mrs. Mary, 42u w Lombard 
Bukey Edward H. clerk, 219 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thomas, carp. 166 Division 
Bircbeu Thomas H. 219 Druid Hill av 
liukuolz Cuas. A. salesman, 175 Penna av 
Bukuiaier Julius, bakery, 52 Harrison 
Bukmeyer, Win. confectionery, 550 w Pratt 
Bu km^er J. F. turn, goods, 644 w Baltimore 
Birkuer Geo. cooper, 78 Bauk 
Bum l n ham Audrew, carp. 420 D Eden 
Birmuiguam Andrew jr. cnmkr, 420 u Eden 
Birmingham Donald, lab. 17 Harrison, Canton 
Bumiugiiam Elleu, seamstress, 290 u Durham 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Salt, at 



22 IT. Gaj Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues tomake the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Birmingham James E. plasterer, 108 Warner 
Birmingham John, driver, 67 s Ceutral av 
Birmingham John, plasterer, 32 n Amity 
Birmingham John L. painter, 32 n Amity 
Birmingham Mary, 63 s High 
Birmingham Michael, driver, 67 s Central av 
Birmingham Michael, clerk, n e cor Baltimore 

and Charles 
Birmingham Thos. lab. 207 Lcmmon 
Birmingham Thos. C. 198 n Chapel 
Birmingham, Wm. engineer, 315 Eastern av 
Birmingham Wm. stonemason, 32 n Amity 
Birmingham Wm. H. currier, 63 s High 
Birmingham Wm. T. tailor, 51 Ensor 
Birth ista Patrick, lab. 63 Granby 
Birthista Thos. barkpr, 63 Granby 
Birx Conrad, baker, 53 Low 
Bisbee Saml. shoemkr, 197 Chesnut 
Bischoff' Chas. cigarmkr, 169 Columbia 
Bischoff Chris, cabinetmkr, 239 s Charles 
Bischoff Franz, shoemkr, 33 s Wolfe 
Bischoff Geo. lab. 164 s Durham 
Bischoff Geo. brewer, Belair av ext 
Bischoff J. Charles L. cigarpkr, 187 Hanover 
Bischoff John, shoemkr, 33 s Wolfe 
Biscoe Mis. Elizabeth, notions, 110 n Bond 
Biscoe Geo. W. clerk, 330 w Lombard 
Biscoe James, com. merchant, 90 Light, dw 330 

w Lombard 
Biscoe Theodore, clerk, 330 w Lombard 
Biscoe Wm. M. sbipjoiner, 334 Eastern av 
Bishop Adam, cooper, 35 e Monument 
Bishop Alouzo B. carp. 527 Franklin 
Bishop Caleb, lightning rods, 346 e Madison 
Bishop Chas. A. dep. U. S. marshal, Star hotel 
Bishop Chas. A. lib. 236 a Eden 
Bishop Chas. E. (J. Glen & Co.) Fayette and 

Bishop David, 122 e Madison 
Bishop David E. 339 e Pratt 
Bishop Edward A. carp. 527 Franklin 
Bishop Elijah C. butcher, 193 n Caroline 
Bishop Elijah V. tancy goods, 357 n Gay 
Bishop Frank C. butcher, 193 n Caroline 
Bishop Geo. C. milk, 93 n Caioliue 
Bishop Geo. W. prest. Consolidated Chrome 

Co., Maryland bldg. dw 47 s Washington 
Bishop Geo. W . provisions, Chew and Ann 
Bishop Geo. W. freight ageut, 151 n Strieker 
Bishop Geo. W. liquors, Hull and Nicholson 
Bishop Henry, bird fancier, 49 e Baltimore 
Bishop John, shipcarp. 19 s Collington av 
Bishop John, shipjoiuer, 364 Canton av 
Bishop John E. clerk, 19 s Collington av 
Bishop John T. builder, Northern Central hotel 
Bishop John T. soap manufr. 174 and 176 Can- 
ton av, dw Fraukliu and Stockton ' 
















No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. F. Bresee & Sons. Life. Fire and Marine 




















Bishop Jobo T jr. bookkpr, 527 Prauklin 
; M irgaret 0. ! 28 Division 
Marj B. dressmkr, 338 b IMen 
Bishop Rei B P. 218 L Constitution 
Bishop Reverdy, clerk, 223 e Madison 


Bishop ick layer, 179 Ilollins 

p ft bi n P. bricklayer, 1":' Bolliofl 
Bishop S B. clerk, 338 a Bden 
Bishop Samuel A pasfitier, 151 d Strieker 
Bishop Sylvanus, .-liiii cutter, 338 d Bden 
B shop Mrs T I • • ssroki , 338 n Bden 
Bishop Tbos. .1. telegraphist, 341 n Bond 
Bishop W. Grab :n. bookkpr, 338 d Bden 
Bishop Win. .-I • '.ad 

p u n> It., Miller's hotel 
Bishop Win. II. hairdresser, 78 St. Paal 
, u m II. ; mton uv 

ip Win. II. jr 78 Si. Paul 

Bishop Win. II. police, 35 n Wolfe 
Bishop Win .1. limekpr, 190 Bank 
Bishop Win. B salesman, 338 n Kden 

Wm.T., fork rd nr Cottage av 
p Winfield 6. clerk, 338 d Eden 
BISSELL BKNJ. agent New Central Coal Co. 

Second, dw 310 u Qilmor 
Bissell Mrs. M >rgaret, 31o n Gilmor 

M in. T. job printer, over 111 Franklin, 

ll w Pratt 

Jacob, lab. 141 Buttery av 

Jacob jr. glassblower, 141 Battery av 

liter, 141 Battery av 
1 1 0. salesman, B3 w Centre 
Biesei Tbos.^r. stonecutter, 33 Scott 

. Ji.stph, I'urn. carver, 106 Johnson 
Biasing August, mariner, 300 Aliceanna 

BISSING W. F., Watchmaker, 280 
w Baltimore, dw 264 w Lombard. 

Win. grocery, 70 8 Chester 
D Win. jr. engineer, 46 Jackson sq at 
Bitter Cbas boxinkr, 140 Vine 
Bitter Christian, beer, 278 e Lombard 
Butei D. lithographer, over cor Calvert and 

Water, d* 380 w Payette 
Bitter Henry, pianomkr, 2:8 Bar re 
Bitter's Hotel, L. Bitter, propr, cor Pratt and 

Concord . 

Bitter Juim (J. lab. 26.'; Ai.-quith 
Bitter Justus, musician, 186 w Lombard 
Bitter L. propr Bilter's hotel, cor Pratt and 

Bitters Comley, engineer, 48 Hamburg 
Bitiers W. engineer, 48 Hamburg 
Bitting Rev C. C. 186 n Calhoun 
Billing C. C. jr. law student, 186 n Calhoun 
Bittinger Daniel N. carp. 541 w Lombard 
Bittingei Jolui I), shoes, 7 Penna av 
Butle Hesekiah, turn wagon, 13 1'atterson av 
Bittman Kunigunda, Clinton nr Ninth av 
Bittner Adam, baker, 109 e Pratt 

Bitlnei Casper, Sboemkr, 426 Eastern av 

Bittner Catherine, 249 i Broadway 

Bittner Bdnd. barber, Ciintou uv nr Second uv 

Billuer Fred. lab. 30 s Castle 
Bittner Qoileib, sboefilter, 31 
Burner John, lab. 243 s Dallas 
Burner John, lab. 40 Lancaster 
Bittner JoliuS, tinner, 372 W Baltimore 

Bittner liary, hairdresser, lu'.ie Pratt 
Bittoif Geo. C. cutter, 3 /l u Gay 

f Henry, tailor, 5 Sterrett 
Bittrich Fred, canmkr, 5 n Obapel 
Bita Adolph, siWerplater, 18 s Carey 

Biiz John, restaurant, 18 a Carey 

Bits Win. illrerplater, 18 a Oarej 

Biizel Adam, coufect'y, 204 n Broadway 
Daniel jr. bookkpr, 73 Courlland 

Bixler II. C. clerk. 117 w Pratt 

Bixler Louis A. tobacconist, 102 ;i Howard 

Bixler Wm II. H. ship chandler, steam marine 
rail win and ship yard, Bughes nr Basin, dw 
259 w L inrale 

Bixler Wm. T. bookkpr, 380 n Gilmer 

Black A. Campbell (B. & Son) 323 Madison av 

BLACK ANDREW L. propr. Belvidere nurse- 
rv, Eager ant] the Falls 

B ick Mrs. A in, : J ,I7 e Pratt 

Black Bernard, painter, 176 Gough 

Black Dr. Calvin, 808 w Payette 

Biaek Cbas. H. yeastmkr, Johnson and Grin- 
dall, dw 30 Johnson 

Black Clayton S. clerk, 89 3 Gilmor 

D Henry, yeastmkr, 96 Aisquith 

Black Edwin P. clerk, 89 3 Gilmor 

Black Geo. carrier, 100 Columbia 

Black Dr. Geo. 30 Laurel 

B ack Geo. \V. lab. Druidville 

Black Henry, baker, 14 1 ii Fremont 

Black Hugh 0. plasterer, 133 n Paca 

Black Isaac P. carp. 70S Ramsay 

Black J. W (B. & Lindsay) 89 s Gilmor 
; Black Ja«. marble yard, co: Cathedral and liid- 
dle, dw 238 Myrtle av 

Black Jas. B. clerk, 142 George 

Black Jas. F. messenger Adams Express Co.lll 
n Front 
| Bl >ck Jas. H. engineer, 19 Harrison, Canton 

Black John, harbormaster, 19 I Washington 

Black John, lab. 75 Hampstead 
! Black John (B. .v. Son) 325 Madison av 

Black John (B. tz Krebs) 29; Lexington 
i Black John R. car, i 18 Marion, dw 7o3 Ilamsay 

Rlack John S. teacher, 136 S CollingtOU av 
1 BLACK fc KREBS (J. Black, G. L. and Jacob 
E. Krebs) pork picker* and provisions, 49 
' South and 53 n Caroline 
I Black Kite, teacher, : J .17 e Pratt 

Black & Lindsay (J. W. Back, Win. W. Lind- 
say) provisions, MctJeury and Gilmor 

B;ack Mrs. Margaret, dressmkr, Hampden 
I Black Mrs. Mary, grocery, 118 s Castle 
I Biac* Mrs. Mary E. 317 e Pratt 
i Black Mary B. teacher, ;l7e Pratt 
I Black Michael, shipcaip. Ilrt 3 Castle 

Black Millard S. clerk, 222 McOuIlon 
Black Mrs. N. B. boys' clothing, 169 Preston 
j Black Mrs. S. J. 270 MalbetTj 
! Black Samuel, engine r, 349 Cathedral 
Black Samuel, builder, 222 IfcOulloh 
Samuel 1. cooper, 8 Weber 

Black Samuel W. clerk, 222 McCulloh 

Black ,v. Son (J. and A. C. Black) hardware. 

16o n ( laj 
Black Wm. E, cooper, 74 s Chester 
Blu-k Wm K. (Donnelly k B.J B Pennaai 

Blackburu C. Watson, clerk 244 ll Klllaw 
BLACKBURN 0YRDS, grain, seed and com. 

uiercht. n e cor Franklin and Kutaw, dw 244 

it Kiilaw 
Blackburn Edwin, grocery, Bolton and Dolphin 
Blackburn Edwin, 68 Boliou 
Blackimrn John, tab. 52 Fort av 

YOUiNU UKN 1 LEMEN thoroughly prepared for BUSINESS, 
At Sadler's Bryant and Stratton Business College. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building 




Blackburn Samuel, lab. 372 Hanover 
Blackeby Joseph, machinist, 9 Russell 
Blackford Mrs. Caroline, 390 Eutaw pi 
Blackford Eugene (Pikesville Dairy (Jo.)Pikes- 

ville. Baltimore co 
BLACKFORD WM. H. general insurance agent 

atjd manager Southern dept. N. Y. Life Ins. 

Co. 8 South, dw 390 Eutaw pi 
Black Horse hotel, Michael Carling, prop'r, 63 

Penua av 
Blackhead M. sheet iron worker, 104 n Howard 
Blackistun Albert C. sergt. police, 234 8 Sharp 
Black iston Annie, notions, 734 w Baltimore 
Blackistun John B. jr. moulder,6S4 w Lombard 
Blackiston John B. (B.&Sou) 684 w Lombard 
Blackistun John H clerk, 571 Franklin 
Blackiston A Son, (John B. and Thomas J. 

Blackiston) cabinetmakers and undertakers, 

606 w Baltimore 
Blackistun Taylor, salesman, 42 n High 
Blackiston Taylor, salesman, 213 w Biddle 
Blackistun Thos. J (B.&Son) 684 w Lombard 
Blackiston Waiter, clerk, 238 Lafayette av 
Blackiston Win. C. harbor master,draw bridge, 

dw 138 s Sharp 
Blacklar Alex. C. clerk, 179 Jefferson 
Blacklar (.'has. R. salesman, 51 n Bond 
Blacklock Allen R. com. paper warehouse, 14 

German ni Calvert, dw Wilson nr John 
Blacklock Frank, salesman, 152 w Lumbard 
Blacklock N. F. com. mercht, 116 Light-st wbf 
Biackman Mrs. Marion, 439 e Chase 
Black mare Albert, shuemkr, 65 Hanover 
Blackshere E. A. stock broker, Calverton, dw 

Fulton ur Fayette 

MONEY! $100,000 to loahi 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues tomake the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

Blake Benson, (B.Blake&Co.) 87 Saratoga 
Blake Benson & Co. (B. Blake) com. merchts, 

flour, grain, ^-c. over 48 s Howard 
Blake Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 151 York 
Blake Charles, watchmaker and jeweler. 3 n 

Charles, dw Baltimore co 
Blake Chas. D. builder, 30 Camden 


BLAKE CHARLES W.. Dealer in 

Watches, Jewelry, Silver and 

Plated Ware, 3 North Charles, 

dw Baltimore County. 









Blake E. B. salesman, 181 Saratoga 
Blake Eugene, clerk, 200 McCulloh 
Blake Francis T. jr.bricklajer,204 n Central av 
Blake Geo. A. carp, and builder, 7 Jackson pi 
Blake Gt-o. McD. clerk, 114 Lexington 
Blake Geo. R. clerk. 1 12 n Caroline 
Blake Henry, porter. 136 Hanover 
B ackwe ; \Irs.Mary,dressmkr ; 484 w Baltimore j Blake Henrv, carp, and builder, 344 Myrtle ay 

Blackwell Robt. salesman, 484 w Baltimore 
Black wire John, mariner. 37 Haubert 
Blackwire Patrick, engineer, 5u Cooksie 
Bl ickwood Joseph, 22 n Calhoun 
Blades Chas. W. paperbanger, Waverley 
Blades Mrs. Elizabeth, Waverley 
Blades James P. architect, 464 n Carey 
Blades Johu J. paperbanger, 155 n Exeter, dw 

Blades John L.(B &Wri^htson)wood and coal, 

114 s Washington, dw 425 e Pratt 
Blades John L. cleik, 425 e Pratt 
Blades John M. lime, Concord and Bowly, dw 

30 s Kden 
Blades Thus. W. insurance agent, 26 s Eden 
Blades Win. mariner, 35 Henrietta 
Blades Wm. A. clerk, 464 n Carey 
Blades Win. P. produce com. mercht and oys- 
ter packer, 6 Barre, dw 464 n Carey 
Blades k Wrigbtson, (John L. Blades, Thos. 

S. Wrigbtson J odorless excavators, 114 s 

Blaha John, shoemkr, 370 e Favette 
Blaicb John F. teacher, 113 n Caroline 
Blair Burwell, salesman, Maltby house 
Blair Chas. K. accountant, 381 Lexingtou 
Blair George H. clerk, 136 Mosber 
Blair James A. (Joseph Harris & Co.) general 

delivery clerk, P. 0. 188 Hanover 
Blair James G. machinist, 136 Mosher 
Blair Johu, tailor, 412 w Lombard 
Blair M. W. clerk, 287 n Eden 
Blairdell JohnG.agt for E.Butterick's patterns, 

41 n Charles, dw Howard huuse 
Blake Albert C. 198 w Biddle 
Blake Mrs. Ann, 174 n Calvert 

Blake Henry, painter, 143 e Eager 
Blake James, police, 143 e Eager 
Blake James, bookbinder, 107 e Biddle 
Blake John A. porter, 2oo Argyle av 
Blake Dr. John D. 114 Lexington 
Blake Dr. John D. 140 Scott 
Blake Mrs. John H. 107 e Biddl? 
Blake John H. clerk, 114 Lexington 
Blake John L. clerk, 16 n Calhoun 
Blake John R. builder, 112 n Caroline - 
Blake John W. fire dept. 143 e Eager 
Blake Lawrence, painter, 127 n Eden 
Blake Mrs. Margaret, 143 e Eager 
Blake Martin, 344 Myrtle av 
Blake Mrs. Mary, 198 w Biddle 
Blake Mrs. Mary, 17 Cambridge 
Blake Samuel F. carp. 83 McHenry 
Blake Thos. lab.' Fort av nr Jackson 
Blakeney Albert A. cotton manufr. Woodberry 
Blakeney John W. machinist, Woodberry 
Blakeney Mrs. Sarah, Woodberry 
Blakeney Win. stonecutter, 18 Willow 
Blakeney Wra. H. coachpainter, 270 e Madison 
Blakistone Andrew, bookkpr, 72 McCulloh 
Blakistone T. W T allis, attorney, over National 

Mechanics bank, dw 72 McCulloh 
Blakistone Walter, clerk, 238 Lafayette av 
Blamhery Louis, organ builder, 75 Milliman 
Blamire Chas. lab. 6 Pleasant al 
Blanch Chas. H. carp. 178 n Gilmor 
Blanch Francis, carp. 178 n Gilmor 
Blanch James T. carp. 207 e Lombard 
Blanch Jeremiah, carp. 178 n Gilmor 
Blanch Mrs. Susan, 76 n High 
Blanch Thos. carp. 178 n Gilmor 
Blauchard Mrs. Elizabeth H. 78 w Chase 
















SADLER'S Bryant and Stratton BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore, 
Noe. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 

Mutual Life Insur 

a nee 


of New York, 


























BLANCH kRD B. W\ ATT. atloi 


J Fort ii v 
, !i painter. '.» CliolOB 

Blaoi ' toraot, i7 1 « B ilii i 

lei k, 47 1 w I! .iiiiiiori- 
. ; 1 u I! i limore 
: lob .11 _■'■■'■*. 'J ii Hanover 
Blaod John I. 183 d Ca 

I i ,.. (Win. II. Blaudford, (i A. 

A in II. IB I 

Blase John 

■ iv luMoiint 
Bluing Prank If. apothecary, ooi Pratl and 

GUmor. d« 20 ■ Premoni 
Blanej (. i \\ itoaecat'r,269 QreeamouDtaT 

20 I Premont 
Blanej Benri ('. bricklayer, 1- Mock 

J !- .i bricklayer, 61 Wood) ear 
Bum'." Jas. M. bricklayer, l *j-> Qreenmoont a* 
Kl'iit% .lis. W. bricklayer, 2tii Premoot 
John T . Lafayette a? nr Mount 
d T. carp., iG! Greenmouat uv 
HI. i".i 66 Green uount a? 

Blaney Wm H. bricklayer, 172 Myrtle aT 
Blank Predk. packer, I3."> Battery a? 
Blank (ieu. mariner, -Jo.: Canton av 
. John, mariner, 462 Canton a» 
Blank Mrs. Ursula, crockerywnre, l36,Battery uv 
Blauki-iihurg Charles, shoemaker, 8o Mullikin 
Blankenbnrg Jacob, clerk, 8o Mullikin 

u-liip Daniel, engineer, 126 Cioss 
Blankfiiul Jacob, huckster, 361 n Broadway 
Blankner John, candymkr, Dover nr Fulton 
Blankner Julius, cooper, McHenry nr Monroe 
Bl iee Otto, grooi rj , 25 Boston 

Joseph, cabinetmkr, 227 Peirce 
Blankner Lawrence, barber, Payette nr Payson 
Blanko Henry rV. talesman, 92 n Poppleton 
Blatchley Mrs. II., Waverlej 
Blatchley Mrs. Priscilla, 146 Bnsor 
Blattau John A. telegraphist, Eastern av ext 
Blanf tailor, 207 Franklin 

Blaut L vi. shoemaker, 152 Cbeenut 
Blattau Mis Margaret, seamstress, Lemmon nr 

Bl 'Zek Thomas, boots and shoes, 32 Thames 
Bleasdale Howard C. clerk, 203 Johnsou 
: ile John, engineer, 203 Johnson 

Bleaser Christopher, engineer, I!) s Wolf 
oe Dr. A. T 34 McCollob 
■ Jennie M (B.4 Walker )S50 a Baltimore 
Bledsoe Bobt. H. conductor, 850 a Baltimore 
. \ ilker, (Jennie M. Bledsoe, MaryK. I notions, B50 a B iltimore 

;iiL r Andrew, stoves, 38 Jackson sq nr 
Bleich l'aul, clerk, 47 Qranby 
Bleicber Joseph, iboemkr, Biker or IVnna av 

r Michael,, Baker 111 1'enna av 

John, blksmith, 16 Oallend ir 1 
Blee Martin, lab, 60 Philpol 

•■ , Foreman, 17 Albi marie 
og Daniel, carp. 270 Aisqoith 
ig Ii. <;. jr. carp. 270 Aisquitfa 
. : dinand, lab. 381 E istern av 
■ 11 on II paintei . < lhapel nr < lhase 
1 carp. 241 d G 

nist, 24 i 11 Gay 
tig John driver, 103 a Caroline 
ig Luther N fireman, 683 Light 

mnel, b tg cotter, 107 ■ Caroline 
Mis. Mary, tailorese, 30 1 B Bond 
Bletatr Philip, sboemkr, :to4 s Bond 
Bley Charles, sbdtmkr, 1 a Greene 
Blej John, lab. 49 Union 
Blick Mrs. Elisabeth, Warerlej 
Hick a Hamburger, (T. H. Blick, Emanuel 

Hamburger) proprietors Balto. Fruit Butter 

Co., rear 24 b Charles 
Bliok rhos. H.(B.A Ham' org»r)3 u Bn 
Blienberger Adam, fitter, 21 Walnut al 
Blienberger George, baker, 21 Walnut al 
Blight Bobert, straw cutter, Washington and 

Blienberger Martin, driver, 47 o Pine 
Blienberger Martin, foreman, 21 Walnut al 
Blimline Abraham, hocks ter, 177 Bamsay 
Blimeline Bernard, (II Sonneborn <t Co.) 199 

Drui.l Bill av 

Blimeline Emanuel, clerk, 195 Druid Hill at 

Blimeline Henry, cutter, 281 Franklin 
Blimeline Joseph, 195 Druid Hill av 

Blinn Cbas. A. clerk, 364 e L bard 

Blinsinger Geo. P. architect and builder, 143 

Druid Hill av 

Blinsinger Win. H. clerk, 143 Druid Hill av 
Blinsinger Win. M. carp 108 Mosber 
Blitscteke Cbas. lab. 187 Hudson 

Blitz Mr.-.. Lilly A. fancy goods, 249 n Howard 

Blitt Mrs. M irg iret, 1 10 R unsay 
BLIZZARD C. H. undertaker! 201 IVnna av 
cor Dolphin, dw 66 Etting 

BLIZZARD C. H., First Class Un- 
dertaker. Also Hack, Coach and 
Livery Stables, 201 Pennsylvania 
avenue, cor. of Dolphin. 

Bli/.zard Elijah, oysters, Woodberry 
Blizzaid Elisabeth, 181 n Baca 
Blizzard F. II. blacksmith, 1 07 Arm 
Blizzaid George W. engineer, n>7 d Ann 
Blizzard Joel, dairj, Fresstman nr Whatcoat 
Blizzard John L. I < > 7 D Ann 
Blizzaid J. dm B. engineer, 166 Battery av 
Blocher lli-y. B. police, 7 Lorman 

Andreas, ooachsmltb, 3 26 e Lombard 
Block Mrs. Barbara, I IBs Edea 
Block Ernest, engineer, 510 Ligbl 
Block Mrs, Elisabeth, 64 McCullob 
Block Henry, engineer, 298 Qough 
Block John, bricklayer, 66 1 1'oppleton 
Block Joseph, lab. 84 Lama 
Block Mis. Julia, 66 s PoppletOD 
Block Louis, sii|it. Hebrew asylum, Monument 

e of Broad wai 
Block Loui*, peddler, 140 Gou^h 
Block Marcus dgarmkr, 25 n Eden 
Block Mary, 99 Orleans 
Block Mayer, clerk. 1 18 s Eden 

. Sarah. 98 Ol leans 

Block Bolompo B. clerk, 127 Herman 
aer Louis, lab. 52 fanfiasiw 

Bloeiner Martin, lab. 52 LaOOaStSf 

Bloeiner Michael, lab. r>2 Lancaster 
Blogg Bar. B, N B . Mono! at Patterson av 
Blogg Wesley, clerk, Mount or Patterson av 
B nine Frederick, brleklaver, 44 Lancaster 
BIoom Geo. wholes and retail oonJtsctionery, 

ll.'i w Baltimore 

Geo. jr. clerk. 44f> w Baltimore 
Blondell Malaehl, 218 il Howard 

ii< lLAlES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Toola and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Building 




Blondell Malachi, carp. 119 w Biddle 
Blondell Wm. T. driver, 36 Courtland 
Blundheim Albert, clerk, 87 n Paca 
Blundlieiui Adolph, clerk. 78 Frederick av 
Blondheim Clnulcs, S7 a Paca 
Blondheim Heart, clothing, 87 n Paca 
Blondheim I. clothing, 57 n Howard, dw 87 n 

Blondheim J. clerk, 105 n Howard 
Blondheim Michael, clothing, 93 n Howard, dw 

87 n Paca 
Blondheim Solomou, clerk, 34 s Eden 
Blondheim Solomon, clothing, 177 Franklin 

dw 87 n Paca 
Blood Wm. driver, Francis and Retreat 
Bloodgood C. Bonsai, 35 w John 
Bloodgood Mrs. E. H. 35 w John 
Bloodsworth Capt. Jacob, mariner, 101 s High 
Bloomer Albert, machinist, 1 L. Church 
Bloomer Philip, lab. Hampden 
Bloomer Wm. E. gen. ticket agt. 127 w Balti- 
more, dw 341 n Broadway 
Bloomfield Cuarles, machinist, 186 German 
Bloss George, bricklayer, 225 Hanover 
Bloss John, carter, 686 Light 
Bloss Joseph, lab. 686 Light 
Bloss Mrs. Lena, 6 K 6 Light 
Blotkamp Wm. hacks, 260 e Lombard 
Blotkamp Wm. J. harnessmkr, 254 e Pratt 
Blottenberger Benj. lab. Maryland av ext 
Bloxhem Jno. hardware'and stoves, 56 Harrison 
Bloxham Richard J. telegraphist, 386 e Eager, 

dw 157 n High 
Blucher John M lab. Hampden 
Bluchinger Ulrich, lab. 26 Gould la 
Blum Alex, fireman, 28 s Regester 
Blum Anton, stovemounter, 69 Somerset 
Blum Benj. cigarmkr, 65 n Washington 
Blum Mrs. C. H. 105 s Chapel 
Blum G. 76 Columbia 
Blum G. S. (S.B. & Son) 301 Lexington 
Blum Geo. cigarmkr, 751 w Lombard 
Blum Hartvvig F. barber, 397 Gay 
Blum Hesiry, grocery, 308 s Eutaw 
Blum H'y, dry goods and notions, 263 Hanover 
Blum Isaac, clerk, 301 Lexington 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand dealer, 201 e Lombard 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand clothier, 234 s Caroline 
Blum Israel, peddler, 263 Hanover 
Blum Jacob, cigar manuf. 201 e Lombard 
Blum John, tobacconist, 751 w Lombard 
Blum John, clerk, 116 s Chapel 
Blum Joseph, engineer, 98 s Castle 
Blum Joseph, glazier, 153 n Eden 
Blum Lehman, clothier, 214 s Broadway 
Blum M. M. tobacconist, 99 s Fremont 
Blum Philip, (B. & Tueim) 45 s Caroline 
Blum S. & Son,(S. andG.S.Blum)tailors' trim- 
mings, over 265 w Baltimore 
Blum Solomon, (S.B. & Son) 301 Lexington 
Blum Mrs. Sophia, junk, 153 n Eden 
Blum £Theim,(P.B!ura,J.Theim) jewelry cases 
and fancy boxes, 8 e cor Baltimore and Hol- 
Blum Wm. jeweler, 538 w Baltimore 
Blum Wm. lab. 208 s Betbe) 
Bluma Mrs. Christine, 37 Orleans 
Blumauer Louis, boots and shoes, 270 8 Charles 
BlumauerMrs. Margaret, dressmkr, 210Henrietta 
Blume Albert, beer, 117 Bank 
Blume F. artist, over s w cor Charles and Fay- 
ette, dw 354 u Durham 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Suit, at 



22 N. G-ay Street, near Payette St. § 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. E> 

This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the hrj 

largest loans on goods of every description and on _ J 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of ej 

charges than any other office in this city. re 

BElVJA-MillST «fc CO. a 




Blume Christian, blacksmith, 302 Cross 
Blume Geo. tailor, 147 n Bethel 
Blume Henry, cabinetmkr, Forrest and Low 
Blume Henry, barber, 11 8 Eutaw 
Blumenberg Alfred, clerk. 37 n Exter 
Blumenberg Julius J. piano waierooms, 158 w 

Blumenberg Marc A. 158 w Fayette 
Blumenburg Mrs. Leopold, 37 n Exeter 
Blumenratber John, provisions, 267 Preston 
Blumenthal Abraham, clothing, 164 Light-st OQ 
whf, dw 271 s Charles ^g 

Blumenthal Edw. clk.Carrollton av andHollins >-$ 
Blumenthal Isaac, 48 Lee tit 

Blumenthal Mrs. J. (M. B. & Bro.) Hollins and g 

Blumenthal M. & Bro. (Mrs.J. Blumenthal) dry 

• goods, cor Hollins and Carrollton av <J 

Blumenthal Simon, clerk, cor Hollins and Car- ^ 
rollton av S 

Blumer Margaret, beer, 338 s Bond 
Blumer Samuel, printer, 338 s Bond 
Blumhardt Chas. butcher, Wilkins nr Fred- 
erick av 
Blumline Mrs. Catherine, 14 Dawson al 
Blumline Wm. moulder, 14 Dawson al 
Blundell Dennis, gasfitter, 41 s Calhoun 

Blundell Malachi, clerk, 1 Sterrett 
Blundell Mrs. Margaret, 1 Sterrett 
Blundell Michael, lab. 1 Sterrett 
Blundon R. M. (J.A.Edmondson & Son) 75Ed- 
mondson av 

Blunt Geo. W. printer, 50 Pearl 

Blunt Thomas, lab. 156 s Sharp 

Blunt Wm. moulder, 9 Walker 

Blunt Wm. J. 245 n Caroline 

Blushars James, cabinetmkr, 7 Somerset 

Blyth Robert, salesman, 30 n Gilmor 

Blythe Richard M. clerk, 86 a Charles 

Boal Geo. O. clerk, 241 n Eutaw 

Boane Jane, 185 n Howard 

ERS, City Hall 

BOARD OF TRADE, office New Exchange 
Buildings, J. Hall Pleasants, pres't, George 
U. Porter, sec'v 

Board of TradeTele^raph, 119 w Baltimore and 
59 Exchange pi, H. H. Craig, manager 

BOARD OF HEALTH, office City Hall 

Boardman Dr. F. E. 628 w Lombard 

Boardman Robert, canvasser, 281 e Fayette 

Boardman Robert I. carp. 281 e Fayette 

Boarman A. J. (Hazlett # Co.) 161 Mulberry 

Boas Wm. shoemkr, 20 s Eutaw 

Boatman's Transportation Line, P. Murphy, 
agent, 30 Second 

Bobart Wm. carp. 33 Stiles 












i— i • 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 



Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 











BOBART THOMAS W. restaurant. 141 

ern nv 

• i av 
• John, shipcarp. l Burke 

. k , Nib. I! iker in- 1'enna nv 
Chaa. deck 

rlM, 429 n Favel 

Bobelb Louis B pian ■ 1 1 1 k r lt"> Hamburg 

Boblita John ft. lab. Draidvilla 
Bobli ilia ft., Druidville 

Boblita < i »-. i' Hirer, if)'", n Chapel 
MoMitz Win. botcher. 416 e Ghana 
Bock <• 18 Ridgelv 

lira. Henrietta, >\ esarakr, 136 Barre 
• tukr, 188 b Caroline 

Herman, cigarmkr, 338 n Wolfe 

Jacob, polisher, 136 Barre 
B ck Julias, painter, 323 e Monument 

Win glassblower, 148 Ridgelv 
nan Amelia, dreasmkr, 140} a Spring 
Bockelma'n Obaa. clerk, il Paintei cl 
Bockelman Chris macbiniat, 14oA s Spring 

Iman Conrad, tailor, 126 Barre 
Bockelman Deitricb, ahoemkr, 158 8 Fremont 
Bockelman Deitricb, jr. bricklV, 158 s Fremont 

man Fred'k, cup. 74 Bank 
Bockelman Peter, grocery, 116 a Spring 
Bockelman Win. driver, I 1 Painter ct 
Boi-klinff John, backs ter, 20 Tbou 
Bockhoff Mrs. H. confectionery, 661 n Gaj 
Bockhoff Joseph, hockster, 20 Thomsen 

lofl .loscp. huckster. 557 n Gay 

Bockhoff Wm. bnckater, 20 Thomaen 
Bocklage Aug. cowa, 0'D mnell nr Clinton 
Bocklaitc Blictbetb] O'Donnell nr Clinton 

ige Henry, cowa Donnell and Clinton 

Boekmiller Win. turner. 88 Chew 

Bocku.iller W.n.P (Birtol& B. ) 196 n Central av 

Bocrie Chaa. L. clerk, M7 German 

Boddeker Frank, lab. 228 e Chaae 

H" '<le Charles ar. tailor, 216 n Caroline 

B 'If Chaa. jr. milk, 12 a Biddle nr Ann 

Bode Dietrich, ahoemkr, 20 Haw 

B "I*- OaataTe, clerk, 81 n Oarej 

Bode Joaeph, tanner, r > r >J e Lombard 

BODE 8 W apothecary, n w cor Light and 

Bodein Chaa. foreman, 302 n Bond 
Bodeker Charles, batcher, Ooss-st Market, d\v 

196 i 
Boden James, ghoenikr. 01 n Central nv 
Boden Capt. Win. 88 a Pratt 
Boden Win. II. turnkey, 209 <■ Monument 
Bodeobender Henry, lab 45 Bradford al 
Bodenbarg Chaa. hats and cape, 884 s Charles 
Bodi d Duellei II lab. 8h ■ Bethel 
Bodenacbala John, tavern, cor Addison and 

Bodmaick David A. printer, 391 Franklin 

lick Charles P. ( Bodensick Bros) 407 

i aiiklin 

Iroa (Oh i- I and Wm. T. Boden- 

. i bookbindera, aver 160 w Baltimore 
Boden Ick Qeor :e, miller, Bract at IfcBenrv 

Bodensick Wm T lab Bruce nr Mi-Henry 

Bodenetck Wm. T. (Bodensick Bros.) I7.t n 

I remOBl 
Bodsostein Bear • Montgomery 

Bodeiietedi John il. bookkpr, 63 a Groans. 

BodinS Fred. Utllor, 161 ("anion ar 

Bodina John, umbrellas, 88 Jefferson 

Bodman E 0. (Uilmine, B. k Co.) 'IV!, 

mkr, Frederick av nrWilkens 
Boeckel Cbas. F. shoemkr, 53 Frederick nv 
Boeeker August, tailor, 406 Light 
i i i 'has. beer, 186 * Baltic 

Bdwd, mueic teacher, 486 w Baltimore 
Boeckaer John jr. tinner, 106 i Regester 
Boeckner Job a, lab 106 - Re 

■ John, ICOUrer, 236 Canton av 
Boedeker Mrs. Allies, grocery, 22H s Futaw 
Boedekei Beoj. barkpr, 226 a Butaw 
Fred, oli rk 160 i Wolfe 

Kate, maiitiiiiiiikr, I f> s Wolfe 
Boegel John V. blackamith, 160 ■ Wolfe 
Boenle George, cigarmkr, 146 Camden 
Boehle Henry, ahoemkr 360 Hamburg 
Bi elim Dr. Adolpb, 181 Han 
Boebm Augoat, tailor, 126a Dallas 
Boehm Mrs Catherine, 242 w Fayi 
BOBHH i HAS. T. 118 McCnllo'h 
Boebm Ferd. cabinetmkr, 175 ftamaaj 
Boehm Henry, baker, 199 George 
Boehm Henry jr. moulder, 199 George 
Boehm Herman, clerk, 63 a Fulton 
Boehm John, butcher, Harford id nr Darley park 
Boehm John, lab. 17 Cannon 
Boebm John C. shoemkr, lt>9 Bnaor 
Boehm John C. blacksmith, 212 e Lombard 
Boebm Louisa, butcher, 42 Belairand 101 Cen- 
tre Markets, dw Harford av opp Darley park 
Boehm Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 34ti Eastern av 
Boehm Wolfgang, tniiur, 212 e Fager 
Boebme Algual 0. F. sr. grocer, 128 Hanover, 

dw 130 
Boebme Augustus, 102sPaca 
Boebme Wm. T. collector, 95 n Gay 
Boebmer Henry, grocer, cor Warner and Wayne 
Boebnlein Frank, lab. 239 s Bethel 
Boehnlcin John, lab. 308 Eastern av 
B lebolein Joseph jr. 308 Baatern av 
Boebnlein Joseph, varnisber, 106 Battery av 
Boebnlein Joseph, lab. 308 Baatern nv 
Boehrer Christian, cooper, 190 1 Bond 
Boehringer Freii. driver, B Brannanet 
Boener John, lnb. 271 s Bond 
Boennine Philip, porter, 5 s Frederick 
Boeuzli J. H. barber, 558 w Baltimore, dw 66 
8 Cany 

Boergording Henry, milk, 2 17 11 Eden 
Boergord ag M irtfn, ahoemkr, 247 d Eden 
Boericke Francis E. (B. k Tafelj Philadelphia 
BOEBICKE ft TAFBL, (Francis E. Boericke, 
A. J. Tate! ) homeopathic druggists, 133 w 

Boerner Geo. C. cabinetmkr, 39 d Amity 
ftoerner Benry, beer, Forrest and Low 
Boerning Benry, tobacconist, ^'27 w Pratt 

Boertner (Jeo. shoemkr, 323 S Lombard 

Hoes Henry, lab. 38 n Durham 

Boescbe Diedricn. grocery, 195 West 
Boeeche Henry, blacksmith, 363 Hanover 
Boeecbee Dr. Herman L. patent medicines, Oli n- 
ton and Firal ^ i 

i Benry G. watcbmkr, 367 n Durham 
Boetner B liquora, 186 Pearl 

BoetlC Theodore, iboemkr, S^m w Pratt 

Boeltger Conrad, Bniaber, 828 Hamburg 
Boettlgbeimer Josiab, cigar manuf, se cor Lib- 

eily and German, dw 2 12 Mulberry 

Boettlnger Geo watcbmkr, 209 a Central av 
Boettinger Peter, shoemkr, 208 n Central av 
Boettlnger Wm. cigarmkr, 213 n Central av 


Sadler's Bryant and Stratton Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World. O. F. Bresee, G-en. Agt 
BOE ~ 101 BOL 

Boettuer Conrad, baker, 391 s Charles 
Bogdeneky Fred, tailor, 183 w Piatt 
Boggess Wm. clerk, 111 Greenmount av 
Bogsrs A. G- salesman, 247 Druid Hill av 
Boggs A.L jr.(A.L.B.jr.&Co.)305 Druid Hill av 
BOGGS A."L. Jr & Co.(A.L.Boggsjr.)wbole3. 
and retail grain, Hour and mill feed, 147 n 
Bo;:g9 Annie, butter, 144 n Eutaw 
BoggS F. Hy. (Brown, Boggs & Co.) 133 Bolton 
Boggs J. Greer, bookkpr, 247 Druid Hill av 
Boggs Robt. J. B., C. H., Mt. Washington 
BoggS S. S. (S. S.'B & Son) Baltimore co 
Boggs S. S. & Son, (S. S. Bogus) vegetable 
and fruit packers, n w cor Fremont and 
Rams >y 
Boggs Wm. (Kilpatrick & B.)291 Druid Hillav 
Boggs Mrs. Wm. 79 Bol'on 
Boggs Wm. H. clerk, 247 Druid Hill av 
Bogon Louis, driver, 22 Garden 
Bogue Henry & Son, (Henry aud Robert H. 
Bogue) woolens and tailors' trim'ngs, 244 w 
Bogue Henry, (H. Bogue & Son)21 Cathedral 
Bogue James, grocery and liquors, 11 Mercer 
Bogue Jos. F. (Irviu & Co.) 697 w Fayette 
Bogue Robt. H. (H. B. £Son) 24 McCulloh 
Bogue Thomas, clerk, 1 1 Mercer 
Bogue Vincent T. salesman, 699 w Fayette 
Buhager Samuel F. juuk, 14 Bank, dw 12 
Bogy Anna E. grocery, 225 Harford av 
Bohan Ellen, grocery, 34 Rock 
Bohau James, gardener, 34 Rock 
Bohan Lerick, mariner, 185 Lee 
Bohau Patrick, lab. 71 North 
Bohl August, cigarmkr 156 s Collingtou av 
Bohl John, lab. 405 Canton av 
Bohle Clias. grocery, Beasou and Cooksie 
Bohland John, stonecutter, 1 Green willow 
Bohland Philip, painter, 1 Greinwillow 
Bohlken Cornelius, canmkr, 46 Fawn 
Bohlmau John Aimee, cigarmkr, 543 Light 
BOHN ANTON, restaurant, 18 and 20 u Howard 
Bolin August, wood turner, 177 Harford av 
Bohn Christian, tailor, 5u n Eutaw 
Bohn Fred, porter, 152 s Washington 
Bohn H. W. turning and saw mill, 5 Swan, dw 

1 17 n Exeter 
Bohn Solomon W. clerk, Pennsylvania house 
Bohn Win. turner, 14t> e Fayette 
Bohne Ferd. cigarpacker, 153 German 
Bohne Henry, tailor, 133 Orleans 
Bohuenberg Fred. lab. 46 s Patterson Park av 
Bohnen' erg Eliza, Tariety store, 46 s Patterson 

Park av 
Bohner John, shoemkr, 42 Rue 
Bohnert Michael, shoemkr, 23 St. James 
Bohnet Prof. B. 152 s Sharp 
Bohuhardt Wm. wines and liquors, 57 w Balti- 
Bohnlein John, cooper, 80 Durst al 
Bohnlofink Chas. shoemkr, 194 e Lombard 
Bohulofiuk John sr. shoemkr, 194 e Lombard 
Bohnlofink John jr. shoemkr, 194 e Lombard * 
Bohrer Christian, cooper, 190 s Bond 
Bohrer Dr. Frank. Dolphin aud Druid Hill av 
Bohrer Wm. 0. clerk, 153 n Paca 
Bohring Louis, beer, 54 Washington av 
Bohs John, police, 174 Preston 
Boice Geo. M watchman, 296 McHenry 
Boice Fanny, dressmkr, 296 McHenry 
Boice Lorenzo D. shoemkr, 296 McHenry 

MONET! $100,000 to loan! /0\ 

In Sums to Salt, at Q © 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Bojdanske Fred, tailor, 63 Portland 
BOKEE GEORGE M. & BRo.(G M. andM.H. 
Bokee)china, glass, queensware, 41 n Howard 
Bokee Geo. M.(G M.B.& Bro.) 277 Lexington 
Bokee Howard, oil and lamps, 14 n Howard 

dw Howard house 
Bokee Morris H (G M.B.& Bro.) 343 w Lanvale 
Bokee Wm. F.(Wm.F.B.& Co.) 93 n Front 
Bokee Win. F. & Co. (Wm. F. Bokee) china, 

glass, &c. 1 and 3 Harrison 
Bokee Wm. H. actor, 44 n Strieker 
Bokel Albert D. clerk, Waverley 
Bokel Augustus A. clerk, Waverley 
Bokel Mrs. G. grocery, 66 Park av 
Bokel John G. grocery, 275 e Eager 
Bokel Theodore A. grocery and feed, Yord rd 
Boker Bernard H. carpet and furniture dealer, 

44 Penna av 
Bokern Fred. lab. 36 Thames 
Bokern Mrs. Harriet, oysters, 36 Thames 
Bokern Henry, lab. 36 Thames 
Bokern John, lab. 36 Thames 
Bokmau August jr. painter, 670 w Baltimore 
B»kmon Aug. C. shoemkr, 670 w Baltimore 
Bokman Frank, paper hunger, 549 Saratoga 
Bokmau Geo. E. paperhanger, 67(1 w Baltimore 
Bokman Wm. W. paperhanger, 28 n Howard 
Bolack Catherine, grocery, 437 Canton av 
Bolack Mrs. Barbara. Bethel nr Aliceanna 
Bolack John, lab. 437 Canton av 
Bolack John W. asst. engineer People's Gas 

Works, dw 50 n Gieene 
Bolack Joseph, lab. 59 Aliceanna 
Bolack Peier, cooper, 437 Canton av 
Bolack Peter jr. cooper, 437 Canton av 
Bolack Wm. lab. 437 Canton av 
Boland August, finisher, 137 Battery av 
Boland James, junk, 194 Gough 
Boland Lawrence, clerk, 265 Forrest 
Boland Mrs. M. 265 Forrest 
Boland Michael, 172 Cathedral 
Boland Patrick W. lab. 265 Forrest 
Boland Mrs. Theresa, 8 Fall 
Boland Thomas, boilermkr, 25 Woodyear 
Boland Thos. B. plumber, McMechin nr Division 
Bolander David, shoemkr, 20 Stockholm 
Bolden James, caulker, 170 Cross 
Bolden John T. lab. Falis id nr Woodberry 
Bolden Malachi, lab. 78 s Carrollton av 
Bolden Odus, blacksmith, 35 s Mount 
Bolden Mrs. Rachel, grocery, 115 s Strieker 
Bolden Robert, blksmith, 33 s Gilmor 
Bolden Wm. helper, 35 s Mount 
Bolden Wm. machinist, 1 15 s Strieker 
Boldof Louis, lab. 6 Butler 
Boldwin Mrs. Annie, dressmkr, 122 Ensor 
Boldwin Charles, lab. 122 Elisor 









DRAFTS on the Principal Cities of the U. 8. and Canadas 
Cashed at Sadler's Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 












Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

















dolphai W 156 n Bow 


rolltoi n 
Bolenins Fred. H carp. 1 1 !" 
Boleniui (;. II. & Oo. IB. °F. Boleotas,) leaf 

(ohm -. n oo r ( 'b uii - :ui 1 

• : Monmonl 
locksmith and bellhauger, 
-j I i * B 
Buiuimo J .* Soo, (J and J. A. Boigiano,) 

i .-I t 
Bolgiano Joseph A (J. I?, .t Soo, | Fort rd ii r 

W ii i • 
B ■ '■ Jin, i J. B. h liecbio and 

Bolgiano John 0. carp. Mulberry and HargroTe 
nl, di 

S W. clerk, 158 Prauklin 
Bol lender Win. porter. Porta? nr Johnson 
Bollfs Jease N artesian well borer, address 

Baltimore P. 0. 
Boiler Henry, musician, 3 !) Mulberry 
Boiler Win. saloon, 659 w Bait more 
l!..lliu_' Mary H restmkr, 53 n Castle 
Bulling Wm. N engineer, 144 n Arlington av 
Bollinger Chester, condoctor, 299 Poi 
Bollinger Christian, uoilermkr, 40 Lancaster 
Bollinger John, sawyer, 10 L ncaster 
Bollinger John, porter. 1 1 Portugal al 

er Joseph, pimomkr, 10 Washington av 
e N itbaniel, Bagman, Maryland av and 
Bollmn August, -M'lin inspr. 279 Gongb 
Bollniao August F. clerk, 279 Googb 
Boll man Charles A. machinist, 2.51 Conway 
Bollmao Charles II. clerk. 217 Conway 
Bollman Rrnst, drayman, 217 Conway 
Bollman Fredk. II. (B. & Wieland.) 208 n Car- 

rollton a* 
Bollman Henry, clerk, 191 e Payette 
Bollman Henry, lab. 247 Battery av 
Bollman Henry F. drayman, 197 e Fayette 
Bollman Jacob M. machinist, 43 1 n Carey 
Bollman James H. finisher, 11* Burgundy al 
Bollman John B. driver. I5S Conway 
Bollman John Vf. civil and constructing en- 

gineer, Clinton i of Boston, dw 343 e Pratt 
BOLLMAN WENDBL, civil and constructing 
engineer, Palapsco Works, Clinton s of Bos- 
ton, office B s ('• w ■ . dw 1 1 J Penna av 
HoLLMAN k WIKLAND, (Fred. M Bollman, 
Wic and, ) Impoi ten wine and vinegar, 


Bolsl Audi- w, lab. :» Webster al 

• Frederick, paver, 466 e Kn^er 
Bolsl F sdk lab. 28 I 

ter i !bai lea, ci . ai mkr 173 ■ Chester 
: Columbus G varnisber, 36 Harford uv 
Bolster (Je<> T. printer, '■'>■> Harford av 
Bolster Tbo*. P. clothing cotter, m r» Barford ki 

ii Ittian, lab. 9 Leadenhall 
Bo te Benry, 52 - Buta* 
Bolts Simon (Albert!, Prior* Oo.) 443 w Bal- 

■i 7 s Carroll ton st 
BOLTON BROTH KRSi Wm.H aod D.K.Bolton) 
(Hhss, oils, paints, B2 and hi pj Pratl 

W. ( Bolton k S '-\8on 

Bolton Daniel K. | B.Broa ) Barford Oo 

. Edward I. olert 87 Oreenmonnt av 

Bolton Frank 0. clerk, il e Baltimore 

B -I ton Geo. M. 523 n Gay 

Holion II N. clerk, 41 e Biltimore 

BOLTON HTJGB A 00. (Glendy Stuart, H.W. 

Bolton) glass, oils and |>ajnt8, 81 and 83 

McEidarry's whf 
Bolton Hall, 57 Bolton 

d Mrs. Hui h i" Dolpblp 
Bolion Hugh W.(Hugb B.atOo.)22l w Hoffman 

I'.ullon J, iiih-s K e'er-, 114 s Bond 

Bolton James 8 clerk, 1 Jackson 

Bolton James T. (Bolton & Sons) l Jackson 

Bolton Dr. John II drug store, Caroline and 

Bolton £ Sons (Jus. T and Charles W. Bolton) 

paint, oil and glass, 92 W Pratt 
Bolton Mrs. Wm. B. 208 Saratoga 
Bolton Wm. H. (Bolton Bio-.) 22 s Broadway 
Bols Jennie, tailori*9s, in n Durham 
Bols John, cooper, 10 s Durham 
B0MBAUGH Da. CH AS. 0. editor Baltimore 

tlnderwriter, 3 PostoffioeaT, dw 4. r >2 Madison 

av cor Laurens 
Bombargar Mrs Prances. 4 Prospect la 
Bomberger John, lab. 25 Sbakspear 
Bomberger Jobn II Bboemkr, 259 Light 
Bomberger John W. -ho. litter, 437 Saratoga 
Bomberger Mrs. Mary, 259 Light 
Bomliard Cbristopb, lab. Clinton nr Ninth av 
Bombard Jacob, lab. 8 Bradford al 
Boinhoff ipt. Edward, mariner, 12 0sten'' 
Bommer Adam, carp. 13 Fountain 
Bommer Predk. cigarmkr, 13 Fountain 
Bommer Valentine, idksmith. Waverley 
Bona Louis 0. bookkeeper, 175 s Charles 
Bonacker Philip, shot mkr, 17 Granbj 
Bonaker John G. butcher, 54 n Spring 
BONAPARTE CHARLES J. attorney, 29 St. 

Paul, dw Baltimore co 
Bonaparte Madame, cor Read and Cathedral 
Bonaparte Mrs. Susan M, BB Park av 
Bonavita L. A. bookkeeper, 1 ■ Holliday 
Bond Alex k Oo. (A. Bond John C. Braden) 

produce and oysters, 5 Bollingsworth 
Bond Alexander, (A. B. j-Oo.)350 Aisquitb 
Bund Ales, bookkeeper, 69 Granby 
Bond Alex. J carp. 177 Diuid Hill av 
Bond Alfred W, carp. 11 b Oie^on 
Bond Anthonj 3. tobacco warehouse No. 5, dw 
1 19 n I 'arey 

Bond Baroet, com. merchant, 313 Aisquitb 

Bond Benj. F. conductor, 151 German 

Bond Oaleb J. (B. ft Hash) 69 Granby 

Bond i'h is II bookkeeper, Oxford, York rd 

Bond Gyrus, clerk, 317 

Bond B. F. conductor, B North av 

Bond B, J. attorney. 23 Lexington, dw 209 n 

Bond Edwin R milk, 133 Druid Hill av 
Bond Eugene H C. coal end wood, 44 n Wolfe, 

dw 830 c Baltii 
Bond Francis F, grocer, 9 Patterson av, dw 

171 11 Fremont 

Bond Frank, salesman, 92 McCulloh 

Bond G Morris 1 B. k Tidj |TJ S commissioner, 
over 12 n 1 Ibarles, dw B2 Read 

Bond Geo. COlll CtOI, 317 llollins 
Bond GeO. hi ukem in. 1 24 I. Q '■■in' 

Bond k Bosk (O.J.Bond snd J. Hush) fish and 

crabs 1 3 ' lonoui d 
BOND HUGH L . Judge of U.S. Circuit Court. 

dW Si ■ James boti I 

HOLMES A COi, Engineers' and Machinisl ' Tools and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting,, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-en'l Agt 




Bond Harry C clerk, Hampden 
Boud J. W. (J.W.B. & Co.) 229 e Baltimore 
Bond J. W. pyrotechnist, 337 e Baltimore 
BOND J. W. & CO. (J.W. & J.H.Bond) book- 
sellers, 90 and 92 w Baltimore 
Bond James, (Thos. B. & Sou) s e cor Broad- 
way and Madison 
Bond James, fruit, produce and fish, 4 Hollings- 

vvortii. dw 348 e Monument 
Bond James E. clerk, 313 Aisquiih 
Bond James H. (J.W.B. & Co.) 389 Eutaw pi 
Bond John, Mount Vernon mills 
Bond John, blacksmith, 194 e Madison 
Bond John H. carp. 112 n Schroeder 
Bond John II. produce dealer, 313 Aisquith 
Bond John L. barkpr. 99 Argyle av 
Bond John O. machinist, 568 Hanover 
Bond Joshua B. clerk, 471 n Fremont 
Bond Leonard, lab. 264 Penna av 
Bond Louis E. agent, 49 n Popplelon 
Bond Lorenzo D. carp. 273 Argyle aft 
Boud Mrs. Mary, 4 Warner 
Bond Mrs. Mary, 99 Argyle av 
Bond Peter, cup. 264 Penna av 
Bond Rebecca A., Md. Inst, for Blind, North av 
Bond Ridgely, stonemason, 317 Hollins 
Bond Richd. B. shoemkr, 99 Argyle av 
Boud Robert, clerk, 444 w Baltimore 
Boud Samuel, iron roller. 34 s Burke 
Bond Samuel W. carp. 41 Whatcoat 
Bond Mrs Sarah T. Hampden 
Bond Singleton, music teacher, 317 Hollins 
Bond-st M.E.Ch (South)Bond nr Jackson sq av 
Boud Thos. lab. Homestead 
Bond Thos. cigarmkr, 77 Dawson al 
Bond Thos. B. barber, 218 Peirce 
Bond Thos. J barkpr, 334 Aliceauna 
Boud Thos. (Thos. B. & Son) 99 n Bond 
Bond Thos. & Son (T. and J. Bond) produce, 

n w cor Calvert and Pratt 
BOND & TIDY, (G. Morris Bond, John B.Tidy, 

jr.) attorneys, over 42 u Charles 
Bond Wallace, student, 317 Hollins 
Bond Wallace, butcher, 313 Aisquith 
Bond Wm. brakeman, Hampden 
Bond Wm. engineer, 49 s Castle 
BOND WM. munufr. fire works, office Durham 

nr Fayette, d\v 337 e Baltimore 
Bond Win. produce, 348 e Monument 
Bond Wm. engineer, 330 e Baltimore 
BOND WM. 4- CO. (W. Boud) com. aud pro- 
duce merchts.n e cor Pratt and Hollingsworth 
Boud Wm. (Wm.B. & Co.) 3rtl e Pratt 
Bond Wm. A. carp. 237 Penna av 
Bond Wm. C. huckster, 443 e Fayette 
Bond Wm. S. B. clerk, 471 n Fremont 
BONDAY JAMES, Jr. wharfinger, Gibson's 

whf, dw 106 s Chester 
BONDAY JAMES Jb.^- CO. (James Bonday jr.) 

salt, offices 58 South and Gibbon's whf 
Bonday .las. wharfinger, 173 Fell.dw 187Gough 
Bondav Jas. oak cooper, 111 Thames, dw 187 

Bondav John H. cigarmkr, 187 Gough 
Bondav Win. W. clerk, 187 Gough 
Bone J M. & Bro. (John M. and Jas. L. Bone) 

Btore, Hampden 
Bone Jas. L. machinist! J. M.B. &Bro. ) Hampden 
Bone John M. (,).M B.&BroJ Hampden 
Boue Wm. telegraphist, 9 Warren 
Bone Wm. jr. clerk, 9 Warren 
Bone Wni. magistrate, 58 Camden,dw 9 Warren 

MONEY! $100,000 to loan: 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues tomake the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Bone Wm. H. draughtsman. Hampden 

Boness Paul, junk, 42 Walker 

Bonhack Geo. lab. 176 s Durham 

Bonhage Fredk. tailor, 61^ w Fayette, dw 252 

e Madison 
Bonhage Mrs. Helen, notions, 12 e Pratt 
Bonhage Henry W. mercht tailor, 17 South, 

dw 12 e Pratt 
Bonhage Philip, mercht tailor, 34 e Lombard 
Bonheim David, tailor, 50 Druid Hill av 
Bonheim Herman, salesman, 150 s Eutaw 
Bonheim Martin, dyer, 150 s Eutaw 
Bouiuger Bios. (E Boninger, R.Lchr) tobacco 

com. aud ship, merchts. over 29 s Charles 
Boninger Edward (Bros.B.) 29 s Charles 
Boninger Kate, 154 s Sharp 
Bonn Anthony, w-itchman, Gilmor nr Lombard 
Bonn Anthony, S. 149 n Carey 
Bonn Chas. T. conductor, 10 n Carrollton av 
Bonn Daniel W. salesman. 1(>7 McCulloh 
Bonn Mrs. Elizabeth, 293 Hollins 
Bonn Mrs. Elizabeth, 159 Jefferson 
Bonn Mrs. F. A. boarding, *6 n Charles 
Bonn Geo A. cooper, 159 Jefferson 
Bonn Howard H. (Green & B.) 149 n Carey 
Bonn Joseph A. 231 n Carrollton av 
Bonn Matthew, lab. 318 s Dallas 
Bonnaville Capt. Wm. Io0 s Collington av 
Bonner Capt. Elijah, mariner, 42 Spring row 
BONNETT BROS. (J. A. and F.M.Bonnett)hard- 

ware and cutlery, i59 Forrest 
Bonnett Chas canmlcr, 148 s Regester 
Bonnett Elizabeth, 148 s Regester 
Bonnett Ernst W. shoemkr, 306 Canton av 
Bonnett Francis M. '(B.Bros.) 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Isaac, peddler, 83 n Central av 
Bonnett Jacob, shoes, 306 Canton av 
Bonnett Jacob, lab. 185 Maderia al 
Bonnett John I. driver, 162 s Wolfe 
Bonnett Joseph A. (B.Bros.) 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Joseph L. currier, 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Win. painter, 190 s Caroline 
Bonney Klias, 191 w Lam ale 
Bouncy B. W. jr. salesman, 191 w Lanviile 
Bonney James E. bookkpr, 350 e Pratt 
Bonsai Chas. E clerk, 18 Whatcoat 
Bonsai Collin, bricklayer, 298 Fianklin 
Bonsai John, clerk, 602 w Lombard 
Bonsai John, carp. 18 Whatcoat 
Bonsai John, jr. plasterer, 18 Whatcoat 
Bousal Robert F. clerk, 18 Whatcoat 
Bonsai Robert F. silversmith, 98 e Fayette 
Bonsai Robert F. brickmkr, 79 Columbia 
Bonsai Stephen, n w cor Charles and Eager 
Bonsai T.Vincent (T.V.B.& Co.)352 n Strieker 
Bonsai T.V. <$• Co. (T.V. and Thos. L. Bonsai) 

com. merchts, Pratt and McElderry's whf 





























No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life. Fire and Marine 












— i 

Bonsa. 352 n 8uicket 

Bonsai! Edward, currier, 38 IJ.nre 

I M il\ . WaV 

I S. keeper li Bl loll^ate York 
r.i. and |> stmaster al Waverley 

agent, 168 m Hal til.; 

■ r Klias, painter Hampden 
Booker H »- 1 1 1 and plate printer, 

»vci B iltimore, dw Ilia Sh trp 

Booker J.i<. W painter, Patterson a? nr Oilmoi 

• i John, p inter 352 Hanover 
Booker J >hn L. Patterson uv nr Gilmor 
Booker Jolm T. painter, Patterson bt nr Gilmor 
Booker Leonbardt, painter, 31 -J s Sharp 
Booker Thos. L. plasterer, 53 n Gilmor 
Dr W.D l.'il w Madison 
r w infield S attornty, 247 George 
Bookbulis Geo. watchman, 120 Henrietta 
Bookhultz Geo. L. driver, 120 Henrietta 

i in Henry, second hand clothing, 204 

II ;iv 

Boom John W. sboemkr, 392 s Fayette 
Matthew, moulder, 318 s Dallas 
Charles, driver, 320 Forrest 
Boon Jacob, driver, 267 Forrest 
Boon John, driver, 207 Foriest 
Boon John R. 241 n Butaw 
Boone & AhUleger (D A.Boone and Win Abl- 

sleper) fish, cheese and butter, 4" Light 
Boone Charles P. Bteamfitter, 163 Aisquitb 
Boom- Charles H. lumber inspector, City block, 

dw lrt s Bond 
Boone Daniel A. (B.& Ahlsleger) 46 Courtlaud 
Boone Mrs. Eliza M. 47 Mulbi 
Boone Mrs. Bliaabeth, 152 n Exeter 
Boom- George H. clerk. 1.V2 n Kxeter 
Boone Gideon, lab. Hampden 
Bo die James H broomrakr, 343 n Ann 
Boone James A. clerk, 39 Preston 
lobn, clerk, 73 n High 
John, 1 ib. Hampden 
lobn H sboemkr, 6 a \onieal 
-loli n li. I) jr. broker, 269 n Caroline 
Boone J ibn W. ji ., lumber inspr, 34 \Y est Falls 

av, dw 73 n High 
Boone Joseph B. clerk. 39 Fi. 
Joseph H. carp. 39 l'r 

Boone Joseph II sboemkr, 113 e Fayette 

. H. jr. clerk, 413 e F 
Boone Matthew, police, 91 Oak 

Boone Milton H. police, 218 e Lombard 
Oliver V. carp. 163 n Fremont 

Boone Philip, mailer, 55 Harford av 
oadnctor, 5 I W.t: ran 

m, Ham;, len 

Robert W. cabinetmkr, 56 Harford av 

BOONE SAMDBL, wholesale junk, metal and 
paper stock, 18 Thames, dw 41.: e Fayette 
Wm. porter, Wood he rr i 
Boone Win. cabinetmkr, 788 « Baltimore 
Win. Q painter, 65 Maderis al 

, Boone Wm. 11. iteamfltter, 166 Aisqnith 

— I! one Wm. M pres'l Mt. Vernon Co 26 Mol- 

— | and York rd nr North av 

_ tooth Alfred E orkter and frnil packi 
<* Alioeanna and < Ibester, dw Chii i 

— < Booth B nkr 196 Bastei a sv 

Ufa Francis (W.O.L.B is Caroline 

Booth Geo. W. carp. Western Md. hotel 

itfa Geo. W. punter, 123 Forrest, dw 247 u 

Booth liar v B. carriagamkr, 218 Aisquitb 
Booth Henry B. si-n painter, 305 Orleans 
Booth James (W.O.L.B kOo.) 53 b Caroline 

ith John upholsterer, 219 aisquitb 
Booth Capt. John H. mariner, 173 Gough 
j Booth Josefih, plasterer. 94 Mosber / 
Booth Marshall, tailor. 201 8 Madison 
Booth Michael, ri^er, 196 Bastern av 
Booth Robert, engineer, 98 Eastern av 
Booth Bamnel H lab. 146 Leadenhail 
Booth Mrs. Sarah, 413 a Calhoan 
Booth Sarah, 1 16 Ss atoga 
Booth Stanisl as L 4HA Conway 
Booth Tho8. B. dairy, 41M n Calhoun 
Booth W O. L & Co. ( W. L , Francis and 

Jas. Booth) j> i in ten line 

Booth Washington (Fitzgerald, Booth & Co.) 

28 Franklin 
Booth Win. •_' 1 s Lombard 
Booth Wm. M. lab. 49 B Charles 
Booth Wm.O L.( W.O.L.B k Uo )53 s Caroline 
Boos Mrs. A M. 123 s Washington 
Booz Chas. W. shipbuilder, Atlantic whf, office 

103 Thames, dw 4o Jackson sq av 
Booz Daniel W. oysters, n ecor Albemarle and 

Fawn, dw 174 Googh 
Boos Edwd G (John T. Jordan k Go, ) 292 Bank 
Booz Geo. W. painter, 271 Aliceanna 
Booz Geo. W. plasterer, 31 s Ann 
Booz Henry P. shipcarp. 1 12 s Rejrester 
Booz Jas. paints, oils and glass, 271 kliceaana 
Booz John J. junk, 392 s Caroline, dw 123 s 

Wash iiL'ton 
Booz Joseph L. wood, opp. 102 Light-st wharf, 

dw :-S31 Liuht 
Booz Thos. H clerk. 12:; s Washington 
Booz Thos J. lab. 271 Aliceannn 
Booz Thos.' J. driver, 339 Canton av 
Boos Washington B. clerk, 40 Jackson Bq av 
Boos Wm. B. clerk. :-ti 7 n Strieker 
Booze Mrs. Eliza, 77 William 
Booze James II clerk. 94 n Broadway 
Booze James W.(Geo. M. Morgan t j- Bro.) 94 n 

Booze Marcellus, bookkpr, 155 Conway 
Booze Capt. Marcellus J. mariner, 155 Conway 
Booze Thos. II. moulder, 31 s Ann 
Booze Wm. wood. 77 William 
Booze Wm. wood, opp. 102 Light-st wharf, dw 

88 William 
B ose Wm. B. salesman, 94 u Broadway 
Boi>p (.'has. L. nonstable, 194 William 
Bopp Francis, teacher. 230 William 

BOPP GREGORY, nmrcbt tailor, 154 Light- 
it wharf, <lw 223 William 
Bopp Mrs. Mary L. dry goods, 413 Light 
Borcberding <ieo. porter, 171 - Sharp 
Borcberding Herman, drayman, ht 7 William 
Borcberding John G. beer I : Dover 
Borcberding John H. clerk, 195 Hanover 
Borck David, nppermkr, 60s Bute* 
Border State Savings Institution, A. Living- 
ston Kiiil', pros' t, 8 W w Baltimore 
Border State Perpetual Building Association, 

Wm. T. Byrnes lec'y, 648 w Baltimore 
Bordlej s. and F. F. II. Bordlej > 

groi' i n , Weverle] 

F F. II. : B. ft CO. W averley 
Bordley Bdward B. tinner, I 
Bordley Geo B.I B.4 Oo. | clerk 0.H , Ws 

"Ho grand Perseverance are the KEYS TO SUCCESS. 

Iler'i Bxyanl and Stratton Bosineu College, 9 aud 8 N. Charles St. 

Insurance Age nts and Brokers, American Building. 
^BOR~ 105 BOS^ 

Bordley Mrs. Isabella E. boarding and day 

school. 37 w Eager 
Bordley John W. clerk, 14 Edmondsonav 
Bordlev Mud. M. V. hairdresser. 92 s Sharp 
Bordley Mary B. boardiug. 87 n Charles 
Bordley Robert G primer, 92 s Sharp 
Bordley Samuel C. tinner, 17* s Paca 
Bordlev Wm. C. sr. Waverley 
BordleV Wm. C. jr. t-ller. 73 Mosher 
Bordley Wm. H. clerk, 178 s Paca 
Borevich Mrs. Louisa, liquors, 16 Grant 
Borged Geo. (Hoover & Co .) 25 Sterrett 
Borgelt Mis. Catherine, prov. 77 n Arlington av 
Borsch Win. H. cigarmkr, 154 s Dallas 
Borues Henry, barkpr. Central av and Gay 
Borgmau Henry, butcher, Madison and Durham 
Bor^man Henry, cabinettnkr, 45 Clay 
Borgme er Adam, drayman, 83 S nnerset 
Boring E lias, stonecutter, 300 Franklin 
Boring John T. & Co. (J. T. Boring, John H. 

Ireland) manufrs. cigars, 265 w Pratt and 

62 s Sh °rp 
Borin- John T. (J.T.B & Co.) 96 s Paca 
Boriscb Chas. restaurant, 14 President 
Borkofski Franz, lab. 72 Thames 
Borland J. K. grocery, 91 Camden, dw 63 Har- 
lem av 
Borrnan Christian, spice grinder, 100 n Spring 
Borinan John sr. spice grinder. 100 n Spring 
Borman John jr. barber, 167 Harford av 
Borman Mrs. Mary, 100 n Spring 
Borman Wm. barber, loo n Spring 
Bormaun Henrv C. driver, Belair av c-xt 
Born August, grocery, 378 Saratoga 
Born Chas. grocery, 314 Canton 
Born Chas. blacksmith. 37 Waesche 
Born Herman, blacksmith and wheelwright, 37 

Born Herman, distiller and essence manufr. 16 

Born John, liquors, 104 n Fremont 
Born John, grocery, 124 n Caroline 
Born Tlieo. hairworker, Mc Henry nr Bentalou 
Bornemau Adam, baker, 886 w Pratt 
Bornemau Chas. A. painter, Hi s Da 1 s 
Bomeman Ch. W bakery, 323 Cathedral 
Bornemau J. H. W. tailor, 190 s Bond 
Bornnage Mrs. Mary, shoes, 35 Saratoga 
Bornheim Benj. liquors. 202 Lexington 
Boruheim Meyer, cigarmkr, 8 Camden 
Bornheim Wm. notions, 107 Aisquith 
Bom horn Henry, cigarmkr, 343 n Central av 
Bornhoin Henrv, carp 40 s Wolfe 
Bornhorn J. H. cigarmkr, 343 n Central av 
Bornitz Chas. farmer. 89 n Washington 
Bomitz Fred, provisions, 80 n Washington 
Bomuiiu Christian, blacksmith, 343 Orleans 
Bornsheuer Win. tailor. 105 Lou 
Bornschl igel Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 22 Cross 
Bornschlagel Geo. lab. 22 Cross 
Borouowski Joseph, accordeon maker, 26 Shak- 

Borr Benjamin, hostler. 221 Frederick av 
Borrell P. M. 190 e Fayette 
Borrow Philip, lab. 8 Abbot 
Borst A. W. clerk, 52 e Pratt 
Borst C. E. Bhoemkr, 52 e Pratt 
Borst Herman, clerk, :-!54 s Charles 
Boruin Mrs. Mary, 39 Abbot 
Boruni Thomas J. sexton, 39 Abbot 
Bory Ferdinand, stovemkr, 77 n Wolfe 
Bosch Christopher, cabiuelmkr, 62 Short 


MONEY! 0100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Snras to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. § 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. '-' 

This responsible office still continues to make the <^ 

largest loans ou goods of every description and on __ 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of - J 

charges than any other office in this city. ^ 

BENJAMI N «fc CO. h^ 

' I — I 



I— I 




Bosche Philip, lab. 26f. Aliceanna 
Bose Wm saddler, 66 Portland 
Bose Mrs. Wm. 114 St. P.ul 
Bosee John K. salesman, 161 w Fayette 
Bosee Lizzie J. 354 Madison av 
Boshammer Adam W. driver, 13 Woodyear 
Bosley Beinhard, Bhoemkr, 1 10 Russell 
Bosley Charles H. caulker, 180 Johnson 
Bosley Mrs. Eleanor, Cbarles-st and Hunting- 
don avs 
Bosley Mrs. Elleu J. 292 w Fayette 
Bosley J. W. caulker, 29 Covington 
Bosley Jacob, lab. Hampden 
Bosley Dr. James, 365 Hoilins 
Bosley Mrs. Jane, 92 Peon a av 
Bos ! ey John, watchman City Hall, 2 n Bond 
Busier John, processor, 58 s Wolfe 
Bosley John, lab. 45 Biddle al 
Bosley John, processor, 92 Pmna av 
Bosley John C. restaurant, 183 Lexington 
Bosley John K. salesman, 161 w Fayette 
Bosley Mrs M. A. grocery, 29 Covington 
Bosley S Parker U. 8. weigher, T.iwsontown 
Bosley Thom s, driver, 92 Peunaav 
Bosley Wm. brassfinisher, 155 n Carey 
Bosley Wm. 15 Elizabeth la 
Bosle\ Wm. lab. Leiumon nr Mount 
Bosley Wm. lab. 6 Creek al 
Besley Wm painter, 92 Peiina av 
B.;slev Wm. II. 253 Linden av 
Bosley Win. H. clerk Health Depl. 82 n Wolfe 
Bosley Wm. T. conductor, 147 e Midison 
Bosnian Alex. carp. 209 William 
Bosnian Thus. E. sbipcarp. 42 Cross 
Bosnian Wm H. carter. 331 s Charles 
Bosnian Win. J. engineer, 33 Covington 
BOSS A. E. restaurant, 17 South, dw 377 n 

Boss Adam, lab. 276 Eastern av 
Boss August, 379 u Strieker 
Boss August, sho uikr, 27 Peach al 
Boss Berkhard, tailor, 218 n Caroline 
Boss Daniel, clerk, 34 Albemarle 
Boss Frank, cooper, 175 s Durham 
Boss G L. 17 South 
Boss Geo. cooper, 37 s Castle 
Boss Geo. mariner, 139 s Bond 
Boss Henry, upholsterer. 188 w Biddle 
Boss Henry. plumber, lu9Tliames,dw 139 s Bond 
Boss John D. 50 e Lombard 
Boss Martin, sho-mkr, 27 Peach al 
Bo.-s Mrs. Mar. , 34 Albemarle 
Boss Philip, candymkr, 333 e Monument 
Boss Robert, mariner, 2 n Bond 
Boss Robt.D liquors, 17 South. dw 384 n Gilmor 
Boss Wilhelmina, dressmkr, 50 e Lombard 
Bosse Anton,( A.B &Son, )87 Patterson Park av 

SADLER'S Bryant and Stratton BUSINESS COLLKGfi, Baltimore, 
Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 





















Mutual Life In 



of New York % 




» end 11. Bosse, ) brickmkrs, 


aetinkr, >'>1 Leedenhall 



F upholsterer, 214 n Fremont 
W. jr. upholsterer, over 1 i 
dw ! . 

1 • b. 78 

dinand, lal». IS New 

mki . Woodbt rry 
. librarian to School Comm re, dw 
. Jacob, clerk. ''>7 e Pavette 
Bos'on Jacob W. linoer 61 e Payette 
James M. c mmkr, l*<i Qoagb 
.Iiio K.ll.i B.L.ParkeretCo |244Lau»ale 
Mr.- Martha A. 116 i Bden 

n whffooi of Lou 
B ; 11. minim r. I''. L. Church 

(mi, Idler, 161 s V, 
W i. .1 lab 1 8 Walker 

:. 520 Mulberry 
rk, 81 n Bzeter 
Edward, clerk, 629 ■ Lombard 
B «weU Fielder, carp. 13 McHechiD 

Karrioti, oik Po ice Board, 2 1 ; n Carey 
II MiMon A cl< rk, 72 M Strieker 
loswell, E.P 
wholes. dried fi nits ai d cao'd goods, 51 South 
•'•in. pictures 103 .- Bieter 

II Win jr lab 1 8 Johnson 
Boswell \\u\. H. clerk, Fallon nr Franklin 
Bos worth Jeremiah, express messenger, Pratt 

ii r Strieker 
Boswortfa Lewis, painter, 328 a Lombard 
lab 64 a Fulton 

- n Wolfe 
Bo.-z': Elizabeth, 84 1 Begester 

imer John, drirer, 9J 

Ire* K. earp. Wilmer al, dw 285 


jroat, milk, Seco dav indO'Doonell 
Hotel' : .. machinist, 702 B ut it", s 

. M shoemkr, Clifton nr the Park 
Boteler John M . Franklin 

relmaj August, tailor 2 Abbot 
Bulhe Julius, teacher, 18 Brown 
Bothe irmkr, 1 T Butler 

■ r. 16 Brown 
Bolhmann Charles, watclimkr, 206 Han 
B tbnia n Brnesl I". 0. collector, 202 Hanover 
Bothmann Martha, Blliotl and Bobinson 
Botboff Jacob, cooper, -'.* i - Pace 

ik . I Hudson 
ip ranee A. L. 2J!i Hudson 

III Jubo, els I ■ ■ hi l Aisquitb 
Botterill Mrs. 

Boltinger Audi r Spring 


.hi. l> linaer, l I t .• iv iti 
B ittomer II II Howa d 


Butt Mrs. Klin. Belair :t^ Br Washington. 

Bott Jacob, earp. 122 - Wolfe 
Bott Joseph, l"i>. 336 e Lotnl 
Bottt Alfred, huckster, 213 u Bden 

B itsler Elisabeth, grocery, 87 s Burke 

Botzler Ernest, lab. 74 B 

Bo tiler John, moulder, 37 3 Burke 

Boocharl John, painter, 138 Peiros 

Boucher Pi desman, 411 

Boucher Win. j: musical instruments, 38 < Bar* 

limore, da 233 a Laavale 
Bouchel i- i'o .st i union 

Bouchet Joseph A. polios, 31 Constitution 
Bourse itbec'y, Orleans and Wolfe 

Boude Onas H. clerk 36 Wilson 
Boudar Jo«. (J drug clerk, 316 Mulberry 
Boogbmao John, cigarmkr, Jasper and new 
Bougban Patrick, lab. 206 Bamsay 
Boms Edward, clerk, 162 Aisquith 
Bouis John 11 buokkpr, 32 Pleasant 
Bo old S. clerk, 72 s Washington 

Boulden David P. clerk. 72 b Washington 
BouldenDr.Jas E P , Fork rd oppHuntingdoa at 
Boulden John T. foreman, Ml. Vernon 
Boulden John W lettei carrier, 14 s Gn 
Boulden Mis. W .1 72 s Washington 
Bouldin Alfred, carp 215 Aisquitb 
Bouldin Mrs. Arianna, a 1 5 Abquilh 
Bouldin Augustus, sunreyor,40 St. Paul.dfi 38 

Bouldin Daniel, plasterer, 4 Chapel, nr Belrirar 
Bouldin Geo H. nightman, Wolfe nr Chase 
Bouldin Mutton L. student, 542 Leiington 
Bouldin ■ I' i carter, 168 - Central ae 
Bouldin Louis, puddler, 188 Boston 
Bouldin Bandolpb J. attorney. 3-1 n Calvert, dw 

:. 12 Leiii - 
Bouldin Win. editor BaltO. Co. Herald, dw 67 

Harlem av 
Bouldin Win. jr. reporter, 07 Harlem av 
Bouldin Win. I. watchman, 133 Bank 
Boult John, I J s Bzeter 
Boult Tbos. H. sr. pilot, 1 J 3 Exeter 
B mil Thos. II. jr. U t Bzeter 
Boulte Adolpb, watchmkr, over 22 Water, dw 

186 e Baltimore 
Bounds Olirer, plumbei 28 fitting 

Bounds Richard, shoemkr, 17 Biting 

Bourbon August, cook, 7s Park »v 

Bourgoel F 

1: in .r John W farmer, 71 1 Qreene 

Boorke K. en. raver, 7 1 11 Charles, dw 

Yolk :d 

Bourne Geo. clerk. 772 Lexington 
Bourne James, cigarmkr, 64 a Kden 
Bourne Joho, hatter. 16 - Bden da 0-4 n 
Bourne S uui. hatter, 6 1 n Bd n 
Bourne Vir.'il F clerk, 118 n Gilmoi 
Bourn.- w ■■ . L clei k, 160 Mulberry 

lohu W. mould I uiui 

Bouss i: ibert H. lab. lo Cuba 
Bouse Tbos. •' sleet do e, 1 1 < 'lament 
Boua Wm B en ine^r 10 Cuba 
Boutoo l»r a »;. dent I iditon nv 

Bootwell Ml Scott 

Bee. Hubert, 0.8 si;, Aliceanaa ext 
Boviii'.- Harman, clerk, 7:» a Liberty 
B .v\din Maurice K. clerk, 26 1 Fremont 
Bowdoin Arthur, mat mrt] md 

Bowdoin Geo. B I B. Bowdoin, Geo. 

Prame) 00m mercbts, oeer < or Bowl] I 

an 1 P 

II' HjMES rj 0< ), \: ig net re' and M tchini I T vie and Buppl 
Packing, Belting, How, Boilei Pelt, Waste Bolt* Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Bui lding . 





Bowdoin Cbas. clerk, 57 n Carrollton av 
Bowdoin Geo. K.(G.E.B.& Co.) 130 u Charles 
Bowdoin Lloyd, clerk, 60 Courtland 
Bowdoin Peter, mariner, 60 Courtland 
Bowdoin Severn, fanner, 60 Courtland 
Bon loin Wiu. G. (Alex. Brown £ Sons) 130 n 

Bowen Mrs. A. If. 97 n Bond 
Bowen Albert M. grocery, Chase and Forrest pi 
Bowen Amos E. conductor. 36 Columbia 
Bowen ,t Auld. (L. Bowen, J. H. Auld,) ship- 
* smiths, Covington nr Cross 
Bowen Bens n 0. porter, 279 H .nover 
Bowen Edward, driver, 12 Wb.itcoat 
Bowen Edward, painter, 225 e Baltimore 
Bowen .Mrs. Elizabeth, Hampden 
Bowen Mrs Ellen, 195 n Front 
Bowen Frank, blacksmith. Waverley 
Bowen Franklin, blacksmith, 170 Penna av 
Bowen G. S. carpets, oil cloths, &c.,2 w Balti- 
more, dw. 43$ n Exeter 
Bowen Geo. butcher, 104 Mosber 
Bowen Go. D. stereotype! - , 18 n Eden 
Bowen Geo. W. printer, 17 Myrtle av 
Bowen Geo. W. butcher, 85 Lexington and 42 

Centre Markets, dw Penna av ext 
Bowen Geo. W (B. & Mercer) 335 e Baltimore 
Bowen Granville, carp. 8 s Fivmont 
Bowen Henrv C. shoemkr, 74 Lee 
Bowen Henry T. (Danton £ B.) Clifton nr 

Penna av 
Bowen HenrvW.D. bookkpr, 101 William 
Bowen Isaac, grocery and magistrate, n e cor 

Penna av and Clifton 
Bowen James C. paper-hanger, 447 e Eager 
Bowen Jesse N. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 208 

e Baltimore 
Bowen J. S. (Bauch B ) 66 s Washington 
Bowen John B. engraver, 8 s Fremont 
Bowen John L. salesman, 30 n Pine 
Bowen John S. firmer, 73 n Caroline 
Bowen John T butcher, 170 Penna av 
Bowen John W. carp. 328 Raborg, dw 618 w 

Bowen Joseph L. contractor, 371 n Gilmor 
Bowen L. F. (Willis & B.) Lanvale ext 
Bowen Levi, (B. & Auld) 67 William 
Bowen Levi jr. paperhanger, 232 Light 
Bowen Levi K clerk, 1 30 bo'phin 
Bowen & Mercer. (Geo.W. Bo wen, Chas. H. Mer- 

cer)pbo8phates, lime and oils, 72 Exchange pi 
Bowen N. M. shoemkr, 74 Lee 
Bowen Philip, cigarmkr, 170 Penna av 
Bowen R. S. & Co. (R. S. Bowen, Wm. McGee, 

C. D. Mil bourne) sail makers, over s w cor 

Camden and Light 
Bowen Richard S.(E S.B.&Co.,and Milbourne, 

McGee <5t Co.) 189 Hanover 
Bowen Sol. Hour and feed, 30 Frederick av, dw 

618 w Lombard 
Bowen Stephen S. packer, 221 Bank 
Bowen Thomas, fireman, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Bow u Thomas H. painter, 211 e Baltimoie 
Bowen Webster N., Lanvale ext 
Boweu Mrs. Wilks. Waverley 
Bowen Wm. 11. serge mt police, 55 William 
Bowen Wm. H. braesfiuisher, 23 e Madison 
Bowen Wm. H. conductor, 50 s Schroeder 
Bowen Wm. 1. salesman, 17 Myrtle av 
Bowen Win. P. bricklayer, 220 Park av 
Bowen Wm T. salesman, 74 Lee 
Bower Andrew, carp 102 Warner 

MONET! $100,000 to loan !/On 

In Sums to Suit, at Q © 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible offlcestill continues to make the 
largcstloanson goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city 

Bower Mrs. Catherine, laund, 15 Walnut al 
Bower Charles, upholsterer, 30 n Paca 
Bower Charles, moulder, 205 Conway 
Bower Edward C. clerk, 256 e Baltimore 
Bower Gotlwib, brewer, Brown la 
Bower Henry, huckster. 388 Eastern av 
Bower John, shoemkr, 95 n Calvert 
Bower John, tinner, 256 e Baltimore 
Bower John A. shoemkr, 67 s Castle 
Bower Joseph, dry goods, 140 n Eden 
Bower Lewis M. butcher, 494 Saratoga 
Bower T. C. clerk, 256 e Baltimore 
Bower Wm. shoemkr. 95 n Calvert 
Bower Win. sr. lab 205 Conway 
Bower Wm. moulder, 220 Conway 
Bowerman George, lab. Clinton, nr Eighth av 
Bowerman H. Hammond, clerk, 78 n Carey 
Bowerman Benrj, bookkpr. Waverley 
Bowerman Richard N. 78 n Carey 
Bowerman Wm. H.( Hewitt & B.) Balto. co 
Bowerman Zacharias, shoemkr, 43 Tessier 
Bowers Chas. canmkr, 63 s Fremont 
Bowers Chas. cooper, 86 Penna av 
Bowers Chas lab. 19 s Monme 
Bowers Chas. B. bookkpr, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Chas. W. carp. 177 e Madison 
Bowers Mrs. Christina, grocery, 12 Penn 
Bowers E. C. dep. ward' n jail, dw — Bond 
Bowers Mrs. Elizabeth, oils and glassware, 65 

e Fayette 
Bowers Elizabeth, steam dyeing, 172 n Eutaw 

and 542 w Baltimore, dw 542 
Bowers Mrs. Elizabeth, 163 Conway 
Bowers Frank, clerk, 14 Davis 
Bowers Frank K. coachmikr, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Fredk. J. p lint r, 244 ConWay 
Bowers Frederick, confectioner, 68 Richmond 
Bowers George, clerk, 140 n Eden 
Bowers George, cooper, 17o West 
Bowers George, clerk, 95 n Calvert 
Bowers George, brakeman. Is9s Durham 
Bowers George, sr confectioner, 492 Lexington 
Bowers George, jr. paperhanger, 492 Lexington 
BOWERS GEO. K. restaurant, 74 and 76 w 

Pratt, dw 323 Caroline nr John 
Bowers George H. coachmkr, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Gotleib, milk, 393 s Sharp 
Bowers Henry, fireman, 19 James la 
Bowers Henry, lab 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Henry, canmakr, 75 Wyeth 
Bowers Henry, lab. 132 Mrlleury 
Bowers Henry, turn, wagon, 35 s Oregon 
Bovvers Henrv A. (Win B.&Sons, )3H4 w Fayette 
Bowers J. C. salesman, 65 Hanover 
Bowers James W (Medairj &B. ) 5 n Calhoun 
Bowers James W. apothecary, 705 w Baltimore, 
dw 5 n Calhoun 






















No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 


















Bowers Jeremiah lastmkr, 88 n Hollidsy 

ri John, en ckerv ware, J7 Brown In 

- John, ban »n %i 

- John,>. 166 n ( >b 

. ] 9 Balling 
Bowers John, . nglneer, :: ::; William 
Bowers John B coach painter 106 Moaner 

Bowers John If. canmkr 75 Wyeth 

: HI III' OOI ' 

i-i Friendship, York rd 
■ u i;.i in... 
. Mary, Fi iendship, nr V<nk rd 
i Caro ine 

■ .■"ii 
!'■• iren Mr.-. Marin I. notion* 72 Oollingtoo av 
Bowers Martin II. plumber, 169 Barn 

- M cbael, milk, 13 Pean 

l : Conway 
< »! T.-r. bi ickmkr, i 47 b Cbape] 
Bowers Reuben, lab. 4fi Dii ision 
Bowers R swell N boukkpr, 384 w Pa • 

- iddletn smkr, 14 n Frederick, 
■ Lomli ird 

- Tbos, M. tobacconist, d W cor Gay and 
Pratt, dw \nv>. •> Caroline 

Bowers Wm. eollarmkr, 65 
Bower* Wan. 38 i a Payette 

- Wm II. -J.'t I'.uk hv 

BOWERS WM.A suns. (H. A. Bowers) 

makers, 406 a> Baltimore 
Mowers Win T. ooachmkr, 406 w Baltimore 
Bowersock Austin, teli Pine 

Bowersoek George W. tailor, li'3 n Pine 

ock .1 W aast. lick i agt. n e cor Bal- 

timore md <'a'vr!. dw 475 n Strieker 

John s. bookbinder, 116 n 1'me 
tiii . cer, Woodberry 
'.'. j eth 
I I' rid M. i ) , enter, 311 Raborg, dw 
8 Dov r 
Bowen . lab 55 Wyeth 

Bnwersoi Horatio, lab. 55 Wyeth 

-••.\ James II. Hre dspl 266 a Biddle 
Bowersoi John S bookbfnder, 110 □ Pine 
l; iwersoi Mrs. Mai \ 55 Wyeth 

nx Theodore K. salesman. 403 w Payette 
Bowersoi Valentino, lab. Hi Btockbolm 

John, ( B Stan .v i (i | 348 n Fremont 
BOWES, STARS £ 0O.,(J Bowes J.. I. Starr,) 
Importers of worsted I lharles 

Bowie Albert 15. 4 McCulloh 
Bowie Benj. huckster, 346 Harford a» 
Bowie Obaa W. photographer, 71 e Baltimore, 

dw 116 ii Hi (i id way 
Bow :• McOulloh 

France, dyer, 58 Pe irl 
B iw ie Geo i ge, painter, 2 16 ' h Is ins 

9. B. ITOOd and cual, Calverton, dw -J 


H. D d Oharlef 

Bowie Dr. ll. s. i Bdmondson ar, dw 4 Mc- 
. loh 
1 ' i|it James, mat Inei , 20 Eastern a? 
Ivin ii i McCulloh 
BOWIK ODEN prest B J-P.R.R. ind Ball 
City I w Bai orjm's hotel 

R M . John nr North av 
vV. w. W aii'v. and i dltor 

md ? H mar, 145 m Pratt, dw Si. D< n- 

IH-. | 

Bowie W. 1 1 319 m Baltimore 

Bowie Win. D. fanner, 283 ii Charles 

tcb Rliaa. tailor. ■ lea 

Bowitch Simon, barber, 106 Light, dw 245 >• 

Ch : 

Mrs. J. J. 'Jftl w I 

Bowling Charles 0, shipsmith, 168s Payette 

d _• John L i" lions 57 i < 'beater 
Bowling Joseph I mariner, 266 e Lombard 
: Bowling Lewis, sheetiron worker, 156 Bank 
Bowling Mrs Marj J. 90 Ci , 

Bowling ( lli»er, i rocessoi i tie 

BOWLING, P tTTRRS >H i CO.i R R. Bow- 
ling, W. I' Patteison | v holes, wines, liquors, 

&C I I d Ql man 

Bowling Robert R. (B., Patterson & Co.) 472 

Bui >w p| 
Bowling Richard H. mariner, 16 s Chester 
Bowling Thomas, pilot, 16 i Chester 
Bowling Wm. K shipcarp, 56 I Ann 
Bowling Wm I. jr. (•!• rk, 183 Bank 
Bowling Wm 1 coal and wood, 110 a Chapel, 

dw 133 Bank 
Bowling Wm. W clerk 90 Centre 
Bowl) Samuel, cle 5t. Paul 

Bowman Allien, lab Ramsay and Steirrtt 

How man Mrs. Floieine Kam-a\ ami Steliett 

Bowman Geo. II. student, 276 Lexington 
Bowman Henry C. plumber, 119 d Howard, dw 

IG8 Myrtle -v 
Bowman Mr.-. M rgt..Ramsaj and Slerrett 
Bowman Mrs. Mary J. dressmkr, 117 Mulberry 
Bowman Philip, blacksmith, II Montgomery 
Boa man S M . 31 B n Fremont 
Bowman Wm. glassblower, ill Montgomery 

Bowman Win ^ Son, (Wm.ahd Win. E. Bow- 
man ) junk, 1 16 Eastern av 
Bowman Win (Win B & Son)H*rford av eil 
Bowman Wm. K. (Wm B.AS m) 61 a Kden 
Bownass Joseph, junk, 168 Columbia 

BOWNE EDWARD S. wholesale l ts and 

-. 2 - II ward, dw ■ w cor Druid Hill av 
and Lanvale 
B .wm- Charles S cigarrakr, 58 s B md 
Bowyer Theodore, coachrakr, 41 Forrest pi 
Bowyei Thomas J. brick e Monument 

Box well Wm. P. (T.C. Burton at Co.) 132 s Pace 
Boxwell Wm. P. jr. stonecutter, 132 8 Pace 

Bda ai d P. lab. 43 n Poppleton 
Boyce F. G. ticket agi nl P. W a B. R. R. 340 
e Chase 

B0Y0B .1 AM l-.S, Kit ii in in on- coal, office A 1 1 1 < ■ t i- 

can bldg, whi's Locust Point, dw Balto co 
Boyce James jr. drayman, 177 Weal 

lab. 177 Wi 
Boyce John, huckster, Liberty rd and Fulton 
. i in an 1 Collingtun av 

i •■ Robei i, 1 id. 2 Bar tie 1 1 

Boyce Wm. currier, 26 Sarah Ann 

Boyce Wm II. varnisher, 4:i o Poppleton 

Bojd Am -. • ngim I 

Boyd Andrew J. cigarmjtr, Federal and Castle 

btukr, l nr. M idison av 
Boyd Benj. F. Bhoemki . 690 a Pratl 

I lharles D. i ookkpr, 819 e Eager 
Boyd 01 aa. B. bookkpr, 19 n Hi th 
Bo\ d Dai id, ii a\i i i i; Imond 

Boyd l». Mootgomerj (Hllles,BoydACo )Havrs 

lie I , * 

■ th, Qilmoi and Libi rty rd 
Mi i. i rancea A. (H m, L. Boyd & Bro.) 

6 ni 


ller'a Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Oharles .street. 

Largest Life Ins . Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt. 
"BOY 109 BOY 

Boyd Frauds G tobaccanist, 6 n High 

Boyd Mrs. Frances A. 13 Goodman al 

Boy d Francis II. B. jr. 102 n Arlington av 

Boyd Fredk. butcher, 201 Columbia 

Boyd Grorge S. salesman, 4 s Gilmor 

Boyd Geo. W. machinist, 690 w Pmtt 

Bowl H. L. bookkpr, 53 n Liberty 

Boyd Hamilton, clerk, 265 u Howard 

Boyd Henry J. clerk, 270 e Baltimore 

Boyd Henry, shuemkr, 570 w Lombard 

Boyd Henry D. mariner, 203 Bank 

Boyd Hugh S. property agent, 84 n Caroline 

Bovd James, machinist, 49 s Carrollton av 

Boyd James, plumber, 64 n Front 

Boyd James A. mariner, 26 Cannon 

Boyd James D. mariner, 203 Bank 

Boyd James 11. saddler, Charles and Lexington, 

dw 53 n Liberty 
Boyd James W. clerk, 203 Bank 
Boyd James W. puddler, 220 Gough 
Boyd Jeremiah L. machinist, 17 s Chester 
Boyd John, grocery, 194 Scott 
BOYD JOHN Jr. (Boyd & Ricketts) 362 n 

Boyd John C. sec'y Associated Firemen's Ins. 

to. dw 319 e Eager 
Boyd John H. carpenter, 319 e Eager 
Boyd John L. salesman, Gilmor and Liberty rd 
Boyd Mrs. John J. 5 n Carey 
Bovd Johu P. mariner, 116 Hamburg 
Boyd John S. ( Win. L. B. & Bro.) 5 n Carey 
Boyd John W. police, 107 s Ann 
Boyd Joseph B. 14 A r gyle ;>v 
BUVD JUS. C. attorney, 29 n Calvert, dw 123 

w Biddle 
Bovd Jos. C. driver, 84 Lemuion al 
Boyd M. P. 21 w Biddle 
Boyd Mrs. Mary E. grocery, 84 Lemmon al 
Boyd Matthew, lab. 3 Potomac • 
Boyd Mrs. Margaret, 39 n High 
Boyd Michael, porter, 45 Randall 
Boyd Philip D. money order clerk P. O. 260 e 


BOYD & RICKETTS, successors to 
John Boyd, Maltsters and Dealers 
in Hops, Malt House foot of Eutaw 
street, office 14 s Gay street. 

BUVD ROBERT E. chief clerk P. O. 160 Jef- 

Boyd Samuel, shoemaker, 690 w Pratt 
Boyd Samuel R. clerk, 270 e Baltimore 
Bovd Mrs. Sarah A. 102 u Arlington av 
Boyd V. M. (V. M. B. &Co.) Balto. co 
Boyd V. M. & Co. (V. M. Boyd. Wm. T. Law- 
ton,) book and job printers, s w cor Fayette 
and Charles 
Boyd Wm. salesman, cor Gilmor and Liberty rd 
Boyd Wm. A (W. A. B. & Co.) 20 a Strieker 
BOVD WM. A. & CO. (Wm. A. Boyd) to- 
bacco coin, mchts. 33 South 
Boyd Wm. L. & Bro. (Win. L., John S. and 
Frances A. Boyd) flour, grain and com. 
merchts, 9 Spear's whf 
Boyd Win. B. restaurant, 19 n High 
Boyd Wm. H. sbipjoinei, 50 s Bond 
Boyd Wm. H. puddler, 220 Gough 
Boyd Wm. H. carp. 126 Chew 
Boyd Wm. L. (Wm. L. B. & Bro.) 5 n Carey 
Boyd Wm. M. conductor, 4 s Gilmor 
Boyd Wm. W. clerk, 319 e Eager 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Snit, at Qg) ^ 



22 IT, G-ay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans ou goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

BOVD WILSON R. life and fire ins. agt. 8 

Postofrice av, dw 200 Mosher 
Boyd John C. lab Dover nr Fulton 
Boyden Geo. A 62Mullikin 
Boydeu Wm. patternmkr, 62 Mullikin 
Boyer Mrs. Anuett, dairy, 4 s Bond 
Bo\er Clias H. machinist, Homestead 
Boyer David, superintendent, 94 Ramsay 
Bo^er Mrs. Elizbeth, boarding, fill Light 
Boyer Geo. E. salesman, 53 n Liberty 
Boyer H. W. dej-ot master, lb4 Harford av 
Boyer Henry, sewing machines, 5« s Washington 
Bo, er James, caulker, 45 Fountain 
Boyer John, carp. 511 Light 
Boyer John, lumber inspector, 156 s Dallas 
Bo.\ er John H. conductor, 41 McHenry 
Boyer Johu W. clerk. 9 Jefferson 
Bo.ver Thos. H. carp. 4 s Bond 
Boyer Thomas \V. cierk, 888 w Baltimore 

Co. 53 s Washington 
Boyer W. H. agent Domestic Sewing Machine 
Boyer W. W.- & Co. ( W.W.Boyer.H. H.Easter) 

oyster and fruit packers, 25 and 27 Block 
Bo\er Win. P. cabinetmkr, 370 Cathedral 
Boyer Wm. machinist, 9i Ramsay 
Boyer Win. carp. 154 s Dallas 
Bo>er Wm. W. ( W.W.B. &Co.) 262eBaltimore 
Buyies Henry, rigger, 36 Fountain 
BUYK1N, CARMER k CO. (Dr. T J. Boykin, 
JamesW.Carmer, Alex.S.Baira and James G. 
Stanley) wholes, druggists, 3 n Liberty 
Boy Kin Howard W. clerk, 184 n Arlington av 
Boykin Dr. T. J. (Boykin, Gartner &Co.) 184 n 

Arlington av 
Boylan James, stevedore, 228 n Caroline 
Boy Inn James, hackmau, 5 L. Paca 
Boylan Owen, clerk, Guy's hotel 
Boylan Owen, lab. 60 Perry 
Boylan Thomas, Guy's hotel 
Boylan Wm. packer, Dallas nr Orleans 
Boylan Wm. plumber, 58 n Dallas 
Boylaud John P. ironroller, 180 Canton av 
Boyle Andrew, lab. Cooksie nr Fort av 
Boyle Austin F. clerk, 328 Myrtle av 
Boyle C. H. printer, 17 Mulberry 
Boyle Chas. lab. 53 s Dewberry al 
Boyle Diivid, drayman, Hunter al nr John 
Bo^le Mrs. Edward, 328 Myrtle av 
Boyle Edward, clerk, 328 Myrtle av 
Boyle J. W. (R. I.C.Jones jr. & Co.) 189 wJohn 
Boyle J. Young, ( Wm K.B.&Son)334Myrtle av 
Boyle James, clerk, 129 Edmondson av 
Boyle James, grocery, liquor and feed store, n 

w cor Hillen and Chesnut 
Boyle James, driver, 53 s Dewberry al 
Boyle James, lab. 19 Hillen 
Boyle James F. 285 e Eager 

BOOKKEEPING Thoroughly and Practically TAUGHT 
At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 




r— i 

l — i 








o ■ 













I — 














Mutual Life Insurauce Co. of New York, 




Bojlc John, n.r>iJ -. rry al 

John, lab. B 

dredger, 223 Light 
Dr. John Brook, physician Md. Peniteo- 

\\ , dw I 

BOYLE JOHN 1' , California wine*, 20 Light, 

'Willi- nv 
lira. Juiirt, grocery, Oookale nr Fort av 
ii, lab. 1 Ball al 
Boyle Michael, engineer, 74 Harford av 
i Dewberry a] 
Patrick, lab 


l, iii.h!. mist. 230 W Hiddle 
! w Hiddle 
Bojle Dr. Samuel, cor Gilmor and Mulberry 
Win. II. tobacconist, 77 a Broadway 
A 'd,. K. i Son, i Win. K. and J. Young 
Boyle) book and job printers, over n w cor 
. St. Paul 
Win K. (W.K B.&Sou) 150 Hanover 
[omeoftbc Friendless, Mrs. K. .Smith, 

I 'raid Hill ai and Towfcsend 
Boys Home Association of Baltimore, n w cor 
Pleasant and Calvert, John II. Lynch, ,-up't 
■ in B. B. bookkpr. 38 Mt. Vernon pi 
Boylston Won. Cloud, attoruey, 35 St. Paul, dw 
n e cur St. Paul and Read 

:.i Joseph, sboemkr, 189 n Dallas 
Bosnian James, patternmkr, 57 a Monroe 
Brae!. S tailor, 245 n Front 

Bracco Bdwd. L. salesman, 10 n Howard 

idgt Win. I'm 'hut, Clinton and Lancaster 
Brack Albert, news agent, 4 Second 
Brack August, agent, 287 e Lombard 
Brack C p 'theory, ii \v cor Ensor and 

Brack Christian, carp. 54:; Harford av 
Bracken John F. sheet iiou worker, 57 Hillen 
Brackett Geo. M. 0. com. aud brokers 

South, dw 313 Madison av 
Brackett John, baker, 184 w Hiddle 
BiHckland Bernard, watchmaker and photo- 
grapher, 406 n Gay 
Bracklein Louis, cigaruacker, 293 II mover 
Bnckney Francis 1. fnicnun, 11 8 Fremont 
Bradbarn Isaac, painter, 33 Lanvale ext 
Bradbury Mrs. Marj B. notions, 180 Bank 
Bradbury Saml. B. ship carp. 415 e Lombard 
Braddigan Adam, sboemkr, 43 Milliman 

W. caller, 276 D Howard 
Bradcn Jus. T. B Monument 

Braden JobnO (Alex. Bund & Co.) H s Strieker 

Braden Lemuel, blacksmith, 137 Pieston 

Braden Bobert A. moulder. 1 w Federal 
Wm. carp. 231 e Madison 
meyer Mrs. Mary, boarding, 127 St. Paul 
Bradrabaugh J. F. (Oarlin fcFultoa) 212 aOar- 
rollton at 

\. w. 458 Bntaw pi 
Bradford A. W. jr. 458 Bntaw pi 
Bradford Mis. Delia, First av nr Clinton 
Bradford Geo.W.l Brlgbam x B.J186 Park av 
Bradford James, lab. 172 Dolphin 
Bradford James jr. stairbullder, 172 Dolphin 
Bradford John, express, 243 Dolphin 

Bradford John A. blackBmilh, 8 Frederick av, 

dw 152 Lexington 
Bradford Lemuel s mariner, M Join, 

Bradford Mi-. Mary, grocery, John and Spring 
Bradford Mrs. Mary J. at Church Hume and 


Bradford Mr,-. Sarah J. nsilorSSS, 320 sBowai I 
Bradford Thomas, clerk, John and Spring 
Bradford T. Sell, attorney, 70 W Fayette, dw 

Bntaw pi 
Bradford Win. blacksmith, Calverton 
Bradford Wm. lab. Fust av nr Clinton 
Bradley Alex. 113 St. Psnl 
Bradlej Andrew J. carp. 118 St. Paul 
Bradley Bartholomew, lab. Gould la nr Heath 
Bradley Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 18 Parkin 
Bradlej !■:. B. 2S8 Druid Hill a» 

Bradlej Mr>. Blisa, tailoress, 241 Montgomery 
Bradlej Frank A. upholsterer, 168 e Pratt 
Bradley Franklin W. porter, l*;u s Charles 
Bradlej Geo. J. clerk, 2".:; Druid Bill av 
Bradley QeO.T. biooinmkr, Oxford, York rd 
Bradlej Bugh, hacks. 23 n Fremont 
Brad i j Jacob, lab. Ii I Ridg 

Bradley Ja-. shipjoiner, 1G8 e Pratt 

Bradley Jas. lab. -27 Baborg 
Bradley Jas. cigarmkr, 128 LeadenhaU 

Bradley Jas. brakeman, R73 II. mover 
Bradley Jas. L. clerk, 88 8 Caroline 
Bradley Jeremiah J. carter, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley John, gilder, 339 Aisquith 
Bradley John, lab. 6 Diamond 
Bradley John, sboemkr, 29 Willow 
Bradley John, lab 227 Raborg 
Bradley John C. caulker, 23 Henrietta 
Bradley John F. blacksmith, lGi e Pratt 
Bradley John II. salesman. '.) G.eenmount av 
Bradley John J. moulder, 12 s Front 
Bradley Mrs. Maria, 424 Butaw pi 
Bradle.v Mark, plasterer, 158 Madeira al 
Bradley Mrs. Mary, huckstress, 12 s Front 
Bradley Patrick, hacks, Baltimore nr Carey, dw 

818 w Baltimore 
Bradley Patrick B. grocery, 108 e Prait 
Bradley Patrick F tire dept. 50 Fawn 
Bradley Piter W. porter, 9 Greeumount av 
Bradley Bobert H. painter, S8 8 Caroline 
Bradley Thos. B. cigarmkr, 34 Bnrrough 
Bradley Wm. lab. 102 Uidgeiy 
Bradlej Wm. bookbinder, 191 e Lombard 
Bradlev Wm. bookbinder, 391 e Lombard 
Brads Rev. Jas. 153 McCulloh 
Bradshaw Jas. H. teller, 5 Argyleav 
Bradshau Jas. II. jr. clerk, 5 Argyie av 
Bradsbaw Julian F. clerk, 282 Light 
proved mercantile agency, over 3u South 
Brady Annie M. grocery, 33 n Chapel 
Brady Bernard, boilermkr, 7 Hill 
Brady Mis. Bridget, 4 1 Granby 
Brady Mrs. Catherine, grocery, [.'(.{Hudson 

Brady (.'has. 11. vnriiisliei , 150 Biliefl 
Brady Curtis, clerk, 41 Haubert 
Bradj Daniel, lab. c tuba 
Bradj Daaiel oystermun, 7 Hill 

Brady Daniel, lab. 48 Prtsident 

Edmund, can B76 w Pratt 

Brady Bdward, book agent, 218 Harford av 
Brady F.lward, carp, and builder. 363 n How- 
ard, dw 218 w Hiddle 
Brady Bdward, lab. ;i Spruce al 

Brady Bdward Jr. carp, 816 m Hiddle 
Brady Bdwin H. stonecutter. 417 w Pratt 

Brady Bdwln 0. (8. Jaegei A Co.) 110 Gough 
Brady Mrs. Ellen, 84 Lancaster 
Brady Ernest, huckster, 108 h Fulton 

I' : 11 ii' 1 - . lab. rear 44 s Howard 
Brady Fred, cutter, 487 e Baltimore 

HOLMES >v Co., Engineers, and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nute, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Genl Agt. 






Brady Geo. cooper, 204 n Eden 

Bradv Geo. W. sailmkr. 452 e Eager 

Brady H. A. clerk, 27 Forrest pi 

Brady Hngb, contractor, 93 w Biddle 

Brady Jas. lab. 28 w Lombard 

Brady Jas. lab. 120 s Central av 

Brady Jas. lab. 34 Lancaster 

Brady Jas. boots and shoes, 472 \v Baltimore 

Brady Jas. H. stonecutter, 27 Forrest pi 

Bradv Jas. H. carp. 164 Scott 

Brady Jas. H. (Moore & B.) 401 e Pratt 

Brady Jas. R. clerk, U)8 n Eutaw 

Brady Jas. W. clerk, 220 Division 

Brady John, stonecutter, b16 \v Pratt 

Brady John, carter, 7 Hill 

Brady John, carp. 206 Park av 

Brady John, foreman, 481 w Lombard 

Brady John C. canmkr, 481 w Lombard 

Brady John C. clerk, 57 n Charles 

Brady John H. machinist, 248 w Hoffman 

Brady John H. contractor, 93 w Biddle 

Brady John H. bookbinder, 218 Harford av 

Brady John K. antiquarian books, 57 n Charles 

Brady John W. S. (J. Parkhurst jr. £ Co.) 34 

Brady Mrs. Joseph, 29 Walker 
Brady Joseph, tinner, 47 s Carrollton av 
Brady Joseph, varnisher, 150 Hillen 
Brady Joseph J. engineer, 13 s Gilmor 
Brady .Mrs. Kate N. A. dressmkr. 89 Albemarle 
Brady Lawrence E. grocery. 218 Harford av 
Brady Mrs. Mary, dairy, 248 w Hoffman 
Brady Mrs. Mary C. tailoress, 45£ George 
Brady Michael jr. stonecutter, 206 Park av 
Brady Michael, 206 Park av 
Brady Nathan, lab. 27 Stockton 
Brady Patrick, fireman, 14 Bennett 
Brady Patrick, lab. 13 Bruce 
Brady Patrick jr. lab. 13 Bruce 
Brady Patrick, huckster, 7 Camden la 
Brady Robert H. painter, Chapel ur Chase 
Brady Robert S. clerk, 218 Mulberry 
Brady Samuel F. cooper, 33 n Chapel 
Br^dy Thos. driver, 164 Scott 
Brady Thos. cutter, 88 s Bond 
Brady Thos. carter, 11 Bank 
Brady Thos. lab. 31 Lancaster 
Brady Thos. E. 93 w Biddle 
Brady Thos. F. engineer, 332 Franklin 
Brady Thos. F. jr. printer, 332 Franklin 
Brady \V:n. cigarmkr, 481 w Lombard 
Brady Win. lab. 9 Lemmou 
Brady Win. Frank, bookkpr, 93 w Biddle 
Brady Win. H. passepartouts, 452 e Eager 
Brady Wm. H. plumber, 303 McDonogh 
Bradyhouse CUas. H. ironwkr, 125 s Chapel 
Bradyhouse Chas. R. boatbuilder, 31 s Ann 
Bradyhouse Jas. E. boatbuilder, 31 s Ann 
Bradyhouse Richard, boatbuilder, 361 8 Bond, 

dw 273 e Baltimore 
Bradyhouse Richd. jr. boatbdr,273 e Baltimore 
Bradyhouse Wash. (J. mariner, 273 e Baltimore 
Bradyhouse Wm. watchman, 138 s Wolfe 
Brafman Abraham, wholes.clothier, 26 s Sharp, 

dw 315 Lexington 
Brafman Samuel, clothier, 238 w Pratt 
Brag Aaron, furniture, 489 w Baltimore 
Brag Michael, clerk, 43 Penna av 
Brag Simon, furniture, 43 Penna av 
Brager Wm. tailor, 258 Aliceanna 
Bragg (Jhas. H. turner, 380 e Pratt 
Bragg Capt. Win. F. carp. 597 w Lombard 

|EY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

Kn Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. &ay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city 


Braid James, carp. 462 e Monument 
Brainard Rufus A. 106 Lee 
Brainerd, Armstrong & Co. (J. P. Brainerd, B.A. 
Armstrong & L. O. Smith) manufacturers of 
machine silk, 13 German 
Brainerd J. P. (B., Armstrong & Co.) New York 
Braker Frank, tailor, 50 Milliman 
Braker Joseph, tailor, 50 Milliman 
Braley Wm. H painter, 249 e Fayette 
Bramble B. & Co. (Brazillai Bramble, Jas. Mis- 
ter, James Langral) grocers and ship chand- 
lers, Aliceanna and Chester 
f ramble Brazillai(B. Bramble & Co.)299 Gough 
ramble Chas. salesman, 275 West 
Bramble Grason, salesman, 60 Fawn 
Bramble Capt. Henry T. 340 William 
Bramble John, carp. 12 s Washington 
Bramble John T. carp. 3S6 e Chase 
Bramble Mrs. Mary, 230 e Monument 
Bramble Mrs. Sarah, 226 Barre 
Bramble T> son, huckster, 1 Webb 
Bramble Wm. E. milk, 34 Biddle e of Ann 
Bramble Zora, clerk, 193 Division 
Bramwell Mrs. Amanda. dry goods, 143Columbia 
Bramvvell Geo. stonecutter, 143 Columbia 
Brauan Fred. C. haruessmkr, 174 n Fremont 
BranckerJ. Sefton, 187 n Charles 
Brand Conrad, basketmanufr, 11 Spring ct 
Brand Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmkr, 336 Eastern av 
Braud Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmkr, 42 s Caroline 
Brand Henry, 537 Lexington 
Biand Mrs. Joseph, grocery, 537 Lexington 
Braud Mrs. Sarah, 410 n Calhoun 
Brand Thos. J. tea broker, over 83 Exchange pi, 

dw 410 n Calhoun 
Brand Wm. clerk, 169 German 
Brand Wm. shoemkr, 160 s Bond 
Bratidau Edward F. carp. 133 s Eden 
Braudau Mrs. Elizabeth, 59 s Eden 
Braudau Fred, beer, 59 s Eden 
Brandau Rev. Geo. H. 250 Myrtle av 
Brandau J.J.^ Whiteley,Bro.&Co. )250Myrtle ay 
Brandau Jacob, shoemkr, 12 s Carrollton av 
Brandau John, lab. 14 Baker ct 
Brandau John P. butcher, 71 Centre and 66 

Belair Markets, dw Jenkins la 
Brandau Wm. H. fancy goods, 51 Richmond, 

dw 250 Myrtle av 
Brandel Chas. brewer, Smdlwood nr Pratt 
Brandel Fred. 339 Harford av 
Brandel John, bristlevvkr, Smallwood nr Pratt 
Brandel John H. driver, 78 n Broadway 
Brandel Mrs. Mary, 70 Chew 
Brandel Thos'. M. beer, 955 w Baltimore 
Brandel Wm. E. barkpr, 955 w Baltimore 
Brandenstein Benj. cigarmkr, ^9 e Pratt 
Brander Adam, 196 Preston 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


















O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 


LI 2 

















Fnil. F. cabioetmki 

- - in n.i. notion-, 27 e Pratt 
Brandmiller Miilmtl, lab. 261 Preston 
Br. .n lut' Henry . aboem taw 

Brandstaedtei won. beer botller,62 i Broadway 
Brandsiaetter Be v. Fred., Eager tad Somerset 

ll August, sboemkr, 251 B Ann 

I |p. Clinton nr Second av 
Brandt ('has lailor, 8 i • I 

:: Bmil, aboemki iter 

Brandt Geo. driv i s D Has 

Brandt Geo. II carp. 447 <■ Payette 
Brandt Henry, sboemkr, 265 a Sharp 
Brandt' Benr; . lab. 1 53 Jobs 
Brandt Berma . morocco dr esser , -'.' Saratoga 
Brandt Herman jr. clerk, 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Herman C. O. associate, Johns Hopkins 

Universitj . 203 Madison av 
Bi andl John, cooper, 5 Qoald la 

ll Jobn II. police, 109 Mullikin 
Brandt John L. confectionery, 177 e Lombard 
Brandt Julius, tobacconist, 72 e Fayette 
Brandt Louis, sboemkr, 131 Dover 
Bran ill Louis, cigarmannf.and tobac.l42e Pratt 
Brandt Louis W. tinner. 764 W Baltimore Martin, lab. Third av nr Eastern av 
Brandl Rebecca, dress i«kr, 7 n Pine 
Brandt Susie I. dressmkr, -147 e Payette 
Brandt Wm. porter, 259 Canton av * 

Brandy John A. blacksmith, 137 Camden 
Brand; Michael, borsteboer, 138 Camden, dw 137 
Brandy Patrick, blacksmith, 78 Winner 
Brand} Wm. blacksmith, 137 Camden 
Branen Thos. H. ironworker, 395 Eastern av 
Biani^an James, lab. 28 Druid Hill av 
Branigan Jobn, peddler. 21 Druid Hill av 
Braning John, lab. 265 i Sharp 
Brannan Mrs. Ann, grocery, 36 St Mary 
Bran: an I 'has. printer, 15 Hill 
Brannan Daniel, lab. 31 I'otomac 
Brannan Mrs. Eliza, variety store, 15 Hill 
Brannan Jas. lailor, 62 n Amity 
Brannan Jas. lab. 40 Patterson Park a? 
Brannan Jas. lab. 604 w Pratt 
Brannan Jas. lab. 31 Johnson 
Brannan Jas. engineer, 17 Hill 
Brannan James A. grocery, n e cor Bank and 

Brannan John, lai>. 14 n Dallas 
Brannan John, lab 69 Division 
Brannan John, safemaker, 129 Hamburg 
Brannan John, lab. 636 PJ Pratt 
Brannan John, lab. 318 Alieeann i 
Brannan John, lamplighter^ 96 Harford av 
Brannan John B. cigarmkr, l ■ Washington 
Brannan Lawrence, porter, Bntaw hotel 
Bl u nan Lizzie, die.-smkr, 280 e Lombard 
Brannan Mrs. Margaret, 17 Hill 
Brannan Patrick, lab. 69 Division 
Brannan Patrick, lab. ::.', fork 

Brannan Peter, steam litter. 17 Sterrelt 

Brannan Mrs, Sarah. I> seamstress, 24 Lee 
Brannock Capt WUlis, mariner, 4:t Hamburg 
Braaoock John H. (John B. Carroll, B.A Co 1 
L2 Warren 

Branabj John 0. Sboemkr, 17 D Caroline 

Biansbt J. Bobert, sboemkr, 17 u Caroline 

Biunt (Jarl, tailor, 292 Hanover 

Braal I Ibae. baaketmkr, 10 Willow 
Brant Frederick, Isbermao, B9 Cross 
Brant John, barber. 66 Centre Mkl 

Bruit M. trunkmkr, 51 n Kutaw 

Brantlv Rev. W. T. 251 n Eutaw 

Brantlv W. T. jr. attorney, 27 u Calvert, dw 

u Eutaw 
Brantt Wm. sboemkr, 269 Orleans 
Branaell W. II. canmkr, 190 Canton »v 
Brasb Henry, watchman, 43 Marion 

■ in ton T. cigarmkr, 18s Caroline 
:i mis. lab, 1 09 d Caroline 
Brasbears Fiank A. clerk, B5 n L'.veter 
Brasheara Franklin B. i B .- Caroline 
Btasbears Geo. W. brakeman, 2:t:; b Bntaw 
Brasbears John. 391 a I laj 

ns John T. jr. cigarmkr, 18 s Caroline 
Brasbears John T sr. sboemkr. 18 s Caroline 

John W. clerk. 85 n Bzeb r 
Brasbears Jos. H blksmitb, 155 Orleans 
Brasheara B John, grocery, hi Holland 
Brasbears B. John, newsstand, Barnum'a hotel, 

< h • me and Saratoga 
Brasbears Wm. G salesman, 260 Franklin 

J -' pi;, B9 Bane 
Brail Qeorge, machinist, '291 Light 
Bratt Henry B. machinist, 26 Camden 
Bratt Junes, engineer. 569 Hanover 
Bratt John, moulder, 26 Camden 
Bratt Noah, engineer, 697 a Lombard 
Bratt Wm. H. bookkpr, 6'.'" w Lombard 
Bratton James, engineer, 283 Hanover 
Braizeii Dennis, lab Cathedral pit 

Bratzell Jacob, brickmkr, 4 Hamburg 
! Bratzell W. II. brickmkr, 619 Light 
I Braner David, butcher, 29 Belair and 7fi Centre 
Mkts, d\\ Harford av ezt 

Braner B< nry, bntcber, 34 Belair and 78 Centre 
Mkts, dw Belair av nr BaltO Cemetery 

Braner Henry, jr. bntcber, Belair av ext 

Braner John, butcher, Belaii av nr BaltoCem'y 

Braner John, beer, 579 ii Cay 

Braner Peter, beer. 182 e Mtotison 

Brauer Tobias, cabinetmkr, 245 m Pratt 

Biaumlich Chas. caninkr • tte 

Bntun Chas. sboemkr, I 16 Lancaster 
Braiin Chas. sr. junk, 116 Lancaster 
Biaun Conrad, engineer, 88 n Caroline 
Brauu Daniel, carp 420 e Madison 
Biaun Fred, lobaco nisi. 19 Jeri'eison 
Brauu Geo. L (.1 J.B. .vSoii ) ITS Columbia 
. Brauu John, rigger, 241 Alieeanna 
Brauu John B. (B.,Mattfeldl & Co. 1335 w Pratt 
Braun John J. (J.J.B.&Son) 178 Columbia 
Braun John J. k Son John J & Ceo. L. Braun) 

flour ami feed, - a our Pratt and Fremont 
j Braun, Mattfeldt ft Co. (John B. Biaun, (.'has. 

Mattfeldt) lobacco works, 835 w Pratt 
Brauninger Chas. grocery, 90 Eastern av 
Braunlien John, lab. 8i n Amity 
Braunlein, Mrs. Mary, grocery, 84 n Amity 
Brauns Ferdinand L. bookkpr.21 I w Townsend 

Branna Henry, architect, 198 Saratoga 
Brauosc wager Joseph, lab, 214 s Durham 
Braun tscb Mrs.Elisab' lb, tobacconist, 14 Uidgely 
Brauss august, blksmitb, 62 Portland 
Brautigao, Frederick av nr tollgatc 

Brawl Wm. baker, 16k e PavettC 
Brawner Mrs. C. S. 214 Madison av 
Br i\\ inr Mrs. Bill i, 7h Bnsor 

Brawner Elisabeth, 7H BnSOr 
Brawner Everett M . clerk, 7N BnSOr 

Brawner John A. inspt. ('. H. 20 Clarke 

Brawner Bobert 0. bntcber, l Bicbmond and 

61 Cross st Mkt-, dw Penna av ext 
Brawning Jacob, blksmitb, 174 s Charles 


Superior FacilitiM al Sadler's Business College. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers^American Building. 
"BRA 113 BRE 

Bray Geo. W. clerk, 31 Clarke 

Bray John, grocery, cor Jasper aud New 

Bray .Mis. Mary, 31 Clarke 

Brayshaw James, clerk, Woodberry 

Brayshaw Airs. Jane, store, Woodberry 

Brazier Dennis, grocery, 41 Mullikin 

Brazier Geo. W. gasfitter, 7 Russell 

Brazier James, grocery, 58 Davis 

Brazier Thos. carter, 2 1 2 Ihesnut 

Bready David F. roofer, 109 s Strieker 

Bready David F. S. weigher, 3 Cuba 

Bread; Franklin, roofer, 38 s Strieker 

Bread; Geo. C. conductor, 5 s Carey 

Brt-cht Charles, Waverley 

Brecht Geo. shipcarp. 60 Essex 

Brecht Lewis, baker, 60 Essex 

Brecker Mrs. Mary A. 2o9 u Caroline 

Breckinridge John C. 183 u Fremont 

Breckinridge Mission Sunday School, Forrest 

nr Eager 
Brede Andrew, merchant tailor, 34 n Greene 
Brede Ludvvig, lab. 324 s Dallas 
Bredekamp Chas. A. clerk, 316 s Sharp 
Bredekamp Ella, teacher, 316 s Sharp 
Bredekamp Harman, jr. lab. 253 Cross 
Bredekamp Harmau, tailor, 316 s Sharp 
Bnuekamp Mrs. Mary, 253 Cross 
Breding Micbaei, boat builder, 41 Block 
Breedlove Jo::n W. clerk, 98 Saratoga 
Breea Edward J. blksmith, 71 Harford av 
Brcen John, shoemaker, 15 Baruet 
Breeu John, lab. 82 Booth 
Breeu Michael, lab. 77 s Gilmor 
Bieen Michael, lab. 31 Haw 
Brega C. W. (Gilbert & B.) Chicago 
Bregel Geo. baruesstnkr, 32 Miller 
Bregel iJenry, haiuessmkr, 60 Greeumount av 
Bie^ei John J. carp. 112 McElderry 
Bie^ei Joseph F. coufectr. 144 e Monument Chas. upholsterer, cor Fremont and 

Biegt-uzer Casper, stonecutter, cor Fremont and 

Bregenzer Otto, boxmkr, Fremont and China 
Bre^enzer Mrs. The;esa, grocery, Fiemont and 

Brehlei, Francis, shoemkr, 20 New Church 
Brehm Casper, lab. 13 Port 
Brebm Frank, gJassblower, 234 Eutaw 
Breluu George uuewer, Belair av ext 
Brehm Jacob, coufectr. 141 Harford av 
Biehni John, lab. Belair av ext 
Biehm John, tniior, 385 Aliceauna 
Brehm Johu P. moulder, 2o5 s Paca 
Brehm Lewis, shucker, zy3 s Bond 
Bielmi Mis. Margaret, 293 s Bond 
Breluu Michael, uiomder, 177 King 
Brenm MicLiael, moulder, 177 Lemmon 
Brebm Valentine, tailor, 383 Aliceanna 
Brehm Valeutiue, lab. 13 Port 
BRErJMti U. & CU. (O. Brehme, L. J. Keidel) 

importers and dry goods com. merchants, 25 

Germ«n nr Sharp 
Brehme Ottomar (U. B. & Co. ) 297 Madison av 
Breide;ibach Casper, cooper, 28 s Wolfe 
B;eideubacu Chas. cooper, 322 Orleans 
Breideubach Frank, lab. 322 Orleans 
Breimau Mrs. Margaret, 137 Dover 
Breiuig John jr. confectioner, 199 Lee 
Breiuig Joiin, pointer, 199 Lee 
Bieileusteiu Fred, dry goods, 74 Penna av 
Breueusteiu Geo. 74 Penna av 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sacs to Suit, at 


22 IT. &ay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

BEN JA.3XI1V «fc CO. 



Breitenstein August, butcher, 32 Centre, 87 
and 105 Belair Mkis, dw Harford rd nr city 
Breitschmidt Jos. watchmkr, 175 s Bond 
Breitschwerd Conrad, blacksmith and wheel- 
wright, '^63 Aliceanna 
Breitschweid Geo. blksmith, 263 Aliceanna 
Breitschweid Jno. blacksmith. 260 s Broadway 
Breittle John, musician, 280 s Bond 
Breivojit-1 Jacob, butcher, 16 Lexington and 72 

Centre Mkts, dw Garrison la 
Breller Geo. tailor, 145 n Bond 
Bieller J.rhn, lab. 28 s Durham 
B re man John, stevedore, 44 Milliman 
Lloyds) A. Schumacher & Co. agents, 5 s Gay 
Bremer Catherine, seamstress, Garrison la nr 

Frederick av 
Btemer Chas. cigarmkr, 177 n Gay 
Biemer Christian, tailor, 117 n Gay 
Bremer Fred, driver, 113 s Ann 
Biemer Henry, lab. 226 s Ann 
Bremer Henry, lab. 153 s Dallas 
Bremer John W. eigarmkr, 212 Aliceanna 
Bremer Wm. lab. 148 s Wolfe 
Bremmer Peter, carp. 204 Columbia 
Bremmer Robt. (Burke & B.) — n Calvert 
Brenamau C. H. & Co. (C. H. Brenaman) to- 
bacconist. 44 n Eutaw 
Brenamau Chas. H. (C. H. B. & Co.) 7 Clarke 
Brenau Edward If. clerk, 141 n Calvert 
Brenan Finiey, clerk, 207 St. Paul 
Brenan Francis X. salesman, 207 St. Paul 
Brenan Mis. Harriet, 141 n Calvert 
Brenan Peter E. lumber, 2: n Gay and Howard 

and West, dw 35 u Gay 
Brendel Mrs. Annie, confectionery, O'Donnell 

aiid Sixteenth 
Bieudel Francis, shoemkr, 79 Griudall 
Brendel John G. bakery, ilo e Madison 
Bieudel Nicholas, tailor, 43 Union 
Bieudel Wm. milk, Third av and Dillon 
Brennati Edmund (E. B. & Co.) 84 s Chester 
Brenuan Edmund & Co. (Edmund Brennan, 

Wm H. Monk) coopers, 359 s Bond 
Brennati Mary, lailoress, i 67 Aisquith 
Brenuan Michael, printer, 220 e Lombard 
Brennan Peter, wheelwright, 9 Mulberry 
Brenuen Patrick (Callau & B. ) 220 e Lombard 
Brenneu Richard L. coachman, 53 Buren 
Brenneis August, baker, 210 e Eager 
Brenneis Chas. shoemkr, 73 Somerset 
Brenneis Lewis, porter, I Portugal al 
Brenneis Philip jr. tobacconist, 83 Somerset 
Brenner Fred, blacksmith, 165 s Wolfe 
Brenner Fred. jr. edgetoolmkr, 225 S Wolfe 
Brenner Geo. canmk;-, 162 Chapel 


















At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 
























Brenner Geo lab. 143 

Brenner Isa tc, cl< ik tte 

B rni • 


! and i i w" 
I'niu, it mi 

.'. olfe 
Brenner Win lab. 165 - W 

Br- liner Win. Cl( Fax cite 

Brennfleck Anton, porter, 103 


Btenl aw 

Brenl I 

Brenl lit m v .! a . ford av 

Butaw hotel 
Brent John M. porter, 108 ■ Baltimore 

i. c ir driver, JT> a Front 
limit It 1'. attorney, . ., dw 108St. 


Brenl Mrs B. J. 108 St. Paul 

Brent Thomas B clerk, 1 »;r> w Faj 

Hunt T. B Lombard 

Brent \V. A .v Co. (\V. A. Brent) wholesale 

liquors, 5") w Pratt 
Brent Win lnl>. 276 Forrest 
Brent Win. A. [\\ . A. i 15 w Fayette 

Bient Wm. 11. bookkpr, 181 Saratoga 
Brente) Anion, tailor, 287 e Lombard 
Brenton John O. clerk, -iu G 
B ronton Mrs. Mary, 41 
Brenton Ri( : ■ orge 

□ John J. canmkr, 28 Scott 

K ALFRED A. l U. P. B. & Sons) 181 

II ( '.llvi I t 

L.(0. F.B. A Sons] 13 McCulloh 
BRESBE <». f. (O. P. I general agt. 

Mutual Life Ins Oo. of S. Y ., American 
bnUding, i w cor Baltimore and Sooth, dw 
McCulloh. [See lines top oj / 
BBBSEE ii. F. .v SONS -<> 1 , a. a. and E. 
L. Breeee) general ins. agents and brokers, 
American building, a w mr Baltimore and 
South. [See line* lop oj pages 
. Win. locksmith, 76 B 
i . Daniel, printer, 180 Bemmon 
. i ib. 190 Lemmon 

ll Wm. upholsterer, Butaw hotel 
B.etholl Wm. grocery, 253 Eastern av 
Brethon Batter* at 

Bieibouer Mrs. El iea, trimmings, 122 Battery nv 
Brettenbeimi rman 

Bretsd i lemons, tailor, 7u s Chapel 
Brenning Marcus, cabinetmkr, 169 Harford uv 
Brei laurant, 102 w Pratt 

Bievitt Mrs. 0. S. 282 w Hoffman 

Bievitt JoS.W.(B. LaWSOn4Co.)282 w Hoffman 

P i ittli Lexington 

('. Kmlock, cle:k. 886 Prankliu 
painter, i H 

■ r Hamilton, clerk, :;-•; Franklin 
BREW BB JAMBS R.(Hermange*B ) and dark 

Circuit Com i. 174 ii Calboun 

: John, butcher, 1 o 1 Belair market, dw 
. p! hi toll 

i>r Harburj . 201 n Biddle 

pension and propertj 
j Front, da B Jeff i 

. r Pbilip, carp, lj.'j g ! 

rk, 204 n Carey 

Brewer Wm, R. clerk, Srt Columbia 
Brewei Wm. T. lab, 217 Batterj 

i 'has, macbinisl 300 e Lombard 
Brewinjrton Chas. machinist, 1 16 .- CollitiK^nar' 
Brewstei John, drirer, 123s Bxeter 
Brewster John, dispatcher, Lanraleand Hope 
Breyer Gottleib, grocerj and Premont 

Brian McK, clerk, l 
Brian Edward A. salesman, 281 t Paj 
Bri hi .1 im> TH n Strieker 

Brian lames N. clerk, 136 ii <;.i\ 
Brian Mis Jan- L. 136 D Cl.iy 
Brian ThoS. P. currier. Star hotel 
Brian Wm. lull. Mount Vernon mills 
Brian Wm B. sampler CH. 300 McHeary 
Briee Genl. B. W., 8 a Barnum'i hotel 
Brice B. M. weigher 0.H.81 s P 

Brice Jaben, tailor, 331 D Durham 
Hi ice I B. II. tailor, 342 n Durham 

lira. M urj . 168 d I 
Brice Tboi B. cai p 86 - 1 laroline 
Brickerd Bmanuel, cup. B21 m Baltimore 

.... in icklayer, 927 w Baltia 
Brickerd John, carp. !<27 m Baltimore 
Brickerd Riley, earn. 821 w Baltim 
Brickenskine Prof. L. . 345 Madison bt 
Brtckbouse B L. 486 Lexington 
Brick house L. L. clerk, 164 w Lombard 
Brickle_\ Richard T. salesman, 81 n Liberty 
Brickner Amell, blksmitb, 51 Low 
Brickner Bernard, (B. & Litsinger) 96 n Pop- 

Brickner & Litsinger (Bernard Brickner, Jas. 

M. Litsinger) blacksmiths, 482 Pennaav 
Briokner Wm. oLxanakr, 9b n Poppleton 

■otter, rustic furniture, Madison av est 
Bride Daniel, 107 n Paca 
Bride Gustav. rustic worker, 29 Stockton 

Bride John 11 inspector CH. J 19 n Fremont 

Bridel Thos. clerk, Lafayette Mkt, dw 18 Pat- 
terson av 

ner Geo. M. hookkpr, lio Argyle .n- 
Bridener (ieo. M. bookkpr, 128 w Madison 
Bridener Jacob, clerk, 32 n Premont 
Bridener John, painter, 32 n Fremont 
Bridge Mrs. 0. W. children's clothing, 89 n 

Howard, dw 82 8 iratoga 
BRIDGE R, - Bichard S. and Stephen 

Bridge) punts, oi;s, glass, kc. :u7 n Oaj 

ud S. (R.S.B. & Oo.) sign paiiter, 
841 < 
Bridge Stephen (B.8.B. k Co.) 89 n Howard 

Stephen L. clerk, 861 e Bultitnore 
Bridges John c. i McCulloh 

IS. k Warner) 1 McCulloh 
Bridget A Warner (.1 S.BridgCS, J. Ii. Warner) 

job printers, over 212 m Baltimore 
Bridges °7m. foreign fruits, candies, Ac. whole- 

h Baltimore, dw 201 n Howard 
Bridgewater h Abraham (T.Bridgewater, Geo. 
I . Abraham i < n^i arars and di - 


h aterTbos.( B.dtAbrah un |548 Barford ar 
Briding Edward W. barnessmkr, 52 BarrS 
Briedenbach t laapei , <•..,. p. r. 
Briel Christian, butcher, ic Calverton rd 
BrieL B. A. [H k Stitely) 166 George 
Briel Geo. i arp. 8 l w aabini 
Bi iel GK 0. A. w i. Boyd 

Briel Hem i0 Bight 

ohn jr. painter, 818 Lexington 

EOLMBS <v I II »., Engineers' and Machinists' Tool.- and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Eoae, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, WasLers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Building. 




Briel John, carp. 14 McClellan, dw 166 George 
Briel Stitely ( E.A.Briel, A.C.Stitely) produce 

com. merchts. 118 n Eutaw 
Briel Wm. cooper, 134 Eastern av 
Briele Henry sr. cabiuetrukr, 81 Henrietta 
Briele Henry jr. (Hopkins & B.) 97 Leadenhall 
Brieman Mrs. Margaret, 143 Dover 
Brierly Mrs. John, Hampden 
Brierly Jacob 8. caumkr, 8 Ramsay 
Brierly John, foreman, 198 Barre 
Brierly W. C. caanikr, 8 Ramsay 
Brierly Wm, T. clerk, 8 Ramsay 
Briggeiuan Aug. currier, 260 Mulberry 
Briggermann Albert, tailor, 164 n Central av 
Briggermann Gbas. tailor, 164 a Central av 
Briggermann Chas. jr. painter, 164 n Central av 
Briggermann Mrs. Charlotte, 366 Saratoga 
Briggermann Louis, painter, 366 Saratoga 
Briggermann Otto, tinner, 114 Preston 
Briggermann Wm. carp. 366 Saratoga 
Briggs Geo. G. clerk, 57 s Fremont 
Briggs Jas. M. clerk, 489 Lexington 
Biiggs Jas. M. clerk, 57 s Fremont 
Briggs Oliver C. F. machinist, 489 Lexington 
Briggs Thos. butcher, Penna av ext 
Briggs Wm. B. clerk, 255 u Howard 
Briggs Wm. H. agent, 623 Belair av 
Brigham Mrs. C. 3 n Ann 
Brigham John C. clerk Navy Pay office,3 n Ann 
Brigham Wm. T. (Cole.B.&Co.) 236 n Eutaw 
Bright Mrs. Eliza A. 70 Barnes 
Bright Henry, plasterer, 47 Harford av 
Bright Richard A. giainer, 4o2 Lexington 
Bright Nathaniel, tailor, 193 n Eden 
Bright Thos. 356 e Chase 
Bright Thos. plasterer, 147 e Madison 
Bright Wm. T. plasterer, 246 n Eden 
Brigle Wm. huckster, 115 u Wolfe 
Brill Aug. barber, 66 Tnames 
Brill Herman, barber, 182 Orleans 
Brill Herman, barber, 66 Thames 
Brill John, lab. 47 Short 
Brill Philip, barber. 66 Thames 
Brill Wm. tailor, 1 10 e Lombard 
Brimmer Chas. cigarmkr, 186 s Sharp 
Brimmer John, tobacconist, 186 s Sharp 
Brimmer Simon, stonecutter, 46 e Biddle 
Brimmer Wm. plumber, 60 u Exeter 
Brimus Anton, tailor, 261 s Ann 
Brimus Anton jr. tailor, 261 s Ann 
Brinckmeyer Chas. tobacconist, 45 w Baltimore 
Bringmau Josiah T. H. painter, 226 Conway 
Bringman Julius, tobacconist, 29 s Oregon 
Bringmann Wm. tobaccouist,666 w Baltimore 
Briuk Antoine, police, 50£ e Pratt 
Brink Anton, lab. 130 s Wolfe 
Brink Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 50$ e Pratt 
Brink Frank, lab. 50 j e Pratt 
Brink Stephen, lab. 8 Webster ct 
Brinkley J. B.£ Sons (J. B. and J.E.Brinkley) 

fruit and oyster packers, 176 s Charles 
Brinkley J. Hall (J.H.B.&Co.) 33 Lexington 
Brinkley Jos. B. (J.B.B.&Sons) Baltimore co 
Brinkley Jos. E. (J.B.B.&Sons) Baltimore co 
Brinkley J. H. & Co. (J. Hall Brinkley) com. 

merchts. aud produce dealers, 6 Bowly's whf 
Brinkman Mrs. Anna Maria, seamstress, 28 Lee 
Brinkman Bernard, clerk. 138 s Howard 
Brinkman Chas. livery stable, 37 n Greene,dw 

.138 Penna av 
Brinkman Chas. H. grocery, 138 s Howard 
Brinkman Edward J. cardriver, 781 w Baltimore 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower .Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Brinkman John, driver, 34 Gittinga 

BRINKMANN A. H. & CO. (A.H.Brinkmann) 
importers laces and embroideries, over 235 w 
Brinkmann Augt. H. (A.H.B.&Co.) 21 n Paca 
Brinkmeyer Henry, carp. 11 n Eden 
Brinsfield Wm. K. engineer, 349 Ramsay 
Brinton Danl.L.( Albin H.B.&Sou)45 Forrest pi 
Brinton Albin H. (Albin H. B. & Son, ) 45 For- 
rest pi 
Brinton Albin H. & Son, (Albin H. and Daniel 

L. Brinton,) stationerv, ) 167 Forrest 
Brinton Dr. Wilmer, office 25£ Greenmount av 

dw Forrest pi and Chase 
BRISCOE ALEX. M. magistrate, 503 w Balti- 
more, dw 583 w Lombard 
Briscoe Chapman B. insurance agent, 21 South, 

dw 171 w John 
Briscoe Charles, cigarmkr, 299 William 
Briscoe David S. attorney, 41 St. Paul 
Briscoe Edward, cigarmkr, 119 n Bond,] 
Briscoe Geo. E. cigarmkr, 307 Light 
Briscoe Henry, upholsterer, 299 William 
Briscoe Rev. James, 198 Dolphin 
Briscoe John E. clerk, 171 w John 
Briscoe Mrs. Mary, boarding, 113 n Charles 
Briscoe Samuel N. driver, 459 e Lombard 
Briscoe Wm. D. cigarmkr, 119 n Bond 
Briscoe Wm. T. bib. 7 James la 
Bristor Chas. E. clerk, 140 n Exeter 
Bristor Mrs Susan, 140 n Exeter 
Bristor Wm. B. 140 n Exeter 
Bristow Columbus, engineer, 3 Poultney 
Bristow Geo. cardwriter, Carrollton hotel, dw 

563 n Fremont 
Bristow Mrs. Rebecca, 563 n Fremont 
Bristow Thos. engineer, 20 s Eden 
British America Assurance Co. of Toronto, Can- 
ada, agency, 83 Second 
British Consulate, office 6 Exchange building, 

Denis Donohoe, consul 
Brittain John, butter, 649 Penna av 
Brittingham Saml. mariner, 43 Randall 
Brittingham Saml. J. mariner, 43 Randall 
Britton John, salesman, Swan hotel 
Britton O. P. salesman, 673 w Fayette 
Britton Richard, cotton sampler, 73 n Ann 
Brizzi P. D. 234 n Broadway 
Bioadbeck Mrs. Henrietta, 235 n Eden 
Broadbeck Jas. A. painter, 235 n Eden 
Broadbelt John E. teacher, 197 Aisquith 
Broadbent A. G. (B. & Co.) 72 u Charles 
Broadbent Bernard I. (B. Bros.) 163 n Calvert 
BROADBENT BROS. (C. F., Bernard I. and 

L. R. Broadbent,) wool factory, 36 Bureu 
BROADBENT & CO. (A. G. Broadbent,) dry 
goods, 12 n Charles 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 























Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 










Broadbeot I . ) 168 n Oalvcrl 

Broadbeot J. V 

Br. 11 It ten Lewi.- B I n Calvert 

Ibeol Stephen ir 16 I nO ihrort 
Dr. Win., Milling ton In 
- II nrj K etationerj and pepei 
• Baltimore, flu 7 ii Ki on t 

I > moulder, 196 e Baltimore 
ltr< edwater Cbas. sblpcarp. 6 Johnson 

Iwatei Levin J. shipcarp. o Johnson 
Broad* i d, police, »'. Johnson 

Broadwater Romeo, caolker, *; Job neon 

9i Broadwaj 
ami QoUKb, James t'. Wheeden, manager 
Broadwaj Institate Ball, over Pells P. Market 
a. iv ami Locus) Point Steam Perry, foot 
of Broad war, Jamea Brown, rapt. 
Broadwaj M !•;. Church, Broadwaj betw Pratt 

ami QoUgb. 

Broadwaj M. P. Ohurcb, a ecerMonument ami 

Broadwaj Presbyterian Gbnrefa, cor Gondii 

and Broadwaj 
Broadwaj Savings Bunk, 03 s Broadwaj 
Brobers Sven, bookkpr, 117 Tliames 
Brock John, broommkr, 58 McKlderry ext 
Brock htra Barj , 36 e Biddle 
Brockeoborougb Littleton, clerk, 251 w Lanvale 

enborougfa Mis. L. ('. 251 w Ban vale 
Bracken borongh Moore F.251 w Lauvale 
Brocket! Benj. clerk, 605 Lexington 
Brocket! Dr. Clinton T. dentist, 158 n Howard 
Brockieoer Prod. lab. 8 Sbakspear 
nt-r Wm. lab. 9 Sbakspear 
Brock man Fred, engineer, 209 s Ann 

man Henrj, fireman, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockman John W. clerk, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockman Pinup, engineer, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockuian W in. fireman, 296 Aliceanna 
Brockuieier Hev. Gfaarln A. 435 Light 
Bruckmajer Joseph, moulder, 92 Somerset 
Brocksehmidt Antoaia, liquors, 233 s Ann 
Brockacbmidl Henrj, wheelwright. 233 s Ann 
Brockwaj P. II. Hour broker, 188 Saratoga 
Bri d Anton, lab. 224 Preston 
Brodei Fred. lab. Ml ■ Dallas 
Broderick $ Bro. (J. P., J. F. and D. J. Brod- 

eiick; junk, 6 Penna av 
Broderick Danl. J.(B.d/Bro.)47 Greenmouut av 
Broderick Jas.H elk, Druid Hillav nrMcMecliin 
Broderick' John, lab. 29 Bambnrg 
Broderick John P.(B.A Bro.)47 Greenmount av 
BRODBRIOK JOHN T. ( \V. A. Bgertou $ Co.) 

H holes, dealer in paper stock, iron and met- 
67 and 09 Greenmount av, dw John nr 


Dealer in COTTON and WOOLEN 
RAGS, Iron, Metals, Refined Sol- 
der, Slab, Spelter, Pig Load,&c., 
67 and 69 Greenmount av. 

Broderick Joseph P.| B.AtCo. )47 Greenmount av 
Broderick Timotbj police, 223 s Pans. 
Broderick Wm, J clerk, i" Oreanmoont av 
Broderick Wm. K salesman, 31 Sreansoonl av 
BBODHBAD HENRY H. restaaraaH, 38 m 

Brodle Wm piumber, Pino and Pajette 
Brodt Henrv, blacksmith, raar 20 Bevan 

Bnxlt Henrj, blksmitb, l Hammer bacber's cl 
Brodwater T. B. (T ll Brodwater k Oo.) 142 

n Ch;n les 
Brodwater T.H * Oo.(T !! Brodwater) *>ui 

end com. merchts, B6 i Gbarli i 
Ki oemet Wm. clerk, 92 Gougb 
Broening Mrs. Catherine, 2n Knox al 
Broening Mi .1 .j Hamburg 

Broening Henrj, 122 Hamburg 
B ning Heurj B. tailor, 2f> Bevan 
Broening John, wheelwright, 122 Hamburg 
Broening John, horsesboer, 18 Bine, dw 301 

i Charles 

Broening Mrs. Kuie, grocery, 26 Bevaa 

Broi aing Wilhfimiii.i, 'j r > Bevaa 

Broessel Jus us, cabinetmkr, 251 Mulberrj 

■ 1 Wm. W tailor, 10 Nhnle av 
Brogau Patrick, lab, 16 a Pronl 
Brogtin Philip, hacks, 90 s Howard 
Brugden Arthur M. 88 I >i vision 

\\ in. commercial ed. Sun, 27 Park a* 
Brogunier John J watchman, 8 s Carrollton av 
Brogunier Marriott A. moulder,8s Carrollton av 
Brognniei Wilbur, eandjmkr, 8 i Carrollton av 
Brogunier Wilbur, shoemkr, k s Carrollton av 
Broban Junes, lab. 18 Port av 
Broban Wm. B. lab 18 Fort av 
Brokall Zacb. fireman, 5S I'urkin 
Broil Ohl i>ti ii, carp. 1" Smith 
Broil Fred. Cooper, 47 u Central av 
Brome Geo W. hostler, 162 Boston 
Brome Wm. II. pilot, 134 Jefferson 
Bromley Thos. 1 miller 00 Barnes 
Brommelsick J. Henrj, grocery; To McRlderrj 
Broinmelsick Henry sr. driver, 70 McElderry 
Bromson .Nathan, clothing, 4 1 Harrison 
Bromwell A. L. cup. 128 Hamburg 
Bromweil Alfred T. tailor Bond and Miller 
Bromwell Edward, salliukr, 5u6 w Pajette 
Bromwell Geo. W sr. shoemkr, 106 s Wolfe 
Bromwell Geo. W. jr sboemkr, I0S ■ Wolfe 
Bromwell John, carp. 146 n Wolfe 

Bromwell Joiin A. salesm n. 'J7 Bittery av 

Bromwell John B. carp. 7 Poultnej 
Bromwell John II. clerk, 39 Penna ar 
Bromwell Wesley, carp. 272 Hanover 
Bromwell Wm. bricklayer, 36 McElderrj 
Bromwell Wm. G. carp, oo s Broadwaj 
Bromwell Wm. K. sadd er, 7 Poultnej 
Bronson Edward jr. bookkpr, 200 Aisonith 
Bronitskj Prod Bhibemkr, 175 s Oollington ai 
Broocki P. M. carp. 64 Columbia 
Brook Geo. E. carp. Quaker la nr ( lxford,Tork rd 

Brooke ( 'has. II. papci hanger, 52 n Castle 

Brooke Pranklin B. P. attorney, 2 Courtlaod, 

dw 4n McMechin 
BROOKE k FR1TZ,(H. L.Brooke, Wm. II. Fritz) 

proprs. Cedar Point blast furnaces, ne cor 

Boston and Patoxcnt 
Brooke Geo, \V. painter, 260 Lee 
Brooke Horace L. (B. k Fritz i propr. Canton 

chemical works, d fl n w coi Read and Calvert 
Brooke John H. drug clerk, 98 u Charles 
Brooke Sadie, dresainkr, 626 Lexington 

BfOOke vl m. B. tinner, 52 u Castle 
Brookbelser Ceo. tailor, 160 Preston 

Brookland Mrs Rebecca, 61 Eastern av 

Brooklyn Life Ins. Co. of N. V., Alfied H. Hatch, 

gent, Consolidated building, i German 

Brooks Mrs. Alness, dressmkr, 66 P Howard' 

Brooks Albert J. Eutaw ext 

Brooks Alice, 233 w Hoffman 

BANKERS' KXOHANGE to be bad on the Principal Cities of the 

U. S. and Canadaa at Sadler's Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt 
~~BBO~~ 117 BEO 

Brooks Allen W. coachmkr, 15 n Sharp, dw 

334 Hanover 
Brooks B J. manager Cedar Point furnaces 
Brooks Benedict J. sr. manager Cedar Point 

furnaces, 25 Potomac 
Brooks ('has. A. clerk. H7 Mulberry 
Brooks Chaa. A. blacksmith, Sweet Air 
Brooks Ch.ts. H. bricklayer. 303 s Sharp 
Brooks Chas. W. bookbinder, 59 Chew 
Brooks Chauncy, pres't Western Nat. Bank, 

Eutaw ext 
Brooks Chauncv(D.Fahnestock&Co) Eutaw ext 
Brooks Chauncy, (B. & Thrasher) Eutaw ext 
Brooks Chauncy, (8., Rogers & Co.)Butaw ext 
Brooks Chauncy jr. ( Price & B. I Eutaw ext 
Brooks Chris C. hookkpr, 153 McCulloh 
Brooks Christopher, lab. 79 a Spring 
Brooks Mrs. Clementina, notions, 334 Hanover 
Brooks Daniel, carp. 320 n Caroline 
Brooks Darius L. carp. Sweet Ait- 
Brooks Edward, clerk, 14 n Eutaw 
Brooks Edward VV. clerk, 160 Mulberry 
Brooks Edwin, canmkr, 82 n Caroline 
Brooks Edwin R clerk. 14 n Eutaw 
Brooks Mrs. Elizi, Mt. Vernon mills 
Brooks Mrs. Eliza A. tailoress, 119 n Bethel 
Brooks Eliza Ann, confectionery, 16 Coortland 
Brooks Elleu, grocery 29 s Poppleton 
Brooks Eugene H. dist. inspector C. H. 62 n 

Brooks Fred F. 4^6 Eutaw pi 
Brooks Geo. confectioner, 26 w Fayette 
Brooks Geo. machinist, Hampden 
Brooks Geo. B. furn. wagon, 31 Stirling 
Brooks Geo. D. supt. Hull & Brooks Manuf. 

Co. dw 371 e Lombard 
Brooks Geo. R. (Howard & B.) 79 Preston 
Brooks Geo. W. clerk, 708 Saratoga 
Brooks Geo. W. agent. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks George W. carp. 59 Chew 
Brooks Geo. W. agent iron-clad tin ware, 28 

Brooks Henry, barkpr, 94 s Eutaw 
Brooks Henry, cigarmkr, 227 s Paca 
Brooks Henry P. Madison av ext 
Brooks Mrs Hem \ P., Madison av ext 
BROOKS ISAAC Jb. attorney and U. S. Com- 
missioner, 42 Lexington, dw 230 n Charles 
Brooks Isaiah C. blacksmith, 103 Fort av 
Brooks J. $ Bio. (Jos. and Joh i Brootcs) wood 

and coal yard, Elliott and Patuxent 
Brooks J. Harry, clerk. 489 Franklin 
Brooks James, shipcarp. 10 Whalcoat 
Brooks James, carp. Tenant w of Fulton 
Brooks Junes, bricklayer, 35 D Mount 
Brooks James, hostler, 29 s Poppleton 
Brooks James, lab. 310 Canton av 
Brooks Jesse, lab. Woodberry 
Brooks John, deputy sheriff, Hampden 
Brooks John, (J. B. & Bio.) Chesapeake and 

O'Donm 11 
Brooks John, hackman, 106 Barre 
Brooks John, shoemkr, 9 e Pratt 
Brooks John, bricklayer, 227 s Paca 
Brooks John A. sheet iron worker, 3 Sterrett 
Brooks John L. wheelwright and blacksmith, 

357 w Pratt, dw Baltimore and Poppleton 
Brooks John C. Linden av ext 
Brooks John E. machinist, 24 Mcllenry 
Brooks John H. marblecutter, 606 w Baltimore 
Brooks John L. shocker, 285 Canton av 
Brooks John T. lab. 285 Canton av 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjajtik, 1830. 
This responsible oftlceBtil 1 continues to make the 
largestloans on goods of evcry-descriptionand on 
Merchandise in General, on Lover Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Brooks J .hn T. bricklayer, 189 n Carmllton av 
Brooks John T. (J.Brooks & Bro.) Chesapeake 

and O'Donnell 
Brooks Capt. John W. mariner, 157 Cross 
Brooks Joseph, (J.B.&Bro.)Hudson and Hare 
Brooks Joseph L. clerk, Woodberry 
Brooks Joseph M. canmkr, 114 Aisquith 
Brooks Joshua, machinist, 80 Portland 
Brooks Joshua, blacksmith, 252 Park av 
Brooks Mrs. Lizzie, 9S n Holliday 
Brooks Louis, canmkr. 92 n Pine 
Brooks Louis, photographer, 89 e Biddle 
Brooks Mrs. Louisa, 187 Mulberry 
Brooks Mrs. Margaret, 80 Portland 
Brooks Mrs Mary, confect'y, 397 w Lombard 
Brooks Mrs. Mary, %A n Strieker 
Brooks Mrs. Mary, 168 n High 
Brooks Michael S. police, 77 n Amity- 
Brooks Mo-ris, boxmkr, 26 w Fayette 
Brooks Murray, clerk, 9 e Pratt 
Brooks Dr. N.C. president Baltimore Female Col- 
lege, cor Park av and Wilson 
Brooks Peter B. chairmkr, 10 Bevan 
Brooks Rachel. 233 w Hoffman 
Brooks Richard, lab. 310 Canton av 
Brooks Robert, sailmkr, 119 n Exeter 
Brooks Robert, carp. 52 Woodyear 
Brooks Robert, 132 w Biddle 
Brooks Rodney R. clerk, 196 n Eutaw 
Brooks, Rogers & Co. (Chauncy Brooks, David 
G. Rogers, Adoram Phelps, Wm.F.Clautice) 
wholesale boots and shoes, 346 w Baltimore 
Brooks Samuel M. tobacconist, 525 Franklin 
Brooks Samuel T. tinner, 114 Aisquith 
Brooks Mrs. Sarah, Colliugton av nr Bank 
Brooks Shadrach, cigars, s w cor Chase and Ann 
Brooks Stephen L. restaurant, Baltimore and 

Brooks Mrs. Susan, 10 Clement 
Brooks & Thrasher, (Chauncy Brooks, Isaac 
Thrasher) jobbers in clothing and dry goods, 
346 w Baltimore 

Boots and Shoes, 341 w Baltimore, 
dw Sykesville, Carroll county. 

Brooks Thomas, teamster, 27 Warner 
Brooks Thomas, porter, 202 Lee 
Brooks Thomas B. salesman. 310 Lexington 
BROOKS WALTER B. office over 357 w Balti- 
more, dw Linden av ext 
Brooks Wm. coal and wood, 444 n Gay,dw 278 

n Kden 
Brooks Wm. sr. inspector, C.H. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. C. clerk, Cottage av nr York rd 
Brooks Wm. D. tinner, 114 Aisquith 



















'Better One Hour TOO SOON than One Minute TOO LATE." 
Taught at Sadler'.s Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

IT 1 


Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




■ Win. D. tinner, Dillon and Patoxenl 
B est p. 882 » Lombard 
Brooks Win K < anmkr, ill Alsquitb 
- Win. !•'. printei . S'.> Chew 
Wm. II. itun< cutter, i 20 Parkin 
I. Wii. J . '.'•; ii Front 
• Win. K. associate, Johns Bopkins I'ni- 

wn, M i arp 191 Alsquith 
Brooks Win. P. notice, Lorman nr Gilmor 

Will. 8 126 III: 

Win T mariner, 1 31 Bemborg 
Broom Cbas. D clerk, 153 Bank 
Broom M >. Ellen, grocery, 152 Bank 
Broom 1 1 cor Golliogtoo «v 

iiimI GoUgl) 

Broom John 8. stevedore, 1*>2 Hank 

Bii.oui L uis I', carp 421 Eastern av 

Bmoni Rola-rt, B7 n High 

Brophy Dominick jr. pictures and looking 

- e Lombard 
Hrophy James, lab. 94 Foil av 
Hi hi in_- Henry, sliCM'inkr. 530 n Gay 
Broscb Jos hair goods, Harford rd i:r Point la 
■ Cbas. bateher, 60 Oross-st Market, dw 
506 Light 
Broeeker Geo. butcher, 93 Fort ar 

Geo. shoemkr, 122 Harmony la 
> r Henry ,bntcher,82Fort av.dw5l6Light 
ker Win., 153 s Charles 
Brosius Hamilton, (B.&Hilton) 20 Russell 
Brosius & Hilton, (.Hamilton Brosius. Win. 1!. 
Hilton) provisions, 50 <• Payette 
lias Jacob, huckster, 26 Patterson av 
Brosius Jacob jr. huckster, 26 Patterson av 
Brosius Win. clerk, 310 Lexington 

3. bricklayer, 45 Woodyear 
Brosnaban Daniel, la'o. Calverton 
Brosnan John, restaurant, 122 n Gay 
Brosnan John, lab. 281 McHenry 

in Mrs Margaret, 281 McHenry 
an Wm bristle worker, 281 HcHenry 
Bross Edward, lithographer, engraver and 

printer, 151 w Lombard 
Bross Edward jr. clerk, ir>i w Lombard 

• . John, tailor, 588 « Baltimore 
Brothers Tims, watch mai . Woodberrv 
Brotberton David B.cigarmkr, 594 w Biltimore 
Brotherton Mis .1 ih P 594 n Baltimore 
Brotberton Morris brakeiuan 35 a Popplelou 
Brotsroan Peter, carp, 7.: Lsmmon 
Brougham Isaac, potter, 115 i Eden 
iton I saac, printer, 146 ( lerman 
itoo John, plasterer, 146 German 
Broughton Joseph', huckster, 184 a Wolfe 
Broaghton Joseph K. painter, 270 Chew 
Broughton Mrs. Gapt, .lo~. 1> 270 I 
Brouinel Jsmes real estate, 45 St. Panl.dw 18 

s Strieker 
Broumel James w. conveyancer, 45 St, Paul. 

<\w Oalverton 
Broun John, cabioetmkr. 77 i Wolfs 
Broun Mrs Mai a Dallas 

B rower Benj. Ii. cat driver, 7 Randall 
Brower l» isid. lab. Blia ibeth la nr Heath 
Browec James, cl< rk, 529 Light 
Browi cabinetmkr, 245 w Pratt 

Brower Win. expressman, 62 n Bollidav 
Brown A. B. talesman, 166 Bdmondson n 
Brown A. J. jr. denti irles 

Bioun Dr. A. .1 . dentist, 61 Lexington 

Brown a W., U.S. signal service, 83 McBenry 
Brown Abel, huckster, 13 .- I 
Brown Abner C. Btairbuilder, Iii2 George 
Biown Abraham J. clerk 188 n Caroline 
Bi on ii Ad i mi. baki r, ■''■> I lanton av 
Brown Adam, clerk, Butaw nr Biddle 
Brown Adam, saloon, 225 William 
Brown Ali er1 8. carp. 198 n Dallas 
Biown Alex. Stable boss, 782 vf Pratt 

Brown . V lex. iron moulder, Clinton nr Elliott 
i Alex. 1 1 far r, 70 Mi. Vernon pi 

BROWN ALEX, k SONS Q 8. Brown Wm.H. 
Graham, W.G, Bowdoin )bankers and dealers 
in foreign i h cor Baltimore and 

Brown Alex. B. (Wm II. B. A Bro.) Linden av 

and Ton I 

Biown Alex, P. tailor, 22} e Lombard, dw 125 


Brown Alex. W.carp, Itl Preston 

Brown Alfred, huckster, 696 w Pratt 

Brown Alfred c. carp. and builder, 1 7 Pleasant, 

dw 88 w Centre 
Brown Alice restauiant, 163 Eastern av 
Biown Mrs Alice, 1 56 Qougfa 
Blown Ambroses, teacher, 278 s Fayette 

Brown Mrs Annie, 17!) Madeira al 
Brow n Mrs. Annie Drnidville 
Biown Mrs. Annie M ,Waverley 
Brown Mrs. Ann. 205 a Chester 
Brown Andrew, wharf builder, 1 26 s Bond 
Brown Arthur, haekman, 204 Chesnul 
Brown Arthur G. (B. k Brnne) 95 w Chase 
Brown Arthur L. carp, 69 n Exeter 
Brown Basil s-. dept insp. tobae. 231 Barre 
Brown Basil W. clerk, 199 s Paca 
BROWN BELLE, 91 Raborg 
Brown Benj. ('. clerk, 266 Linden av 
Brown Benj F. 358 n Gilmor 
Biown Benj, J. painter, 4h McHenry 
Brown Mrs Bridget, 10 Windsor 
BROWN, BOGGS * CO. (J.T. Brown. F Ii. 
gs.J W. Corbin) whoies. liquors, 111 w 

Lombard and 9 Balderston 
Brown Mrs. Cai rie, 30 b Pae i 
BROWN A BRDNB, (P. W Brnne, Stewart 

Brown, A. G Bruwn)attorneys,40 St. Paul 
Brown C. S. (Obas.S B. k Co.) 474 En taw p] 
Brown Caasandria, 58 n Castle 

Blown ('has. botcher, 3 Biown la 

Biown ('has. mariner, 152 b Caroline 
Brown Oapt. ('has. mariner, 2 6 e Fayette 
Blown ('has. confectioner, 371 Lexington 
Brown ('has. driver, 213 b Washington 
Brown Cbas. haircomber, 7 Bentalon 
Brown Cbas inspector 0. H. 441 « Payette 
Biown Cbas. huckster, 284 Conwaj 
Brown ('has. A L. printer, I9fl S Baltimore 
Broun Mrs (' las. 0. 123 McCulloh 
Brown ('has (' caninkr. 107 B Broadway 
Brown ObaS. D, Clerk, 281 Barn' 

Brown i lhas. B clei k, 70 b Tow nsend 
Brown Cbas B tobacco, 95 ■ Charles, dw Lin- 
den av and To« nsend 
Brown ('has. F duiMiian, 12 1 n Ivlen 

Brown Cbas. H blacksmith, 26 b Burke 
Bron n Obai H. clei k, 993 Franklin 
Biown Cbas H oyster packer, B Windsor 
Brown ( 'has. II. clerk, Bweel Air 
Biown Cbas.B II. 402 Butaw pi 
r.ou ii Mi I i Baltimore 

Brown Chaa P bricklayer, - 

HoLMKS. aeerV and Machinist Tools and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Qenl Agt. 




Brown Chas. S. safemkr, 588 w Baltimore 
BROWN CHAS. S. & CO. (U.S. Brown )wholes. 

fniicv groceries and cigars, 91 w Lombard 
Brown Oh as. T. (J. IS. & Son ) 87 n Broadway 
Brown Ghas. W. stairbnilder, 231 Franklin 
Brown Chas. W. attorney, 29 n Calvert, dw 

303 e Eager 
Biowd Chas. W. huckster, 224 Conway 
Brown Christian, mariner, 240 William 
Brown Christian, shoemkr, 311 Mulberry 
Brown Cornelius, miller, 16 Wilhelm 
Biown Cornelius sr. tobacconist, 269 Saratoga 
Brown D;iniel. porter, 60 Buren 
BrowD Daniel C. farmer, 123 McCulloh 
Brown David 0. (Stewart & Co. )320 w Lombard 
Brown Divid P. teacher, Bond nr John 
Brown David R. attorney, 6H6 w Baltimore 
Brown Dietrich, porter, 76 Camden 
Brown E.V. 93 Saratoga 
Brown Rev. E, Madison av and Townsend 
Brown Ebin S. huckster. 1 1<3 Boyd 
Brown Edward, huckster, 9 Camden la 
BROWN EDWARD, liquors and wines, 1S1 s 

Brown Edward, cabinetmkr, 179 s Ann 
Brown Edward, lab. 234 s Ann 
Brown Edward, lab. Woodberry 
Brown Edward, shoemkr, 208 n Central av 
Brown Edward D. clerk, 210 n Carey 
Brown Edward M. collector, 4o8 n Eden 
Brown Edward W. junk, 65 Grindall 
Brown Eliasjr. carp. 186 Saratoga 
Brown Rlias,carp. and builder, 17 Pleasant, dw 

186 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 875 W Pratt 
Brown Ellen, boarding, 133 s Ann 
Brown Kmmett, gen!, ticket agt. Balto. Steam- 
packet Co. over s South, dw 266 Linden av 
Brown Esia, 127 Division 
Brown Dr. Felix E. dentist, 61 Lexington 
Brown Fenton J. engineer, Must av nr Elliott 
Brown Francis A. coach|>tr, Oxford, nr York rd 
Brown Frank, tinner, 479 Penna av 
Brown Frank, clerk, 257 n Charles 
Brown Frank A. clerk, 92 Maryland av 
Brown Frank S. machinist, 179 n Arlington av 
Brown Franklin, 373 Franklin 
Brown Franklin F. police, 356 a Sharp 
Brown Franz, lab. 3 Winderling ct 
Brown Frederick, basketmkr, 116 Raborg 
Brown Frederick, beer, 32 n Sharp 
Brown Frederick J. attorney, 40 St. Paul,dw 89 

w Chase 
Brown Frederick S. clerk, 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown Garry W. cigars and liquors, Ford's 

Opera house and 89 Second, dw 234 Saratoga 
Brown Geo. 70 Mt. Vernon pi 
Brown Geo. 32 n Foppleton 
Brown Go. boilermkr, 18 Warren 
Brown Geo. blacksmith, 23 East 
Brown Geo. driver, 1 Whatcoat 
Brown Geo. wholes, candymkr. 8 w Baltimore 
Brown Geo. A. 25 n Charles 
Brown Geo. C. carp, and builder, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Geo. C. coppersmith, 23 East 
Brown Geo. C. carp, and builder, 94 n Paca 
Brown Geo. 0. bricklayer, 3l3McHenry 
Brown Geo. E. clerk, 358 n Gilmor 
Brown Geo. F. stonecutter, 175 n Exeter 
BROWN CAPT. GEO. F. what finger and agent 

tug boats, Belt's wharf foot of Fell, dw 35 s 

Coilington av 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 




22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. g 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. H^ 

This responsible office still continues to make the M 
largest loans on goods of every description and on CC 
Merchandise in Gexeeal, o'n Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Brown Geo. F. lab. 150 n High 
Brown Geo. H. machinist, 334 n Eden 
Brown Geo.L. upholsterer, 179 n Arlington av 
Brown Geo. L. carp. 216 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. L. porter, 31 Sterrett 
Brown Geo. M. hostler. 43 s Castle 
Brown Geo. N. carp. 588 w Baltimore 
BROWN GEO. S. ( Alex.B.&Sons)66Cathedral 
BROWN GEO. WM. judge Criminal Court, 89 

w Chase 
Brown Geo. W. engineer, 76 n Castle 
Brown Geo. W. carp. 24 Clinton av 
Brown Geo. W. lab. 339 Hamburg 
Brown Geo. W. shipcarp. 223 e Lombard 
Brown Geo. W. stationery, 173 e Baltimore 
BrownMrs.GertrndeE.dressmkr, 208nCentral av 
BROWN, GRAVKS # CO. ( W. JudsonBrown, 

Wm. B. Graves, S. P. Ry land jr.) commission 

merchants, 84 South 
Brown Gustavus, (A. Seemuller & Sons) 210 n 

Brown Gustavus jr. clerk, 210 n Carey 
Brown H.C. (V.J.B. & Son) 327 Lexington 
Brown H. D., Mansion house 
Brown, Hamill & Co. (M.J. andW.A.Brcwn,R. 

W. Hamill) coal oil refiners, First av and 

Eighth, office 1 1 w Pratt 
Brown Harman J. conductor, 85 .Johnson 
Brown Harman J. conductor, 20 Barney 
Browu Harry, cigarmkr, 311 Mulberry 
Brown Harry, carp 22 Clinton av 
Brown Harry, hack man, 219 n Front 
Brown Harry P. clerk, 46 n Fremont 
Brown Harry W. 63 Courtland 
Biown Henry, rigger, 16 Philpot, dw 37sWash- 

Brown Henry, lihrarianB. ^O.R.R 46n Fremont 
Brown Henry, tailor, 329 e Madison 
Brown Henry, clerk, 327 Lexington 
Brown Henry C. saw manuf. 1 Uhlers al, dw21 

s Exeter 
Brown Henry G. 24 n Stacker 
Brown Henry G. teacher, 250 n Eden 
Brown Herbert D. cattle, 60 St. Peter 
Brown Hervey, clerk, 308 n Strieker 
Brown Hiram M. clerk, 243 u Calvert 
Brown's Hotel, L. Brown, prop'r, 119 n High 
Brown Hugh, lab. 215 s Bethel 
Brown Hugh J. clerk, 25 w Baltimore 
Brown Ira B. bookkpr. 184 Mulberry 
Brown Isaac, engineer, 87 Aisquith 
Brown Isaiah, woodturner, 118 n Schroeder 
Brown J. Frank, 606 w Fayette 
Brown Jacob, shoemkr, 45 n Liberty 
Brown Jacob, clerk, 122 3 Caroline 

















No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. F. Brosec} & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 












— < 



Brown J UN, in nil !i r. W ■ ■ ■ 
lam-s, hurk-ip-. I !■'■ : 
'•I Vork 
Hr Wn J.i Franklin 

-. luti In B 
Bron a J IMP -. eondn 

Bt, and ~ - 1 J » t Br 


r 270 e Biddle 
Brown lanes \. paintei B^ i W»shington 

anmkr. 47 1 ( !h tM 
Blow ii .1 lines A POgil '•'•; 117 Bfl 

Browu James B. - kit 

James r || clerk, 4 

1 1 n •- B - i Hiffh 

Brown J nn • B lettercarrier, 'Jii; Peirce 
It owa James F ier 

Brown James F. clerk, 79 Winchester 

irk S \ i ■ | 'i i ill 
Brown J iraes II. junk, 131 McRlderrj whf, dw 

IS1 s High 
Brown lames H. engineer. 2 43 Lee 
i m I j- 58 n Brood w»j 
i uaa • M 18 n Brood wo j 

Brown Jot .1. 'i 'ii cotter, 280 ' Jr -'-ninou'it av 

B own Jomoi J. carp. 6G:i Peona uv 
Brown James L. carp. 131 n Exeter 
BROWN JAMBS M. cigars nod liquors, 89 

id dw ii " St 
Brown James M. borkpr. 61 WbatCOat 
Brown James M. clerk, 1 »; \V hairo.u 
Brown Junes R. cup. S19 •■ John 
Broo n I mi"- R j is Baltimore 
Brown Jamn > iver, Hampden 

Brown James S. pnddler 228 Hudson 
i James T machinist 80 I Ann 
Brown Jomea T. Protl 

Brown Jam - V. .i itchmkr, Washington nr 

Brown .1 a ii • W boilermkr, '249 Light 
Brown Mrs Jam-. 15 n OorO 
Brown irp. 105 II ■ 3 Light 

Brown J. II.. Pr inklia ind < ' trrollton a» 
BROWN J BARMAN, R pister of Wills, and 
tieas Ass'n Imp'f] ''"'' ' '' " •''■ 67 CourtUnd 
Brown J. Wosler, ;-le k le at 

BROWN I. WILSON, hones fnrn. g U, 47 n 

Bo word, dw B ilio 

: .1 Wil ooi B v Lowndes)2i8uOelvert 
Br two Jefl - a i av 

Brown Jesse W condacto . 120 Bitter/ m 
Brown Be*. Joel, Woodberrt 

i i'U 
i. in i: ni'-i . I ; ; B ink 
John, I'M Iff disc 
Brown Joho, miller, 45 Bollaod 
I aid 

.1 ilin. 1 ili. l"i JonMI In 

Brown John, engineer, Clinton nr Seventh av 

• ' John, i to 8 i Blliott 

j oondnctor, 7 i 
John, lull. .: i ■ B 
Brown Joho, gardener foot of S 

in B. A Sun i s7 ii Bra idwar 
i John A. rn 

>.) 101 n Onlrerl 
B.Brown) a 
liquors, 15 Bowlj 'a whf 

:'.i ii Bond 

Brown John | 

Broun John I>. Begin nijh 

i John K. murin r M W >lki-r 
Brow.) John K ri | r. II Oo*ingt00 

Brown John P. pointer, 38 Williaiosoo aj 

Brown John (J. lob 18 Bonrietui 

Brown John B. jr. gr o ceries and provision! 

512 Franklin 

Brown Oapt, John ll. man tor. mi Oont in iv 

I"llll H. iliiv.-r, 

Brown John II . oondnctor, I av 

Brown John I. V. clerk, 21 s Exeter 
i i John J butcher, l Brown la 
Brown John J rarnlsber, l"> Ringgold al 
Brown John J. machinist. Valley nr Bi 
Brown John J engineer, '( ■ Pederol 
Brown Dr. John L. .lnitist, Bomesteod 
Brown John L. cootractor, Rntaw ml Biddle 
Brown John of. oorpenter 251 Lee 
Brown John N. treasnrer People'a QasOo 

w Po.rette 
Brown John 0. lob. Bampden 

Brown John R. carp, 1 H Mi-Henry 

Brown John B sa asm to, 210 a Os 

Brown John K briuklaver, 'J'>7 Lee 

BROWN JOBN 8, CRtj Librarian, Oitj Hall, 

il w 4 7 .'< !• I 

Brown John & Son. 'John and Ohartea T. 

Brown) hardware 10 e> Pratt 
Brown Joho T. tobacconist a n cor Botaw and 

Biddle, Iw 108 Townsead 

Brown John T 808 Pennaav 
Brown John T. painter, 288 hVinuar 

Brown John T (B Bo 

Brown John I IS Conway 

i>- iw i John T. eaumkr, 205 s Obei 
Brown John V. varnisher, 160 n Huh 
Brown John W. druggist, Qreeumounl av nod 

Madison, in l 508 Light dw ■ 
Brown John W. • Jefferson 

i John W. clerk, ISO t 
Brown J ihn Wilson.clerk to Register of Wilis. 

dw Balto so 
Brown Joseph Bsbermtn 00 Johoeon 
B:own Joseph, ma Iner, l"? - Bi 

. i Joseph c i p 187 'i I'm- son I 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 225 Will am 
Brows Joseph I! police, 104 Hill 
Brown Joeeph M '• irp Q nor 

Brown Joseph W Bremen, 121 Ohew 
Brown ; 9<traloga, I 

Brown Josh, L. tin and sbeetiruo worker, 477 

a av 
B own Josh. 7 lioner, P itterson la nr Penna av 
Brown J u 1 1 hi II 

Brown Kirk, teacher, 127 Aieonith 
Brown Mrs. Lhu lA.seam ie Monument 

Brown l>r. Luna I. ISO w Townsend 
Brown Lewis, butcher, I krmistetdla 
Brown Lea Is B. ti »cei •• . II B n S 
Brown Lea 
Brown Lewis prop'r B own'.- hoirl, I I '.m lli^ r h 

Brown Lee I nk'in 

Brown Lewii P 81 n Poppleton 

BROWN k LOV\ MD ■> (J Wl 

and ''. l> Lowudee) b in ere and bi - 

1 7 Qermnn 
Brow a M Harold I S9 a l! ilti« 

l'| i' 'Ml I UV 

M ll.iro .1 n .ii . 00 av 

dra. Mag • no 'Air 

Brown M inbel a ttfeo'y, 16 w B il- 


Arithi . Calcula il by the m «l [mpi 

Met: . i.~inesfl College, CharK-- 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 




Brown .Martin S. engraver, 44 Argyleav 

Brown M B. salesman, Bntaw hoiel 

Brown Mrs. Mary, 346 E istern av 

Brown Mrs. M irv. 243 Frederick av 

Brown M s Mary A. 408 n Eden 

Brown Mrs. Mary A. 121 Albemarle 

Brown Mrs. Mary A. 203 •■ Baltimore 

Brown Mary D. ve.stinkr, 76 n C ist e 

Brown Mrs. Mary C. 225 n Eden 

Brown Mrs. Mary J. 230 s Wolfe 

Brown Matthew J. (M. J & W. A. Brown) 7 

Brown M. J. <.<' W. A. flour and feed com. 

merchts. 1 1 w Pratt 
Brown McLane, 124 n E len 
Brown Memorial Mission. (Presbyterian) John 

nr Cathedral 
Brown Memorial Church, (Presbyterian) cor 

Park av and Townsen-d 
Brown Mich >el. lab. 99 n Front 
Brown Michael, watchman, 34 Enin_: 
Brown Michael, lithograph printer, 35 Stirling 
Brown Moses, painter 86 a Bond 
BROWN & MURPHY, (J. C. Brown, 

F.P. Murphy, )sailmkrs,73and 75 Smith's whf 
Brown Nathaniel J. ovsters, 205 s Chester 
Brown Patrick, lab. 217 Chesnnt 
Brown Paul, slioeiukr, 44 s Schroeler 
Brown Pete:-, rigger, 222 Gou'/h 
Brown Philip, shoemkr, 1 10 Battery av 
Brown Philip E. telegra ihist, 303 e Eager 
Brown Q.C.jr. man iger Wilson Bewing machine 

Co. 33 n Charles, dw 683 w Lombard 
Broun Randolph, bricklayer. 216 Peirce 
Brown Mrs. Rachel P. 193 u Howard 
Brown Mrs. Rebecca A. boarding, East av nr 

Brown Mrs. Richard, 53 Edmondson av 
Brown Richard P. police, 2-7 Forrest 
Brown Richard T. bricklayer, 24.5 Lee 
Brown Robert, lab. 49 Hillman 
Brown Robeit, painter, 19ti n Fremont 
Brown Robert, bookbinder, 33 McHenry 
Brown Robt. watches and jewelry, 1 I5n Howard, 

dw loo a Paca 
Brown Root. jr. oil broker, 8 German, dw 92 

Maryland av 
Brown' Robert F sales nan. 33 McHenry 
BRoWN ROBBRT D. treasr Eutaw Savings 

Bank and treas. Su^fj. Canal Co. dw How- 
ard CO 
Brown Robt. P. 266 Linden av 
Brown Robt Ridded, attorney, 33 St. Paul, dw 

84 Cathedral 
Brown Ro3a, grocery, 41 Hillman 
Brown Ryan, bricklayer. 245 Lee 
Brown Saml. C. (S. Fancher&Co.) Wilson and 

Bntaw j)l 
Brow:, Saml. 0. varnisber, 262 e Lombard 
Brown Samuel M bricklayer, 257 Lee 
Brown Si'iinel R. huckster, 179 s Pica 
Brown Saml, 3, rigger, over lit! Ligbt-st whf, 

dw 14 Warren 
Broun Samuel T., Calrerton rd 
Brown Samuel 127 n Strieker 
Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, lOtl Boyd 
Brown Si rah A. lin e Baltimore 
Brown Mis Sarah E grocer . 32 Granby 
Brown Sarah R grocery, 75 n Castle 
Brown Sebastian, (B. & Smith) 367 Madison av 
Brown Dr. Septimus Brown, Townsend and 

Linden av 


MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! /QV w 

In Snnts to Sail, at (D \J *- 



22 N. Q-ay Street, near Fayette St. - 



Established by the late Leti Benjamin, 1880. 

This responsible office still continues to make the 

large " cription and on c-c 

Mjeucuj •-■: - I '■'• .-M., on Lower Hates ot — 

charges than any other office In this city. t> 

UIEJ^.T-A-aXIlV «fc CO. ^ 




Brown Simon, carp. 5 s Schroeder 

BROWN & SMITH, (Sebastian Brown, Robert 

H. Smith i attorneys. 53 St. Paul 
Brown Solomon. 261 Lexington 
Brown Solomon, shoes. 8^ Penna <tv 
Browu Mrs. Sophia, Ian ml. 19 Union 
Brown Stewart, ( B. & B tine) 29 Cathedral 
Brown T A. & Co. (T. A. Brown, R. H. Gil- 
bert. W. H. Angerman, L B.Wolcott, ) whole- 
sale grocers, 105 w Lombard 
Brown Tedford, sadder. 33 M'-flenry 
Brown Theodore, lab. 54 Johnson 
Browu Capt. Thos. 159 Con way 
Biown Thos shipjoiner, 1 80 3 Ann 
Browu Thos. lab. 93 Thames 
Brown Thos. lab. 7o Hampstead 
Brown Thos. iron moulder, 728 w Pratt < 

Brown Th w. lab. 10 Windsor ^ 

Brown Thos. brassmoulder, 8 Brune S? 

Brown Thos beer, 449 Hamburg 
Brown Thos. A. (T. A. B. k Co.) 661 w Fayette £g 
Brown Thos. C. oysters, 8 Warner dw 62 Barre ' 
Brown Thos. C. painter, 105 Fort av ^J 

Brown Thos. C. clerk. 62 Barre 
Brown Thos. H. S. house fur lisbing goods, 168 

n C u-oline 
Brown Thos. J. sr. (T. J. B. &S.m) 303 e Eatrer 
Brown Thos. J. jr. (T. J. B. $ Son) 303 e Eager Qo 
BROWN THUS. J. & SON, I Thos. J and T. 
J Brown jr.) gold and silver smiths, 146 w 
Brown Thomas M. (T. Matthews & Son) 209 w 

Brown Thomas M. varnisher, 15 Ringgold al 
Brown Dr. Thos. R. prof. College Physicians 
and Surgeons, Park av and Lativale, dw 129 
Browu Thos. S. provisions 33 s Fultou 
Brown Thos. W police, 30 Jackson sq av 
Brown Dr. Thos. W. 191 George 
Browu Timoilu lab 4 n Poppleton 
Brown Timothy S lab. 9 s Collington av 
Brown V. J. (V J. B. cj- Son) 327 Lexington 
Brown V. J. t j- Son (V. J. and Henry C. 

Brown) wholes, grocers 66 Exchange pi 
Brown W. A. Bboecutter, 88 Hunovtfr 
Brown W.Judson, (B.. Graves & Co.) 4n Carey 

Brown \V. Roberts, clerk, 71 George 
Brown W titer S. carp. 32 Clarke 
Biown Wm. grocery, lo6 Preston 
Brown Wm. lab. 56 Cross 
Brown Wm. puddler, 9+ (Chesapeake 
Brown Wm. sbipcarp. 133 s Ana 
Brown Win. lab. 55 Buren 
Brown Win fireman, S4 s Wolfe 
Brown Wm. real estate agent, 20 German e of 
Charles, dw 266 Linden av 









•LEARN all you can TO-DAY, you may need it TO-MORROW." '£- 
Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York. 
BRO L22 I'.Kl 

• jiiiili 
In ton uv 

: Columbia 

g ton 

','. . I . 

■ kl iji i r, ir.;; Columbia 

a I) Win. II. ill I 

Wm II ci p 7 i' ittereoa 11 
_ BROWN WM II ft BRO i Wm. H B 
T~ \ • v i . Bi n j,.!m B. Morrison) a 

— irp 

a ,,,. h. w ii B. I Linden si 

Win II. brie layer, 101 n Poppleton 

_ ut ii r Low, 


n \\ Hi. M. pi inter, 43 a Fremont 
Wm. R. p lister, 100 Dolphin 
- An Wm i; carp. IIS a I.inriile 

u iii T. car] i ilfe 

■ "■ Le ■ 

V a ii Win. W. iMrj> 1 I s Aim 

^Z Brownback Walton, moulder, 60 ■ < I 

a m- l»r B. Bernard, ,'inT Madison »f 

— . Ilii lem uv 

in hi. (Jilinor in l,i \- 

JE ' - 

~ Browne J W. clerk. 33 1 Howard 

i ' At nil. attorney, I 19 d Calvert 

mercht. iniior. 171 e Baltimore 
- "Mi's wlif 
[> -il.c ondncior, 7 Brrd 

n ml. polti e, 160 Cbeennt 
~^ Browning Geo. II. bookkpr, .iti:* Light 

. Luz hi W. eli rli .'.': 

,-- ch< r, 77 - Eden 

>y» Br Lexington, 

:,. Wm. | ..hi. 1. 1, 161 w Bid 
a nine. Wm I B.) Bdmondaon 

T\ . : i Oil ton uv 

J in ning Wm. II enrdi Fremont 

■■■ ning W in. .1 iboemk i innt 

igi B.aYO B R leeor 
H ire end Calvert, dw 187 w Buddie 

■•• nlej B intra L. abipcarp. 301 William 
,,-, Brownlej Hiram w aPratl 

i p. J71 «■ Pratt 
Aiii,-v Jo-epii carp, i I Garden 
H Brownley Oti* I G irden 

nlej Hi J Hyde • ' 

I bom ia J, 
rnlej \\ in. mai iner 66 Bambnrg 

. \\ in. A aailmki . IB " < '"I Ington ef 
i German 

dried finite, 198 Don • 
i a. u,i is :,i, Btcbaiige pi dw L h 

— * an I M 


__ Q lull 

2 Aiequith 

• III- 

• ■ 

• M idiaon 

■— ■ ej'l II |i lice, 239 Col urn 

— Henrj M. merebt. tMil..r. 19 Park av,dw 

Bnn k Frederick H over 

I Penne si 
Bruckner John K. pianomkr, 349 Haml 
Brndi d, 19 B » r t lei t 

Bi ud< r Fran 

• najifl 

Brnder Michael jr. imki r, 8i Hillen 

i b • Ihai il : n uv 

ikim, cabineunki 
Bruebach Rudolph, clerk, 2M) Baetern av 
Brueckmann Wm aboemkr, 164 Henrietta 
n< r Andre v, l»e r, I Dover 
tnei John, roofed ionrry, ':7.*> McHenry 

') UV 

Faulkner, Win. R. Hallett,) wholesale dry 
goode, 37S ■ Bait in 
Bruff John W . Madiaon av 

foa !■:.( B.,Fanlkn 
Bruff Thou u B p 

man Albei ! I n( lentralae 

Bruggeman Fred. W grocery, 2 Dawaon ul 

eman A Bickea.1 Albert i,Wm. 

| djen in i -''Mil pra, >'■ Bank la 

man Amelia, notions, 360 Canton ev 
i in Frederick can mkr, 360 Canton- av 
Bruggman Henri I lanton ai 

Bruggman Henry jr carp. 360 Canton at 
Bruggv Martin, carp. '.'< Arcade al 
Brui niena Louie, painter, 1 7 B irnet 
Brnliii Jacob, caleaman, 38 Camden 
Bruhn Mrs. Louisa, grocery, H8 Camden 
Brulil Wm. II. cig 'i niki . 579 Pi nn i av 
Br n lie Fred, Saratoga and Myrtle 
Ilrulle Man . confect'j Oga 

Bi urn hie Wm. diepatcher, J 1 J L. Conatitotion 

Brai 11 Joeeph, painter. 5i) a Pine 

Brummer Henrv, cabinetmkr, 328 Light 
Brnn Madame !•' child'e dreasmkr, lie u Paca 
Brim Victor II. clerk, 116 n I 
Brunck Marianne, Hie Aiequith 
Hi andea Heurj , lab '.il Sbaki 
Brundick Henry, Bbucker, 34 Fountain 

Brundick Wm. ahucker, 14 Fountain 
Brundige Maatoo lab. 89 n Amity 
Brundigi T toe. v. 32 Si Pau 
Brundige Tboe. W, ntl 3t. Paul, dw 

. in-low II 

Brundige Wm. -'' a Strieker 

Brundige Wm. II bucketer, :»i; n Fremont 

BruneF W. jr.attornej il, dw North 

av ti r < lin II — I ■ v 

aa ( W. II. Brnne, ) mercbts. 
and marine Ina. .i^, i-. 1 1 j Spear's wbf 
Brune Fred w (Brown ,t B.) North ai near 

I'll. II |l S-.-t IV 

Bruue Mary A. lamps. T2 i B 
Brum- Peter, boxmkr, 22 n B 
Brune Wm. II (F.W.B I 

i ul 
Bi iincr Albert, lal 

Id iiner ollector, 1 1 i Franklin 

Brunei Hannah, machine teacher, 27 McHenry 
Brunei nlor, '.Tin e Bum 

Bruner Jo*epb lawyer, 172 a Durham 
Bruner Joseph It. agent W, 8impaon, Bona & 
( '" i i <;>-i in. hi, ilu 36 Franklin 
I. mi .i, ie .iiier i~i McHenry 
Brnner Mary, <lr ismkr, J7 McHenrjr 
Brunei Wm. huckatei J7 McHenry 

BOLME8 4 ,,() .. En ad M chiniste' Tools and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hone, Boiler Pelt, Waste, rs, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General A gent, America n B uilding. 




Brunier Louis, lab. 13 Bentalou 
Bruning Mrs. Eleanora, confect'y, 61 s Fremont 
Bruning George, boxmkr, 343 Hamburg 
Bi uning H. H. clerk, Lexington and St. Paul 
Bruning John. lab. 22 Walker 
Bruning John, baker, 63 s Fremont 
Bruning Mrs. Margt. grocery, 22 Walker 
Brunker James H. clerk, 161 n Caroline 
Brnnn Henry, carpetweaver, 85 n Ann 
Brnon Seiftmund. butcher, 149 w Lombard 
Brunner Abel, (Rawlings & B.) 77 Aisquith 
Brunner George, teacher, 29 n Greene 
Brnnner Hamilton, foreign fruits, n w cor Lex- 

ingtoa and Paca, dw 9 Holiins 
Brunner Jacob, carp. 127 s Sharp 
Brunner John, butcher, 1 Madeira al 
Brunner John L. butter, 197 Lexington 
Brunner Joseph, currier, 29 n Greene 
Brunner Joseph jr. collarmkr, 29 n Greene 
Brunner Michael, baker, 815 w Pratt 
Brunnett Aug wheelwright, 502 n Fremont 
Brunnett Christian, wagoner, 609 Penna av 
Brunnett John, blksuiith, Fayette nr Chester 
Brims Bernard, shoemkr, 281 n Gay 
Brans Evert W. shoemkr, 57 Albemarle 
Bruns Henry, carp. 264 s Broadway 
Bruns Henry, clerk, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Henry, huckster. 89 Elliott 
Bruns Henry, lab. Chester nr Belair av 
Bruns John, (Heise & Co. ) 164 Mulberry 
Bruns John, shoemkr, 281 n Gay 
Bruns John jr. clerk, 164 Mulberry 
Bruns Joseph, shoemkr, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Lawrence, cutter, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Rudolph, shoemkr, 16 L. Gough 
Bruns Wm. barber, 121 s Sharp 
Brunt Antone, lab. 4 Baker ct 
Brunt Chas. A. clerk, 67 n Charles 
Brunt James, trader, 428 Penn av 
Brunt Joseph W. clerk, 96 Lexington 
Brunt Ralph, 487 Penna av 
Brunt Richard, clerk, 67 n Charles 
Bn.scup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Brascup Columbus, carp. 231 e Fayette 
Bruscup Geo. H. «7 n Caroline 
Bruscup Oliver, clerk, 231 e Fayette 
Bruscup Tnoe. (Audoun & B.) 76 n Bond 
Bruscup Wm fire d«*pt. 231 e Fayette 
Brushweiller Lemuel, lab. 105 Hudson al 
Brushwiller John, machinist, Hampden 
Brushwiller Theodore, varieties, 137 Preston 
BrussHl Christian, tailor. 7 Waescne 
Brusstar Henry, shipyard, Boston nr Chesa- 
peake, dw 144 Chesapeake 
Brusstar Henry jr.shipcarp. Canton and Elliott 
Brusstar Wm. S. ahipcarp 186 rhesapeake 
Brust John, teacher, 16s Hamburg 
Bruster Mrs. Eleanor, f>64 Franklin 
Bruster Lewis C. (Wvlie. B.&Co.) 11 Edmond- 

son av 
Bruton Mrs. Emma, millinery, 94 u Charles 
Bruton Win. M. 94 n Charles' 
Brutting Geo. barkpr, 71 b Regester 
Brutz Adolph, cigarmkr, 416 e Madison 
Bryan Alfred, 245 n Caroline 
Bryan Mrs. Anna R grocery, 24 sCollington av 
Bryan Arthur L. huckster, 24 s Collingtorj av 
Bryan & Clarke (Jos. A. Settle. JamesB. Clarke) 
Monumental Export Bolting Co. 139 n Howard 
Br.\an Edmund T. clerk, 261 e Baltimore 
Bryan Edward, mariner, Friendship nr York rd 
Bryan Mrs. Eliza G. fancy goods, 106 Lexington 




MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Snit, at 



22 IT. Say Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late LTevi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office still continues to make the \-rj 

largest loans on goods of every description and on ., 

Mkkchandipb in General, on Lower Kates of ?J 

charges than any other office in tbis city. [3> 







Bryan Fred C. 261 e Baltimore 

Bryan Fred. W. clerk, 80 s Broadway 

Bryan G. B. clerk, n e cor Lombard and Paca GO 

Bryan Geo. lab. 24 Hamburg 

Bryan Isaac R. shoemkr, 79 Pearl 

Bryan John H. bricklayer, 410 Light 

Br\an John W. mariner, 163 Hughe3 

Bryan Marritt, stevedore, 122 Eastern av 

Bryan Nicholas, stevedore, 422 Eastern av 

Bryan Pinkey, seamstress, 180 L. Hughes 

Bryan Reuben, butcher, 29 York 

Br van Samuel L. clerk. 106 Lexington 

Bryan T. A. (T. A. B.&Co.) n e cor Lombard 
and Paca 

BRYAN T. A. & CO. (T.A Bryan) wholesale 
confectrs. 339 and 341 w Baltimore 

Bryan Thaddeus T. huckster, 67 Division 

Bryan Thomas, shoemkr. 19! n Dallas 

Br^an Wm. brakeman, Hampden 

Brvan Wm. miller, Calverton heights 

Bryan Win. H. lab 100 L. Hughes 

Bryan Wm. Shepard, attorney, 52 n Calvert, 
dw 37 w Eager 

Bryant Chas. slioecutter, 237 n Caroline 

Bryant Chas H. cutter, 197 L. Constitutiou 

Bryant Geo. A. clerk, 34 Arg.vle av 

Bryant J. Y. attorney, 534 Lexington 

Bryant James E lab. Sweet Air 

College, 6 and 8 n Charles. W. H. Sadler, 
pns't, E Burnett, sec'y. — [See advertisement, f} 
bottom lines. O 







6 & 8 N. CHARLES ST. 







Brvant Wm. S. receiving clerk. 534 Lexington pp 
Bryarlv Mrs. Caroline, 140 e Monument 
Bryer James, conductor, 529 Light 
Bryera Johd E. plumber, 225 Conway 
Brylawski Aaron, (Julius Gutman & Co.) 326 

Bryson Alex, restaurant. 418 n Gay, dw 479 
Bryson Andrew, restaurant, 479 n Gay 
Bryson Mrs. Catharine. 360 Hollins 
Bryson E. A. telegraphist. 91 Albemarle 
Brvson Gilbert E. (Gilbert H.B.&Son) John nr 

MeMechin "< 

Bryson Gilbert H. <$• Son (G.H.and G.E.Bry- CD 

son) real estate brokers. 2fiJ Second f" 



No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 



















Mutual Life Insurance Co. of NVw York, 

I'.KY 1:M I'.UO 

tSon) 59 Aiaquith 
I ■ ■ Bollina 

■ mIi, lab 4T:i n Gay 
" • Mm a 179 n G 

amer, rarnisher, Ml Co 
Bubenbetm Peter, cabinetmkr, 7 Watson ol 

itli u ine ' 25a Oeotr >\ av 

Buiiert Hei m in B. (J I ■ 19 rodeo 

Bui-ert J. D. .1 D.B fcSon) 29 Camden 
Baben John 97. J.B fcSon | 29 C imden 

. ■ b (J.D and J.W.Bobert) gro- 
I in ; g Chai 
• n r 174 6 Madison 
Bucbal Robert tailor, 307 n Central at 

d hi Alex, e ii rer, 81 Billon 
Bnehanan Andrew B. distiller, 13 Jackson pi 
li'H'h man Jacob, butcher, Penna hv px! 

in James A. ittorney, 41 St. Pml, dw 
1 r.< B .lion 

H. attorney, 27 d Calvert, dw 
B iprer 
m John It uv hi attornej,41 Lexington, 

dw 39 lit. Vernon pi 

man Robert 0.0 B.A 40? Park av 
Bncbanan Wm M. clerk, 149 Bolton 

ie (John Bocbeimer, Geo.W. 
.••) provisions, 2 L3 d Bden 
Bncbeimer Pred. messenger Ct. Com. Pleas, 27 

H istei ii av 
Bncbi iiner Pred. 27 Eastern av 

, cr, 20 W Pratt 
Bucheimer rant, 412 Penna a? 

Bocbeimer Geo. jr. barkpr, 442 Penna av 
Bocbeimei Geo. shoemkr, 10 Henry 
aer John, clerk, 20 w Pratt 
eimer Jobn (B. 4 Olarke) 2n o Bden 
Bncbeimer John P. restaurant, 84 Albemarle, 

•1 .v '.'7 L" istern av 
Bocbeimer Peter, inercht. tailor, 20 w Pratt 

iiurr W'm. cnamkr, 20 w Pratt 
Burlier Abraham B. builder, York rdnrtollgats 
iuclier A'l im Poppleton 

: Chi- T. carp York rd nr tolljjate 
Bucher Pred. carp xorb rd nr tall 

Pred. goldsmith, over 169 w Baltimore, 
14 intou av 

G . W. carp. Friendship. York rd 
in ber Jacob, cabinet nkr. 226 ('.niton av 
lucher John, paver, 85 d Poppleton 
Sucber John jr. bricklayer, '.'2 n Amity 

■l p!i. paver. 93 n Amity 

lucher Louie, carp W 

iter Jobo, blacksmith, 217 Predericli av 
I Matthias cabinetmkr, M Presideot 
IOCBOLZ BBINRIOB gen'l airt Hew J 
.Mutual Life Ins. Co. 1 Postofflce av, dw 29 
Incholtz Mrs. Ann. poultry, 50 Penna av 
Mrs. Mary, notions. 493 w Pratt 
/. Win. clerk, 108 Hanover 
lucbmeyer Pred. wheelwright, 9 LeadenhaU 
turn Bernai I Bond 

im ( li-l ill av 

.inn Henry ibl pin ■ office, 17..- W iah- 

., dw Wolf.- nr r 

■rii ii nry, beer, i I lentrs Mark I 
• ■jiii Jobn 'i. mercht, tailor, ]7 - Sharp 

i mi .John II. In. t r- 1 1 av and 

■ ird 

r c. P w. wheelwright, ::t Hillem,dw 

■ ier 

Incbta G ni Biddls 

Buebta Mrs. Regina, 162 a Bxeter 
Buohts Win. c blacksmith, 162 n Bxeter 
Bnchwald Prvd. <L baker, l < ► t n Schroeder 
Baobwald Godfrey, tailor, 101 d Schroder 
Bnchwald Michael, botcher, 7 Belair and LIS 

itre Mkta dw Belair av nr city limits 
Buehwald Philip C candy mkr, 101 n Scl 
Buck Alfred, 330 d Strieker 
Buck Mrs Amelia 2tJ7 Alice. inna 
Boek lit- r. j P. can P( nn i av 

Benj. <i. plasl Lexington 

Buck 0. W. jr. clerk, lin lum'S hold 
Buck eh is zrocet » 1 79 Peon t v 

Buck Ohae. (B. d Guj | 298 McDooogh 

Buck Chi-, c ">:'.»; Lexingl in 
Buck ( 'ha- II. packer, 2 i Boston 
BuckChas. II bricklav»r 12 Patterson Park ays 
Buck Obas W. pol ce, 207 C in way 
Buck i nan, 6 H mover 

Buck Edward i> carriage coods, iron and 
• nl 160 w Pratt, dw Qi L zington 
Buck <;•• o sfaoemkr, M a Centra] av 
Bock Geo. a pipemkr 69 Hill 
Buck Geo. W. hm in a* 

Buck Geo W. (G. W II. .j- 0o ) 161 F.dmond- 

BOn av 
Buck Ge». W. & Co. (G W. and W. B. Buck) 

hardware, 8s w P atl 
Buck & Guvton (('ha- 0. Buck, S.W.Guytoo) 

printers, : J .17 ' 

J.N.Heflebower, N F. .Veer; wholes. manufre. 

of boots and shoes, 240 w Baltimore 
Buck Henry J clerk, 20 a Howard 
Buck [rviog A. 96 9 iratoga 
Buck Irvtni 96 a Pica 

Buck Jane i A. 69 Hill 
Buck John jr. 161 Bdmpndson >v 
Buck John 0. bricklayer 293 UcDonogh 
Buck John M 394 Druid Hill av 
Buck John T. b'riekmkr, 42 s Patterson P irk av 
Buck Joseph A agent metal-, fnrs and ;i.iper 

stock, 100 Liebt-st whf, dw 69 Hill 
Buck Leander W. brickmaker, 42 ■ Pattersosi 

Park av 
Buck Levin J. ci I av 

Bock Louis, saloon, 181 Lexington 

Buck Loui- F. bookkpr, 16 II m iver 

Bnck M iry ( 

,, ii . Rich '. I B. 3 6 Park av 

Buck Samuel 1). 1 1; . Befiebower k Neer) 94 

Buck Su- uin i, l i New Church 
Buck Theodore a. clerk, 69 Hill 
Buck Vii giuia, v iriel lersoa av 

Buck Wesley B.(G.W. B. .t Co.) 161 Ivlmond- 

Buck Win. all Franklin 

Buck Wui II clerk, 12 I w Payette 

Win. II. clerk, 77 Bolton 

Buck Wm. II jr. clerk, 30 B intfa 
Bmk Wm. L. brickmkr,28 i Patterson Park av 
Bin-. Wm. W. huckster, 7:; n Schroeder 
Bnckbes v7m. B. machinist, 16 w Fayette, dw 


in m Jacob, Bremen, <'•-' Lighl 
Buckharl A I oson 

i. H t John, v. 1 Good in d 

- m 
Buckharl P JobnSOD 

Bnckiug Frank, baker, I Ku n al 
Buckinnbani Albert, carp, 2 Biker 

SADLER'S Bryaol and IOLLEGE, Baltimor 

6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. ^ the World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt. 
~BUC^ .JL 25 ^ BUL 

Buckiiigb^uTc7\V\ 135 n Carrollton av 
Buckingham Mrs. Cath. boarding, 533 Light 
Buckingham B. C. tailor, 182 s Fremont 
Buckingham E. H. clerk, 107 n Strieker 
Buckingham G. B.nj. carp. 128 Penna &T . 

Buckingham Henry F. T. (J.W.C. Seitz & Co.) I 

120 Argyle av 
Buckingham James, coach trimmer, 306 n Eden j 
Buckingham James sr. coachtrimmer, 311 e . 
Madison I 

Buckingham James R. shirtmkr and laundry, 

16 St. Paul . 

Buckingham John E. blksmith, 47 s Strieker 
Buckingham Jnhn VV. carp. 47 s Strieker 
Buckingham John W. carp. 319 McHenry 
Buckingham Mary A. 107 n Strieker 
Buckingham Neheminh, fireman, 533 Light 
Buckingham P. G. clerk, 357 Druid Hill av 
Buckingham Thus, farmer, 533 Light 
Buckingham Win. G. butter, 107 n Strieker 
Bucklaw Frank, gardener, O'Donnell n P.,W. 

and BR R 
Buckler Chas. W. mariner, 292 e Pratt 
Buckler Mrs. Helen, 354 s Caroline 
Buckler Mrs. Leslie, Eager nr St. Paul 
Bu kler Win. H. terry mau, 101 s Chester 
Buckler Dr. Riggin, 135 n Charles 
Backless Henry S. officer Penit'y, 34 Laurel 
Bucklesa Thus. E. police, 308 Bank 
Buck It- \ Benj, H. clerk, 19 Jackson 
Buckley Chas. R. shoes, 58 Saratoga, dw 101 

Buckley Daniel, lab. 84 Hanover 
Buckley Daniel, driver, 95 s Exeter 
Buckley Daniel, lab. 18 s Fulton 
Buckley Daniel, lab.. Clinton nr Ninth av 
Buckley Daniel B. tinner, 95 s Exeter 
Bucklej David Z. painter, 318 Franklin 
Buckley Mrs. Eliza, tavern, 1 West Falls av 

Buckley Hairy F. haiuessmkr, 156 Chesnut 

Buckley John, driver, 90s Carrollton av 

Buckley John, clerk, 240 n Eden 

BuckKy Prot. John A. Loyola College 

Bucklej John B driver, 95 s Exeter 

Buckley Mrs. Margaiet, 38i Orleans 

Buckle) Martin, lab. 14 Hillman 

Buckle) Michael, lab. 14 Hillman 

Buckley Mrs. Mary A. boarding, 60 Thames 

Buckhy Mrs. Rebecca, 11 Elliott 

Buckley Tfaos. G. lab. 15 A bey al 

Buckruan Chailes, tinner, 123 Battery av 

Buck mau Cecil C. (Roberts & B.) 9 Barnet 

Buckman Hy. ropemkr. Frederick av nr bridge 

Buekuiau Jesse L. telegraphist, 291 Argyle av 

Buckman Win. J. elk, Harford rd nr city limits 

Buckmar Chus. H. lab. 406 Eastern av 

Buckmar Edward L. clerk. 406 Eastern av 

Buckmasler H.C.(John Glenn&Co.}91 Saratoga 

Bucktnaster Hillary, caulker, 80 Giiudall 

Buckunller Robert S. tanner, 229 u Calvert 

Buckner Dr. Charles S. 46 McCullob 

Buckner Herman, shoes, 32 Harrison 

Buckner J. H , Eulaw hotel 

Buckner Louis, shoes, 56 J and 62 J Harrison 

Buckner Magdaleua, seamstress, 2 Pimlico al 

Bucksbaum Julius, property agent, 96 s Wolfe 

Bucksbaum Moses, clerk, 96 s Wolfe 

Bucksbaum Myer, clerk, 96 s Wolfe 

Buckstine Win. lab. 354 s Eutaw 

Bucksto John, boxmkr, 49 Clay 

BudekeGeo.H oil3, paints, &c. 133 s Broadway 

Buczkosski Matthias, lab. 277 s Ann 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Knit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

Thisresponsibleofficestillcontinues tomake the 

largestloans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Bates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 


Budd Chas. A. tobacconist, 230 Harford av 

Bndde Mrs. Maggie. 68 Albemarle 

Budde John F. blacksmith, 58 President, dw 

68 Albemarle 
Buddemier Fredericka,groc'y,Hare and Hudson 
Buddemier Henry, lab. Hare and Hudson 
Buddebohn August, carp. 281 n Dallas 
Buddebohn Dr. C. L. 106 Columbia 
Buddebohn Ferd. carp. 35 s Bethel 
Buddebohn Lewis, carp. 244 n Dallas 
Buddebohn Wilhelm, carp. 279 n Dallas 
Budnitz Mrs. C. tobacconist, 272 s Sharp 
Budnitz Henry, collector, 272 s Sharp 
Buddermeir Deany, mantnanikr, 207 s Wolfe 
Buddermeir Fred, boilermkr, 148 s Wolfe 
Buddermeir Wm. switchman, 207 s Wolfe 
l'.udderer Henry, cabinetmkr, 322 Park av 
Budderer John G. wood turner, 24 Jasper 
Buddy Francis, clerk, 47 s Oregon 
Buecher Fred, brewer, Second av nr Dillon 
Buechner Geo. lab. 378 Aisquith 
Buechner John, tobacconist, 378 Aisquith 
Buehl Frank, cutter, 327 e Lombard 
Buehler Andrew, lab Homestead 
Buehler Christian, Haiford rd opp Darley Park 
Buehler Geo. E. (Wm. B. & Son) 182 Franklin 
Buehler Henry L. tailor, 73 s Greene 
Buehler Wra.*D. 182 Franklin 
Buehler Wm. ( Wm. B. # Sou) 182 Franklin 
BUEHLER WM.&SON, (Wm. and Geo. E. 

Buehler) tobacconists, 159 Franklin 
Buehler Otto, music teacher, 548 Franklin 
Buenger John, boot6tter, 97 s Spring 
Buerchel Gustav, clerk, 146 s Broadway 
Buerrosse Louis, bookkpr, 96 s Eutaw 
Bueschel G. grocery, 368 Penna av 
Buettner Alois, shoemkr, 153 Hamburg 
Bufal John, lab. 174 s Wolfe 
Buffalo Ins. Co. of Buffalo, N. Y., Yost & 

Hatch, agents, 1 German 

CO. of Buffalo, N.Y.,W.F.C. Gerhardt, gen. 

agent, 10 Postoffice av 
Buffalo John, lab. 230 s Ann 
Bufter Edwd.W. stable boss, 10 s Collington av 
Bufter Elijah E. 755 Penna av 
Bufter John, lab. 468 Canton av 
Bufter Joseph, driver, 144 s Chapel 
Buher Anton, lab. Dillon nr Third 
Buhinan Frank, carp. 55 s Monroe 
Buhman Mrs. Caroline, grocery, 78 Henrietta 
Buhman Henry, shoemkr, 78 Henrietta 
Buhman Wm. lab. 383 s Charles 
Buhman Win. lab. 71 Hanover 
Buking Henry, tailor, 74 n Gay 
Bulack Mrs. Isabella, tavern, 65 w Pratt 
Bulaek Joseph, shoes, 244 w Pratt 

Neatness, Accuracy and Dispatch are BUSINESS REQUISITES. 
Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 


























' — 






















Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 



Bulack Michael, ahoemkr, \9i 

Jobo 11 tinner, 12 Barmooj U 

- \ B .1 P M. B.) 818 m Lanvale 
Hull A. B. & P. M. ' >- ; " '' M ' " 

• . blksmitb, Ubertj rd nr Pulton 
. ii. |i , . rk, 321 Madison uv 
Hull Charli Stirling 

Bull Kh F. Bran J land " v 

lijab, carp. 873 Leiii - 
Hull Frauds II (A.S ft I >« Hoffman 

( arp. 29 Wolfe ii ol Monument 
B. mariner, 804 Bank 
Hull Jared B. dark, 11 impden 
Hull John 0. lab. Sweet Air 
Hull Ni( bolaa II- carp 160 " Bntaw 

■hoefitter, 140 w Lombard 

Samuel 11. carp. 135 d Caroline 
- mi ml .1. teamster, 3 1 o Forrest 
Hull Mr:*. Sarah Jane, 321 Madison av 
Hull Win. driver >n av 

Hull Wm. l.Mori(iu,Hull&Co. also 11. Downing 

,\ i . . 14 ii Charles 
Bull Wm. K. teamster, 56 e Eager 
Bullard Francis, fireman, 94 Parkin 

Mrs. Barrii t, lannd. 7 1 St. Mary 
Mrs. Hester, tailoress, 15 s Schroeder 
Mrs. Marj , 16 a Scbroedi r 
Hulleu Sinn n, fireman, 61 l Utegon 
Hulleu W. W. conductor, To Harlem av 

d Printing and Publishing Co., W. M. 
Liitl'.ni. manager, 128 n Baltimore 

Lieek John, stevedore, 274 s Ann 
ger Thomas D. clerk, Phila rd, near 
i 'I. 
Bullock C. K. salesman, cor Paca and Fayette 
Hullock Daniel, potter, 391 e Pratt 
Huilock Edwin H. potter, 391 e Pratt 
Bullock Francis S.(L ,ud,Ciaridge <fe Co.)320 e 

Hullock Fiederick, lab. 24 Sarah Ann 
Hullock George, lab. 24 Sarah Ann 
Uu.lock 11. 0. machinist, BO d Snicker 
Bullock James, barnessmkr, 788 W Haltimore, 

dw 542 w Payette 
BULLOCK JOHN -v SON, (Kaswell J., Joseph 
L.and John S. H.) glue, neats foot oil and 
ground bone mauuiYs, Washington id, oflice 
Ul s I 
Bullock John, collarmkr, 542 W Fayette 
Hullock John S. (J.H. & Son) 661 W Lombard 
Hullock Jos. L. (J.H. >v. Son) 389 Colombia 
Bollock K lsbwi II J. (J.H. k Son) 103 Bam 
Hullock Michael, lab. 5 Abbott 
• Hon G. 320 e Pratt 
Bullock rVm.O. potter. 391 I Pratt 
Hullock Winfield S. upholsterer, 55 Albemarle 
Head hotel, Wheeler A Tawney proprs, 
130 D Fiont 
Bnmgamei 0. W. plumber, 170 e Haltimore 
Bumgarner John D. plumber, 170s Haltimore 
Bump Otto. 0. (Jos. L. Hump & Co.) 2U0" Lin- 
Bnmp Jesse B builder, Medairyal nr Pratt, 

dw ■;■ 
Hump .1. I i b L. groceries and provisions, 310 
My i 

Bomp Joseph L. a 0. Hump) groce- 

ii, i and proi Ision . 206 Llndi n av 
BUMP ORLANDO F. attorney and register in 
rnptcy, 17 St Paul, AwS41 Linden av 

Hump S imuel »'. builder 101 e Pratt 
Bonce David, coachtrimmer, 164 Chew 
Bnnce Bdw. ropemaker, Washington, nr Chase 
Bonos Mis. Elisabeth, I 

Edward, conductor, American hotel 

painter, Spring nr Hoffman 

Bnnce John T. 139 •• M idison 
Bonce Mrs. M irj . 318 Bat ford av 
Bonce Richard, bricklayer, 318 Harford av 
Booce Tbos. lab. Bomestead 

Hunch Andrew, mariner, 36 President 

Bunch Margaret, beer, 86 President 
Bundle John, raga 236 Frederick av 
Bundschne Obss. lab. 5 Sum wait ct 
Bnndschne Dura, reStrokr, 197 e Lombard 
Huudschue Louis, cooper. 197 e Lombard 
Banger Albert, sbaeker, B9 ■ Spring 
er Benrj , carp, 32 Da 
i John II. sboemkr, 89 a Spring 
Mrs. Miii. i, lannd. •!'.» Lemmon a] 
Bonslej Joseph L. barkpr, 344 w Payette 
Bonn Philip, well digger, 42 Abey al 
Hunn Peter, caterer Eutaw house, dw Lan- 

vale i\t 
Bonnecke Geo. builder, 55 Dover, dw 44 s Exeter 
Hunnell Elv, clerk, 90 D Qn 
Huimell Q. W. iO. W.Miller A Co.) 417 e Pratt 
Hunnell Geo. S. oyster pack r, 61 s Collington av 
Hunnell Lncai P. oyster packr,98a Washington 
Hunting Chas. H. music teacher 12 s Strieker 
Hunting Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 L. Gough 
Hunting Edward E. printer, 140 George 
Banting Geo. butter, 404 e Monument 
Hunting Geo. R. telegraphist, 50 s Exeter 
Hunting John, engineer, 202 s Ann 
Hunting Joseph, cup. 263 D lliv 
Hunting Robt. machinist, 13 Layloup 
Hunting Septimus, collector, 404 e Monument 
Bunting \\ infield, painter, 140 George 
Hunting Win. H. carp, and builder, Itaborg nr 

Canolltou av, dw 4i8 W Fayette 
Hunting Wm. J. 12 s Strieker 
Buroage John B.confect'y, cor John and Eden 
Bnrbank David, collector, 83 i Sharp > 
Burbank Leonard, gasfiuer, 201 w Fayette 
Hurch (has. tailor, 93 s Gilmor 

I Francis A. shipjoiner, 383 Orleans 
Hurch llai m\ E. 883 I ll 
Borcb J. A. salesman, 179 w Hoffman 
Hurch Jacob, shoeiuakr, Llj s C.iroliue 
Hurch J. is. A. shipjoiner, 19 Gough 

Cm ill Dr. Jas. 0. in Hanover 

Hun h James I. mariner, 88 Johnson 

Hurch John D. clerk, 1S1 w Haltimore 

Hurch Joseph, clerk, 63 Parrisfa 

Hurch Marion K. clerk,Broadwaj and Millimau 

Hurch T. Warren, clerk, Broad w iy end Milliman 

Hurch J'hos. B. Clerk, Broadway and Milliman 

Bnrcbinal W. D. deputy collector 0. 11., St. 

Clair hotel 
Hunk llinry, beer. 207 n G i\ 

Burck Benry, sboennisher, 26s Bntaw 

Borck Theodore, barber, 666 Saratoga, dw 16 

Pal I isll 

D Jas. lab. B2 Parkin 

Bnrdett Edwin, cop.plate maker, 364 Lexington 

Burdiek Maine, i»7 Baborg 

Burgan Mrs. Ann J. teacher, 101 e Hiltimore 

Burg. hi I has. E. Clerk, 190 e Fayette 
Uurgan 1' rain is S. huckster, 37 ("hew 
Burgan Henry M. Clerk, 190 a Fayette 

i James 11. lab. |9."i s Washington 

BOLMES k CO., Engineers' and MJachinists' Tools and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,00a0O_O. F. 



Burgan John, htb. York rd and North av 

Burgan Joshua, gardener, 348 e Pratt 

Burgan Philip, blacksmith, Belair av ext 

Burgan Philip L. huckster, 181 n Caroline 

Burgan Thomas T. painter. 148 n Bond 

Burgan Wm. M. clerk, 190 e Fayette 

Burgart Peter, glassflattener, 229 Hanover 

Burgee Horace, architect, Hampden 

Burgee Howard F., II itnpden 

Burgee Win. H. woodworker, Druidville 

Burger Andreas, trunkmkr, 1 63 Madeira al 

Burger Cbas. telegraphist, 263 Aliceanna 

Burger Charles, baker, 44 Biune 

Burger Cnristian, lab. 41 Bank 

Burger Conrad, salesman, 755 w Lombard 

Burger Mrs. Elizabeth, 30 s Paca 

Burger Fred. carp. 106 s Bond 

Burger Gustav, florist, 208 Greenmount av 

Burger Henry, dr> goods and varieties, 206 s 

Burger Henry, grocery, Lafayette av & Strieker 
Burger Henry, eigarinkr, 393 w Pratt 
Burger Henry, cigarmkr, 152 Dover 
Burger Johu, lab. 22 Port 
Burger Joseph, lab. Mount Vernon 
Burgess B. T. butter, 114 n Exeter 
Burgess Barney, lab. 142 Ridgely 
Burgess Benj. patternmaker, 45 s Poppletou 
Burgess Caleb H. and John, silverplaters, over 

33 Park av 
Burgess Caleb H. (C. H. 8/ J. Burgess) 450 Lex- 
Burgess Cbas. H. painter, 13 Rock 
Burgess Cbas. R. merchant tailor, 20 Germau e 

of Charles, dw 42 n Carrolltou av 
Burgess David B. lab. 115 Ridgely 
Burgtss Mis. Eleanor, boarding, 14 s Gay 
Burgess Mrs. Elizabeth, 367 w Fayette 
Burgees Mrs. Elizabeth, 128 n Exeter 
Burgess I. P. 128 Pearl 
Burgess James R. carp. 356 e Madison 
Burgess John, (Caleb H. and John B.) 13 Rock 
Burgess John 11. machinist, 311 McHenry 
Buigess Kemp, carp. 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Laomi, (Crook & Burgess) 192 e Fayette 
Buige=s Leander, wheelwright, 699 w Lombard 
Burgess Millard F. clerk, 232 e Fayetie 
Burgess Oliver, patternmaker, 45 s Poppleton 
Burgess Owen L>. silverplater, 86 n Schroeder 
Burgess Samuel O. bookkpr, 253 e Biddle 
Burgess Stephen F. agrcul.implts,232 e Fayette 
Burgess Theodore H. clerk, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Thos. brickmkr, 1 52 s Strieker 
Burgess Thos. E. 13 Rock 
Buigess Thos. H. trav. agt. 123 s Ann 
Burgees L'apt. Wm. mariner, 75 Gough 
Buigess Wm. blacksmith, 470 w Lombard 
Burgess Wm. jr. clerk, 371 Mulberry 
Burgess Wm. A. horseshoer, 302 w Hoffman, dw 

C tlverton 
Burgess Wm. A. horseshoer, 166 Druid Hill av. 

dw 43 Lanvale 
Burgees Wm. G. M. clerk, 192 e Fayetie 
Burgess Wm. H. bookkpr, 14 8 Gay 
Bargees Wm. 11. carp. 356 e Madison 
Burgess Wm. S. com. mercut. 247 Saratoga 
Burgess Wm. T. patterumkr, 226 German 
BurggrafM. hostler, Landwher la 
BURGOS LUIS P. tobacconist, 483 w Balti- 
Bur,. under Benj. 42 s Sharp 
Burguuder Henry, (Ainbach,B.& Co. )42 s Sharp 

Bresee, G-en'l Agt. 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
Thisresponsibleofncestill continues tomake the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Burguuder & Greenbaum, (J. Burgunder, W. 
Greenbaurn) wholes. clothiers, 295 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Jos.jr.(Ambach,B.& Co.)42 s Sharp 
Burguuder Jos.(B.&Greenbaum)239wLombard 
Burgunder M. & Bro. (Myer and Moses Bur- 
gunder) hatters, 112 w Baltimore, and shoes 
55 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Myer, clerk, 239 w Lombard 
Burgunder Myer, (M.B.& Bro.) 55 w Baltimore 
Burguuder Moses, { MB. & Bro.) 55 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Solomon A. clerk, 42 s Sharp 
Burgunder Simon D. clerk, 42 s Sharp 
Burgwyn Wm. H. S. attorney, cor Calvert and 

Saratoga, dw Park av and Tyson 
Burk Cornelius, tavern, 350 s Bond 
Burk Edward, lab. 2 Hillman 
Burk James, lab. 350 s Bond 
Burk Jeremiah, lab. 350 s Bond 
Burk John, cooper, 167 Hamburg 
Burk John H. stevedore, 221 s Bond 
Burk Joseph, lab. 350 s Bond 
Burk Martin, hardware, 364 s Stiarp 
Burk Mrs. Mary J. dressmkr, 297 Aisquith 
Burk Richard, hackman, 13 n Amity 
Burk Win. lab. 2 Hillman 
Burk Wm. flour and feed, 55 s Central av 
Burkamp Francis, 157 Druid Hill av 
Burkard Conrad V. lab. 57 s Regester 
Burkard David, cigars, 53 s Paca 
Burkard Edward, carp. 65 s Regester 
Burkard Michael J. saddler, 27 s Regester 
Burkard Peter J. china, glass, J - c Pratt and Ann 
Burkart Geo. F. machuist, 566 w Baltimore 
Barkhart Martin, lab. 4 Weber 
Burkart Philip, gunsmith, 566 w Baltimore 
Burke Andw. J. police, 262 Greenmount av 
Burke Andw. J. jr. tinner, 262 Greenmount av 
Burke Ann, 178 s Central av 
Burke Mis. Anna, varieties, 354 Mulberry 
Burke & Biemner, (Edward A. Burke, Rob- 
ert Bremuer) plumbers and gasfitters. Fay- 
ette, under Bam urn's hotel and 19 n Calvert 
Burke Chas. E. stonecutter, 164 Penna av 
• Burke Christian, lab. 61 Henrietta 
Burke Conrad, butcher, Cemetery la nr North av 
Burke Edmund, shoemkr. 94 s Sharp 
Burke Edw. lab. 49 York . 
Burke Edw. lab. 126 s Washington 
Burke Edw. A. (B. <£ Bremner) 2 Albemarle 
Burke Mrs. Eliza, 183 s Chester 
Burke Francis, driver, 55 Centre Market sp 
Burke Francis, bricklayer, 194 Argyle av 
Burke Frank, clerk, 88 George 
Buike Frank D. carp. 100 Preston 
Burke Geo. scowman. 207 Light 
Burke Geo. T. clerk, Brown's hotel 
Burke Henry, Mount Vernon mills 















No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

























O. F. Bresee & Sons. Life, Fire and Marine 



Burke Hi 11 1 _% . eollei lor, - 1 1 Howard 
Burke Beorj . Btonem I di Mount 

Burke Henry, pipt rbanger, ] I m lenhall 
Burke Isaac, Brem hi JJ 1 Norrii 

w mkr, 1 IS m Payi IU 

Barke James, lei . 

•in.- Marki I 
Burke John, lab I tries 

• J. .Iiii, lai-. 94 Harford av 
burke J cry, 12 Hull 
Burke John taddler, 1 <~ 1 

• John, bl 1 14 a B 
Bui ke John, a »U bman, B 1 Parkin 
Borke .loh 11 er. salesman, 132 1 Wnsbin 
Bnrke John jr driver, 132 1 Washington 
Burke John H. H. !<■«■. t and liquors, 560 u Prati 
Barke John II. clerk, B60 w Prati 

Burke John W engiaee B Light 
Bntke Joseph F , Oilmoi nr Wincbestei 
Barke Mrs Josephine, HU-t ■ Bond 

M:.-. .Inii. 1. jcroeery, 126 8 Washington 
Burke Mrs. Kate. 94 a Shurp 
Burke Leonard, lab. Woodberry 
Bnrke Lewis, carp. 898 Saratoga 
buike Mahlon A bnckster, S8 Druid Hill a? 

grocery, I n Castle 
Burke Mrs. Martha, 545 a Lombard 

e Mrs. Marj . 1 78 L. Hughes 

Barke Michael, mariner, 10 e Lombard 
buike Michael, clerk, 354 Mnlberrj 

Michael, lab. 74 Vmk 
Burke Michael, moulder, 193 Vine 

Michael, lab. 65 Vork 

Millard F. telegraphist, 194 Argyle av 
Burke Nicholas, 226 Harford at 
Buike Nicholas F. clerk, 220 Harford a* 
Burke Oliver 8. ei.l ector, 90 Myrtle av 
Bui kf Owen, lab. 7 Jeokii g nl 

Patrick, coachsiuitb, 24 n Amity 
Barke Patrick, lab. 78 Towson 
Burke P.ttiick II. restaurant, 740 w Baltimore 
Hulk. I;, i, . 1 Hi oil i<>n hotel 
Burke Mrs. R. boarding, 45 Lexington 
Burke Biobard, plasterer, 88 George 
Barke Richard, lab. 39) 

Robert, tavern, 63 Blliott 
Buike Robert, bookkpr, 58 n Liberty 
Burke d Honey (Titos. B Burke, John Roney ) 

1 1 airs Market sp 
Burke 8tepbea, drayman, 177 n High 
Barke Street Meth.Cbaprl, Bnrke ar Canton i.v 

Thos. c-iulKer, 178 L. Hughes 
Barke That. lab. 3 i;ooksie 

Thos. bncklejer, IS HiUman 
burke Thos. lab. 218 Baborg 

painter, hh Qeorge 
Barke Thos. B (B.ftRoney) 2 Albemarle 
Barke Tobias, cooper, 898 Baratoga 
JJ-.jrk._- Win. lab. l_ti _ WashiagtOD 
burke Win. carp. 73 □ Chapel 
buike Win. lab. Cemetery la nr North av 

Win. patternmkr, 464 Pennssv 

W in. .) . lab. '.'■ "i '■ i baton ai 
Barke Win. lut>. 52 a Wolfe 
Barke Win. botlermkr, 18 Parkin 
burke Wui. mariner. 61 Albemarle 
Bnrke Win. printer, .'(!»8 Bantam 
burke Win. H. Dsoalder, 580 n Pratt 
burke Winifred, 1 Albemarle 
Burke Winifred, grossry, 18 York 

Burkerl i Ibas. tailor, 216 n Bdea 

l!ui - \\ Harford av 

Burkett B is tbetb, 68 m Madison 
Borkett Pred lab. 163 n Bal v* 
Bn kin Leonard, eai p. 161 Job I in 
Burkhard A Fred, drag clerk, 407 v? Pretty 
Burkbard Alex, peddler, 65s Ann 
Burkhard Benj. showtuiw mkr, -it German 
Bark bard Brneei,(Yungbeim h b. ) 4 7 German 
Burkhard <;-o. batcher, Fin av nr Clinton 
Burkbard l>r Melehoii I .inw 

Burkbard Melcboir v\ .drug and medical depot, 

61 s Km i w 
Burkhard Otto, cigarmkr, 4.-7 m Pratt 
Burkhard Mrs. Barab. 16 i Madeira al 
Burkbard) Albei l,cigarboxmkr,666vrBaltimore 
Bnrkhardl < has. driver, Drnid Bill av ext 
Beikbardt Mrs. Frances, 51 a Chap 1 
Burkhardt Pred. lab. ->> Somerset 
Bnrkhardl Oeo broommkr, 34 Fort 
Burkhardt Jacob, driver, Friendship 
Burkhardt Joim, brewer, bn view 
Burkbard) John, lab. <■ Louibard ext 
Bnrkhardl Michael, l«b .■»; i Patterson Park av 
Burkhardt Wilbelmina, Bakernr Penn at 
Burkbai i Geo coo| er, :(48 <• Lombard 
Burkbar) Rev. Nicholas, 286 a Biddle 
Burkbarl Wm liquors, Fayette and Carolina 
Burkbiiuser Valentine, Btouecut,344 e Lombard 
Burkheimer >v Bro (L.$B Burkheimer) bakery, 

•i ii High Beltbaser (B.&Bro.) 4 n High 
Bnrkbeimer Leonard (H fcBro.) 4 n High 
Burkina i Ibas. H. wagoner, Hampdi n 
Burkeus Wm. police, 468 w Lombard 
Burlage John, lab. 43 Hillman 
Bnrkh J.n ..i>, cabiavtmkr, 8 Walker 
Burkiej Geo. I ib i^. r > b Patterson Park ar 

I Bariej < has. machinist, Bdea nr Gi*y 
Burlej i iias. y. papi i 142 n Kden 

Burle) Benrj ^ . shuerokr, -4J n Bdeu 

! Bui km j.uih-s, book agent, 45 b Bcbroeder 
Buriiugame t has. BHwyer, 7i Vork 

' Burlingbam Maj. Wm.(prupr. Kanawha Pump 
works) 436 Km. iv. p| 

: builiu Win. earn. 7 Holland 

Burman i has. baker, \o Patterson av 
Bnrman Brnesi H confeor. 012 » Fayette 
Burman Henry, mariner,28 _ Patterson Park at 
Barman Jeremiah, painter, ."it. b Carrollton a? 
Burman John II eoafecr. 10 Patterson ar 
Barman .Mrs. M. drenmkr, 56 a Carrolrton av 
Burmeistei (lias, mariner, 62 s Regester 
Burnam Frank, mouldSr, IS Scott 
bm nam Geo. painter, 13 Bcotl 

burnam ToOS. silemki, L! Bcott 

burn Alex, e-uinikr. 228 bank 

burn Bllen A. lailoress, j:;i a Chase 
Burn James M. shipcarp. 13 Cambridge 
Bum bout, shipcarp 226 bank 

bum Win. II. II. ihipcai p, 226 bank 
biiriin|i MiSS B. ^ • 45 u Culvert 

Burner John li. carp. Laavale exl 
burner Gotlsiti, iiun.r, , us Forrest 

bm 'Bsston Jos. snrp. 12 n WoMk 

Burnett BUjah, seoy. Bryant, Btrattoa A SuHer 

i-, UU ii Fulton 
Burnett Geo. ti Mmekpr, 557 w Lomhanl 
bm net) Geo. H. carp. 45 n Bden 
Burnett Oeo. R. clerk, 288 e Prasj 
Burnett 11. Upragne, clerk, 101 11 Ann 

YOUNG GENTLEMEN thoroughly prepared for BUSINESS, 

At Sadler's Bryant and Stratton Business College. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 




Burnett John M. clerk, 40 s Eutaw 
Burnett Joseph P. jr. police, 202 Aisquith 
Burnett Lucinda A. 58 n Eden 
Burnett Maria L. teacher, 58 n Eden 
Burnett Mary E. teacher, 5S n Edeu 
Buinett Michael D. clerk, 51 Granby 
Burnett Samuel, 40 9 Eutaw 
Burnett Samuel R. clerk, 953 w Pratt 
Burnett Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 49 Granby 
Burnett Susan, dressmkr, lul n Ann 
Buinett Virginia, 90 w Monument 
Burnett Washington, clerk, 557 W Lombard 
Burnett Wm. A. 58 n Edtn 
Burnham John, shoemkr, 414 e Chase 
Burnham John W. trimmings, &c, s ecor Lex- 
ington and Liberty, dw 3f>6 e Baltimore 
Burnham Wm. J. (W.J.B.&Co.) blacksmith, 

48 n Puca, dw 50 
Buinham Sam'l, painter, 414 e Chase 
Bun. ham W. J. & Co. (W.J. Burnham & W T .H. 

McCabe) tobacconists, 466 w Baltimore 
Bui uiieimer henry, constable, 640 w Baltimore 
Burningham Wm. driver, 140 s Central av 
Burns Andrew, carter, 190 s Central av 
Burns Ann, grocery, 6 Wilcox 
Burus Barbara, 388 Penua av 
Burns Bartley, grocery, 39 Biddle. al 
Bums Bernaid, police, 178 L. Constitution 
Bums Bridget, 7 Bank. 
Burns Catherine, grocery, 548 e Fayette 
Burus Chas. lab. Cumbeilaud nr Gilmor 
Burus Dr. Cbas. W H 185 e Monument 
Burns Daniel, lab. Homestead 
Burns Daniel, carter, 36 William 
Burns Edw'd, carp. 225 Mulberry 
Burns Edw'd, painter, U4 Hillen . 
Bums Edw'd, painter, 95 u Schroeder 
Burns Edw'd, machinist, 11 Aimistead la 
Burns Fiudley H. ( Wilson, B.&Co.)376Park av 
Bui us Francis jr. (Wilson, B.&Co.) 168 w Fayette 
Bums Francis sr. 168 w Fayette 
Burns Frank, engiueer, 373 Saratoga 
Burns Geo. lab. 122 s Duncan al 
Burus Geo. W. packer, 122 s Duncan al 
Bums Geo. \V. machinist, Francis ur Retreat 
Burns Geo. W. Salesman, 139 Penua av 
Bums Henry, 173 e Pratt 
Bums Henry, lab. 7 Bank 
Bums nenry, lab. Lafayette av ext 
Burns Henry, lab. 3 Concord 
Burns Henry, police, 109 e Eager 
Burus Horace V. salesman, Calverton 
Bums James, lab. 528 w Pratt 
Bums James, lab. 28 w Lombard 
Burus James, lab. 61 s Castle 
Bums James B. carter, 348 William 
Bums John, lab. 21 Block 
Burus John, lab. 13 Webster al 
Burus John, blacksmith, 92 Ramsay 
Burns John, lab. 22 Thames 
Burns John, lab. 58 Clifford al 
Bums John, moulder, 20 s Front 
Bums John, lab. 55 Preston 
Bums John F. driver, 388 Penna av 
Burns John J. mariner, 88 Granby 
Burns John K. grocery, Ann and Chase 
Burns John S. lab. 259 Bank 
Burns John T. tailor, 104 n Central av 
Burns John T. collector, 148 Chew- 
Burns Joseph, driver, 87 s Spring 
Burns Lewis, diayman, 184 Preston 
Burns Lewis H. blacksmith, 48 Stockholm 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Knms to Suit, at 



22 3tf. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues tomake the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Meuchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Burns Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 405 w Pratt 

Bums Martin, lub. 117 Albemarle 

Burns Martin, lab. 2<K) Mullikin 

Burns Martin E. moulder, 148 Ensor 

Bums Mrs. Mary, 98 Stiles 

Burns Mary, 64* Durst al 

Burns Mrs Mary A. 20 8 Front 

BurnsMrs MaryE.confec'y, Cross nr St. Peter al 

Bums Michael, police 405 w Pratt 

Burns Michael, lab. Wuodberry 

Burns Michael, painter, 67 Ciav 

Burns Michael, lab. 348 William 

Burns Michael, lab. 350 William 

Burns Michael, carp. 2ns Fiont 

Burns Michael, lab. 6( 9 w Pratt 

Burns Miles, drayman, 6 Wilcox 

Burus Nathan T. mai blecutter, 225 Mulberry 

Bums Nicholas, plasterer, 111 York 

Burus Patrick, refiner, 274 Battery av 

Burns Patrick, tailor, 711 Orleans 

Burns Patrick, lab. n e cor Aisquith and John 

Burns Patrick, moulder, 117 Harford av 

Bums Patrick, lab 235 Batteiy av 

Burns Patrick, lab. 77 Couksie 

Burus Patrick, drayman, 216 Division 

Burns Patrick H. cooper, 548 e Fayette 

Burns Peter, drayman, 148 Division 

Burns Richard, caulker, 62 William 

Burns Rooert, lab. 3 Ulrick al 

Burns Robt. A. (Suead&Burns) 564 Lexington 

BURNS,RUSSELL J/ CU.( A.H.Russell, ffm.F, 

Burns) brick mauufs. office 30 Columbia 
Burns Sam'l, (Hums # Sloan) 133 St. Paul 
Burns Sam'l S. carp. 158 William 
Burns Sarah, conf'ect'y, 13 s Duncan al 
BURNS cj- SLOAN, lumber dealers, 132 Light 

3treet wharf 


I — I 



i — i 















Oak, Ash, "Walnut, Axles & Felloes 

In HiO-bs to S-ii±t_ 

Burns Mrs. Susan M. dressmkr, 148 Chew 
Burns Thomas, lab. 20 s Front 
Burns Thomas, lab. 29 Hillen 
Burns Thomas, lab. 69 e Lombard 
Burns Thos. lab. 22 Valley 
Burns Thomas, nurse, University hospital, cor 
Greene and Lombard 

SADLER'S Bryant and Stratton BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore, 
Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 





Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York, 











>— i 





Burns Thomas, lab. 110 s Central «v 

!■.!,■ ii- I - ' 'entral uv 

im, bottler, 86 Bill 
Burns W'm. huckster, Woodberry 

a Win. lab. 866 McHenry 
Burns Win. dark, 147 s H 
Burns Win lab 
Burns Win lab. 

\v iii. draj in in is i Pn 
Burnt Win. V. blacksmith, Hamburg undCross, 

dw Croat nr St. Peter al 
Burnt Win I'. (B Butaw 

Bai Ings l ! uik und Pi I Oo. dw .'!18 

Madison ai 

- Wm. II. in ichintst, 3wi el Ai: 
Win T carter, Woodberry 

B'li DltOD I'ii.i.-. C irp. 7 I I Hallas 

Bnri leu James, tboemkr,L inc ister nrBroadway 
Burrier Chat, batcher, '-' 17 n Bden 
Barrier Obat B. lab. ?7oodberry 
Barrier Christopher, canmkr, 247 a VA<n 
Burrier Bsau, miller, '.'7 b Oilmor 
Barrier John, bricklayer, 171 Orleans 
Barrier John B. collarmkr, 291 c Madison 
Burriei Jot. restaurant, 151 Eastern av 
Barrier M. F. engineer, 97 I Oilmor 
Barrier Raymond, canmkr, 247 n Bden 

Barrier Bobt. B. twitter, W iberry 

Burrier Simon W. lab. Druidville 
Barrier Solomon A. lab., Mt. Vernon Mills 
Bnrrier Theodore! laii., Druidville 
Burrier Wm. B. machinist, .'.<;2 e Maditon 
Burrier Wm. H. miller, Loudon av nr Milling- 
ion la 
Burnt Mr-. Elisabeth, grocery, i v a High 

Burns J. is. A. cur driver, 298 Canton av 
Burris Jas. II. coal oil, 194 s Washington 
Bun-is John, 17 b High 

John jr. driver, 17 t High 
Bnrritki Lewis, barkpr, Maditon av ext 
Boriougb Bros. Manufacturing Co. (Horace 
Borroogb, John 11. Emery J fluid and solid 
i u cor Shai p and Oamden 
Burrongh .v < k>. (Jacob Bui rough) coal, 4 Ger- 

in hi, yard Cathedral nr Dolphin 
Bnrrougfa Horace, (Burrongh Bios. Manufac- 
turing Co.) l. r ><> n Oarrolltou av 
i li Jacob, ( B.&Oo ) B3 Pretton 
Burroughs Capt. .1 IS II. M. manner, 21 Valley 
BurronghtS. B. clerk. 110 w Fayette 
Burrow- A A i ainter, 98 Parkin 
Bui i i inie, drettmkr, 93 Parkin 

Burrows James, batcher, 17 Clinton av 
Burrows Jos. Jr. lab. n» Clinton av 
Bnrrntt Henry L. grocen 480 w Lombard 

Jolm, mail sgt, Millington la ni Pred- 
ei ick av 
Bun Alfred P. 82 e Baltimore 
Burl Bdward B clerk, 82 e Baltimore 
Burt Thoe, bookkpr, 2 12 < lerman 
Bo ton \ ante. I 2 Wew Obnroh 
Bur on Benedict, lab, 39 Pretidenl 

tioneer, 17 s Howard 

i, j'. i c Biddlt 
Bu ton Elij ii'. cat p. 186 t Monument 
Barton Mrt. Elisabeth, 105 e Baltimore 
Burton Mrt. Blixa, 254 t Biddlt 
Bui 8 e Eager 

Barton I . tot, 39 McHenry 

Bui ton Qeo D bottler, 1 19 Barrt 
Barton Qeo. W agenl Bqaitablt Life Ins. Co. 

Set av, dw York rd 

Burton Qe i W clerk, 267 t Lombard 

Burton's Hon- Tbot B irioii prop'r, 1 1 1 n High 
Bin ton lit M- I> clet It, 264 i '•> 
Burion .lis lab. 08 On enmount 

Bui ion Jat, II . Burton's hotel 

Burton John, h Jefferson 

Burion Jolm B. clerk, 17 i Howard 

Bnrton Johanna, confect'y, . :• President 

Burion Jos sboemkr, 180 Harford av 

Burion Dr. 0. A. den titt, 17 d 11 • . 

Burion i iwen, p tintei . Bm ton's hotel 

Burton Cant. R. ll fm Barn 

Burton Robert, sol lector, 264 tiuorge 

Burion Robert I ' ga 

Burton Bobert V. apothecary, 497 n Qay 

Burton Bobert H. conductor, r>u Bane 

Burton Robei I J. fireman, 61 John 

Burton Boberl M. clerk, 1 16 Barrt 

Barton Mrt S B. boarding, 17 t Howard 

Burton Tho . T. O.Barton I Oo) 28 Park av 

Bui ton Thot, prop'r Burton's hotel. 1 1 1 n High 

Buiion Thos. c.& Co.(T O.Burton.Wm I' Bos 

well) dyers and scourera, 1 19 Lexington 
Burton Thos B. painter, 326 t Mounment 
Barton Win. farmer, 116 Barrt 
Barton Wm II. actor, 63 e Fayette 
Burton Wm M machinist, 46 Argyleav 
Bartl Thot. beokkpr, 222 German 
Bm v ('in isiiiin, lab. Cross nr Pact 
Bury David, bucktter, Paca m- Cross 
Bury Prancis, lab. Paca nr Cross 

Bury Kilan, 11 air and feed, 111) Colombia, dw 
Cross n r I 

Bury Richard, lab,, Cross nr Paca 

Busby James, lab, 62 n Dallas 
Busby John, 395 e Loinhaid 

Busbj Robert, imker, 115 e Pratt 

Buabj Mrs Satan, confectionery, 1 16 e Pratt 

Butch A. V. B. Baleeman, 53 Elisabeth la 

Batch Bernard, beer, 108 Harford av 

Batch Mrs. E isa, confectionery, B8 Leadenhall 

Busch Mrs. Elisabeth, 1 Winderling ot 

Busch Pred. tailor, 1 1 'i Thames 

Busch Qeo. lab. Prederick at nr tulljiate 

Busch Qeo. boxcutter, 443 n Qay 

Batch Geo. sawyer, Ju7 t Bethel 

Batch Qeo. B. ropemkr, 'J:u a Central av 

Busch Qeo. L. cigarmkr, *& Leadenhall 

Busch Qeo. M. boxcutter, 281 a Centra] av 

Busch Qeo. w saloon, 352 Light 

Botcfa Hi nry, lab. 1 10 V7i ll 

Butch Henry, lab. 296 Johnson 

Busch Henry, blacksmith, 318 I Bond 

Busch Herman, hardware, ;;ios Bond 

Busch Jacob, lab. 26 Bbakspear 

Bosch John, cigarmkr, I Somerset 

Busch John ll. flagman, •; I V7yeth 

Bosch John B. L. carp 408 Harford av 

ReV. Jolm H. 83 Moore ill 

Bo ob Jolm P. doner, 204 e Madison 
Busch Joseph A. printer, 17'- Bane 

h Lawrence, watchmkr, ioi Orleans 
Buscb Lena, oysters, l Winderling ct 
Butch Otto, tailor, i. Second 
Busch Wm. ll engl -r, 216 s Okarles 

, Wm. II. b irkeeper, 494 Light 
Buscbardl Win. boxmkr, 117 n Premonl 
BuschelbergerObas.sboemkr,DIIlon or Third av 
Butcher Pred. barber, 263 Bank 

ing An rust, beer, 12 Water 
Bnsohmau Christian, painter, 831 w Pratt 
Busriiui in Brnest, 38 1 a Broadway 

Jl ( )LME8 A CO., Engineen 1 and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 

Tacking, Belting, Hose, Boilqr Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Building. 




Buschuian Francis, aiercht tailor, 19 n Eutaw, 

d\v 128 Bine 
Bnschman Francis A. clerk, 128 Bane 
Buscbuian Fred, sugar refiner, 267 William 
Buschman Fred, grocery, 317 Hanover 
Buschraan Gerhard t, porter, rear 74 Park av 
BuBcfaman Henry, cigarmkr, 10 u Spiing 
Buscbman Henry, mercht. tailor,30l w Pratt 
Buschman Barman, (B.&Mohlhenrich)137 Lex- 
BuBchman John, bricklayer, 88 n Washington 
Buschman & Mohlhenrich,( Herman Buschrnan, 
John G. Moblhenrich) mercht. tailors, 137 
Buschmanu & Cook, (Ernest Buschmann, Syl- 
vester Cook) Maryland Artificial Marble Co. 
13 s Gay 
Buschman n Mrs. Elizabeth, midwife, 120 Bank 
Buschmanu Ernest, (B.&Cook) 334 n Broadway 
Buschmann John, bricklayer, 10 s Washington 
Bnachmaan Victor H. (White&B.)tailors' trim- 
mings,&c.234 w Baltimore.dw 239 w Fayette 
Buser Joseph, shoemkr, 494 w Lombard 
Buser Michael barber, 321 n Central av 
Busey Charles B. dentist, 60 Saratoga, dw 227 

n Carey 
Busey ReV. Ezra F. (J. B. Wilson & Co.) 142 n 

Carrollton av 
Busey Geo. bottler, 855 w Baltimore 
Busey James F. screwman, 14 Clement 
Busey James R. brick mkr, Washington av nr 

tollgate, dw 69 n Carey 
Busey Norval H. photographer, over n w cor 

Charles and Fayette, dw 190 Franklin 
Busey Sarah N. 227 n Carey 
Busey Wm. M.(Snowden & B.)753 Madison av 
Bush Albert H. sailmaker, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Fanny N. 24 Jackson sq av 
Bush Gtorge II. cardriver, 268 e Lombard 
Bush George W bricklayer, 7 Whatcoat 
Bush Godfrey, glassblower, 395 s Eutaw 
Bush Henry," lab. 20 Byrd 
Bush James, shoemkr, 87 Warner 
Bush John, tailor, 56 Durst al 
Bush John, stonemason, 63 Wyeth 
Bush John M. porter, 83 Moore al 
Bush Joseph, barkpr. 172 Barre 
Bush Peter sr. lab. 395 s Eutaw 
Bush Peter jr. glassblower, 395 s Eutaw 
Bush Peter, carp. 19 Wyeth 
Bush Stephen C. gauger C.H. 332 Saratoga 
Bush Wm. E. clerk, 24 Jackson sqav 
Busham Geo. H. mariner, 123 William 
Bushardt Wilhelm, boxmkr, 117 n Fremont 
Busheimer Henry, shoemkr, 121 Gough 
Bushell Edward, teacher, 204 Lafayette av 
Busbey P. H. mariner, 170 Johnson 
Bushmau Francis A. clerk, 128 Barre 
Bushman Herman, huckster, Druid Hill av and 

Bushman John, carp. 139 Penna av 
Bushman John, tailor, Druid Hill av and 

Bushman John H. salesman, 268 Argyle av 
Bushman Wm., Druid Hill av and Presstman 
Busick Geo. L. bootfitter, 4)7 e Chase 
Busick Geo. \V. painter, 72 e Biddle 
Btuick Harry, 31 Stirling 
Busick James H. lieut. police, 217 n Eden 
Busick John, bootfitter, 417 e Cbase 
Busick John S. plasterer, 217 n Eden 
Busick Joshua W. hatter, 138 Greenmount av 

-J o 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, nearftayette St. | 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. O 
This responsible office still continues to make the i^rj 
largest loans on goods of every description and on — 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Ratbs of £ 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Busick Levin, bootfitter, 417 e Chase 

Busick Robert H. plasterer, 217 n Eden 

Busking Richard, porter, 3 Barre 

Busky John, cardriver, 239 n Dallas 

Bussard Edwd. L. telegraphist, 447 w Lombard 

Bussard Marshall L. lab. 447 w Lomliard 

Busaard Oscar, machinist, 447 w Lombard 

Busse Andrew, shoemkr, 199 Hanover 

Busse Mrs. Bernadina. butter, 234 s Broadway 

Busse Charles D. musician, 299 n Central av 

Bussey RobertH. draughtsman. Hampden 

Bust David, brakeman, 136 n High 

Bussman Chas. carp. 264 s Bond 

Butcher Alexander, 204 w Hoffman 

Butcher Frank, carp. 132 Pearl 

Butcher Wm. shoemkr, 65 McHenry 

Butcher Mrs. Wm. milk, 899 w Pratt 

Buthoff Geo. cooper, Chesnut al nr Cross 

Buthan Charles, butcher, 340 n Durham 

Butjaek Martin, lab. 65 Lancaster 

Butler Abraham, machiuist, 150 McHenry 

Butler Albert, driver, 43S Penna av 

BUTLER CHARLES, provisions, 29 Cheapside, 

dw 283 Linden av 
Butler Charles Z. clerk, 283 Linden av 
Butler Columbus, shoemkr, 40 n Poppleton 
Butler Flljah, merchant tailor, 53 Hanover 
Butler Mrs. Elizabeth, O'Donnell nr East av 
Butler Eugene, brassfinisher, Oxford, York rd 
Butler Francis M. engineer, 224 s Fremont 
Butler Fredk. canmkr, 125 n Durham 
Butler Geo. machinist, Woodberry 
Butler George T. carp. Aisquith and Hoffman 
Butler George W. blksmith, 274 Division 
Butler George W. puddler, 79 Battery av 
Butler Mrs. H. J. 69 e Pratt 
Butler Henry, lab. 80 Cross 
Butler Henry, milkman, O'Donnell nr East, av 
Butler James, carp, 73 Division 
Butler Dr. James H. 144 Mulberry 
Butler James J. grocery, n w cor Pratt and High g 
Butier James R. salesman, 1 Hanover 
Butler John, porter, 94 s Spring 
Butler John, huckster, 28 Ryan 
Butler John jr. moulder, 450 w Lombard 
Butler John, stonemason, Hampden 
Butler John, lab. 24 s Poppleton 
Butler John jr. bookkpr, 345 w Fayette 
Butler John, lab. 450 w Lombard 
Butler John, cooper, 79 Battery av 
Butler John F. painter, Hampden 
Butler John J. attorney. 3 (Jourtland, dw 402 

e Eager 
Butler John L. engineer, 3 Abey al 
Butler John T. porter, 61 8 Caroline 
Butler John T. carp. 300 Hanover 
Butler Joseph, lab. 35 Lancaster 

i — 














No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 



BotlerJoMpb, stonemason, Oxford, York rd 
Butler Kate, it and 16 Josephine 

Botlei Mr- kale grocery, 24 s PoOpIl 

; — Batler Mr* Martha, grocery, B4B Light 
c~~ Botlei Mrs. Mary, Ml Vernon milli 
-*- Batlei Mary a I gents tarn's goods, 

i Hoffman nr kTadl 21 d Schroeder 

fjj Butler Martin, porter, 6 - Oaro Ine 
, - Butler Martin o. nightman 50 Orleani 
liuiler Matthew, lab. 1 2ft William 
Batler Michael, helper, 126 William 
Michael L. lab a) a] 

Better Michael M. clerk, 61 b Caro ine 

Nathan It. cl< rk. 283 Lindi n av 
Butler Oroiand jr. agent monl 

llutler Patrick, drayman, 61 • Caroline 
Batler Patrick J. porter, 125 William 
Butler Peter, bottler. St. Paul and North av 
Butler Richard, en Poppleton 

Bntler Mrs. Bailie, Mt. 7ernon mills 
Butler Mrs Samuel. 60 Maryland at 

Butler Stephei achinist, 69 Wbatcoat 

Butler Stephen, jr. machinist, 86 What 

Butler Thos. 0. 171 Cathedral 

Butler Thos K fruits, nuts, Ac, cor Camden 

and Kutaw, and 1 1 f» Camden 
Butler Thos. II printer. Gen. Wayne hotel 
ill Bntler Thos. N. engraver, 410 G Monument 
£} Bntler Wm. fireman, 221a Premont 
Bntler Wm. moulder. 460 ■ Lombard 
Butler Win. lab. 168 Dover 
Butler Wm. B. 183 Lanvale 
Butler Wtn. T. driver, 844 w Baltimore 
Butler Win. T. police, 146 West 
Butt Prod, stonecutter. 70 Union 
BUTT J. A. grocery, flour and feed, Gay and 

Washing ton 
Butt John, shoemkr, 107 Leadenball 

Butt John II. liquors, Holland and Central av 
Butt Mrs Mary A. 181 n Central av 
Butt Win. printer. 1 \ 4 Cough 
Bulla Matthias, tailor, l!'4 Canton av 
Bntterbeogh Mrs. E, A grocery, 756 w Pratt 
Bntterbaugfa Prank, brakeman, 756 w Pratt 
Bntterfield It. A. carp. 202 ■ Ann 
Butterhoff John, shoemkr, 8pring nr John 
Butterhoff Peter, lab. Spring nr John 
O Butterweg Anton, wlncl Wright. 11 Callendar al 
ir - * Bottner Albert, shoemkr, 116 Orchard 

.{-. I', ilner <'hns. shoemkr, '253 n Dallas 

j3 Bnttnee Predk. stonemason, 259 e Eager 

— Bnttner Geo. J. carp. 7:t o wolf 
^ Bnttner John, baker, 73 n Wolf 

Bnttner John, beer, 63 Cough 

Butlner John A. baker. T.i n Wolf 
Buttner John B. shoemkr, 75 V. astern av 
Butlner John L. shoemkr, 363 n Central av 
^ij Buttner Leonard, shoemkr, 123 Bank 

— Buttner M. shoemkr, 116 Orchard 

I Buttner Peter, shoemkr, 235 Frederick av 

| Buttner Wm. ihoemkr, 368 n Central ev 
r • Buitoii Jacob B lab. 113 • Caroline 
£ Bntton Wm. II glaasblower, 21 Covington 
HH Butts Andrew, cooper, 81 Elisabeth la 
>_q Buttz Geo 81 Elisabeth la 
Butts B. S clerk, B32 n Kden 
Butts Henry, tinner, 531 e Fayette 

lobe, Isb. B Smith al 
Butts Win. II. driver, IM Dolphin. 

*~\ Butzler Charles, bookkpr, 61 Chew 
|*5 Hutzier John, grocerv, 81 Chew 
W Bui/.ier Wm. carp. 21 Son 











ira BenJ. botcher, a Belalr mkt, dw 112 

11 Spring 

Buzbaum Mrs. Caroline, umbrella manufr, Hn 
Pi ppleton 

Buzbaum Herman, butcher, 63 a Ann 

Buzbaum Jacob, musician, 18 a 1'oppleton 

Buzton Basil, engineer, 515 Light 

Boston Jobs II (Raynal&B.)15 ■ Carroll too av 

Buvi Henry, rigger, 36 Fountain 

BDZBY D. T. & CO. (1>. T. end J. F. Busby,) 
emu. mercbts and wholesale produce, butter, 
and cheese, 6 Bzchange pi 

Busby David T. j D T Busby ft Co..) 1 w cor 
Kagei and St. P nl 

Bu/.i.\ J. Prank, I D T. Busby & Co.) Carroll- 
ton hotel 

Busty John M canmkr, 74 1 Castle 
Busbi 8. T. 1 w <or eager and St. Paul 
Bt aid John B ihl carp. 77 Blliotl 
Bye Predk. B pi ital clerk, 1 18 McBlderry 

emkr, Hampden 
Byer Predk. barnessoikr, 134 West 

0. lab, e Lomb ird est 
Byei Louis, lab. 132 Wesl 
Bj er Moiiiz. tailor, 1 14 Pi irce 
B\er8 Jaine.- F clerk. 60 Saratoga 

I imes W. clerk, 132 u Strieker 

Louis, I ib. 60 Wesl 
Byers Louis P. clerk, 132 Pearl 
Byrd Mrs Bridget, grocery, 'J 43 e Chase 
Byrd (J K blacksmith, Z83 Hanover 
Byrd Mrs. Prancis <>. 246 □ Eutaw 
Byrd Geo. II. (Wymau, B. & Co ) New York 
Byrd I>r. Harvej L. 138 n Arlington av 
Byrd Mrs. Henrietta, 132 n( alboun 
Bj ril J mies. ca p 13 J 
Byrd Junes B ireas'r Md. Steamboat Co. 98 

ht-Sl \\ hf, dw 133 Hanover 
Byrd John I) clerk, 139 n Arlington av 
Byrd John W. c. wood, Lightest wbfj dw 33 

Wall en 

Byrd Mis. Mary J. boarding, 133 Hanover 
li- rd I » den < '. carp. ."'7 1 * II iltlmore 
Byrd Oden J.carp.12 Barre, dw 510 m Balti- 

Byrd Samuel, carp. 72 Fort av 

Bj rd 8* Ivester, c 11 p. 83 Warren 
Byrd Wm. F. 133 Hanover 
Byrd Wm. 11. huckster, 718 nr Pratt 
Byrd Wm. 5. gen. com. march t. s w cor Cam- 
den and Light, dw 133 II. mover 
B\ rn Win. 76 D Front 
Bi rn W .11. II. '-'"H Qeoi 
Byrn Wm M. bookkpr, 76 n Front 
Byrn Wm, T. com.mercht. 1 <;j * Pratt, dw 20 

Wan en 
Byrne Andrew, wagoner, 8.1 llainpstead 

Bj 1 Qe Andrea J police, '■>'■> Qranby 
Byrne Mis. Annie, 198 s Wolfe 

}i\ rue Annie, At- - 1 w Eager 

Byrne Annie L, dressmkr, 168 Saratoga 
Byrne Bridget, variety, 884 w Eager 

Bvrue Mrs. Caroline, ag Drnid Hill a? 

Byrne Chas. A B0 I Wolfe 

Byrne Lea, bookkpr, 63 s Washington 
By 1 ne Dennis, police, Bfl Ur inby 
Byrne Dennis, carp. <;? ^ 1 Centra] av 
Byrne Mrs. Elisabeth, dressmkr, 286 d Howard 
Byrne Mrs. Emma, notions, Eager bet Gay end 

Byrne Edward, osbinetsskr, 57 d Front 

Byrne Henry F. clerk, 83 I Washington 

Sadler's Bryant and Stratton Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible officestill continues tomake the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city 


Largest Life Ins. Co. ™ the World. O. F. Brese e , Gen. Agt 
BTR 133 CAL 

Byrne James, lab. 61 s Castle 
Byrne James, officer. Mil. Penit'y, 90 8. Wolfe 
Byrne James K. Bhirtmaker, 2-1 Columbia 
Byrne^James Bl. cabinet mkr, 63 n Front 
Byrue'James P. cabinetmaker and uudei taker, 

63 n Front 
Byrne James P. jr. clerk, 59 n Libert; 
Byrne Johanna M. laundry, 16 s Gay 
Byrne Jolin. baker, 25 n Amity 
Bvme John! lab. 61 s Castle 
Bum- John. lab. 198 s Wo fe 
Bine Joseph, shoemkr, 12 Mercer 
Byrne Joseph F. cabinetmaker and undertaker. 

59 n Libert' 
Byrne Mis. Margaret, Frederick av nr toilj_ate 
Byrne Mary, fancy store, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Michael, liquors, 125 North 
Byrne Michael, police, 4i>5 w Pratt 
Byrne Michael J lab. 8 Thou. sen 
Bvme Nicholas, lab. 198 s Wolfe 
Byrne Rev. R. F., Loyola College 
Byrne Robei t P. tobacconist, 99 Druid Hill »v 
Bvme Terence J. carp. 183 s Chester 
Byrne Tho>. F. jr. telegraphist, 396 Lexington 
Byrne Thos. V. salesman, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Win. M. clerk, 462 Mulberry 
Byrnes George, carter. 7 s Spring 
Byrnes John, cleik, 90 Lee 
Barnes Joseph, gilder and picture frame maker, 

82 n Calvert, dw 353 e Eager 
Byrues Wm. T. clerk, 479 Franklin 
By ro u Charles M. carter. 68 Ramsay 
By run Wm. carter. 68 Ramsay 
Byus Mrs. F. E. boarding, 84 s Sharp 
Byus James B. mariner, 74 Le<- 
Byus James T. mariner, 84 s Sharp 
Byus John W. engineer, 1 1 H Battery av 
Byus Kenley T. clerk, 84 s Sharp 
Byus Stanley M. mariner, 74 Lee 
Byus Valeria, 74 Lee 
Byus Wm. S. lab. 74 Lee 

Cabalch John, cooper, 37 Cross 
Cabinet John, boilermkr, 66 Hamburg 
Cable George S. plasterer. 412 e Eager 
Cable Geo. S. jr. plasterer, 190 u Central av 
Cacy Samuel, State grain weigher, Courtland 

nr Saratoga 
Cadden Anthony, shoemkr, Hudson al nrFederal 
Cadden Dr. Charles W. 130 n Arlington av 
Caddin Hattie J. kindergarteu school, 1 30 n Ar- 
lington av 
Cadden Joseph H. clerk, 130 n Arlington av 
Cadden Michael, lab. 51 Haubert 
Cadden Patrick, lab. Hudsonal nr Federal 
Oadden Mis. Robert, 130 n Arlington av 
Cadden Thomas, lab. Hudson al nr Federal 
Cadden Thomas, lab. 19 Harris al, Caulou 
Cade Charles N. mariner, 142 s Ann 
Cade John, paver, 535 Light 
Cade Capt. Nelson, mariner, 142 s Ann 
Oadell Charles B. 193 s Patterson Park av 
Oadell Samuel H watchman, 229 e Pratt 
Cadell Win. blacksmith, 487 w Lombard 
Cadez John, clerk, 45 Millimau 

- to Mrs. Alice, dry noods, 228 Mulberry 
Cadogan Matthew, eabinetmkr, 228 Mulberry 
Cado^an Walter, blacksmith, 704 w Pratt 
Cadow & Book, (E. F. Hook jr.) groceries and 
pro iuce, 20 and 22 Penna av 

Cadow Mrs. Elizabeth, 348 vv Fayette 
Cadwallder A G. conductor, 347 Penna av 
Cadwallader Edward coppersmith, 4()6 eFayette 
Cadwallader Harrison C. leitercarrier, 112 Ar- 

g.vle av 
Cadwallader Louis W. lien t. police, 32 George 
Cad well Henry A. collector, 23 Park av 
Caduell Mrs. Maryaiet, dressmkr, 23 Park av 
Caffery John, wagoner, 248 u Front 
Caffrey Thomas, 434 e Chase 
Caffrey Thomas, wa-oner, 20 Willow 
Cigliardi Mrs. Carlotta, 244 Myrtle av 
Cahill & Co. (P. Cahill,) lumber, Cathedral nr 

Cahill Duiiel, lab. 182 Forrest 
Cahill Edward, lab. 5 Ul rick al 
Cahill Mrs. Elizabeth, 86 w Biddle 
Cahill Frederick J. engineer, 99 William 
Cahill John, (J. Clark Jf C< . ) Waverley 
Cahill John T. stereotype!-, 22b Cliew 
Cahill Martin, engineer, 170 McHeury 
Cahill Maty L. dressmkr, S6 vv Biddle 
Cahill Patrick, (C. £ Co.) 105 Cathedral 
Cahill Peirce, boatman. I Decatur 
Cahill Thomas, lab. 182 Fori est 
Cahill Timothy, lab. Clement and Cooksie 
Cahill Wm. hostler, 233 e Lombard 
Cahn, Belt $ Co. (B. rnard Cahu, E. N. Belt,) 

wholesale liquors, 32 w Lombard 
Cahn Berna-d, (C., Belt & Co.) 461 Eutaw pi 
CAHN FELIX, notions, over 278 w Baltimore, 

dw 172 German 
Cain Francis, lab. 289 Cioss 
Cain Francis, 14 Stiles 
Cain James, mariner, 52 Cambridge 
Cain James S police 543 e Fayette 
Cain John, driver, 14 Stiles 
Cain John, driver, 5 Slemmer al 
Cain John, barkpr, l4o Conway 
Cain John H. carter, 20 Washington av 
Cain John W. brickmkr, 32 St. Peter 

Cain John W jr. carter, 32 St. Peter 

(Jain Martin, police, 38 Woody ear 

Cain Matthew, police. 14 Stiles 

Cain Mrs. Sarah S 54 Ar^yle av 

Cain Wm. lab. 20 Washington av 

Caine J. J. carp. 25 Whatcoat 

Cairncross Win. clerk, 117 Hanover 

Cairney James, carter, 6 Neighbor 

Cairns Patrick, lab. 2 n Calhoun ext 

Caldor Edwaid, machinist. 9 s Washington 

Calder John, fire dept. 256 Guugb 

Calder Robert, paper banger, 226 e Baliimore.dw 
124 Gough 

Caldwa\ Geo. mariner, 321 Canton av 

Caldwell A. & Co. (A. Caldwell,) apothecaries, 
n e cor Baltimore and Calhoun 









DRAFTS on the Principal Cities of the U. 8. and Oanadas 
Cashed at Sadler's Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 










Mutnnl Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




. Caldwell A. (A. C. k Co.) 888 m Lombard 

— i >ld well Vndrea P. police, Biddle and Eden 
!_J Caldwell Daniel, dyer, 153 <• Monument 
_ij Caldwell Oilman, o*rp. 153 e Monument 

Z^L ' 

_ Oldwell .in 'ii Sarnti 

Id well Job Mil- r\ 


Jobber, orer )3 
* < .• ■ man, dw 1 1 1 Park a» 

— Caldwell John •'. blockmkr, I'm e Pratt 

— C • dwell Dr. John .1 I 5 d Carej 
<J Caldwell Martin rarp. 631 Light 

— i 1.: 6 11 Light 

■ I . dwell Wm. M. clerk, 157 e Pratt 

ddwell Wm II. hardware com. mercht. 23 
' German, dw 8 b Pulton 
^ Caldwell Wm. Q. measurer and architect, 826 

— n Bden 

^ Caleb Joseph II. clerk, 4 41 e Lombard 
Caleb V S. mail agent, am i Lombard 
«~ Calhoun Joseph, waiter, 32 a Butaw 

• ihur, slipper mkr. os e Payette 
.< Cnllaban Carroll, Bond 

Callahan Dennis, clerk, 129 a Bieter 

— Callahan Edward, lab. \9 Addison 
g Ca lahan Edward, sboemkr, 218 Lee 

Unban Henry, sboemkr, 196 Hanover 
r Callahan Jas grocery, 5! Tys«m 
til ib in .1 1- shipe irp. B7 Klliott 
-j Callahan .l«-i r\ . lab. 99 n Front 
^ Callahan John, paintf-. 44 Qreenmoont av 
_ Callahan John, clerk Big h and Trinity 
ti Callahan John, blacksmith, 261 Porresi 

Callahan John T. mariner, 133 Hamburg 

~ Callahan Mi>. Lawrence, 216 Raborg 
Callahan Lawrence, porter, 14 Laurel 
~ Callahan Lawrence P lab. 216 Baborg 
Callahan Mrs. Maria, 129s Bxeter 
Callahan .Mrs. Mary, 18 Blemmeral 
Callahan Michael, lab. 16 Argyle «T 
Callahan Michael, lab. 14 Laurel 

Callahan Michael H. sboemkr, '.0 9 Sharp 

Callahan Patrick, lab. 8 Woodyear 

Callahan Patrick, lab 260 n Ann 

Callahan Peter, prorisiong. 102 s Calvert 

Oailaban Philip, lab. 425 Hanover 

('a laban Bin on 1 1 ster 

Callahan T. ft Co. (T. J. Callahan, A. P. Con- 
was ) i.v st. r packers, 133 McBlderry's whf 

Callahitn Tims, mariner, in Slemraer si 
nan Thus, bookbinder, Is s StriCH 

Callahan Thos. J (T. Callahan ft Co.) cor High 
and Trinity 

Callahan Timothy, lab. 12 Peine cl 
-.- Callahan Timothy, oyster packer, High and 

Callahan Wm lab. 

Callahan Win. lab. 129 S EietCT 

1 ban Wm. bricklayer, 328 n Ann 

in Wm. a. clerk, High and Trinity 
« a I laban Wm <» 823 n Ann 

D Mri \ ii'. ItST 

Be nard, I ette 

Callan k Breanen > Pi teds J. Callan, P 

I'.r-ii'iti) mercht. tailort, lane I hard 

Mr- i lath • Bond 

• n I-' J ti legraphist, 36 - B md 

mien ) I5n e Lombard 
in Jas. lab B Webster ai 
d John M. clerk, 36 ■ I! ml 
Callan Michael, Moremoulda -ter 










»— i 




Oal an Mrs. Man A charcoal, coal and wood, 

rn av and I ) u t)'"m id 

n Pi ti r. lai>. 19 N' Ighbor 
Thos. lab. 36 > Bond 
Call 'ii Tin.-, lab. i 18 Harford av 

in Thos. lab. B Webster al 
Caltanan Richard .-Inn carver, li> Philpot, dw 

Ti Block 
Cs lender Edward 9 plasterer, 100 Aisqaitb 

i k o, W plasterer, 10<1 Aisouitu 
I ' dli ndei lb in v. huckster, 217 c 
Callender John, sbipsmitb, 61 i Codington av 
Callender Luther W. hookbinder,68 w Fayette, 

dw 120 e Eager 
Callender Wm. plasterer, B2 Luzerne 
Callender Wm. rarnisher, 289 n Front 
Callenins Hr Jacob, 132 s High 
Callenson Heflfy, silversmith lt)l n Kden 
Caller) Thos. lab. 98 Richmond 
Calligan Dennis, bodcarrier, a'2 Morton al 
Calligan Thos Breman, in* Parkin 
Callinan Edward J. clerk, '.i\> < Wolfe 
Callinan John M clerk, 39 .- Wolfe 
Callis Ciiarh-s H. carp, '.i Irvine nl 
C Hi- Geo B ar I nl d< r, 32S llollins 
Callis Geo. R. jr. bookkpr, 325 Uol litis 
Cadis James H. coal yard. 230 e Baltimore, dw 

3 I "vine p| 
Callis Win. T. bricklayer, 9 s Eden 
Callow Wm. coal, Linden av ext 
Calloway ("has. salesman 297 Lexington 
Callow ij Mai tin, clerk. 96 Hill 
Callowa.t Thos shoemkr, on Hill 
Uallsen Henry, cotifect'r, 505 n Gay, dw 161 

n Kden 
Calvert Assembly Roi ms, a coi Calvert and 

Bar toga, W. T. Ely. agent 
Calvert Joseph B. stonecutter, 178 Scott 


CALYERT STATION, Northern Central Rail- 
way . n • c r Franklin and C drerl 

Samuel I'. Thompson, prest. Wm Cunning- 
ham, sec'j a d trens'r office 56 i Gay 
Caltert Wm N (W.N C.A Co.) B3 Cathedral 
Calvert Wm. N & Co. (Wm. N. Calvert) com. 

mercbts. B9 S nth 
Calvert Wm. T. fire dept. 370 e Madison 
Ctlrerton Hotel. Ripple k Pawsett, proprietors, 

Oalverton rd 
Calverton Mills, Sam': E dcr ,v Co. proprietors, 

Calwell Char e< II 554 Franklin 

c dwell Geo. W. lab. 339 n Central av 

t lalwell Mrs. Ran iet, I rles 

Calwell James S. clerk, 355 n Charles 

Calwell Ji hn K 628 w Payette 

Calwell Mrs. Mary, mill Italtimore 

Calwell Mrs. Rose, 554 Franklin 

Calwell Th .s. clerk. 628 W P I 

Oamacbo [gnacio j Salas, 129 n Carey 
Camacho Lewi- J 138 n Schroeder 

Poo '•, In bange pi 

Camden John ihoefltter 362 Lexington 
CAMDEN STATION B k (». R K. fronting 

Howard. Camden, Butaw and Lee 
Camden Wm 18 Franklin 

i him j , An mstin J. toll OCO list, 139 D Calhoun 
Camerden Walter, clerk, I d Carey 
Cami ron Mn I lathet Ine, 8 I J H rson 

liOLMI'- ,v (JO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 

Talking, Belting, Hose, Boiler Pelt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G -en'l Agt. 




Cameron Chas. bricklaj er, 678 w Baltimore 
Cameron Gbas. G inspr. C. H. 320 Mosher 

Cameron Danie''., mariner, 93 JefiFerson 
Cameron Uavid, engineer, 535 Light 
Cameron Hugh, tailor. 314 e Chase 
Cameron James T. grocery, 933 w Baltimore 
Cameron John M. bookkpr, 84 n Fulton 
Cameron Philip, tailor. 433 Lexington 
C*mp Mrs. James L. Ill s Pica 
Cain pass Frederick, blksmith, Homestead 
Camp 'ss Geo. lab. Homestead 
Campbell Andrew, lab. 43 Mullikin 
Campbell Mrs. Ann 10. 131 s Anu 
Campbell Archibald, (W. C. $ Son) 108 Mc- 

Campbell Bernard, locksmith. 46 w Centre dw 

Madison and Liberty al 
Campbell Bernard, lab. 58 Hillman 
Campbell Bernard J hack man, 92 n Calvert 
Campbell Mrs. Catherine, notions, 8 Orleans 
Campbell Chas. agent Thos. Winans, 17 s Fre- 
Campbell Chas. machinist, 562 Hanover 
Campbell Chas. A. clerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell Chas E. clerk, 25 Scott 
Campbell Chas. 0. butler, 561 d Fremont 
Campbell David, hostler, 163 Dover 
C-tn pbell Elizabeth, 216 s Caroline 
Campbell Felix, clerk, 29 Hillman 
Campbell Felix, clerk. 366 n Durham 
Campbell Frank, lab. 152 Chesapeake 
Campbell Geo. A. 172 n Arlington av 
Campbell Geo. A. fire dept. 172 n Arlington 
Campbell Geo. L. police, 438 e Monument 
Campbell Geo. W. cleik, 27 s 0>e^on 
Camplieli Henry, huckster, 66 Centre Mkt sp 
Campbell Henry, engineer, Spring nr John 
Campbell Henry, lab. 16 Hammond al 
Campbell Henry, lab. 199 Preston 
Campbell Henry B. clerk. Gilmor nrCumberland 
Campbell Huuh, lab. 203 n Dallas 
Campbell James, lab. 20 Richmond 
Campnell James, huckster, 66 Centre Mkt sp 
Campbell James E. sboemkr, 742 w Pratt 
Campbell James J. silverplater, 561 n Fremont 
Campbell Jas. L. attorney, 29 n Calvert, dw 203 
Camplieli James P clerk, 561 n Fremont 
Campbell James T. clerk, 66 Centre Market sp 
Cunpbe 1 John, machinist, 234 George 
Campbell John, machinist, 70 Preston 
Campbell Juhu, slioemkr, 5 Friendship 
t ampbeil John, 98 n Broadway 
Campbell John, canmkr, 3i e Monument 
Campbell John, messenger, 264 n Broadway 
Campbell John, drayman, 2ol Bane 
Campbell John, painter >9 Ensor 
Campbell John A. 169 St. Paul 
Campbell John F. blksmith, 127 Mosher 
Campbell Jnhn F. clerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell John J. sr. grocery, Oregon and Hollins 
Campbell John J. jr. clerk, 27 s Oregon 
Camplieli John S. bookkpr. 17 s Fremont 
CAMPBELL JOHN S. & CO. (John S. Camp- 
bell) bread bakery, 91 Thames 
Campbell John S.(J.S.C.& Co.) 98 n Broadway 
Campbell John T. cleik. 307 w John 
Campbell John W. clerk, 60 Eastern av 
Campbell Joseph V. clerk, 131 s Ann 
Campbell Mrs. Julia, 345 w Fayette 
Campbell Lawrence, attorney, 203 n Calvert 
Campbell Louis C shoemkr, 127 Mosher 
Campbell Mrs. Lydia D. 399 e Chaee 


MOM! $100,000 to loan! /On * 

In Sums to Snit, at © Q - 





22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. j^- 

This responsible office still continues to make the 1 _^ 

largest loans on goods of every description and on _C 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 3 

charges than any other office in this city. - 




Campbell Kenneth, mariner, 269 s Wolfe 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, confec'y, 59 Orleans 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, 133 Gougb 
Campbell Mis. Mary, grocery, TVson and Rich- 
Campbell Mrs. Mary, grocery, 19 Abbot 
Campbell Mrs. Mary R , Oak nr Shirk 
Campbell Michael, beer, corBark and Central av 
Campbell Michael, lab. 160 Chesapeake 
Campbell Nelson, clerk, I .-=*' Holfina 
Campbell N. P. (Proud & Campbell, J.G Proud 

& Sons) dw Baiiium's hotel 
CAMPBELL $ RAMSBTRG. (R. Campbell, jr. 

N. A. Ramsburg) coal, 95 w Lombard 
Campbell Rbert, watchman, 133 Gough 
Campbell Robt. jr. (C. <y Ramsburg) 721 Madi- 
son av ext 
Campbell Robt. R brassfiuisher, 312 n Caroline 
CAMPBELL ROSS & CO. (Win. H. Bayneaud 
Chas. M Roche) wholesale dry goods, com. 
mrcbts McCreery building, Sharp nr German 
Campbell Mrs. Susannah, seamstress, John nr 

Campbeil Thos lab 20 Grove 
Campbell Thos. driver, 39 Liberty al go 

Camplieli Thos. brassfiuisher. \8~n Constitution 
Campbell Thos wagoner, 178 Preston 
Campbell Thos. A. clerk, 39 Lee £o 

Campbell Thos. W. deputy clerk, Crim.Ct. and Qa 
Fire Conrr, 39 Lee . 

Campbell Win. lab. 1 78 Preston ^ 

Camp'uell Wm lab. 56 Hillman 
Campbell Wiu. lab. Homestead qJ 

Campbell Wm. (Win C &S<m) 108 McCulloh p 
Campbell Wm. & S'in,(Wm.&A. Campbell ifloiir -t 

brokers, 12 Spear's whf 
Campbell Wm. F. attorney, 18 Law huilding, 

dw 3t>3 w Lanvale 
Campbell Wm. H. boots and shoes, Gilmor and 

Fayette, dw 742 w Piatt 
Campen Henry C. bookkpr. 264 Liybt 
Campen John, fruit and ouster can manuf. and 

oyster and fruit packer, 266 Light, dw 264 
Camper Mrs. Caroline, 97 s Ann 
Camper John A. coach trimmer. 244 e Biddle 
Camper Mrs. Mary, millinery, 8'» Lexington 
Camper Napoleon, planemkr, 19 Mercer, dw80 

Camper Thos J. salesman, 294 w Lombard 
Camper Win. clerk, 80 Lexington 
Canavan James, lab. 11 Stenett 
Canby A. II. reporter, 89 McCulloh 
Canby, Gilpin £ Co. (W. Canby, B. Gilpin, T 




















P. Langdoii) wholesale druggists 
Light and Lombard 
Canby Edwin K. reporter, 89 McCulloh 




w cor *■< 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 



















Canb) ' ibard 

c miiv Oliv< Lombard 

Canby S mi muel i dWm T.Oanby) 

gen I. oom. mercbts 16 Camden 

T!u>-. K help nonnt aw 

Canby Tbomaa V. rice preel Third Hat. Bank, 

Canbj Win (C, Gilpin £ Co. )Mt. Washington 
Baltimore co 

Win t. - McCnlloh 

Gancio Joseph, cignrmkr, 14 Pari 
('and lei Oscai II pi inter, 3:i> Howard 
Michai I ('. grorery, 14 Bolton 
Win. B. -if. in. tin i , io Valley 
d \ V. j clerk 153 w Biddle 
CAN FIELD, BROTHI l; .v CO I I. C. CanfMd, 
w B.Cai • 1 (watches, jewelry, d/c, 

i Baltimore 
Canfleld I a 0. (C.,B £ Co.)43 Cathedra] 
Oat ti.iii I r . i c. j:-. clerk, 37 w Eager 
Oanfield 8. W. jr (Balto. Condensed Milk Co.) 

79 w, Baltimore 
Oanfield S W. Br (Balto. Condensed Milk Co.) 

7.' h Baltimore 
Oanfield Win. B (C, B & Co.) 2^6 n Charles 
Oanfield Win. B. jr. 2 16 d Charles 
Caniti Fred, baker, 32S • I: ""1 
C« nu Beiij B clerk, 210 a Sharp 
Oann Edward H sign painter, 210 s Sharp 

B. waitei . 83 Harford av 
Oann Geo. 11. cai p. 326 Aisqoith 
Oann James K printer, 2 10 ■ Sharp 
Oann John, packer, 83 Barford av 
Oann John IJ. px per carrier 326 Aisquith 
Cannolee Cbas. coHchsmitb, 570 Aisquitb 
Cannoles Cbas. furn. wagon, 223 Preston 
Cannoles Francis, clerk, 223 Preston 
Cannoles John W carp. 223 Preston 
Cannoles Oliver, furn. wagon, 273 Pn-siun 
Cannoles Win. bookbinder, 513 Aisqoith 
Cannon Oeorge, lab. 312 Aisqaith 

Cannon liartine A. type founder, 312 Aisquith 
Cannon Clayton, cashiei Traders'Nat.Bank,dw 

216 w Hotrman 
Cannon Mrs. Elizabeth, 152 n Schroeder 
Cannon MohumI. beer, io e Baltimore 
Cannon Isaac B ( Haunix man & C. )87 s Strieker 
Caiiuoi: J, in'-.-, blacksmith, ". .North av 
Cannon John, messenger 0. H. 263 Park av 
dou John K carp. 312 Aisqnith 

Cannon Mrs. Laura. COl f> Ctionei v. 263 Park av 

Oannon Louis, weigher, 152 n Schroeder 
Cannon Patrick, lab. Vincent al nr HcBenry 
n Richard II. pilot, 96 Fort av 

''.union Thomas J. telegraphist, 38 St. Piter 
Cannon W m II. carp. 590 Penna av 
Cannon Wm. S. bricklayer, 12 n Amity 
Oanoles Tbos hackman,n e<-or Bond ami Biddle 

r Levin, police, 233 Barre 
Canter Wm. T. dgarmkr, 291 Hanover 
Can tot I iional Church (Welsh) Toone 

nr Clinton 
Cant,, 1, Chemical Works, ll. L. Brooke, |<ropr . 

cor Boston and Patuzenl 
CANTON CO'SOFPICB 16 S tutb, oroi I 

lin Bank, and □ K cor Pataxeni ami Boston, 

•I. Baker pre«'t, Win. W. .1 I 

sod tl 

ii i ,.i~ Wok- Clinton nr Second a? 
Canton Perr'j I' w A B R R. ami B.*0. R. R, 
'on fi ot of Patuzenl 

Canton John sr. grocery, Carlton nr Franklin 

Canton J bn jr lab. Carlton nr Franklin 

• 'anion ( M.R ) ( 'ii -p. i, t Hi n ton a of Boston 
Canton Market, O'Donnell fin Potomac t' I 

Canton Marine Railway, Atlantic wharf foot of 


Canton Martin J. lad. Carlton n of Franklin 
Canton Michael, salesman, 16 CiirllOti 
c.nitoii Mission scbo »1 ( Parochial | 3 Pol 
Canton Oil Works, Oamden Consolidated <»i! 

Co. proprs oflli • nge \A 

Canton M. E. church Chesapeake nr Hudson 

Canton Park, Canton av to Hudson. Patnxcnt 

to Basl av 
Canton Post Office, Clinton and Boston 
Canton Steam Saw Mill, Hudson adj. Ahhott 

Iron Works 
Canton Sugar Refinery, i Eccles Thorns & Co.) 

Aliceanna and Chester office 7 Kioto Udg 
Canton Tei minus, Bulto. City P. R. W., Toone 

and Second 
Oantwell James, lab. Chapel nr Chase 
Cantwell John, 725 w Lomhard 
Cantwell John sboemkr, Chapel nr Chase 
Cantwell Joseph, canmkr, Chapel nr Chase 
Canty Mrs. Alice, 3!>8 e Madison 
Canty John, tinner, 144 Mullikin 
Canty Patrick plasterer, 242 u Ann 
Cape John 0. lab. 4 Webb 
Oaperton James M 127 w Fayette 
Capler Geo. H. bozmkr, io3 a Caroline 
Cappean < !has c irp B22 w Baltimi re 
Cappeaa Cecelia, trimmings, 822 w Baltimore 
Cappelen Andrew, paver, 21 Butler 
Cappelen Capt. F. (II Nelson, Son k Co.)7 Fell 
Capron Francis r>. 4<i MuM»erry 
Capy Robert, mariner, 99 e Pratt 
Carback Cbas. fui a wagon 7 Miller 
Carback D.tvid S. lab. 7 Miller 

Carback Elisha, painter. 63 s Colliogton av 
Carback Elisha, 267 Di uid Hill av 
Carback Geo. R. wagoner, 164 □ Caroline 
Carback Mrs Jane A. stationery, 164 d Caroline 
Carback John wagoner, 164 n Caroline 
Carback John T. huckster 7 Millet 
Carback Wm. lab. 193 n Bond 
Oarberry John, butcher, 148 Mullikin 
Carbon*? Rich'd, engineer, 148 Mullikin 

I i_cl .1. 1 76 n a lincton av 
Carcaud Gilbert, carp. 220 Mulberry 

Card Wm. S. -ailtnkr. 35 Wooiheir 

Card. Ila (J actor, 34 Stiles 

Cardwell Jackson, bonnet tames, 243 n Gay 

Card well Peter, sboemkr, 134 Camden 

( larew James, lab, 1 2 Foi t av 

Carej A. J. & Bio. (Andrew I. aud Wm. T. 

Carej | b 32 i n II .ward 

drey A. P bookkpr, 141 w Townsend 
Carey Ales G. public weigher, n e cor Lom- 

li id and Frederick d>-. 215 w Hoffman 
Andrea J. | A.. I C -v. Bro. | 49 Tyeuu 
Carej Benj. A (C.& Sta lor) 284 n Central av 
Carey Bdwai l. carl Sharp 

Carej I leo < '•■ leai bi i . 265 n Butaw 

:. iper, clerk. 37 McCullofa ' 
Carey Henry grocery, I Liberty al 
Carej Benrj G. com. mercht, n e cor Lombard 

mid Fredei iek, dw I. ike Station 
Carej Hugh W. I»i o Liberty 
CAREY JAMBS k CO sj ami Chas. 

BaupH) wholes. In, ols ami shoes, 266 w I! il- 


; . and Persev ram e ire I be K El S C< I SI I ,( 'I-. 

Sadler's Bry;int and Btr&tton Bu.-iuesa College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Bnildins;. 





Carey James, (James Carey & Co. andThos. K. 

Carey <fc Co.) 3 miles ou Liberty id 
Carey James J. plumber, 139 Preston 
Carey Jeremiah H. horseshoer, Park av and 

Carey Jas. jr. attoruev.38 St Panl,dw Balto co 
Carey John, police, 139 Preston 
Carey John, carp, and builder, 83 Frederick av 
Carey John A. salesman, 663 w Lombard 
Carey John J. clerk, 150 Division 
Carey John W. machinist, 401 Canton av 
Carey Joseph, blacksmith, 70 Port! md 
Carev Michael, carp. 228 n Caroline 
Carey Patrick, lab. 36 Byrd 
Carey Patrick, plumber and gas fixtures, 23 and 

25 n Eutaw, dvv 150 Division 
Carey & Staylor,(Benj. A. Carey, Wm.A. Stay- 

lor, )house furnishing goods, s w cor Popple- 
ton and Pratt 
Carey Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 139 Preston 
Carey Thomas, police, 261 Park av 
Carey Thomas jr. carp. 101 Cathedral 
Carey Thomas, gardener, 101 Cathedral 
Carey Thos. K. real estate broker, 32 St. Paul, 

dvv 663 w Lombard 
Carev Thos. K. (Thos.K. Carey & Co ) 3 miles 

on Liberty rd 
CAREY THOS. K. & CO. (Thos.K. and Jas. 

Carey, ) boots and shoes, 20 s Charles 
Carev Thos I. prest. Peabody Fire Ins. Co , 

Second adj. Po-Uoffice. dw 37 McCulloh 
Carey Timothy W. police, Plum al nr Stockholm 
Carey W?n. driver, 101 s Caroline 
Carey Win. drayman, 18 Maryland av 
Carey Win. maltster, 71 North 
Carey Win. T. (A.J.C. & Bro.) 49 Tyson 
Carhart Win E. caulker, Strieker nr Lanvale 
Cail Adolphus, cleik, 48 Henna av 
Carl Chas. cabinetmkr, 81 n Amity 
Carl Mrs. Eliza, 252 Bank 
Carl Kiuil E. iSoiue «J- C.) 165 w Fayette 
Carl John, clerk. Garrison la nr Frederick av 
Carl John, cabinetmkr, 81 n Amity 
Carl Louis A. clerk, Naval office. 3i4 Myrtle av 
Ca>l Mrs Mary, Garrison la nr Frederick av 
Carl W:n. butcher, Garrison la nr Frederick av 
Garland Thos. grainer. 297 w Biddle 
Carle Ephraim, carp. Mount nr Lexington 
Carle Frederick C. painter, 763 w Pratt 
Carle George, bricklay r, 13 Parrish 
Carle George P. 78 Cross 
Carle John C. carp 67 s High 
Carle John H. foreman, 12 Hill 
Carlich ('apt. Andreas, mariner, 127 Thames 
Carlile Alfred A. gasfitter, 32 Aisquith 
Oarlile Jas. H. collector and apt. 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Thos M. shoemkr, 156 Orleans 
Carlin Conner, slippermkr, 2S s Central av 
CARLIN & FULTON (J F.C*rhn,D O.Fulton, 

J.FIir iileubaugh, ) iinprs. of hardware, 20 S 

Howard and 24 s Liberty 
Carlin Jas. F. (C.& Fulton) Alexandria Va. 
Carlin Joseph, collector, 134 McElderry 
Oarlin Joseph 11. painter, 131 McElderry 
Carlin Matthew, potter, 116 Burgundy al 
Carlin Raphael, clerk, 134 McElderry 
Carlin Thos. drayman, 126 L Greene 
Calling Michael, propr. Black Horse hotel, 63 

Penna av 
Carlisle Amos L millwright, 750 w Pratt 
Carlisle D. G. 87 n Greene 
Carlisle Frank P. machinist, 750 w Pratt 

MONET! $100,000 to loan! 

In Sums to Salt, at 




22' N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. § 

Established by the late Levi Bbnjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office still continues to make the <3 

largest loans ou goods of every description and on — , 

Mebchandise in Genekal, on Lower Kates of ^ i 

charges than any other office in this city. ^3 


_ ■ i — I 


Carlisle Mrs. Jane, grocery, 229 Light 

Carlisle John, lab! 229 Light 

Carlisle Jos. overseer, 134 Cross 

Carlisle Mrs. Mary. 40 Patterson av 

Carlisle Patrick, ferryman, 229 Light 

Carlisle Mrs. Urath C. 68 n Greene 

Carlisle Win. salesman, 40 P tterson av hn 

Carlisle Win. H. police, 56 n Central av k^ 

Carll Henry, tavern, 229 Hollins ^ 

Carll Wm cooper. 923 w Pratt ~f 

Carlon Frank, clerk to Reg of Wills, McMechin t^ 

nr Division ■ ^ 

Carlos John, police, 29 Fawn 

Carlos Michael, lab. 124 s C ntral av 2 

Carlos Michael W. lab. 22 Eastern av E^ 

Carlos Wm. lab. 22 Eastern a ' . 
Carlton Oliver, plasterer, 427 e Ghase 

Carlyle Henry W. stairbldr. c<>r Clinton av and ^ 

Chesnut al, dw 164 n Arlington av 

Carm ick Hanson, 151 Hanover fe^ 
Carmack Theo. 151 Hanover 

Carman Geo. clerk, 439 Cross i-h 

Carman Geo H. road cominisiir.235\lar\iand av • 

Carman Jos. D. boilermkr, 168 Hanover ^j 
Carman Thos. J boilermkr, 1 Hope al 

Carmen Michael, driver, 397 Aliceanna O 

Carmelite Convent, cor Biddle and Caroline O 

Carmer James VV. (Boykin.C inner & ! 'o.)182 u y 

Arlington av 

Carmichael James High and Fawn 9" 

Carmichael Mrs. Sa 1 lie, 145 Hmover <^j 

Carmichael Thos. E. butcher. Penna av est Q 

Carmichael Thos. H. 31 Stiles ± 

Carmichael Wm. butcher, 30 Centrt, 80 Lexing- ._ 

ton and 76 Hanover nikts, dw Penna av ext ^ 

Carmhausen John, shoemkr, 4() Druid Hill av q} 
Carrahanseu John H. lab. 40 Druid Hill av 

Carmine Chas. blksmith, 67 Battery av ^ 

Carmine Chas. G. plumber and stoves, 58 u • 

Howard, dw C'tonsvilie hj 

Carmine F. H & Co. (F.H. Carmine,) oyster ^ 

and fruit packers, 95 Thames r? 

Carmine Francis H. (F.H.C. & Co.) 152 s Ann ? 

Carmine George, lab. 417 vv Pratt ^ 

Carmine Geo. W. clerk, 417 w Pratt e+- 

Carmine Jas. carp. 415 w Pratt L 

Carmine James D. metermkr, 242 n Wolfe 3 

Carmine Jas. L. packer, Broadway nr Orleans P-< 

Carmine Jos. C. blksmith. 327 e Madison ,__i 
Carmine Josiah M. shoemkr, 327 e Madison 

Carmine Thos. H. oyster packer, 155 Preston ^h 

Carmine Thos. J. painter, 67 Battery av ' 

Carmody John, porter, 92 McKim £j 

Carmody Michael, lab. IIS e Monument O" 

Carmody Pa tit, tobbacconist,33 Greinmount av 2 

Carnan Johnson, machinist, 453 e Chase <^J~ 
Carnan Johnson jr. boilermkr, 453 e Chase 


SADLER'S Bryant and Stratton BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore, 
Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 


1 — 




atrial Life Insurance Co. 

of N 

ew York, 










i— < 



Caraan Tboe. paperbauger, 46 

Carina! I • Hike 

, Q ilk" 

Ma li rry 
Rd« in .1. engineer, 214 Hank 
1 coo - • I 

191 L Constitution 
n R, 21 1 n Strieker 
fl I'll - on 
I , i . Sweet Aii 

) Jos. lab 102 b Duncan al 
i n, « atchman, l i) Foi I M 
Mrs. M in B bo ■ ekpr, Mansion boose 
Carnet Nicholas, lab. 50 Preaton 
Carnej Owen, moulder, IS Callendar a] 
Carney Patrick, lab ">. r > Leadenhall 
j Patrick, 20 lt\ an 

I'i j ion, bi aketnan, Ramsay nr Calhoun 
Carnej Thoe. -I clerk 87 Fran lin 
Darns A ex, G W. salesman, ti s, '> w Fayette 
b Si ( M B. iChnrcb, 7 s Caroline 

■ t3on) 26 I tolumbla 
ter Edward N. bookkpr, 217 a Caroline 
tiler Jobn | J C.A ' lolumbia 

ter John a 8un,(Ji bn and Ohas, B. Car- 
punier] npbolateiers 1 Irimmin b, 88 9 Butaw 
Carpenter J bit B. insp'r State Tobacco Ware- 

liou N 
Cat pen ter Rev. Lucii B. 222 n Carrollton av 
iter Tbos. R. blksmitb, 3 l n C irolioe 
-i Win. II. east editoi Snn, Balto co 
(' reenter Wm H. blacksmith 196 Conway 
Garpeutei v7m. N. sexton Cbarlee-st II. B. 
Cburcb, ii ■ ■ - 6 d Bden 

i Mrs. Bliz , china, 8K9 w Baltimore 
Lew is K moulder, 689 w B illiniore 
Carper Masarine J sheefitter, 08!) w Baltimore 
i a i Alex. lab. Hampden 

brassfimsber. 106a Exeter 
t'.ur Alfred .1 attorney, 12 Lexington, <lu 447 
e Baltimore 

Mrs. Annie B. seamBl ess, l s Amity 
Can Bet j. M. trunkmkr, Hampden 

Dr. B W. nd Jobn B. Oari ) 
wholes, druggists, chemical German 

3d door a ul Bi^t 

B P. el. ik. 151 Orle i 

I i 19 n Carrollton av 
a P. n B.A.Carr) groceries and 
fruit, 221 e Baltimore 

C.ill Dal ii. \ J i'li St. Paul 
i'ii E. A.| C. k Co i 221 8 B tltimore 
:. I ward \l . talesman, 299 n Ann 
Cart Edward M. clerk, '.»■ Smith's wbf 

II . curriei . 7 Monroe 

Chi i I clerk, 17 Patterson av 

nil :; Beui ietla 

I o fireman, 26 Constitution 

• ' hi I). Win. il clerk, -i<; Conwaj 

■ , I >n isiou nr Clifton 
mouldt i 66 < Ii 
Cat i llni i'. . bookkpr, 801 s Pr tl 
Oarr Hrnry, lailot and clothier, a s coi Pratl 
and I • a ay 

i bod in, 18 Argyle av 

( 'ai r .1 . - 100 II II 

: .in. - l.ii. Bui m nr North av 
mi- iai>. 7 Mulberry 
,B jr.! W.E.Carr & Bro.)252 Linden av 
Linden ai 
i .hi J. fieraoit R. B9 Si Paul 
Cm Jobn, . r >7n a Baltimore 

("air John 162 Molbern 

(' n John, driver. 67 A Eastern av 

Cut John sr. brasemoulder, 26 IHlleti 

c.ui- Jobn, lab. 19 s Pa 

Carr John, lab. Bonn la ui I lit) LI 

Can John, sr lab. l r. l ( Irleans 

( ' .ii Jobn jr. clerk, 151 Orl< i 

Cur Jobn B. (C. Broa. k Co.) 210 n Carroll- 

Ion av 

Cart .Iiilui W. clerk, 219 d Carrollton av 
( 'in 1 .1 Argyle av 

N • ilerl - 9 u Oat roll ton kf 
Cur Lewis a. clerk, 190 Pranklin 
Carr Mara; in t, 36 Slemti 1 1 a] 
Carr M irj J. dresamkr, 202 Mulberry 
Cart Nicholas J. bmkenian, 2!»7 North 
Can Norman, clerk, 219 11 Carrollton av 
I'.ur Patrick, slonecotte'r, 289 n Front 
I la 1 Pati ick M polio, 2 J-i n Pallas 

Petet , ,lab. 36 Slemmer al 
('an R, II. 324 n Strieker 
I 1 : Di I: Wi - m, I C B i>a.£ 3o.)89 Bolton 
Can Sam!, driver, i.'i a Dewberry al 
Can- St ml . brasbfinisber, 129 Bond 
Carr Saml. •) c e k, 21 9 < lartollton av 
Can- 8 'i di rs W 278 n Strit ker 
Carr Stew ai 1. clerk, 2 B Broadway 
Can Tbos. consl 1 le, 192 Aiequith 
Carr Thos. machinist, 1 -<j Montgomery 
Can- W.P (C.4 Co.) 22 e Baltimore 

u. - ey, lab. 127 e Biddle 
Can- Win k Co. j Win. 1 nri )8bipping offl 

B Ann 
('.nr Win. Btonemason, C7 Greenmounl av 

Can Win. 1 Win Cm <V Co.) 2M Alio an: a 
Carr Win. 99 St. Paul 
Can Win. lab. 99 B ' 'astle 

Can Win. E.(W.B.Carr k Bro.) 262 Linden av 
Oarr Win. K k Bro.( Wm.B.and Jas.E.Oanjr.) 

^1 ucers 11.. lima- and Lindi 
Cur W. Sanders, (W.S C.ACo.) 278 u Strieker 
Carr Win. II. clerk, 46 Conway 
Can Wilson C N. deputy slate's attorney, 18 

Law bldg, dw 99 St. Paul 

Carr W. S. k Co. (W S.l'ri) manjlf. nnder- 
taker'a trimmings and hardware, 45 s Liberty 
Carraway Daniel T. salesman, 12G a Fayette 
Carre Abraham, gardener, 106 s Caroline 
i lai re - 1 |hn, lab, 6 I Fawn 

'A in. expraasman, r>8 Gough 
1 ck Andrew, couatabla, 169 Sarah Ann 
i \u nek I! nj. grot erj , 442 e I 
Carrick Edward W carp. 76 w Biddle 
Canick .1 mes,(Ja8.C.&Go.)Edmondson at and 

Frem ml 
CARRICK JAMKS k CO. (James Carrick, 
W.A.Barrj j coal and irood, -i n Greene, 114 

Bane, 1 BoltOfl I 3 Noitli 

Carrick Mrs. Lucretia, i Parkin 
derrick Tin s. J. at niniit, 1 29 Scott 
Carrick Wm. stonemason, 56 Colon 

'■w \\'in. J. |> ilia Btte 

i ' u i iei e cii is, j . baker .'M 1 n Bond 
Carrigan Chaa. tinner, 52 Henrietta 
Oarrigan Daniel, d ay man, Tyson di t'atliedral 
{'ah i. ' ■ loetnkr, 62 Henrietta 

('..ii I Bolllns 

( la 1 1 1/ hi Michael, lab, 18 i Dover 

.n Patrick di m r J 19 r'orrest 
Cat rigan Tbos lab. . 19 Forrest 
Cai i Ingtou Mrs. Marj II 129 Lanvals 

Can in LO ■ N\ . P eleik, 129 L mvali- 

1I< ILME I oeers' and Maxshini t Toola and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Bote, Boiler Pelt, Wi be, Bolts, Nuts, Wsshers, &c 

O. F. Bresee, General A gent, American Building. 




CARROLL, ADAMS & CO. (J. Carroll, J. Q. 
Adams. J t'.Staub) boots, shoes, &c. wholes 
318 w Baltimore 
Carroll Albert H. supt. Mt Vernon mills, Ever- 
green nr Mt. Vernon factory 
Carroll Andrew, lab. 55* w Lombard 
Carroll Mrs. Ann, grocer;, 167 Hollins 
Carroll Aquilla M.( West & C.) 54 u Fulton 
Carroll Mrs. Catherine, confectionery, 15 s Ma- 
deira al 
Carroll Catherine, bucks tress, 261 Alieeanna 
Carroll 0h«8. dep. warden city jail, 8 s Exeter 
Carroll Chas. A. 106 St. Paul' 
Carroll Cfaas, C. carp. 162 e Monument 
Carroll Cbas. F. bookkpr, 188 n Carrollton av 
Carroll Chas. M. musician, 159 n Caroline 
Carroll Chas. Tucker, 42 Franklin 
Carroll Cynthia, urocery, York rd 
Carroll D. H., Carrollton hotel 
Carroll Rev. D. H. a^ent book depository, M. 

E. Church, 163 w Baltimore 
Carroll Daniel, puddler, 115 Cooksie 
Can oil David. Mount Vernon mills 
Carroll Mrs. Delia, nurse, 138 Druid Hill av 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 287 e Monument 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 2o5 Dolphin 
Carroll Mrs. tiliza, 298 n Ell taw 
Carroll Eliza, Mount Vernon mills 
Carroll Geo. J. stonecutter, 24 s High 
Carroll Gregory, bricklayer, 346 e Eager 
Carroll Gregory, police, 346E<;ier 
Carroll Harry D. G. 90 w Monumeut 
Carroll Harry D. G. jr. 107 w Monument 
Carroll Henry, capmkr, 5 Bartlett 
Carroll Henry, lah. 88 s Exeter 
Carroll Henry, lab. 37 Willow 
Carroll H. P. cooper, 61 Division 
Carroll J. Bond'& Bro. (J.B.& S.S.Carroll) 

brushmkrs, 11 n Howard 
Carroll James, salesman, 7* McKim 
Carroll James, (Barret' & C ) 893 w Pratt 
Carroll James, lab. 27 Woodyear 
Carroll James, 107 w Monument 
Carroll James, (.0., Adams & Co.) 188 n Carroll- 
ton av 
Carroll James, 139 n Charles 
Carroll James A. cigarrokr, 2 47 George 
Carroll James R. cooper, 61 Division 
Carroll James H. sergt. police, 189 Orleans 
Carroll James I. ropemkr, 422 e Madison 
Carroll James J. marble works, 13 vv Lombard, 

dw 24 s High 
Carroll John, blksmith, 20 Willow 
Carroll John, driver, 11 w Lombard 
Carroll John, lab. 102 n Regester 
Carroll John, lab. 8 Hull 
Carroll John, police, 32 s Stockton al 
C 'rroll John, stonecutter, 167 Hollins 
Carroll John A. clerk, 61 Division 
CARROLL JOHN B. & SON, (John B. and 
Stei'hf-n C Carroll) ropemkrs. 590 Harford av 
Carroll John B. (J.B.C.&Son) 590 Harford av 
Carroll John B. (J.Boud C.&Bro.)89 s Caroline 
Carroll John B. cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll John B tailor, 39} Scott 
Carroll John F. printer, 85 a Front 
Carroll John K cooper, 27 Commerce, and Judge 

Orphans' Court, dw 84 e Pratt 
Carroll John R., Brannock & Co. ( J. R. Carroll, 
John H.Branuock, Win. F. Carroll) ship yard 
and marine railway, s side of Basin nr city 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the 

largest loans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 



Carroll John R (J.R C.,Brannock&Co.) 102 

Battery av 
Carroll John R drayman, Ridsrely nr Cross 
Carroll John P. shipcarp. 77 w Biddle 
irroll John W. ropemkr, 178 Fort av 
Carroll Joseph, 159 n Caroline 
Carroll Capt. Josias, mariner, 59 Centre Mktsp 
Carroll Larkin, lab. Cumberland nr Penna av 
Carroll Lewis F. ropemkr, Harford av nr Towu- 

Carroll Martin, lab. G8 n Durham 
Carroll Mrs. Mary, notions. 80 n Fremont 
Carroll Mrs. Mary C. 344 n Eut-w 
Carroll Michael, lab. 45 Chew 
Carroll Michael, tinner. 115 n Wolfe 
Carroll Michael, hackman, 8fi L. McElderry 
Carroll Moses, carter, 24 Philpot 
Carroll Moses, contractor, Caherton rd 
Carroll Patrick, shoemkr, 167 Hollins 
Carroll Patrick, B. 40 n Exeier 
Carroll Pierce, lab. 66 Perry 
Carroll Robert B. tinner, 204 e Madison 
Carroll Robert V. joiner, 102 Battery av 
Carroll S. John, 604 w Fayette 
Carroll Samuel S. (Mayer, Carroll & Co.) 74 

Carroll Mrs. Sarah, 85 Chesnut 
Carroll SinclairS (J.BondC &Bro.)664Saratoga 
Carroll Stephen C (John B.C&Son) 590 H ir- 

ford av 
Carroll Thomas, roofer. 84 Albemarle 
Carroll Thomas, shoemkr, 182 n Front 
Carroll Thomas, clerk. 15 Penn 
Carroll Thomas B. cooper, 186 n Central av 
Carroll Thomas C. boilertnkr, 287 Li^ht 
CARROLL THOMAS G. wholesale wines and 

liquors, 370 w Baltimore, dw 239 St. Paul 
Carroll Thomas G. cashier, 344 n Eutiw 
Carroll Timothy, driver, 134 s Huh 
Carroll Timothy, real estate agent, 656 w Fayette 
Carroll Win. 656 w Fayette 
Carroll Win, cutter, Carrollton hotel 
Carroll Win. 0. Salesman, 188 n Carrollton av 
Carroll W'm F. (J.R.C.,Brannock&Co.) 3o9 

Carroll Win, H. lab 83 Hollins 
C irroll Dr Win. K ., Woodberry 
Carroll Win. J. (Vickery&C ) 55 n Front 
Carroll Win. L. sanitary inspector Board of 

Hedth, 215 Forrest 
CARROLL WM. S. attorney, over 24 n Charles, 

dw 374 Madison av 
CAR vOLLTON HOTEL. Col. R. B. Coleman 

& Co. propr's, Li^ht, Baltimore and German 
Carrollton Stables, G>o. Kinnier jr proprietor, 

126 n Howard 
Carruthers Chas. J. (C.&Son) 46 Park av 












No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutnal Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

\K L40 CAli 










Carratl « »v 

- i >hu 8 (O.JkSon) 16 Park »» 
Carruthera Richard, plumber, ;'. s Calhoun, dw 

Oarrutbers A Son (John 8. and Charles J.Car- 

ruthers) plumbers an I g -ti:tirs, 46 Park av 
n-t cig irin^r. 213 Cough 
CARSON fcCO. D Darwin) lumber,71 w Biddle 
5 a P. ppleton 

Canon Chaa L (Dis n&Carson)480 Madison av 

. ! 1 1 k r 4 Walker 

d [i.iviil ji . Lexington 

carpenu r and builder, 
gephine, dw 330 Lexington 
II. W. coufectioi ' toogfa 

CARSON JOHN attorney, 66 w Payette, dw 
D Joshn i, builder, 480 Franklin 
Lorenxo i ruisher, 77 a Arlington av 
Cnr8"n Peiw <■ ni'<c'\. 5 • Chester 
J. A. Richardson T.K Carson) wholesale gro- 
cers, I n cor Calvert and Lombard 
Onrson 8. K wland dodo mercht. 52 t Pred- 
erick. dw 151 EdmOudson av 

a Thomas K carp. 4So Franklin 
: Tdos. B. (C. Richardson & Co.) Balti- 
umre co 

: Th -. W. D brick nkr, 40 Wyeth 
Carson W K. ■,<'., Richardson & Co j 164 Mc- 

C rson W iver, patiernmkr, 46 Walker 
CARSON WM coal and wood, 5 a Ctrrulltoo 
.iv and ) Cathedral dw 29 ■ Calhoun 
Win McK. ch I - ker 

Cars n Win. K jr. clerk, 3 s S'ricker 

W ii. M niiornpj . 1 84 Md 'uHob 
a Win. T. cl< k. 330 Lexington 



CARSTENS JOHN H , Carpenter 
and Builder, 3 Cider al., dw 49 s 

:. II. I", eai p. it' I Uiltnor 
veil John S . II imestead, Harford rd 
C. A So B 
Carswell Robl 8 (C.^Sous)Homestead heights, 

Mi ford rd 
Oanwell & 8onS,(R dL S. Cars well. )Kising 

Sun oil w..rk-, Nurib m Bagei 
Cartel A Robert, ins. ayeut, 32n n Caroline 
Carter Al \ carp. 169 Aisquith 
Darter A ex. M cashier Third National Bank, 

Carter .Mr.-. Ann, 287 Caotoa av 

Anthony, chemist, Hull nr Fort av 
Darter Ai thur lab :ti7 s Sharp 
CARTER BERNARD attorney. Lexington ami 
Calvert, il > ,:7'i Buls n pi 

r Benj S sfauemkr, Hampden 
L (Cartel 

vV clerk, 2ii Penna av 
Can- r I>r 0. Shirley 68 Pr mklin 

: n Eden 
Darter Dui us, build 
i art'-r Ed a ''I, lab - . •■ soni 
C'rier i Dgton 

Darter Bdw 1 i P., Evening N dw 84 

Cat hi 

hi. hi 16 vVi 

Darter Ella v ins, carp 152 Aisquith 

Darter Bdwiu T grocery, 01 Damden, dw 9f 

Carter Mrs, Ellen, oysters, X7 Richmond 
Darter Mrs. Bllen, 297 n Eden 
Darter Mrs. Bllen M millinery, 241 IVnna av 

Mrs Fannie, dri 
Darter Geo. canmkr, Rising Sun hotel 
Darter Geo. J. detective, 10 Byrd 
Cartel Geo. R. leaf tobacco, 52 Centre Market 

sp, dw Waverlev 

tor, 96 Division 
Carter Hannah, baker, ss i Chapel 
Darter Henry L. cooper, 10 91 
Carter HenryM.carp. and builder, 378Mj 
Cuter Hill, fireman, J 4 1 . i Montgomery 

Carter Hiram, manner, 4i u Bond 

Darter Hiram, salesman, 169 Mulberry 

Carter Irwin, shoemkr, 36 L iiiuion 
Carter L-a IC T. police, 310 D Boii'l 

Carter. I watchman, Covington and Warren 

Carter Rev. J. F.ilerkN ival office,385 W Fayette 

Carter J. Wesley, clerk, 699 Saratoga 

Carter James, 82 Woodyear 

Carter James, drover, Millington la 

Darter James, clerk, 8 Hillman 

Carter James, salesman, 147 Camden 

Carter James II. bricklayer, 277 Hanover 

Carter Dr. James M. 385 w Fayette 

Carter Jesse, eating Baloon, 491 w Baltimore 

Carte; John P.dep. ward. City Jail, 277 Hanover 

Carter John H. jr. agent, 101 a Poppletou 

Darter John M. packer C. II. 49 Mi. Vernon pi 

Carter John M. attorney, 40 St Paul, dw 14 

Carter John P. bookkpr, 73 e Baltimore 
Darter Jos iph, lab, 228 Preston 

ph. Bhiieinkr, 22 n Pront 
Carter Joseph, grinder, Woodberry 
Darter Joseph, canmkr, 211 Battery av 
Carter Joseph, cooper, Id. Web r 
Carter Joseph jr. plumber, 22 u Front 
Darter Lama A. notions, ;*4 Columbia 
Carter Lorenzo, bricklayer, 59 Whatcoat 
Carter Mrs. Olivia, boarding, 88 Hanover 
Carter Presley, plasterer, 4 12 >■ M 1 I 
Carter Thos.'li. leaftobucco, .->0 Light, dw 024 

w Lombard 
Cuter Thus. H. collector, 154 e Baltimore 
Dai tei Thorn 1- II bo Mulberry 

Carter Win. brakeman, 636 Light 
Cartel v7m. carp. 124 Lexington 
Carter Win. 11. bricklayer, 199 s Pace 
Carter Win. II. 289 Mulberry 

Wui. II sailmkr, 43'> n Calhoun 

Darter Win. J. painter, 7G Caroline 
DarterWm.J. job pi inter, 75 w Fayette, dw385 
Darter (Co R, pi Inter, 465 e Eager 

Carter Win. 8. I» Clerk, -;-'. 1 D Caroline 
Carter Win W. 214 w Boffinafl 
Uarthan Wm, lab, 50 Jefferson 
Carts Mrs. Louisa, 291 i Oharlee 
Carusi Bamnel, 6 Waverlej terrace 

bookbinder, 178 Mulberry 
Carver Fran i- T.I FaircbildA Do ) 333 e Obats 

Philip, p ilnter, 7."> i n Baltimoi e 
Darver Wm. V bricklayer, 178 Mulberry 
Benj a fni niture, 28 i n Central av 
Cary ' 'has. backs, 136 ■ BoUw 
GARY .^ 00. (8yd.O and Jno.B Oarj )coal and 
irood, l ii Charles, o w cor Oatbedral and 
Biddle in i - w cot w estPalls andBasti i a avi 


Taught ;c Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles Street. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt. 




Cary F. B. shoemkr, 38 n Calvert 

Car} John B. (C.& Co. ) Anne Arundel co 

Gary Martin, driver, 136 s Eutaw 

Cary Syd. C. (C.& Co.) 197 n Charles 

dry W'ilsonM. principal Southern HouieSchool, 

197 n Charles 
Carv Wilson M. jr. attorney, 41 St. Paul, dw 

197 n Charles 
Casby Andrew, lab. 15 Hillman 
Case Nelson, conductor, 88 Payson 
Casey Mrs. Catherine, confect'y, 14 s Durham 
Casey Dennis, lab. 404 Hanover 
Casey Edwin, clerk, 84 Hillen 
Casey Mrs. Ellen, 84 n Front 
C.isey James, lab. 221 Boston 
Casey James, lab. 16 s Bethel 
Casey James F. harness, 170 Aisquith 
Casey Jeremiah, police, 161 n Front 
Casey John, lab. 76 n Durham 
Casey John, lab. 14 s Durham 
Casey John, slippermkr, 49 Fawn 
Casey John, processor, 185 Chesnut 
Casey John A. blacksmith, 161 n Front 
Casey Michael J. police, 159 n High 
Casey Patrick, sboemwr, 19 Barnes 
Casey Patrick, lab. 126 s Chapel 
Casey Patrick, lab. 404 Hanover 
Casey Peter, lab. 404 Hanover 
Casey Thos. boxmkr, 55 Centre Market sp 
Casey Thomas, engineer, Mt. Vernon hotel, dw 

68 Preston 
Casey Win. J. carp, a 13 n Front 
Cash Edw. L. carp. Cumberland nr Gilmor 
Cash John H. gilder, 50 James la 
Cash Joseph B. clerk, 8 L. Gough 
Cash Oliver W. carp, and builder. Cumberland 

nr Gilmor 
Cashmyer Chas. A. liquors, 155 e Baltimore 
Cashmyer Edward J. clerk, 155 e Baltimore 
Cashmyer Henn , 137 Bank 
Cashmyer Jeremiah, bib. 24 Etting 
Cashmyer Mrs. M. A. grocery, 50 Harford av 
Cashmjer Win. H carp. 155 e Baltimore 
Caskey Mrs. Anne, boarding 188 s Eutaw 
Caskey Geo. W. boilermkr, 115 Himburg 
Caskey John W. shipcarp. 133 William 
Caskey Joseph, carp. 137 Mosher 
Caskey Joseph, clerk, 192 n Fremont 
t'askey Joseph, carp. 25 Hamburg 
Caskey Robert, stairbuilder, 200 n Fremont 
Caskey Samuel H. boilermkr, 115 Hamburg 
Caskey Solomon J. moulder, 7 Abey al 
Cason John H. carp. Waverley 
Caspari Anna R. periodicals, 68 s Carey 
CASPARI CHARLES, Jr. apothecary, s e cor 

Fremont and Baltimore 
Caspuri Mrs. Charles, 330 Penna av 
Caapari Frederick H. clerk, 292 Argyle av 
Caspari Theodore, agent, 14 n Poppleton 
CASPARI WILLIAM, apothecary, cor Fremont 

and Patterson av 
Casper Andrew, lab. 289 n Durham 
Casper Jacob, tailor, 260 Columbia 
Casper John, tailor, 289 n Durham 
Casper Louis, druggist, 52 e Lombard 
Casper Mrs. Sarah, midwife, 52 e Lombard 
Cassadv John, carp. 46 Milliman 
Cassard F. W. (F.W.C.& Co.) 443 Madison av 
Cassard F. W. & Co. (F.W. Cassard,) provis- 
ions, 46 South 
Cassard Frank, clerk, 165 Lanvale 
Cassard Mrs. Geo. C, Charles-st av ext 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjaotn, 1830. 

This responsible office still continues tomake the 

largest loans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 


Cassard, John Cassard, Herbert 
Cassard, Hamilton Cassard,) Pro- 
vision Merchants, and Lard Re- 
finers, Office 61 South-street, Re- 
finery 210 and 212 e Fayette-st. 

Cassard Geo. broker, 91 w Lombard, dw 165 

Cassard Gilbert, bookkpr, 443 Madison av 

CASSARD G. & SON, (Lewis, Jesse 
L. and Lewis Cassard, jr.) Pork 
Packers, Ham Curers and Dealers 
in Provisions, Manufacturers of 
Refined Lard and Lard Oil, Nos. 
407 and 409 West Baltimore-st 

Cassard Hamilton, (C.,B-os.& Co. ) Baltimore co 
Cassard Harry L. clerk, Charles-st av ext 
Cassard Herbert, (C.,Bros. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Cassard Howard, clerk, 409 w Baltimore 
Cassard James D. (Lonej- & Go.) Beltsville, 

Prince George co 
Cassard Jesse L. (G.C.&Son) 440 Madison av 
Cassard John (C , Bros & Co.) 377 Madison av 
Cassard Lewis (G.C.&Son) Charles-st av ext 
Cassard Louis R. clerk, Appr user's office, C.H. 

dw 341 Madison av 
Cassard Louis jr (G.C.&Son) Charles-st av ext 
Cassard Samuel S. sale>man, 443 Madison av 
Cassard Thomas (C.,Bros &Co) Baltimore co 
Cassard W. L. clerk, Charles-st av ext 
Cassell Charles C. printer, 282 Saratoga 
CASSELL CHARLES E. architect and civil 

engineer, rooms 2 Lexington bld'g, dw 355 

Park av 
Cassell Chas. M. draughtsman, 355 Park av 
Cassell Geo. R. bricklayer, 67 s Strieker 
Cassell Harry L. carter, 157 West 
Cassell Henry P. bricklayer, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell Jacob H. clerk, 490 Franklin 
Cassell John, machinist, Druid Hill Park 
Cassell John S., D. S. storekeeper, 3d district, 

over Custom house, dw 490 Franklin 
Cassell John S. civil engineer, Druid Hill Park, 

dw 220 Madison av 
Cassell Samuel C. collector, 220 Madison av 
Cassell Thomas D. painter, 1 Barranger ct 
Cassell Wm. G. bricklayer, 148 Scott 
Cassell Wm. H. painter, 272 Mulberry 
CASSELL WM. H. snpt. Park police, Mansion 

house, Druid Hill, dw 220 Madison av 
Cassidy Bernard, 29 Forrest pi 

BOOKKEEPING Thoroughly and Practically TAUGHT 
At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 







































I — 











Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




41 « Lombard 
l'cntns. lab. 329 William 
I . 

sabeih, 144 d Eutaw 
■\ FRANCIS, pro* rj an I feed, n w 
cor Qreeomount at and Monument, dw 6 

-unount n» 
Francis, clerk, Caroline or J*»lm 
\\ Fiank. clerk, 53 Harford as 

Ij Fr.nk, 

rk, 321 n Caroline 

■ ekie'a saloon, 123 w 
dw 2t>6 Mullet ry 

r\ , ■ e cor Fort av ami Byrd 
-, 83 W Pratt, dw 

John, Bhot fitter, 178 s Howard 
John, hii>. 69 e Lombard 
■ John, driver, 21 M nil ik in 
• John, huckster, 129 York 
Joseph s - i Bow nd 

memason, 210 P< 
v, Harford av arid Madison 
Mai tin, liquors, Hillen and Exeter, dw 
1 19 n Bxeter 

ly Urs, Mary, lavt-rn, 39 Block 
ly Michael, huckster, 1^9 Yoik 
j i 'wen, 286 Mulberry 
.. Patrick, plasterer. 5 7 Valley 
ly Peter B. lab. 39 Block 

Philip, sboemkr, 178 8 Howard 
Capt. Robt. V. mariner, 74 s Exeter 
Ij Tbos. F. clerk, 17<J n Exeter 
Wm. clerk, 5 Young 
Win. II. pnddler, 63 Cambridge 

h tchmao, (35 s Central av 
John II. cjerk, 188 n Calvert 
Casein Mis Mary, 63 Moaner 
K) Lee 
rg Henry, clerk, 19 s High 
erg Jacob, loan office, 1 n High, dw 19 s 
Caatell Mrs. Martha, Elliott nr Clinton 

llo Tboa. Bboemkr, Goo. Wayne hotel 

u lift tit-, Dotioos, 366 AJieeanna 
□sen Tboa. lab. ana 

Castine Etuanuel If. propr. Udeu Varieties, 2 n 

('a-tuie u in. cigarmkr, 2 d Ih_li 
Castle Jas. sboemkr, '.'4 Richmond 
Castle Thos. M sboemkr, 94 Richmond 

Wm. grocery. Howard and Madison 
Castro Benj. cigarmkr, 14 Pearl 

■ ODSUl,39 Pleasant 

ul; ,-i . sbipbailder, o^ i Light 
i Robt.B.jr.sbipcarp.Port at nr William 

('ale Anion, lumber yard and planing mill, n e 
cor East Fulls av and Fawti.dw 243 n Charles 
• nti r, :;l Hill 
John i!. painter, 209 Bnaot 
Oatbcart A.Roesel(Barrj k .)51j s Brondway 
Catlicart Bd .. 139 Lanvale 

irt Ceo. cabinetmkr, 143 Hollins 
Cathcart Henry, machinist, it Bttiog 
Catbeart Henry, sew. machines, 162 Penna av, 
da 1 I Kiting 

rl John W. clerk, lighthouse engineer's 
oAce, l Oourtlnnd, dw 6e Bdmoodson av 
i '.i heart Joseph, driver, :tj U Pennn av 
Catbcnrt J < <.-•- W. driver. 138 Mosket 
CATHCART R. k w. h. block and pmmp 
ld i bole agents Averiii Cbemii al 
Co. 1 13 Tl 

bt.(R AW.H.O.) r.U s Broadway 

Cathcart Win. B.(R.AW.H.O.) 83l Broadway 
Cathedral tBomau Catholic) cor Cathedral and 

Hal berry 
Cathedral Cemetery, cor CarroUton nt and Ten* 

n. int. ollire 76 Mulberry 
CatheU Cling. II. boilermar, 4C, Hamburg 
Cat hell J.' ■ • ntral av 

Cith-ell I)r I>. Webster, prof. College of Phy- 
l Surgeons, I* ■ Exeter, dw adj'g 

L. James, (C.e Morris) 100 n Carey 
OATH-ELL & H0RRI8 ( L. James Cajthn 

J. J. Morris) lun. sin com. inerchts. 

hi ad of 1'nion dock 
Cather AlonSO 8 lab. 28<> Ramsay 
Cither Bdu in. lab, 7 Holland 

Cither Mr.-. Rachel, 180 Iiam.-ay 
Cather Robt. W. carp. Lanvale ext 
CATHOLIC MIRROR, weekly, Kelly, Pint k 

Co. 174 w Baltimore 

Catlett John Y. clerk, 50 Saratoga 

■ Mrs. M. boarding, M Saratoga 
Catlin Francis, mariner. 243 Light 
Caton James, Idacksmith, 126 s Eden 
Caton John, lab. 99 Chesapeake 
Caton Michael, lab. '.i- 1 Che-apeake 
Caton Michael jr. butcher. 279 D. Eutaw 
Caton Michael, lab. 278 n Eutaw 
Caton Win. lab. 70 Albemarle 

Catonsrille Car Shop, Frederick av nr Wilken'8 

Cator B." F. jr. clerk, 173 St. Paul 
Oator Mrs. I: nj. F. 173 St. Paul 
Cnor Prank P. saleem in, {>'. w Madison 
Cator Geo. salesman, 173 St. Paul 
Cator Jas.H.( Armstrong, C.ACo.)92 w Madison 
Cator Joseph B. 93 w Madison 
Cator Mrs. L. R. 1 13 William 
Cator Robinson W.( Armstrong, C.& Co.) 92 w 

Cator Wesley B. clerk, )<>3 Lexington 
Cator Wm. E. mariner, 377 I 
Cator Wm. D. salesman, 276 Lexington 
Catnip Mrs. S. P. children's furnishing store, 2 

s High 
Can up Samuel P. It tii -reamer, 2 8 High 
Catnip Wm. engineer, .{« B Eden 
Caughe, Mi.-. Benj. -57 Lanrale 

Caughie Chas. 174 Columbia 

Chat. M. clerk, Kutaw pi and Mosher 
Caugbj John II. clerk, 231 Linden av 

Oangbj Michael P. clerk, 2A\ Linden av 
Cangby Noah W (N. Walker a Co.) 19 w Eager 
Caugbj S. Hamilton (N.Walker A Co.)s W DM 
Butau pi and Mother 

Caulfield Albert, painter, 148 w Biddle 
Can. held Jas. lab. '.i Leinuion 

Cau field Jae, H. printer, Woodberry 
Caulfield Mrs. Mary, varieties, 148 w Biddle 
Caulk Alonso, painter. 5 Leadenhall 
Caulk Columbus, collector, 230 Qerman 

Caulk Jacob, sailmkr, 112 D Bethel 

Caulk June-, lab. I.! Warren 

Caulk Ja.s T., B.ganger, (Ml. dw 23 Warren 

Caulk Win. 11. Boulder, 20 Williamson al 

1 Henrietta 

R layette 

I.* lingtoo 
j Lewis 0. clerk B92 Lexington 
Cause* a Bet 1 Wm. B.CauseV, Oeo. B.Beesi 
. -.11 p nters and builders, 54 Tvsou 

Wm.W.(C. k Reese) 407 w Fayette 

HOLMErfcfe 00., Engineers, and 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, 

Machinists' Tools ;tnd Supplies, 

Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-en'l Agt. 




Cavanitugh Dennis, tavern, 118 Forrest 
Clival augh Francis P. baker, 9 e Madison 
Gavanaugh J:.s. C. driver, 118 Forrest 
CaTanaugfa Jas. moulder, Friendship, York rd 
Cavanaugb John, lab. 18 Hillrano 
Cavanaugh John, painter, 121 Barre 
Cavanaugh Mrs. Mary, grocery, 1.2 a Poppleton 
Cavanaugb Mrs. Mary, 118 Ramsay 
Cavanaugb Matthew, police, 241 Hamburg 
Cavanaugh Michael, printer, 1 Friendship 
Cavanaugb Michael, lab. 56 s Castle 
Cavanaugh Patrick, lab. 176 Vine 
Cavanaugb Patrick J. machinist, 12 n Poppleton 
Cavanaugh Peter, bakery, 9 e Madison 
Cavano Geo. salesman, 140 n Schroeder 
Cave Mrs. Margaret J. 103 n Exeter 
Cave John W. attorney, 31 Lexington, dw 103 

n Exeter 
Cavell Martin, shoemkr, 289 n Front 
Cavey David, salesman. r > McDermot ct 
Barry Peter, clerk, 5 McDermot ct 
Cavey Henry, Woodberry 
Cavey James, salesman, 5 McDermot ct 
Cavis Mrs. Sarah A. 67 n Poppleton 
Cavy Thos. J. rags, 720 w Lombard 
Cavy Wm. lab. Sweet Air 
Cawfield Mrs. Catheriue, 873 w Pratt 
Caye Mrs. Eir.ile, ladies' hairdresser, 145 w 

Caye Euiile, barber, 145 w Madison 
Cazier Robt. W. mariner, 447 e Eager 
Cease Leonard, butcher, 30 Patterson Park av 
Cecil Elias, jiolice, 7 Hope al 
Cecil Ernest W 64 St. Paul 
Cecil Geo. T. shoes, bats, &c. 210 w Pratt, dw 

84 William 
Cedar Hill Cemetery, office 47 n Calvert, 0. R. 

Benson, a^ent 
Cedar Point Chemical Co., G. P. Rockwell, 

prest., Boston and Patuxent 

proprietors, Boston and Patuxent 
Centcraf, Louis, candymkr, Dover nr Fulton 
Centenary Biblical Institure, J. E. Round, prin- 
cipal, 44 Saratoga 
Central Assembly Rooms, Libertyand Lexiugton 
Central Billiard Rooms, Kernan Bros, prop'rs, 

I e Baltimore 
Central Free Dispensuy, College of Physicians 

and Surgeons, 163 w Lombard 
CENTRAL HOTEL, Holliday st opp City Hall, 

Chas. Haffcke, proprietor 
Central M. E. Church (South) s e cor Strieker 

and Edmondson av 
Centra! Presby'n Church, Eutaw pi nr Dolphin 
Centr.l Presby'n Church Mission, Ridgely and 

prest, \V. E. Coale, treasr., s e cor Charles 
and Lexington 
Central Stables, John D. Stewart, propr. 31 

Park av 
Central Station B. & 0. R. R. foot of Mill 
Cephas Chas. blacksmith, 211 n Dallas 
Cernick John, tailor. 44 n Chapel 
Cerney James, lab. 102 e Duncan al 
Cbabot Dr. Lawrence J. 327 n Central av 
Cbadbnrn Wm. machinist, 43 s Schroeder 
Chadburn Wm. H. huckster, 43 s Schroeder 
Cbadderton Thos. watch and clockmkr,29 Chew 
Cbadwick Jehu C. (Taylor, C. <fe Co.) 122 
Argyle av 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Salt, st 

BEIST J A.MI]Sr 5 S i 


22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. §■ 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. :rL" 

This responsibleofficestill continues tomake the 5 

largest loans on goods of every description and on ■— ' 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of p 

charges than any other office in this city c-»- 

Chad wick John E. (Hoffman, Armstrong <$• 

C.) 160 McCulloh 
Chaffinch Mrs. Mary A. 67 McElderry 
Chaffinch Samuel E. tobacconist, s e cor Gay 

and Monument 
Chaffinch Wm. W. carp. 278 e Fayette 
Chaffman Benj. quarry man, Hampden 
(haffman Lewis, stonemason, 5 Hudson al 
Chafiank Emanuel, cabinetmkr 65 Druid Hill av 
Chailiou Augustus, sergeant police, 18 Miller 
Chairs Edward J. 367 e Fayette 
Chaisty Dr. Edward J. 158 Mulberry 
Cbaisty Edward J. jr. crier Supreme Bench, 158 

Chalk Alphonso, clerk, Federal and Aisquith 
Chalk Chas. F. telegraphist, 129 Dolphin 
Chalk Elizabeth, North av nr John 
Chalk Geo. R. lab. 89 Oak 
Chalk James A. engineer, 233 Park av 
Chalk Joseph A. plasterer, 204 Park av 
Chalk Levi, grocer, 128 Dolphin 
Chalk Mrs. Mary A. grocery, Federal and Aisquith 
Chalk Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 233 Park av 
Chalk Wm. A. clerk, 328"Park av 
Chalk Wm. H. painter, 73 Barnes 
Chalkley Wm. E. cooper, 360 William 
Challenor Thomas, lab. 270 n Eutaw 
Chalmers A. C. salesman, 91 Saratoga 
Chalmers Chas. J. cabinetmkr, 2t>2 Penna av, , 

dw Townsend and Wilmer al 
Chalmers Chas.J.ji .undertaker,9u0w Baltimore 
Chalmers H. W. upholsterer, 127 Hollins 
Chalmers John W. cirp. 330 Mulberry 
Chalmers Philemon S. tailor, 127 Hollins 
Chamberlain Alonzo, coal, 16 s Strieker 
Chamberlain Charles F. clerk, 375 e Eager 
Chamberlain David L. 358 Park av 
Chamberlain Eli, telegraphist, 1 17 e Monument 
Chamberlain Geo. W. pressman, McHenry nr 

Millington la 
Chamberlain Ida, butter, 164 Dolphin 
Chamberlain James L. salasman, 22 s Howard 
Chamberlain John, shoemkr, 7 n Arlington av 
Chamberlain John C. ladies' boot and shoemkr, 

128 n Fremont 
Chamberlain John E. 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain John P. printer, 7 u Arlington av 
Ch mberlain John T. upholsterer, 129 Jefferson 
Chamberlain John A. blacksmith, North av 

and Madison av 
Chamberlain Richard, printer, 33 Howard 
Chamberlain Mrs. Sarah C. 375 e Eager 
Chamberlain Wm. gate keeper, Druid Hill Park 
Chamberlaine Henry, clerk,- 90 Mosher 
Chamberlaiue James Lloyd, teacher 90 Mosher 
Chamberlaine Rich'd C. clerk, 323eMonument 
Chamberlaine Richard R. lab. 323 e Monument 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 











O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 

( ll.\ 

1 II 






i Chii-. tinner, - 
Cham I T W II hit 

Cham I - C luti 126 Jofai 

! m iel, imiiii kr :•:: <• Pi itt 
Gbnml v Fork 

■ i - II- Ik \ r j ■; • : I Gi mor 

Chamber! W ight, clerk, Courtland i 

Cii mbera John, lab 5 1 
Chambers John, lab. 377 Prank in 

- ( >rt-gon 
i li.tiiil" rs Jobo, carp. 23 B 
l !in. lab., Woodlierrj 

~ .null, rs John B. blacksmilb, 26 Pearl 
:.- John T. lab. 23 Beran 
i.,Wbodbi rrj 
.millini rj . 98 ■ Broad* tj 
t. If. cai p. I Ic a Ilu -v :inl 
i — Chambers Samuel, carp 98sBroadwaj 
^ Chambers Wm. II. blacksmith, 39 Eastern av 
Chambers Wm M clerk ('. II. :;7 Garden 

- Chambera Wrigbi .) dork, 21 Com' 

- Chamblj David, backmuo, 33 a Eden 

c Champa 1 1 e Benrj II. coach mkr, 84 German. dw 
"" 23 n Pupplfiuu 
^_ ' bampajne John R. 9 Mjrtleav 

,iiu|iv. ne W'iii.K carriage maoufr.31 n Paca, 
i r '.< Ifj rile hv 
f. Cfa mpioo Beaping and Mowing Macbines.L.H. 
l~_ Lee A" Bro. general agts, 54 and 56 Light 

G W. tinner, 348 n Durham 
Ph Cbampness Mrs. Lucy, Jefferson ur I 

, . - l;. .tit tinner, Jefferson nr Castle 
;_ tampneM I bus. lab. 56 b Chapel 
QQ Champnej Hira J. foreman, :">54 w Lombard 
<tj ( nance Ch ■ T machinist, :'.i McHenrj 

| Geo. W. fireman, 122 e Lombard 

X Cbanee t apt Levin, mariuer, 59 Henrietta 

e Mai inaa, lah 1 4 McHenrj 

Chauce Theodore, mariner, 59 Henrietta 

eaulnie Henrj V. clerk, ">2 e Pajette 
Cbanceaulme Kicb'd P b okkpr, 52 e Pajette 
^vCHANCBLLUR Da. CHA8. W. 174 Argvleav 
g ( bancellor J. J. Iu7 McColioh 
" Chaucelloi W It. salesman, Lombard and Paca 
^- i :. : ee HP. (HI riu Arlington av 

psj • HANDLES H.P. .v BON, (ll P.andJ S.Chan- 
PC^ dice) glassware and lamp goods, 113audU6 
p_, w Loiuii ird 

^N i„ndiee Jolm S.(H.P.O.Jk Son) 171 n Arling- 
jj^ ton hv 

nrj Chandler Ohas. mariner, B5 Jackson sq nv 
■ — Cba dkr Bev. Cbaa. N . i^ 11 Harlem av 

ANDLEB DANIEL T. librarian, Law Li- 
Ph i.i hi \ , dw 127 ■ Pajette 

ANDLEB GEO. H. atturnej, 41 Lexington, 
pd da . i . Mi Gallon 
; ■ Cbaodlet Jacob, brickmkr, "0 Benson 

John, bookkpr, I is Harlem nv 
c_( Chandler John W anginei emarle 

■ ■ ' handler Kennard, 168 McCnllob 
in. Hi r Peter, lab. 180 W est 

- I Midler B bt. cigaimkr, 19 Woodjear 
i idlev John 11. wheelwright, 828 w Lanvale 

i baoej Benj watchman, 521 m Lombard 
Cbanej Cbaa machinist, *2 a Ficinont 

P. police, 'i-l n Gaj 
CHANB) OHAS. B. coal sad wood, 148 BoL 
Iioh, . . Imor 

•i police 72 Beariotta 
W Cbaiier John, djer, 15 I 




Cbanej Mrs. J. K. dressmkr, 92 P.irkin 
Cbanej Levi M . horseshoer, 5.">4 w Lombard 
Chanev Rev, B. G. 262 Lam 
Cbanej W. II. condncti r, 104 Wt i\ 
Cbanej Wm. boilermkr, l8Snmwall el 
Cbanej Wm. jr, printer, 428 a Lombard 

« Baltimore 
Channel! Wm*. F (Webbd/Co ) 119 n Bd< a 
Chapel of the Bvangelist,(P.E ) Dillon mid Po- 

Cbapel nt' the First Ind. Chnrcb, Linden av nr 

Chapel of the G 1 Sin pberd, (P.K.) Mnllikin 

and Bpring 
• 'li.i| elle Geo 31 Albom 
Chapel le Bar. P L. 93 Barre 
Chaplin Louis, 252 w Pajette 
Chapman Alex. A l.r .>.•* nunilder, Greenmount 

i North av 
Chapman Alfred A. clerk, 141 e Baltimore 
Cbapra n Allan A . 40 M< <'nlloli 
Chapman Mrs. 0. B 141 e Baltimore 
Cbtipruuo Caroline, notions, 468 e Pavattsj 
Chapman Cbas. sboemkr, 108 n Poppleton 
CHAPMAN D. IASE, nun. mercht. 54 Bu- 

cbanan's whf, dw 163 Dolphin 
Chapman Prank B. clerk, 319 Druid Hill av 
Chapman Geo. B. laa student, !•") s High 
i Chapman Geo. R. trunkmkr, 405 n Calbonn 
Chapman Greenburj.shoemkr, 108 n Poi»|ileton 
Chapman Henry, milkman, Greenmoont av est 
CHAPMAN .1 GliO.(Dobler,Mndge4 0.) 80J 

Chapman J. R. bookkpr, r.o e Pratt 
Chapman Jas. C. brakeman, 71 William 
Chapman John, clei . 69 Frederick av 
Chapman John Lee, Bupt public stores, B. 

ilu 59 ii I'ii c i 
Chapman Jonathan J. 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Rei Natfa in, 36 d Carey 
Chapman Nathan A.oom.mercbt.64Bacbanan's 

v hf, da 370 Park «v 
Chapman Nicbouu P.bookkpr,8l9Druid Hill av 
Chapman Wm A. 168 e Pajette 
Chapman Wm, II. clerk, ni e Baltimore 
< !hap nan Wm. H. jr. clerk, 95 s High 
Chapman Rev. Wm II 95 a High 
Chapman Wm. .1. clerk, .2 b Calbonn 
Obappell Ann, 1 13 Molberrj 
Chapped Anna B. milliner, 496 w Baltimore 

: DelinsP.(0.8;Webstar)296nStrickei 
Cbappell Krancii W. 98 Bdmondaon av 
( ihappell Jaue, 1 13 Mulberrj 
Cbappell John (i. clerk, 188 Malberrj 
Cbappell Louisa O. 186 Mulberrj 
Chuppell .Mai\, nn Bdmondaon av 
Cbappell P - s . .v Boo^T.C.Chappell) manofn. 

acid ami fertilisers, office 31 Booth 
Cbappell P. Edmond, bookkpr, 120 n Gieene 
i bappi li S M. clerk, is:. Mulberrj 
Cbappell Tbos. 0. (P.8 G.d/9on) 400 Butaw pi 
Obappell »v Webster, (C.P.Cbappell.A.M.Web- 

iler) hosierj and notions, 66 n Howard 
Chan! Mrs. H hi let, 72 i Castle 
Chariton Geo W.jr. driver, Wuverlej 
Chariton Geo. W, botcher, Wavarlej 
Chariton Wm. H. dritar, Waverlej 
( ibai lea I lavid ■) .copparsmlti .Toone and Becond 
Charles John, tetagraphUt, Toone sod Second 
Obarlea John B., B. 127 s Broadwaj 
Cbai it -s Hiiii \ , ropperamltr, Tonne and Becond 
Obarlea Mis. M. A. hoarding, tsti a Pratt 


Superior Facilities at Sadler's Business College. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 




Charles Mrs. Mury A. 20 n Exeter 
Charles Robt. coppersmelter,Toone and Second 
Charles Singleton, blacksmith, 820 W Pratt 
Charles Thos. J. hats. 14 Gough 
Cbarleaworth Albert, packer, 403 s Sharp 
Charlton Bernard, fireman, 51 s Oregon 
Charion (.'laude C. clerk, 106 McCulloh 
Charron Stephen, clerk, 108 n Garrollton av 
Charlton Richard, bricklayer, Philadelphia rd 

nr city limits 
Charnialott Herman, lab. 139 Forrest 
Charier Oak Lite Ins. Co. agency, 4 s Holliday 
Chaitrue Francisco, stevedore, 129 s Caroline 
Chase A. Chapman, clerk, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase A. S. (C. Bartholow & Co.) N> w York 
Chase Alfred S. shoemkr, 736 w Piatt 
Chase lienj. F. (B.F.C.&Co.) 6 East 
Chase B. V. & Co. (B F. Chase) house and sign 

painters, over 138 w Baltimore 
Chase Chas. C. sboecutter, 51 Hanover 
Chase Chas. F.(H.F. Hemingway &Co.)6 Warren 
Chase Chas. M. clerk, 195 u Howard 
Chase Chas VV. collector, 68 George 
Chase Eugene, scene shifter, 38 McElderry 
Chase Geo. B. (G.B.C.&Co.) 371 Madison av 
CHASE GEU. B. & CO. (Geo. B.Chase) wholes. 

cloths, &c, over 238 w Baltimore 
Chase Geo. O. clerk, 371 Madison av 
Ctiase Hannibal H. jr. clerk, 193 n Fremont 
Chase Hannibal II. brickmkr, cor Beason and 

Lowman, dw 305 w Fayette 
Chase I. H. 253 n Howard 
Chase J. Hermuii, bookkpr, 41 Fawn 
Chase James, lao. 110 s Spring 
Chase John, driver, 137 German 
phase John J. blksmith, HHsRegester 
t oase John W. fruit, 1 s Regester 
Chase Mary A. 62 n Pine 
Chase U. M. plumber, cor Fayette and Pine, dw 

50 Bane 
Chase R. W. bookpr, 65 n Charles 
Chase Capt. Stephen, (Fick^C.) 10 Warren 
Chase, Bartholow & Co. (A. S.Chase, J. M C. Bar- 
tholow, John C.Furinan, J. Meredith Drydeu) 
d:v gOjjda coin, merchants, 27 German 
Chase's Station, B.&O.R.R. Chase's wbf. W.T. 

lioore, agent 
Chase Tborndick, clerk, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase Mrs. Tuorndick, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase Win. M. stereoscopic views, cor Lexing- 
ton and Eutaw 
(Thasou Ceo. D. clerk, 423 n Central av 
Chasuu Joseph L. painter, 272 e Pratt 
ChuBuD Mrs. P. Alex. 423 a Cential av 
Chaslaiu J. B. salesman, 68 Saratoga 
Cbasteau Thos. E. bookpr, 289 u Eden 
Cll.Vi'ARD DR. F. E. 114 Park av 
Chaiaid Dr. F. E. jr. 114 Park av 
Chatham Francis, olKsmith, »8 Henrietta 
Chatsworth Female Institute, A. E. Hasson, 

principal, 188 Franklin 
Chatsworth Independent (M. E ) Church, cor 

Franklin and 1'ine 
Chatterton F. S. wheelwright, Hampden 
Chatterton Joseph (W.&J.C.) 119 e Baltimore 
Chatterton W. & J. (Willoughby and Joseph 
Chattel lonjflourand feed, Bond and Jefferson 
Chattertou Wilbur, grocery, 38o e Fayette 
Chatterton Willoughby (W.^J.C.) Bethel aud 

< heatuaJjyA.ndrew J. salesman, 222 n Carey 

MOSEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. C-ay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1880. 

This responsible office still continues tomake the 

largest loans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 


Chemical Co. of Canton, C. J. Baker prest. foot 

Clinton, office 15 South 
Cheney James F. mariner, 38 Walker 
Chenoweth Benj. T. engineer, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth & Co (F. Chenoweth, J. Rntledge) 

restaurant, s e cor Baltimore and Holliday 
Chenoweth Franklin, l»b. Ill n Caroline 
Chenoweth Fred. (C.&Co.) 58 n Exeter 
Chenoweth Geo. E. machinist. 80 n Exeter 
Chenoweth Horatio, driver, 480 Lexington 
Chenoweth John B. bookkpr, 327 e John 
Chenoweth Mrs. Mary J. dressmkr, 85 Garden 
Chenoweth Olive, butter, Edmondson av 3d door 

east of Carey 
Chenoweth Richard, carp. 480 Lexington 
Chenoweth Richard, stationery, 224 e Baltimore 
Chenoweth Robt. shoemkr, 56 n Poppleton 
Chenoweth Saml. M. carder, Druidville 
Chenoweth W. F. salesman, 85 Garden 
Chenoweth W. W. clerk. 224 e Baltimore 
Chenoweth Wm. carp. 82 n Poppleton 
Chenoweth Wm*. E. lab. Druidville 
Chenoweth Win. E. undertaker, 87 Edmond- 
son av 
Chenoweth Wm R. lab. HI n Caroline 
Cherigo Joseph, huckster, 40 s Exeter 
Cherry Barbara, notions, 683 w Baltimore 
Cherry Bradford (B.C. & Co.) 115 Mulberry 
CHERRY BRADFORD & CO. (B. Cherry, C . 

M. Coleman) apothecaries, n e cor St. Mary 

and Henna av 
Cherry Chas. cigarmkr, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry David II. cigarmkr, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Edward, tobacconist, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Geo. W. trav. agent, 438 Eutaw pi 
Cherry James W. printer, 115 Mulbeiry 
Cherry Jefferson L. telegraphist, 112 Lee 
Cherry Lawrence, salesman. 45 Hanover 
Cherry Mrs. L. J. 45 Hanover 
Cherry Mrs. M. L. 112 Lee 
CliERRY DR. TALLMADGE F. dentist, over 

s w cor Baltimore aud Liberty 
Cherry Wm. W. clerk, 115 Mulberry 
CHES'APEAKK BANK, cor North and Favette. 

[&e Appendix 
Chesapeake Chemical Works (SlinglutF & Co.) 

foot of Leaden hall, office 155 w Fayette 
Chesapeake Furnace. W r m. F. Pannell, prop'r, 

Clinton nr Seventh av 

manager, 40 Postoffice av 
Chesapeake Guano Works, foot Hughes 

DRY DOCK CO. foot Philpot 
Chesapeake Sugar Refinery, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 

O'Donuell's wbf 

tr 1 
















I— '• 






At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 
( UK L46 (III 


— - 











• — 




rit. 14 n Butaw 

_ li An dr. miens. 4 1 Fau B 

' clerk, -»l Fa« a 
;. I.- mcD iwn 

- P. 41 Fawn 
Cbegreeen Win .1. police, Sll John 
Idi ■ a R 21 l w Biddle 

. \ John N ■ I ii Carey 

• . I»r. Nathaniel D 144 n Carey 
Cheelej Nathaniel D. c erk, 144 n I 

Clnslex Win. gri I .. .in i -ii .1 

Cbrsnej Alfred D. carp, ks Qough 
Chi Bnej V | Cough 

Cbeeney Benj plasterer, 261 Qough 

. Jesse l. book and job printer, o»er 13 
n Qaj . <1\\ 335 n Broedwaj 

. M. bookkpr, 201 Alsquith 
Cbeeney Wm. F cup 88 Qough 

.'. infield, carp. 2>;i Qough 
CHESNUT «' \L\ I Ibeanut, 

Townsend A Co and C. .v Sharp) who 

r. n w cor Pratt and Boutb, dw 432 
Madison »v 
Cbraoul John, 114 McCulloh 
Cbi snoi A Sharp (Calvin ('lie-nut, II J. Bbarp) 

M«^t!i i-' Bupplj depot, 1 19 w Baltimore 
Chester Geo L. blacksmith, John nr Eden 
James, huckster, 336 a Caroline 

: J. lines. Imi'.-t 112 D Bond 

James T. clerk. 112 n Bond 

Ford, pres't, pier 7, Light-si wlif 
Chester 8. K. actor, 416 e H 
Chester Wm gardener, Lone) la m Belair uv 
einy smith, 9 Pleasant, dw 1 1 
- . Sarah Chestnut, K 0. 

Marshall | iropoi ten of corks, 38 a Calvert 
■ i Mrs. Sara o.)36 Spring row 

owaj -I 8.C ASot) }315 M uiison av 
d James .v Son (G. Cbeslon) shipping 
bts, - e coi < lab • and Patu 

• i John, cook, Carrol I ion hotel 
Chen Charles, fireman, 290 s Sharp 

I M - Elisabeth, teacher, 37 s 8 tricker 

Chew Jas. W. clerk B.Court, 160 llailem av 

. Joseph, printer, 16 Scott 
Chew Joseph 8. pi inter, l6Seotl 

N tthantel, clerk, 150 Bai lent av 
Chen Richard W. clerk, 37 b Strieker 
Obe« Robt. B. (Pindlaj, Roberts & Co.) ill w 

Chen Dr. 8-tm'l at University of Mary- 
land, and Dean of Paculty, Ml Lanvals 
. B. P <• erk, :•« Sarato 
'A :n. l; o mi luetor, 1 19 B 

ikkpr, 160 Harlem uv 
Obibrofski Ceo lab. 260 Aliceano i 
Chich • i R. clerk, 155 n Strieker 

Chichi 155 d Sti ii 

. B. Morton, clerk 196 i Monument 
Ing Blbridge C. books, Ato. 226 s Pratt, 
ilw 8 12 Leiing 
Chickering Geo clerk, 643 Leiington 
Cbielinski Herman, upholsterer, 48 s Carroll- 
Chietiea Haw 


CbifiVlle Bophia, boarding, li Cathedral 
Cbifielle Judith, 1 1 Call 
Chilcoat MordecaJ lab Mt. Person mills 
Chilcote Wm. A. proi isioi i ter 

. James P7. plasterer, 420 n Calhoun 
Child aret, j::i d < Ibai 

Child R. De Witt (Samuel C.A Co. (Charles and 

Child Samuel (Sam'l 0.4 Co. i 381 d Oh 
CHILD SAMUEL A O0.(8am'l and B De Witt 
: i hones furnishing jiomi.s 20 a I 

Furnishing Goods, 20 N. Charles. 

i hill Sarah D. dreesmkr, 241 u Howard 
fluid Mrs. Sarah J 241 d Howard 
Childress Cbas II. bricklayer, 26 Chew 
Childress James, machinist, Hampden 
Children Spotswood, stonecutter, Woodberry 
Childs Benj.E.(Rinebart,0 A Co )3 13 n Fayette 
Ohilds ('has. cooper, 829 w Pratt 
Cbilds Chas. A. bricklayer, 127 Townsend 
Ohilds Edward, fireman, .m MeHenry 
Childs Mis. Elisabeth, 55 Oonrtland 
Cbilds 1 ■■ 0. candj tnkr, >; Parrish 

. bricklayer, 127 Townsend 
Cbilds J.W k Co. (J.W.Obilds) wholesa a sad 

retail confectioners, iii n Butaw 
Ohilds Jas. H. sheetiron «oiker, 191 Cbesnut 
Cbilds John 0. '-.n p. 198 Fast 
Childs John IV carp, and store, Woodberry 
Ohilds John W.(J.W.Obilda AOo.)31 n Butaw 
Ohilds Joseph S. screwman, 87 Parkin 
Ohilds L. u. tobacconist, 49 w Payette, dw 83 

n Strieker 

Cnilds .Mrs. Mary, notions, 3 s PoppletOC 
Childs Richard, blacksmith, .'■! s Puppleton 
Clnlils Robert, Denmead and Charlee-st a? 
Ciiihis Samuel (Jus. Getn & Sous) 133 a Oer- 

rolltou av 
Childs Tbos. bookbinder, 15G Geurye 
Chil is Wm. lab. Woodberrj 
Childs Wm. H. clerk, y s Oregon 

• w in. H. carp. 13 liai tlcit 
Ohilds /. ichei iafa 184 Orleans 

Chilton Hani? J. attorney, Courtland and Lex- 

ington, dw 7t>'.' Madison at 
China Hall, over 5 13 a B iltimore 
China Tea Co. 26 a Baltimoreand 47 n Butaw, 

Benj, Berry, propr 
Ohiout John, driver, 103 Lancaster 
Cbipchaea Bros. J 1 Williams(Tho8. D.and Wm. 

K. Obipehase, J. Williams) flour, grain and 
ntrj produce, 70 a 1 Ibarles 
Chipcb •• nV • . James, 84 n Greene 
Obipehase In -. 1).(C. Bros, k Williams) 84 n 

• ue 

Chipchase Wm. B.(0. Bios. & William 


Cbipman Qeo (Qeo.O <fe Co. and Qeo.O. A Son 

88 e Baltimore 
CH1PMAN QEO. A CO.(Qeo. and M. M.Ohip- 

iiiii)\\ood and willow waie factory, 2 Suan, 

oilic n i i i i lah ert and Lombard 
0HIPMAM QEO. A 80S (Qeo. and Henry C. 

Cbipman) manufrs. chairs, office 27 Qerman, 
1 mton 
Cbipman Hi nrj (Qeo C .v. Son)88 s Baltimore 
Cbipman Marcus M.(Geo.O.AM laltimora 

Cbipman Washington, clerk, 86 e Baltimore 
Cbisbolaa Mrs. A B, 1 1 < lastle 
im Cbas. II. dairy, i Hill 
t ibitbolm D. saloon, 2 Light 
Cblsbolm D Las 

1 Ibisbolm Henry, 75 Lee 

HOLMES A (30., Engineers' and Machinists' Toole and Supplies, 

king, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Ac. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Building. 

147 CHIT 


Dhisholm Mrs. Rose, 92 s Exeter 

3hisholm Thos. dairy, 94 s Caroline | 

FJbisolm Dr. J. J. oculist and aurist, prof. Uni- I 

versitv of Md 55 Franklin 
Chisolm W. E. clerk, 55 Franklin 
Dtiism E. J clerk, 134 n Arlington av 
Jhism J. H. T. clerk, 134 u Arlington av 
Chisui Richard, salesman, 134 n Arlington av 
Dhiveral James, mariner, 75 Elliott 
Dhireral Win. D. lab. 160 Hudson 
Uhivetella Camilla, stevedore, 54 Thames 
Uhivetella Mary, boarding, 54 Thames 
Ohopa Joseph, lab. 43 Lancaster 
Chonpiu Ambrose, finisher, 55 e Madison 
Cbrisiner Alex, engineer, 19 Forivst pi 
Cbrispin John H.(W. A. Padgett & Co.) 666 w 

Christ A. John, druggist, cor Essex aud Gwynn 
Christ Christian, lab. 27 Shakspear 
Christ Church, (P. E.) cor Chase and St. Paul 
Christ Church Asylum for female children, 

Nannie C. Magruder, matron, 27 Garden 
Christ Fredk. gardener, Belair av ext 
Christ Mrs. Helena, beer, 252 n Caroline 
Christ Henry, gardener, Belair av ext 
Christ Henry, cabinelmkr, 49 Hanover 
Christ Jacob, barkpr, 50 n Eutaw 
Christ John, gardener. Sinclair la 
Christ Lorentz, lab. 263 s Dallas 
Christ Philip, train inspector, 115 Albemarle 
Christ Philip, lab. 48 Bank 
Christanz Adam, carp. 106 West 
Christhilf Edw. eoacbmkr, 34 Argyle av 
Christhilf Geo. lithographer, 130 n Pine 
Christhilf Henry B. Raines Myer & Co.) 38 Ar- 

gvle av 
Christhilf J. G. clerk, 34 Argyle av 
Christhilf Louis It. carp. 34 Arg\ le av 
Christian Aaron, moulder, 219 Columbia 
Christian Chas. M. clerk, 431 Penna av 
Christian Christ, varnisher, 142 e Fayette 
Christian Church, Dolphin and Etting 
Christian Fredk. haircomber, 17 Furrow 
Christian Geo. barber, 142 e Fayette 
Christian Dr. J. H. 431 Penna av 
Christian John, mariner, Johnson and Fort av 
Christian John D. bookkpr, 369 Mulberry 
Christian Mrs. Martha J. 14 s Strieker 
Christian Robert, mariner, Johnson aud Fortav 
Christian Thomas, carp, foot of Russell 
Christian VVm. sr. lab. 142 e Fayette 
Christian Wm. S. 161 St. Paul 
Christian Wm. T. salesman, 14 s Strieker 
Christiansen Thade. porter, High and Pratt 
Christie Geo. lab. 87 s Mount 
Christie James, machinist, 86 s Bond 
Christie James, police, 248 Frederick av 
Christie Mrs. James, grocery, 156 Eastern av 
Christie Wm. lab. 417 w Pratt 
Chrislinan Edward, lab. 98 s Dallas 
Christmas John, watchman, Woodberry 
Christmas John jr. blacksmith, Woodberry 
Christner Blidget, grocery, 37 Edward 
Christner John, driver, 131 Peirce 
Christner Joseph, potter, 3 Wilkens av 
Christner Samuel, driver, 37 Edward 
Chiisiner Win. potter, 3 Wilkens av 
Christopher Aquilla B. puudler, 57 Essex 
Christopher Chas. E. lab. 57 Essex 
CHRISTOPHER & CO. (E.1I. and J. C. Christo- 
pher, prop'rs Patapsco Coal Oil Refining Co.1 
94 McHenry 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Snms to Suit, at 

BEisr j a.mi:n"'s > 


22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. - 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. Hjj 

This responsible office still continues to make the k^ 

largest loans on goods of every description and on £\ 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of >^ 

charges than any other office in this city. Q± 

• " GO 

Christopher E. M. (C. & Co.) 622 w Fayette 
Christopher Frank, plasterer, 63 Boyd 
Christopher Jas. C. (C. & Co.) 622 w Fayette 
Christopher John M. earriagemkr, 864 w Bal- 
timore, dw 299 Saratoga 
Christopher John R clerk. 57 Essex 
Christopher Mrs. Martha, 139 German 
Christopher Michael, blacksmith, 53 Scott 
Christopher Milton, painter, 158 Harford av 
Christopher Nicholas, 622 w Fayette 
Christopher Thos. B. puddler, 254 e Fayette 
Christopher Thos. J. clerk, 18 n Central av 
Christopher Thos. J. plasterer, 3 Bartlett 
Christopher Win. sr. tailor, 72 e Pratt 
Christopher Wm. jr. tailor, 72 e Pratt 
Christopher Wm. H. shoecutter,158 Harford av 
Christopher Wm. W. refiner, 622 w Fayette 
Christy Jos. junk, 450 w Pratt, dw 405 McHenry 
Christy Michael, blacksmith, 344 Penna av <j 

CHRYSSOPHOUDY E. candy manufacturer, <5 
135 Lexington ^ 

Chrystal John.groc'y and feed, Oxford, Y'ork rd O 
Chr'ystal John T clerk, Oxford, York rd fcj 

Chrvstal Wm. engineer. 39 s Chester 
Church of All Saints (P. E.) cor Baltimore and W° 








Church of the Ascension (P. E.) cor Arlington 

av and Lafayette av 
Church Association Rooms of the Diocese of " 

.Maryland, 78 n Charles, H. W. Moore, agent fcO 
Church of the Atonemeut(P. E, )s w cor Chase £© 

and Colli ngton av 
CHURCH EDWARD J lumber, 26 South, und ^ 

acting cashier Bank of Commerce, dw 352 <3 

Park av 
Church of the Evangelist (Mission P.E.) Po- \jj 

to mac and Dillon g^ 

Chutch Geo. F. boilermkr, 6 Comet P£ 

Church of the Holy Cross (P.E.) Millington av -' 

and Ramsay q 

Church of the Holy Cioss (R.C)West nr Light <-t 
Church of the Holy Innocents (P. E.) cor Eden 

and Chase GO 

Church of the Holy Martyrs (German R. C.) F* 

Mount nr Pratt 
Church of the Holy Trinity (P. E.) cor Tenant 

and Gilmor 
Church Home and Infirmary, ( Epis.) Broadway 

betw Baltimore and Fayette, Mary J. Brad- 
ford, agent 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Mosher 

betw Druid Hill av and Division 
Church Levi B. carp. 3«;6 u Bdeu 
Church Mrs May, flower preserver, 306 n Eden 
Church of the Messiah, s w cor Gay and Fayette _ 
Church Nelson S. lumber, Maryland av nr John 


dw 426 n Central av 



No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




( Ii'ircli M .-'• rn »T 

Church of » »«i r B 
mill ' 

Oharefa ol il I run >l 1' I 

•■ id 
rhnrrh ..I tin- Sacred i ir .1 nr 

nr Baltic 
Gbareh Stephen I». » n^ in- ins 

Chareh Tl ■• ii Eden 

Church ofibe Dotted Brethren, cor Fulton end 

Choi boilemkr 

Madeira nl 
Clients R. :Vuii siuul, Baltimore and Front 

\'..,/:\ i ill. gro< erj , 100 D Ann 
Cfllj Joel, : Ann 

•ii. p.l K.I w ai il 31 Pell 
- clei k, ills I'moline 

;. n\ ,,t" N. u U !. N : 

■ nd 
. \\ .1- C.Oerh irdt, geal. ant. 10 
: . nl front pogt 

nf c 

CHitao : Railwaj Stable*, cor Balti- 

more uii'l Oolltngton at 
Citizens' Railway, .1 is. S. Bagerty, prat idea t, 

n w tertninui M irjr and R* 

' . - t. Win. Bbanoon, trans, 1 7 

rt Gilmor, judge •> R.Brewer,rlw 
I* ml cor Com iliiius- la 

hihI II I OX 

CITY COMPTROLLER, office Citj Hull 
CITY CO! i:i OF BALTIMORE, l.-i Boor, .-or 
Si. P ml and < loui ihouss i» 

it W iii ii e 9 13 • lie 

CIT1 BALL, bounded i>v Lexington, North, 

tte mid I In 
citv Ii irgh, 13 Postnffice hv 

Oitj Mali House, fo 1 Wesl Palls a? 

office - ' Oaltrerl and Baltimore 

City Passenger Railwaj Mil!, Cifi North 

ill war Stables, 119 Thames, 

1 nv«, it iliimore and SmalN 

1 c.|,j, Stboetsen I'mk, and 

Li^-hi and Heath 

City Police and Firs Alarm Telegraph, office 

. 1 St. Paul 

1 ■ - ,: ItOgA 

CIT1 01 I ICH Cite Ball 

Cil\ V 

Km 11k, J '.'1 11 I 

:erk, :m> \\ I' lyeltc 
■ Mr-. Ml : 

igh Albert T. (CUbaugb, N--I on I 
lot McColloh 
Glabaa I I and C abangfa 

I uik K 11 (' i 

Clabaui rln A, and 

nigh) com I - Howard 

H. • lerk, 873 a Baltimore 
h Geo. clerk, 131 Si. Paul 

Ofabaogh ft Graff, (B. i. lal Graff) 

a linli'H. liquors and dlatil itli 

Clabaogb *i." W. \\lmie>. liquors, 373 a BaK 

ti'n 1 1- il vs Anti mi. Carroll co 
Clahaugfa John, conductor, 137 German 

John, painter, 1 < leorgc 
OLABAUGH, NKLSOW fcOO. \\ .ll.cini.augb, 
A . T. Clabaogh, J. M bankets and 

brokai 1, 1 M ■ I! iltiuio e 

! iher, ( K. t.C kSon i B n Oaraj 
j i_: t» Win. K. painter, l George 
CLABAUGB Wit. II. (Clabaugh.NelaonftGo.) 
and propi St. Clair hotel, dw s e <or Paoa 
anil Lomfa ird 

1 !bas. M. plumber, 128 1 Sh trp 
Clabj Louia F. plumber, 80 □ Front 

. Michael pluml it, ijs ■ Sharp 
Clackm r Jaa <;. K clerk, 338 Penna at 

■ r Mi i.Mari , music U acber,338 Penna ht 
iutthea T. hair dyer, 118 e Pratt 
Clagett Brewery, Joseph D. Danels, propr. t 

Lombard adj falls 
Clagett Drs.Joa K.andJ.Wra. Walls, 18a Butaw 
iDts.O k Walls) 198 w Lom- 

Clagett Samuel A. Insurai ce agt. ui s Eden 

8 imnel J. clerk, :>7 s Eden 
Clagett Samuel T cigarmkr, 169 e Lombard 
Win. T. dancing master, Lyceum hull, 

ilw 1 :,;» c Lombard 
Claiborne Cbas. II. lieut. police, 2A2 George 
Clair Lemue . conductor, 393 e ch isr 
Clampiti Blias, moulder, 496 Franklin 
Clampitt Win. 11. brassBnisher, 50 n Greene 
1 ancy ■' iraes, lab. 4 Foundry 

iah, packer, - 13 n llnwnrd 
Clancy John D. carp. 7 Biting 
Clancy Mrs. Mary, intelligence office, 242 n 

Clancy M it, lab. 28 Wagon al 
I ': 1 in-', Thos. lab 139 n Front 
( 'lapp elms B. batter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp Geo. 0. bats, t; Jrtl'i-Mon 
CI pp ( > r " U . ii itter, 8 Jeflfcrson 
Clapp Win. ooachpainter, 6 Jefferson 
c nop (C.C Clai tl w Fayette 

Clapsaddle Frank M blksmitb, 1 10 a Pine 
Win 11 driver, Bank and Duncan nl 
1 l; clei k, cor Pratl and Gay 
Claridge G. 1» k Co. (O. D Claridge) com. 

hi' heapstds 

Claridge Geo. D.(G,D.01aridge4Co.)York rd 

nr Wtiverley 
Olarld ■ W. painter, 208 William 

Claridge Henri R, paperhanger, 182 e Chase 
Claridge Jaa. it (Loud, 0. A Co.) Friendship, 

Itallini in 

Claridge John II. capper, .'1 1 n Bxeter 
Claridge Wm. II clerk, cor Pratt and Smith's 

whi. ilw L'.f, Che* 
cinrk Adam, tiiiiir, 1 Spring ct 

Clink M:> Amends '■ I Hmnliurg 

c nrk Albert, tiiilur, John or Spring 

Libert D. tern her. cm a s. br ler "T 

(lurk Mrs. Ann I 10 I Bond 

ciurk Mrs. Ann, 108 a Washington 
Clark Mrs. Ana 1 •' notions, 2 1 I'uppleton 
Clark Augustus, blacks'h, Ridgtlj and Sterreti 
■ iniuiioi .Hull in B.AM I.R.R. 
Clark Augustas M bookkpr, 298 n Lombard 
chirk Benl. lank, 828 n Durham 
Chirk Ben] i» carp. 7io Lexington 

BAiNKERS' EXCHANGE to be had ort the Principftl Oitiea.of the 

U. B. and Camillas at BushtMB College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. » the World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt. 
~CLA 149 CLA 

Clark Benj. D. jr. machinist, Maryland av nr 

Clark Beni F.[>. 379 Lexin :tou 
Clark Benj. F. carp 221 Mulberry 
Clark Benj. F. lab. 31 s Carey- 
Clark Beruhard, (Clark & Son?) 163 n Ex.'ter 
Clark C. C. (C C.CI rk .t Co ) 3ft9 Madison av 
CLARK C. C. & CO. (C.C Clark, W. E Clapp, 
A.M Cordnu )com. merclits, (paper) a w cor 
Charles and German 
Clark Mrs. Catherine, John nr Spring 
Clark Chas. mim-e meat. 56 n Greene 
Clark Cbas. steward. 88 Barre 
Clark Chas. machinist, John nr Spring 
Clark Chas. clerk. 174 n Carroliton av 
Clark Chas A. driver. Waverley 
Clark Chas. B. shiijoiner, 16 s Ann 
(Mark Chas. D. clerk, 53 n Poppleton 
Cl.rk Chas. E. shipsmitb, 99 Hambnrs 
Clark Chas. R. blacksmith. 18 s Morris al 
Clark Chas. H lab. 186 s Spring 
Clark Chas. police, 602 
Clark Chas. L. (Clark & Sons) 163 n Exeter 
Clark Cbis. M 94 Cathedral 
Clark Daniel E. carp 3 Armistead la 
Clark David C. caulker. 44 Hamburg 
Clark Tell, 81 n Bethel 

Clark Duncan C. (C & Schneider) 109 Park av 
Clark Kdward D. ionmouldcr. 80 s Fremont 
CLARK EDWARD I. attorney, 12 St. Paul, 

dw 297 u Broadway 
Clark Edward L. 322 n Fremont 
Clark Mrs. Elizal eth, 53 n Poppleton 
Clark lire. Kxum R 431 <• Eager 
Clark F.&Co.(F.C!ark)c<>ni.M,erclus.65sCl-.ailes ' 
Clark Fayette B. clerk. *4 .Maryland av 
Clark Francis, shoemkr 76 Bnvd 
Clark Frank. (F.C. & Co.) lo8n Bond 
Clark Frank H. en_:in er. Boston ami Patuxent 
Clark PrnukP. Mtt'y,29St Paul.dvv 20Denmead I 
Cl.irk Gabriel D watches and jewelry, cor Cal- I 

vert and Water dw 153 St Paul 
Clark Gabriel D. jr. 153 St. Paul 
Clark Geo. lab. 123 Learimhall 
Clark Geo. huckster. 253 e Madison 
Claik ('apt. Geo A. mariner, r .o n Gilmor 
Clark Geo B. carp. 96 e Lombard 
Clark Geo. P. salesman, 475 Franklin 
Claik Geo. R. (Shy rock & ''.) 335 e Baltimore I 
Clark Geo. T. lab. 523 Aisquith 
Claik Geo. W.(L.J.CoxtCo.)81 Lexington 
Clark Geo. W. diiver. 415 Eastern av 
Clark HyiCJark,Peny&Hoh:nan )ls3.Madison av 
Clark Henry A. clerk, 56 s Gr.-ene 

Henry H. photographer. 147 e Baltimore 
Clark Henry T. carp. S6 s Mount 
Clark Howard W . clerk, 323 n Strieker 
Clark Hugh, huckster, 190 Chesnut 
Clark James, oysterman, 71 Fort av 
Clark James, lab. 3 w Lombard 
Clark James, lab. 463 Light 
Clark James jr. cattle dealer, 740 Lexington 
Clark James, lib. 82 Parkin 
Clark James, grocery, 136 u Schroeder 
Claik James, machinist, 6o s Carey 
Clark James, lab. I04 B «ton 
Clark James, (.lames (J &Co ) Ellicott citv 
CLARK JAMES k CO. iJamesClark, B.Thorn- 
ton, J. Cahill ) People's machine and boiler 
works, south side Basin — [See Advertisement. 
Clark James & Co. (James and John L. Clark) 
cattle brokers, Calverton 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In -Sums to Snit, at 


22 N. Gay Street,- near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin-, 1S30. 
Thisresponslbleofflcestillconlinuestomake the ^—t 

largest loans ou goods of every description and on 
Hbuchahdibe in Gkneral, o"n Lowkk Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Clark James, ( James C.&Co.l 46 Warren 
Clark James A. 174 n Carrollton av 
Clark James A. conductor, 339 n Broadway 
Clark James A. Br. produce, 339 nBruadway 
Clark James B. lab. 57 Haubert 
Clark James B. trav. agent, 2 s Poppleton 
pt'Clark James B. salesman, 84 Maryland av 
Clark James D. carp. 56 Myrtle av 
Clark J. K<fe Co. (Jahn E.Clark )\vholes. liquors, 

48 s Howard 
Clark James G. sr. cooper. 41 s Exeter 
Clark James G jr. clerk. 77 n Exeter 
Claik James H. sbipcarp.39 s Patterson Park av 
("lark James J. trav agent. 211 w Lanvale 
CLARK JAMES L. attorney, 25 u Calvert, dw 

94 Cathedral 
Clark James P. foreman, 7 Irvine pi 
Clark James R. (M.B.C ft Bro. ) 249 n Kutaw 
NClark James S. (Clark & Sons) 163 u Exeter 
Clark James T. driver, 494 Canton av 
Clark J :sper W. driver, 39 n Bond 
Clark Jerome, carp. 292 n Eutaw 
Clark John, lab. Plum al ur Stockholm 
Ciark John, huckster. 13 Cambridge 
Clark John, driver, Mosheraud Foster al 
Clark John, stone cutter, Star hot-1 
Clark John, bricklayer, 166 Peiree 
Clark John, shipjoiner, 33 Henrietta 
Clark John, lab. i 76 Dover 
Clark Capt. Jotin A. mariner. 134 M >ut:onierv 
Clark John E. (JlB.C.&Co.) 209 w Townsend 
Clark John F. pilot, 67 n Charles 
Claik John H. foreman. 223 Hudson 
ClarK John H. tailor, 116 Argvleav 
Claik John H. cooper, 328 e Madison 
Clark John K. restaurant, 15 s Liberty 
Clark John L. (James Clark ft Co. lEllicottCity 
Clark John L. fura. wagon. 199 n Bond 
Clark John M. machinist. 2 s Poppleton 
Ciark Jno.N. flour and feed, Bond andMcElderry 
Clark John P. huckster, 111 Jackson sq av 
Claik John P. carp. 71 s Fremout 
Clark John T. lab. 17 Hudson al 
Clark John V. roofer, 305 n Ann 
Clark John W. restaurant.Second avaudTooue, 

dw 415 Eastern av 
Clark John W. carp 154 n Schroeder 
dark John W. caulker, 54 Hamburg 
Clark Jonathan T spar ink r, 99 Hamburg 
Clark Jos. 125 Conway 
Clark Jms. A. wagoner, Wolfe nr Biddle 
Clark Jos. P. tobacconist, St. Paul and Centre 
Clark Joshua P. engineer, 224 Light 
Clark Lee W. clerk, 148 e Eager 
Clark Lester S. carp. 305 n Ann 
Clark Levi, 29 s Mount 
Clark Levin P. 170 Aisquith 

"Better One Hour TOO SOON than One Minute TOO LATE? 7 " 
Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 














Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 
OLA 160 (LA 













— I 


.1 ton 
i J in cent ul ii r 


• ■ p 

I ler a) 

. Hauberl 

Mm M iri K. I •■ - dli a B< in J P ituxenl 
sen ci 
: ii Bdea 
Clark Mali 'i a? 

; i n Front 

1 Bro.) 873 

Matthew B B. Mid JJt.Clark,) 

I) llc« a nl 
Mull u 1, fireman 
CI. irk MirhHel, lab. 17 Hudson al 

I V Dl Parkin 

h 321 ii Bond 
i Iwen, lab. IT Hudson al 
Clark 't'-nd 

Patrick, lab 6 Bull 
Clark Patrick iboemkr, 76 Boyd 
P itVick, lah. 66 S t 'reyon 
Patrick •' lab. •'.."> Jan 
Pei 1 1 h Hobman, ( Benrv 01 irk, A 0. 
Perry, Henry Ilclini .ii ) wholesale manufs. 
lade md children's shoes, 9 n 

Cbai M idisoo af 

Clark Philip I;, .i.t. Eastern Shore Steamboat 

■ .ili. dw S ti Snicker 
Clark Richard B. cle k, 17 1 n Carroltlonatr 
I Bond 

Clark Richard J. (Thee I 263 S Pratt 

I 3 Saratoga, dw 244 u 

Clark Robert II mariner, 108 William 
Clark Robt.Y. machinist, Maryland a? nr Hutr- 


R \. ".*; < Qreens 

Clark S <; ironmoulder, Boston and Patnxent 
dark k Sons, (Bombard, Chas. L. and Junes 

3.1 i ind builders, 16 Pli 

Clark Samuel B. clerk. :r,i Ma I son iv 
el. irk 8 Ion Jobns Hopkins Dnirer- 

■itj (re 

Samuel II. palternmkr, 166 Aisquitfa 

uel T. clerk, .*» d .Su Ii 
Mrs. Sunli confectionery, 4 4 Canton av 
Clark £ 8oeider.( Dune dC I Kdward 
dei ) L'nn man life, 2 4 n Pratt 

n I'M. ham 
t 1"> St Mary 

< Iki k 9) Ivester, moulder, 148 e B 
Clai .. S. el. i k, Merchants botel 

B i.i d 
M M chin 
Clark Thou. M Mechin 

Clark I ind Richard J. Clark) 


: .• Pratt 
i ' trolina 
Clark Tbos. F Bniabei . 550 « I. >mb ird 
i ii i 

.■ . j Bailmkra, 

Clark Tii- ■- . 8 Hour, (train and gen I, 

lion av 
Clark Tbos S. jr disc' t clerk, 53 Harlem a? 


Clark Walter L. cashier, 166 Sfosber 

ulaascotter, 1 10 Hamburg 

. Win. andi in 

Clark Win. c irp. 293 n But 

V, ■:, | Co BUtUtiOD. 

Win. I .Ii. 

S Aisquith 

. w in. A. in rbinist, 86 - Mount 
Clark Win I! bookkpr, i r . i. 
dark Win B. reporter, 78 e Baltin 
cinik Win. D. shoemkr, 150 Mulberrj 
IV m P grocei y, 4 17 n i la) 

Clark Win. II. mariner, lh| B Chester 

Clark Win. II wirewkr, 98 Hamburg 

Clark Win II. liven Stable, 22 Kiehmoiid do 

76 Uatbedral 
Clark Wm. H. boilermkr, 88 s Cbapel 
Clark Wm. ii C.ASon)237 Drnid Hill 

Clark Wm. H. BUjit. Citisen Kail- 

wa\ Wi.odye ii 

Wm. -I. p itt'" nmkr, 156 Aisquith 
(.'lark Wm. I,, electrotyye finisher, 54 Hamburg 
Clark Wm. T shipbldr. L P. d« 39 Patterson 

Pai k iv 
Clark Wm T 39 a Patterson Park nv 
Clark Wm. T. clerk. 431 e Bager 
Clark Wm W. \o ice, - 
Clark Zacbarj T. huckster, 56 Myrtle av 
Clark Zacbariah, pilot, l.'< r > B Ann 
Clarke Addison, (AddisonC.&Bro )221 w Town- 
CLARKE ADDISON .v BRO (Addison and 
Hei r.i B < 'larke iron and stee , 92 s Lombard 
ClaikeHi. Andw.P68 BauberLdw 237 Qough 
Clarke Anthony, grocery, 19 Goue;h 
Clarke Combination Lock Co., T. Poultney. 

prest Office 6 St, Paul 

Clarke Daniel, 7" < latbi dral 

OJ irks Mrs. Daniel, 70 Cathedral 

Clarke Kninia .1. principal Fair view Academy, 

687 « Payette 
Clarke I'ii.dl.y II. telegraphist, 380 Fiauklio 
Clarke Piank. 98 Park at 
CLARKK Gu II P. assl Commissary U.S.A. 

160 a Fat el e, 'i« 56 Franklin 
Claike Geo. II clerk i\ Block 
Clarke Geo. M. 99 - Oh 
Clarke Geo. W.(Bucheimer A 0.) 243 n Bden 
Clarke Helena, temp n in e re taurant, 21 Block 
Clarke Dr. Henrt, 313 Park av 
CI >rke ll.-niy E.( Addison (L4B o |98 n Kiddle 
Clarke Harry Lee HSS reader, Gasetie, 26 

Clarke James, furniture, 224 Lexington 

lames n. Bryant <k C i -' ■ Poppleton 
Clarke James P. lab ii Centre Market sp 

Clarke .lane - II 91 I Ann 

ci. uke James P clerk, 191 Gough 
( llarke John, rigger, - ' Hloek 
Clarke John, grocery, 2S7 Gough 
Clarke John, riggi Gough 

Clarke J< bn < '. 79 I 
Claike John . Bdon 

91 w Lombard 
i Darke Jobn II. fbi eman, 223 II id 
Clarke John S ibiucarp. 75 n B osdwaj 
I larke John W 92 - Ann 

01 irke John W. clet i Q mgh 

i Johi w hi ■ Iiinist, i J7 Lexington 
0L \KKI-: a JON1 rke.W II J 

Caudj ii il 1. 1 - - and fi lilt-. 1 .". Light 

JIOLMK .., Engin 

Packing : .ll.-r Felt, 

M ichinisl Coola and Supplies, 

, Bolts, Nuts, Wiishers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Gen'l Agt. 




Clarke Jos. H. prof .of languages, 687 w Payette 
Clarke .Jos. W clerk, 313 Park iiv 
Clarke Mrs. Margaret S.dressrukr, 127 Lexington 
Claike Martin, furniture and carpets, 64 e B • 1- 

tiniore. dw 92 s Ann 
Clarke Mrs Mary A. 316 n Eden 
Claike Mrs. Mary P 112 Greenmount av 
Clarke Phoebe D. 98 w Biddle 
Clarke Prof. Powhatan, Baltimore City College, 

dw 191 w Jolm 
Ciarke Robt. A. sr. ( Clarke k Son )cor Lombard 

and High 
Clarke Robt. A. jr.(0.ASonl 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Sarah, nurse, 207 Gough 
Clarke Mrs. Sophie J. 26 Pleasant 
Clarke Stephen N. (Glenn & C )342 e Fayette 
Clarke & Sou, (Robt. A sr. and Robt. A.C.jr.) 

provisions, glass and queensware, 39 s High 
Clarke Thos. contractor, 523 Franklin 
Clarke Thos. F. J. contractor, 523 Franklin 
Clarke W. B., Sun reporter, 73 e Baltimore 
Claike Win. telegraphist, 3^0 Franklin 
Clarke Win. E.( Hurst, PurnellACo )78 Saratoga 
CI rke Rev.Wra. F.. Loyola College 
Clarke Wm. H. undertaker. 22 w Fayette 
Clarke Wm." T. carp. 380 Franklin 
CLARKE WM. WIRT, flour coin, mercht. 61 s 

Gay, dw 98 w Biddle 
Clarke Wm. W. police, 98 Park av 
Clarke Wm. telegraphist, 380 Franklin 
Claike Ztcuariah, pilot, 95 s Ann 
Clarken John. lab. Hampden 
Clarkiu Henrv, collector, 57 Park av 
Clarkson Edwd.H N.(Jos.C.;|-Son)135 nCalvert 
Clarkson Frank S. machinist, Cottage av nr 

York rd 
Clarkson Geo. L. shoemkr, 89 n Central av 
CLARKSON JAMES W. patent metallic soles 

and heels, 390 w Lombard 
Clarkson Jos. (Jos.C.&Son) 135 n Calvert 
Clarkson Dr. Joseph A. analytical chemist, 135 

n Calvert 
Clarkson Jos. A. ( Penniman&Bro.) 314Hollins 
Clarkson Joseph I. clerk. 8t» u Central av 
Clarkson Jos. & Son, (Jos. and Edward H. N. 

Clarkson) machinists, 75 and 77 n Front 
Clarvoe Clarence W. telegraphist, 26 s Mount 
Clarvoe John F. clerk, 26 s Mount 
Clarry John H. machinist, Hampden 

I ' barber, 54 Stiles 
Gas Henry, |iorter, 54 Stiles 
Classen Benj. H. (H.Classen&Sons)148 s Sharp 
Classen Chas. H. (H.W.C.& Co.) agt. Asbestos 

Felling Co. of N. Y. 140 s Howard, dw 155 8 

Classen Fred. W. (H.C.&Sons) J 47 s Sharp 
CLASSEN H. &SONS (B H.andF. W.Classen) 

flour and forage, 145 s Sharp 
D II. 147 s Sharp 
CLASSEN H. W. & CO.(H.W.andChas.HClas- 

seti) brick mauufs. and sand dealers, yards 

Light ext, office 140 s Howard 
Class'-n Henry W. (Il.W. C &Co.) 155 s Sharp 
Clatchey Alfred B. blacksmith, 413 w Pratt 
Clatchey James M. concbtrimmer, ">5 Henrietta 
Claode Hammond, Balesman, 270 Division 
Claus Charles C. calligrapher and teacher. 19 e 

CLAUS EDWARD C. mercht. tailor, 24 Post- 
office av, dw 91 n Eden 
Clan- Emanuel, carp. 169 S Brthel 
Claus Philip H. baker, 122 a Bond 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sains to Suit, at 



22 N. Gray Street, near Payette St. ^ 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1880. H^ 

This responsible office still continues to make the ^ 

largest loans ou goods of every description and on J2 

Meiichandisb in Gcni:i;al, on Lower Hates of" 

charges than any other office in this city. (-h 


= <! 

i— i 



aussen John, lab. 27 Potomac 

ausseti John W. bookkpr, 133 Lexington 

aussen Peter, rigger, 38 Essex 

aossen Wm bookkpr, 133 Lexington 

autice Anna, notions, 111 Penna av 

autice Edwin, plumber. 110 Ilollins 

autice George, 141 Penna av 

autice Geo. police, Point la and Aisquith 

autice Geo. jr. car builder, 141 Penna av ^j 

autice Henry, blacksmith, 230 n Caroline ^ 

autice Henry, huckster, 142 Jefferson p? 

autice Henry C. shipsmith, 189 n Caroline 

autice John W. huckster, Aisquith nrPoint la £rj 

autice Joseph, tinner. 110 s Paca 

autice Joseph, tailor. 295 e Madison <J 

autice Joseph M. 295 e Madison 

an lice Mrs. Margaret C. oysters, 230nCaroline O 

autice Wm. coachmkr, 141 Penna av O 

autice Wm. F. (Brooks, Rogers & Co.) 209 © 


avell Mrs. Caroline. 299 e Lombard 

ay Geo. lab. 237 s Bethel 

ay G'O. W. braketnan, Winan's row 

ay Henry, shucker, 237 s Bethel 

ay James T. clerk. 83 s Greene 

ay James W. collector, 453 e Fayette 

ay John, carter, 237 s Bethel 

ay Oliver W. bookkpr, 176 n Arlington av 

ay Wm. C. morticer, 10 s Gilmor 

ayland Daniel L. police, 1 1 s Cai rolltou av 

ay land Samuel, 35 n Schroeder 

ayland Thomas, stableboss, 16 n Eden 

ayland Wm. S. driver, 35 n Schroeder 

aypoole Mrs. Elizabeth, 69 e Biddle 

aypoole James, clerk, 149 n Calhoun 

aypoole C>pt. James Y. clerk. 418 n Eden 

aypooie Capt. John, 418 n Eden 

ayton Alfred S. butter depot. 82 Hanover, dw 

Edmondson av ext 

ayton Alfred T. carp. 70 George 

avton Augustus L. junk, 434 Penna av, dw t> 

York rd nr city limits 
Clayton Chas advt agent, 82 n Paca 
Clayton Edward W. ice cream, W iverley 
Clayton F. L. (F.L.C.^Co.) 113 w Cha3e 
Clayton F. L. & Co. (F. L. Clayton) ship 

broker and com. mercht. 77 Smith's whf 
Clayton Ceorge. 157 e Monument 
Clayton Harry, ice cream, Waverley 
Clayton Hezekiah B. porter, 98 Druid Hill av 
Clayton James trunkmkr, 70 George 
Clayton James E. miner and mineral lands, 6 S 

Gay, dw Green Springs, Balto. co 
Clay ton James P. carp. "468 e Lombard 
Clayton Jas. W. deputy collector C.H.199Mary- 

land av 
Clayton John T carp. 103 Chew 







i— • ■ 







No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


F. Breseo & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 

ci. I 

< l.\ 


ay ion John 

— ' I 

_j ■ 
^_ ■ 

— - • . Km iw I: 

~ ' ■• ■ ■ 



— n . i , a vi-tii 

— i : » . M . 1 7 1 : 

and Retail Dealer in Hardware, 
Spike and Oar Manufr, 272 and 
274 s Broadway, dw 161 s Broad- 

i) av 
i irj I' J priii!.". 71 Barfor i at 

;.t K. bookkpr, :c>4 d Strieker 

TiM'-i. s.iilaikr, 7n I Sign 

painter, HO a Howard 
hi 1 \ oi ; nBmailway 

rk, i H i) I 
tod Bdwin R (B.B 0. #Oo.) *2i 

.md B B. & Oo (B.B.aodS.CIeaveland) 
1 iet ul dr. i notions, 157 

a Gay 

. -land James P. c irp X 

! R.C &Co )144 n Exeter 

ii Pronl 
:d John 11 ' Peim i av 

.« . J;,-. 17 b Frederick, dw 55 Aisquith 
Clemens Augustas 1». real estate, postoffice 

i Bdwai d E., Homes te id 

'■i Donogh 
rlKinei. 9 L Googh 

dy .iv ii r York rd 
il av 
3 - in, Homei 

.'liiim-.-lf id 

Clement W M freighl in I a digram agent, Ii. 

I i.i: B . Fori i ezi 

' imd i a 
lenta -lot! ii i ' brickm r. 3 i B\ rd 

n !•' in. u in- , i Hvrd 

ll.u tori rd nr 
Point 1 i 

P. P in m Dental Life 

[oa ' ..i 771 M id. 

i W bookkpr, B83 d Ana 


(' fluent- w 

•: brirkmkr, 105 II II 
moulder, I 
Clean !<• i W r D. 101 d Bond 
. M Win. B •• Bid 'Ii- 

ii Win B. ji pin -it j > ; r> e Biddle 

kamith, lo Pell 
. at John B mai in'-', '. 1 I <■ P 
01a<nuaons John B cigarmkr ISO Mulberry 

Win. i ' |> tintei . ISO Mnlberry 
Olemseo Joseph, abipjoiner, 241 Googh 

- iperauve I 

oanel, dredf Inn 

■ ■ :i Wm. watchman, 304 Googh 
Clendenin \rtlmr A. miller, '-'<;■< Park nv 

nin Jainea derk 158 u Arlington at 

dJ ph clerk, ISA n Arlington a* 

Clendenin Joaeph ji clerk, IS8 ■ Arlington av 
Clendeuin Wm. John, clerk, 1S8 n Arlington av 
Clendenen W u B.moaldr and gilder, 268Parkav 
CLENDINBN T Ii. attorney, 8J n Fayette, dta 

41 Mt. Fernnu pi 
Cleudinen W .1 clerk, l'>8 n Arlington a? 
Ciendinen Dr. Wm. II 139 n Broadwaj 
Olenny John, gunsmith, 18 n (\noline 

Cleplla ei . 1 1 L i "• 

dw w ksbinsrton, I). C. 

cor Calvert and Lexington 


■ ii t and Lexington 

I'aui and Lexington 
CLBBK'S 0FFICB, V. 8. COURT, U. S Court 

bouse, c »i t i ette and North 

s e cor. St. Paul and Courthouse la 
1 Boor.aecor St.Panl and Courtb 
I Dr. A. A. 28.*» e Biddle 
Click ner Geo clerk. 191 Lee 
Clickner Samuel A. (R Hultz k Co.) 191 Lee 
Cliff Wm. lab. ;>.»3 Pratt 
Clifford Bra. Innie B. fish, Harford rd i 

Clifford Bernard, teacher, Johnson and Clement 
Clifford Bernard P. sexton, J74 Qongh 
Clifford Oha*. machinist, llfl e Payette 
Clifford Ofa u>. plumber 20 b Oregon 
Clifford M:s Hannah A 148 German 
Clifford Harriett, notion- 923 m Baltimore 

Clifford .l.u II borseshoer, :>2 i Central ir, 

dw 1 IS a B « 1 1 i more 
Clifford John, aexton Cathedral Cemetery 

rd John C. cap|ier, J74 Oongta 
Clifford Sylvester, janitor, ::. Mulberry 
Clifford Thomas B. I tb 274 Gough 
Clifford Tb ut L. min'l water manufr. Hol- 
land an t Lewis, dw 20 Jac 
Clifford Wm carter, 180 Greenmount nv 
Clifford 97m. II. 22 Pearl 

('lift G. R. lab. 18H Willi mi 

wer, 112 Bu 
i. G. clei . 8 i H urn in ■ 
lira M try \' BO Bamberg 
Mr Sarah B 138 William 
Clift w m V. clerk, 138 Wi 
Clifton Geo II '"" >cconiat, Druid Hill a* and 

Km i.i d»\ !»4 M1C11II..I1 

Clifton Bonaa B idolpb Peli prop'r, M 

Druid Bill park 
Clifton l nerchanl tailor, 4 n (Charles. 

dw 321 M v • i : 
dine l> -nii-l II. polio-, <~>\ McM 
Clint I' -vid L, ■ deem in, ; " a Bond 
n Geo H patternmkr. 298 e Madison 
mi- .1 mob <'. patternmkr, ii i l'<.j»|il«*ion 
Olios Leonard, lab Patterson la nr Penna at 

M: M. P 12 I Ann 

Cllngan Benrj P. brakeman, 14 Stockton 
Olingan Joim, carter, u Stockton 

Arithmetic and B Oalculal tau il by the most Improved 

.idler's Business College, Charles St. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Bnildina;. 




Clinton David, mariner. 119 Thames 
Clinton H. DeWitl, bailiff. Oxford, York rd 
Clin ton John, fireman. 2.">8 Batter? av 
Clinton Margaret, confect'y, 119 Thanes 
Clipper Cotton Dnck Mills, Wm R. Hoooer & 

Sons pro'i r's. 2f mile-" N. C It W. 
Clipper Geo. carp 580 Hanover 
Clipper IIo:el. Win. E. Hooper <$■ Sons, propr's, 
Clipper mills • 

Clipper .John H. caulker 71 Johnson 
Clipper Lewis, police, 319 b Sharp 
Clipper (M E.) church. Sweet Air 
Clipper Win. shipcarp 31H a Sharp 
Clisham Mrs. Man . 12 Bnren 
Clisham Mrs. Catherine, 101 s Ann 
Clisham Peter, 49 Pearl 

Clisham Timothy, puddler, Clinton nr Second av 
Cloak Lawrence, porter. 172 Ramsay 
Cloartt Mrs. Sarah, 42 Williiin)30n al 
Clock Adam, lab 1 10 a Duncan al 
Olocklev David, engineer, 420 Hanorer 
docker Hezekiab. carp. 279 s Ann 
Ologtf Go H. (G S.Closjg & Son) Balto. co. 
Close Geo. S. (G S Cloirg cj- Son ) B Ito co 
CLOGG G. S. & SON. (Geo. S. and G.H.CIogg) 

boots and shoes. 2 s Calvi rt 
Clonitin Geo. K. lab. I Iti Cooksie 
Cloman Geo. chaicoal burner, lit] Cooksie 
Cloman Jas. W. lab. llo Cooksic 
OlokeJas. (Cloke & Bro.) 151 8 Eden 
CLOKE & BRO.i J..s. and John Cloke)kin lling 

wood nd coal, co: Lancaster and Dallas 
Cloke J .hn i Cloke k Bro.) 153 s Eden 
Cloke John, roofer. I09 Albemarle 
Cloke Philip, carter, 61$ s Centra 1 av 
Cloney John, driver, 71 McHenry 
Cloiey Patrick, lab. 98 Harford «v 
Clopme John, butcher, Lexington ext 
Clopuian Mrs. Elizabeth. dressmkr, 104 n Chapel 
Cloon-in Martin, lab. 15 Parkin 
Clopton Wm. S. 259 n Wolfe 
Clo.-e Mrs. Barbara, 376 Lexington 
Close James, 77 n Liberty 
Clo.-e Robert, driver, 160 George 
Closter Mrs. Marc, dressmkr, i>38 \v Baltimore 
Clo8beini Henry, cigarmkr, 74 Pearl 
Olotworthy Alex, furniture, 76 n Howard 
Olotworthy Chas. A. 77 Argyleav 
Clotworthv Edwd. F clerk 282 n Broadway 
Ololworthy Geo. W. salesman, 62 e Baltimore 
Clotwortby Samuel, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Wm. gardener, i2 Smith 
Clot worthy Wm. P. (Smith, Hmway&Co.) 

1 77 Lanvale 
Cloud Chas. F 415 w Baltimore 
Cloud Daniel. (Shipe C. & Co.) 3G5 Eutaw pi 
CLOUD HOUSE, John P.Wilson, propr. 415 

w Baltimore 
Cloud Jess" L. collector, 706 Saratoga 
t'l md Win. shipcarp. 197 n Central av 
Cloudsley Mr.-. Jane, 215 n Bond 
Clough .1 is.E.S» is. Clou 1 x <'o.)79n Charles 
Clough Martin V.( Sears C. & Co.) 204 Mosher 
Clowe JubnR. locksmith, 5i s Greene 
Oluh Wm. buteher, 77 Belair market, dw York 

rd beyond tollgate 
Clunan Timothy, collier, 50 Cooksie 
Clunet Louis S clerk, 234 u Howard 
Clunet Victor, sec' \ American Fire Ins. Co. 

234 n Howard 
Clunet Victor S clerk, 120 George 
Olaney Jas. moulder, 70 York 


- > 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN !/^\ °° 

In Sams to Suit, at © Q ^ 

22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 2 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. qq 
This responsibleoflicestill continues tomake the ' 
largest loans on goods of every description and on ZL 
Merchandise in Gexkral, on Lower Kates of r 
charges than any other office in this city. 





Cluney John, 202 Raborg 

Cluney Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 202 Raborg 

Clnney Patrick, lab. 96 Harford av 

Cluney Rosa 200 Mosher 

Cluney Robert tailor, 7o York 

CI tine v Thus. F. la". 202 Raborg 

Clutz Rhv. J. A 417 n Carev 

Clymer Francis D. lab 160 Elliott 

Clymer Sydine B. notions 160 Elliott 

Cnox Joseph sr. currier. 197 Johnson 

Cuox Joseph, jr. lab. 197 Johnson 

Coad Geo. D. tobacconist, n w cor Baltimore 

and Strieker, dw 35 n Gilmor 
Coad J Edwin, fl ur inspector, 38 Cheapside, *-<1 

dw 35 d Gilmor 
Coad Robert M e'ek. 85 11 Gilmor 
Coad W 11 lab. 24 Ryan ^ 

Coady Michael, grocery, 78 East >_ 

Coady Thos boarding, M w Second 
COAKLEY BROS. (M. and D. Coakley ) leather 

and shoe findings, 14 s C overt 
Coaklev Daniel (O.Bros.) 183 Saratoga 
Coakley Michael (C Bros.) C roline and Chase 
Coakley P H. bill broker, 9 German nr South, ^ 

dw co: Dolphin and Druid Hill av 
Coakley Wm porter, 70 s Carey 
Coale A. G. attorney, 14 Lov bldg. dw 228 n 

Code Catharine A. 15 McCulloh 
Coale E. H. dry goods, 190 Saratoga 
Coale E. P salesman. 190 Saratoga 
Coale F. W clerk. 107 w Bidd e 
Coale Edwin B. clerk, 2 5 w H ififman 
Coale Mrs llettv. 39 n Gav 
COALE GEO B (G.B C.& Morris) and preet. 
Merchants Mutual ln<. Co. office 42 Second, 
dw 2 I 5 Madison av. 
COALE GEO. B & MORRIS Geo. B. Coale, 
Win. E. Morris) insurance agents and bro- 
ke is, 4 2 Second 
Coale H irvcv L. clerk. 20 German 
COALE JAMES CAREY, agl for N Y. Board 
of Underwriters .md Lloyds, 56 Exchange 
pi. dw cor Madison av and L.invale 
Coale Joseph M. foreman N.C R.W. shops, 107 

w Biddle 
Coale Mrs. Mary A. school Dolphin and McCulloh 
Cool Thos. E. (Thos.E.Coale&Co ) Liberty rd 

Baltimore co 
COALE THOS. E. & CO. (T.E. Coale) gents. 
furnishing goods, wholesale, 20 German nr 
Coale Win. E. treasr. Central Savings Bauk, dw 

Oatonfiville, Baltimore co 
Coale Wm. E. jr. bookkpr, 20 German 
Coates & Bro. (Geo.W.P. and Dr.C E.Coates) 
proprs. Li-cust i't. Rollins.' Mills 





I z 





"LEARN all you can TO-DAY, you may need it TO-MORROW/' g 
Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 






Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 







I athedral 

r ion 

ill, Hope nr Aisqui li 
1 Lombard 

14 e L >mbai .1 

; and cashier Int. 

I R K. 

•n hv 

I 1 im >ii. l in n Carrollton iv 

• al nr II. i 
' ; • d Howard 


I lolumbia 
I Columbia 

i i.lile: I'-iiimii, 13 ' German 

■ k. 14 1 German 

I Iambi* 


horses, 1 SO Gei m in 

■ J R l';tv illi- 

■ I ii I German 

- m) 14 1 Gerroao 

i I'. Coblens) horse 
;•• s. I n P 
1 rneliut Bton< oarle 

B i ibeth F . Pratt and Bond 
Coburn (Jeo. currier, 40 Albemarle 

• i . attorney, 31 St. Panl, dw 207 
\\ Boffin •!! 

Jobn, stonemason '.' 12 Mj i 
Coburn Bolomon, feed, flour and lime, Con- 
I How 1\ . dw 508 w Fayette 

in proprietress Rechabite 
hall, 19 ii I 
Oobm n M - 

lisber, 207 w Hoffman 
207 w B ' tTi : in.ii 
in Andre* I Iral 

I I Oill-llllS III' 

I OCHRAN A CO. (J B Cochran W 

0. I I mil W W. Abrai aros) 

ills a\ 
end 2 6 r Fayette 
Cochrai ibeth P. I 10 m B 

1 . 8 1 Exeter 

■ ,V 

I I W. brakem hi. 99 - i 

II .rrv rV 236 h Hoffman 

I . ' ■ lilor, 4 I ii I. 

eai Hi Weal 

II lU- 
'l 18 Blii ibein ia 
kpr, Id n Bi oad ■ • 
hi John J i: he man, 7j Block 
1 • '' ili^-li 


19 •- Monument 
lard M ih lemkr, Prank in, second 

• .ii ) Wood- 
a m n r foi 


in W 'm K ( \N .11 Miln 140 w 

BI : 

Cochran Win. P. bookkpr, 857 Drnid Hill av 
i i tli r-t ii Wm. J engineer, l w Baltlmi 
Cochran Wm. .1 Bomb Baltimore foundry, York 
in Willi 'in. '1 a 49 n Broadway 
■ ii Wm. J. Bra dept. i w Baltimo 
Cockej 301 « p tyette 

l '. W , 20 1 R 1' I 

I. II teacher, 14 a Oilmor 
i im-. T ilnv. r. 66 Marj land a* 
t lockej John ( '. ins lin'iti' 

Jobn P. clerk, 66 Marj IiuhI af 
. Dr. Joseph 2 a Bxeti r 
Rich ird. <-!frk. 
(.' ck-v Wm. II.* oils and paints, 465 •» Balti- 
more, 'l "■ 
Cocke« Wm. II. ji. bookkpr, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm. r c. clerk, nw corSaratOj : . 


Cocklei G " agineer, 196 I.. Constitution 
Cockle? Jobn A engii entuount av 

Cock rill l»r. J. J. 2 I - Broadway 
Cock rill hi. Joseph M. 326 e Baltimore 
CODD EDWARD J. * CO (B. J. Codd) engi- 

snd machinists, 259 - Cai oline 
c.'ii.l Bi nj butcher, 416 
Codd Bdwd J. ( I. J.C • ■ :i ist, 1 18 n 

Broad R nj 
< '."id Jo d R. - .'■ - i. '.■■ 69 '• Madison 
Codd Sam I. J barber, m7 Columbia 
Codd Simon, lab 69 s Madison 
1 odd Wm. C. machinist, 1 18 n Broadway 
Codd W in. II.. Md. Artificial Marble Co. 

I way 
Codd Wm J. liutcber, 220 Holiins 
Code Tims lab 32 Ryan 
Codel Joseph R. dauring mastei 26 Spring row 
Codling .Jus. P. salesman, 74 n Fulion 

. John <;. crp. 28 n Prederick, dw 74 
ii Polton 

i .1 carp. .''.45 n Ann 
Codori John A. butcher,123 Centre and 18 Bel- 
air ink'.-, dn 89 Green mount av 
Cody Wm. confectioner, 71 n < 
Coe Andrew, superphosphate lime, 174 Har- 
lem av 

lerick l» attorney, M Lexington, <lw 
174 Harlem ev 
i ' 'ii Darbr, tailor, 196 Montgomi 
Coffay Jh<. jab. McMechin, nr North av 
Coffay John,8toBecuuer,McMpchin,nr North av 
Coffaj John, hack man, I5e Mili 
1 Hicb'l,stoncutter. McMechin, ni North av 

Coffay Tbos. hacks, 4n w Eager 
Coffay Wm. hackman, 146 Cathedral 
Coffay Mrs Wm grocery, 146 Cathedral 
Coffej Jobn, hackman, Aisquiih and Ch 

Pan ick ii •»■ k in in. 378 Aiaquith 
Hi. I Louis, 78 i Broadway 
( "Hi ;.l Geo. C II. 1 <> n Carrollton av 
Ciiilin Cipt. Ch«a B. mariner, 97 s Ann 
run in. ALTBMDS a CO (L.Coffin J.B Al- 
teram B H.Treat.T.B M irtiu, R.H.Ooi 
drj poods com. merchants, 13 German 
Coffin Clias. G. wagoner 346 Ha ford av 
Colliii L (•'. Altemns A ('o.)Pbiladelpbia 
Coffroth A. Brace, attorney, -7 Lexington, dw 

231 M idison av 
Coffroth Qeo.R.(G«-o.R.i I Madison sv 


merchl - and ds ilera In tobacco, cign 
innfl 880 r Baltimore 

iMES <& ' ,( >.. E i' and M :i<-lnnist ' fools and Supplies, 

Packio B tiler Pelt, Waste, Bolts, Nut-, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, A merican Building. 
COF 155 COL 

Coft Fred, clerk, 214 William 

Cogeins Chas. ice cream and confectioner}-, 146 

e Monument 
Coggins David A. wood dealer, 162 a High 
Coggins Edward R. wagoner, 253 n Wolfe 
Coggins Geo. B. clerk, 39 Green mount av 
Covins John, hay dealer, 3 McKim, dw 39 

Greenmount av 
Coggins John jr. hay packer,76 Greenmount av 
Coggin8 John W. 84 n Bond 
Coggins Wm. driver, Ftderal and Cheater 
Coghlan Edward, clerk. 166 n Exeter 
Qoghlan Richard, bookkpr, 166 n Exeter 
Cogswell Geo. A. carp. 63 n Poppleton 
Cogswell John S. fish and oysters, 92 s Sutaw 
Cogswell Mrs. Sophia, 63 n Poppleton 
Cohee Geo. W. fireman, 54 s Eden 
Cohen Abraham, (Cohen Bros.) 8 Harrison 
Cohen Adolph L. clerk, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen B. <y G. (Benj. and Gideon Col en) dry 

Koods, 166 Lexington 
Cohen Bros. ( L. mdA.Cohen)second hand goods, 

6 and 8 Harrison 
Cohen Benj. (S. and B.Cohen) 185 n Gay 
Cohen Benj. (B.and C.Cohen) 36 s Eutaw 
Cohen Benj. clerk, 5 Second 
Cohen B-nj., Eutaw hotel 
Cohen Benj. I. s e cor St. Paul and Read 
Cohen Bernard, clerk, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Eleazer, (M.C.&Sons) :-t3 1 w Lombard 
Cohen Emanuel, clothing, 5 Second 
Cohen Ephraim M. house furnishing goods, 153 

Lexington, dw 240 Saratoga 
Cohen Gideon, (B.andG. Cohen) 36 s Eutaw 
Cohen Mrs. Hannah, clothing. 178 Light, dw 221 
Cohen Harris, glazier, 155 a Eden 
Cohen Henry, salesman, 99 L. Gieene 
Cohen Herman, merchant tailor, 4 Harrison, dw 

106 German 
Coheu Isaac, shirt m unif. 25 n Howard, dw 302 

Cohen Isadore, clerk, 221 Light 
Cohen Mrs. Israel, s e cor St. Paul and Read 
COHEN JACOB I. attorney, 53 St. Paul, dw 

125 Lanvale 
Cohen Jacob L. (Manko k Stern) 7 Penn 
Cohen Lewis, clerk, 46S w Baltimore 
Cohen Lewis, (CBros ) 6 Harrison 
Cohen Lewis, clerk, 235 s Charles 
Cohen Lewis J. clerk, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen M. merchant tailor, 35 Park av 
Cohen Col M. I. 115 n Charles 
Cohen Mendel, clothing, 178 Lij;ht, dw 252 s 

Cohen Mendes, 177 n Charles 
Coheu Moses, 36 s Eutaw 
Cohen Moses & Sons, (Eleazer and S. Cobeu) 

dry goods. 269 w Baltimore 
Cohen Mrs. Rachel. 67 Park av 
Cohen Raphael, clothing, 108 Light-st whf,dw 

235 s Charh-s 
Cohen S. <fc B.(Saml.and Benj.Cohen)bootsand 

shoes, 195 n Gny 
Cohen Samuel, 99 L. Greene 
Cohen Samuel, tailor, 211s Paca 
Cohen Samuel, salesman, 138 Gou^h 
Cohen Samuel, (S.andB. Cohen) 185 n Gay 
Cohen Samuel, salesman, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Samuel, tailor, 235 s Charles 
Cohen Samuel L. clerk. 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Simon, dry goods, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Simon L. clerk, 232 Saratoga 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. & 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. JJO 

This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the l_i 

largest loans od goods of every description and on UJ 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of £d 

charges than any other office in this city. ►>>. 








Cohen Solomon, (M C.& Sons)354 Lexington 

Cohill Edward P. clerk, 54 s Eutaw 

Cohlen Frank, lab. 101 s Duncm al 

Cohlen Mrs. Lizzie, grocery, lol s Duncan al 

Cohn Emanuel N. 1 52 J n Eutaw 

Cohn Fannie, hair worker, 119 Hanover, dw 71 
s Eden 

Cohn Henn P. dry (roods, 196 s Broadway 

Cohn Hern. an, shoefindings, 111 Chew 

Cohn James, blacksmith, 11 Lloyd 

Cohn Josiah, dry goods, 37 Brown la 

Cohn Julius, tailor, 1 Albemarle 

Cohn Moritz G. 292 Lexington 

Cohn N. J* peddler, 128 s Eden 

Colbert Aujj- F. com. mercht. and flour, 4 w hj 
Pratt, dw 25 n Exeter £j. 

Colbert Bartley, peddler, 18 Hammond 

Colbert Daniel, driver, 18 Hammond al r B 

Colbert James, lab. 13 Hudson al 

Colbert James A. 'police, 34 n Wolfe ^ 

Colbert Capt. Levin, office TJ. S. shipping com- 
missioner, 21 s Gay, dw 5() n Ann 

Colbert Rudolph, cabinetnikr, 18 Marion 

Colhurn Dr. Augustus VV. 369 w Lombard 

Colburn Paul S. clerk, 152 Druid Hill av 

Colby Joseph L com. mercht. 38 Second, dw 
Lanvale and M* rtle av 

Colden Thos prop'r Leibig's liquid extract of 
beef, 161 East, dw St. Clair hotel 

Cole Abraham, plumber, 407 n Strieker 

Cole Abraham, plumber. 2><8 n Bond 

Cole Alex, moulder, 48 Valley 

Cole Allen, clerk, 75 Cth'dr.l 

Cole Andrew, saloon, 5 North dw John nr Spring ^ 






Cole Mrs. Ann, seam-tress, 34 Parrish 
Cole Benj. lab. 92 Jackson sq av 
Cole Benj. F. salesman, 181 McCullob 
Cole, Brighara k Co. (Wm. P.Cole, Wm T. Brig- 
ham) wholesale fur, wool and straw hats, 30 
S Sharp 
Cole Chas. lab. 104 Ensor 
Cole Chas. B. oysters, n e cor Baltimore and 

Cole Chas. R. clerk, 17 n Bond 
Cole Conrad, carter, 104 Peirce 
Cole Edgar F. carp. 43 Valley 
Cole Edward, 21"> w Hoffman 
Cole Edward N. 7<i3 Lexington 
Cole Francis M. miller, Calverton Mills 
Cole Francis O. clerk, 243 n Eutaw 
Cole Frank C. picture frame mkr, 63 Short 
Cole Frank M. broker, 407 n Strieker 
Cole Fredk. W. barkpr, 83 Division 
Cole Geo. painter, 83 St. Pet" 
Cole Geo. A. carp. 171 Druid Hill av 
Cole Geo. B. (Pope C.& Co, also Pope & C.)243 
n Eutaw 









No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

. 0] 







o II . clerk. Ann nr Monumi nl 
Q1 } .i .. (I. ll ,•. v t; Oil pin | '■■ 
iiui builder, 4.'i ii Bolliday, 
Iw 191 tisqiilth 

i.-i . |ii>; n Ii nri 

.', Hi 08 nr Cli.isc 

. ^ ■ ' ile Mi-. Il:uiii ih BS -■ Si- icker 
Dole Hurt, miller, Wlunns row 


I — I Col Henry, junk, 4 Willow 

\. carp. 171 l>rui.| Hill av 

. Oble l { ■•!. r \ c. clerk, 16 i Mount 
y. o 1 1 :r ii.i. l ".."■ Bdmondson av 

■ .1 c. l.r. •; nod magistrate, Wavi 
inecmter, 104 Bnsor 
lalve loo rd 
.i uses millw . B I e Prall 

jj:t Jefferson 
James, bricklayer, 123 Dolpblo 
ib. 123 Dolphin 
M. miller, Calverton Mills 
Cole J lines W huckster, 196 B Ann 

net W. clerk Sun (tili't- 7^ I Lexington 
mfectionery B9 Hanover and 
7U n Greene, dw B9 Sanorer 
~ Cole Job ii, gardener, 13.'> L G 

.John A . reporter, 62 a Qreene 
e loli ii B, miller (' dverioti Mills 
B John B provisions, 32 it QUmor, dw 703 

e John H. helper, 45 s Strieker 
■ John H. raruiaher, 4 MoHenry 
ile John II. huckster, 118 n* Caroline 
1 1 ii U. carp ;."> .- Strieker 
n l: 62 n G 

in T <■ irp. 191 Aisquith 
; ;i. W. tinner, 313 Orleans 
>-~ Cole Joseph, carp, 4'.r> d Carej 
jr. carp 155 n < larey 
- lab. i Willow 

bakery, 10 s Mount 
Cols Leu is, driver, 18 Valley 
... )i)7 ii 3i 
Hiram, (C.&GilpinJ 155 Edmond- 
son IV 

Lew is P miller, i iaJ rertun Mills 
Lloyd, clerk, 7.'. Cathedral 
Louis -I ivei 10 Oreeomoaut av 
.!. LOUIS M general ticket a^eni B.&0.R. 
■ dw jo l m Lumb ird 
Cole Lycurgus, conductor, 1 1 - Townsend 
1 Sole Mil i in a. bi 'i nl lentral av 

C • M PI M u-v. 17 n Bo id 

Cols Michael, lab. 4 Willow 
1 ' ill Hon i if., i 3 L. Church 

.nock J. bookkpr, 282 Penna tv 
;.. shipjoiner, 1 46 - Bond 
I Philip II. clji in Bond 

0. 223 Jefl • 
I ' 166 •• M numenl 
-j i lole B iberl F p itier, 17 n Bond 
j indent, 118* Kutatv 

1 Die 9 'I iiliiel, 401 ii Sti ii 
,_, Cole Saronel C ibeet iron worker, 166 a Kind 
ii i ier, .'.:i Cbeu 

! " ■ j 

p 191 AlMJ'tllll 

**J Co 3ti phi n L, condnctoi , 1 1 Johnson 

4 Willow 
HH I 66 n Bond 




Ph08 M clerk. Sweel Air 

ih. i- !:. in icbinist, I ; \ >• Monument 

Coll W. K miller. Ctlverton Mills 

Cole Wm. imiiii r, 1 1 s Mulberry 

Co s Dr. W,,i. :i : M Oulloh 

Cole Wm. B bl . nitfa 151 Argle «v 

Cole Wm. <;. pipe Btter, 13 i Washington 

Cote Win. II agent Bible Society, Bible House, 

i:> ii i 'Ii tries, du ;u8 u Bntaw 
Dr W. II. reporter, 39 n From 
COLB WM. ll hardware eoiu. merchant. 17 s 

Charles, dw 75 ' il bed il 
Cole Wm. J. cotter, 166 n Bond 
Cole Wm ,ui Ier, Galverion 
Cole Wm L. jr. c 
Col.- Wm L. plash Bond 

Cole Wm. P. (0 Ifri.lnn. ,t Co ) 243 n Bulaw 
Cols Wm. r. prop Swan hotel, s e cor Eutaw 

1 d I'r.iiik in 

Cole Wm. B., Huntingdon av nr 8t. Paul 

Colo Wm. V. lab. 30 M >rl il 

Colein John, carp 298 M -ll--n . 
Colein Jobn F engineer 160 Battery av 
Colein Thos. Ii c in k, 5 a Won i us 
Colein Wm H. engineer, 228 Barre 
Coleman Alverta (Jumey&C ) 249 Light 
Coleman Alex, bio lecutter, 397 Scoti 

Colein in l Ihas. '-'7 B It -.M-sl-r 

Coleman Chas. plasterer, ir> Warner 
Colem to Ohas. 0. wood, Penna av exl 
Col. m in Chas, F. bookkpr 420 >■ Monument 
Coleman Chas. II. lab. 2)96 Harford av 
Coleman Chas L. police, 93 s Wolfe 
Coleman Chas. M. (B. Cherry & Co.) I'enna av 

and St Mary 
Colemau Chas B. Bhoemkr 3 Patterson av 
Coleman Cb IS B. cashier National Mechanics 

B'uk, 1 19 w M idison 
Coleman Chas. R. shipjoiner, l 10 !l imborg 
Coleman Cbas R.jr. accountant, 2 19 Madison u 
Coleman Darins, wharf builder 7!»s Washington 
Colem in E.B supl Carroll toa hotel, du 6 Oliver 
Con-in ui Edward, puiitpmkr, I290<>ugfa 
Colem in Bderard l>. watchman, i And ew 

Cur. i, in \| -. EliXU, Bond nid Monument 

Coleman Elisabeth, grocery, 81 - B _ ester 
Coleman Mrs. Elisabeth, Ml Mosher 
Coleman M 8 Elizabeth. 79 - Washing on 
Colem hi Mrs Elisabeth A. trimmings, IB le Pratt 

hoemkr, i 86 < Iris ins 
Coleman Eugene 1>. musical instrnmeul 

v.u ieiy. I .' w Pratt 
Coleman P. M. pnperhnnger, 351 e Monument 
Colem in PranciS, painter. 412 Division 
Coleman Pranklin I', lab 396 Harford ar 
Coleman Pred, spinner, 39 Wilkens 
Coli-ni. in Major F W . Carrolltoo hotel 
Coleman (J.-o. lab I lal rertoo 

nan Geo, A -lie Baltimore 

Coleman Geo B, bacon, 23 i Gilmor 
Colem. in Mrs Ce-ini, 'jfii n Eden 
Coleman lleniv, .shoemkr, ii s Schroeder 
Coleman Henrj c painter, 416 s Eutaw 
Coleman Isaiah .1. plasterer, 248 Lighl 

a m James din er, Rising Sun boh I 
Coleman .1 inies Ii. porter, 1 14 Mosher 
Coleman James H |r canrakr, 168 e Madison 
< 'olmii hi . I. Hue- ii . ,;", i e Monument 
Coleman James r butcher, i".: Hamburg 
< lolemao John, police, »0 Hilien 
Ooleman John, irui k maker, :: and i Bechabite 

ball, d\\ Suir hotol 

SAPLER'8 Bryani and Btratton BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore, 
'. and 8 N. Oharici St., W. II. Sadlkk, President. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt. 

Coleman John, back driver, 104 Hanover 
Coleman John E. milk, 120 Mullikin 
Coleman John F. blacksmith, 197 s Chester 
Coleman John S. carp. H8 Chew 
Coleman John T. jr. bookpr, 420 e Monument 
Coleman Cant. John \V. 181 e Lombard 
Coleman John W . jr. mariner, 181 e Lombard 
COLEMAN JOHN T. boiler maker, s e cor Hol- 

liday and Pleasant, dw 420 e Monument 
Culetu..n Joseph, bricklayer, Philadelphia rd nr 

Coleman Joseph H. bartender, 159 Hamburg 
Coleman Mrs. Julia, 622 w Baltimore 
Coleman Louis, 119 s Exeter 
Coleman Mrs. M. A. 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Marshall. Carroll ton hotel 
Coleman Martha, stationery, 148 s Fremont 
Coleman Michael, shipcarp. 50 O'Oonneil 
Coleman Michael J. lab. Bond and Monument 
Coleman Millard F. 76 s Ann 
Coleman Mrs. Morgan, Charles-st av and Brown 
Coleman Patrick, police, 21 Seott 
Coleman Mrs. R. 86 n Howard 
COLEMAN Col. R. B. ^Col.R.B.C.& Co.) Car- 
roll ton hotel 
COLEMAN Col. R B. k CO. iCol.R B. Cole- 
man, AG. Smith )prop: ietorsCai roll ton hotel, 
Baltuuoie Li>:iil and German 
Coleman Richard, blacksmith, 672 w Pratt 
Coleman Richd. shipsmiih, 15 s Colli ngton av 
COLBMAN & ROGERS (J.C Rogers) chemists 

and druggists, 178 w Baltimore 
Coleman Rev. R. L. 53 -McCuiloh 
Coleman R. L. jr. ((.'.& Taylor) 53 McCuiloh 
Coleman Royal B. lab. 105 Leadeuhall 
Coleman Sum), huckster, 281 McDonogh 
Coleman Saml. shipsmiih, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Saml. G. shoemkr, 396 Harford av 
Coleman Saml. T. potter, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Saml. T. printer, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Silas, shipjoiuer, 130 Hamburg 
Coleman Silas W. mariner, 38 Williamson al 
Coleman Summerfield, 148 s Fremont 
Coleman Thos. carp. 120 Cross 
Coleman Thos. cigarmkr, Rising Sun hotel 
COLEMAN & TAYLOR (R.L.Coleman. jr. ,Wm. 
S.Taylor jr. )real esiait brokers, 41 Lexington 
Coleman Airs. Virginia F. 61 Courilaud 
Coleman Warner, 237 e Lombard 
Coleman Wm. shoemkr, 178 n ivuiaw 
Coleman Win. H. mariner, 4 Williamson al 
Coleman Wiu. T. clerk. 32 s Burke 
Coleman Wm. W. teller, 186 McCuiloh 
Coles John A. K. clerk, 111 e Fayette 
Coles Win. sr. shoemkr, 4: Myrtle av 
Colestoek John H. carp. 30 Patterson av 
Coley Wm. lab. 18 Argyle av ext 
Colfer John, earp. 360 e Monument 
COLFLESH GEO. B. coachmkr, 101 German, 

dw 364 w Fayette 
Colloid Patrick, lab. 134 Harford av 
Colgau Edwd. grocery and liquors, 9 Neighbor 
Colhour Mrs. Mahala, 234 George 
Colhouer Alex. M. boxmkr, 55 s Carrollton av 
Coline Win. 43 Brown 
Colisou Mrs. Sarah A. notions, 34 s Ann 
Coll Bernard, canmkr, 156 Hudson 
Coll Bridget, grocery, 156 Hudson 
Coll Daniel, blacksmith^ 108 Mulberry 
Coll Edward J. clerk, 430 Lexington 
Coll John, cm p. 153 Mulberry 
Coll Thos. lab. Hunter al nr John 


MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 N. G-ay Street, near Fayette St. w 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1S30. |_ 3 

This responsible offlcestill continues tomako the O 

largest loans on goods of every description and on <j 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of Cj 

charges than any other office in this city. KJ 





Colladay Chas. R. provisions, s e cor Lexington 

and Carrollton av. dw 519 w Fayette 
COLLADAY JOS. S. grocery and provisions, 

463 and 465 w Fayette 
Collamore Geo. W.(C. & Young)331 w Lanvale 
COLLAMORE k YOUNG (Geo. W. Collamore, 
E. L. Young) church and bouse decorators, 
78 w Centre 
Collan John, lab. 162 West 
Collars Andrew J. cigarmkr, 135 Penna av 
Collars Chas. 135 Penna av 
Collars Chas. A. tobacconist, 135 Penna av 
Collars Geo. B. cigarmkr, 135 Penna av 
Collateral Security Bank of Baltimore, B. F. 

Ulman, pres't, 27 and 29 w Fayette 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, n e cor 

Hanover and Lombard 
Collenberg Christian, shoemkr, 104 s Bond 
Collenberg Geo. clerk, 359 Orleans 
Collenberg J. Henry, clerk, 359 Orleans 
Collenberg Theo. grocery, 359 Orleans 
Collett Geo. W. huckster, 100 s High 
Collett James, fireman, Falls rd nr tollgate 

j Colhtt Jeremiah C carp. Falls rd nr tollgate 

! Collett Thos. carp. Lemmon ct 

I Collett Thos. E. boxmkr, 44 e Lombard 

i Collett Wm. carp. 10 n Strieker ext 

i Colley Alfred, carp. 6 Patterson la 

; Colley Amos V. carp. 697 W Fayette 

I Colley Wm H. carp. 401 Hollins 

i^Colley John W. carpenter and builder, n w cor - 
Strieker and Hollins 
Collier Andrew J. gasfitter, 4 Warner 
Collier Benj. lab. 28 n Amity 
Collier Donald R. (C.& Son) 82 Lee 
Collier Frank M. storekpr C. H. 54 Pearl 
Collier Fred, fireman, 213 s Ann 
Collier Henry, blacksmith, 410 w Lombard 
Collier Henrj', moulder, 4 Warner i 

Collier James F. fireman. 213 s Ann 
Collier John, mariner, 223 Bank 
Collier Mrs. Julia, 179 Mosher 
Collier Mrs. Mary, over 28 n Amity 
Collier Mattie, dieSemkr, 205 s Chester 
Collier Ottis, candy nikr, 410 w Lombard 
Collier & Son (Donald R. and Wm. Collier) 

wholesale liquors, 21 8 Calvert 
Collier Mrs. Ttieresa, grocery, 80 Lee 
Collier Walter, printer, 82 Lee 
Collier Wm (C.& Son) 82 Lee 
Collier Win. Jas. blacksmith, 295 Orleans 
Collings Henry C. butcher, 90 Belair and 109 

Centre Markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
Collings Wm. R. butcher, 115 Centre and 91 
Belair Markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 

^Collins Albert E. clerk, 94 Hollins 
Collins Albert M. bookkpr, 62 s Exeter 












Neatness, Accuracy and Dispatch are BUSINESS HEQUI8ITE8. 

Taught at Sadler's Business College, Noa. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 



Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York, 

I 01 




.. . poi U r, ISO 11 Front 

i Columbia 

I — • irp. :«7 Paj 


^ i 

II. puddler, 189 Had 
— -5. n Lombard 

— | Inter, Hampden 



_ Baltic 

! laniel, l«l>. 16 W 

I. imbard 
icis, Franklin and Fulton 
brii krnkr, 384 Light 
Collins Pram ■ 108 Elisor 

Oollina Prank, i 100 Light 

Collins Prank B. whitesmith, 26 i •■ M tdis in 

i G H. buckster, 168 a Wolfe 
Coll ins Geo. 11. buclutei era av 



IS ikspear, dw i 


1 I igh 

^" ini Di Geo. T. 40 Richmond 
VY. hocluter, 88 1 1 k 
iliua Henry, ke< , !<• l'ark,400 Light 

Henry, carp. 201 Dr., id Hill uv 

a nlfe 
Uenrj S. lal 
Hint Honora, confectioner, l 7<j Cbeaapeake 
- ' ' ..;..- I. iratia E carp nT Parkin 

Howard, brick. ay er, 13 Whatcoat 
line James, ironworker, I- Harriaon 
. Collins James, lab. 05 Patnxent 
_ illins Oapt James, mariner, J 4 1 Bs 

inecutter, Woodberry 
line Jeremiah, j>oi tei , lal Townsend 

miab, bricklayer, 13 Whatcoat 




- John, l >b. 186 Cbesnnt 

• . :|. el. 63 S High 
('••una av 

Collins John H. driver, Hampden 
Collins John II. trunkmkr, 103 e Middle 
Collin- John N drover, 89e w Pratt 
ds John W. upholsterer, ¥1 Harrison 
J .tin W . bo ■■ Biddle 

i — I O pb D. sergl. police, 181 Johnson 

r - I pb T. train 84 Hollins 

1 .n- i. » .. i oper, I i - i i emont 
In Airs. Martha, :<i llollius 

'•I u tin. umbrellas, 81 e Lombard 
lira Mai;., 260 Hank 
lioi Mrs. Mary, furniture, .7 Harrison 
■ itiiukr. \>~i Hal i 
lab I Randall 
. i Mosher 
'. Collins t'. J. wheelwright, Cbesonl nr Hillen 
z — ' I ins ii rii I fui • •' ire, 60 llairiaou 
B I I'm sident 
•"~: i ollini P -i' r, I860besnnt 

1 I leal 

J . laborer, l 

. •■!! ii. nt',, i ,i i,i ,,, Home\ ( ft 

t 'ill i.' i 

t'y, 31 1 Eastern as 
■ carp. 196 n Premont 

Collins 8 ■ iiiui'i rarp. 244 Gongh 
Oollina Sarah A .60 
Collins Thoe. B, marine engi 
Collins Thus J. talesman, 238 argyle av 
c.ilins Tbos. J. lab. 448 a Lombard 
Collins Timothy, driver, 198 Cbesnnt 

- Win lab. i ■ Abiiot 
Collins Win. lab. ~'< a Amity 

Collins Win. C. 10 Wh Ll 

COLLINS WM B. chief clerk State tobacco 
war, I Pranklin 

•\ ii H.keeprCbancery records, 490 Lighl 
Win. H. attorney, 84 St. Paul,dw 

Collins Win. II. engineer, iQ Columbia 

4jollinson J. c. paints, oils, glass, A 

ington, da '- 16 Lanvale 

(in John, clerk, 1 i 1 Bai re 
Collisoii Mrs. Blisa, 141 Stirling 
Oollison k Kn«en (Wm Collisuii, Thos.Kueen. ) 

tailors, 291 w 1'ratt 
Oollison Mrs. Mary, notions, 45 s Bond 
Colliaon Peter, lab. 14 > Stirling 

Oollison Tbos. huckster, 141 Stirling 
Oollison Win. (C. k Kueeii,) 18 s Fulton 

ia W in. lab. 108 Columbia 
Oollmua Robert S. harness and trunks, 17 Park 

av, dw 12:: n High 
Collmns Solomon, saddler, 123 n High 
CollmuH Win. barnessmkr, 123 n High 
Collopj John, drayman* i73 Dover 
Collopy Wm. lab. 7 n Auiitj 
Column Clara, boarding, "il o Frederick 
Column A. II. Bhues, 212 w Lombard 
Col mar j Oapt Abraham L. 212 a Lombard 
Colonisation office Jas. Hah, agent, 8 German 

Oolonj John, mariner, 7'.' s Duncan al 

Co I Mrs. C. 0. boarding, 77 Camden 

Colston Annie P.teacbi r,Qilm ir nrOumberland 

Colston B. a., Qilmor di Comberlund 

Colston F. M. r>2 w Madison 

Colston Jos.H.cigarmkr,(itlmor nrCuinbeiland 

Co ston Oliver, clerk, (iiluior nr Cuiubeiland 

Colston W. U. tea, 75 11 Libertj 

Colter John 11. street sunt. 132 McBlderry 

Colton & Baeijer,(Jobn Coltou, J.Geo. Baetjer, 1 

manufrs. sud jobbers in hosiery, gloves and 

nndi rwear, l CO Lexington 

Colton Dental Association, 81 W Payette 
Colton Edward I . hosiery and notions, 204 I. 

da 329 n Broad waj 
Colton Mrs. Emma M. 23 n Pace 

d I- 1 ink L salesman, 4;:7 q Strieker 
Colton Pred bonsefurnishlng goods, 146 d c.t> 
ipr Md Republican,36l a Strieker 
( oiton Henrj ii. liddle 

V'oltou John, 10. .v Baetjei , | 228 Drnid Hill av 
D John II . dei i. 14 I 
Coiion Joa pb S. machinist, 11 Hill 
( 'oil, >ii Theodore, 193 a Bden 
i ollon rVeslej II. bailitf, 361 n Strieker 

. \ sud real estate,49 a Pny- 
stte, dw 2;i n Pace 
Columbia Life Ids. Co., Henry C. Wagi 

oicl X (,n iii:i'i 

Colombia 8treet ( M, B.J Cbnrcb, Colombia bi 


Philip J. pttddUr, Dnloii nr Third a* 

ToiMi. ( ; \v. |38 Bolton 
Col vie I ns ti tote foi Girls, Mrs.M.E.Wood,prio- 

Olpal, .''.'i l oui Hand 

BOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists Tools ami Supplio, 

Packing, Belting,, Boiler Pelt, Waate, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. 

O. F. Bresee, Gen'l Agt. 



Col nn Harry W. 139 Bolton 
Colviu Mrs. S. H. 139 Bolton 

Colwell Mrs. Ann E. 90 Johnson 
Colwell Geo. boilermkr, 90 Johnson 
Col well John, caulker, 273 William 
Colwell Lewis A. painter, 90 Johnson 
Colweli Win. E. jr. caulker, 90 Johnson 
Colyer Daniel, actor, 52 e Pratt 
Coiiiber Bernard, contractor, 89 Elliott 
Comber Georgian n a, saleslady, 02 DruidHill av 
Comber John R. hosiery, cloves, ^"c, 78 Lexing- 
ton, dw 62 Diuid Hill av 
Com er Mrs. Sarah, notions, 62 Druid Hill av 
Combs Leslie, lab. 576 Hanover 
Comegys Alfred, clerk, 245 Arg\le av 
Comegys Benj. fire, life and marine ins. broker, 
9 German nr South, dw Bolton and Lauvale 
Comegys Edward, machinist, 12 Potomac 
Comegys Geo R. canuikr, 12 Putomac 
Comegys John W. painter, 239 e Baltimore 
Comeurys Win. machinist, 12 Potomac 
Comegys ("apt. Wm. T. mariner, 22 s Chester 
Cornelia Antonio, janitor, 34 Mulberry 
CominsGeo. T. bedsteads and Chicester cradles, 

49 Light, dw 60 n Paca 
Comins Patrick, lab. 128 Battery av 
Comins Thomas B. jr. 66 a Paca 
Comly John J. blacksmith, 58i) Penna av 
Command John, police, 25 s Regester 
Command Michael, police, 381 Orleans 
Commerce Fire Ins. Company, of Albany, N.Y. 

agency 83 Second 
Commercial Agency, John McKillop & Co. (Ar- 
thur Tress, manager,) 220 w Baltimore 
Commercial Building. n e corGiyand Lombard 
Commercial Collection Agency, J. R. Duval, 
manager, 57 Saratoga 

Commercial Collection Igenru, 


J. R. DUVAL, Manager. 

Collections Made in all Parts of the Country 

BANK, s w cor Howard and German 

Commercial Union Fire Insurance Co. of Lon- 
don, s w cor South and German 

Commissioners of Insolvent debtors, lower floor 
City Court house 


commissioners of public schools, 

Oily Hall, (See Appendix.) 

Hall J 


CO. of Boston, Lawford & McKim, agents, 

10 s Holliday 
Comptou Barms, State treasurer, dw 181 n 

< 'arrollton av 
Cotu ( ion James, weaver, Mount Vernon mills 
Comptou Mary Ann. 2H5 Saratoga 

Vansant, comptroller 
Conant Samuel W. shoemkr, 253 n Dallas 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 


22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the lato Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the 
largestloans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Hates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Conaway Alfred, papercarrier, 221 Mulberry 
Conavvay Antoue, carp., Fort av nr Covington 
Conaway Chas. lab. 260 Columbia 
Conaway Chas. fisherman, 10 Burrough 
Conaway Chas. (Duncan & Conaway,) 138 Mc- 

Conaway Mrs. Delia, grocery, 1 Williamson al 
Conaway Geo. lab. Fort av nr Jackson 
Conaway John M.L. drover, 342 McIIenry 
Conaway Joseph, engineer, 1 Williamson al 
Conaway Perry, lab. 6 Rupard 
Conaway Richard, lab. 260 Columbia 
Conavvay Samuel, lab. Fort av nr Jackson 
Conaway Solomon, watchman, 342 McHenry 
Conaway Wallace, lab. 342 McHenry 
Conaway Zichariah, fisherman, Fort av nr Cov- 
Concanuou Jas. H. police, 29 Woodyear 
Concannon Patrick, 29 Woodyear 
Concanuon Patrick, lab. 27 n Amity 
Concannon Patrick, mariner, 16 Slemmer al 
Concannon Thos. mariner, 16 Slemmer al 
CONCORDIA OPERA HOUSE, 8, 10 and 12 s 

Couday I. M. 382 Myrtle av 
Condon John, lab. 24 e Lombard 
Condon Wm. J. wagoner, 35 Abey al 
Condrey John,, lab. 356 s Charles 
Cone & Adler, (H.Coue, J.Adler) grocers and 

com. merchis, 25 s Howard 
Cone Ciesar, clerk, 289 w Lombard 
Cone Herman, (C.&Adler) 289 w Lombard 
Cone Moses, clerk, 289 vv Lombard 
Cone,) Wm. lab. 102 e Madison 
Couey Win. carp, and builder, Hampden 
Congdon Saml.H.(Croruwell&C.)173 Linden av 
Conine Mrs. Mary A. 234 n Charles 
Couio Mrs. Carrie, grocery, 70 President 
Conio John, clerk, 7o President 
Conklin Capt. Clinton, Waverley 
ConklinChas.A.(Lyon,C.& Co. jCarrollton hotel 
Conklin Daniel E. (C, Willis&Co.) Carrollton 

Conklin Edward, clerk, 400 Madison av 
Conklin G. F. (G.P.C.&Co.) 10 n Strieker 
Coukliu G. F. & Co. (G.F. Conklin) tobacco, 

cigars, &c. wholesale, 22 German nr Light 
Conklin Isaac, capper, 21 Fountain 
Conklin John H. lab. 21 Fountain 
Conklin John H. lab. Clinton and Toone 
Conklin Joseph L. lab. 21 Fountain 
Conklin Julius, lab. 66 e Biddle 
Conklin Mrs. Mary, 21 Fountain 
Conklin Capt. Michael, Waverley 
Conklin Thomas, 400 Madison av 
Conklin Wm. H. tobacco broker, 18 n Strieker 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 











F. Bresee & Sons. Life, Fire and Marine 

( uN 



PZ nover 

__ l Win. MrColloh 

-.17 « I*i fit t 
. 211 li Kuliiw 


■ ' on mills 

lej Win. b ackemith, \\ ood 

raphist, 2 1 I n Kuiuw 
~" I ■ nlifl H 


■■• r. 1 1 M u ! likin 

. machinist, 144 Cre< - n tn • • n it t av 
D John, mariner, 72 Block 

i a i On eemoonl %i 

- .mil i, lab. 1 44 Greenmounl at 

- as w . propi ■• Boward 
ii ot Prauklin, da '.'6 » Biddle 

\ . inl Ptanklin 
Conn Win. 'J' clerk, lu Green mono I av 
i igbton J a met (Jul C.&Go.) JTork rd 
noaugbton Jus. > Oonoaoghton] 

» boh 10 Pi oklin 

anecticul Pi <■ In.- 1 . Co. of Hartford, Conn. 

- eond 
Dnevticnt General Life Ins Co. of Hartford, 
J Conn i o il 

^ Hartford, Co d w* B. Wilkinson, gen. agt. 
i lid and Del., afar y land bldg cor Second 
^5 od PostofSi 

ell .liimfc.-', lab, :<. r > Creek al 
Conuell James, manner, 196 s Ann 
- ' unnell John J. grocer, 107 Pennn uv 
— mnell Mrs. Margaret, '-'.'> Binggold al 
J - i ii.. mil Martin, butcher, lul Penna av 
"^ Connell Marj, 204 n Houa;d 
W nneU Peter, lab, 4 7H m Lombard 
'J- ' onnellee Bdward, baggageuiatter, 5 Ilullins 
- < onnellee Mrs, Blisa, boarding, 38 n Calvert 
1—1 < onnellee .Mrs. Thornton, 117 G Hiliiinore 
y. I eilej An restaurant, 9 Pisb Market sp 
inellj Andrew, lab. 2b Ramsaj 









kiln, /. L.i', Coonellj Tbos. lai . I IS e Monument 
lab. 1 12 II irfbrd <v 
Count lly u m no 
Connelh Win. II mnmkr.l olumbia nrFn mont 

■ .! ■. Win J sliipjoim : 
OONNRLLY W. MONTAGUR.editor Baltimore 

•■ Baltin da N i ( 

Coom ! • leo, cat p, 7 e Madison 

i r Hugh, lab. 109 Wllott 
Conuer Hugh T lab, l < >*♦ Klliotl 
Oonnef J. I Mulberry 

■ r James, lab 27 Parristt 
i .1 uses, tanner .!•■• <• M idisbn 
<'"n a neeotter, 153 i Collin 

Conm r Jami .- W. -17 * Calhoun 
1 i James Z clerk, 296 e Madison 

i J< tiii. distiller, 1 7 <■ Madii 
Conner John jr, lab. 396 Hanover 

n. iai>. l Hudson ai 
Conner John, lab. * J 7 A B LVutral av 
Conner John, earp. .iif>e Lon 

r John, lab. I.: Hoi lint al 
L'ounei John, jeweler, 46 w Baltimore 

U . John A. 286 e Baltimore 
Conner John H. ranmki I ingtoa a? 

Conner John 8 painter 569 Leiinytou 
Conner John T. engineer, 139 Johnson 
Conner Joshua, carp. 423 Lexington 
Conner Joseph G. clerk, 568 Lexington 
Conner Mar] Im.ton uv 

t/Oonei Michael, saloon, 361 Cathedral 
Connei Nicholas, fisbt-nnau, 410 West 
' loom r Roger, lafc. 121 s I histk 
Conner Roger, canmkr, 44 Granby 

i Samuel, telegraphist, ti37 Belairae 
Conner Samuel marii Pratt 

Conner Thomas, painter, 637 Belair av 
Conner Wm. R. barnessmkr, 423 Lexington 
Conner Wm. W.carp f>.".8 Lexington 
Conner Wm. W. jr. carp. 668 Lexington 
ConnersMre. Caroline, 227 i Durham 
Conner a Thomas, rao. 5 e S cood 
Conuerj John, [ailice, 78 a Amitj 
i onnollj A. P. pro lui b, I 68 Surat 
Connollj Mrs. Alice A. dreaemkr, 700 w Balti- 
Connolly Mrs. Anna, grocery, 18 Orleans 
I Coimolij Mrs, Bridget, ! Pleasant a I 
Connollj Mrs Cath. gioeery, 116 Tow 
Connolly Dan el, lab. 27 a Monument 
Connollj Daniel, gilder, 142 a Rutaw 
Connollj Daniel, lab. 18 Liberty al 
i lonuollj I ki* ni, atone polii I rove 

SConnollj Rdward, (fidw.C.4tSons)864 n Butaw 
Connollj Kdward,liquors,cor West and Rossell 
Connolly Bdward .v rJoos,(Rdftd.,Bdwd.jr.and 
James A. Connolly) hats and furs, 

C tolly Bdwd.jr.(Rdw.0.d'Sons)354 n Bntaw 

Connolly Mm, Blisa, grocery, 824 Mulberry 
( kmnollj Dr. P. G 12:: Mulberry 
Connolly Frank, plasterer, .17 1 Lexington 
1 lonnolly Henrj . police, 6 Bast 
Connolly James, rigger, 163 Lombard 
Connolly James, plumber, 1 kt> Porreal 
Connolly James, lab, 128 Druid Mill av 
Connolly James, lab. ! r ' McLeary ct 
Connolly Jasnta, aionlder, in Orleans 
Connolly James A. currier, 161 n Front 

lly Jus. A (Bdw.C kSons)864 n Bute* 
Connollj John, coppersmitb, 6Armfstead la 
Connolly John. gTOOS j , 286 Baborg 

Connellj Mrs.Ellen,groc'y, Mollikin ;md Bethel 
Connelly Prank G. r«-p:»rter, 169 Chesout 
Connelly Geo. W. eaumkr, 22 s Premont 

r, 145 Co in in 1 ia 
j Ish'u-. engineer, 77 Scott 
anally James, polti e, 215 ( In 
~ .niifiiy Jjntif-.-i, mariner, i""i 1 1 hi 

J. unes J. stonecutter, :-f7 I 1'enna av 
I I nnelly John, Iretnan, 297 North 

llj John, telegraphist, 10 u Premont 
nnelly John, lab. Bruce or McHenry 

— OUelly John, packer. 107 s DuCCMfl al 

ft\ ' onnelly John, psddnr, 271 n Dallas 

M ' ' lj John, boiiermkr, Mullikinand Bethel 

-. I mnallj John, qaarryman, Fails id nr gate 

• nelly John ( . plumber, 138 w Townnend 
■nnelly J.-hn J .Mulhkin and Bethel 
^_ I OUoellj John T. paperhan^i 1 . ■:> - Pa( 1 

.nelly Lawrence, lab, ill s I'unran al 
— I Connelly Mrs L 

tnellj Martin, lab, 28 Hilleu 

— Connelly Martin boetuki 183 n Bethol 


1 noellj Mary, UilornaB, BOO c Monument 
police, 434 w Lombard 
Connelly Patrick, watchman, 7 a Central av 
lly Patrick, lab. 10 n Premont 

YUUNU (iENTLBBCEH thoroughly prepared for BUSINESS, 

At Bftdler'l Bryant fend Str.itton Businese College. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 

CON 161 COff ^ 

Connollv John, plumher, 40 Woodyear irnwiiffi aia/nmawataawi ^rfW 

Connolly John, painter, 128 Druid Hill «v 

Connolly John, tailor, 263 Forrest 

Connollv John, lab. Russell nr West 

Connolly John, lab. 81 York 

Connolly John, shoemkr, E\g\e hotel 

Connollv Johu, boots and shoes, 92i n Calvert, 

dw 27 e Monument 
Connolly John, lab. 264 Ramsay 
Connolly John J. clerk, 10 n Fieniont 
Connolly Lawrence, huckster, 161 n Front 
Connolly Lawrence, shoemkr, 5 King ct 
Connolly Martin, lab. 38 Bennett 
Connolly Martin, lab. 105 York 
Connolly Martin, lab. 29 Hiilen 
Connolly Michael, teacher, 169 Saratoga 
Connolly Michael, coachpainter, 142 s Eutaw 
Connolly Nicholas, lab. 38 Bennett 
Connolly Oliver, lab. North av nr Cathedral 
Conuolly Owen, watchman, 246 n Front 
Connolly Michael, lab. 1 s Fulton 
Connolly Patrick, lab. 8 Constitution 
Com oily Patrick, horseshoer, 67 n Amity 
Connolly Patrick A. lab. 4 Price ct 
Connollv Stephen, lab. 91 Harmony la 
Connolly Thos. lab. 38 Bennett 
Connolly Thos. hodcarrier, 5 Armistead la 
Connolly Tdos. brassfiuisher, 142 s Eutaw 
Connolly Thos. H. tinner, 2 Webster al 
Connolly Timothy, huckster, 125 Hill 
Connolly Wiu. porter, 4 Fall 
Connollv Wm. A. patternuiki, 662 Saratoga 
Connor .Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 54 Druid Hill av 
Connor Barclay, lab. Wilcox nr Chase 
Connor Bernard, lab. 69 Voik 
Connor Catharine, 9 Fountain 
Connor Chas. cooper, Uti Fort av 
Connor Chas. A. clerk, 26 Jackson 
Connor Daniel, lab 9 Fountain 
Connor Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 Forrest pi 
Connor F. J. telegraphist, 146 e Eager 
Counor Francis, stonecutter, 162 s Wolfe 
Connor Francis, stillman, 87 Putuxeut 
Connor Francis P. driver. 87 Paluxent 
Connor Geo W. lab. )£ Jefferson 
Connor James, canmKr, 263 s Dalits 
Connor John, (Stevenson & Co.) Collington uv 

nr Eastern av 
Counor John J. clerk, 113 e Eager 
Connor Joiiu W . printer, 24 s Fulton 
Counor Mrs. Mary, grocery, 316 Cross 
Connor Michael, barkpr. 63 s Charles 
Connor Michael F. supt. Cathedral cemetery, 77 

Connor Michael J. letter carrier, 394 e Fayette 
Counor Morris, moulder, 12 n Schroeder ' 
Connor Thos. lab. 113 e Eager 
Connor Thos. lab. 196 n Front 
Counor Thomas I. driver, 87 Paluxent 
Connor Tims. J. barkpr. 23 s Howard 
i onuors John, lab 99 Eastern av 
Connors John, lab. 112 s Duncan al 
Conoway Wm. E. tobacconist, 84 Jefferson 
Conrad Chas. lab. Second nr Toone 
Conrad Chas. plumber, 284 Argyle av 
Conrad Mrs. Dorothy, tailoress, 10 Clement 
Conrad Francis M. bookkpr. 297 Mosher 
Conrad Frederick, blacksmith and hardware, 

5U3 u Gay 
Conrad Henry, cabinetinkr, 106 Chew- 
Conrad Henry, stairbuilder, 158 Franklin 
Conrad John, lab. 76 Grindall 

MONET! $100,000 to loan! sp\ g 

In Sams to Salt, st § @ ^ 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. > 

Established by the late Leyi Benjamin, 18S0. '^ 
This responsible office still continues to make the (3 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of _ 
charges than any other office in this city. h-2 

Conrad John, collier, Second nr Toone 

Conrad John F. tin and sheet iron worker,Sec- [j3 

ond nr Toone 
Conrad John F. confectioner, cor George and 

Myi tie av 
Conrad Mrs. Julie', Washington nr Chase 
CONRAD L. L. attorney, Calvert and Lexing- 
ton, dw 74 w Madison 
Conrad J. Monroe, clerk, 324 n Strieker 
Conrad Mrs. Philip, 108 Bill 
Conrad Wm. H. dairy, 253 Franklin 
Conrades August, shoemkr, 847 w Baltimore 
Conradt C. J. ii|iholsierer. 522 Mulberry 
Conradt Geo. F. salesman. 549 Franklin 
Conroy Andrew, mariner, 129 s Castle 
Conroy Cornelius, collier, 101 Cooksie 
Conroy James, baker. 108 Stirling 
Conroy John, police, 78 n Amity 
Conroy John, porter, 29 Cambridge 
Conroy John, carter, 466 Harford av 
Conroy John M. driver, 29 Cambridge 
Conroy Julia A. milliner, 3*6 Bank 
Couroy Lawrence, lab. 466 Harford av 
Conroy Michael, mariner, 336 Bank 
Conroy Patrick, 12 u Strieker ext 
Conroy Pet<-r, lab. 19 Pleasant al 
Conroy Thomas, lab. 29 Cambridge 
Conroy Thomas, huckster, 171 Mulberry 
Conry James H. shoemkr, 133 s Regester 
Conry John sr. lab. 356 s Charles 
Conry John jr. lab. 356 s Charles 
Conry John F. moulder, 133 s Regester 
Conry Mrs. Wary, 38 Morton al 
Conry Michael, blacksmith, 356 s Charles 
Conry Patrick, lab. 95 Elliott 
Conry T. J. clerk, 323 w Hoffman 
Conry Tliomas, clerk, 323 w Hoffman 
Conry Thos. P. lab. 133 s Regester 
Conser M. V. teacher, 192 n Arlington av 
Conser Rev. S. L. M. 192 n Arlington av 
Considine Johu, barkpr, 1 Hollingsworth 
Considine Patrick, police, 134 Druid Hill av 
ConsolidatedBuildmg,s w corSouth andGerman <x> 
Consolidated Chrome Co., G. W. Bishop, prest. <rf 

Maryland bldg g 

Consolidated Real Estate and FireIn3uranceCo. ~[ 

of Baltimore, room 1 second floor, s w cor 

German and South 
Consolidation Coal Co. pier 16, Locust Point, 

office 25 s Gay,Gilmor Meredith &Co. agents 
Constable Chas. H. clerk, 41 McCulloh 
Constable Harry C. clerk, 41 McCulloh 
Constable W. R. salesman, 41 McCulloh 
Constable Willie S. clerk, 41 McCulloh 
Constance Geo. shoemkr, 255 n Caroline 
Constance Harman, tailor, 372 n Gay 
Constance Joseph, tailor, 172 n Dallas 











SADLER'S Bryant and Stratton BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore, g- 
Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

L69 COO 







I., nun. m 


.v A •• d ag< uts 
^, of the 

r Mount i ad Hollins 


• r a nd 

iition, n W OOI Park sv and 


sinter, 7 n Churl 

North< i n Central hotel 
.H.andPatrick Conway )gro< 

c oerj -|1 " 

is. lull in Barroagh 
!l carp Noi th at di Druid Bill u» 

.(J.Gonway,B L \V!iilel'ord)lii en 
« Mdl ■ " ' Charles 


— i : la . J j ngineer, l( - nke 

u (Jobi , Bllen V. prop' treat Albion bouse, 

and Bi( bn 

legraphist, mbard 

— • Pratt 
nwaj Prancia K. machinist, 8 •* Poppleton 

L68 it Btrii 

£- I ' T. lab., John i.l HI I'. irk av 

£j | . W. shncker, 123 * Spring 

^S' I way 

W ( . fc j ,1.. J*o«R.trimmings, 1 87 n Caroline 
bn, shoemkr, l46Greenmonutav 

— | :.. y John. (Uherman, 131 Battery at 
^- i way John, lab. 1 Willow 

H Ooni "■ John, lab. 1 Hull al 

£~~ Uoowaj Jno. stoves. 170 Koirest.dw 287 n Front 

'"' Conway John F. blkamith, 45 ■ Carrollton av 

»-3 Conway John 11 site 

j~i Conway John N. monldi i I iioun 

— | sway Mi.-. John B. II 

ly Joeepb, caulker, 80 Join. 

laway Lawrence, lab. 182 a Bden 
^— ' Oonwaj Bm. Maiy, grocery, 46 s Carrollton at 
ehael, barkj ignr 

iraj Michael, fireman, CiMioun di I 

M'Miuaou, 156 Myrtle a v 
r_( Oonwaj Patrick, IhIi. I 

; _j_ i lonwaj Patrick, police, I ; I Li ■ 

>— Oonwaj Patrick, contractor, (T.OallabanJkOo.) 

i— 3 838 a Lombard 

Conwaj Patrick, [C.kBro.] i ot e Fayette 

I — i unwa\ Patrick U '-l-iid 

: Conwaj Richard 11 watchman. 7 Warner 

] i raj Robt.T^ialrbnlider, John and Hoffman 
^> Conway Tboe. lab. B Olarktoi al 

C Conwaj I*, m. V moulder, tm a ! 

U'm. 11 : 1 Prtii'! Hill nv 

\\'-i M. clerk, 154 Bt. Paul 
Cony .' - produ •• 9 

■ r- Mr~. Hi mil mi. periodicals, 44 Thanes 
l n James, lab. rear 7.'iT> e Pratl 

■i John, i 
l ■• Patrick, lab. rear 738 n Pratl 

■I Patri* 1: n 

\ ' , | oecutter, 288 n Bond 
. i Johnson 
Allen, driver, 69 n Doni an al 
tan, 16 Hollins 
ony, florist, Mulberry and ArUi 


Cook Anthony j ■ st w of Fulton 

('..ok Antonie, brickmkr, B 

I ilrj . 243 Hitter;, av 
i emkr, v7av< 

i ook Ben] M. I ool and in Waveiley 

B«g< r 
Ma ben \ or < ' ■■ roll I 

inger, 488 Lexington 
< has H. v Stewart Mio? j 162 " 
i:. cli rk 18 Hollins 

Icklayer, 3C.» n Gay 
COOK UHRI8TIAN, boots and Bboes,278Lipht 
Christopher, butcher, 82 Belair Mkt, dw 

u rd and Lexington 
Daniel, cablnetmkr, 2< '.• .-. F'.ic.i 
Bdward, lab. 8 '< Oranby 
Bliiabeth buckstress, 233 Aliceannn 
Cook Mr-. B lubeth, 272 e Pratt 
Emily J. 162 e Monum 
Cook Mrs. Bva, tnilori-8S, 88 s Duncan si 
i Francis, lab. 18 Oalleudar si 
I Prancis R. watchman, :; Thames 

Flunk, dgitrnikr, C2l» H m 
i\x\ Prank, clerk, :io'f> Pranklin 

. Pred. tf. butcher, 129 II. mover 
Cook Fred, telegraphist, 34:< Penna av 
Fred shoemkr. B32 w Baltimore 
Cook Fred, lab 12 Bolton ul 

Cook Pred, c. attorney, h5 m Fayette, dw 

G i eerie 
Cook Ceo. barber, 443 W Fayette 

Cook Ceo. clerk, 484 Canton at 

Cook Geo. clerk, 172 w Lombard 

1 ook Geo wheelwright and blacksmith, 107 

Faster rKuv 
Cook Mrs. Geo. tfrocerv, John >\ud Spring 

Cook I 1 ■■ 0. B. '■ I li Greene 

. w. eli rk, n Warren 
Cook Qeo. w. bneh Uioeanna 

Cook Geo. \V. bnekster, - i r» 1 1'ennaav 
W. sngmeer, 548 Hanover 

Cook Gilbert 0. teller, 88 Jackson sq av 

. Qusuvua, prof, music, John and Spring 
Cook Barry, brakeman, 1 r» 1 Hanover 
Cuok Barrj 0. (J M.OookJrOo.) 688 w Fayette 
Cook Barry B drag clerk, lit n Bxetrr 
Cook Henry, shoemkr, 173 Harford r 

Co .k Benrj . ■ u 1 . 88 1 H mover 

Mnlberry nr Carrollton \i 
Cook Henry A. painter, 162 Greenmunnl at 
iboemkr, 184 Hamburg 
• oal, ( '..'i Mullikin, dw J7s 
CO<»K HFNKV P. bookseller and stationer, 76 
m Baltimore, dw <~>i2 Lexington 

HOLMES it CO., Engineers' and Machinist*' Tools and BupplieB, 

lacking, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolta, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Building. 




Cook Henry C p .inter. 278 Mulberry 

Cook Henry L. clerk, 596 w Fayette 

Cook Hugo, tobacconist, 20 Conway 

Cook Isaac P. 622 Lexington 

Cook Jacob, lab. 292 Hanover 

Cook Jacob F. clerk, 278 .Mulberry 

Cook Jas. E. conductor, 550 Hauover 

Cook Jas. E. police, 234 Hanover 

Cook Jas. H. jr. (J.H.C.&Son) 42 Warren 

Cook Jas. H. &Son, ( J H.andJ. H.Cook jr. )gro- 

cers and coin, merchts. 118 Light-st whf 
Cook Jas. H. (J.H.C.&Son) 42 Warren 
Cook John, police, 66 n Scbroeder 
Cook John, porter, 215 w Pratt 
Cook John, sboetnkr, 113 Henrietta 
Cook John, lab. 46 Preston 
Cook John, boileriukr, 9 Cuba 
Cook John, paperbanger, 64 u Scbroeder 
Cuok John, huckster, 32 a Scbroeder 
Cook John D. clerk, 149 s Sharp 
Cook John F. machinist, 611 w Lombard 
Cook John F. detective, 352 n Broadway 
Cook J. Glenn (S.G.B.C.& Co.) 725 Lexingion 
Cook Johu H. cutter, 182 e Lombard 
Cook John H undertaker, 709 w Baltimore 
Cook John H. messenger, Cathedral and Federal 
Cook John J. police, G6 u Scbroeder 
Cook John K. block and pumpmkr, 23 PbilDOt, 

d\v 6 s Caroline 
Cook John P. baker, 191 s Bond 
Cook John T. carp. 329 McHenrv 
Cook John W. huckster, 32 n Scbroeder 
Cook Joseph, lab. Washington av ext 
Cook Joseph A. lab. Washington av ext 
Cook Joseph B. undertaker and hacks, 707 w 

Cook Joseph C. tinner. 28 Hanover 
Cook J.M.&Co.(J.M.,H.C.,Wm.W.L.andT.F. 

Cook) wholes, grocers. 15 Commerce 
Cook Joseph M. (J.M.C.&Co.) 16 Hollins 
Cook Lewis, stonecutter, 66 n Scbroeder 
Cook Lewis, huckster, 233 Aliceanna 
Cook Lewis, police, 76 u Fremont 
Cook Lewis G. clerk, Friendship 
Cook Lewis J. carp. 370 Hanover 
Cook Lewis N. 40 Brune 
Cock Margaret, 186 n Kutaw 
Cook Mrs. Martha, boarding, 54 s Eutaw 
Cook Martin, huckster, 244 George 
Cook Mrs. Nancy, dressmkr, 44 Johnson 
Cook Porter, tin can factory, Bethel nr Bank, 

dw 230 « Fayette 
Cook Richard, 410 Mulberry 
Cook Robert A. grocery, 197 Hanover 
Cook Robt. H. block and pumpmkr, foot War- 
ren, dw 319 Light 
Cook Robert M. produce, 122 s High 
Cook Samuel, shoemkr, 422 Cross 
COOK SAMUEL G. B. <y CO. (S.G.B., J.Glenn 

Cook, C.H.Wier, John K.Wilson) hardware, 

manufacturers' agents, 5 and 7 German, w of 

Cook Samuel G. B. (S.G.B.C.&Co.) 161 w 

Cook Mrs. Sarah, notions, 438 Lexington 
Cook Stephen D. lab. 121s Exeter 
Cook Stepheu R. student, 16 Hollins 
Cook Sylvester (C.& Buscbmann) 258 Aisquiih 
Cook Theodore F. (J.M.C.&Co.) 16 Hollins 
Cook Theophilus, eng'r, U.S N. 97 s Broadway 
Cook Thomas, lab. North av nr Johu 
Cook Thomas, shoemkr, 31 Waesche 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Suit, at 



22 N. Cray Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office s till continues to make the 
largestloans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

Cook Thomas, cigarmkr, 84 Richmond 

Cook Thomas J. clerk, 119 Chew 

Cook Thomas R. mariner, 32:: Light 

Cook Thomas W. junk and tavern, 34 Fell and 

291 8 Wolfe 
Cook Valentine, printer, 36 e Eafjer 
Cook Wm. watchman, 682 w Pratt 
Cook Wm. grocery, s w cor Pratt and Caroline 
Cook Wm. police, 61 Bank 
Cook Wm. hostler, Carlton nr Franklin 
Cook Wm. carp Mulberry nr Carrolton av 
Cook Wm. H. baggage master, 227 Hollins 
Cook Wm. 1. reporter, 410 w Fayette 
Cook Wm. I. reporter, 275 Mulberry 
Cook Win. W. cooper, 14 McClellan 
Cook Wm. W. L. (J.M.C.&Co.) 234 Druid 

Hill av 
Cook Wm. V. dairy, 405 Saratoga 
Cook Ztchary, bill poster, 522 Aisquith 
Cooke Adolphus A. (I.Cooke & Sons) 234 n 

Cooke Alfred E. lab. 32 n Bond 
Cooke Andrew J. bookkpr, 797 w Pratt 
Cooke Augustus G. telegraphist, 151 Linden av 
Cooke C. W. builder, 12 s Collington av 
Cooke Daniel A. mariner, 268 e Baltimore 
Cooke David McKim, clerk, 112 w Lanvale 
Cooke Francis A. coachpainter, 151 Linden av 
Cooke Geo. W. cotton bats and wadding, 148$ 

Linden av, dw 151 
Cooke Henry W. 1 Law bldg, dw 238 n Eutaw 
Cooke I. § Sons, (A. A. and O.W.Cooke) com. 

merchts. 50 s Howard 
Cooke Israel, 234 n Carey 
Cooke John T. coachpainter, 151 Linden av 
Cooke Joseph L. police, 253 Franklin 
Cooke Mary, 52 Franklin 
Cooke Dr. 0. A. n w cor Hanover and Lee, dw 

146 Hanover 
Vooke O. W. (I.Cooke & Sons) 234 n Carey 
Cooke Robert B. agent Powhatan Steamboat 

Line, dw 65 n Charles 
Cooke Dr. Theodore, 146 Hanover 
Cooke Thomas, carp. Chester nr Belair av 
Cooke Mrs. Wm. F. 312 Strieker 
Cooke Wm. H. conductor, 153 Aisquith 
Cooke Win. T. clerk, 354 u Broadway 
Cooke Wingfield, paperhanger, 105 Vine 
Cooksie Mansfield, 370 Hanover 
Cooksey John, shipcarp. 337 Eastern av 
Cookaey W. T. 394 w Fayette 
Coolalian Edward, hacks, 313 u Eutaw 
Coolaban John T. shoemkr, Clay nr Park av 
Coolalian Malacbi. shoemkr, 134 Camden 
Coolahan Malachi, shoemkr, 15 Scott 
Cooiey Edwardjhuckster, Vincent al nr Ramsay 
Cooley J. R. C. clerk, Winchester nr Gilmor 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 











ct ' 














Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 



Mrs. I.. J 81 Chew 

W. prof, rnai hematics, Park av 

n Proot 
I .'..I 1 1 i t »— 


n r Ann 
1 mm 1 11". 

. hard, primer M m Balilu 

i-iii 181 Pr< Mtm in 

- tOD RT 



d l»r John kiequilh 

Coooan John II. • 


Coone Marti D, lab 14 PleasHot al 

12 m Lombard 
. Christopher, shoemkr 333 llolberrj 

j .nt nl 
'lcr. 61 s Washington 
Ai-ijuith nr Point la 
j John, lab. 100 Vork 
■> Jolm, lab. 1 J J> HVrson 
'■': i iinel. tailor, in i N'orris al 
Muhael hit.. 68 Vork 
Michael, lah. 108 a Central av 
Cooney Michael, tailor, 20;{ n Bcbrotjder 
Patrick driver, :»!» Kastern av 
■\ Thomas. Bremen, J 16 Light 
Cooper add) ;4 Hough 

old pen maker, over 6 South, 
da III e Madison 

boilermkr, 261 s Ann 
Cooper Betij C. (C. $ Seltzer)-! 38 e Baltimore 
B-nj. F. c Baltimore 

■ r Metij. P. carp. 403 w Payette 

Capt Edward K. ( B.W.L.Rasin k Co.) 


0t) operative Ceilii Ptn.F Bennett, Jaa. 

W . Clerosen, Henri 1> Willis. J. E. Thome- 
•on.) oaaea 27 4 - Broadway 

Mrs. Electa, confectioner/ , :'. n High 
Mrs. Kiizn. dreeamaker, 4 -in a Lombard 
Cooper Prank, horseshoer, 114 Preston 
Oooper Geo. beer, 216 e Pratt 

' ;<•... F. painter, 60 n Bond 
Oooper Oeo. B ■bipcarp* l23Gough 
Oooper Ceo R. hlksmth, 25 Arch 

i. W. •bipjoiuer, 448 e Lombard 
• II. J. ship -mi n 335 Light 
: Harry A. clerk, 7 29 MadlaOQ av ext 
Herman, cigarmaker, 200 n Caroline 
ei Hugh W. 189 Penna av 
ei James, shoemkr 196 -.•• Baltimore 
i James, niacbin erry 


r James W. clerk, J'.6 « Charles 
Jarreit, watchman, North av nr John 
Cooper John, btrr, 146 Eastern av 

: John, sli'r <-igh» 

John, cooper, 15 Poultney 
er John, ebainnkr, *'< n Washington 
■ John, driver, s: a Central av 
r J'lhn a . huckster, l "8 s Ann 
r John c. dork, 174 w Fayette 

Co.. per John H. pilot and pies' t Pilots' Asso- 
ciation, 83 Thames, dw 63 I Ann 

r Jobo H. porter, North av nr John 
Oooper John S. manufr. gents, fur. goods, 

W H \ 

Mrs. John W. 468 e Lombard 
eph J. painter, 46 ffalker 
Oooper Joseph, puddlrr, 97 Thames 
Oooper Mrt. Julia, chair cnner, l Willow 

' "gh 

181 w Lombard 
Cooper Samuel, letter carrier, '.'27 Light 
Cooper A Seltzer, (B. C Coo, -■ Itzer) 

butel irkel 

Oiour, clerk. 2\ Clint. m :iv 

tern Ml. hotel 
1 Tiio- mariner, ill Montgomery 

Cooper Tin m. N bookkpr, 202 Argylea* 
r Wm. 0. driver, North at nr John 
i Wm. II. dark, 468 a Lombard ' 

Win. lab, Hampden 
Cooper Wm. clerk, 1*9 .Mfrson 

Cooper Win. M . (Milmine, Bodman & Co.) 


edger, 191 s Chester 
Bam. W i B.Brooke Nj 08 k Co.) 410 w 

'has. constable, Palls rd nr tollgate 
foreman, 91 s Castle 
Copeland Philip D. carpenter, Loudon av neRr 
Millington la 

Oopenbaver A.naparhnnginga,l60a Broadway 

Copen haver John H. p.ipei h'r,394 e Monument 
Oopenbaver Satnl. II. talesman, J 5 4 n Calhoun 

1 harles, moulder, 98 Parkin 
(.'opes Geo. L. shuckcr, 221 e Pratt 

Miles, shoemkr, Warner and Wayne 
Copland Robert, provi McMechin 

Copp John M. lab. 24 McKitn 
Coppage Benj. clerk, !3o n High 
Coppage Mr.-. Josephine. 130 n High 
Copper James II. ladies' shoemkr, 57 En^or 
Copper Wm. 0. florist, 36 s Bond 
Cupping Mrs. 0. w. butter, 48 Pearl 

Coppola C,. V fruit, il8 Pearl 
Coram Mr*. Mary E. eont'y.Pi att and Norris al 
Coram Win. H. huckster. 29 Billet 
Coram Win. II. shoemkr, Pratt and Norris al 
Corbett Em tniiel, 466 e Lombard 
Corbett John W. deik, 466 e Lombard 
L'orbin John W. (Brown, Boggs ti Co.) St. 
Clair hotel 

Corbin Mrs. Mary, Hampden 
Corbitt Edward, carter, 68 Vork 
Oorbitt John, moulder, lo7 York 
Corbitt John, blacksmith, 108 Vork 
Corbitt John T. milk, 218 w Laorale! 
Corbitt Patrick, grocery, Hughes mid William 
Corbitt Win. W. clerk. 218 w Lanvale 
Corcoran John, police, 36 Park av 

.•i John T. m.vel'y agent, 63 n Eu'aw, 
dw 108 Aigyle av 

Corcoran Martin, lab. l (Jnfflss ct 
i lorcoran Michael, porter, 121 r7< 
Corooran Ifichael, porter, 70 Albemarle 
Corcoran Michael, bottler, 20 Richmond 

■ ii Btepheo. grocery, B2 Weal Falls av, 
dw 123 Ali'iinaile 
Corcoran Tbot. blktmitb, Clinton nr Third aV 

c.,r. I Jamet, i lerk, m B ■ Sharp 

mi T. dk "ml model maker, 3o8 Sharp 


Sadler's Bryant aud Stratton Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the "World. O. F. Bresee, G-en. Agt. 




CordellDr. E F. 125 n Charles 
Cordery John B. ca^inetrnkr, 242 Montgomery 
Cordery Mrs. Sarah R. boarding, 225 e Baltimore 
Cordery Wm. H. 318 n Eden 
Cordes Htmry, cigarmkr, 51 s Charles 
Cordes Henry, barkpr, 96 s Eutaw 
Cording Henrv, carp. 75 n Fremont 
' Cordray Adolphua M. (C C.Clark. & Co.) 147 n 

Cordray Henry F. scroll sawyer, 147 n Strieker 
CordrayW. agent, 137 Peirce 
Cordray Wm. H clerk, 147 n Strieker 
Corem Joseph, driver. 154 Penna av 
Corey Berij. saddles, 1 St. Mary's ct 
Corey Mrs. R-becca. 149 n Caroline 
Coriell Alvin, bookkpr, 42 Argyle av 
Coriell Isaac, contractor, 42 Argyle av . 
Corkran Benj. W. sr. teller, 165 n Arlington av 
Corkran Benj. W. jr. clerk, 165 a Arlington av 
Corkran Cbas. 327 Druid Hill av 
Corkran John A. stevedore, 56 s Central av 
Corkran Win. deputy naval officer, cor Park av 

and Townsend 
Cormack Alfred, police, 8 Tyson 
Corman Stephen A. shoemkr, 121 n Scbroeder 

and Wood, Wm. F. Wheatley. sec'y 
Corn and FlourExcbange S impleRoom. 7 Wood 
Cornelius Geo. W. provisions, 311 e Madison 
Cornelius Geo. W. lab. Mount Vernon 
Cornelius John, huckster, 170 Ensor 
Cornelius John C. deputy warden Penitentiary, 

158 Harford av 
Cornelius John E machinist, Mount Vernon 
Cornelius John W. bookkpr, *8 n Charles 
Cornelius Nicholas. 163 Forrest 
Cornelius Nicholas A. arab, 135 eBiddle 
Cornelius Richard, cashier Nat. Farmers and 

Planters Bank, dw 480 Madison av 
Cornelius Thos. clerk, 19 Scott 
Cornelius Winfield S stonecutr. 158 Harford av 
Cornelius Wm. lab. 127 n Spring 
Cornell J. B. printer, 1 13 w Fayette 
Cornell John H. carp. 200 Division 
Cornell Michael, carp, and builder, 13 Morris 

al, dw 242 Madison av 
Corner Mrs. Ann M. 215 e Pratt 
Corner B. Mezick, (Jas.C.&Sons) New York 
Corner Frank, clerk, 20 n Broadway 
Corner Geo. W. (Jas.C.&Sons) 20 n Broadway 
Corner H. W. 39 Albemarle 
CORNER JAMES J. & CO. (Jas. J. Corner) flour 

aud grain coin, merchts. 22 Spear's whf 
Corner Jas. J. (Jas.J.C.&Co.) 122 St. Paul 
Corner Jas. T . purser, 84 s Sharp 
Corner Jas. & Sons (Thomas, G.W.,B M and 

Thos. Corner jr. )shipping and com. merchts, 

foot Frederirk-st dock, office 18 Second 
Corner S. R. clerk, 122 St. Paul 
Corner Solomon sr. 122 St. Paul 
Corner Sol. jr. clerk, 82 St. Paul 
Comer Thos. (J.C.&Sons) New York 
Corner Thos. jr. (Jas C.tJ-Sons) New York 
Corner Wm. E. (Jas J.Lacy&Co.) 100 s Bond 
Corner Wm. H. clerk, 259 Linden av 
Corney John, lab. 358 s Charles 
Corney John, shoemkr, 34 Conway 
Corney Luke, lab. 20 Buien 
Corney Philip, lab. 12 Ryan 
Corning Albion J. 185 n Carey 
Corns Ananias, foundryman, 57 Luzerne 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Stsit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office still continues to make the 

largest loans ou goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 

rOElVJ-AJMIlV «fe CO. 


orns Jacob F. tobacconist, Hollins aud Fred- 
erick av 
Corns Jacob S. machinist, Hollius and Fred- 
erick av 
Corns Job D. bookkpr, Hollins and Frederick av 
Corns John, ironworker. 57 Luzerne 
Corns Wm. lab. 283 e Madison 
Corn th wait Chas. S. machinist, 20 St. Peter * 
Cornthwait John, carp. 23 Lanvale 
Cornthwait John M. machinist, 20 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Louis A. mariner, 20 St Peter 
Cornthwait Robert, hatter, 20 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Robt. H. carp. 20 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Thos. S. S. carp. 20 St. Peter 
Corprew James, boilermkr, 394 sv Lombard 
Corprew Jara°s, boilermkr, 213 William 
Corprew Moses, 391 Orleans 
Corprew Moses, boilermkr, 394 w Lombard 
Corprew Mrs.'Rebecca, 391 Orleans 
Corprew Samuel H. engineer, 79 s Bond 
Corprew Thos. boilermkr, 79 s Bond 
Correa Win. J. plasterer, 108 n Caroline 
Correll James M. clerk. 224 George 
Correll John J. carp. Calverton 
Correll Dr. John W. 494 w Fayette 
Correll Stewart D. anient, 13*3 Mosher 
Correll Dr. Thos. 494 w Fa\ette 
Corrie Dr. Ja3. ( B.Gill & C.) 237 Saratoga 
Corrigan Daniel, shoemkr, lu7 Harford av 
Corrigan Mrs. Edwd. grocery, 131 n Broadway 
Corrigan Francis M. engineer, 280 Gough 
Corrigan John, lab. 328 William 
Corrigan Michael, huckster, 1 12 n Bond 
Corrigan Rev. O. B. 40 Hollins 
Corrigan Patrick, tailor, 225 Lee 
Corrigan Patrick, lab. 67 n Front 
Corrigan Patrick, 341 e Baltimore 
Corson Henry, rigger. 18 Fell 
Corse Robt. S. (Wm. Corse & Son) Herring run 

nr Belair av ext 
Corse Wm. & Son (Robt.SCorse)nursery, Her- 
ring run, nr Belair av ext 

CORSE WM.& SON. Clairmont and 
Furley Hall Nurseries, established 
1828. Postoffice Box 248, Balti- 

Corsey Benj. shoemkr, 8 Stockholm 

Corsey Fred. lab. 190 s Regester 

Corsey John, mariner, 43 Hamburg 

Corss John, shoemkr, 51 s Regester 

Cortes Henry, lab. 149 s Bond 

Cortes Mrs. Johanna, aaloon, 96 s Eutaw 

(Jorum J. C. 407 w Lanvale 

Corwine Letba A. upholsts. 19 Greenmount av 


tr 1 




















DRA.FTS on the Principal Cities of the U. S. and Canadas 
Cashed at Sadler's Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 




Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New Y ork, 
< OB 





Corwil 'Hit av 


•w'i lab 111 

:-ir C.uri d 

ire John, watchman City Hall. 83 Bioh> 

• . • ii t 


lohn machinist, :i Wi o 1 ward 

Hi -huiond 
lab. ! I I'll is. nit :il 
.nton av 
■ it 
' a Mount 
Mi-. R. \ 190 n Calhoun 

i ri'iicr, tinner, t7 e Monument 
rill Edward II. booh agent, 46McHenrj 
Cotterill Mrs. Ellen. 191 b Ohape] 
Cotterill Hn M. B 46 McHenry 

ttlnirbam Harrison, clerk, 153 d Arlington at 
Coltingbam James T. clerk, 4ol w Laovale 

i |g irmkr, 2 mery 

Cottinab-tm & Ramsay (S.ll Oottingham, A. A. 

■ iv ) agric. impl's and seeds. 38 d Pace 

Oottinghatn 8. 11. (0.4 Ramsay) 162 o Arling- 

ton av 

iugham Sam'l sr. | It. Sinclair & Co.) 153 d 
Arlington a? 
Oottingham 8amnel jr salesman, 316 Mosber 
Oottman Clarem e, 189 w John 

mas Mrs E. M 189 w .John 
( ' ittinan Herman, i si w John 








I art, clerk, 510 n Premonl 

smith and Shield al, dw 


io & Co.) HI D 

a Dei t rich, Bboemkr, 137 n Bond 
i l a Bi oadway, dw 

ihn I,, in i! agent, Miller's hotel 

Rottansi I Phames 

!, Rottansi, 
Cap) 3 Sancbioni) ph i ;> chandlers, 

la . | 
Inni Pilippo, artist, 'jn Mulberry 

I ew, lab. 79 I Mount 
i Dennis, mou dei . 289 n Front 
Io Bdwd lab m- Oars* 

188 L. Constitution 
Costelln John. .-r. lime kilns and feed. Fayette 
e of But kc, dw 1S1 Orleans 
• John jr. carp I 
. .John, lab. 49 Booth 
Costello John .). miller, Hampden 
Cogfelli) Morn-, lab 46 
o Patrick, carp. 

a Patrick, lab. ■'■ n Calhoun ext 
163 v. I Io;! 
r Ernst, lab iarp 

- II. <• irp l - Calhoun, dw 2S s Fulton 
r James Z. clerk, I i i Ma I 
ih lab loo s Chapel 

teaman, 77 1 m Pratt 
Oapt. Somerville, mariner, 10 Hamburg 
Win sboemkr, 338 w I 
Win. clerk, 330 •• Madison Win. jr lab. 'I'M >■ Pralt 

7 e Pratt 
. Mrs Harriet C. 100 Battery av 
•i James M. moulder, 100 Battery av 

'.'1 broom inanuuf. 
) 18 and 120 Pranklin 

. Mrs. Bll i, 291 a Gilmor 
Home (monthly) Home Publishing Co. 
Woo ' berry 
Gotten G a l Hanover 

1 boarding, 17 a M I 

Idlei . 69 ii I Saroline 
M. a clerl ' 'icnv 

IN ii nan, J. Wall) 
whols li'i d 42 s Fre<l' 

la James, marble poliaber, 313 n Front 
• John, marble polisher, 70 K*-<i 
Cotter Ju>. hyelteav 

ition, Wilson R Bo>d,^ Oottman J. II. chemical broker, cor Ilolliday 
and Bzcbange pi, dw 203 n Howard 
Cotton Harry, bookkpr, lt;c> Franklin 
Cotton L. clothing, 169 Pranklin, dw 23 Clarke 

Clark T. mariner 46 Hamburg 
Cottrell Daniel (I. engineer, 16 Hamburg 
II Mrs. Jane, 298 ii Butaw 
I Jeremiah, mariner, 257 Bank 
Cottrell Thos. J. 298 n Butaw 
Cottrell Wm A. carp. 298 Butaw 
Couch Mrs. Catherine, confect'ry, 225 Park nv 
Couch John B. carp 225 Park av 
Coachman Edward, decorator, 240 e Fayette 
Couchman Geo. carp. 561 a Payette 
Coucbman Joseph, paper, 32 Pattterson Park av 
Couchman Wm. Bbipcarp. 135 s Duncan al 
Cougblao Dennis, bos'.ler, 84 Albemarle 
Coughlan Mrs. Johanna, 59 e Eager 
Cougblan John J. liquors, 69 Mulberry 
Coughlan Kerran, heater, 191 s Chester 
Cougblan Patrick, grocery. Bmk and Chester 
Coughlin John T. painter, 2 Rock 
Coughlin Mrs. Laura, confect'y, 278 s Broadway 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, 2 Rock 
Couglar John, butcher, 52 Belair market, dw 

CongleTbos. W. dispatcher, 313 n Gilmor 
Coulbourn Robt. M. clerk, 150 D Calhoun 
i Coulbourn Stephen I>. Br. com mercht. over 7 

Bowly's wbf. dw 166 n Calhoun 

1 Conlbonrn Stephen D. jr. clerk, 155 n Calhoun 
Ooulehau John J. clerk, 92 Saratoga 
Conlaou Andrew J. painter, His s Regester 
Oonlson Eliza, l 08 a Regeater 
Coulaon Geo. T. butcher, Penns av est 
I Coulson Henri B. clerk, 292 Hollina 
. inlson Mrs Mary II 292 Hollins 
Coulson Robert, clerk, 181 D Caroline 
■ i. iil-on Thos. F. cooper. 123 a Poppleton, dw 

Washington ar eat 
Coulson Wm S painter, 33 Parkin 
Coulter Alex, teller. 106 a Biddle 
Coulter Andrew J. lab. B2 I 

i Archibald B. (Roche & Co.) 226 w 
' Coulter & Co. (Henry 0. and Henry Coulter) 
provisions, I4. r . and 141 North 

Coulter 0. 11. clerk, 15 Shirk nr < »ak 
I lonlter Mrs. Bile i, notions 41 a I 
Coulter Mrs. Ceo T. Shirk nr Oak 
Coulter Henry (O.ACo.)570w Payette 

• Henry C. fCA DO. | 570 W Fayette 

(' lOltM J iroSS J. pil it, 188 e PftJ ! tie 

Coulter James M. painter, 127 William 

Coulter James M. salesman, 16 Water 

II< >LM B8 tfe CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, GenT 





Coulter John, well digger, 118 Dolpbin 

Coultei' John A. coppersmith and plumber, j 

Fardy's shipyard, dw 127 William 
Coulter Leonidas. 46 G'eenmount av 
Coulter Mifflin, discount clerk, 9 Cuthedral 
Coulter Robert A. carp. 524 Harford av 
Coulter Saml. tailor 113 n Eutaw 
Coulter Wm. pt-ddler, 28 w Pratt 
Gounabnnarh James, driver, 35 Lernmon al 
Gouticell Joseph W. engineer, 17 Randall 
Coumyn Nicholas, boileruokr, 38 Bane 
Council (i. M. salesman, 110 w Fa\ette 
Councilman 0. A .(Maynard, C.& Co )ISalto. co 
Counselman F. A. machinist. 1(5 s Strieker 
Counsel man Go. F. tailor, 105 s Strieker 
Couns- 'man Geo. II. machinist, 105 s Strieker 
Counsel man Geo. L. clerk, Madison nr Bro id way 
Counsel man Jacob H.coal, 120 n Broadway 
Counselman John J. barber. 18 n Washington 
fruit packer, Pbilpot and Wills, dw 120 n 
Counselman Mary, dairy, 18 n Washington 
COUNSELMAN WM. H. livery and sales sta- 
bles, 70 German, dw 296 Hollins 

COUNSELMAN WM. R., House and 
Sign Painter, Baltimore and Cal- 
houn, and 70 German, dw 296 

Countess AloDZO, moulder, 822 w Pratt 
Countess Eugene, moulder, 822 w Pratt 
Countess James C. conductor, Monroe nr Wil- 

kins av 
Couutess Joseph, lab. 822 w Pratt 
Countess Sanfrancisco, moulder, 822 w Pratt 
Coupland Richard, batter, 60 s Charles, dw 252 

n Boud 
Courcelle L. & P. (Louise and Pauline Cour- 

eelle) fancy goods, cor Argjle av and Diddle 
Courleander Bernard, music teacher Peabody 

Instituu-, dw 238 n Calvert 
Coursey Chas. engineer, f>68 Light 
Coursey James II. watchman, 180 Columbia 
Coursey Mary, boarding, 1^0 Columbia 
Coursey Walter J. blacksmith, 180 Columbia 
COURT HOUSE, Baltimore city, cor Calvert 

and Lexington 

2d floor, Henry F. Garey, judge, I. Freeman 

Rasin, chief clerk, office baseraeut of Court 

Courtcnay David S. 203 Franklin 
Gourtenay Henry, 203 Franklin 
Courtney A. D. B desk, 76 n Greene 
Courtney Mrs. Catherine, 5 ) 3 n Gay 
Courtney Mrs. Catherine, 23 e Monument 
Courtney Claypole, tinner, 326 n Bond 
Courtney Geo. (Gil more & C.) 142 s Central av 
Courtney Geo. W. 381 Saratoga 
Courtney Henry, carp. 326 n Bond 
Courtney Henry, stonecutter, Point la nr city 

Courtney James A. painter, 382 w Lombard 
Courtney Mrs. James T. 49 n Carey 
Courtney John, horseshoer. 42 Milliman 
Courtney John, fireman, 286 Johnson 
Courtney Mary, hairdresser, 55 e Madison 
Courtnev Mrs. Mary, 64 Conrtland 
COURTNEY R. &' BRO.(R. and Win. P. Court- 
ney) wine dealers and grocers, 14 n Charles 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Salt, at 



22 N". Gay Street, near Payette St. p_ 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. go" 
This responsibleofficestill continues to make the hp- 
largest loans on goods of every description and on -,- 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of re- 
charges than any other office in this city 

BENJAMIN <&. OO. 5. 

64 Courtland 



Courtney Richard (R.C.& Bro 
Courtney Wra. 64 Courtland 
Coirrtney Wra, lab. Point la nr city limits 
Courtney Wm. T. plasterer, 11 a Strieker 
Courtney Wm. T. butcher, 33 Centre and 44 
^ Belair Mkts, dw York rd nr city limits 
Courtney Wm. P.(R.C & Bro.) 64 Courtland 
Courts Andrew J. bricklayer, 18 Brune 
Courts Fred tailor, 37 e Lombard 
Courts Geo. W. grocery, 75 Mosher 
Courts James L. machinist, 118 n Poppleton 
Courvoisie Henry, clerk, 51 n Paca 
Cousins Edward, moulder, 109 e Eager 
Cousins Geo. W. cooper, 381 w Fayette 
Cousins Jas. M. cooper, 24 n Wolfe 
Cousins John, cooper, 381 w Fayette 
Cousins John E. cooper, MeDonogh nr Chew 
Cousins Louis W. brakeman, 381 w Fayette 
Cousins Wm J. clerk, 381 w Fayette 
Cout Thos. lab. 191 s Chester ,. 

Touzins Mary, dressmkr, cor Cbaides and Pratt *P 
Covell Edward, engineer, 182 Scott 
Covell Joel, moulder, 581 w Lombard 
Covell Wm. engineer, 581 w Lombard 
Cover Fred. carp. 275 e Lombard 
Cover Wra. L. photographer, 060 w Baltimore, 

dw 6! n Strieker 
Covington E. H. conductor, 496 Lexington 
Covington Franklin, sbucker, 339 Eastern av 
Covington Henry, carp. 169 Aisquith 
Covington John E. clerk, 88 Barre 
Covington John R. lab. 339 Eastern av 
Covington Thos. S. carbuilder,628 w Lombard 
Cowan Mrs. Cath. seamstress, 662 w Lombard 
Cowan David, bookkpr, St. Paul ext 
Cowan Edward, hacks, 819 w Baltimore 
Cowan Wm supt. Baltimore ChrumeWorks,dw g 

Baltimore co 
Cowan Wm H. attorney, 19 n Calvert, dw cor 

Hollins and Mount 
Cowan Wm. J. student, Hollins and Mount 
Coward Tbos. R. gen. com. mercht, 55 w Pratt, 

dw 68 w Madison 
Coward Wm. carp. 220 Aliceanna 
Cowen Abraham, tailor, 111 n Front 
Cowen Cavalier W. glassblower, 186 Hamburg q_ 
Cowen Franklin, fireman, 186 Hamburg 
Cowen J. K. attorney, 42 Lexington, dw 37 

Mulberry Z 

Cowen Wm. engineer, 186 Hamburg 
Cowen Wm. A. glassblower, 186 Hamburg t^ 

Cowen Win. S. stonecutter, 190 L. Hughe3 jj- 

Cowles Henri M. sec'y board public school ft 
commissioners, City Hall, dw 67 n Bond <n- 

Cowles Josiah E. clerk, 704 Ramsay ^ 

Cowley Mrs. Mary, 15 Pleasant al * QC 

Cowley Mrs. Mary, 189 n Fremont Ej" 
















No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 
c,)\V L68 GOT 


Oowlej Samuel T. tailor, Palls rd nr lol 

■ i Rollins 
- irdea .t C ) 130 B 
Varna) hoi • 
t rim 'ii i ii j <, 7 1 Lexington 


■ J II Ku'.iw 


• 1 i 'lillioun 
■ " , .• ir :;7 M irion 

Mi Henry 
\ i ri _. ton 

Cn.Mii i, J. Henry, manag< 'i for Braiw rd.Arm- 

12 d Butow 
Lrgyle ov 
u Philip K electrotyi i 

timore, dw 192 e Modi* in 

87 a Hoffman 
IMO Wtn ll . eiiL'iu t'r, 17- Central OV 

a urn. T.'C.ACo. and Wm T.C.&Co.) 

COWMAN \\"M. T *CO.(WmT Cowman, J. 
Newport PotU) family grocers, ?c cor Mary- 
land .mil North 

krihar, cai p 276 Aisanith 

; Park iv 
■ 'has. B. ui hoUterei . 92 n Pine 
. I 
•ik, 104 Barn 
Da. B. GOVBB 189 a Payette 
Cox Klishu, coach end livery stables, occur 

Hunk and Bethel, dw 78 I B eadwav 
Col Bean J. machinist and wood and coal, 12 
Patuxent, Pratt 

u L. brickmkr, ;:6* e Pratt 
i ' " >.' i w B iltimore 

. Baltimore 
Ooi Barry C. clerk, 504 w Baltimore 

...u. 14 J ii Chailes 
< ibi II 1 1 b, lab i J Patuxent 
Coi 1- 1.<< iii - i Castle 

B iltimore pree' I Consl'd 
R-ul Bit.. and Fire [i b. Co. comm'r for open- 
ing streets, dw Mulberry m .Strieker 
i ' \ Jamea, lob, 77 » Carej 

machinist, Mount Vernon Mills 
: . painter, 7n Milliman 

bookkpr, 58 n < Ireene 
Cos Janus H. jr. sec'y Mutual Life Ins. Co. 17 
South, dw I Tom • 

garmkr, Homestead 
mice T. pluiuber, 77 s Carey 
16 ■ Biddle 
Cox John jr. primer, 349 e Chase 
Cox John, bricklayer, 24 n Schroeder 
Cox John, printer, coi Pratt and Spear's whf 

and 134 w Baltimore, dw 349 
Cox John B shipjoiner u Irvine pi 
Cox John K. lab. 77 s Carey 
Cox John H. clerk, 91 Jefferson 

COX JOHN R. & CO. (J. R. Cox,) 
Produce and Commission Mer- 
chants, s v/ corner Fayette and 
Howard streets 

Cox John B J R.Coi k Co ;. av 

be T police, 2< 9 s Mod 
Cos Ji nut' 18 Brans 

lOkkpr, 277 Aisqntth 

Cox L. J. .j- Co. ( L.J. Cox, G.W.Clark) com. 
merchts. over Bowly'a whf and Pratt 

rrence N. bookkpr, 256 Hoffman 
I ray man, 99 n Front 
i '.,\ Louis i >. rarp. 182 i Charles 

ttber J.(L.J.Goi*Co.)202 Druid Bill av 
Cos Mrs. Mary, hocks, 70 s Castle 
Cos Mrs. Mary, grocery, l28lfcHenry 
Cos Mrs. Mary, yeast eake Factory, 226 » Biddle 
Co i Melchor, stonemason, ♦> 1 1» a Lombard 
i '.,\ Mil b ii 1 puddler, 429 Aliceonua 
Coi Michael, eurrier, 17 1 n High 

.it, n.ilhvrii:lii. 99 Ilollins 

nick, lab. 1 14 Harford nv 

i >k tpr, 5 Wilkens a? 
Coi Richard W, 207 u Cat Million av 
Coi 8. Edwin, bookkpr, 42 Clarke 
Coi Rev. Samuel, 36 a Carrol I tou av 
Coi Mrs, Sarab, Diuidville 
Cox Thus cun ier, 1 74 n High 
Vox Walter A. brakemai 104 William 
Cox Wm. 11. (Freelood, Hall ^ Uo.J Bnrnum's 


Cox W. A. photographer, 56 n Charles, dw 28 


A ni. 6. teacher, 289 « Fayette 
Cox Wm. H. engineer, L25 Scott 
Cox Wm. II clerk, BH Bank 
Cox Wm II. bookkpr, 296 w Baltimore 
Coi Wm. 11 merchant tailor, 504 w Baltimore 
Coi Wm. B. engineer, 30 i Strieker 
Coxon Prancis, potter, 197 Eastern av 
Coxon Geo. B. miller, Coxon 's mill, Herring 

run, nr Belair hv 
Coxon John L .-hoe finisher, 116 e Payette 
Coy Byron P. dentist, 14 1 n Charles 
Coy John II. machinist, 4 Williamson al 
Coyle Mrs Anna, J 4 Scott 
Ooyle Fred, machinist, 108 Battery av 
C .vie Henry II. clerk C H. 38 Fawn 
Coyle Mrs. Jane L. lOt! Battery av 
Coyle John. 2 ) Scott 
Coyle John, shipcarp. 108 Battery av 
Coyle John jr. caulker, 106 Battery av 
COYLRJOHNA BBOS.(John,Wm.and Kichard 

Coylejinarhleized slate ami BOapstOne works, 

359 W Pratt 

John F tinner, 'M Hillman 
Coyle John T. clerk, Mansion house 
Coyle Mrs. Kate, stationery, lOe Baltimore 
Coyle Michael, lab. Hudson al in Federal 
Coj le Patrick, (-ni riei . 1 73 Bnsor 

Patrick A timbrel amkr,729 w Baltimore 
Coyle Bichard,(John .*■ Bros.) 7:: UcHenry 
Coyle Rosa teacher, Wood berry 
Coyle Dr. T. P. dentist, 49 Mulberr* 
Coyle Dr. Terrence W. dentist, iGo a Howard 

l. carp. 'J'J Hillman 
Coyle Wm.(J.0..4 k Bros.) NB Columbia 
Coj le w Cai roll ton av 

Coyle Wm. F A. clerk, 20 n Carrol I ton av 

Wm. H. machinist, ins Batterj av 
Coyne John, lab 94 i Ourey 

Coyne John jr. bookkpr, 181 s Charles 
.John.i J.C.a Co.) 181 s Charles 
Coyne John, supt. St. James hotel, Charles 
nnd c utre, dw B McMechin 

i ibn .v Co, (John Coyne) lighters and 

til- boott,! - wharf, LoCUSl Point, 

ami 95 w Lomb .i d 
Coyne Michael, lob, 96 ' Ibee \\ 
Coyne Mich lei, coremkr, 86 e Pi all 

. Energy and P. ire the KEYS TO BUCOE 

Uer'a Bryant and Stratton Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Insurance Agents and Brok ers, American Building;. 




Coyne Michael, bib. 79 Cooksie 

Coyne Michael, lab. 9 s Bethel 

Coyne Patrick, clerk, 39 e Pratt 

Coyne Patrick, shipcarp. 15 s Burke 

Coyne Peter, lab. 417 w Pratt 

Coyne Richard, fireman, 294 Johnson 

Coyne Richard, lab. 345 s Charles 

Coyne Rose, grocery, 15 s Burke 

Coyne Timothy, lab. 96 Chesapeake 

Coyncr Dr. Saml F. 134 n High, branch office 

Eastern av and Duncan al 
COZINE HOUSE, Jas. W. Cozine, propr. 15 a 

Cozine James W. propr. Cozine house, 15 n 

Cozine Mrs. Louisa J. 15 n Frederick 
Crabb Allen, plasterer, 137 Elliott 
Crabbe John E. R. (Johnson, Sutton & Co.) 58 

n Carey 
Crabbe Walter R. attorney, 41 St. Paul, dw 58 

n Carev 
Crabbe Win. H. f Goldsborough, Pitts & Co.) 

328 Saratoga 
Crabtree Mrs. Catherine, 8 Potomac 
Cra'otree Charles C. carp. 8 Potomac 
Craddick Joseph, carp. 256 e Fayette 
Crad'iick Jos. N. letter carrier, 256 e Fayette 
Craff Frink M. clerk, 16 s Calhoun 
Craft Charles, painter, 435 n Gay 
Craft Henrv, cigarmkr, 157 s Ann 
Craft Mrs. Sarah E. 451 n Central av 
Craft Stephen, capper, 271 s Dallas 
Craft Wm. G. hatter, 42$ n Poppleton 
Crafton James, dredger, 398 MeDonogh 
Crafton Robt. carp. Washington nr Chase 
Cragg George, glassblower, 12 Ohio av 
Cragg George R. clerk, 310 n Eden 
Cragg James, finisher, 362 Ostend 
Cragg Joseph, glassblower, 12 Ohio av 
Cragg Joseph, consulting engineer, 10 s Holli- 

day, dw 310 n Eden 
Cragg Samuel, glassblower. 12 Ohio av 
Cragg Wm. lab. 12 Ohio av 
Craggs Wm. carp. 142 a Fremont 
Craggs Wm. baker, 87 n Ann 
Craig Mrs. Ann J. grocery, 17 Woodyear 
Craig Aug. sailmkr, Rising Sun hotel 
Craig Bernard, lab. 42 n Amity 
Craig Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 12 Maryland av 
Craig Mrs Eliza J. grocery, 175 Hughes 
Craig George E. lab. 9 Poultney 
Craig G. W. Hume, attorney, 49 w Fayette, dw 

Santotra and Liberty 
Craig Geo. K. salesman, 226 w Lanvale 
Craig George W. helper, 31 L. Church 
Craig George W. painter, 40 Parrish 
Craig George W. plumber, Central av and John 
Craig Hugh H. manager Board of Trade Tele- 
graph, 119 w Baltimore, dw 365 w Fayette 
Craig John, carter, 92 Fort av 
Craig John, clerk, 320 w Fayette 
Craig John, huckster, 17 Woodyear 
Craig John, Mount Vernon mills 
Craig Mrs. John, cor Central av and John 
Craig J. Morrell, salesman, 651 w Lombard 
Craig John L. M. huckster, 360 e Monument 
Craig Josiah. watchman 175 Hughes 
Craig Rev. John T. 165 n Exeter 
Craig Levin, mariner, 197 Montgomery 
Craig & La Porte, (O.B.Craig, H. LaPortejr.) 

wholes, nutions and trimmings, 3 Hanover 
Craig Oliver B.(C.& La Porte)3u9 Druid Hill av 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at (^, 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible offiee still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

Craig Robert, lab. 67 n Dallas 
Craig Robert, salesman, 69 n Paca. 
Craig Roliert M clerk, 226 w Lmvale 
Craig Samuel A. sailmkr. 34 n High 
Craig Selden F. stovemounter, 375 n Central av 
Craig Thomas, fellow Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity. 107 n Charles 
Craitr Thomas, boilermkr, 31 L Church 
Craig Thomas A. painter 20 I Dolphin 
Craig Walter, ciuarmkr. 197 Montgomery 
CraigWm. lab. 33 Allen al 
Craig Wm. T sbipcarp, 199 Hamhurg 
Craighill James M. clerk, Union Bank bldg 
Craighill Col.W.P., 3d floor Union 

Crain Alfred N. machinist, 410 e Madison 
Crain Peter W. attorney, dw Barnum's hotel 
Cralle Mrs Francis J. 7 s Collington av 
Cramblitt Chas. T. coal and wood, 234 s Fre- 
mont, dw 37 Waesche 
Cramblitt Edward A. engineer, 370 Aliceanna 
Cramblitt Francis A. helper, 118 s Strieker 
Cramblitt George W. coal and wood, 79 Surah 

Ann, dw 37 Waesche 
Cramblitt George H. bricklayer, 134 n Pine 
Cramblitt Harry V. blacksmith, 37 Waesche 
Cramblitt John T.brickly'r, Second av nr Toone 
Cramblitt Mavfield. salesman, 37 Waesche 
Cramblitt Stephen, (C.& Stinson) 85 Penna av 
Cramblitt & Stinson, (Stephen Cramblitt, R. 

James Stinson) upholsterers, 85 Penna av 
Cramblitt Thos A. coal and wood, 37 Waesche 
Cramblitt Willie A clerk, 37 Waesche 
Cramblitt Wm. F. furniture wagon, 70 n Fre- 
Cramer Chas. carp. 415 Saratoga 
Cramer Mrs. Eliza, 19 Holland 
Cramer Frank, cabinetmkr, 219 Canton av 
Cramer Geo. engineer, Belair av est 
Cramer George Iv student, 415 Saratoga- 
Cramer Horace, painter, 415 Saratoga 
Cramer John, barber, 182 Orleans 
Cramer John, liquors, 224 a Ann 
Cramer Wm. cigarmkr, 182 Orleans 
Crampton C. F. conductor, 609 Belair av 
Crampton John T.,Gough and Regester 
Crampton Rev. Savington W. 140 Cathedral 
Crampton Thaddens, carp. 130 Gough 
Cran Balthar, painter, 71 Wyeth 
dan George, shoemkr, 71 Wyeth 
Cran Henry, shoemkr, 154 Henrietta 
Crandall James, clerk, 66 Lee 
Crandall Robt. clerk, 66 Lee 
Crane A. Fuller, 235 n Entaw 
Crane A. Fuller jr. 2:^5 n Etitaw 
Crane A. P. harnessmkr, 287 Franklin 
Crane Amzie B. telegraphist, 9 Pearl 







>— i 













SADLER'S Bryant and Stratton BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore, 
Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 



















itheriae, b lw 8 e 

I'.iddle nr Ann 

.'10 Druid Hilinv 
. Laa rence ft Oo.) 102 
■ Townsend 

- " 

B< r\ I: . • ■ « II :' 

;i Franklin 
liah, lab. I . 
Crane John • • trrollton itv 

oemkr, basement Mansion noose, 
.' I Bruoe 
e Mrs. Julia erry 

Or ui>- " • mer, < lelverton 

Patrick farmi r. Calvei ton 
.! .". 18 llu] 

- M I'' II". I :iv 


('run.- Thomas B 89 P irk a* 

CH \NK W. I and Obai I 

- and cor Cbeapside md Water 
■'. A 5 • Dolpbin 

I ii High 
Gi Mm- W'm. :\\>~ ■ Sharp 

Win. caamkr, 8 <■ Biddle nr Ann 
Mrs Win. I5S Dolphin 
[cab M.i. 9 i G 
Craogle Jarai G 

Hull md 
foreman, 373 II 

< Pratt 
Cranwell Tbos cigarmkr, 26 e Carey 

Q ) tar us W. 9 clerk, 72 n Arlington av 
13 i w Pratt 
Crate !' irp. 123 n Central av 

• ■ T. l iborer, Homeate id 
Henry, farmer, Bomi - 
3 plii '. R'Oi 

incisM clk,N.C.R.W.,dvrLutherville 
l Weber, 
I ; 
C 'Vi n Thomas roofer, l .'7 L, Qn 

kr, clerk, 57 Conway 
II iiin.iti, seamstress, 57 Conway 
John I. machinist, 3:i s Qilmor 
CBAWFORD A. \ freightAgentP.W.A B.B R. 
L •lingtoa 

Crawford Chns.B. agricultural iropls.122 s Paca 

Crawford Obai Ic 

!h irl'-s jr. cappei . .': 16 Bat U i 
Ci iwford Diion jr. blacksmith, 289 a Butaw 
.t-r, Wbiielyd. -I'd )65n0barlea 

butcher, 36 -i 
D.auisl ticket agenl 
R.R.Oo.,Baltiroor« and Calvert, dw 187 w 
CrHwford George W mariner, 341 i Bbarp 
Crawford Henrj carp Rising Sun bolel 
ford Howard ('. clerk, 424 n Calb do 


mi i, |>' ddler, 31 i 
\ I ron workei 
Crawford Jai 15. j 97m II r . - hotel 

■ rd James W . chad oi I >i leans 

Crawford John 0.(Loao I n Butaw 

Crawford John, clerk, uo s Pa a 
Crawford John, engineer, 159 Bank 
foi '1 John, shipcarp. 235 Bunk 

hn A . mariner, 3 
ford John ('. clerk, 328 Orleans 
■ ■ ■ <i John P. machinist, 235 Bank 
Crawford John T. machinist, 236 Bank 
Crawford Levi, bricklayer, 303 n Strii 
Crawford Mrs. M. S. boardin 30 P mnt 

rd Nathan II. Imnker, 461 n < '>uv\ 
Crawford Mrs B chel D. 34 Oathi 
Crawford Richard I. machinist, 298 Hanover 
Crawford Robert 8 bacon, 16 1 □ I 
Crawford Robert N. bookkpr, 163 Forrest 
Crawford Mrs. Samuel C. 424 n Calhoun 
Crawford Th lesman, Bond nr John 

Win. lab. 12 i n Calboun 
Crawford Wm, boilermkr, 278 Greenmount av 
Crawford Win. F. clerk. Guy's hotel 
CRAWFORD WM.H.4C0.I Wm.H.&J B.Craw- 
fonl) spice mills, warehouse 77 Exchange pi, 
mill n w cor Union al and Dallas 
CRAWFORD WM. general agent, P.W.AB.R. 

II. dw 232 n C 
Crawford Wn .11 | Wro.H.O .[<'•> )469Eotaw p] 
Crawford Wra M. overseer ~i n Chester 
Crawford Wm. T. lab d av 

in .m, 288 n Stri 
dep C.S Marshal 213 Uolton 
Onager Walter, lab. Winans' row 

li Mrs, Bridget, a anwtress, B7 Boyd 
Creagh Edward, provision.--, MadNon and Ann 
Creagfa Henry A. wharf und bridge builder, 
M ulison and A nn 

i John, 2Ki w Biddle 
Creagh Michael, carp 98 b Strieker 
Creagb Thomas jr. moulder, 251 B 

i Thomas, lab. 251 Bank 
( Ireagh William, lab. 251 Bank 
Creamer Alexander, Baddler, 130 Chew 

Alexander F. saddler, :-'.i4 Harford av 
Creamer Anthony, police, 228 Scott 

a n ■ ii - i u ~ , potter, 185 a Chester 
Creamer iroliue,grocerj ,0'Donnell nr Curley 
1 C per, ship carpenter, l s - r > h Chester 

Creamer Cliai leg, lai>. 6 
Creamer David, clerk, 127 e Monument 

Creamer *; -ge B.(O.A.Eirkland k Co.)131 n 

Cream r Henry, t :iil- >r, 56 b Pratt 
Cn amer Jacob jr. shot 

mer John, potter. 185 s Chester 
aer John, lab. 66 I'ai > isb 
ler John, Bboemkr, 131 n Chap I 
i ' - .mi' r Jo* ph jr. cat U i , :: 10 a Sharp 

I Joseph, milk, 3 10 I Sharp 
Creamei Mrs Marj Jane, 159 e Monument 
Creamer Wm. lumber Inspector, 32 w Falls av, 

dw 91 B Bond 
Creamei Wm. jr. carrier, 01 s Bond 
CREAN THOS A, furniture and carpel 

Orean Wm. L. jeweler, 265 West 

Wm L canvH ser, 172 Henrietta 
i John, lab, I B Hank 
:\ Mrs. Wm R. I7>'. n Oarrollton av 
. Wm. T. olerk, i7<; d Carrol ton av 
t rebean John, mariner, 200 West Falls av 
in M ir t in, lab. 200 w Fall ■ m 
btoo Obai a . painter, 379 Light 
i ton Frank, upholsterer, ir>8 Franklin 

EOLME8 a 00., Engineers' and Machini ts' Tools and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Wuste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agen t, American Buildin g. 




Creighton Geo. W. cigarmkr, 319 Peach al 
Creighton Henry, mariner, 8 s Bond 
Creighton Henry T painter, 379 Light 
Creighton James, watchman, 71 William 
Creighton John T. cigarmkr, 439 Light 
Creighton Michael, lab 105 s Duncan a] 
Creighton Miller R. ( Hurst, M.& Co.) coal and 
wood, 25 n Arlington nv and s e cor Fiemont 
and Mulberry, dw Balto co 
Creighton Robert, Bhipcarp. 409 s Entaw 
Creighton Wru. H. mariner. 379 Light 
Cremmena Cornelias, lab. 69 s Oregon 
Cremeu Robt. rustic furniture, Madison av est 
Cremen Stephen A. teactier, 127 St. Paul 
Creuy Win T. painter, 417 e Eager 
Crescent Dollar Stoie, (H.Jones & Co.) 220 w 

Cress Henry, lab. 132 Dillon 
Cress Dr. James, apothecary, Hampden 
Cressey Geo. N. missionary, 19u Saratoga 
Crcsson Benj. F. (Jos. Lea & Co ) Phila 
Creutz John, musician, 104 n High 
Creutzbnrg Chas. W. cigaimkr, 437 Cross 
Creutzburg Geo. Ernest, porter, 437 Cross 
Creutzer Gustav,dyerand scourer, 384Lexington 
Crew Alonzo P. (C. & Jerome) 156 Hanover 
Crew John R., Mount Vernon mills 
Crew & Jerome ( A.P.Ciew, J. W. Jerome) com. 

merchts. 92 Light-st whf 
Crew Susan, dressmkr, Lemmon ct 
Crew Win.. Mount Vernon mills 
Crews Edward B. auctioneer, 6 German 
Crey AloysiusG. L. salesman, 452 Mulberry 
Crey Mrs* Elizabeth Mar;, 452 Mulberry 
Crey Henry J. restaurant, 21 e Madison 
CRICHTON M. £ CO. (Malcolm Crichton) dis- 
tillers, 133 n Holliday 
Cricbton Malcolm (M.C.& Co.) 22 Cathedral 
Crichmore Chas. mariner, 100 Hudson 
Cnckenberger Wm. P. student, 276 Lexington 
Cridlin Lin wood, painter, 304 Forrest 
Cridlin Thos. L. coachmkr, 38j w Baltimore 
Crim Dr.Wm.II. 183 w Favette.dw Eutaw hotel 
first floor of Courthouse, Geo. Wm. Brown, 
judge, Wm. F McKewtn, clerk 
Crimmins Patrick, stonemason, Greenmount av 

nr North av 
Crines Murtaugh, lab. 50 Fort av 
Cripps Mrs. Catherine E. grocery, 191 Mont- 
Cripps Geo. H. jr. pat. medicines, 191 Mont- 
Cripps Geo. H. pat. medicines, 191 Montgomery 
Cripps John S. lab. 425 n Gay 
Cripps Mrs. Julia A. tailoress 425 n Gay 
Cripps Win. F. lab. 425 n Gay 
Crisall John, canmkr, 156 Biire 
Crise John F. 291 Madison av 
Crise John L. 291 Madison av 
Crise Wm. B. 291 Madison av 
Crisp Benjamin, lab. 169 Eastern av 
Crisp Chas. E. jr. cigarmkr, 263 Gough 
Crisp Chas. E. sr. tobacconist. 263 Gough 
Crisp Chas. G. bricklayer, 275 Saratoga 
Crisp Elijah, painter, ln2 n Paca,dw275.Saratoga 
Crisp John R. clerk, 275 Saratoga 
Crisp Jos. tobacconist, 134 s Broadway 
Crispens Conrad, fisherman, 270 Battery av 
Crispin Henry, lab. 282 Johnson 
Crispin Wm. L. agent, 130 n Schroeder 
Crispins Peter, lab. 102 Johnson 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible offlcestill continues to m ake the 
largost loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lowkb Rates ci 
charges than any other office in this city 


Criss Aaron, 360 n Entaw 

Criss Mrs. Elizabeth. 23 Barnet 

Crist Chas. F. clerk, 64 Gough 

Crist David, watchman, 64 s Oregon 

Crist Henry, clerk, 64 s Oregon 

Crist J. R. dressmkr, Pratt nr Mount 

Crist Jacob, drayman, 64 Gough 

Crist John, carp. 3 Walnut al 

Crist John, plasterer, 64 Gough 

Ciiswell John W. salesman, 17 s Howard 

Crittenden A. C. & Co (A.C.Crittenden, G.H. 

Spilcker, jr.) gen. com. merchants, s w cor 

Light and Camden 
Crittenden And. C. ( A.C.C.^Co.) 42 Conway 
Crittenden Thos. E. 118 Columbia 
Crockard John, stonecutter. 202 8 Fremont 
Crockard John jr. clerk, 202 s Fremont 
Crockard Wm. J. exp's wagon, 202 s Fremont 
Crockeu Theo. bellhanger, 53 King 
Crocker Geo. lab. 97 Parkin 
Crocker Sam!. G. (Hughes & C.) Baltimore co 
Crockett Charles A. J. pattern mkr, Clinton nr 

Crockett Daniel, huckster, 1 Ryan 
Crockett Humphrey, mariner. 176 Montgomery 
Crockett Jos. barber, 62 n Schroeder 
Crockett Neheraiab, shoemkr, 362 Lexington 
Crockett Noah, carp. 8 Potomac 
Crockett Peter, pilot, 218 Light 
Crockett Mis. Sarah, grocery, 30l n Bond 
Crockett Theo. S. letter carrier, 301 n Bond 
Crockett Walter C. saloon, 3 North, dw 362 

Crockett Wm. H. turner, 233 n Eden 
CROFF JACOB E. beer, 161 Eastern av 
Crofoot Wm. H. H. foreman, 174 Johnson 
Croggon Newton F. huckster, 43 Wyeth 
Croggon Win. Edw. huckster, 422 e Madison 
Croghan Catherine, 26 Hillman 
Croghan Mary, 2 Sleinmer al 
Croghan Michael, lab. 2 Sleminer al 
Croghan Patrick, lab. 24 President 
Croghan Peter, lab. 11 Slemraer al 
Croghan Timothy, tavi-rn, 37 Centre Market sp 
Croissant August, tailor, 42 s Kxeter 
Cromer Andrew, carter, 114 Warner 
Cromer Daniel, brickmkr, 51 Wveth 
CROMER & HOFF (ThomasW.Cromer, Jacob 

Horf) leaf and manuf'd tobacco, 37 s Calvert 
Cromer John, machinist, 247 Columbia 
Cromer Robert B. dentist, s e cor Eutaw ;itid 

Saratoga, dw 305 Bollit s 
romer Thos. W. (C & Hoff) 305 Hollins 
Crornei Thos. W. jr. clerk, 305 Hollins 
Cromie Mrs. Harriet E. grocery. 35 Stockton 
Cromie W. shoemkr. 35 Stockton 
Cromwell Adeline, 82 n Popple'.on 








I— I. 












No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mufial Life Insurance Co. of New York. 



— orawell Alex plumber, 124 PrastOB 

■In. J. blksmith, 154 R unsay 
Cromwell B. F. eb-rk, 184 i Paca 

unwell Bdward, printer, KM m Baltimore 
. . On in\v.-|| Bllitbetb, 99 n 1' 
~~ ' '".rd nr 

< V..:krd 
— I 


I HI C- •■ W -.11 r kr. I l* Hunk 
•mwell J , , : ,1 nr 

^ York r.i 

~ bricklayer, M Braoa 

~ I John. |.iti.rniiikr, CO McHenry 

'■'■ John K .-ailinkr, commercial w hf, dw 

vt-r. moil der i IB Hullins 
3 inikr. 89 s Ann 

- - - 1 ■ I* . clerk, 89 i Ann 
._ imb 1 1 - lilmkr, 363 e Paj etts 

T. B. Cromwell) 
£j hardware, 1 18 Thames 

rer, in. .'i der, j i .-> Hollins 
well Oliver II. clerk, 380 n Broadway 
unwell Oliver T.coachmkr, 280 n Broadway 


II Rich ml jr. firmer. - : , q |' tc I 

-_,_ I A Ooagdon, (R.Cromwell,3.H.Cor.g- 

don) iirricult'l sod inip.manufs. 
and nursery and seedsmen, 51 Light 
C iwell Richard, (0 Sydney Norm k Oo. and 
Fork rd a ofNorth av 
: S imml, I il.. 10 U irtlett 
O ' - dwick T. 179 Barre 

: l T.K!vin.(L-nC iSon k Co )30 Jack- 
s' (,ri an av 

SI C Dwi Wm. t. inner. 89 s Ann 
' Mender al 
P. painter, 156 n High 
—I Oronan Cornelius, driver. 169 a Front 
ih, lab. 1 13 u Pi 

ipbist, 9 1'e . rl 
gfc. •• P. A. lab. jit Henrietta 

■ - Bdward . 1 1 nitre Market ip 

me Geo. 1 ib. 16(1 ■ 8h irp 

-, 217 Henrietta 
dive, City Hall, I 
a n High 

M ' ■ le*. 4 Irvin>' pi 

w '''". v Philip II. cigarmkr, 161 Orli 

■ ibardl All ■ Baltimore 

Baltira ire 
id.jr.(«;. a e Baltimore 

PP mbardl Henry, grocery 8T BaM 

jjjj Gronhardl John jr. clerk, 29 Knsor 
_ UbertOron- bardi Iway 

■ n I'll Ties 
rj I "runt 

■ i, lab. 121 Franklin 
LJ I 'L'ton, d« 

«2 B-un 

Crook Cfa -} m Pratt 

I ■ • ■)!<, L. Burgess) up- 

liolsi- : . k a? 

Orook Danl. (W.I k£ ; iltioore 

Crook Bdward, clerk, Madison nr Broadwaj 
Crook Frank, a/cnt, MadUon av andTownsend 

CROOK PRANCIS A. treaar. Balto. Bqnitable 

■\, 19 South, dw Madison av and Town- 

Pranki grocery, Diddle and Caroline 
CROOK GBO. W. M boots, .-I sand gaiters, 

Orook Mrs.Georpiana, (Grace A C.)8i»:-! « Bal- 
(Vook Harry, salesman, Madison nr Broadwaj 
Henry, bookkpr. 168 n Garrolltou av 
. Henry, clerk 175 •• B'ltimore 
Crook J. dm c. |p lire. "».' Jackson tq av 
Crook Peter, driver, j Baker 
Orook Philip P. clerk. Waverley 
Crook Thomas, bnrkpr. 93 I Gilmor 
Crook Tin.- W ■ desman, i~ Li 
Crook Wm.iu'.r *8on) I7 r >e Baltimore 
Cn.ok Wm. II clerk, 838 e Baltlo >re 
Crook Wm II finisher, 31 s .Mount 
CROOK WM a BON, ( Wm. and DanielCrook) 
groceries and h irdware, 1 7 r> and 177 e Balti- 
Crooks John II. lab 56 Lemmon a] 
Crooks Nimrod N bntcher, A Lexington mkt, 

dw Francis nr Retreat 
(rucks II 8 CO%l and wood, 504 Frnnklin 
Crooks Thos. 15. police ser._M. 3f>3 Franklin 
Orooksbanks Ohas. sh pjoioer, 20 n Ann 
Cropper Reuben, boilermkr. 850 Light 
Cropper Stephen, canmkr 291 Litrbt 
Crupper Thos. health dent. 7'i n Washington 
Cropper Wm. II shu mkr, 184 Honteomery 
Crosby <'Ims. moulder, 369 Cathedral 
Crosby Rajjer, barkjir. 520 e Fayette 
Crosby Francis P. firemm. 309 Cathedral 
Crosby Geo. W, engineer, Palls rd nr tollgnte 
Crosby James jr. carp. 1 L. Constitution 
Crosby Lewis, engineer, t r> s Chen 
Crosby Robt. R. blacksmith, 3G9 Cathedral 
Crosby Capt. Samael, mariner, 23 McEl lerry 
Crosbv Thomas H. police, 24 Hi 
Crosby Wm. C. r>7l w Payette 
cm-ley Tims. II. salesman, 24 Argyle av 

Cros* Adam, lab 196 (.'anion av 

Cross Andrew, clerk, 23 C 

Cross Rev. Andrew B. cor St. I'iiiI and Cha c e 

Cross Augustus, canmkr. Boston nr Cambridge 

tryan, bricklayer, Waverley 
Cross C.Lewis, magistrate Waverley, dw Home- 
Cross Craig B. student St. Paal atid Chase 
Cross Cyril C tinner, 67 Granby 

Cross Cyrus, chair Faetory, 191 h High, dw 'j5 

Crow David, wheelwright, 309 n Bond 
Cross B. D. (Daily s) Co.) 39 Denmead 

I J. D. attorney, 42 Lexington, dw cor 

St. Paul and ' Il UH 

Cross Mrs. F.llen, 168 I Wolfe 
1 Geo machinist, 45 Jackson 
Cross Geo. blacksmith, BS Parkin 

I i D. packer, 168 I Wolfs 

Cross Geo. R. clerk, 1 1 s Oolliogton av 

Q io R clerk, 331 e Bid. lie 

Crook I • dw Anne Aruiid.-l co \CROSS GEO. W. ag«nt Empire, Anchor 

/' _.!. /•! I 11... ... . . . .' 

and Green Lines t9 North, dw Oarrollton 

i clerk, 42 n Bden 
i ' i Geo. W machinist, 93 i la nbridge 


lames A paint r. Tenant w of Fulton 
Cross Jams W bo>kkpr, 111 Jeff 


Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles Street. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt, 




Cross John C. carp., Waverley 

Cross Rev. John M. s w cor Chase and St. Paul 

Cross John T. clerk, Biddle and Bond 

Cross Joshua sr. painter, Waverley 

Cross Joshua jr. lab., Waverley 

Cross J. Henrj-, bookkpr, 25 George 

Cross Littleton M. clerk, 25 George 

Cross M. F. shoefitter t 333 \v Lombard 

Cross Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 11 Lloyd 

Cross Philemon, carp. 3i3 e Chase 

Cross Randall, machinist. 4)5 n Carey 

Cross Richard K. (Wm.S.C.& Bro.) s w cor St. 

Paul and Chase 
Cross Samuel B. k Son, (S. B. and S S.J.Cross) 

coachmakers, Dover and Howard 
Cross Samuel B. (S.B.C.& Son) 139 Can.den 
Cross Samuel S.J. (S.B.C.cj- Son) 139 Camden 
Cross Slicer, Mount Vernon mills 
Cross-st Ciiapel, s e cor Cioss and Warner 
Cross Thos. gardei er, 42 n Eden 
Cross Thos. B. clerk, 42 n Eden 
Cross Thos. W. brickmkr, 39 Lativale 
Cross W. Irvine, St. Paul and Chase 
Cross Wm. D. mariner, 95 Cambridge 
Cross Wm. H.dep. warden city jail, 139 Camden 
Cross Wm.S.& Bro.( W.S.and Richard K.Cross) 
wholesale lumber com merchts. n e cor East 
Falls and Eastern avs 
Cross Wm.S.( W.S.C.& Bro. )St. Paul and Chase 
Cross Wm. T. mariner, 1 8a s Dallas 
Crosswell Isaac, carp. 270 s Caroline 
Crosswell John W. mariner, 65 s Collington av 
Crothers James W. carp. 11 Holland 
Crothers John, carp. 553 w Lombard 
Crothers Robt. carp. 3 Courtland 
Crotty David, grocery, Biddle and Bond 
Crotty James, stonemason, 81 n Arlington av 
Crouch Albert H. clerk, 103 n High 
Crouch Chas. blacksmith, 177 n Central av 
Crouch Edwin, lab. 103 a High 
Crouch Fred. N. prof, of music, 282 Chew 
Crouch James A. chairmkr, 18 n Chester 
Crouch James T. shoemkr, 134 Camden 
Crouch John W. boiltimkr, 11 Henrietta 
Crouch Mathias, oysters, lbl L Greene 
Crouch Sievvart, glasspacl-er, lib' Warner 
Crouch Thos. D. blacksmith, 206 Moutgomery 
Crouch Wm glassblower, 116 Warner 
Crouch Wm. J. printer, 204 Greeumouut av 
Crouch James A. chairmkr, 18 n Chester 
Croughan Thomas, 16 Valley 
Croumby John, lab. 170 e Fayette 
Crouse Geo butcher, 95 Parkin 
Crouse Geo. F. dispatcher, 39 Argyle av 
Crouse Isaac N. brakeman, 39 Argyle av 
CRUUSti J. B. prop'r Western Md. hotel, St. 

Mary and Penua av 
Crouse James H. brakeman, 123 n Fremont 
Crouse Joseph, butcher, 18 Argyle av ext 
Crouse Mrs. Rebecca, 39 Argyle av 
Crout Chas. H. B. 21 Patterson av 
Ciout Paul G. tiuner, 363 Penua av 
trout Samuel, tinner, 21 Patterson av 
Crout W. F. tiuner, 21 Patterson av 
Crovo Francis, shoemkr, 43 Low 
Ciow Cornelius, boilermkr, Hampden 
Crow Mrs. Jane, grocery, 123 Aisquitb 
Ciow John, lab. 123 Aisquith 
Crow John, lab., Dover nr Fulton 
Crow John T. managing editor Baltimore Sun, 

188 Franklin 
Crow Mrs. Margaret, Hampden 


MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. q 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. £> 

This responsible office still continues to make the ^ 

largestloans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of »-xj 

charges than any other office in this city. , — , 



Crow Nathaniel, painter, 116 Jefferson ^TJ 

Crow Thos. stonecutter. 204 Linden av ~* 

Crow Wm. T. tailor, 511 Saratoga H^ 

Crowder Alex. N. grocer, s vv cor Fremont and p' 

Patterson av 
Crowder Flemming, coach trimmer, 125 Chew- 
Crowe Emma H. teacher, Carey and Lexington 
Crowe Jas. watchman, Hampden 
Crowe John, auditor N.C R.W.dw 47 Valley 
Crowe Miles, carp. Hampden 
Crowe Wm. plasterer, Hampden 
Crowell Freeman, shoemki, 506 vv Pratt p 

Crowell Capt. John, mariner, 69 e Pratt £ 

Crowell M. W. marine surveyor, 22 South, dw ^ 
94 n Carey f 

Crowl David H. grocery, 189 Argyle av 
Crowl Edw. W. (C.&Son) 138 n Arlington av 
Crowl H. Webster, att'y, s w cor St. Paul and 

Lexington, dw 138 n Arlington av 
Crowl John, driver, 6 Clement 
Crowl Thos. clerk, 189 Argyle av 
Crowl & Son,(E.Waugh Crowl) real estate bro- 
kers and conveyancers, 14 Law building 
Crowley Barney, lab. 198 Mullikin 
Crowley Chas. lab. 3 s Fulton 
Crowley James books and periodicals, n w cor 

Baltimore and North, dw 127 n Gilmor 
Crowley Jas. M. clerk, 127 n Gilmor 
Crowley John, engineer, 84 s Spring 
Crowley John, lab. 879 w Pratt 
Crowley John T. conductor, 188 Chesnut 
Crowley Maggie, teacher, 41 Argyle av 
Crowley Patrick, lab. 360 u Durham 
Crowley Philip, lab. 55 Stockton 
Crowley R. U. bookkpr, 138 Townsend 
Crowley Thos. H. police, 188 Chesnut 
Crowley Wm. saddler, 200 s Charles 
Crown Joshua R. salesman, 236 w Hoffman 
CRUWN MARION A. news depot and cigars,72 ~ 

w Fayette, dw 279 w Hoffman 
Crownfield Mrs. Anna J. L9n Broadway ® 

Crowcfield Herman F. vonK. 129 n Broadway ^ 
Crowther Benj. stonemason, Hampden 
Crowther Isaac jr. stonemason, Hampden 
Crowther Isaac sr. stonemason, Hampden 
Crowther James, stonemason, 24S n Eden 
Crowther John C., Deuinead ur Cbarles-st av 
Crowther John S., Denmead nr Charles-st av r "~ 
Crowther John S. lime, North av nr Cathedral H^ 
Crowther Joshua, stonemason, Woodberry 
Crowther, P. T. shoemkr, Woodberry [— | 

Crowther Dr. Rodney, dentist, 412 w Fayette, 

and Sweet Air 
Crowther Samuel S. stonemason, Hampden 
Crowther Wm. B. clerk, 15 Denmead 
Croyeau Augustiu, 203 w Fayette 
Croxall Morris L. clerk, 69 n Paca 











BOOKKEEPING Thoroughly and Practically TAUGHT 
At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 










I— I 












Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

oro 174 en. 


Lid J. printer, 242 Chew 
James, moulder, nrMilliman 

rn a* 

:. I I 

CrOlier Win. sailtnkr, IS] ii Broadway 

W. (H. 8 181 n 

. |w»j 
Cradden lamte, driver, 10 Stockton 
i 'ruddeo Joseph, lab. kl s G irey 
Cruddea Wm. doner, 10 Stockton 
Cradeo Prancis D. clerk, 98 llcBlderrj 

- BcBlderrj 
CRUBTT JUIIN W., New Fork baker. 
i, du it 

Cniui [MM Jab. 1 Warner 

Gram [aaae. firemen, 830 Hanover 
Oram Mrs. Margaret, 53 d Premont 

W. telegraphist. 4 03 n Carey 
Orambaeker Bpbraim, clerk, 408 n Carey 
Oramliab John, lab. 84 btcKim 

(rummer Alex, telegraphist, L8fl 6 Madison 
Cmmmer Edward, clerk, 881 a Bd n 
(.'rummer John, painter, 186 I Madison 
Orummer Nathan J. 108 a Beget 
Orummey John, canmkr, Boston and Patnzent 

Oramp Mrs. II. B. boarding, 223 w Lombard 

Cramp John L. lab. 23 Walker 

Crump Robert A. machinist, 103 Hamburg 

Cramp Susan, proprietress reabody hotel 
ranis K notions, 455 w Payette 

Crass Hd win, books, .i n High 

iliasT. leaf tobacco, 30 e Payette 

Cruse (i. W. tobacconist, 7u Jefferson, dw 79 

Cross Hairy, clerk, 78 Cross 

Benry, watchman, 148 
John H. tobacconist, 121 Elisor 
. machinist, 455 w Payette 

Crass Wm. P. machinist. Ramsay nr Mount 
Isaac, clerk, 168 Hano\er 

Crueer Obadiah, clerk, 108 Hanover 

Prancis If. lab. 126 w Townsend 

Wm. news agent, 126 w Townsend 
Croeej Wm. keeper tollgate, Reist-rstowu rd 
Crutch6eld Andrew F.(Crutcbfield & Haa8,)503 

u Fremont 
Crutcbfield Andrew J. printer, 503 n Fremont 
Crutchfield & Haas,( A. F.Crutchfield, I.C.Haas, ) 

piopr's and publishers Baltimorcan, Moihe 

building, 50 w Fa\ette 
Cndt Herman, lab. 512 w Pratt 
Cryer Mrs. Eliza A. 153 Conway 
Orjei Joseph F. carp. 153 Conway 

■ James, stevedore, 33 Fell 
Crystal Light Co., R. Henry Smith, manager, 

13 S Charles 
Crystal Oil Works, C. Wist & Sons, prop'rs, 

First hv and Fourth, Canton 

WORKS, cor. Bayard and Warner 
streets, Swindell Bros., prop'rs. 

Codbertfa Benj. shoemkr, 2 Buren 
Cud l. Isaac, watchman, 210 n Caroline 

J. W. oollarmkr, 15 eBiddls nr Ann 

Dr. J. W. C. 363 Franklin 
Cuddy Michael, lab, 77 Fort av 
Cuddv Norris L). 810 n Caroline 

. Petes ST, 75 Port av 
Cuddy Thos. fireman, F'alls rd nr tollgate 

Cuddj vVm . Palls rd nr tollgate 

Cuddy Wm. II . 810 n Caroline 
Oudwortfa Prank, blacksmith, 45 Haw, dw fct| 
Boll ins 

Cull .b>hn T. machinist, 119 I High 
Cuff Wm. B. manner, 11!' I High 

Charles, (Baldwin A 0.) 805 Bolton 

Cogle Edu In, clerk, 81 9 Bolton 

Cngls Qeorge, clerk, 805 Bolton 

Cugls John, 206 Bolton 

OugleJobnjr. bookkpr, 806 Bolton 

Ousler John, butcher, 53 Belair Market, dw 

Colbertaon Isaac G. proeeRsor, 70 Lee 

Cull Boger W. attorney, 43 St. Paol,dw 27 Ar- 
sryle at 

(Julian Mrs. Kate, (Thomas A Cullan,) 173 Han- 

Onllan Thomas, boots and shews, l n Calvert, 
da 1 78 Hanover 

Oullen Andrew, clerk, 1!8 Porrest 

Cullen Charles, packer, 5 Cambridge 

Oullen Charles H. packer, 13 B 

Cullen (bus. W. 193 Ccorge 

Cullen Daniel, 118 Porrest 

Cullen Edward, lab. 838 ■ Pratt 

Cullen James, shoemkr, 88 Hanover 

Cullen John, lab. 311 William 

Cullen John, notions, 17 Peiina av 

Cullen John, lab. 47 Bcott 

Cullen John, lab. 100 Harford av 

Cullen Mi s. Mary, c npping and leeching, 1 OsBoud 
d Michael, lab. 22i> Battery av 

Cullen Michael jr. lab. 220 Battery av 

Culb u M01 timer, police, 97 11 Poppleton 

Cullen Patrick, driver, 318 William 

Cullen Simon, shouukr, Exeter nr French 

Cullen Win. T. sbipcerp. 52 Jackson sq av 

Cullender Geo. lab. 67 Albemarle 

Culleioii John, marblepolishei , 133 Harford av 

Cullimore Mrs. B. 93 u Broadway 

Cnllimore John, conductor, 330 w Lombard 

Cullimore Mrs. John T. sbipsmith, 1 and 3 Fell, 

dw 39 Jackson .-q av 

Cullimore Win. 11. sec hand books, 48 Park av 
Culliti John 11. manner, 100 I 
Codington Ann, teacher, Wood berry 

Cnllington & Co. (Thos. Cnllington jr.Wm. E. 

I'emi, ) cigar mannfrs. 18 d G iv 
Culliugtou Daniel, dgarmkr, 10 Etting 
Cullingion Thos. Jr. (C. & Co.) 37 Forrest pi 
Culliugtoii Wm sign painter, 37 F'orrest pi 
Cullius Abram V. S. barkpr, 1 10 Druid Hill av 
Cullison Mrs. Amanda L. 466 e Fayette 
Cullison Enoch, Stonemason, F'edeial nr Mary- 
land av 
Cullison Enoch, stonemason, Hampden 
Cullison II. pilot, 36 Jackson sq av 
Cullison Jas. A. stonecutter, Federal nr Man- 
land av . 
Cullison Jas. M. 166 Presstman 

Cullison Jesse M. Hour and feed, 4 Penna av, 

dw 819 w Biddle 
Cullotou Thomas, lab. 11 West Falls av 
Oullum Qeo. driver, 280 Canton av 
Cnllum Henry w. barnassiukr, 42 Chew 
Culluui J. W. police, 32 e Eager 
Cullum John N. baggage master, Hampden 

Culluui Mrs. M a\ A. store, Hampden 
Cullum Nelson, carp. 2"8 n Eden 
Cullum Nelson E. salesman, 298 11 Eden 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers, and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hoee, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Rresee, G-en'l Agt 




Culnann David S. hatter, 144 Chew 
Culp Henry T. cigarmkr, 4 n Arlington nv 
Gulp John A. ennuikr,4 n Arlington av 
Culi« Michael S. blacksmith, 4 n Arlington av 
Culver Charles, engineer, 67 Barnes 
Culver frank D. cooper, 42 s Gilmor 
CulvirWm.T. cooper, 5 n Sharp, dw lis Gilmor 
Cumberland Win. cahmkr, 104 s Bond 
Cummitig D.J. teacher, 313 n Eden 
Cuniming H. S. clerk, 164 Linden av 
Gumming James, shipjoiner, 94 s Washington 
Cnmming W. A. k Co.(W. A.CuTnmingJflour, 

grain, &c. 90 Spear's whf 
*\ Cummin- W. Augustus, (W. A C. & Go )104 I _JJENJAMIN «fe _*?_?.: 52* 

Linden av l ssssa ^, 

Cummings Alex, clerk, 4 n Strieker \ Cunningham E. H. genl. agt. Wheeler &_Wil- p 

Cummings Mrs. A. confectionery, Gilmor opp. 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. §■ 

Established by the late Leti Benjamin, 1830. •"■ 

This responsibleofficeetill continues toraakc the J 

largest loans on goods of every description and on *-^ 

."Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of jo 

charges than any other office in this city. cr- 



Press t man 
Cnmmings Ann Jl. coufectionery,504 Panna av 
Cummings Fiancis, lab. 25 Valley 
Oumniings & Co. (John Cummings, Win, P. 

Zollinger) mdse. brokers, 46 w Lombard 
Cummings Mrs. Grace, nurse, Lan vale and Ar- 
lington av 
Oummings John, porter, 115 a High 
Cummings Mrs. John, confee'ry, 148 n Fremont 
Cummings John (C.&Co.) 4 n Strieker 
Cummings John, dentist, 92 n Charles 
Cnmmings Johu L. butcher,Richmond market, 

dw 504 Penna av 
Cummings John, grocery, 46 Low 
Cummings Johu F. blacksmith, 25 Valley 
Cummings Joseph, packer, rear of 35 Marion 
Cummings Lewis I!, screwrnan, 150 Myrtle av 
Cummings Mary, liquors, 55 Centre Market sp 
Cummings Michael J. porter, 109 s Gustle 
Cummings Patrick, lab. 109 s Castle 
Cnmmings Patrick, lab. 49 S Dewberry al 
Cummings Peter, beer, 9n Albemarle 
Cummings Rev. Samuel H. 393 n Gilmor 
Cummings Win, H. fireman, 17 s Central av 
Cummings Wm. J clerk, 437 e Baltimore 
Cummins Daniel G. tobacconist, 117 n Calvert 
Cuuimins Jacob M. plasterer, 129 Parkin 
""""Cummins James S. (Kuhn& C.) 315 e Biddle 
Cummins John G. 64 n Kxeter 
Cummins Joseph G., British consular clerk. 435 

Cummins Memorial (Ref. P.E.) church, Schroe- 

der and Peirce 
Cummins Robt. K. clerk, 287 n Eden 
Cummins Robt. P. bricklayer, 171 e Madison 
Cunior John, confectionery, 546 Penna av 
Cumpc-1 Elizabeth, 156 East 
Cunder Charles, shoemkr, 298 Harford av 
Gundiff Capt. Win. mariner, 705 Lexington 
Cuneo Diobatta, grocery, 70 President 
Cuneo Lorenz, musician, 66 president 
Gunnane Henry S. gas iusp. 82 Hamburg 
Cuunebaugh Denuis, driver, 125 Boyd 
Cunningham Alex, roofer, 1 iMonmouier ct 
Cunningham Alex, switchman, 163 n Eden 
Cunningham Mrs. Ann, 337 Eastern av 
Cunningham Mrs. Ann, 350 e Monument 
Cunningham Aquilla, police, Belair av ext 
Cunningham Dr. Chus. T. D. 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Clinton W. 356 e Lombard 
Cunningham David, brakeuian,80 Maryland av 
Cnnningham & Ditman, (Win. H. Cunning- 

son manuf. Co. 58 Lexington,dw 294 n Eden P 
Cunningham Geo. V. carp. Lanvale and Division go' 
Cunningham Geo. W. apothecary, 131 e Pratt 2- 
Cunuingham Henry, shoemkr, 81 Division 
Cunningham Howard, canmkr, 210 n Bond 
Cunningham Isaac H. mariner, 4 Byrd 
Cunningham J. A watchman, 188 Chesapeake 
Cunningham Rev. James, 155 e Eager , 

Cunningham James, cooper, 305 n William 
Cunningham James C. dentist, 91 n Broadway 
Cunningham James M. piledriver, 183 Chesa- 
Cunningham James M. salesman, 12 Jackson 
Cunningham Mrs. Johanna, grocery, 1 1 1 Peach al 
Cunningham Johu, cooper, 531 Light 
Cunningham John, cooper, 48 Fort av 
Cunningham John B. 266 n Front 
Cunningham John E. A. wholesale and retail 
stoves, &c. 53 s Calvert, dw 240 w Hoffman 
"\ Cunningham John (8. Wilhelm &Co.) 729 w 
Cunningham John, lab. 11 Peach al 
Cunningham John D. hackman, 2> ; 8 Harford av 
Cunningham John G. lab. 72 Boyd 
Cunningham John W. conductor, 287 e Pratt 
Cunningham Jos. lab. 109 Ensor 
Cunningham Laura V. dressinkr, 287 e Pratt 
Cunningham Michael, milk, Holliday nr Centre 
Cunningham Michael, lab. 630 w Pratt 
Cunningham Michael, beer, 65 Greenmount av 
Cunningham Mortimer, 130 w Pratt 
Cunningham Patrick, moulder, Hampden 
Cunningham Peter, lab. 304 Gross 
Cunningham Peter, cooper, 238 Battery av 
Cunningham Robt. H. carp. 339 Mulberry 
Cunningham Mrs. Sarah, confect'y, 304 Gross 
Cunningham Thos. lab. 101 Cooksie 










\Cunningham Thomas A. coal agent, n w cor 

Madison ami Calvert 

j Cunningham Vincent, plasterer, Burton's hotel ^ 
I Cunningham Wm.sec'y and treasr. Calvert Su- 

gar Refinery, dw 45 Mount Vernon pi ~? 

j Cunningham Wm. A. clerk, 281 w Fayette Jg 

j Cunningham Wm. A. bricklayer, 92 n Eden a> 

Cunningham Wm. C. stores, 240 w Hoffman 5* 

J Cunningham Wm.E. watchmkr, 351 n Durham p 

^Cunningham Wm. J. (Wm. J. C. & Co.) 130 e P 

Pratt ^ 

Cunningham Wm. J. <fe Co. (Wm. J. Cunning- i— » 

ham and J. S. Hugger) nautical instruments, .. 

25 e Pratt ^ 

Cunningham Wm. H., Caroline and Chase , . 

CT 1 

Cnnningham Wm. R. jr. bookkpr, 276 n Eden £/. 
ham, Thos. M. Ditman) flour, feed and lime, ^Cunningham Wm. R. wholesale liquors, 48 w CT 
cor Fonestand Monument I Lombard, dw 276 n Eden 

^Cunningham Wm.W. 930 \v Baltimore <£+■ 

Cunningham Elizabeth A. 60 u Fremont 

No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 
( IN 



I Dnsemnn J. A. UOl 

broad* in 

man John,(C. ^ Ortinan) 186 e Lombard 

inieuuui »fc Ortn i. .1.11 < >n- 

uJ CUNZEMAN WM. bay nod strait 

pd \ 'jui ill 

^- >«e| li, tailor, 69 ii Washington 

. — | ' a I Win. but ■ tmkr, 26 s Eutaw 

T" ' artetlJohn (8uiiih ,\- U.J president Maryland 

-. W I'aul 

t* i J7 CI irke 

W ' .: Btl Win. .-J McCulloh 

Ann, 149 Preston 

i lej Bei n.uii. engineer, 18 I 
J_ i arlfj Cbas. II. bookkpr, 336 w Lombard 
Daniel, lab. 2:1 n Cbase 
Hei r^ R. lutu 
_£ dw 128 w Huffman 
•— Curlej Hugh, lab. 199 Lemmon 

■ \ clerk, 18 1 Lmivale 
2 Curlej J..:m> a. grocery, Gllmor and Payette, 

>iu Drnid Hill uv exl 
'" Curlej Jaines !•'. clerk, 17 n Howard 

i RLE! JAMES W. importer hardware, 17 n 
Howard, dw Baltimore CO 
: ley John, cooper, 35 Bank 
> Curlejr John, liquors, 239 Park av 
rlej John L». clerk, 9S e Madison 
_ Curlej John l.. tobacconist, 157 s Fremont 
LL .rley John T. clerk, 143 n Eutaw 

Curlej Keirn, lab. 18 I-.- -> \ 
pq Curie v M., Si. Clair liulel 
; Mrs. Marge ,10 Hawk 

<^ i ill-lev Mrs. Marj B., Druid II ill av ext 
m Curlej Marj T. dressmkr, 18 I 
rQ Curlej Thomas, lab. 39 Jfork 
h-> Curlej Thomas, engineer, 2 Webb 
I — i I irley Tunc. thy, driver, 18 Parkin 

ej Win. boilermkr, 188s Fremont 
□Q ' irlej Wm. lab. 41 Jfork 
c -1 Curran Chas. supt. water metres, water office, 
»<^ dw 035 vs Loiuiiard 
— irran Cornelius, lab, 7 Cuba 
p> Cnrran Edward, driver, 13 Hudson al 
p^ Curran Edward, lab. 171 s Pajrette 
rrj Curran Edward, moulder. 31 Bustern av 
p Curran Frauds »r. lub. 37 Eastern av 

Curran Francis jr. screw man, 37 Eastern av 
a Curran Prank, lab, 43 Walker 
^ Curran Henry, janiior, 8 South, dw 91 Hillen 
r— Cnrran James, currier, 37 Eastern av 
O Curran James, porter, 58 King 
pcj Curran James, water engiueer, 835 w Lombard 
p^ Curran John, bib. 44 Cooksie 
b^ Curran Hn Kate, grocery, 1 07 Sarah Ann 

. ' i.r..ii Lewis C. water inspr. G3f> w Lombard 
Curran Matthew, farmer, 154 s Bund 
r . Curran Nicuolas P. salesman, 53 s Broadway 

. Cnrran Patrick, driver, ioo Scott 
,__, Ouiran Patrick, lab. 4 1 Cooksie 

.nan Patrick, tavern, 49 Constitution 
Curran Peter, stonecutter, 186 Bast 
irj Curran Sarah, dressuikr, 1 18 Mulberry 
r . Ourrau Stephen H. printer, 118 Mull 

2 Curran Thos. lab. 26 L' uimon 

^j, Curran I doctor, 37 Eastern av 

. Qui pii Edmund, 888 Canton av 

l~* { Curreu Michael, peddler, 114 Dugan's whf 

ffl Curreu Thos. B. machinist, .'.00 ('anion av 

Cur raj Francis, lab. Clinton nr Ninth av 
Cur re j l>r James II 70s Paca 
Currej Tbos! lab. Clinton nr Ninth av 
f'unin \N 0. salesman, 113 Qerman 
Cnrrj Arthnr N. carp. 164 Penna av 
< lurrj Daniel C. 7:i n Liberty 
Currj Edward J. carp. 81 e Madison 
Currj Mrs. Binma, Gray and Caroliue 

( 'in rj Fl auk B, cai p 2j 8 Ann 

Curry Henrj L. grocery, 25 Barnet 
Currj Howard B. driver, u Qreenmountav 
Curry Mis. Jane, boarding, 79*n Liberty 
Curry John, curler, 166 Central av 

John, i- u |. \i'': i i lastle 
Curry Juhn T. BOOeculter, 1 1 4 n Bond 
Curry Newmau B. telegraphist, 114 n Bond 
Currj Wm. itonecutu i I istle 

( in ry Win. carp. 104 » Fulton 

Cnrry I lr. Wm. II. 47 Claike 

• iniy Wm. J. driver, 102 Qreenmountav 

Cm tain Henrj Q.(H.G 0. ft Go.) s w our Car- 
ol mi and John 

CURTAIN 11. Q. k CO. (II. G. Curtain) hides, 
oil and Ira 1 In r, 42 B CaDerl 

Cur lain Henry, butt her, 10 Centre, 20 Lexing> 
lou and 10 Richmond Markets, dw Harlord 
av ui' citj limitD 

Cm tain James, butcher, 14 Centre, 25 Lexing- 
ton and 14 Richmond Markets, dw Harford 
av ur city limits 

Onrtain James D. cooper, 2 18 u Eden 

Curtain James T. butcher, 5 Richmond Market, 

dw Harford av nr city limits 
Curtain Oliver I', cooper, 218 n Eden 
Curtain Samuel, cooler, real 37 Light, dw 204 

n Eden 
Curtain Samuel M. buicher, Harford av ext 
Curtain Win. clerk, 204 C Eden 
Curib Wiegand, beer, 93 Jackson s<i av 
Cm 1 1 ii Patrick, "220 German 
Curtin Susan, drrssmkr, 88 Saratoga 

Curtis Rev, Alfred A. 100 n Charles 

Curtis Geo. R. bookkpr, 240 w Payette 

Curtis H. Albert, clothing cutter. 280 German 

Cui lis James, wagoner, lo7 Dolphin 

Curtis John, huckster, J'.'G Greenmount av 

Curtis John A.( Wolfe stO.) 185 n Fremont 

Curtis Mrs. Mary, 222 w Biddle 

Curtis Peter, lab. 519 w Lombard 

Curtis Richard, machinist, 5 19 w Lombard 

Curtis Thomas, Ian. 12 Maryland av 

Curtiss L>. S. assistant editor Maryland Farmer, 

Maltby hoi 
Cur veil Cbas.F.brickl'r.Gilrnor nr I'atterson av 
Curviii Kobt. a. plasterer, 107 Greenmount av 

Curvill Sauil. T. plasterer, 107 tireeumount av 

Curvill \\ in saiimkr, 107 Greenmount av 
Cnshaw Edward L, Blouecutter, 217 Mulberry 
Ousbaw John, cigaruikr, 217 Mulberry 

Cushing David, salesman, 5iJ McCulloh 
1 Cushing David jr. 50 McCulloh 
~Vu hing Henrj M. 300 u Strieker 

Cushing Mis Jane, seamstress, 24 n Mount 

Cushing James P. D. boilermkr, 101 s Ann 

Cushing John, pres'l Associated Firemen's Ins. 
Co. 177 Madison av 

Cushing Joseph jr. 132 Bark av 

1 u in. ig Joseph M. (C.J/ Bailey J 132 1'irk av 

Cushing Richard C. 177 Madison av 

Curbing Wiley B 182 Park av 

CUSHINGS ft BAILEY LL.E Bailey , J.M.0ojh- 
ing)booksallvrsandstationers ) 282wBaltimore 


Buperior Facilities at Sadler'n Business College. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 




Cushley John A. printer, 160 Gough 

Cusick Daniel, lab. 161 Aliceanna 

Cusick John, lab. 26 n Arlington av 

Cusick Mrs. Julia, 22 s Front 

Cusick Locklin, lab. 27 e Monument 

Cusick Martin, lab. 26 n Arlington av 

Cusick Thomas, lab. 26 n Arlington av 

Cusick Thomas, soap packer, 28 s Front 

Custis R. bricklayer, 278 Division 

CUSTOM HOUSE, (U.S.) n w cor Lombard 
and Gay 

Custy Mrs. Ann, boarding, 332 s Bond 

Custy Mary, 21 Rock 

Custy James, clerk, 332 s Bond 

Custy John, grocery, 672 Saratoga, dw 332 s 

Custy Michnel, lab. 409 s Charles 

Custv Patrick, carp. 21 Rock 

CUTAIAR FRANCIS, tobacconist and liquors, 
722 w Baltimore n e cor Schroeder 

Cutitiur Francis jr. clerk, 722 \v Baltimore 

Cutcher Frank, bricklayer, 31 s Strieker 

Cutcher John H. bricklayer. 31 s Strieker 

Cutcher Joseph, bricklayer, 31 s Strieker 

Cutino Alex. ( Michael, C.Scopinich & Co.UO 8 

Cutino Fortune, tailoress, 37 n High 

Cutmo Joseph G. barber, 89 n Front 

Cutler G. W. liquors, 128J Forrest 

Cutts Thomas, lab. 142 Hudson 

Cuyler Mrs. Anna, 64 s Ann 

Cuyler Edward, clerk, 64 s Ann 

Cuyler Capt. J. W.,U.S.A., Albion house 

Cuyler R. M. 279 Linden av 

Cuyler T. Sanford, clerk, 64 s Ann 

Cyford John T. barber, Hampden 

Cypress Richard, clerk, 13 n Bond 

Czarnovvsky Francis, candymkr, 662 w Balti- 

Cz nnowsky Mrs. Francis, paints and oils, 662 
w Baltimore 

Czeszinski John, lab. 265 Aliceanna 

Dabour John, artist, studio 99 n Charles, dw 

117 n Carrollton 
Dabrasky George, cigars, 860 w Pratt 
Daeau Capt. Levin, mariner, 46 Hamburg 
Daescbler John, brewer, Belair av opp Schuet- 

zen park 
Daffin Chas. C. D. engineer, 229 w Fayette 
Daffin Francis D. printer, 229 w Fayette 
Daffin Joseph G. printer, 165 Harford av 
Daffin M.G. 44 n High 
Dagenhard Anton, tailor, 127 n Howard 
Dagenhard Frederick, confec'y, 64 Division 
Dahl Chas. horseshoer, 31 Union 
Dahl Geo. boilermkr, Pratt and Addison al 
Dahl Geo. driver, 31 Union 
Dahl Henry, blksmith, 417 w Pratt 
Dahl Henry, blksmith, 31 Union 
Dahl Henry, jeweler, 112 e Monument 
Dahl Henry, tinner, Pratt and Addison al 
Dahl Jacob, blksmith, 33 Biddle al 
Dahl Lewis jr. tinner, Pratt and Addison al 
Dahl Mrs. Lena, 31 Union 
Dahl Win. car driver, 36 Frederick av 
Dahle Chas. F. clerk, 107 n Front 
Dahle Conrad H. ruercbt. tailor, 57j n Gay,dw 

1 12 e Monument 
Dahle Geo. messenger, 112 e Monument 

MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. G-ay Street, near Fayette St. p> 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. h— I 

This responsibleofficestill continues tomake the 

largest loans ou goods of every description and on j-H 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of ^ 

charges than any other office In this city. O 


" f> 
i— I 


Dahle Win. enuineer, 199 Forrest 

D ihme Peter, 409 w Fayette 

Dahms T. A. wharfinger, Miller's wharf, dw 

Wolfe and Eastern av 
Dahnke Adolph, cooper, Calverton rd nr Fred- 
erick av 
Daicker Henry, upholsterer, n 298 Howard, dw 

23 Mulberry 
Daicker John, restaurant, 51 German 
Daicker Robert, clerk, 444 w Lombard 
Daiger Chas. H 64 s Broadway 
Diiger Edward, 94 Barre 
Daiger Francis A. fuiniture, 74 n Howard 
DAIGER M. A. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 

74 8 Broadway 
D.iiger Wm. H. bookkpr, 129 Orleans 
Dail T. Howard (T.J.Dail &Co.)161 n Charles 
Dail T. J. & Co (T.J. Dail, John L.Hebb.T.H. 
Dail) wholesale grocers and coin, merchts, 27 
Dail T. J. (T.J.D.& Co.) 161 n Charles 
Dailey Anthony, tinner, 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey C. T. salesman, 308 s Paca 
Dailey Francis, lab. 128 Battery 
Dailey Francis, lab. 83 Goodman al 
Dailey Henry C. grocery, 307 Myrtle av 
Dailey Jacob, lab. 344 William 
Dailey James, salesman, Maltby house 
Dailey John, blksmith, rear 202 Columbia 
Dailey John, hackman, 29 Constitution 
Dailey Joseph, shippingmaster, 229 s Ann 
Dailey Lucy, 61 Ensor 
Dailey Mark, grocery, 109 Cathedral 
Dailey Martin, lab. rear 362 s Charles 
Dailey Mis. Mary, grocery, 7 Perry 
Dailey Mrs. Mary, 18 Edward 
Dailey Mrs. Mary, 20 s Chester 
Dailey Mrs. Mary C. 65 n Pine 
Dailey Michael, lab. 226 e Lombard 
Dailey Michael, lab. 37 s Wolfe 
Dailey Owen, clerk, 109 Cathedral 
Dailey Patrick, lab. 239 Hamburg 
Dailey Patrick, baker, 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey Samuel, carp. 67 Ensor 
Dailey Samuel J. carp. 48 Aisquith 
Dailey Thomas H. cigarmkr, 61 Union 
Dailey Wm. cigarmkr, 14 Perry 
Daily Bernard, tailor, 201 J e Madison 
DAILY & CO. (K.D.Cross) surg. and philo- 
sophical instrumentmkr, 41 n Liberty 
Daily Edwd. H. brush manuf. 148 n Carey 

DAILY E.V., Trusses, Suspensories, 
Shoulder Braces, Syringes, &C:, 
149 w Fayette, third door below 














►-•• . 




At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Nfew York, 

17- DAM 


















Bra. Ellen 

Centra Mkt. 

dw 307 
Mj rtle !IV 
Daily Thos. de| t. I'> oltenti 

:ll .i\ 

Daily Trad* Journal. 1G2 w Baltic 

■ • 



I irtv 
Peuna »\ 
Dale Win. T oarp. Ml Lexington 

. Pratt 

ii di K. cabiuetuikr, 293 Saratoga 
I>alf\ John, moulder, 45 Hailord av 
1'. -\ John. lab. 6 Bank 

. ■ mi i av, dw 24 .'■ 

j Qalman ) 234 German 
Daley & Getman,! uaGut- 

in.ii! ) htiht-3 bairdrei 

Martin, lab. 221 Bamburg 

.Moid av 
I lore, 90 T: 
Philip P. carp. 96 <• Trait 
Richard, fireman, ::34 liai.. 
I Qf rman 

Dalej . Bambarg 

Inter, 08 n Ann 
tnkr, u Parrisfa ■ . 

A m. II. batcher, S3 1 Pi one ee 
Win. .1. earn. 83 1 Penna av 
Dulk i r j > . ii Price ct 

■ kkpr, 68 n Charles 
Dall Joseph K. drj good* < om.mercht. 19 Gei- 
m m, dw 299 Park av 

in Benj. F. painter, 07 e Middle 
Dallam Benj. S. coachpainter, 182 Cheanut 
clerk, 131 Dul(ihin 
, Bdward I'. clerk, 19 Ar^yleav 
Dallam ll.ii rv Q. dark, 19 Are;\|eav 
DALLAM li. "'LAV attorney; 51$ St Paul, 

dv\ 289 n Kutaw 
Dallam Joseph W. clerk, 19 A r gyle av 
DALLAM WM. L. attorney, 21 ii Calvert, dw 

1 19 n Charles 
Dallam Win. g r ocer y , toot Clinton 
Dallam W. W [Berbert, llairstou A Co.) 83 

Dallerj Mar. - Lexington 

Dall wig Con i ker, LOO n Pine 

Dall wig Mrs. F notions, loo n Pins 
D' Almaiac Ceo. portrait painter, 78 n Charles, 

dw MO w Fayette 
D'Almaine Geo M. bookkpr, 820 ■ layette 

• Monument 
Dalrjrmple Alex. P. clerk, 114 e Eager 
ople Dr. Augustine J. 830 s Prait 
Dalryuiplc Bef. Edwin A. preet Uuiret 

Md 83 Mn • 199 w Loo 

Dalrymph Bmilj J, 143 d Kutaw 
Dalrymple i ;••■,. n. grocery, 148 n Kutaw 
Dalrj mple ( •• <j tV, patternm 
Dalrymple Jan. A, clerk, 114«- Eager 
Dalrymple Jas. c. clerk, 148 a Ba 

B0LMB8A CO., Engineers' and 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt , 

Dairy i: ither strip*, f 5 B 

'1 m 270 >• Monument 
Dalrymple Robert, Merchants hotd 
Dalr; rt M. clerk, 1 4^ n Kutaw 

Dalrymple Tims. lab. 1-7 d Front 

•Mil- r Alfred, clerk. -18 s Sharp 

eimer Am. and (I». k Preideardch) 48 s 
Dalsbeimer David, 4* ■ Sharp 

a Preidenreich (A. Dalsbeimer A 
M A.Preidenreich) whole.- hoots and 

. boots and shoes, 77 Cam- 
den, du 48 ■ Bbarp 

. John li. police, 132 Barfbrd av 
:. Win. grocery, 31 s Dillas 
I>aly Bngene M. propr. G rman-cl Hall, 24 


- n Front 
Dalj Beory, marble«oiker, 18 Oonstitntioo 
Dalj II nrj T. rt . at, Wood' 

Dalj Isabella, 20 n Bigh 

Italy John A. DOO Bigh 

Dalj John H rarnisher, 9:; 
D Ij John. lab. 191 I 
Dalj John, i uiiii 

Italy Josiah, rarnisher, 2.'> McHenry 

Dalj Joseph II. mnrbleworker, 18 Constitution 

Dalj Michsel, porter, 117 Druid Bill av 

Daly Patrick, ourse, 69 Cbesnut 

Daly Patrick, lab. 12 s Norris al 

Daly Thus. 99 Scott 

Dalj Thos. polisher, 103 Scott 

Daly Thos. lab. 9 Willow 

Daly Thos. officer Penitentiary, Central av nr 

Dalj W infield S. rarnisher, 103 Scott 
Damast Fred, clerk 203 Montgomery 
Damast Philip, carp. 202 Montgomery 
DAMBMANN GU8TAV, chemical work* and 

office, Leadenhall, West and Stockholm, dw 

181 Eduiondson av 


Chemical ( Super Phosphate 

F-A. CTOR"X" - 

WORKS :— Leadenhall, West, Stock- 
holm Sts. and Peach Alley. 


i ., _ 

Darner Andrew, cahinetinkr, 143 Dover 
Damer Anthony, Sboemkr, 34 u Liberty 
Damer Frederick, blacksmith, 34 u Liberty 

Damer Pred. salesman, 4u Brune 

Damer John 15. 103 Bai 

Damer Joseph, saddler, 81 Pdrce 

• i M.u tin, ileik, 4o Hi une 
Damer Matthew, tailor, 2 Liberty ct 

Damer Sebastian, huckster, 288 Franklin 

Dames August F. carp. Hon ■ 

Dames Ones. w. batcher. 281 Peuna av 

Kniina, teacher, Wuvciley 
Dailies John, lab. Hume-trad 

Dames Win. gardener, Bonn - 

Damm A ii^; • i 'anion av 

Damm Cbas. rarnisher, 889 Canton av 

Damm Henry, tobaeco Stripper, 111 Leadenhal 

Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Waate, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Building. 

















Damm Fred, canmkr, 389 Canton av 
Damra John, lab. Ill Leadeuhall 
Damm Wm. lab. Ill Leadenball 
Dammann Chas. L. plasterer, 191 Mulberry 
Dammana Ernest, (F.W.4ED.) 387 Druid 

Hill av 
Dammann F. Wm. (F.W.& E.D.) Lanvale, bet 

Fremont and Myrtle av 
Dammann F. W. $ E. imprs. of cloths and vel- 
vets, 16 Hanover 
Dammann Ignatius M. clerk, 387 Druid Hill av 
Dammann J. T. clerk, Lanvale nr Fremont 
Dammann John P.', Lanvale nr Fremont 
DAMMANN DR. LEWIS H. 191 Mulberry 
Damme Henry, shoemkr, 19 Dover 
Damme Henry, shoemkr, 355 Canton av 
Damme Sophia, boots and shoes 355 Canton av 
Dammen Geo. lab. 97 s Chapel 
Damon James, gardener, 105 York 
Damon Peter, lab. 118 Hamburg 
Damon Wm. lab. 118 Hamburg 
Danaher Michael, clerk, 1 Collins ct 
Danaher Michael J. huckster, 78 n Amity 
Danaher Thos. bottler, 47 n Front 
Daudelet F. G. dyer and scourer, 123 n Howard 
Dandelet Francis, brewer, 113 Hanover,dw An- 
napolis junction 
Dandelet Francis jr. clerk, 384 n Eden 
Dandelet Gustave, dyer, 122 n Howard 
Dandelet Julius F. dyer, 122 n Howard 
Dandridge Geo. printer, 44 Lemmon 
Danebey Daniel, carter, 91 s Spring 
Danek Jos. shoemkr, 81 Lemmt.n 
Daneker Annie, teacher, 185 s Charles 
Daneker Chas. sbipsraith, 6 Henrietta 
Daneker David H. engineer, 224 Montgomery 
Daneker Edwin T. supt. C. H. 185 s Charles 
Daneker Frank A. clerk, Waverley 
Daneker Geo. C. clerk, 185 s Charles 
Daneker Geo. I. bookkpr, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker John F. millwright, 30 Henrietta 
Daneker John J. 185 s Charles 
Daneker Orman A. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker Saml. H. clerk, 185 s Charles 
Daneker Thos. 0. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker Wm. H. bookkpr, Woodberry 
Daneker Wm. H. bookkpr, Sweet Air 
Danels Mrs. E. B., Eutaw hotel 
Dauels James D. scrollsawyer, 123 s Chester 
Danels Jos. D. propr. Claggett's brewery, e 

Lombard, adj. Falls 
DauelsMrs. Julia N., Maryland av and Hoffman 
Dautorth R. F. oil, 115 n Gay 
Daubardt Casper, machinist, 151 Lemmon 
Daniel Andrew, shoemkr, 774 w Pratt 
Daniel Aug. varnisher, 11 Sterrett 
Daniel Daniel, second hand goods, 211 s Paca 
Daniel Frank, tinner, 11 Sterrett 
Daniel John, bootfitter, 216 Mulberry 
Daniel John H. (Penniman & Bro.) Carrollton 

Daniel John M. attorney, 5 Law bldg. dw 45 

Daniel H. (Lissauer $ Co.) 225 w Baltimore, 

dw 266 Hollins 
Daniel Michael, lab. 211s Paca 
Daniel Moses, bookkpr, 211s Paca 
DANIEL WM. (S. Guiteau $ Co.) attorney, 21 

n Calvert, dw 83 Cathedral 
Daniel Wm. F. lab. 16 s Bond 
Daniell C. W. baggnge agent, 3 Wilcox 
Daniels Mrs. Catherine D. 309 n Ann 

MONET! $100,000 to loan! rp\ 

In Sams to Salt, at Q Q 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Bates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Daniels Chas. H. watchman, 14 Hill 
Daniels Ezekiel, lumber, 19 s Howard 
Daniels Henry, yents. furn. poods, 488 w Balti- 
more, dw 674 w Pratt 
Daniels John C. clerk, 310 Lexington 
Duniels Mrs. Julia, 310 Lexington 
Daniels Mrs. Mary A. boarding, 19 s Howard 
Daniels Thos. F. shoecutter, 201f e Madison 
Dankmeyer Chas. baker, 661 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Geo. baker, 905 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer John F. baker, 9do w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Theo. baker, 061 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Wm. furniture, 8()8 w Baltimore 
Danneberg Albert, tailor, Columbia and Pine 
Dannelly Dr. F. O. 28 Forrest pi 
Dannenberg Mrs. Annie M. 38 s Mount 
Dannenberger Aug. clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenberger Isaac, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenberger Isaac, grocery, 24 Douglass 
Dannenfelser Adam, cooper, 170 s Central av 
Dannenfelser Conrad, shoemaker, Elliott and 

Dannenfelser Geo. shoemkr, First av nr Clinton 
Dannenfelser Gerhardt, shoemkr, Cotton row 
Dannenfelser Jno.sboemkr.Clinton and First av 
Dannenfelser Lewis, cooper, 117 Eastern av 
Dannenfelser Martin, shoemaker, Clinton av nr 

First av 
Dannenfelser P. grocery. Biddle and McDonogh 
Dauner Wesley C. salesman, 40<i Druid Hillav 
Dannettel & Co. (J.H.Dannettel, F.Scbulze) 

packing boxmkrs, 15 n Sharp 
Dannettel Chas. carver, 127 Scott 
Dannettel Geo. F. drug clerk. 360 e Lombard 
Dannettel Henry L. cabinetmkr, 127 Scott 
Dannettel John H. (D.& Co.) Baltimore co 
Dannettel John H. jr. boxmkr, 20 Laurel 
Dannettel Wm. H. butter, 23 s Washington 
Danskin Mrs. Dr. S. A. 70£ Saratoga 
Danskin Shirt Manuf'g Co. 176 w Baltimore 
Danskin Washington A. 70 J Saratoga 
Danson Louis, mariner, 479 Saratoga 
Datithault E. artist, over 39 n Charles 
Danz Edward, tailor, 130 e Biddle 
Danz Henry, carp. 60 Granby 
Danz Henry, bakery, 317 n Ann 
Danz Wm. F. cignrmkr, 130 e Biddle 
Danzelock Aug. liquors, 293 e Monument 
Danzelock Henry, boots, <Jr. 43 n Gay, dw 293 

e Monument 
Danzelock John H. liquoas, 481 e Monument 
Darby Benj. F.(D.& Co. ) 212 n Carey 
Darby Mrs Benj. 212 n Cure J 
DARBY & CO.(David, Philip and Benj. F. Dar- 

bv) steam candy manufs. 325 w Baltimore 
Darby Da\id,(D k Co.) 531 w Fayette 
Darby Philip. (D.& Co.) G34 w Fayette 

tr 1 







No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 

DAR 180 DAY 

f. watcbinkr, l-T. « Baltimore, dw 

Mm men i, 

EH - I 

*J i> , rr \t i Carrie, MM ■ Lei 

»rr Ephrai • Madison 

•; I 

^. lard 


•K .. in. II. luti : H Pratt ;iinl 481 

, m Fumoiit, dv\ 1 -.: ■ Pica 
. ' .ring Benrr, machinist, 218 II mover 

1 ase 
— J John W sh • mki 20 1 n Ann 

i: k, li irf. ■ 

• I 

W D .(J .H.DarliBgloyster packers, 111 

— Hillcn 

C Darll Aisquith 

— : Darling P. Taj li r, DJB Ganger C I! .1) 


nr CI 

'•' agt. Pboenii Mutual Life Ins Co. 20 South, 

~ : \ land av 

Benry, 143 Mulberry 

— I' r ng ii Mulberry ' 

! |s > . "7 Alsqalth 

.- Darling James H (D.« Co.) 336 a Monument 
~ - T. proi l'i-nim av 

'IX I».it ing James T carp. 6*7 w Fayette 

iing John sr. flu d Gay 

— h I >ar ! 1 1- n John jr. tinner. 

I — r, 131 :i Rata* 

DC |> ^ .-, id l Philip, lab loo s Chapel 

idl Regina, provisions, mo s Chapel 
j I • rney Fredk. carp. Bel ail nr ext 

^ trney John Benry, carp. l'< ini r av ext 
<J I urncv Thomas, clerk, 89 n Bond 

1 8. Buisber, 73 Scott 

~ Dart Levi li. machinist, 7.i Scott 

larraugh Mary A. Jus Ann 
Pq Darning b Wm. police, 504 flarfbrd av 
1 kRRRLL CHAS k «'<> (C. Dairell) imprs. 
: — .. • - and liquors. 4 Rich id 

- (Chas D.k Co.) 245 n Calvert 
rrell Stewart, ship, nnd com. merchl. 1 Lx- 
Z£ cbanga pi, d« 349 n Rutaw 

Derreeberger David, oonieet'ry, 951 Lexington 
Pq Darrenberger B. cattla driver, 951 Lexington 
~ Darrington James, clerk, 1 ?;• d Carey 
J i iraat, 193 Lexington 

^- ". ■ lionery, 248 Hollina 

John, painter, 420 Motienry 

Daacfa Jol.n A. quarry man Falls id nr to 

— 7* Da* !■ Jubo N. blacksmith, 1 19 * Monument 

ml. R. stonecutter, Falls id nr lollgate 
• Daseh Wm II stonecutter, Palis rd nr tollgate 
~~" Daaenbrock B»robard,cab'tmkr,57 Slemmei al 
■ii i ili. 59 Monroe 
^ I' 1-I1 August, lab. J"0 s Ann 

"lock hoi m 
^^1 Daeblel carver, 141 b Washington 

~ I' ird, c pper, 104 ■ Washington 

t™ I 1 Bxeler 

— D " Ann, 17'' I: 

'"" M. attorney, oyer Che sa peake Beak 

W Daabiell Mrs. Rreily, 43 Coortland 

1 ' loss 
Jubn V*. carver, 51 ." Collington av 
Daabiell Mrs. Matilda, 27] Aisquith 
■ II Capt. Mitchell, 2*;A Aisquith 

ilaa L eke, 201 a Broadway 
Daabiell Richard B. eantnkr, lot s Washington 
8 K. real eatata agl. 7 Law bids, 
J-ssup station 
Daabiell Win. caulker, 105 Johnson 
itterj av 
Daabiell Wm. o. cashier, 14 Spring row 

'.'. B ; ricklaj er, 393 d Central av 
id Prank W. glaasblower, 201 West 
ib 13 Sbakapi 
Diiili Christian, grocery, j<;3 n Broadway 
Dunb Fredk. clerk, 263 11 Broadwaj 

Lnda i^', tit Broadway 

Dauber Geo. chainnkr, I 19 e Pa ette 
Dauherl Lewis, sboemkr, 213 Lezi 
Daucberl Chaa. watcbmkr, '■»; 1 Central av 

I to, O lect'r, 86 I 1'iiitral .iv 

Dane Conrad, baker, 78 Albemarle 
Dauenhauer, Louis, builder, 396 e Baltimore 
Dauer John, iboamkr, 230 William 

Mrs. Theresa, grocery, 220 William 

I»:uier Xivier, shocinkr, 220 William 

Drtugbaday John T|> , r i3:i w Lombard 
herty J.H.(Di W light) 49 Valley 
Daugherty Julius, 90 n Butaa 

ty Louis H. clerk, 1G Jackson pi 
Daugherty Mrs. Mar.) V. restaurant, 148$ e 

Daugherty Mrs. Priscilln A. 18 Jackson pi 
Daugherty Lev. Dr. Thomas. 64 William 
Daugherty Win. G. coal, cor Central av and 

I ijette, dvr 16 Jnckson pi 
Daughertv \\'m H.watcbnwn,Nortta av nr John 
DATJGBRRT7 .t WRIGHT, ( J. M. Daugherty. 

J.N Wright) job printers, s e cor Gay and 

Dangbtrej Geo. barnessmkr, 208 Cross 
Dangbtrey John, lab. 298 Cross 
Daugbtrey P. Henry, clerk, 94 n Rutaw 
Daughtrej R. T. deik, 75 n Liberty 
Ditum Lawrence, tailor, 198 (iough 
Daum John, cutter, 360 Bamburg 
Daumann Andre arj> 

Danmanu (leorge, baskctmkr, 163 s Sharp 
Dauphin Christina, confecl'y, 207 e Baltimore 
Danacb Anthony, stevedore, J7 u Broadway 
Dauacb Chaa. lab ■ il av 

l>.Hi-' Ii Jacob, lab. Ifadairaal nr Gongh 
Dauacb Mn ■ A. notions, 212 8 Broadwaj 
DhuscIi R'-v. Michael, 25 n Proof 
Dauacb Patei . 409 K.isiern av 

Dauacb Dr. Pierre <• 27 d Broadway 
Dauses John, tailor, ~ r > 11 Chapel 

in Rdw ard, barber, r> 1 d Amity 
Dauterich «v Co, (Benrj D.iuterich i stoves and 

tin aave, j I t t Baltimore 
Dauterich P, W. barkpr, Ann and Fayette 
Dautericb Henry, (D.4 Co -17 e Baltimore 
DAUTRRICB IIFNKV, restaurant, (agent for 

Berger i Kngel, Philadelphia) s w cor Ann 

Fa\ site 
Dauterich Benrj L. clerk, Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich John, tavern, 8 n Eden 
Dai aim Mrs 10 e B iger 

Davenport James ( ii licMeobisj 

Davenport Joseph B. clerk, 2fi Bamilton 
1 ' .i 1 npoi ' M ■. Samoi I, 259 Qough 
Prof. Rdward G. 17 1 8t. Paul 

BANKERS' EXCHANGE to be had on the Principal Cities of the 

U. S. and Canadaa at Sadler's Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. iu the World, O. F. Bresee, G-en. Agt. 





i— I 


















Davidge R. C. a^rent Patuxeut guano and As- 
bestos material, 6>* South, dw 45 St. Paul ext 
Darids Albert G. 399 Park av 
Davids August, tailor, 77 Harrison 
Davids B. hats and caps, 242 n Gay 
Davids Garrett B. 399 Park av 
Davids Henry, moulder, 77 Harrison 
Davids Isaiah, engineer, 627 Light 
Davidson C. Y. (C.Y.D.& Co.) 347 Madison av 
Davidson (lias. 266 Chew 

Davidson Chas. C. shoemkr, 612 w Baltimore 
Davidson C. Falconer, clerk, 5 Clarke 
DAVIDSON C. Y. £ Co. (C. Y. Davidson, J. 
H. Kidd,J.E Keenan)gas fixtures, 5 n Liberty- 
Davidson Kdw. saloon, Patterson av and Fulton 
Davidson Eugene S. clerk, 204 w Hoffman 
Davidson F. H. (F.H.D.& Co.) 379 Madison av 
DAVIDSON F. H. £ Co. (F.H. Davidson, P.M. 

Ijams) hardware, 158 Franklin 
Davidson Francis, 1 19 n Central av 
Davidson Geo. H. potter, 266 Chew 
Davidson Geo M. ^asfitter, 816£ w Baltimore 
Davidson James B. fireman, 336 s Sharp 
Davidson J as. YV. inspector of cars, Harford av 

nr Lanval-- 
Davidson John, shoefitter, 612 w Baltimore 
Davidson John L. 78 s Paca 
Davidson John J. stonecutter, 511 Harford av 
Davidson John J. butcher, 103 Befair Market, 

dw Point la nr Harford av 
Davidson Joseph, lab. 28 Cheenut 
Davidson Joseph E. clerk, 78 a Paca 
Duvidson Joseph K clerk, 165 w Baltimore 
Davidson Robert C. 65 McCuHoh 
Davidson Robert G. telegraphist, 164 w Fayette 
Davidson Robt. J gasritter, 778 w Baltimore 
Davidson Mrs. Dr. S. A. 204 w Hoffman 
Davidson Samuel A. 199 Conway 
Davidson Samuel G. police, Point la and Har- 
ford av 
Davidson Samuel M. 405 a Gay 
Davidson Wallace C. clerk. 165 George 
Davidson Wm ropemkr, Harford av nr Lanvale 
Davidson Wm. B. ins. agent, I American bldg, 

dw 312 Madison av 
Davidson Wm. S. shoefitter, 612 w Baltimore 
Davidson Wm. T. real estate, 36 St Paul, dw 

Baltimore co 
Davies David 0. apothecary, 111 e Pratt 
Davies Mrs. W. T. boarding, 182 w Lombard 
Davies W. T. salesman, 182 w Lombard 
Davis Dr. A. 207 w Lombard 
' Davis A. G. (Watts & Co.) 429 Madison av 
Davis Abram, peddler, 11 L. McElderry 
Davis Abram, engineer, 67 w Biddle 
Davis Adam, lamplighter, 109 Eastern av 
Davis Albert, light house supt. 185 Lee 
Davis Alex. sr. lab. Hampden 
Davis Alex, plasterer, 52 n Greene 
Davis Alex, stonemason, Woodberry 
Davis Alex, peddler, 127 e Lombard 
Davis Alfred H gilder, 75i Eastern av 
Davis Mrs. Alice B. 360 HJllins 
Davis Allen Bowie, 370 Madison av 
Davis Alvin P. machinist, 309 McHenry 
Davis Amos, carp. 84 n Schroeder 
Davis Amos M. cooper, 139 Hamburg 
Davis Andrew, stairbuilder, 358 Franklin 
Davis Mrs. Ann O. 77 s Strieker 
Davis Mr3. Annie E. 203 n Central rv 
Davis Archibald T. capper, 298 e Lombard 
Davis Barney, lab. lo Clement 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Salt, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Me'uchandisk in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

BEN JA3XI1H «fe CO. 

Davis Benj. (oppersmelter Clinton nr Second av 

Davis Benj. B. mariner, 223 Jefferson 

Davis Benj. M. junk, 3") Henrietta 

Davis Benj. W. helper. Clinton nr Second av 

Davis Bradford A. sailrnkr, 319 n Broadway 

Davis Mrs. C. R. 116 Scott 

Davis, Chambers & Co. of Pittsburgh, white lead 

Riannfrs. John S. Knapp, manager, 118£ w 

Davis Chas. tailor, 12 n Gay 
Davis Chas. carp. 120 Townsend 
Davis Chas. printer, 133 Conway 
Davis Phas. painter, 9 s Front 
Davis Charles A. painter, 146 Peirce 
Davis Charles A. collector, 26 n Carrollton av 
Davis Charles E. huckster, 89 Booth 
Davis Charles H. pilot, 4 s Washington 
Davis Charles M. cooper, 221 s Paca 
Davis Chas. M. carp. Lafayette av nr Fremont 
Davis Charles T. clerk, 360 Hollins 
Davis Charles T. 172 w Lombard 
Davis Charles T. shoecutter, 645 w Lombard 
Davis Charles W 134 Mulberry 
Davis Charles W. huckster, 10 Walker 
D'ivis Clara, boarding, 30 n Central av 
Davis Clinton W. clerk, 31 Jackson 
Davis Conrad, huckster, 116 e Pratt 
Davis Cortez, clerk, 154 w Lombard 
Davis Daniel, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Daniel, 327 n Durham 
Davis Mrs. Delia, boarding, 40 Columbia 
Davis Dunbar, cigarmkr, 144 Pearl 
Davis Edgar, cachmkr, 102 Pearl 
Davis Edward, driver, 210 s Ann 
Davis Edw. millwright, Snicker nr Liberty rd 
Davis Edward, carp. 223 Park av 
Davis Edward T. boot and shoe manufr. 104 n 

Howard, dw 42 n Liberty 
Davis Edwin R. attorney and conveyancer, 12 

St. Paul, 162 Hanover 
Davis Eldred R. grocery, 217 n Carey, dw 213 
Davis Elish-, lab. 7 Chapel nr Belair ht 
Davis Mrs. Elizab. boarding, 154 w Lombard 

DAVIS FRANK E., Architect, 
Room No. 1, Second Story, over 
s e cor Charles and Fayette, dw 
162 Lafayett e av. 

Davis Franklin, clerk, 46 Barre 
Davis Franklin P. stonecutter, Woodberry 
Davis Frederick, tavern, 337 Aliceanna 
Davis Geo. pianomkr, 295 w Hoffman 
Davis Geo. A., Lafayette av nr Fremont 
Davis Geo. A. plasterer, 56 n Pine 
Davis Geo. A. machinist, Millingtonla nr Ram- 

"Better One Hour TOO SOON than One Minute TOO LATE." 
Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




• p -t'.>7 Franklin 

— I c irp. U i Joboi 

1: i» m- x ' 

m*. . • M iii i ■n-iii 

■ j> • . ey, IS St. Paul, 

lid Ihll v 

— ton 

— ii B t ii Kntiuv 

I ' ilhonn 
— ■ Dhi lab J.'. i I' 

A ii ii 
. 1 1 ; l I <ee 
, • D»vi Henrj R dr 

Pranklinand Strieker 
~. Dnrli 1*40 R <L'clv 

^j< Davit Howard, macbinitt, 848 Franklin 
• Hugh, ■ i. y ul 

14 ii Front 

n D p. 497 Franklin 

j D carp. 491 Franklin 

S D M Iter, 30 o I lent ■ 

!^ h i r mi la ;i.i ■ iklin 

f- 1 1 ivi- James A . >■]■■• k 

pg Dai In Chapel 

R porter 464 Light 

^ Da K. lab. 10 LemnaoQ 

oo Davis Jama i I wood, s w cor Boinl 

D ■ id Lunl ard dw 8 D Washington 

- DaritJam - II talesman, 90 * Lombard 
C D Oxf ird, Fork id 
IS Jobn, fireman, 28 < Dement 

ihn, lab. 80 0'Donnell 
John, ibipjoiner, 104 a Oolllngton av 
£ Davit Jobn, junk, 348 Alicennna 
H Davis John, police, 89 North 

matter oaai k OR. R. 

£ ette 

*■* Davit Jobn C. painter. 458 «• Fayi 

- Davis John 0. earp. 369 « Pa 

5 Davit Jobn B. bricklayer, '.'Jl s P«ca 

h Davit J lin K. rigger, 21 ■ Oregon 

£ l> vi- John P. jr. carp. 845 w Lombard 

=-' Davit Jobn I carp. 645 w Lombard 

Davis John G tbipcarp. 815 Light 
O Davit Jobn II. pilot, i i Washington 

ii H. painter, 51 i Pulton 
iris John H. tinner, 80S Hanover 
Z. Davis John K. grocery, 221 Hniberry, dw 220 
O Davit Jobn L.eoppertmelter,U Donnell nr< 
53 p 

5 Davit John R. freight tolicitor, Lee and Ligbt 
<% Dai ■- Jobn R. I ib 389 aitquitb 

1 Davit John T. tinner, 305 Hanover 
I It n is John T. • boemkr, 26 Ban 

t| DAVI8 JOBN 97. general tgenl N.O.B.W. I e 
-. Centre, dw 501 Maditon av 

_t Davit Jobn W. lab. 75 j Battern iv 
— I ivit John W. bnil n iiond 

D ivia Jotepb, canmkr, >'.i Scott 
Hi Dai ch lirmkr, 72 

' , Davit Jot. P. clerk n nr ('base 

-] Davit L. Henry, rarnitfa Bond 

^ n< s B eai p. 171 Towusend 

kvii I. m rence ''. proce »r, 2 17 t I. ioo 
2 Dtt i oo|ier, I Ti Inity 

W Dii ab. 19 B »ruce al 

Davii Mrs Louisa, boarding, 162 s Wolfe 

Davit Mis. Lydia, 564 Lexington 
Davit Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 59 Bttex 

D i vis Mrs. Mary, 88 Clin ion 

llelind i. i Defect' y, 131 b Obapel 
Davit Medora, leacber, 32 MeOullob 
Davit Marion tinner, Biting Sun hotel 
Davit Marj A., Pattertonav nrGilmor 
Dnvia Morgan J. clerks Huntington av and St. 

DAVIS k iflLLBB, (A. J. Miller,) wbotattk 

drnggitit and ii tvorin 1 2 n Howard 

Davit A Moore, (W B Davitand \V. J. Moore) 

grot • Broad wav 

Dai it Mori is. iboOffl -r. 116 e Pratt 

Dai is Niebolnt, carp. 84 n r 

Davit OrUndu A. operator, 89 argvle av 

Davit P. Wilt lab. I] L. Church 

Davit Phineat.J attorney, Hampden 

Davit Raphael, clothing, 86 Harriton 

Davit Raphael tec. hand clotbiug,236 tCbarles 

Davit Richard, letter carrier, 165 Preston 

Davis Richard, stonemason. Hampden 

Davit Bichard L. carp. 53 Scott 

Davit Richard T. talesman, 163 n Carey 

Robert, lab. Hampden 
Davit Robert, bricklayer, Obapel nr Chase 
Davit Robert clerk, 175 Druid Bill av 

i: >iit. MoL. clerk, 501 Maditon av 
Davit Robert N. painter, i Covington av 
Davis Robert P. police, 111 n Eden 
Davis Roberta, teamtlrett Patterson av ur 

Dni- Samuel, car inipector, Oxford, York rd 
Davit Saml. 15. barnestmkr, 26 Bamtay 
Davit Samuel B. tnpt. Balto. and Hall Springe 

B dlway, 59 < ' mrtland 
Davit Samuel S. clerk, 123 Bdmondton av 

Samne] T. talesman, 1 Hanover 

Barah A. 335 Saratoga 
Davit Silas W police, 383 Saratoga 
Davit Solomon, talesman, To Thames 
Davit Mrt. Sopbit clothing 7" Th 
Davii Susan H.(A SbenlOn >'. Oo.)26 n Car- 

rollton av 
Davis Thus, boots and shoes, I96| Lexington 

dw 500 w Payette 
Davit Thomas, drayman, 12 s Bond 
David Thomas, mariner, 253 t An i 
Davit Thomas, grocery, Clinton ami Second av 

Thomas, huckster, 192 Columbia 
Davit Thomas, carp. 52 Albemarle 
Davis Thomas, lab. 263 s Dallas 
Davis Thomas, stonemason 23 VPbatcoat 
Davis Thomas, huckster. Highland town 
Davit Thomas, ttore, Hampden 
Davis Thomas a tailor. 139 s Monument 
Davit Tbomat I!, coopet 
Davit Tbomat If. paints, oilt and glass, 10 w 

Baltimore and 48 Hum dw 336 Park av 
Davit Tbomat D. manager, Baltimore copper 

-. ilu t II in too nr Second av 
l> n It Tbomat B. clerk, 9 Clinton 
Davit Tbomat L. ibipcarp. 121 Montgomery 
Davis Thomas 8, flour inspector, 89 s Sharp 

Tbomat W. tronkmkr, ;'.'^7 McHenry 

I'yliT, conductor, it; - Btrieker 
Dav id Ppton, o ii p 34 B A lioeanns 
Davis Walter T. brakeman, 296 w Hoffman 
Dai is W. i ' capper, 298 t Lombard 

Davit Which W . c!ei a. Palter-on avnrGilmor 

D ivi. Win. 50 Park av 

Davis Win. .liiver, MillingtOD la 

HOLMES cfe 00., Engineers 1 and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 

•king, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt. Waate, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-enl Agt. 




Davis Wra. lab. 58 Parkin 

Davis Wm. painter, 146 Peirce 

Davis Win. cigarmkr, 228 3 Fremont 

Davis Wm. hack driver, 173 Stirling 

Davis Win. lab. Clinton nr Second av 

Davis Wm. carp Burton's hotel 

Davis Wm. lab. 3 s Castle 

Davis Win. A. shoerakr, 193 Jefferson 

Davis Win. B. sr. cooper, 221 s Paca 

Davis Wm. B. jr. bricklayer, 221 s Paca 

Davis Win. C. capper, 298 e Lombard 

Davis Win. Edward W. plasterer, 56 n Pine 

Davis Wm. E. carp. 262 Presstman 

Davis Wm. B. ( W.E.D.«y Co.) 321 Hollins 

Davis Wm E. (D & Moore) 2-12 Gough 

DAVIS WM. E. & CO. (W.E. Davis) mannf. 

iron railing, 41 Clay 
DAVIS Da. WM. B. 193 n Howard 
Davis Win. H. cigarmkr, 228 s Fremont 
Davis ffiu. H. painter, 6 s Chester 
Davis Win. H. jr. carp. 6 s Chester 
Davis Wm. H. boatbldr, 18 Bennett 
Davis Wm. H. Sun reporter, 45 Forrest pi 
Davis Wm. H. glacier, 94 Stiles 
Davis Win. H. carp. 133 Conway 
Davis Wm.H.H. clerk. 204 n Front 
Davis Wm. J shipcarp. 121 Montgomery 
Davis Wm M. machinist, 71 Division 
Davis Wm. R. carp 62 Jefferson 
Davis Win. R. fireman, 154 w Lombard 
Davis Wm. T. shipsmith, 46 Cross 
Davis Wm. T. cigarmkr, 310 n Eutaw 
Davis dipt. Wilson, mariner, 62 Block 
Davis Windell, lab. 97 Dawson al 
Davis Windsor, Park av and Hoffman 
Davis Zimmerman, moulder, 742 w Pratt 
Davison Calvin T. clerk, 243 n Carrollton av 
Davison Geo. W. (W.D.& Co.) 169 n Calvert 
Davison Mrs. Kate, Ann and Fayette 
Davison Mrs. Maria A. 157 n Central av 
Davison Win. (W.D.& Co.)Ilchester,B.& O.R.R. 
Davison Wm. E. 243 n Carrollton av 
DavisouWm.J.( Wm.D.& Co.)243nCarrolltonav 

DAVISON WM. & CO. (Wm.,Wm. 
J. and Geo. W. Davison) Manufac- 
turers of Varnishes, White Lead, 
French and American Zincs in 
Oil, Colors, Whiting, Putty, Ee- 
fined Saltpetre, Spanish Brown, 
Venetian Red, Epsom Salts, &c, 
104 w Lombard, works Wolfe nr 

Davy James, lab. 289 n Front 
Davy Thomas H. dentist, 84 n Eutaw 
Daw Wm. T. bootiukr, 205 n Central av 
Dawes Edward B. sr. engineer, 206 Lee 
Dawes Edward B. canmkr, 146 Chesapeake 
Dawes Elmer, painter, 206 Lee 
Dawes Francis, cooper, 159 w Fayette 
Dawes F. N. printer, 159 w Fayette 
Dawes Capt. Geo. mariner, 81 s High 
Dawes Geo. R. 81 s High 
Dawes John, huckster, 309 Columbia 
Dawes Capt. Joseph D. mariner, 32 Stiles 
Dawes Hichard, cooper, 229 w Fayette 
Dawes Wm. H. blacksmith, 206 Lee 
Dawkina James A. (W. A. Padgett & Co.) 169 w 

MOSEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sasiis to Suit, at 




22 N. Cby Street, near Payette St. ^ 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1S30. *+; 

This responsible office a till continues to make the J^ 

largest loans on goods of every description and on J-* 

Merchandise in Gestbai, o'n Lower Kates of 

charges th&n any other office in this city. y—i 

JB^iN" JA-ffJIFiT &■ CO. i—i 

Dawley H. S. business manager Weed Sewing M 

Machine Co. 53 n Charles, dw 395 Park av 
Daws Henry, carp. 206 George 
Dawson A. frames and mirrors, 84 n Charles, 

dw 505 w Lombard 
Dawson C. Scott, bookkpr 37 n Calhoun 
Dawson Daniel, porter, ! 38 e Madison 
Dawson Divid N. (D.& Starr) 143 King 
Dawson Edgar G. 70 w Madison 
Dawson Edward L. barber, 394 Saratoga, dw 54 

n Amity 
Dawson G. R. & Co. (G.R. Dawson, Saml.W. 

Milliron) merchts. tailors, 39 n Liberty 
Dawson Geo. B. moulder, 394 McDonogh 
Dawson Geo. W. shipcarp. 162 s Wolfe 
Dawson Gideon R. (G R.D.&Co.) 401 n Gay 
Dawson Jacob J. blacksmith, 134 s Exeter, dw O 

178 s Eden O 

Dawson James, wheelwright, 383 e Eager O 

Dawson James, moulder, 324 McDonogh 
Dawson U. lab. 104 Hunover Q"» 

Dawson Owen, porter, 27 Willow 
Dawson Philip T. & Son, (Philip T. and Taos. Q 

T.Dawson) real estate, 239 e Baltimore O 

Dawson Philip T. (P. T.D.& Son)279eBaltimore - 
Dawson R. T. k Co.(R T. Dawson, R. P. Spates) 

liquors wholes, n w cor Howard and Pratt 
Dawson Roger T. (R.T.D.& Co.) 71 Mosher 
Dawson Samuel, shipcarp. 303 Gough 
Dawson Samuel, engineer, 131 Boyd 
Dawson & Starr, (David N.Dawson, Gilford D. 

Starr) grain mill. 43 King 
Dawson Thos. B. driver, 126 Penna 


i— i 







Dawson Thos.T.(P.T.D.<y Son )279 e Baltimore r£ 

Dawson Wm. G. moulder, 324 McDonogh 
Dawson Wm H.H.carp. 96 n Fremont 
Dawson Wm. H. attorney, a e cor Fayette and 

North, dw 72 n Carey 
Dawson Wm. P. collarmkr, 126 Penna av 
Dawson Wm. P. clerk, 94 Division 
Day Albert, 73 e Baltimore 
Day Alex. M. carp. 146 n Fremont 
Day Alfred G. saddler, harness and truukmkr, 

421 w Baltimore, dw 252 w Favelte 
Day Alfred S. (Reeves & D.)79 e'Prutt 
Day Asa, cooper, 252 Gougli 
Day Benj. lab. 222 Light 
Day Benj. silversmith, 222 Light 
Day Benj. F. clerk, 37 s Schroeder 
Day Bros. (H.W.and D.T.Day) automatic heat £ 

apparatus manufacturers, 92 Garden 
Day Calvin, dispatcher, 367 Mulberry 
Day Chas. S. millwright, 379 e Fayette 
Day D.vid T. (D.Bros.) 255 n Eutaw 
Day Mrs. Eliza, 310 e Chase 
Day Mrs. Elizabeth, laund. 25 Goodman al 
Day Enoch, lab. 66 Wilmer al 














No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 








_ : 


Day Frank W.elerk, 177 Bdmondson av 

Daj I .'. • •.uitnkr. 26? Qough 

1'iv Prod drayman, IS Goodman al 
end Third 
I Lexington 

w i . Park av and 

i bar 

Dai Baaen 

Daj Bam is W. I 

l Druid Hill ar 

Pay ! I i_'li 

Da] v 

Daj i-i'lwse 

mariner 1 1 Blliotl 

Day .li- kaklifl 

roba A. ti • .<t 

1 1 iy J S B isdall 

Day John \V. moa i Lombard 

Day Joseph B. painter, 424 Lexing'ton 
Day, Ion l - Uberl Jones, 

Beml.T. Payna) wholes, si ddlery, 

harness and trunks. 386 n Be] in 
Daj M. L grocery, 188 ■ I'll t imore 
M.l' G dork, loi RidgeJy 


Daj Mortimer W., Park av and Moeher 
I» iv Nionol i in, Bamaaj sxl 

,( Turner ft Daj )2i I Druid Hill uv 
. n Rdniondsoo av 

3.G -in 1 J. Daj ) i in iters 
and boom font 
I'.ty Wesley, farmer, 276 McHenrj 
I ' r. A 1 1 1 |h rx irp. 189 G 

Daj Win. T urakeman, 106 I 
Daj Win. I'. pi in mdeu 

■• Willard G. 269 d Kutaw 
DeybnfSanil. carp. 13 1 1 Donnell 

Day luil'S. trail B. dry Donnall 

Daj bof Wm. carp 43 Donnell 
Daj too Ohas. K. | B ink 

Dajton Siiinl. B • Hamburg 

i D iniel, bi assfinialx I etts 

- . iboemkr, 33 Hi Ford a* 
i ite 
Deacon Wm. t lab. 14 

d Wm. J. c ark, 218 t I ayett* 
John L. mi 9 a B md 

I river, Wilmer al ur Lanvale 
I !•■ |ran Pe'er, currie i a* 

.1 Wm .1 223 M idison av 

;rk, I 18 ii Calhoun 
liiul Geo W.i in k : i ye .I'll i l:i m1 n r ('In- 

I ... W r/ood, 78 McElderrj 
Daal ll adore, 221 ■ Bond 

Deal Jamet A. clerk, 3.i-> d 1 1 

Deal James 15 cirp. in'.j n Ct houu 

!>•* 1 1 John A. baker, 288 n Oentral a? 

Deal John P. tinner, 268 ■ Monument 

i ibn II engineer Bra dept i 

iBnisbsr, 261 o Bond 
I cbard II. 65M w Lorn 
l»i-*l Mrs. Wm. ; iun 

■ n.O. p umbei ,82 Park >v, dw 97a i 
•\ in. N. printer, 408 n < ' ilbouo 
tokkpr, 847 HoiliiiB 
.tin s. jr. clerk, 18 Hulling 
Dealt Lemuel, oabinetmkr, 176 e Madl 
lb 120 I W 

conductor, 178 <■ M idison 
Dean Geo a di Iver, 213 n Bden 

\ engineer, 846 w Lombard 
loemkr, 1 1 i Gilmor 
Dean 11. 0. clerk, 78 t Pratt 

las. puddlrr, 188 s Patterson Park ar ' 

Dean Mich • 177 •• Monn nt 

Dean Richard turner, 178 e Fayette 

tichard, blacksmith, 331 franklin 

rhomai i' irp 1 1 1 Franklin 
Dean Wm. lab 277 •■ Monument 

87m. H carp 77 - Mount 
Deaner Milton J. wheelwright, M n Fiemont 
I »•• .r John T. iii clnser, i BS Batterj av 
I '•• iring Henrj, - - Hanover 

Dearing Philip lai ur, 218 w Patette 

•■ii. builermkr, Druidville 
Dearing Valentine, tailor, 140 a Caroline 
Dearing Wm. jeweler, 213 w Payette 

\ni.,- i ' lab. l B9 Hudson 
Dearer Prank, drug clerk, 66 n Howard 
Denver George plasterer, 37 - Dewberry al 
B police, 101 Hillen 
itcbm in, 127 Orli 
Dearer Jas. A . D.S N 168 e Lombard 

: Jebn, canrokr, 468 e Lombard 
Deaver Jehu 0. machinist, 83 Chew 

John, c mmkr, 468 e Lombard 
Dearer Joseph B. painter, 160 Division 
Dearer Lewis, expressman 66 d Howard 
Dearer Oba iiab, G. clerk, 83 Chew 

Richard, driver, Cole nr Monnt 
Dearer Robert M. huckster, 9 Mott 
Dearer Schriver, drug clerk, 86 n Howard 
Dearer Wm. A. engineer, 186 e Lombard 
Dearer Wm canmkr, 168 e Lombard 
De Baufre I II kra 36 Dover 

Ds Baufre Jas. M. canmkr, 484 Canton uv 
!)•• Baufre Mrs. Sarab, boarding, i"'. r > Dover 
De Banfre Wm. H. salesman, I3."i Diver 

: Mrs AUgus'a, clothing, 1 16 B Fremont 
!>■• Beei Herman, butcher, 327 Aliceanna 
De Brer Jacob, carrier, 146 s Premont 
De Beei lec.hand go lumbla 

De Beet Duncan, clerk, 23 e Payette 

irnam'l painte . 23 e Faj etie 
Debertin Andrew, tavern, 239 H-illina 
Debilius Charles n 1 

Debilius Prank, tavern, Harford rd Darley Park 
Debilius Peter, oanmkr, 13 Harrison a l, Can ton 
Debow Christian, capper, 101 Cambridge 
D '..v Nicholas, painter, 7"i w Domimrd 
Dehrick George, o srk, 126 Bu gundy *1 
Debriek John, moulder, 126 Burgundj al 
De >riog Anthony, enginger, 288 n Butaw 

Debriug Bernard, machinist, 134 L G ne 

Dehriug Gerhard, police, 136 Droid Hill av 
De i laindrj Dan' I, iblpjoiner, Elliott and (Jhesa- 

De Castro Geo music teacher. 201 Marylaodav 

Maryland av 
Deck George, di iter 168 Peiros 
Deck Henry, nightman c .'i n Amity 
Deck Joseph, lab. 124 Rollins 

• mud, nightman, 232} Mulberry 
Deck Martin, cooper, 326 i sharp 

H in Geo. shosmkr, 344 Mulberry 
Deckelman Mrs. John, 12 Myrtle av 

Addison, paints, ate. 80 Hank, dw 81 
Decker Mi> Annie. dry goods,273 n Central av 

Arithmetic rind Busiae - Oaloalations taught by the mosi rmproved 

Methods, at Sadler's Business College, Charles St. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 




Decker Balthasar, cigarmkr, Chase and Wash- 
Decker Bernard, prop'r Decker house. 54 Hillen 
Decker Charles, butcher, 35 Fell's Point Market. 

dw Hudson and First av 
Decker Christian, rags, 59 Carlton 
Decker Everhardt, shoemkr, 19 Cullender al 
Decker Francis, tailor, 264 n Gay 
Decker Fred. carp. 241 e Biddle 
Decker Geo. D. D. brakeman, 708 Light 
Decker Henry, merchant. tailor, '2(54 n G-ay 
Decker House, Bernard Decker, prop' r, 54 Hillen 
Decker Jacob, driver, 45 s Made'na al 
Decker James C. painter, 673 Peuna av 
Decker John, driver, 97 Conway 
Decker John C. tailor, 264 n Gay 
Decker John G. rugs. 59 Carlton 
Decker Joseph, cutter, 273 n Central av 
Decker Joseph cigarmkr, 264 a Gay 
Decker Mrs. Julia A. 129 Linden av 
Decker L. N. watchman. 90 Aisquith 
Decker Mrs. Mary A. 4 s Chapel 
Decker Mrs. Rachel, restaurant, 322 Penna av 
Decker Samuel, painter, 673 Penna av 
Decker Mrs. Sarah, dressmkr, 63 n Strieker 
Decker Wm. painter, 149 e Fayette 
Decker Wm. H. beer, 755 Light 
Deckhaut Adams, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Deckhaut Conrad, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Deckhaut Fred, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Deckhaut Margaret, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Deckman Herman, grocery. 49 Druid Hill av 
Deckman Jahn H. lab. 182 Bane 
Deck man John H confectioner, 232 Lee 
Deckman Wm. H. milk, 232 Lee 
Deckwar Charles, barber, 14 Low 
Deck war Charles, barber, 117 n High 
De Cormis & Co. (Edward De Cormis) whols. 

liquors, 62 s Calvert 
De Cormis Mrs. Edward, 94 n Carrollton av 
De Cormis Edwd. (De Cormis & Co.) 140 Har- 
lem av 
De Corse Thos. W. harnessmkr, 146 s Charles, 

dw 50 Hanover 
De Courcell A. prof, of French, 276 Division 
Decourdi George, tailor, 287 n Howard 
Dederei Chris. F. carpet weaver, se cor Charles 

and Montgomery 
Dedio Peter, bricklayer, 352 e Lombard 
Dee Jamrs, lab. 11 Lemmon 
Dee Maurice, machinist, 11 Lemmon 
Deeg John, cigars, 243 s Charles, dw 317 
Deegan James T. lab. 90 Harrison, Canton 
Deegan John jr. lab. 5 Elliott 
Deegan John, lab. Lemmon al nr Carey 
Deegau Thomas, lab. 125 Elliott 
Deem Aug. gardener, Eastern av nr Bay view 
Deemer Wm. clerk, 50 s Exeter 
Deems Edward, moulder, 441 Hamburg 
Deems Geo. machinist, 118 Parkin 
Deems Geo. W. machinist, 375 Hamburg 
Deems Jacob, moulder. North av nr Cathedral 
Deems Jacob jr. clerk U.S. treasury, 6 Hollins 
Deems Jacob C. painter, 102 Dover 
Deems J. Harry, music teacher, 316 Hollins 
Deems Jus. M. music school, over n e cor Balti- 
more and Paca, dw 1 Hollins cor Fremont 
Deems John, grocery, 193 Henrietta 
Deems Louis C. moulder, North av nr John 
Deems Mrs. Sophia, 121 L. Greene 
Deems Wm. A. 183 w Fayette 
Deems Wm. G» moulder, 121 L. Greene 




MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at (*) 


22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 2 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. ryQ 

Thisresponslbleofficestill continues tomake the * 
largest loans on goods of every description and on e+" 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of — 
charges than any other oilice in this city. 

uiiiivjrjiLiviii^ «& co. — 1 

Deer John, plasterer, 184 s Ay" 

Deer John, peddler, l.» Gould ct 

Deer i n g Augustus, caulker. 29 Thames 

Deery Patrick, lab. 68 FJainpstead 

Deetjen Tyark, bookbinder, 9 Wolfe n of Mon 

Deets Fred. 602 w Lombard ^ 

Ueets Geo. W. restaurant, 33 w Pratt m 

Deets Wm. G barkpr, 33 w Pratt 
Deetz John, sheomkr, 55 MeElderry 
Deetz John jr. shoenikr, 5> MeElderry fD 

Defalco G. W. R. processor, 15 Poultney (~ 

Defalco Pasquil, driver, 2(il William ^ 

Defelder Mrs. Martha, grocery, I 18 s Duncan al VJ 
Deffler John, stevedore, 93 s Chapel 
DeFontes Chas. S. barber, 47 e Baltimore 
DeFontes Frank, barber, 128 ri Gay 
Deford Benj. F.(D. & Co.) 301 Madison av r. 

DEFORD & CO. (Thos. and B.F. Deford, J.F. 5§ 
Ely) hides, leather and oil com. merchts, u 
w cor Calvert and Lombard 
DeFord Geo. T. (D. £ Thayer) 51 Courtland 
Deford Harriet, 211 Maryland av 
Deford John L paper carrier, John and Kden 
Deford Julia, 425 n Calhoun 
DeFORD & THAYER (G.T. DeFord, J. H.Thay- 
er) imprs. leaf tobacco, &c 27 s Gay 
DeFord Sam). T. general eastern agent Peters- 
burg and Weldou Line, 13 German, dw 14 n 
Deford Thos.(D. k Co.) 301 Madison av 
DeFord Thos. G. jr. bookkpr, 543 w Fayette 
DeFORD WM. grain com. mercht. and agent 
for A.M. Wright & Co. 42 Second, dw 42 
DeFord Wm. Y, 42 Cathedral 
Degan Bernard, barber, 5 Elliott 
Degan John, lab. 5 Elliott 
Degaw Geo. harDessmkr. 782 w Baltimore 
Degaw John T. potter, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Thos sr. teamster, 444 w Lombard 
Degeler Gotleib, tailor, 122 Granby 
Degen Albert, salesman, 128 s Poppleton 
Degenhardt August, carp. 87 Harrison, dw n e 

cor Broadway and Eager 
Degenhardt August jr. carp, n e cor Broadway 

and Eager 
Degenhardt Francis, cigarmkr, 375 Orleans 
Degenhardt Felix, cigarmkr, 375 Orleans 
Degenhardt J. R. carp. Broadway and Eager 
Degenhardt Jos. musician, 375 Orleans 
Degeuhatt Capt. Chas. mariner, 287 Gough 
Degilvin Mrs. Sarah, 10* s Regesler 
DeGOEY CHAS. C. wharfinger, Chase's whf, 

dw 13 s Exeter 
DeGoey John M. mariner, 322 e Chase 
DeGoey Louis B. clerk, 13 s Eieter 







"LEARN all you can TO-DAY, you may need it TO-MORROW.'' g? 
Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 



— - al 
— - Donning Jnliu, porter, 14.» w 

— • Ililrttl ill 

I — Denning Lawrence, lab in al 

VI 1 1 i Goodman al 

-j Dai : Ing Tboi n h1 

. Vine 


/%-< Dannli Andrew T. talesman. 51 n Popplaton 

^ Deanii Anl Ian B7 .- Calboun 

• DENNIS B. M. of Wiii.(M|HThnotiioeaaad win- 
do* '•" 801 li Frcni..|it 

_ Br, boicher, Washington and Mon- 


/ I paperb n _ lua 

Mrs. Bmma, I. mud 3 Poi row 

— ink A. ahoi .r 1> Calhoun 

■ uierson av nr Gilmor 

p r!i inter, 458 Leiia|{tOII 
; ib. 13 Ridgely 
* Da I 16 Ko<k 

*S 1 lennia Jamei B l lili r, 5 - Waahini ion 
■__ DnisJ.Upeh r, (Dennis & Scott) 93 Saratoga 

Deaoia Lou 101 n Fremont 

O Deo oil Mrs. Maria • I 
p Dennia • rj.Deouia,JubnScott jr.) at* 

■■■ . 
Dennis Peter J. b-irber, 161 P 

t I 1 I Mount 

- Win. c.uiiiikr, 172 ('Ik anal 
Danola Wm. 11. ploiuber, 12 Rid 
E De niaon Lutber, stencil cutter, 150 Orleans 
= Dennison Robert M. 167 Linden av 

■ .- 175 Conway 
d Tbotnaa J I r>7 Conway 
to Denny Mrs. A mi'-. 161 Lee 

. I iniel, mariner, 1 J L. Gougb 
,nv Prancia M. I Hugh A Co ) liJ5s Broad wy 

— Denny G. M. 15. clerk, 3.">!i a Charles 
~ Den i 1 1 1 2 L. Gougb 

lOj Geo. jr. oerk, 12 L. Gough 
Dennj Rev. II. 0.. Lojola ''allege 
& Dennjr James, barkeeper, 63 Penna av 

Ja ■ - clerk, 201 L Constitution 

'. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 305 
£ Druid Hill av 

ntiv John, painter, 03 B Wolfe 
5 Dennj John, (Armstrong 4 D. ) 2 1 2 Montgomery 
i in, papei h mgei . .*>. < Irosa 
1' nny Joa. D. barnessmkr, 154 Battery av 
Dennj Mr;-. Margaret, grocery, 117 Peach al 
Dennj Patrick, collector. 67 t Madison 
Daaajr R, W carp. 562 w Lombard 
Dennj Robert A. bookkpr. 317 Hollius 

irp. 1 54 Battery av 
Dean* Wm. lab. 113 Myrtle av 
Denny Win. clerk, 12 L. Cough 

Wm. N. upholaterer, 154 Battery av 
Denoe Tbom Carey and Baltimore 

E e era Carej an 1 B iltiroore 
■J. bi icklayer, 67 Colombia 

S ISAAC M. in- ''tor tobacco, wiire- 
Dent H , s iratoga 

Demon k Bo wen, (Ricb'dM Denton and Bear* 
van) Boni and I a* nr I . t- 

Denton Rieh'd M (D. A Bo wen) Penna «t ext 

Denver K shoemkr, R2 McKim 

ive? Thomaa, aoapmkr, 14 Patusaot 
• I ; Patnxenl 





Denz August, printer. B n Wolft 

Denz Rachel, 5 n Wolfe 

. • Mrs. a in, 185 Gouch 
Depaepe M. 1/ teacher, S01 Bunk 
Depew A • ',>. (H.T.Worster) agricultural cast- 
in.'-. 204 i Howard 
DepferRenry, overseer, Tails rd nrMaryland av 
Depkin Andrew, lab. 57 1 William 
Depkin Brneal A. mercbt. tailor, cor Lombard 

and Hanover, dw 544 D <1 IJ 

Depkin Henry, (l>. A- Teal] 57 o Liberty 
Depkin Henry, excavator, 340 Canton av 
Depkin John H. clerk. 57 d Liberty 
Depkin Louis, beer, I 8ai 1I0 1. da IB 
DEPKIN at TEAL, (Henri Depkin, Geo. McK. 
Ti 1 it rcbt. I » 6 mtb 

r, 9 Mercer 
Deppen brock Mary, seamstress, BI Leaden hall 

rock T. H clerk, BI Leaden ball 
Dapper Wm. II cofiVe roaster, 182 n Fremont 
Deppert Joeei h, al mkr, 204 n Durham 

Deppert Jos. A. shoemkr. 2'.*4 n Durham 
Deppert Joseph J. shoemkr, 294 n Dnrbam 
Deppisb Alexander, paperbanger, LOO Bnaor 
Deppiafa Edward, chairmkr, 299 n Ann 
Deppieh Prancia, cooper, 283 a Front 
Deppiah Prancia, carp. 104 Bnaor 
Deppiah C'-o. rarniaher, 295 n Ann 
Deppisb John, canmkr, 273 n Dallas 
Deppiah Win. cooper, 100 Kn-or 
Deppold John H. tuilor, 75 Wyeth 

Depro Augustus, abipjoiner, 185 Gough 

Depro Mrs. Leonora, 185 Gougb 

Denser John. 1 .ilor, 21 Callendar al 

Deputy John M. clerk, 87 Penna av 

Derbeck Ohaa. tinner, 119 Vine 

Derbj John, Baleaman, 1 80 Hollini 

Derby Williard, wood moulding, 121 Kdmond- 
son hv 

Derenberger Geo. clerk, 54 8 Pica 

Derenberger Henry, carp. 63 Druid Hill av 

Derenberger Jacob, confect'y, 63 Druid Hill av 

Dering Geo. cigarmkr, 267 L. Ha 

Dering Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 267 L Hughes 

DKBLIX AUGUST, paranoia, umbrellas and 
canes, 61 and >>•< a Rotaw, dw 68 

De Ro;iceray Celia, music teacher, S4 Mulberry 

De Ronceraj Lonia advertising, and ai»ent of 
nia immigrant Union, 5 i'ostoffice av, 
dw 84 Mul 

De Ronceray Rosina, music teacher, 84 Mul- 

Derr Alex lab, 781 w Baltin 

Darr Edwin II clei k, 378 Hollius 

Derr George. 146 Saratoga 

Derr John J. engineer, 136 n lli^'b 

Dai r Miry, grocer) . I 1 

Derr Michael, bssketmkr, 159 a Washington 
B e.i p i .'j d Bchroedei 

|)e,r Samuel W clerk, ::7* llollins 

Derr Wm. baaketmkr, 159 a Washington 
Den Wm. II. B78 Hollini 
Dai i \\ in. i, 5 llollins 

Deruff l-'i ad. driver, : l B ihim 
Derwart Anguat, ahoemkr, 268 
Derwa ( Lea 

• t Michael, c <i v.r, M I Las 
. Ad 'in. lab. 3o Port 

10 aCarrollton as 

I coin, merobta. 

and f. td, 12s | ('hi: 
De-ch Geo. restaurant, 166a Broadway 

3ADLEB btoq BUBIK (LLEGE, Baltimore, 

id 8 N. Charle.i St., W. II. Sadlek, President. 

Largest Life Ins. Co.intbe World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt. 
DES 189 DEV 

Desch Henry, blkstriith, 409 n Gay 
Desch John, barkeeper, 154 Barre 
Desch John, lab. 54 Rue 
Deschell Gustav, cigarmkr, 142 Mullikin 
Deschell John F. watchmkr, 142 Mullikin 
Descher Alex. carp. 129 n Central av 
Descher Fritz, cabinetmkr, 129 n Central av 
Descher Julius, cabinetmkr, 129 n Central av 
DES FORGES JOHN P. dealer in old books, 

3 St. Paul, dw 162 n Carrollton av 
Deschields Mrs. Ellen, nurse, 13 L. McElderrv 
Deschields John T. clerk, 13 L. McElderry 
Deschner Henry, shoemkr, 46 s C-ntral av 
Deschsink Fred, huckster, 5 Painter ct 
De Shaijo Mortimer, 106 s Fulton 
Deshon Christopher M. coal agt. office 25 Park 

av, dw 352 Madison av 
Deshon John W. shoemkr, 261 n Central av 
Desmond Timothy, lab. 3 McDermot ct 
Desmond Win, lab. 3 .McDermot ct 
Despard Coil Co. 15 German 
Despeaux Anthony, shipcirp. 33 Stiles 
Despeaux Geo. watclK-aseinkr. 150 s Caroline 
Despeaux Geo. W. painter, 410 e Chase 
Despeaux John, lab. 238 s Bond 
Despeaux Joseph D. cutter, 410 e Chase 
Dessell Simon, stevedure, 325 Eastern av 
Desvarreaux Francis. plasterer, 324 e Monument 
Desvarreaux Mrs. Mary, dry goods, 326 e Mon- 

ment and 4 22 n G iy 
Desvarreaux James, shoe findings and garden 

seed, 164 n Gay 
Detel Chas. butcher, 574 Penna av 
Deter Peter, paperbanger, 10 u Poppleton 
Deters Bernard, lab. 2 Weber 
Deters Henry, lab. 2 Weber 
Detectives' Office, Wm.C. Crone chief, City Hall 
Detective Police (independent) 25 n Calvert 
DETRIcK L F. fertilizers and com. merchant, 

108 s Charles, dw 271 Lauvale 
Dettelbacher Elias, clerk, 13 8 Howard 
Dettelbacher Gustav, clerk, 23 s Exeter 
Detten thaler Joseph, lab. 9 n Chapel 
Dettering Fred'k, wheelwright, 56 s Schroeder 
Dettering Mrs. Pauline, variety, 56 s Schroeder 
Dettmer Mrs. F. grocery, 678 Saratoga 
Dettmer Geo. grocery, 1 12 Fort av 
Dettmer John, cooper, 156 Lee 
Detzer John, grocery, 466 Canton av 
Detzer John, caumkr, 466 Canton av 
Detzer Job:., locksmith, 244 e Baltimore 
Deuber Conrad, lab. 21 s Gilmor 
Deuerling Jacob, gardener, Poiut la nr York rd 
Deupert Adam, manuf. gold leaf,35 n Frederick 
Deupei t John, lab. 26 Fell 
Deuchler Fred. lab. Ciintou nr O'Donnell 
Deuchler John R. giocery, foot Ridgeiy 
Deutsch Win. priater,l50 Pearl 
De Valen Mrs. Miry, Wolfe nr Chew 
De Valin Janit-8, lab. 26 Barnet 
De Valin John H. iron railingmkr, 87 Harri- 
son, dw 424 n Eden 
De Vere Wm. carp. 238 e Fayette 
Devall John, horseshoer, 373 McDonogh,dw360 
Devan John, welldigger, 290 n Eulaw 
Devan John, coachman, 109 Cathedral 
Devan John T. police, 95 n Fremont 
Devan Julia, 32 Rock 
Devaughn Mrs. Anna, 5 L. Gough 
Devaughn Chas. lab. Hollins al nr Pratt 
Devaughn Silas, ironworker, 118 s Washington 
Devaughn Thomas, lab. 118 s Washington 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

J5EIVJA.]\II1V &, CO. 

Devaughn Wm. lab. 5 L. Gousih 

Deraux Anthony, florist, 333 M'.ilberry . 

Devenny James, mariner, 35 York 

Devenny Robert J. grocery, 2 Orleans 

Dever Geo. A. clerk, 72 n Poppleton 

Dever John, lab. 151 s Fremont 

Devereaux Jas. shoemkr, 61 Harford av 

Devereaux Thomas, lab. 199 Lemmon al 

Devey Hugh, lab. 42 Liberty al 

Devilbiss Milton, wagoner, 36 Whatcoat 

Deville Francis, Druid Hill av ext 

Devin Thomas, barkeeper, 193 Boston 

Devine Chas. lab. 7 Grace ct 

Devine Francis, engineer, 11 Hawk 

Devine Rev. Geo. W., Johnson and Clement 

Devine Honor i, 17 Fish Market sp 

Devine John, waiter, 225 Hamburg 

Devine John, police, 8 e Second 

Devine John, tavern, 29 Centre Market sp 

Devine Mrs. Mary, 31 s Front 

Devine Michael, shoemkr, 255 w Pratt 

Devine Patrick, lab. 370 s Sharp 

Devine Patrick, lab. 9 Grace ct 

Devine Wm. shoemkr, 124 n Central av 

Devinney Hugh, driver, 20 Comet 

Devinney Mary, 126 s Spring 

Devitt Wilbelmina, 169 s Collington av 

Devitier Alexander, lab. 165 Warner 

Devlin James, lab. 65 Patuxent 

Devlin Mrs. Johanna, 65 Patuxent 

Devlin John (D.& Cochran) 50 n Liberty 

Devlin John, newspapers, 139 e Madison 

Devlin John E. lab. 57 Patuxent 

Devlin Parick, lab. 65 Patuxent 

Devlin Peter, detective,. 139 e Madison 

Devlin & Cochran (John Devlin, T.A.Cochran) 

wholesale millinery goods, 263 \v Baltimore 
Devo John Russell, student, 149 e Madison 
Devon Lawrence, giocery, 12 Fouudry 
Devon Wm H. prof. Bryant, Stratton & Sad- 
ler's business college, dw 4 Jackson 
Devouges Alphonse, dyer, 133 w Madison 
Devries Christian ( Wm.D.& Co.) Linden av ext 
Devries H. A. salesman, 74 w Monument 
Devries H. O. agent Md. State Grange, Maltby 

Devries S. K. G. (Devries, Young & Co.) 74 w 

DEVRIES WM. & CO. ( Wm., Christian and Wm. 

R. Devries, S.Kimmel) wholesale dry goods, 

312 w Baltimore 
Devries Wm. (Wm.D.& Co. and D., Young & 

Co.) 74 w Monument 
Devries Wm. R. (Wm.D.fc Co.) 72 Cathedral 
DEVRIES, YODNG & CO. (Wm. Devries, Alex. 

Young, S.K.G. Devries) wholesale boots and 

shoeB, 310 w Baltimore 

Neatness, Accuracy and Dispatch are BUSINESS REQUISITES. 
Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 


























Mutual Life Insurance Co of New York, 










10, liqOOTS, 36f> I 
. :,ii B. W bOOkkpr, h4. r » w Baltimore 
Linden i«v 
Dee Jamas, collector, 309 Liodeo nv 
ibm ■ w . , erk I B Liodeo kt 
Dew J - '.lli- Biddle e of Mc- 


Dew Robert H. bookkpr, 1'.' s Cilraor 


Dew Win. patternmkr, ISsGUmor 

Dew Urn. J patten. in. aker 

Dewald Frank K. brokeoMO, Farbet house 

Dewall Henry, machinist, 1 19 U 

.'."•. n I alette 
. im to: , 7 i-'"i rot pi 
Dewitt Okai I • Washingtoo 

Dewltl Menu ui. iiniriiiiT, 291 Canton nv 
Dewliog A.J. (G.W.D.* Bros.) 94 William 
Dew In., aide, varieties, 12 Frederick 

av, do '.''<\ ■ Baltimore 

W. & Bros. (G.W., T.J. and A.J. 
DewBog,) blacksmiths, 138 Wt.-t 

U W.D.4Bros.)9-J William 
Dewliog Dr. Isaiah, U S.N. 458 a Lombard 
Dewling Mrs. Rel • -tress, 90 Johnson 

Dewliog Thus. J. (<;.W.D.&Bros.)94 William 
Dewliog Thus, blacksmith, 951 w Baltimore 
Dewold George, turn. wag. 36 Abbot 
Dew old Beorj, lum. wag. 36 Abbot 
De Weil Beoj. 70 e Pratt 

IT Levi B. clerk, 70 e Pratt 
De WoitT.Mrs. Mark A. 64 Franklin 
I a WolQ Noah, speculator, 70 e Pratt 
De Wolff Saml. Jeweler, To a Pratt 
Dezl Michael, whitewasher, rear 414 Canton av 
L>eiter Alfred L. carp. First av nr Clinton 

Samuel M. w hai (builder, Clinton nr 
rid ht 
l'e_\wult Win, Mount Vernon mills 
Dhesiog: John, blacksmith, 144 Hollins 
Dbiel Herman, lab. 522 Canton av 
Diamood Annie, dressmkr, 83 Cambridge 
Diamond Elizabeth, tailoress, 83 Cambridge 
Diamond Geo H. ahipjoioer, 5 d Colliugton av 
Diamond Mrs. Hugh, 83 Cambiidjie 
Diamond James, cooper, 17 n Collington av 
Diamond James, driver, 109 Cambridge 
Diamond James sr. couper, 143 s Ann 
Diamond John, reporter, 20 I Wolte 
Diatuoud Mary, tailoress, 83 Cambridge 
Dias Clarence, clerk, 144 w Madison 
Dibb James, engineer, 95 s Poppleton 
Dick Emil, clerk, 303 w Pratt 

Irs. Mary, 3U3 w Pratl 
Dick Oscar, clerk, 303 w Pratt 
Dickas John, carpetweaver, 23 n Wolfe 
Dicke Leonard, blacksmith, 68 Greentnount av 
Dickel Chas. C. clerk, 1 19 w Payette 
Dickel Conrad, weaver, Sterrett nr Columbia 
Dickel Edward, clerk, 216 w Fayette 
Dickel Hairy L. salesman, 525 D Fremont 
Dickel John, shoemkr, 126 William 
Dickel Mrs. Margaret, seumstiess, 4 St. Mary ct 
Dickens Henry, ropemkr. 80 Gittings 
John II. lab. 283 William 
:,1 Josiah, ropemkr, 80 'linings 
Dickerson Alfred A. moulder, 14 1 West 
DickersoD Francis, bockster, 1 Brannan ct 
Dn-kerson Isaac W. Itef( don, 9 s Chester 

0B Win. l.dep. keeper Md. Penitentiary 

Dickerson Wm. P. mariner, .453 e Lombard 
Dicker! Michael, lab. 14 Ivyal 
Dickey, Baker k Co. (C.K.Dickey, K.J. Baker, 
T.Tnnsley) proprietors Md. meter works, 53 
Noi ill and 22 Saratoga 
Dickey Charles E. (D., Baker & Co. and James 
Hazlitt & Co. )Chai lts-sl av nr Huntingdon av 
Dickey (J. Allen ( Wm. J.D.4 Son ) Wetherdville 
Dickey Ceo. S. propr. Excelsior Steam Forge 

I 'Druid Hill av 
Dicker 11. R. bookkpr, 110 n Eutaw 
Dickey Henry, lab. 00 CiOSS 
Dickey PluiipS clerk, Charle8-st av nr Hunting- 
don av 
Dickey Robert L. clerk, 404 e Lombard 
Dicker Wm. bockster, 90 Cross 
Dukey Win. J. $ Son ( Wm. J. & G.A.Dickey ) 
manufrs. plaids, checks, liosejS, &c, n e cor 
Charles and Qennao 
Dickey Wm J.( Wm.J.D.& Son)pres't Ashland 

Maonfg Co. Wetheredville 
Dickhait Chas. lab.. 132 Scott 
Dickhaut Jacob, tailor, 39 Orleans 
Dickhaut John, lab. 14 Dawson al 
Dickinson Arthur, job printer, 2 n Greene, d* 

411 w Lombard 
Dickinson Gideon, clerk, 161 Conway 
Dickinson Gideon, carp. 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson James A. pharmacist, n w cor Balti- 
more and Pine, dw 179 Lee 
Dickinson J. K. salesman, 590 Lexington 
Dickinson Jarvis, carp. 161 Conway- 
Dickinson John, upholsterer, 590 Lexington 
Dickinson John S. (Whedbee & D.)Mount Ver- 
non hotel 
Dickinson Wm. mariner, 201 Eastern av 
Dickinson Wm. A. salesman, 590 Lexington 
Dickinson Wm. B. clerk, 179 Lee 
Dickinson Win. H. primer, 201 Eastern av 
Dickinson Wm. T. clerk, 37 Mulberry 
Dickman Henry, machinist, 195 Columbia 
Dickson Ktta, 175 Saratoga 
Dickson John T. bookkpr, 122 Bolton 
Dickfon Wm. clerk, 13». ; Montgomery 
Dicus Jacob. R. .vatchman, 303 McDonogh 
Dideohoorer 11. W. clerk, Calverton and Bloom- 

ingdale ids 
Didier Alex. 11. produce, 236 n Eden 
Didier Rev. Edmund, 25 n Front 
Didier Eugene L. stenographer and book store, 

185 Madison av, dw 56 George 
Didier Henry A. ins. agt, and broker, 30 Post- 
office av, dw 19 Read 
Didier James, stonemason, 296 Aisruith 
Didush Jacob, vamisher, 329 n Central av 
Didush Joseph M. carver, 329 n Central av 
Diebitecb Johanna, teacher, 4 Pearl 
Diebitsch Richard, beer, 126 Forrest 
DieoheS Wm. tobacconist, 53 u Greene 
Dieokmaon Ernest, dredger, 336 s Bond 
Diadel Andrew, lab. 281 n Argjleav 
Diedermaa George, lab. Dillon nr Third av 
Diednch John, tailor, 508 Lexington 
Diedrich Martin, plumber and gasfitter, 34 n 

Diefcnbach II. N. bats and oaps, 360 w Pratt 
Difffeobach Chas. H. (D.& Moore and Moore 4 
D.) 803 Hanover 

Dieffeobacb 4 Moore, (C.H. Dieffeobaob,G. A. 

Moore j drngghfts, d a COt Barre and Fremont 
Dieffenderfst James P. carp, and builder, 64 

Oxford, dw 854 Myrtle av 

IIOLMKS & CO., Kn^iwiW and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Ilose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee , G-en'l Agt. 




Dieffenderfer J. Edwin, clerk, 254 Myrtle av 

Diesel Adara, furn. wagon, I2rt s Bond 

Diegehnan Henr.v, sawyer, 73 Somerset 

Diegelniau Mrs. Margaret, lauud. 164 s Bond 

Diehl Andrew, lab. I Bentalou 

Diehl Catherine, 32 Snakspear 

Diehl Charles, tailor, 245 e Eager 

Diehl Henry, beer, 64 n Eden 

Diehl John, tailor, Frederick av nr bridge 

Diehl John, lab. 38 Haubert 

Diehl John, barber, Hamilton nr Cathedral, dw 

114 Mulberry 
Diehlman Christian, paperhanger, 186 Cross 
Diehlman John, beer, 256 n Central av 
Diehm John P. shoemkr, 67 Whatcoat 
Diem Matthew, tailor, 18 s Wolfe 
Diener Israel, clothing, 37 Lancaster 
Diener John, cabinetmkr, 172 Dover 
Diener Samuel, clerk, 37 Lancaster 
Dieutsbacb Philip, harnessmkr, 12Greenm'tav 
Dienstbier Ceo. porter, 33 s Mount 
Dienstbier Michael, lab. 33 s Mount 
DIEKING CHRISTOPH, wholes, liquors, 209 

e Lombard 
Die ring Conrad, salesman, 209 e Lombard 
Dieting C. H. carp 14 Warner 
Dieiiuu Fred, clerk, 209 e Lombard 
Diering John F. jr. baker, 14 Warner 
Dieriug H. F. police, 362 Hauover 
Diering H. L jr. constable, 279 Canton av 
Dieriug Henry L. 183 s Washington 
Diering Herman, bakery, 14 Warren 
Dierkeu Frederick, shoemkr, 30 Laurel 
Dierker Bernard W. clerk, 67 Orleans 
Dierker Charles, varuisher, Orleans aud Lewis 
Dierker John F. clerk, 67 Orleans 
Dierker John H. grocery, 67 Orleans 
Diers Fred. lab. Washington av nr Stockholm 
Dieis Henry, carp. 78 Csoss 
Dierszcn Dietrich, carp. 62 Vine 
Dieschefer John H. tailor, 2 Leadenhall 
Diessel Henry, porter, 141 s Exeter 
Dielelmeiei Albert, lab. 179 s Durham 
Dietelmeier Joseph, rags, 179 s Durham 
Dieter Mis. Adelaide, dressmkr,632 vv Baltimore 
Dieter August, collarmkr, 9d Battery av 
Dieter George D. blacksmith. 22 Clinton av 
Deiter John, clerk, 98 Saratoga 
Deiter Joseph, clerk, 98 Saratoga 
DIETER LOUIS A. paper hangiugs, 28 n How- 
ard, dw 98 Saratoga 
Dieter Mrs. Margaret, 98 Saratoga 
Dieterly Henry, moulder, 512 w Pratt 
Dietermanu John, provisions, 158 Orchard 
Dietrich Adam, wagonuikr, Harford rd nr toll- 
Dietrich Adam, shoemkr, 310 Hanover 
Dietrich Casper J. cooper, 5 Weber 
DIETRICH CHARLES F. engineer, Peoples 
Gas works, dw n e cor Fulton aud Franklin 
Dietrich Frank, huckster, 71 Holiins 
Dietrich Frauk, lab. 419 Aliceanna 
Dietrich Henry, shoemkr, 310 Hanover 
Dietrich Henry, apothecary, 107 8 Paca, dw 347 

w Fayette 
Dietrich Henry, varuisher, 60 s Central av 
Dietrich John, carp. 421 Cross 
Dietrich John, beer, 6 s Frederick 
Dietrich John, cigarmaker, 5 Weber 
Dietrich John H. shoemaker, 19 Jackson ct 
Dietrich Leonhardt, second-hand goods, 313 n 

$100,000 TO LOANS 

la Snms to Salt, at 



22 IT. &ay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 

This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Dietrich Leon, clerk, 242 Montgomery 
Dietrich Louis, artist, over s e cor Charles and 

Fayette, dw 14 Clarke 
Dietrich Louis, paper carrier, 29 n Howard 
Dietrich Mrs. Martin, beer, 37 e Fayette 
Dietrich Michael, lab. 139 Clement 
Dietrich Philip jr. bookkpr, 15 Myrtle av 
Dietrich Win. grocery, Monroe and Pratt 
Dietsch John, brewer, Bay view 
Dietsch Frederick F. clerk, 413 Lexington 
Dietsch John, tailor, 839 w Baltimore 
Dietsch Lewis C. clerk, 413 Lexington 
Diett Geo. D. driver, 167 s Chester 
Dietz Adam, barber, 203 s Charles 
Dietz Bernard, beer, 388 n Gay 
Dietz Mrs. C. J. dressmkr, 78 Barre 
Dietz Casper, butcher, 557 e Fayette 
Dietz Charles A. driver, 236 e Eager 
Dietz Charles B. shoemkr, 71 Barues 
Dietz Conrad, liquors, 208 Cross 
Deitz Mrs. Elizabeth, dry goods, 160 s Sharp 
Dietz Elizabeth, grocery, 200 Holiins 
Dietz Frederick, engineer, 183 Columbia 
Dietz Henry, 20u Holiins 
Dietz Henry, paver, 36 s Mount 
Dietz J. George, cleik, 21 Artnistead la 
Dietz John, brickmkr, 267 s Wolfe 
Dietz John, carp. 36 e Mount 
Dietz John, porter, 55 McElderry 
Dietz John, police, 118 Greenmount av 
Dietz John, scissor grinder, 354 e E;iger 
Dietz John B. clothier, 204 w Pratt 
Dietz John C. cigarmkr, 134 Barre 
Dietz John H. tobacconist, 79 Hanover 
Dietz Joseph, lab. 152 Madeira al 
Dietz Joseph A. cigarmkr, 240 n Dallas 
Dietz Joseph L. clerk, cor West and William 
Dietz Joseph T. clerk, Gilmor nr Winchester 
Dietz Lawrence D., Gilmor nr Winchester 
Deitz Mrs. Mary, lamps, 236 e Eager 
Dietz Mrs. Mary, 140 Barre 
Dietz Mrs. Pauline, tavern, 737 w Baltimore 
Dietz Reinhardt, grocery, 115 a Eutaw 
Dietzel Adam sr. tailor, 344 s Bond 
Dietzel Adam, shoemkr, 344 s Bond 
Dietzel Elizib. seamstress, Smallwood nr Pratt 
Dietzel Nicholas, lab. 92 Mullikin 
Dietzweg Francis, shoemkr, Point la nr Aisquith 
Diez Mrs. Dora, notions, 248 C tnton av 
Diez Hippolitus, lab. 72 Somerset 
Diezler Richard, shoemkr, 12 Orleans 
Diffenbaujzh Chris. C. shoemkr, 390 n Gay 
Diffenderffer C. R. 259 n Charles 
Diffenderffer Henry H. clerk C. H. 408 n Cal- 
Diffenderffer James P. carp, and builder, 64 
Oxford, dw 254 Myrtle av 
















No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 











• — 

F. Bresee <Se Sons. Life, Fire and Marine 















m.-.J m 15 iltimore 
, ■ lerk, 255 Linden a* 

erfftr John P. druggist, 254 Myrtle a v 
I & Co.) 


Dlflenderffer I High 

Di Win. II. i b High 
r Wm. bookkpr, 168 n Calhoun 
M. liniment 
Difley ChM. machinist, 591 w Lombard 
Diffej John, machinist, 591 w Lombard 

:, machinist, 204 L. Constitution 
uemason, IB McKiui 
Digerl John ' " n Paca 

rerly, major's detective, 285 e Lom- 

ips)coa1 office, 2 Souili, 
I de sod Albemarle 
.i:. I S P. agent Philadelphia and 
ling Coal mid Iron Co 2 South, dw 364 

Charles II. clerk, 58 s w 

W | R.H I> | Sons)3l5e B iltimore 
Dan I. B. Bt-rgt. police, 209 Cough 
Diggs Mr< Edward 0. 173 d Paca 

- Frank P. solicitnr, 126 e Pratt 

Henry, lumber inspector, cor East Palls 
and Canton avs, dw 126 e Pratt 
lerk, 141s Paca 

- J. R. bookkpr, 126 n Calhoun 

okkprs, 202 n Howard 
James, lab. 1 17 Lanes 
Diygs James, (Diggs Bios.) Edmondson av cor 

Wesley, ganger C.II. '220 e Monument 
John R tax dept. 12G n Calbonn 
Richard H. J; Sons,(R. H., Sand. J. and 
• W DiggS) lime and feed, 258 and 260 8 
• 'undine 

Richard 11. [R.H.D.ft Sons) 315 e Balti- 

Samuel J (R.H.D.& Sons) 95 s Bond 
Dig^s Wm. B. sailmkr, 225 e Baltimore 

1 'apt. Wm. J. mariner, Biddle e of Ann 
tckman, 416 Saratoga 
Jerome, tavern, 191 Boston 
i! John, lab. Maryland, av nr Federal 
Dinnan J«hn, police, 101 e Eager 

■ . lab. Maryland av nr Federal 
Dignaa Lawrence, lab. 17 Willow 

. Mrs. Mary,boarding,182 L. Constitution 
Michael, Hour, feed and grocery, cor 
■ lal and Man land av 

Patrick, grocery, Harford rd nr tollgate 
Peti i , draj man, 21 Perry 
a Philip, moulder, 101 e Eager 
Diyney John, backman, 33 s Bond 

Mis. Augusta, dressmkr, 1 17 s Chapel 
Herman, mariner, 1 IT s Chapel 
Lugust, sboefindings, 60 s Sbatp 
1 > 1 1 1 Mrs. Catherine, Wl n Butaw 
Dill Christian, junk, 81 Grindall 

■ir. id, l-eer, 86 | C.ii»y 


o. 11. tailor, 289 Lexington 
Dill II- : .. 21 1 Franklin 

Dill Jan, I.-, p. nu entral av 

John, mariner, 150 ■ Ann 
Dill Philip J. cahinetmkr, 183 Columbia 

Hill Win. currier, Bl s Carolina 

Dill Wm. lab. 10 Callendar al 

Dill Wm. H. grocery, 289 s Sharp, dw 2!i r i 

Dillawaj Mis. Annie, furniture, 93 Harrison 

iway Wm. I>. lab, 93 Hani 
Pill' hunt Fred, A cigarmkr, 16 s Caroline 
Dillehunl Gi Piieudship, York rd 

Dillehunl John <; . cigar manuf, 71 Exchange pi 

d \v 3-0 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt John T. huckster, Friendship, Yofa rd 
Dillehunl Louis P. cigarmkr, B0 e Pratt 
Dillehunt Win. ice wagon, Fulls rd nr tollgate 
Dillehunt Wm. T. dep. keeper, Penitentiary, 16 
.- ( 'uoline 

Junes, hostler, ho q Fremont 
Dillen Matthew, lab. 18 Vincent al 
Killer Philip, lab. 316 a Bund 
Dille\ J 

Dillfeldi ■ ! >allas 

Dilifeider Juiiii <;. dock repairer, 181 s Wash- 
Dillinger Saml. I. hookkpr,151 n Carrol I ton av 
Dillman Fra k, lab. 326 Aisquith 
Dillman Jacob, paver, 325 n Central av 
Dillman Matthew, lab. 326 Aisquith 
Dillman Peter, lab. 326 Aisquith 
Dillman Wm. lab. 2.:7 s Sharp 
Dillon A. I! jr. 293 M nlison av cor Dolphin 
Dillon Mrs. Ann, 24 s Durham 
Dillon Edward, lab. 652 w Pratt 
Dillon James, DOStler, s " n Fremont 
Dillon John, drayman, 28 Hillen 
Dillon Owen, clerk, 4 Maccubbin 
Dillon Thos. lab. 24 s Durham 
Dillon Wm. B. clerk, 293 Madison av 
Dillow J.uhn R. timer, 148 Mulberry 
Dillow Wm. tinner, 27 Lanvale 
Dillow Wm jr. carp. 27 Lanvale 
Dil worth Oliver, huckster, 223 Mulherry 
Dilworih Peter < '. 306 e I 

Dilworth Wm. J. (Win J D.& Co.) 306 e Chase 
DILWORTE WM. J A CO. (Wm J. Dilworth) 

wholesale l.quors, 410 w Baltimore 
Dime Express Co., E. Louis U'Donnell, propr. 

147A w Fayette 
Dimel Lawrence, tailor, 220 a Caroline 
Dimler Mrs. Margaret, 56 Carlton 
Dimling Henry, lab. 7:: Qrindall 
Dimling J. din] lab. 73 Qriudall 
Dimling Nicholas, lab. 23 Perry 
Dimmick Nicholas, collier, 213 Battery av 
Dimmilt (Ins. E. clerk, 137 w Baltimore 
Dimmling Conrad,butch. Frederick rd nr tollgate 
Dimmling John, tailor, 82 e Lombard 
Dimmling John jr. cleik, 82 e Lombard 
Dimroling John Cbas. butcher, 5 Fells Point 

Market, d« Chester di Monument 
Dimmock W. c. 53 Si Paul ext 
Dinger Rev. F.W. 118 Bank 
Dinger Lewis, 1 13 Bank 
Dinges John, W»3 a Lombai d 
Dingfelder Andrew, ihoemkr, 143 L. Greene 
Dinges John, porter, 753 w Lombard 
Dingle Frank, mariner, 7 Armistead la 

Dingle Henry, moulder, '.< Armistead la 

Ding e Mrs. Sophia, Di ntdville 
Dingier Samuel, canmkr, 102 1 Wolfe 
Dinkelman Henry R, grocery, BO Penna av 
Dinkelspiel Ad>.lph, liquors, 344 1 Bond 
Dinegan Thomas, lab, 114 Harford av 
Dlnnisch David, barber, 296 Bank 
Dinniscli John, barber, 181 Bank 

YOUiNU GKNTLKMKN thoroughly prepared tor BUSINESS, 

At Sadler's Bryant and Stratton Business College. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 
DIN 193 DIX 

D'msmore David. O'Donnell and Third av 
Diusmore John T. moulder, s w cor Albemarle 

and Stiles 
DINSMORE & KYLE (S.A.S.Kyle.L.Hollyday, 
S.P.Nelms,Hany L. Duvall) wholes, grocers 
and com. merclits, 156 w Pratt 
Diosmore Robt. mariner, ODonnell nr Third av 
DinsmoreThos. printer, O'Donnell and Third av 
Dinspier Conrad, lab. 1 71 s Bethel 
Dion Prof.Louis G., French teacher, 91 Saratoga 
Dipp:e Christopher, lab. 51 Bradford al 
Dij'ple Sophia, confectionery, 129 Bank 
Dippie Wendenlin, cabinetmkr, 151s Bond 
Diiffler Michael, tailor, 4-4 s Durham 
Dirsch Geo. shoemkr, 275 n Central av 
Dirschner Conrad, shoemkr, 4 Addison al 
Disinnan M. F. 224 Saratoga 
Disman John, watchman, 379 e Lombard 
Disney Anorew, painter, 267 Cross 
Disney B. F. carp. 53 Woodward 
Disuey Obas. puddler, lu4Cooksie 
Disney Geo. plasterer, Eden and Orleans 
Disney Henry, clerk, 461 e Lombard 
Disney James, fire depi. 286 n Gay 
Disney James T. ooiukr, 267 Cross 
Disney John W.,Eden and Orleans 
Disney John W. painter, 65 Ramsay 
Disney Joseph A. huckster, 223 Hollins 
Disuey Joseph O. clerk, 322 Myrtle av 
Disney Josiab, Wuodberry 
Disney Joshua, nailuikr, 316 Harford av 
Disney Nicholas K. lab. Sweet Air 
Disney Oliver M. painter, 21 Clarke 
Disuey Richard E. jr. painter, 2o6 Conway 
Disney Richard E. painter, 148 Camden, dw 206 

DISNEY RICHARD P. produce, 131 Conway 
Disney Win. painter, 346 Hanover 
Disuey Wm. uookkpr, 461 e Lombard 
Disney Wiu. A. jr. clerk, 322 Myrtle av 
Disuey Wm. A. sr. 322 Myrtle av 
Diss Nicholas, cooper, 52 s Regester 
Dissosway Mrs. Matilda, notions, 208 e Monu- 
Distelbari Geo. tinner, 159 East ' 
Distelbart Geo. lock and gunsmith, 159 
Distier Johu, clerk, 225 Canton av 

DISTLEE JOHN C. Coal, Wood, 
Lime, Cement, &c, cor Chester 
and Canton av, dw 225 Canton av 

Ditch C. 0. milk. »9 Bolton 
Ditch Luiher, driver, 89 Boltou 
Ditch John S. milk, 89 Bolton 
Diicheiman Jos-pb, curp. 78 Somerset 
Ditcueneck Fred, cabinetmkr, 66 Miliiman 
Ditciiler John, carp. 7 Fountain 
Ditech Andrew, cutter, 20 s Regester 
Ditinan Annie E. teacher, 32 t n Eden 
Ditman J.uues VV. moulder. 34 s Scbroeder 
Diiinati Thus. M. (Cunningham & D.)321 u Eden 
Ditman Wm. B. clerk, 396 n Eden 
Ditinau Wm. H. gen. tiookkpr, Nat. Bank of 

Baltimore, 396 n Eden 
Ditmeier George, lab. 31 Fawn 
Dittell Ferdinand, baker, 263 Orleans 
Dittert (Jhas. shoemkr, 115 Low 
Dittei t Johu. cigarmkr, 1 15 Low 
Dittruan Andrew, brewer, Belair av ext 
Diltmau Frank, porter, 8 s High 
Dittman Fred, clerk, 34 Albemarle 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Behjamin, 1830. 

This responeibleoffice still continues to make tho 

largest loans on goods of every description and on 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 

charges than any other office in this city. 


Dittman John, lab. 181 s Durham 
Dittman John II. clerk, 275 n Caroline 
Dittman John W. beer, 83 York 
Dittmar John, sawyer, 116 Low 
Dittmar John, sawyer, 414 s Charhs 
Dittmeier John, carpet wearer, 69 Union 
Dittmer Amelia, saleslady, 328 Light 
Dittmer Chas. tobacconist. 328 Light 
Dittmer Elizabeth, saleslady, 328 Light 
Dittrich Francis, hats and caps, 294 n Gay 
Dittrich Geo. mattress manuf. 165 Stirling 
Dittrich Herman C. boots and shoes, 365 n 

Ditius Geo. P. tobacconist, 700 Pcnna av, dw 

7 s Patterson av 
Dittus Mrs. J. A. Cumberland nr Gilmor 
Ditius John F. driver, Falls rd nr tolltfate 
Dittus Wm, P. butcher, 24 Lexington and 87 

Centre Markets, dw Retreat and Mary 
DITTY C. IRVING, attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 

Irvington, Baltimore co 
Ditzal Conrad, stonecutter, II s Dallas 
Ditzel'. John, lab. Woodberry 
Diven E. W. clerk, 238 Pressman 
Diven Edward C. tinner. Presstman nr Strieker 
Diven Edward T. bricklayer, 21 Patterson av 
Diven Edward T. conductor, 56 s Gilmor 
Diven Frank M. tobacconist, 213 Hollins 
Diven James W. painter, 159 Presstman 
Diven John, lab. Ramsay nr Calhoun 
Diven Wm. J. carp. 21 Patterson av 
Diver Henry, lab. 67 Centre Market sp 
Diver John A. jr. machinist, 67 Centre Market sp 
Diver Wm. engineer, Pratt and Castle 
Divers Patrick, clerk, 11 Hull, L. P. 
Diviney Edward, mariner, 25 Concord 
Divine; Gregory, over 410 Hanover 
Diviney James, mariner, 14 Concord 
Divine^ Michael, mariner, 14 Concord 
Dix Charles E. clerk, 147 n Calhoun 
Dix George, lab. Hampden 
Di.x J. Franklin, (D. & Wilkins) 231 Hamilton 

Dix Mrs Laura A. 147 n Calhoun 
Dix Octavius, lab. Hampden 
Dix Preston, watchman, 37 n Eutaw 
DIX & WILKINS (J. F.Dix.WillatdC Wilkins) 

importers and dealers in foreign fruits, 123 

w Lombard 
Dix Wm. C. clerk, 147 n Calhoun 
Dix Wm. H. clerk, 231 Hamilton Terrace 
Dixon Mrs. Annie, grocery, 24 Sterrett 
Dixon Mrs. Annie, dressmkr, 138 Conway 
Dixon Benj lab. 362 Ramsay 
Dixon Bradley J. clerk, 716 w Baltimore 
Dixon Bradley S. clerk, 716 w Baltimore 
Dixon Chas. sexton, 177 n Euiaw 

SADLER'S Bryant and Stratum BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore, 
Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 





i— i 














utual Life Insur 



of New York, 
















— i 





Dixon I • I .L.Carsou] <rchi- 


Pi >tl 

Diion btic H.(SaiiUi,D A Co. )Carrollton bote] 

\ i mint 
J miii s, pa ■ rry 

Dixon J - w . inductor, 12 Johnson 


terman, Winaos row 
John A ma. bmist, 19 George 
DIXON JOHN A. J. brickmkr, Fort rd nr Fort 
Mi Hi nrj , da 184 n • la n llton M 

Wra.T D .v Bro. /Carroll too hotel 
Dixon John c. butcher, I Hanover mkt, dw 121 

.:i,l in 

John ('.jr. buU-ber, 121 Columbia 

Jubn 9 brickmkr, 93 Port »T 
ph A. Bremnn, 360 Banisay 
Dixon Joshua. Baft roan, T;8 Hanover 
Dixon R W. K.(B w K D40 Cathedra] 
Dixon R W. K. i Co. , B W R.Dixon, Joseph 

8b me] com. merchts, 90 Spear's irhf 
Dixon Capt. Robt. R. mariner, lui Cross 
Dixon Mrs. Susan, tailoress, 338 e Lombard 
Dixon Tims. (D. & Carson] Mount Washington 
Dixon Thos. carp. 58 Division 
Dixou Wm. mariner, 324 s Bond 

Win. engineer, 24 Sterretl 
Dixou Wm.agricult] iiuplmnts, 136 Montgomery 
Dixon Wm A. collector, 19 s Monroe 
DIXON WM. T. } HRO.(W.T. and J.B.Dixon, 
ii W MarstOn) wholesale loots and shoes, 

\ Mul I i more 
Dixon W. T (W.T.D ft Bio.) 435 Madison av 
Dixson Wm. G. machinist, 383 Orleans 
Dobbin Frank M. tollgutekeeper, Calverton rd 
DOBBIN GEO. W., Judge Superior Court, 42 

Bt. I'aul, dw Baltimore co 
Doblilu Jus. lab. 18 Cornel 
Dobbin Jas. furniture, 219 Eastern XT 

in Jas. driver, 41 n Front 
Dobbm Jan. B. clerk, 41 n Front 
DOBBIN JOHN, coach and livery stable, 36 und 

• i r lit, dw Uuv's hotel 
Dobbin Mrs. Mary W. 158 II Biddle 
in R. A. attorney, 42 St. Pan] 
DOBBIN THOMAS M. attorney, 42 St. Paul, 
dw Howard co 

rp. 296 e Monnment 
Wm. B. carp. IS Angle hi 
- ThOS. K. clerk, 304 n Strieker 
Dobe Christopher, portir. I West ul 
Dobel Casper, sboemkr, 160 s Washington 
John C restaurant, 216 Ilollins 
; J. Ceo. butcher, 70 Lexington and 22 
i.eite markets, dw Garrison la 

: Mrs Kate, millinery, i Druid Hill av 
: Louis F. barkpr, 199 Lexington 
Doberer Mrs. Mary, restaurant, \'.)'J Lexington 
Dobler D rid, constable, 120 e Madison 

Kt, clerk, 17 Jackson 
DOBLBB QUSTAVDS A.(D ,Modge * Chap- 
man ) 74 Aisquith 

, int* r, 80 s Carrollton av 
T. Mudge,A J. O. Chapmauj wholesale 

era, s S cor Sharp and Lombard. — 
[See AJi irtianmnt. 

Dobler John J. attorney, 55 St. Paul, dw 38 9 

, clerk, 23 n Exeter 
Thomas sboemkr, 33 n Bden 
DOBSON Ac CO (Oeo.H.Dobson) wholesale 

lumber, Philpol and Wills 

Dobson Geo. H. (D. is Co.) 16 s Broadway 
W . lab. 162 e Baltimore 

.' H. agent. 86 William 
Dobson J Hues T. lettercarrier, 62 n Bond 

. John A. (J.A.D. k Co.) Myrtle av and 
Dobson John A. JtGo. (J. A. Dobson, F. 0. Sea- 
man) wholesale ghis.-. queensware, clocks, 
.v.., 31 i Charles 

n John T. police, 325 u Bond 

Dobson Thorn is, driver, 87 Jackson Bt] av 

Wm. 0. wagoner, Lo8 William 
Dobson w in. bricklayer, 857 n Ann 
Docbtermaun Conrad, confeor. i. r >j llu_ 
Dockery I'.itrick, lab, 78 Portland 
Dockery Thus. Hour, Lombard and I'.iroline 
Dockman Gerhard, clerk, 242 m Biddle 
Dock man Henry, porter, 24j w Biddle 
Dockman Mrs. M.r.v. grocery, 242 w Biddle 
Dodd Alex. jr. bookkpr, ill Bdmondson as 
Dodd Daniel, huckster, 27 Port 
Dodd John, lab. 27 Port 
Dodd Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 7 s Duncan a] 

A. H. cual agent, 77u Lexingtoti 
Dodge Asaph, 12 I'eurl 
Dodge Dr. Augustus W. 201 Hanover 
Bodge Chat S. sboemkr, 57 S Sharp 
Dodge (Jeo. B. k Co. (Mary A. Dodge) artists 

ami painters Store, 42 w Baltimore 
Dodge John W. 169 Linden av 
Dodge Mrs. Marj A.(G.B.D. k Co.)325 e Chase 
Dodge Warren, tonic beer and ginger ale man- 
ufactory, 114 d Front, dw 167 a Exeter 
Dod^e Win. K. lumber and com. march t, Union 
dock, and uiaiiut. coiuiinut oil, 5 Swan, dw 

2i>8 Pennaav 
Dodrich Charles, tinner, 1 18 e Lomh.ud 
Dodson Andrew, mariner, H*:'. Montgomery 

DODSON 0. MARION, pharmacist, Linden av 
and HotFinau 

Dodson Elisabeth, dressmkr, 9 Ge< 
Dodson K. Prank, bookkpr, 67 s Bond 
Dodson tieo. W. wireworker, 18^ s Regester 
Dodson John W. real estate broker, 49 Lexing- 
ton, dw 232 u • ' 
Dodson Julius, bookkpr, 26H Mulberry 
Dodson Thaddeus C. carp. 07 s Bond 
Doebel Casper, sboemkr, 328 Kasteru av 

Doebel Michael, sboemkr, 328 Eastern av 

I loebereiner Christ' n carpet weaver, 76Harrison 

Dueller Cbas.H pharmacist, n e cor Broadway 

und Eager, dw 279 Mulberry 
Doeller Christopher, cabinetmkr, 53 Fawn 
Doeller Ernest, carp. 128 i Houd 
Doellinger Catherine, confect'y, 314 s Bond 
Doelimgei Fred. lab. 314 i Bond 
Doellinger Lawrence, sboemkr, 276 Park n 
Doeneb Geo. sboemkr, 77 i Hi^h 
Doencb Mrs, Gertrude, notions, 77 s High 
Doenger Pred. liquors, 32 s Pratt 
Doeoges Andrew, furu. wagon, x>.i ■ * hades 
Doe n get Ohas. cigarmkr, 838 s Charles 
Doenges Elisabeth, 26 Stirling 
Doenges Pred. cigarmkr, .">- e Pratt 
Doenges Pred cigarmkr, 27 Gittings 
Doenges Geo, processor, 120 Hollies 

11' 'Ij.MKS & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, America n Building. 

195 DON 


Doenges Geo. bakery, 16 Carlton 
Doenges Geo. shoemkr, 602 w Baltimore 
Doenges Henry, baker, 402 e Fayette 
Doenges Mrs. Lena, grocery, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Mrs.Margt. G. shoes, 002 \v Baltimoi« 
Doenges Wm. cabinetmkr, 333 s Charles 
Doeplitz Sol. millinery goods, 70 Lexing;on 
Doeppner Martin, turner, 122 s Durham 
Doerer John, farrier, 147 s Rejjester 
Doerflein Ar.ton, tinner, 51 McElderry 
Doeiflein Conrad, tinner, 68| Ensor, dw 51 

Doering Christian, shoemkr, 37 Walker 
Doering Geo. shoefiuer, 89 n Poppli-Um 
Doeriug Henry, clerk, h9 n Poppleton 
Doering Henry, grocery and plasterer.463Light 
Doering Johu^ cigarmkr, 89 n Poppleton 
Doeriug Valentine, porter, 89 n Poppleton 
Doerkeen Jacob, clerk, 37 Conway 
Doerkeen Rev. Jacob, 37 Conway John A . med. student, 231 w Lombard 
Doerschinger Mai tin, lab. 76 Towson 
Doetscb Louis, music teacher, 23 Waesche 
Doetsch Matthew, vnrnisher, 23 Waesche 
Doetter John, lab. 23 Port 
Doettewick Catherine, 383 Eastern av 
Doepel H. F. pianomkr, 291 s Sharp 
Doetzer Adam, lab. 2 Spruce al 
Doft George, canmkr, 153 Preston 
Doged James M. cunmkr, 146 Ensor 
Doged Thos. S. canmkr, 146 Ensor 
Doged Wm. C. farmer, 146 Ensor 
Dogge Albert, shuecutter, 56 s Howard 
Dogge Gusdorf, shoemkr, 139 Saratoga,dw Bal- 
timore CO 
Doharr Cbas. collector, 393 Orleans 
Doherty Chas. barkpr, 107 n Eutaw 
Doherty Eliza (M.and D. Doherty )223Lexington 
Doheity Kate, 223 Lexington 
Doherty Mrs. Mary, {M.and E.Doberty)223 Lex- 
Doherty M.& E.(Mary and Eliza Doherty) dry 

goods, 223 Lexington 
Doherty Wm. J. sahsman, 54 McMecbin 
Dohler Courad, butcher, 11 Fells Point Market, 

dw Dillon and Fourth 
Dohme Charles, 42 s Greene 
Dohme Charles E. (Sharp # D.) 42 s Greene 
Dohme Dr. G. C. 86 e Fayette 
Dohme Lewis, (Sharp & D.) 33 Conway 
Dohouey A. machinist. McMeehin nr John 
Doja3 Michael, lab. 180 s Ann 
Dohrer L. harnessmkr, Calvert and Pleasant 
Dolan Andrew, lab., Sweet Air 
Dolan Bridget, grocery, 49 s Chapel 
Dolan Children Aid Asylum, in charge Sisters 

ot Holy Cross, 115 Gough 
Dolan Edward, lab. 60 Dewberry al 
Dolan Francis P. constable, 235 e Madison 
Dolau Hugh, lab., First av nr Clinton 
Dolan James, lab., Sweet Air 
Dolan James, lab. 105 Hamburg 
Dolan John, stonecutter, 181 n Eden 
Dolan John, shoemkr, 1 Barre 
Dolan John, brickmoulder, 65 Frederick av 
Dolan John, gasfitter, 112 Ridgely 
Dolan Kern, carter, Spring nr John 
Dolan Mrs. Maria, 718 w Lombard 
Dolan Mrs. Mary, 121 e Eager 
Dolan Mrs. Mary A. 134 Mosher 
Dolan Matthew, lab. 65 Frederick av 
Dolan Michael, police, 95 Albemarle 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN !/©N |- 

In Sums to Suit, at @ @ x ' 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. I 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 2 

This responsible office still continues to make the h^n 

largest loans on goods of every description and on —-'. 

Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of ^ 

charges than any other office in this city. <j> 

BE]V«TA.>JI1V «fc CO. ? 


Dobin Patrick, lab. 384 William 

Do'inii Patrick, stonemason, 65 Frederick av 

Dolan Patrick, lab. 122 Harford av 

Dolan Patrick, lab. 1 Hollinsal 

Dolan Thos. lab. 384 William 

Dolan Wm. canmkr, 49 s Chapel 

Dolan Wm. P. shipcarp. 57 Johnson 

Dolby Augustus R. ironworker, 68 Rue 

Dolch Geo. W. blacksmith, 280 w Biddle 

Dolcb John, processor, 313 Franklin 

Dolch John C blksmith, 280 w Biddle 

Dolch John C. wheelwright, 66 n Chapel 

Dolch Wm. H. asst. flour inepector, Patterson ""c 

av and Calhoun 
Dole Jas. T.. Washington hotel 
Dolemon Mrs. Matilda C. oonfect : y, 146 West 

Falls av 
Dolneld Alex.Y.c.tsb'rGerman-AmericanBank, 

31 n Broadway 
Dolfield Fred. 271 e Lombard 
Dolheim Andrew, lab. 17 Spruce al 
Doll Mrs. Anna, 157 n Central av 
Doll Bernard, clerk, 127 s Paca 
Doll Mrs. C H. matron jail,dw Chase nr Forrest 
Doll Danl. dispatcher of trains, 127 s Paca 
Doll Joseph, lab. 394 Harford av 
Doll LeanderZ.(Fangmeyer £ Doll)245Lanvale 
Doll Louis, lab. 57 Bentalou 
Doll Rev. Penfield, 46 Chase ur Greenmount av 
Doll Thos. lab. 62 Philpot 
Dolla Frank, shoemkr, 197 Conway 
Dollack Johu, tailor, 66 n Wolfe 
Dollard August, butcher, 100 Warner 
Dollard John, engineer, 5 Willow 
Dolle Lawrence, carver, 3h3 w Pratt 
Dollinger Chas. butcher, 30 Belair and 90 Cen- 
tre Mkts, dw Belair rd 
Dolliver Wm. T. mariner, 24 Jackson sq av 
Dolphin Francis, butcher, 3 Stockholm 
Dolphii. Street Presbyterian Church, Etting and ~ 

Dornanies Bernasconi, shoemkr,249 s Broadway 
Dombrowski August, lab. 273 s Bond 
Dombrowski Chas. lab. 273 s Bond 
Dombrowski Franz, lab. 271 s Durham 
Dombrowski Michael, 277 s Ann 

Bo^er, agent, 17 n Charlts 
Dome.\er Engelhard, lab. foot of Clinton 
Doinine John, plaster, r, 124 e Pratt 
Dominick John, tailor, 2 s Castle 
Dominick John, cooper, 2 s Castle 
Domling Geo. beer, 4 n Wolfe 
Domling Jolm, coachmkr, 4 n Wolfe 
Donahoe Mrs. Elizabeth, 277 McDonogh 
Donahoe Henry K. tinner, 277 McDonogh 
Donahue And. beer, Forrest and Monument 



















No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 











r— I 






»— I 






> mid, lab. 31 Gbea 

Donahne Dani-I, : I aiton av 

Donahue John, bonnet frames, 253 n Gnj. 

Donahue John, driver. I I 

Donahue John. moulder, 31 Chew 
Donahue John, bricklayer, 7 L. Church 

Stephen, huckster, 190 East 
Donald Junes, mlllinerj goods, SO d Charles, 

d« : s, B. k O.R B 

I»oi aid Mr>. Margaret L. teacher, H7 Preston 

. I el 

DONALDSON Da I RANK prof. University 

of Md oaarc .ml dn 108 Park av 
Donaldson V tn . hack man, 8 Tyson 

ietding F. lab. 32 Ahoy al 
Donaldson Geo. W. 313 n Caroline 
Donaldson Jas. B, cotton sampler, M n Chanel 

John, 02 Pawn 
Donaldson John jr. 63 Pawn 

John, 133 McCnlloh 
Donnldsoo John J. attorney, 88 St. Paul, dw 

Boward co 
Don ddson Joseph, lan. 222 Preston 

Isop Mrs. Julianna. MS Preston 
Donal lary, D>uidvi:ie 

on Mrs llary S. 38 w Monunvnt 
Donaldron tioab I. tinner, 86 Ramsay 
Donaldson Owen, lab. 78 Patterson av 
Bremaa, B3 Abey al 
Donaldson Robt. L. brickmkr, S3 Abey al 
Donal Paul 

Donaldson Samuel, printer, 02 Fawn 
Donaldson Bamnel U 124 n Obarles 

leon Stephen, fisherman, 112 a E.xeter 
Donaldson Theodoie H. carp. 508 Lexington 
DONALDSON THOMAS, attorney. 38 St. Paul, 

(1 w Howard co 
Donaldaoo Thos.W D B. torekpr.220 n Carey 
Donaldson Was. lab. 8 Randall 

Donaldsou W'm. R. hostler, 387 e Eager 
Douallcn Andrew, wheelwright, 382 Light 
lien Andrew Jr. lab 382 Light 
Julian, hairdresser, 292 n Gay 
Dunat Madam Al. ladies' liairdressing,202 n Gay 
Donal Peter, saloon, 163 Hughes 
Donavan Daniel, lab. loO s Howard 
Donavun John, painter, 29 n Bond 
Donavan Peter, lab, 375 William 
Donavin Dr. Matthew tV\ apothecary, 9 e cor 

Lee and Sharp, dw 96 Lea 
Dundorf Jacob, paver, 9 Portugal 
Dondorf John, canmkr. 9 Portugal 
Done Juliel H. 229 Madison av 
Done Mtephen, lab. 273 s Dallas 
Donegae Daniel, notions, 139 s High 
Doneean Mrs Owen, 1 1 McLeary ct 
Donelson A . k Co.( Artemusand Emory V.Don- 

clson) wholes, tobacco and cigais, 1 n Howard 
ion Ariemos, clerk, Woodberry 
Donelson Artemoi (A. D. k Oo.) Howard co 
Donelson Elijah, cotton manufr Woodberry 

on Emory V ,( A.D. & <"o. )My rile av and 

Donelson James, cigarmkr, 34 Stirling 
Donelson Jamei K. cigarmkr, 34 Stirling 
Donelson James L. cigarmkr, 52 Elisor 
Doneltj (»••«). mrnisber, 214 n Central av 
Donelty Louis, moulder, 214 n Central av 
Donbaoser Geo. painter, 10 u Madeira al 

Donhauatt Mrs. Joanna, fancy goods, 333 Bast- 

ern av 
Donlaa Anthouy sr. tailor, 23 Slemiuer al 

Donlan Anthony jr. currier, 93 Slemmer al 

Geo lab, 83 Blemmer al 
Donlan I Imry, lab 23 Blemmer a] 
Donlan Jaroei P. lab. 9 Fall 
1 » . nl an John, lab, 416 B Charles 
Donlan Joseph, lab. 83 Blemmer al 

Donlan I, a w reuce, lat> 2X Slimmer al 
Donlan TbOS. Stonecutter, 93 Slemmer al 

I Henry, lab 108 lit Henry 

Donlery Austin, caulker, 54 Hamburg 

Donlon Peter, lab. 61 Buren 
Donu John W., I'S coast survey, 321 Bolton 
Donnell Geo. S. mariner, S3 n Broadway 
Donnell James If, 73 1 Chester 

Donnell John, machinist, 34 S Chester 
Donnell Wm. 8 W. II , St. Paul and Biddle 
Donnelly Bernard, police, 184 Gorr.e 

D mnellj Bernard J. lab. 37m William 
Donnell) Bennet, lab, 18 Argyle a? eit 

Donnelly i Black (Geo. W. Donnelly, Wm. K. 

Black) whole* aud retail grocers, B Pcnua av 
Donnelly (has plasterer, Baker nr Penua at 
Donnelly ('has J. watcbmkr, §64 B Lombard 
Donnelly Daniel, rtonecutter, Baker nr Penna av 
Donne ly Daniel, lab. 16 Argyle av ext 
Donnelly Daniel, brickmkr, Greenwood Park, 

office 50 " n Washington, dw 304 6 Chase 
Donnelly Daniel, bricklayer, 237 Peirce 
Donnelly B. J. 73 Chew ' 
Donnelly Edward, canvasser, 16 Hill 
Donnellj Mrs. Eliza 63 Cathedral 
Donnelly Geo. W (D. A Black) 52 Clarke 
Donnelly Hugh, 141 n From 
Donnelly James, macli't, Fremont and German 
Donnelly James, 190 11 Front 
Donnelly James, painter. 385 Canton av 
Donnelly James*, moulder, 174 Greenmount av 
Donnelly James, stable boss, 156 Chesapeake 
Donnelly Jaa. sunt. City Hall,dw 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly Jas. W. tinner, 184 George 
Donnelly John, porter, 5 Valley 
Donnelly John, marble polisher, 62 Hill man 
Donnelly John (J.D.A Co.) 73 Chew 
Donnelly John jr. clerk, 73 Chew 
Donnelly John, tab. Baker nr Pciina av 
Donnelly John, plumber, 330 11 Howard 
Donnelly John, lab. Cathedral ext 
Donnelly John, lab. 561 Saratoga 

New York Tea Store, N. W. cor. 
Gay and Forrest Sts. Wholesale 
and Retail Dealers in Teas, Su- 
gars, Coffees and Spices. 

DONNELLY JOHN ft 00. (John Donnelly) 
Great NY tea Moe,u wcor Gay and Fullest 
Donnelly John, gatekeeper, Druid Hill Park 
Donueily John, lab. 23 Biddle al 

Donnelly John E. painter, 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly John J. car driver, 93 Elliott 
Donnell. Joseph, shosmkr, 237 Peirce 

Donnelly Joseph, carp. 40 Mcllenry 
Donnelly Miry, restaurant, 155 Eastern av 
Donnelly Michael, sboemkr, 8 11 Amity 
Donnell . Michael, dray m in, 31 I e Biddle 

Donnelly Patrick, lab. ios Prom 
Dunnellj Patrick, teacher, 6u Brune 

Donnelly I'.l I . car- dl Iver, 93 BUiOtt 

Donnelly Peter, lab, B43 William 

Donnelly Richard, lab. DM a Eager 


Sadler's Bryant and Stratton Business College, 6 and 8 N. Cbarles St. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World. O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt 
DON 197 DOR 

Donnelly Thos. plasterer, 22 Philpot 
Donnelly Thus, soldier, 82 Towson 
Donnelly Tbo3. carter, 420 s Charles 
Donnelly Wm. lab. Hampden 
Donnelly Wm. carp. Cathedral ext 
Donnelly Wm. lab. 23 Burrough 
Donnelly Wm. J. clerk, 73 Chew 
Donnelson Ward, book agent. 75 Lemmon 
Donner Andrew, lab. 385 Aliceanna 
Donner Casper, lab. 385 Aliceanna 
Donoho Win. J. agent sewing machines, 4UG e 

DONOHOE DENIS, British consul, 6 Exchange 

bldg, Second, dw 253 St. Paul 
Donohue Bernard, lab. 21 tfott 
Donohue Catharine, 4 Stockton 
Donohue Cornelius, lab. 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel jr. porter, 14 Constitution 
Donohue Daniel, tailor, 62 Harford av 
Donohue Geo. W. builder, Patterson Park av 

and Bank 
Donohue James, police, 110 e Eager 
Donohue James, police, 54 Albemarle 
Douohue James, lab. Hampden 
Donohue James, bricklayer, 171 Cough 
Donohue James, sbipjoiner, 2'-'.8 Gough 
Donohue James D. shipcarp. 71 s Chester 
Donohue James H.(JohnD.<£ Sons) 75 s Patter- 
son Park av 
Donohue James J. plumber, 49 Buren 
Donohue Johu, driver, .0 Forrest pi 
Donohue John, livery stable, 217 u Fremont 
Donohue John, plasterer, 4 Stockton 
Donohue John, (John D & Sons) 75 s Patterson 

Park av 
Donohue John J- Sons, (John and Jas. H. Don- 
ohue) wholesale tobacco, 112 w Pratt 
Donohue John F. com. merchant, 8 Watson 
Donohue John T. grocery, McMechin and Etting 
Donohue John T. bailiff Orphans' Ct. 89 s High 
Donohue Joseph, plumber, Cemetery av nr Bond 
Donohue Matthew, quarryman, 64 n Amity 
Donohue Michael, lab. 72 Oak 
Donohue Michael, groeery, 24 n Amity 
Donohue Patrick, 125 e Madison 
Douohue Patrick, lab. 355 Eastern av 
Donohue Patrick, porter, 64 n Dallas 
Donohue Patrick, lab. 24 n Amity 
Donohue Patiick H. lab. John al ur Park av 
Donohue Philip T. shipjoiner, 71 s Chester 
Donohue Samuel, tailor, 146 Hillen 
Donohue Thomas, lab. 385 s Euiaw 
Donovan Anna It. hairdresser, 79 Hanover, dw 

137 s Eden 
Donovan Mrs. Caroline, Linden av ext 
Donovan Fred, tobacconist, 334 n Strieker 
Donovan Geo. machinist, 62 e Biddle 
Donovan James, cigar ink r, 49 President 
Donovan Llovd S. police, Friendship 
Donovan Michael, lab. 50 s Dewberry al 
Donovan Michael, lab. 23 Woodyear 
Donovan Michael, printer, 83 n Exeter 
Donovan Mrs. R. 122 w Hoffman 
Donovan Simon peddler, 137 s Eden 
Donovan Wm. paiterumkr, 137 s Eden 
Donovan Wm. health dept. 148 s Central av 
Dooley Fenton, lab. 25 Haw 
Dooley James, grocery, 88 Harford av 
Dooley Martin, lab. 25 Haw 
Dooley Mrs. Mary, 1 Clay 
Doory John, harnessmkr, 19 e Monument 
Doory Thomas, lab. 19 e Monument 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Suit, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the 
largest loans ou goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

ISElVJAMilTSr «fc CO. 

Dopman Henry, capman, 33 s Castle 
Dopman John, lab. 191 s Washington 
Doran Michael, lab. 70 Towson 
Doran P.J. teacher, Belvidere house 
Doran Patrick, grocery. 71 Cooksie 
Doran Patrick, lab. 70 Towson 
Dorhert Geo. shoemkr, 105 s Dallas 
Dorbich Paul, pianomkr, 194 Conway 
Doiflin Jacob, tailor, 51 McElderry 
Dorgan A. J. sailmkr, 45 s Washington 
DORGAN & CO. (T. A. Dorgan) stoves, ranges, 

<kc.s e cor Lombard and Light 
Dorgan Gustavus A. 45 s Washington 
Dorgan Theodore A.(D.& Co. )45 s Washington 
Dorgood Frederick, cooper, 41 Walker 
Doring George, driver, 19 n Collington av 
Dorman Mis. Annie. dressmkr, 298 e Monument 
Dorman Edwd.T.^Edwd.T.D.«y Co.) 460 n Carey 
Dorraan Kdwd. T. t$-Co. (E.T. Dorman) ship- 
ping and com. ruereh'ts, 154 w Piatt 
Dorman F. P. shoemkr, 1 Valley 
Dorman Hannah S. tailoiess, 4 Es3ex 
Dorman Isaac, mariner, 453 e Lombard 
Dorman John, paver, 244 Hanover 
DORMAN J. F. W.prop'r U. S. Manufacturing 

Co. 19 German, dw 113 n Ca-rollton av 
Dorman Jas. huckster, 4 Essex 
Dorman John S. huckster, I By id 
Dorman Mrs. Mary nurse. 4 Essex 
Dorman Wm. carp. 4 Ess-x 
Donnan's Stencil and Stamp Works (J. F. W. 

Dorman) 19 German 
Dorn Anton, lab. O'Donnell and Bouldin 
Dorn Conrad, lab. O'Donnell and Bouldin 
Dorn Mrs. Eilen, saleslady, 42 Booth 
Horn Geo. lab. O'Donnell and Bouldin 
Dorn Geo. lab. 30 Haw 
Dom Geo. lab. 62 Eastern av 
Doru John, oysters, High and Fawn, dw 60 

Eastern av 
Doru John, fireman, 9 s Dunc.n al 
Dorn John, beer, *7 e Lombard 
Dorn John, lab. 2 Canton 
Dorn John, milkman, O'Donnell and Bouldiu 
Dorn Joseph, police, 83 Elliott 
Dorn Philip clerk, 155 w Biddle 
Dorn Wm. lab. 126 Granbv 
Dorn Win. machinist, 82 Henrietta 
Doru Wolfgang, lab. 62 Eastern av 
Dornberg Lewis, driver, 15 s High 
Doruberger Adam, cabinetmkr, 113 Hillen 
Dornbusch Jacob, lab. 36 Haubert 
Dorner .Mrs. Catherine, laund. 17 Stockton 
Dorner Mrs. John T. 177 n Fremont 
Dorney Albert, (Dorney Bros.) 742 Lexington 
Dorney Bros. (Albert, Duke, Charles and Wm. 
Dorney, ) grocers, 288 Ramsay 

DRAFTS on the Principal Cities of the U. B. and Canadas 

Cashed at Sadler's Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 























Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 













I Conway 
rapher, 184 U iml - 
irmkr, 184 Hamburg 

i ieotral 11* 
Dorreil <"><o. II pun-.', i 19 ■ Central av 

lob c'nUt.Conttitotioo and Burett 
l»orr ■•'>>• 

ioer, cor Broadway and Pratt 
. ' Williamson al 
i Pratt 
• .jr. cm tier, 03 - Bo 

• Bo* U'i 

3 Fill's Point Market, 
dw Port at aod Willi im 

>' irren 

s \:.I. v . supt York Boad K. v 
i. Am i ud . -:er 

\ ew J 16 e Baltimore 

. salesman, 569 Lexington 
C ithi-rine. operator, 3*5 Orleans 
tchman, 143 Hudson 
Dorset Chas. F. liiemm 7 McHenry 

II. i.F.I, D. & Son.) 35 Conwav 
B. engineer, 334 WilliHin 
Cornelias, lal>. 4-1 H lobert 
lY D , Barnum's hotel 
Daniel W. gilder, Monument and Jew al 
David J. morocc i dresser. 44 Liberty al 

Mrs. B. A. 323 w Lombard 

. '.^enl. ticket agt. B.& O.R.R. 
68 MeCollob 

rd. carp. 334 William 

rp. Ski u- ter nr Raker 
Edward C. p;tint<-r, 44 n Bxeter 
Dorsey Evan L paperhanger, 408 w Fayette 
Bsekiel S bookkpr, 333 e Baltimore 
Francis, moulder, '219 Columbia 
. \<. x Do ) 138 n Ho • 
:v PR \NK It GO (Frank Dorser,)drug- 
il Howard and Franklin 
■ Frank M. clerk, 401 Lexington 

Dorsey Geo \V . salesman^ 4 Conway 

\V. tax oolleetor,Toone nr Clinton 
'■■• <■• . W. shoemkr, I Oxt 

b '• polisher, 41 Liberty al 
1 1 Hiiiif 

kpr, 18 Oliver 
165 Si. Haul 
James L .I.L.I»..j- 8oo, ) 36 Conway 
Jainet I. \ Son, (Jas. L. and ('ha*). H. 
mr and gr.iin brokers, 103 sCliar!'-* 
161 Klliott 
bt John . ms 

Dot • n Btockioo al 

•;. John, lab '.'.- t II. Hi 

•y JobD B. police, ! ,r > Albemarle 

John B. Btonecntter, 49 Baren 

Jo'in J < l«-rk. 17 - I* H ■ i 

Dorsey Jnhn R (Bawlingfl k D ) 35 Conway 
fobo B. i-leik. 'M>9 e B 
.John T. cle:k. Mansion house ■ 
. Joseph, lab. Sirirker nr Baker 

Joseph, Bernnm'i hotel 
v Joieph. moulder, 3 Thomson 
Joseph I | md Strieker 

rd,(McKnigbt ij" D.) Washington 
nr Payette 

. Lloyd telegraphist, 12 s Gay 
Dorsey Mr.-. Lory. 109 D Howard 

Mrs. Mary, boarding 51 McHei 
M itthi w. , B ioth 

> Michael, lab, - 

•' Orleans 
magistrate, Hampd'-n 
.18 Addison si 
• m Monument 
Dorsey Robert H boilermkr 69 * Biddle 
j I)!. Boberi W Paul 

Bemud a r, S3 Mi-H-nry 

D irsej Mrs r. R 2 IS Pranklin 

Theodore 893 McOnlloh 

\\ illium 
T e. sboetnkr, 136 Cliew 

I oluinbm 
Dorsey Dpton W. clerk, St. Olair hotel 
Wn blacksmith, 99 I Fremont 
Dorsey Wm. condnetor, 201 w Lombard 
Win. lab. 50 Conway 

Dorsey Wm. trav. a.'^nt, 75 e Pratt 
W n. B. - oacbmkr, 136 Chew 

■ ih 
Wm II insp !! dw Bilto. co . 
Wm B. teller, 158 n Carroll ton aV 
Wm. 11. jr engineer, 36Gougfa 
Dorsey Wm. S. clerk, 86- n Cfa 
Dorske . try 8>) Frederick ar 

Dorton Beery F. cigars, fee. 36 Park av 
Dorweis Eckard, painter, 1 3 Jeff-rsou 

Andrew, lab. 30 Clinton 
Dosch Fn d. lab. 20 i lintoa 
Dosch John, lab. 149 B Dallas 
D ise Chas. grocery, 2-< n Bond 
Dost Theodore, bristlecomher, 63 Bentalou 

r, 33 McBlderry 
Dotter Cfa is. cusp unae 

D.itter John 0. Carp. 395 Aliceantm 

reicfa Andreas, bostler, Second av nr 
Dotterweicb Andrew, huckster, 43 n Durham 
Dotterweicb Pram I 346 Penuaa* 

I > lUcrweich Francis, organist, 231 Aisqoitfa 
Dotterweicb Predei i.-k. tob icconiat, Oxford ami 

Druid Hill ht, dw 334 n 9 ricki-r 
Dotterwi blksmitb, IHIlon nr Third av 

Dotterweiofa Jacob, bostler, 13 n Durham 

r. l iii. 4o n Durham 
D itm ' 1 Spruce al 

Donb Isi iii-i, 1 9 My r tli 

it John, fresco painter, 24 Wilhelm 
Doubieday Samuel Pranklin and Stockton al 
Douch Wm. wheelwright, Bweet Air 
Do id Bdward, : . iles 

Dond Jnhn • " e M idison 

h md Mai tin. I itle 

Do id Mark, drli istle 

Dood Mil kael, 

Doud Miilin-1. lab. u> n Sebroedei 
Dond Oliver W. letor, 250 e Madison 
Don I 

BOLME8 <4 00., Engineers' and Machinist I >ls and Supplies, 

Packing, Bel' • •, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolt*, Nuts, Washers, &c. » 

Assets, $85,000.000.00. O- F. Bresee, Gen'l Agt. 




Doud Wm. lab. 22 n Amity 

Doud Win. lab. 16 n Sclnoeder 

Doudiken Edward, painter, Liberty id andCal- 

Doudiken John, lab. Liberty rd and Calhoun 
Doudiken Jos. moulder, Liberty rd andCalhoun 
Doudiken Thos. stovenikr, Liberty rd and Cal- 
Dougherty Mrs. Anna, oysters, 137 Mullikin 
Dougherty Catherine, huckstress, 62 James al 
Dougherty Chas. expressmen, 554 w Baltimore 
Dougherty Chas. paper/carrier, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Chas. M. hatter, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Daniel, lab. 48 Forrest 
Dougherty Daniel, carter. 18«'i s Washington 
Dougherty Dennis, engineer, 82 s Carroll ton av 
Dougherty Rdward, lab. 27 Lemmon al 
Dougherty Geo. W. finisher, 104 n Ann 
Dougherty Geo. W. lab. 54 n Arlington av 
Dougherty Hannah, 174 n Front 
Dougherty J. J. C. money order clerk, Post- 
office, 9 n Exeter 
Doughert\ James, lab. Clinton and Ninth av 
Dougherty James. 73 w Biddle 
Dougherty Jas. W. fuuiaceman, foot of Clinton 
Dougherty John, driver, 552 Canton av 
DoDgherty John, engineer, 406 w Lombard 
Dougherty John, lab. 354 s Caroline 
Dougherty John, lab. 82 York 
Dougherty John, lab. 122 L. Greene 
Dougherty John, lab. 186 e Monument 
Dougherty John J. canmkr, 135 Gough 
Dougherty John T. broommkr. 69 Pearl 
Dougherty John W. weigher, 271 Hollins 
Dougherty John W. mariner, 112 s Bond 
Dougherty Joseph, papercarrier, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Mrs. Julia, 12 s Chester 
Dougherty Martin, huckster, 20 Lee 
Dougherty Michael, lab. 20 Concord 
Dougherty Michael, collector, 10 e Lombard 
Dougherty Michael, coachman, 16 Linden av 
Dougherty Michael, lab 377 s Eutaw 
Dougherty Michael, salesman, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Michael J plumber, 133 Aisquith, 

dw Eager ur Wolfe 
Dougherty Michael J. plumber, 468 e Eager 
Dougherty Nathaniel, lab. 180 s Washington 
Dougheity Patrick, engineer, 96 York 
Dougherty Peter, lab. 6 Cuba 
Dougherty Philip H. papercarrier, 26 n Bond 
Dougherty Thomas, huckster, 90 York 
Dougherty Thomas, restaurant, 48 e Lombard 
Dougherty Thomas, 15 n Caroliue 
Dougherty Thos B. printer, 119 e Eager 
Dougherty Mrs. Virginia, grocery, 26 n Bond 
Dougherty Wm. veterinarian, Biddle andMary- 

land av, dw 155 w Biddle 
Dougherty Wm. lab. lo Thomsen 
Dougherty William, 94 n Garrollton av 
Dougheity Win. H. grain and feed, Bowly's 

whf, dw 12 s Chester 
Doughney Michael, fireman, 407 Eastern av 
Doughney Patrick, lab. 95 s Castle 
Doughty John C. night supt. American dist. 

telegraph co. 77 Hollins 
Doughty Mrs. M. millinery, 909 w Baltimore 
Doughty Thos. P. (R.T. Waters & Sons) 182 St. 

Doughty Wm. E. salesman, 84 Hanover 
DouglasAugust, property agent, Madison av ext 
Douglass Ambrose, bricklayer, 35 Chew 
Douglass Benj. F. carp. 402 Saratoga 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Salt, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city 


Douglass Mrs. Emma, teacher. 32 n Gay 
Douglass Mrs. Emma, notions, 245 e Fayette 
Douglass Mrs. Fanny, 171 Stirling 
Douglass Geo. W. cooper. -4 4 Washington av 
Douglass Geo. W. plasterer. 335 e Chase 
Douglass Mrs. Harriet, cakes. &c 35 Chew 
Douglass Jas. B. mariner, 157 Cross 
Douglass Jas. H painter, 279 n Durham 
Douglass John, hackman, 157 n Caroliue 
Douglass John B. mariner. 157 Cross 
Douglass Joseph, junk, 97 Low 
Douglass Thos. ehoemkr, 402 Saratoga 
Douglass Tliomis J. eo<>per, 138 L, Greene 
Douglass Wm. cooper, 53 W T yeth 
Douglass W r m. R. painter, 245 e Fayette 
Doulongn Conrad, tailor, 273 Canton «v 
Dourney John, moulder, 617 w Pratt 
Dourney Michael, lab. 617 w Pratt 
Dourney Nathaniel, moulder. 617 w Pratt 
Douthat Mrs, Mary A. 212 Madison av 
Douthat Wm. H. clerk, 212 Madison av 
Douty Caleb, examiner appraisers office, dw 

362 Hollins 
Douty James F. clerk, 362 Hollins 
Dove Mrs. Ann J. nurse. 16 s Oregon 
Dove Benj. F. watchman, 548 vv Pratt 
Do v e Harry, driver, 16 s Oregon 
Dover John, ehoemkr, 74 s Carey 
Dover Owen T. painter, 74 s Carey 
Dovey John S. manager American Sewing Ma- 
chine Co. dw 120 n Greene 
Dow James, lab. 344 n Durham 
Dow Jos, A. shoemkr, 175 Columbia 
Dow Robert, machinist, Woodberry 
Dowd John, lab. 62 s Dewberry al 
Dowd John, upholsterer, 7 Camden la 
Dowd Patrick, lab. Wilcox nr Chase 
Dowden Francis P. rigger, 290 e Lombard 
Dowdell Wm. F. salesman, 198 w Fayette 
Dow ell Everett J. carp. 6 German, dw 42 Jack- 
son sq av 
Do well Geo. B. auditor C H. 148 Mulberry 
Dowell Geo. W. clerk, 281 Hanover 
Dowell J. T. & Co. (J.T. Dowell) com. merchts, 

6 Camden 
Dowell J. T. (J.T.D & Co.) 94 Camden 
Dowell James H. clerk, 214 Aisquith 
Dowell John, 350 Park av 
Dowell John R barkpr. 113 Camden 
Dowell Marion L. 94 Camden 
Dowling James, quarry man, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dowling Mrs. Mary, 10 n High 
Dowling Thos. lab. 30 Burrougb 
Dowling Tlios. J. printer, 78 Portland 
Downes Henry C. butcher, 21 n Collingion av 
Downes Henry H. trunkmkr, 259 Light 
Downes James, collier, 224 Cooksie 























No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. F. Bresee & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 












Doyle Hugh Liberty rd 

ll 1 ! . li. moulder, - 
.i CI 'i- ana clerk, 44 McChlloh 

-. wholes. Liquors, 134 Franklin, dw 

Dojle James, lab sis s Exeter 
Doyle James, moulder, 79 b Castle 

trdware wholes, over 37 Ger- 
iiiui! dw 1 1 IfcOulluh 
Dm It- James B. blacksmith, 79 s Caroline 

' mi a II. printer, 18'.' Sar:. 
Dojle Jamei M collector, 50 n Cam itonav 

Dojle John. Mis June. 13 S Castle 

Bden and Vlio anna 
loha, aoapmkr, 9 1 s Butaw 
Dojle John, lab 82 a Arlington 
Doyle John jr. lab. B6 ■ Bit 
Dovle John. lab. 19 Abey al 

John, 1 ib. 85 s Bieler 
Doyle Job d, lab. 23 Ringgold al 

John nailmkr, 31 Booth 
Doyle John A painter, 40 Park av 
Dojle John B. Herk, 259 argvleav 

John B marble cutwr, 268 s Caroline 

lobn F. reporter, 27 Ownstitation 
Doyle John J. clei I av 

John li 98 B Bal iw 

John T. lab. 49 - Carrolltou nv 
Dojle Julia, 239 Poi n 
Dojle Lawrenee. lab. 281 Eastern av 
Dojle If. J. tinner. t!» Suing 
Dojle Martin, lab. North a .• or John 
Dorle Mr.-. M;irv. 28! Bastei ti at 
Dojle Uarj, learber, 27 Constitution 
Dojle Matthew, lab. 27 Constitution 
Dojle Michael, lab. 4j; M- Henry 
Doyle Michael, la i. 109 Elliott 
Dojle Michael, 139 Hilton 

• Michael, moulder, 39 Park av 
Dojle Michael, lab. Dover nr Monroe 
Doyle Michael, nrocerj, 402 Hanover 
Doyle Michael II. printer, 9 a Hiab 
Dovle Michael J. earp 3 -.7 Mnlberrj 
Doyle Patrick, lab. 62 a 
Doyle Patrick, drajman, 172 Stirling 
Doj le Patrick, lab. ' 58 w Loral 

Patrick, lab. 182 McHworj 
Doyle Patrick F. lah. 62 b Oregon 
Dojle Peter, brieklat ei 94 Do thin 
Dojle Bo.<ann i. 32 imden 
Do] le Mrs. Sarah i. 189 a Qaj 
DojleSainl. idamsBxp.401 Franklin 

Dojle T Harrj, [D.k Co.) 207 n Carer 
Dovle Tbos. lab. li 
Doyle Thus, sawyer, 90 Batterj av 
Dovle Tbos. grocerj, Fort ami b-tterv avs 
Doyl<- Tbos. <J. bookseller 289 a Q ij 

• 1. 201 n irer 
Dovle Win. stonecutter, 337 s Sh.irp 

Win. L'roeei \ , 40 1' rk IV 
Wm. F. police, 382 - Charles 
7 Mnlberrj 
D •'< i 

Doyle Win. J . i v Co. i 189 Saratoga 

Dosi< i Wm. B. clerk, 84 - 1 1 
Drach Henrj Q mor 

Drager Charles, cigarmkr, 8 I5*r.l 
fismith, 8 Uvrd 
: 1 i i-nr> . cigurpacker, 331 e Monument 
Dragei John II. i • Monument 

' tilt. in uv 

Drain Pranoia 1*. i W ivei 

•■II E • and Pei •• ore the KEYS T i SUCCESS." 

Iler'a Bryant and Btratton Business College, 6 and 8 N. Charles 

!.. 151 n B 

:• tut ion 
Downey Bd mat av 

. John, oat I 

com. mercht. 133 

Franklin, dw !. r >4 n R 
|i.i» nej • !apt. J I ' n - a 

ney John, m ler 

rk, John ni int av 

9F inter 
■ j Pat'k, lah Clinton 

. I4.H Drnid Bill av 
Dow net W::i ■■ CI |'I>er mills 

■ Wm. T watchman, l i D 

[wL iinbard 
Dow nil I Penna ar 

inn Bowel I - w Biddle 

Downing B Howell Downing, W.O. 

Hull ) note and bill li • 15 iltimore 

Down. - il.jr. (Eubank JtD.)76sSbarp 

Downing W. I [Wm.C.D ft I Biddle 

Dawning Wm. C. A Co.(Wm Downing) leaf 

tobacco ami cigars 80 w B iltimore 
Downing Wm H 26 W 
Downmaa John Tales, 21 n Charles 
Downs A. Vr". stonecutter, 410 Orleans 

rt. engineer, ltJ'i Johnson 
Downs Mr.-, ci ira M boarding, 128 a Sharp 
Down-;i .i, salesman, 128 s Sharp 
Joseph B Downi I 
butchers, 67 Hanover, 31 Centre, 38 Rich- 
mand . tingtou M.trkets 

D 'Wns H. S. moulder, '. 
Downs Harris T. police, 4li' Orleans 

James H. printer, 415 Penna nv 
Downs J. uue- H. j ,89 n Arlington ;iv 

:i I. carp. 2 Cumberland 
Downs John. Bbncker, 37 Cambridge 
ns Jos. B. (l)i'' Jit 

•pbine, notions. Mulberry and Ar- 
i i ti _ ton nv 

Michael, shucker, 37 Cambridge 
- . tuel A carp. 125 Montgomery 
inel F. moulder, 176 u Premont 
Downs Tbaddeus L. wauhruan, — Lexington 
vYilford, t;:-i7 w Lombard 
0. clerk, t;i!7 w Lombai d 
Downs Wm. H. property agent, 575 Lexington 
Winifp .. Le 

I, (David D.i Co.) New Vo.-k 
DAVID .v CO. (David Dows) com. 

DM : uth 

Di.x- .eer, Cathedral ex t 

lobn, lampl | bedral ext 

□ Wm. plasterer, ('at bedral ext 
Dojle A. Courtney, clerk, lie u Calvert 
- P irk a? 

ird nr Bxeter 
\ithur, shipearp. 

j. marble poliaber.Burton'a hotel 
Dovle Bern 

Doyle Mrs. Bridgi igfa 

Doj le 1 1 i Mulberry 

T.HarrjDoyle) groceries and pro- 
visions, 17 ; n ' 

. ■ ih, dry goods, 69 a Schro 

20 Albemarle 
D >jls Prank 
Doj le Hem | Elliott 

Benrj, clei ..loh 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, America n Building. 




Drake E. D. agent for notions, over 54 Lexing- 
ton, dw 172 w Fayette 
Drake Charles C. foreman, 9 Gough 
Drake Edward F. blksmith. 25 Peon 
Drake Hiel, blksmith, 4 Henrietta 
Drake James F. cigarrakr, 25 P^n'i 
Drake Thomas D. book pr, 63 St. Paul 
Drake Wm. blksmith, cor Penn and King, dvv 

25 Penn 
Drakeley Mrs. A. Maria, 388 w Payette 
Drakelev Charles, clerk, 272 vv Favette 
Drakeley Geo. (Tilirhman & D.) 272 w Favette 
Drakeley John G. (Griffith & D.) 272 w Fayette 
Drakeley Thomas, 272 w Fayette 
Drane James, lab. McKim n of Eagor 
Drane John, plasterer, 85 s Caroline 
Drane John F. lab. 15 Hillen 
Drane Richard, boilermkr, 79 Stirling 
Draper Chester, wagoner, 178 Dover 
Draper Kate, 6 Josephine 
Draper S. W. F. clerk, 91 Mulberry 
Draude Andreas, confectionery, 431 e Fayette 
Drebing Win. A. plumber, 21 w Fayette,dw 13 

n Colliugton av 
Drechler John, plasterer, 40 n Amity 
Drechsel Louis, beer, 299 Penna av 
Drechsler Fred, tailor, 138 s Washington 
Drechsler John F. butcher, 79 Belair Mkt, dw 

Point la nr Harford rd 
Drecksler J, engineer, Garrison la nr Frederick av 
Dreer Fred lab 53 Portland 
Dreisch Joseph, porter, 60 Mulberry 
Dreisch Joseph M. clerk, 60 Mulberry 
Dreisch Mary E. faney goods, 60 Mulberry 
Dreman Ferdinand, furniture, 15 L. Gough 
Dreman Louis, cigannkr, 15 L. Gougb 
Dreman Win. cigarmkr, 15 L. Gough 
Drenner David F. fireman, 333 William 
Drenner Win. 0. carp. 23 Lanvale ext 
Dre3bach Geo. cooper, 216 Madison av 
Dreschor Henry, mariner, 41 Rue 
Dresel Adolph, clerk. Lafavette av and Fremont 
Dresel Ferdinand (W.D.^Co.) Lafayette av 

and Fremont 
DRKSRL WERNER (W.D.& Co.) consulate for 
German Empire, 37 s G iy, dw cor Lafayette 
av and Fremont 
DRESEL W. &CO.(W.&F.Dresel) tobacco and 

com. mercbts, 37 8 Giy 
Dresher Peter, shoemkr, 16 Willow 
Dresse Andrew, lab. 6 Weber 
Dressel Adam, telegraphist, 496 n Gay 
Dresse! Chas. tanner, 93 Thames 
Dressel Conrad, fringe manufac. 50 n Spring 
Dressel Conrad, lab. 13 Henry 
Dressel Ferdinand, shoemkr, 52 e Biddle 
Dressel Geo. lab. 185 Madeira al 
Dressel Geo. beer, 79 Druid Hill av 
Dressel Geo. glasscuttei, 13 Henry 
Dressel Geo. C. barnessmkr, 258 s Bond 
Dressel Gustave, stonecutter, 289 e Monument 
Dressel Henry, roofing and spouting, 289 a Mon- 
Dressel John, lab. 110 Somerset 
Dressel John G. lab. 76 Somerset 
Dressel John J. bakery. 14 1 e Pratt 
Dressel Joseph, tailor, 4 Anthony 
Dressel Leonard, bliudmkr and letterer, 532 n 

Dressel Martin, baker, 107 n High 
Dressman Rev. John, Eager and Somerset 
Drettercker Fred, earpetweaver, 83 Lciuuiou al 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sams to Salt, at 



22 IT, G-ay Street, near Payette St. 3 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. ►* 
This responsibleofflcestil 1 continues to make the "D 
largest loans oil goods of every description and on Q- 1 
MiiucnANDisE in General, on Lowkh Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. ^ 

BENJAMIN «fc CO. -• 

Dreves Francis, tobacconist, 145 w Fa\ette and 

17 n Eutaw. dw 145 w Fayette 
Drew Dr. F. F. dentist. 160 w Madison 
Die v Fred, helper, First av nr Clinton 
Drexel Francis F. salesman. 47 n Gay 
Drexel H. C. scourer, 148 Linden av, dw 313 

w Hoffman 
Drexel John sr. lab. 23 Smith 
Drexel John jr. potter, 23 Smith 
Drexel Moritz, confectionery, 54 w Baltimore 
Drexel Richard, lab. 23 Smith 
Drexler Ferdinand, lab. 231 n Bo ad 
Drexler Geo. pickles, 173 s Charles 
Drexler Michael J. nightman, 231 n Bond 
Drexley Henry, oysters. Baker nr Penna av 
Drey Elkan (L. Lauer & Co.) 64 Conway 
Dreyer Chas. M. cigarmanuf. 26 Albemarle 
Dreyer F. (Louis Grube & Co.) 610 w Baltimore 
Dreyer H. D. boxmkr, 610 w Baltimore 
Dreyer John H. clerk, 168 s Broadway 
Dreyer Mary, millinery, 610 w Baltimore 
Dreyer Win. A. shoes, 168 s Broadway 
Dreyer Wm. C. clerk, 168 s Broadway 
Dreyer Wm. C. banker, 281 Lexington 
Driecke August, tailor, 175 s Bond 
Driecke Mrs. Frederica, notions, 175 s Bond 
Drider Henrv, m irble cutter, Belair av ext 
DRILL JAMES M. genl. freight agent N.C.R. 
W. and Baltimore and Potomac R.R. s e cor 
Calvert and Centre, dw 357 Park av 
Drinks Chas. shucker, 157 s Collington av 
Drinks Henry, shucker, 2 Portugal al 
Drinkhouse Rev. E. J. pub. Metnodist Protes- 
tant, dvv 61 n Gilmor 
Driscoll Ann, 99 s Eden 
Driscoll Mis. C. K. teacher, 42 n Poppleton 
Driscoll Danl. blacksmith, 113 n Front 
Driscoll Dennis, horseshoer, 113 n Front 
Driscoll Dennis, stonecutter, 5 Hillen 
Driscoll John police, 25 s Cai rolltou av 
Driscoll John, barkpr, Gibbons hotel 
Driscoll Mark V. grocery, 99 J Camden 
Driscoll & Moriarty, (Timothy Driscoll, John 

Moriarty) restaurant, 49 u Pine 
Driscoll Richard J. tailor, 99 Camden 
Driscoll Robert blacksmith, 2C8 Hanover 
Driscoll Timothy, 169 n Exeter 
Driscoll Ti mot by, (D.& Moriarty) 49 u Pine 
Driscoll Wm. H. upholsterer, 99 Camden 
Driver Alex, driver, 144 s Chapel 
Driver Chas. flagman. 253 a Central av 
Driver Chas. cleik, 149 L. Greene 
Driver Christian J. driver, 144 s Chapel 
Driver Lewis, lumber handler, 387 Eastern av 
Driver Louis, lab. 387 s Patterson Park av 
Driver R. A. clerk, 222 w Fayette 
Driver Reinhardt, lab. 186 s Chapel 

SADLER'S Bryant and Stratton BUSINESS COLLEGE, Baltimore, 
Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, President. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 








Droge E. T. » kkpr. «, hotel 

I I ii Qilmor 
an Matthi .\ • Qilmor 

Droban Tbot. i^G Linda »» 

(ill Sc( lu- 
ll tnllor, ] Bedford >l 

, i 11 Greene 
: hree Tuih hotel 

Drought Carrie A. teacher, 138 Montgomery 


ooi Baltimore and <' irej - di* 

pi oerj John A 1 1 ^ » • .1. pi a? 

.-i\ Win. ri.vei I Bgton «■ 

r Droerj Win. II. carp 78 s Codington av 
"** Draffer Aogastus, cooper, -4" Abey al 
■ igh 89 Bolliaa 

Druidville.N .0 K.W ,C im- 
I .i Ball, 25 w Payette 

28 Druid Hill av 
lid Bill av ilahli ipp A Son propr*i 

X n a cor Druid Hill nv and Dolphin 

— DRUID HILL PARK, Mad son ai exl 

in John, lab, R9 Battrrj av 

— Di nm John, lab 'Jin Oolara >ia 
Dram Mrs. Sarah, '.'1 e Pratt 

■ iuii k, c irp. 133 n Spring 
nmmardei Chi la. lab. ZB B 
immej Cornelius, lab Baker or Pen na av 
^ Drammond Baltimore, clerk, lf>i n Tine 
Drommond David, clerk, 90 Harlem nv 
Drammond Mrs Johanna B. l r»4 n I'ine 

,:.,1\\ '. I • S - 1 : . ■-:.. .iii.ll trlem iv n r Carey 
Drammond Wm. lab. 164 □ Pine 
Drnrj Oban. It salesman, IU4 B Sharp 
Drury Edward T. clerk, Brown's bole! 
I » r >i : v .las P. clerk In" n B 

- unl watchman, 16 I Premont 
Drnrj Than. lal> i Paj son 
Dmry Wm. A. mariner, 165 Battel 
Draechel Jacob, paper boxmkr, ''>i Hanover 
Drusche! Philip, liquors, 24 n Caroline 
Drydea A ex. - r . Bah dealer, <;i Clay, dw 64 
Di ) dea Alex. jr. Bab, 81 
Dryden 0. <» (I> .jiMmer, McCnllofa and Mo- 
ll echiu 
a Mrs B 
Dryden James, blacksmith, 278 McDonogfa 
Drydea .1 Meredith, (Chase, Bartbolow k Co.) 

167 ii Charles 

Drydea J"si M idisoa nv 

Dryden A Palmer, (CO I' i den, Noah Palmer) 

■ mdy y nip. 8 Second 
Dryden <':i|n. Peter, mariner, 223 Light 
Dryden Samuel, bricklayer, 243 Light 

: n Liberty 
Dryden Mr* Temperance, 276 MeDoeogh 

:. Tbos Bsh, 81 Olay 
Dryden W.ll.i K r .ft. Wileoxd/D (342 n I 

18 I ". » t ii i ii l >i i*. 
Drydea Wm T. lab. 243 Light 
DnBarry W D. t do i ILK n e oor 

Baltimore and Calvert, dn B69 □ Obarles 
Daol I. ihoeiuki 26 Parkin 
Dnbel < 'uj-t Jai A. 147 n I 
k, i it n i 
Dnbel W. com, mi bf, dw 

i il 







— i 


Dubois K. (' clerk, 2:>.S Madison nr 

DaboU Bdw'd 8. flep'y kpr. Md. Penitentiary, 

dw 28 n • i 
Dnbree Geo V7. lilTersmlth, 220 e Madison 
Dnbres Johu B olet k, BO m Kiddle 
Dubree John 11 carp. BO m Biddle 
1 1 ii in mil Madam Armaoda, teacher, 181 Franklin 
I > ii t >r<-n i 1 Ceo. A. teacher, 34!i w Lombard 
Dnbrenil Paul B. clerk. 181 Pranklin 
Dubriton Wm. macbii I .ton 

Dobuiaaon Bobt. L bookkpr, 801 n Ann 
Ducbeck Aoton, lai> 256 Aliceanns 
Dncbeck John, lab 258 AHceanna 
Ducbeck Joseph, I ih 266 Aliceanns 
Duck hr eh Is. il dentist, 166 Saratoga 
Huik Frederick, I ib. 19 ft 
Docker Geo, B ,M iltby lions.' 

U Mrs. IL A 29 n Biddle 
Docket! Jeremiah, carter, 222 Preston 
Duckett John, oysters, l2-< Burgundy a] 
Docket) Mrs. Mary, irrocery, 63 McHenry 
Ducketl Bieh'd <L t u dept.191 n farrollion av 
Duckett Bobt. L. carter, 63 McHenry 
Dncketl Mrs Weddie, 67 Park nv 
Ducsli Henry, engineer, 227 n Bond 
Dudley Ami IL school, 9 d Gilmor 
Dudlej Asa P, gardener, Friendship Fork rd 
I i.,,i ey Cbai I • I! engineer, 296 > Sharp 
Dndlex Christopher, blacksmith, 241 n Durham 
A Co (Hiram G.Dudley, A.P. 
Pen wick) gen. com. mercbts, r>~ Light 
Dudlej Pred. M. lab, 166 Hughes 
Dudley Pred.M groc'y.242 Ligbt,dwl66 Hoghea 
Dudley HiramG. D, Pen wick A Co. )72 n How- 
Dudley Joseph, currier, '214 n Front 
Dudley Joseph, porter, 20 Willow 
Dudley Richard, porter. 51 McBlderry 
Dudley Marcus L propr, marine observatory, 

312 Light 
Dudley Mrs K. B. tailoress, 237 n Central av 
Dudley Tims, blksmith. 214 □ Front 
Dudley Wm. brassfinisher, 289 w Pratt 
Dudrow Chas, B. salesmao, 238 Obew 
Dudrow Geo W ■ • 238 Chew 
Dudrow Geo W jr. stonecutter, 243 n Bond 
Dudrow Mrs Geo. W provisioon, 243 a Bond 
Dudrow John < ' cai p. 23 1 ("hew 
Dudrow Joseph P. cup. 284 Chew 
Dudrow Philip S. bricklayer, 2 36 Chew 
Dudrow Koi.t. IL engineer, 20 Winner 
Dudrow Thomas i' police. 234 Chew 
Duebring Fred, restaurant, ih Bank 
Doer A. Adgate (J Doer A Sons) 45 Mount 

Verne n pi 
Duel Douglas II ( lohn D .v Sons) l it d Charles 

DUER JOHN & SONS (John Duer, 
A. A. Duer, Douglas H. Duer) 
Hardware and Slate Mantles, 24 s 
Charles street. 

Duet John i .Ih A B »ns] I IT D mrles 
Duei Mrs. Matilda, B0I llollins 

Duerbeck Geo tailor, 68 a <'h inel 
Duering Chai B beer 130 n Central a v 
Duering George S bricl I Lrgyle st 

Doering J >"»■■ P. b ac tsmith, 122 ttn-lmrd 
Duering Joseph, baker, 9 Biddle al 
Duei iii^ Julias, cooper, 5 - ( lastle 
I hie: in,' Mi - Sai ih 122 chard 
Dull' Alfred 0. huckster, 43 Walker 

Il< >LME 00., ] ' and Machini I T ok and Supplies, 

Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Building. 




Duff Andrew, huckster, 160 n Dallas 
Duff Chas. W. clerk, 82 Ensor 
Duff Clara W. 115 s Broadway 
Duff Geo turner, 488 e Chase 
Duff Henry C. clerk, 19 w Chase 
Duff Jacob, huckster. 42 Walker 
Duff James, agent, 115 s Broadway 
Duff John, stonecutter, 91 n Calvert 
Duff John, lab. 10 St. Peter 
Duff John J. clerk, 82 Ensor 
Duff Joseph F. 232 Arpyle av 
Duff Mrs. Margaret, 82 Ensor 
Duff Michael, lab. 180 s Chapel 
Dnffey Mrs. Catharine, confec'y, 98 s Eutaw 
Duffey Daniel, clerk, 98 s Eutaw 
Duffey John, constable, 14 Neighbor 
Duffey Thos. lab. Waverley 
Duffey Win. police, 127 Albemarle 
Duffey Wm. J. ice. Eager and McKim 
Duffin Mrs Mary A. notions. 483 w Pratt 
Duffin Michael, tailor, 483 w Pratt 
Duffler Fr mk, wheelwright, Waverley 
Duffy Bridget, groc'y, Maccubbin and Regester 
Duffy Edw'd, attorney, 29 n Calvert, dw Town- 
send nr John 
Duffy Ellen, 77 Hillen 
Duffy Frank, coachman, 42 Amity 
DuSY Mrs. James, 172 Cathedral 
Duffy James jr. clerk, 164 Cathedral 
Duffy Capt. John, mariner, 379 a Broadway 
Duffy Capt. John, mariner, 181 Conway 
Duffy John, blacksmith, 586 Harford av 
Duffy John H. carp. 27 Greenmount av 
Dnffv John T. gasfitter. 62 Union 
Duffy Mary, laund. 7 Clarke al 
Dnffv Michael (M. Duffy & Co.) 67 Cathedral 
DUFFY M. & CO. (M.Duffy) grocery and feed. 
164 Cathedral 


Fine Old Copper Distilled Eye Whiskey, 


Nos. 164 & 166 CATHEDRAL ST. 

Near Bolton Depot. 

Open to Park Ave. 

Duffy Michael H. blksmith. 62 Union 

Duffy 0. T. printer, Maccubbin and Regester 

Duffy Patrick, paver, 136 Camden 

Duffy Patrick, lab. 61 s Stocktou al 

Duffy Patrick, peddler, 185 s Charles 

Duffy Peter, watchman, 214 Chew 

Duffy Peter, grocery, 374 Eastern av 

Duffy Tbos. wheelwright, North avand York rd 

Duffy Thos. brakeman, 39 Scott 

Dufort L. C clerk, 429 e Baltimore 

DUFUR & CO. (G.J.Dufur) wireworkers, 36 

n Howard 
Dufur Geo. J. (D.& Co.) 201 n Carroll ton av 
Dufur Orlando jr. raillngmkr, 328 w Fayette 
Dufur Orlando sr. railingmkr, 10o n Gilmor 
Dufur Wm. H. cigar manufr. 151 w Fayette, dw 

100 n Gilmor 

railr'd and machinists' supplies, 26 s Charles 
Dugan Cumberland (CD & Co.) 132 St. Paul 
Dugan Cumberland jr. clerk, 132 St. Paul 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Leti Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make tho 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Dugan Daniel, lab. 34 Morton al 
Dugan Hammond, attorney, 5 Spurrier ct 
Dugan Mrs. J. O. 36 n Front 
Dugan John jr. 67 Harford av 
Dugan Michael, lab 67 Harford av 
Dugan Michael, lab. 56 n Dallas 
Dugan Pierre C. real estate collection office and 
money broker, 43 Lexington, dw 26 w Mon- 
Dugan Thos. lab. 82 Parkin 
Dugan Wm. tobacconist, 141 n Gay,dw Brown's 

Dugan Mrs. Margaret, 404 Mulberry 
Dugent Eli, carp 340 e Fayette 
Dugent Oliver, bricklayer, 340 e Fayette 
Dugent Wm. carp. 216 Gough 
Dugdale Wm. bib. Mount nr Lexington 
Dugdale Wm. 122 Lanvale 
Duggan Rev. F. P., Hampden 
Duggan Michael, lab 14 Low 
Duggan Patrick, lab. 14 Low 
Duhurst Chas.H.apothy,27 w Pratt,dwl nFront 
Duhurst F. G. salesman, 101 s Poppleton 
Duhurst Wm. G. cooper, 57 Harford av 
Duke A. W. pharmacist, 154 Harford av 
Duke James B restaurant, 97 n Calvert 
Duke James S. barkeeper, 155 n Front 
DUKEHART E.W. & SON (E.W.and G. Duke- 
hart) snuff manufs. 29 s Calvert, mills 3 Perry 
Dukehart Edw.W.( E.W. D. & Son)164 Hanover 
Dukehart Fedor, 1 09 Dov^r 
Dukehart Geo biker, 94 Albemarle 
Dukehart Geo. engineer, 743 n Pratt 
Dukehart Graham (E.W. D.4 Sjn)164 Hanover 
Dukehart John, clerk, 130 s Sharp 
Dukehart John, 52 n Gilmor 
Dukehart Capt.Jno.P conductor, 513 w Fayette 
Dukehart J. & Co. (J. Dukehart) fishing, tackle, 

twine, 130 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Joseph (J D.& Co.) 2< 1 Aisquith 
Dukehart Mrs. Rebecca M. 138 Mulberry 
Dukehart Robert W. 439 w Faytte 
Dukehart Samuel T. clerk, 83 n High 
Dukehart Samuel M. 4 23 e Baltimore 
Dukehart Thos. M. clerk, 51 e Fayette 
DUKEHART THOMAS M. .Maryland brewery, 

Hollidav nr Centre, dw 3'>2 n Fremont 
Dukehart'Mra. Wm. 83 n High 
Dukehart Wm. B. 439 w Favette 
DUKER OTTO k t'O (Otto Duker, Wm. D. 
Gill Jluraber yard, planing and flooring mills, 
11 ecor Pri-sident and Canton av, branch yard 
Frederick av and Payson 
DUKER J. H .sash, doors and blinds, 107 Frank- 
lin, dw 126 8 High 
Duker Otto, (Otto Duker & Co.) 79 s High 
Duker Mrs. Rose, boarding, 55 Albemarle 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 



1— 1 


1— 1 
















Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York. 











l'u~w I Bayoor,( Gould, D & Co ) 317 Lanvale 


. :.'.. 1 American hldg.dw 

- (0. C. !'. Lamkin & Co ) 92 
Bicbmi n.l 

I !.. : 
.i T. clt-rk, 16 II irfot 

D.F r a . dw Tun (Jili. .nr 

. 70 n Qilmor 
M bonkkpr, 196 Arc I* av 
DoUaj Joim \v To n Qlltnor 

ittOl ney mill Cutn'r of 

a ( Jharlei 
Dulanj B. 11 jr 197 n Charles 
Dulat b, 99 I »i\ i^-ion 

Dul u i Gilinor 

Dulani WmMit. r> smi and eomtner* 

• 7 n Charles 
l»ulan\ Wm. B. tinner, CNlverioo ni 

Wm. .1 c . W.J.G 1» ACo.)93 Division 
DULANY W.M.J C. k Oo.(Win.J.C.Dulnii.r) 
: - and stationers. 332 w 














Corporation, Bank, Insurance 


Counting House 

Stationery, Printers 



Retail an^i Wholesale, 

332 w Baltimore St., 

near Howard. 

: r J n le> M list, 23 D I 

lohn 0. ni talder, 42 3 ri< 
'■ tbao, blacksmith, l 62 n Cliapel 
M b. I'r. A. F. 83 w Monument 
• - 27 e Biddle nr Ann 

Fai rV. 27 8 Biddl« nr Ann 

Duliii Jol n 11 •boemkr, 27 >• Biddle nr Ann 
l»ulin Michael, lab. 26 Clinton 

B. C irp. 27 e Biddle nr Ann 
- cigariukr, 77 I Ann 
Jobn, • ngi ■ i ■ I . 77 s Ana 
Doling John F. tobacconist, 3u2 Eastern si 
Doling Lewis F. clerk, 77 ■ Ann 
DoliOK Will. 11. printer, 77 I Ann 
Dolje Mrs . I l Mount 

109 West 
F. baker, 1 2* West 
krgj le av 
I. sergl police, 1 2.". '■'> 
I » - mix Blii i Im i ( '. Pearl 

Duma* Mary B. dresentkr, 158 Pear] 
i ih A tailoresa, l 68 Peai 1 

1 D < any 

Doinbolton Hurry, clerk. 1 n Carey 
Domer 1 1 »- 1 > r . lond 

■tian, lab. 264 Battery uv 
ei lire. Aunie, t ibaeoc 
Dumlei Conrad, 17 ■ Washington 

1 . 22 Willi un 

Dam Br G 

Damler Qeo. M elrrk, 
Damler Jo s e ph , enrrier, 326 Autquitu 

Dumler Mrs. Matthias. 60 n Schroeder 

Dumler Philip, rags, 17 ■ Washington 

Dumphreys Joseph, driver, 199 Bine 

Dun B. 0. (R Q.D I Oo l Neu York 

1 FN B t 00. (H (.Dun, Wm. Q.Scarlett) 

mercantile or Baltimore 

and Charles 

me M 1 1. Elisabeth, 239 
Dunahue Thos. urn < George 


phate Co. i"!» \\ Lai 
Dunbar Mac, clerk, 98 McOullob 
Dunbar W. W.. D B. storekeeper, Clin' 

Fourth av 
Dunbar Win. 29 Hamilton 
Dnnbracoo lira. M M. boarding, H w Baltimore 
Dunbrai co h N 

Dnnbracco Wm. T. cl>rk. U «r Baltimore 
Duncan Adam, produce, 340 n Bo taw 
Duncan Alex.ourve.ror, Frederick rd nr tullgate 
Duncan CbaB.V., Tenant o 
D u ni an i t'oiiawav.l J.W Duncan, C.< touaw iy ) 

carriage factory, cor Frederick and Second 
Duncan David, clerk, 89 e Pratt 
Duncan Emily, 87 Cathedral 

Duncan 0*0. Ial> Hanover nod M 
Dune. n. <;«>>. W. hruihmkr, 241 Hanover 
Duncan Harrison W. Arlington :iv nr Franklin 
:i Isaac A. engineer, 34 Qongfa 

Duncan Jams II conductor, 419 Lexington 
Duncan .lames M. clerk, 14* s B nd 
Duncan Jt-.-s-, lab. I- Walker 
Dnocau John F. ■peculator, 149 ■ Bond 
Duncan JohnG. cattle broker, 968 \v Baltimore 
Duncan Jolm J. bricklayer, 621 Lexington 
Dancon John K. coacbpainter, Arlington av nr 

Duncan John T. nautical instrument maker, 

Montgomery and Banover 
Duncan Mrs. Julia, A'.ix Franklin 
Duncan Joseph W.(D StConawayl '40 Dolphin 
Duncan Mrs. Lena, 42(1 n Centra] av 
Duncan In rl, insp C. 11 2A7 McBlderry 
Duncan Marion, clerk, 498 Franklin 
Duncan Mrs. M. A iarle 

Duncan Mtt. M >ry. 2 11 Conway 
Dune in Patrick, lab. 78 g Colli Ug ton av 
Duncan Bicbard M. real estate agent, 37 Lex- 
ington dw si Cathedra] 

in Sir .!i M s, 147 s Bond 

Duncan Thomas M grocery, 326 Forrest 
Duncan Wm. B. hostler, Tinker house 
Duncan Wm. J. mariner, 147 ■ Bond 
Duncan Wm. T. bi J4oi Montgomery 

Duncan Wm. 1'. 8. clerk, :> □ I'ojipleton 
Duucan Wilson B. marin . I it - I! md 
Dnndon James jr, lab. 56 Portland 
Dundon James, drayman, 66 Portland 
Duodon James K turner, 56 Portland 
Dnudon Michael, insp. cor C. 11 267 Light 
Dunilon Thomas, lab. '>6 Portland 
Dundon Wm. cooper, 78 Portland 
Dundorf John, canmkr, 9 Portugal al 

- eiv, 220 Dark uv 
Dongan I ' P c I and Harlem av 

Dun- in D.i\ id, ' -it ... Wood 

,m s. 1|. iii . . . lark, 100 n r 
DDNGAN k CO L Dungan) lish and com- 
ml -i n un South 

in June, Surr* farm, Phila. i .1 

an John V. blacksmith, Woodberry 


I College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles Street. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, Gren. Agt 
DUN 205 DUN 

Dungan Louis, (D. & Co.) 274 e Baltimore 
Dungan Mrs. L. L. trimmings, 59 e Baltimore 
Duu^au Patterson, 219 u Carey 
Dugaun Robert 1<J. engineer, 136 n High 
Dungan Stevenson, clerk, 274 e Baltimore 
Dungan Wilkinson, 219 n Carey 
Dunham Mrs. E. F. dressmkr, 89 n Howard 
Dunham Samuel, provision broker, over 83 Ex- 
change pi, dw 421 n Calhoun 
Dunigan Barney, lab. Clinton nr Ninth av 
Dunigan Charles A. upholsterer, 135 Bank 
Duuigan James C. shipjoiner, lUO 8 Washington 
Dunigan James C. A. shipjoiner, 135 Bank 
Dunigan Jeremiah, mariner, 8 Gough 
Dunigan John, Clinton nr Ninth av 
Duuigan John, engineer, 58 Centre Market sp 
Duuigan Thos. lab. Dillon nr Canton 
Dunigan Thos. shipjoiner, 100 s Washington 
Dunigan Win. 191 Bank 
Dunkas Frank, lab. 355 Aliceanna 
Dunkas Frank jr. tinner, :-s55 Alieeanua 
Duukas Michael, lab. 355 Aliceanna 
Dunkerly Geo. L. waichcase mkr, Star hotel 
Dunkerly Joseph, machinist, Millington la nr 

Dunkel Joseph, shoemkr, Chapel nr Chase 
Dunkel Mrs. Sarah N., Wilson nr John 
Dunkerly Win. lab. 46 n Sehroeder 
Duukiiiiou Win. H. opp Mount Royal Reservoir 
Dunklee Chas. H. salesman, Eutaw hotel 
Dunlap A. H. 244 Saratoga 
DDNLAP C. LEWIS, wholesale jobber of faucy 

groceries, 86 \v Lombard, dw 179 n Carey 
Dunlap Charles, 249 Saratoga 
Dunlap John, shoemkr, 237 Montgomery 
Dunlap Lydia, teacher, 96 u Ceucral av 
Dunlap Mary, teacher, 96 n Central av 
Dunlap Mrs. Margaret, vestmkr, 25 s Mount 
Duulap Thomas H. conductor, 249 Lee 
Dunlap Wm. book agent, 96 n Central av 
Duulap Win. J. clerk, 96 n Central av 
Dunlevy Bridget, 180 East 
Dunlop Jos. O. 601 Lexington 
Dunn Andrew, tailor, 12(S n Scbroeder 
Duuu Mrs. Ann, 43 s Chapel 
Dunn Benjamin, painter, 74 Warner 
Duuu Bernard, lab. Monroe ur Wilkens av 
Dunu Bernard, lab. 193 n Exeter 
Dunn Mrs. Catherine, grocer), 87 Chesnut 
Dunn Chas. 69 Richmond 

Duuu Chas. carpenter, s vv cor Centre and Cal- 
vert, dw ^4u Park av 
Dunn C. Irwiu, bookkpr, 21 w John 
Dunn Charles, (M. D. & Bro.) 156 u Calvert 
Duuu Charles T. clerk, 265 Lanvale 
Duuu Mrs. Charlotte, 2 Second 
Dunn Christopher, teamster, 227 n Bond 
Dunn Christopher, tinner, 439 w Pratt 
Dunu Christopher J. trunkmkr, 68 n Calvert 
Duuu Christopher J. lab. Bond ur Chew 
Dunn Daniel H. (Means & D.) 265 Lanvale 
Dunu Dauiel, 104 Preston 
Dunn Edwaid, lab. 227 u Bond 
Dunn Edward, machinist, 5iJ4 w Pratt 
Duun Edward, police, 216 n Front 
Duuu Edward, typemkr, 105 Hollius 
Dunu Edward T. pay director U. S. N., 21 w 

Duun Frank, machinist, 84 n Front 
Dunn Frederick, 69 Richmond 
Dunu Fred. lab. 4 Millimau 
Dunn Geo. R, bricklayer, 1 Woodward 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the lato Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible officcstill continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Dunn Geo. W. huckster, 38 Warren 

Duun Geo. W. dispatcher, 393 Penna av 

Dunn James, clerk, 184 Aisquitu 

Dunn James, clerk, 84 n Front 

Duuu James, clerk, 43 s Chapel 

Dunn James F. clerk, 427 Franklin 

Dunn James H. moulder, 348 w Lombard 

Dunn John. 1 1 Arg* le av 

Dunn John, lab. 1 Abraham 

Dunn John, fireman, 88 Russell 

Dunn John, engineer, 31 e Fayette 

Dunn John, cattle, 20 s Carey 

Dunu John, driver, 12 Fish Market sp 

Duuu Johu, driver, 2 Angle al 

Duun John A. hackman, 11 Milliman 

Dunu John C. stove moulder, 3 Scott 

Dunu Johu F. oysters, 66 n Dallas 

Dunn John J. clerk, 20 Stiles 

Dunn John T. chewing gum, 227 n Central av 

Dunn Joseph, huckster, 227 n Bond 

Duun Joseph G. lab. 121 Conway 

Dunu Joseph, salesman, 232 n Wolfe 

Dunn J.R. A. solicitor, 393 Penna av 

DuuuM. C. engineer, 39 Forrest pi 

Dunn Margaret, 66 n Dallas 

Duuu Martin, shoemkr, Hampden 

Dunn Mrs. Mary J. 288 n Bond 

Duun Mrs. Mary, laund. 66 n Dallas 

Dunn Michael, lab. 43 Canton av 

Duuu Michael, (M. D. & Bro.) 156 n Calvert 

Dunn Michael, gate keeper Druid Hill Park,dw 

4 n Arlington av 
Dunu Michael & t Bro. (M. and Charles Dunn,) 

liquors and tobacconist, 156 n Calvert 
Duuu Oliver P. express, 393 Peuna av 
Duun P. A. & Co. (P. A. Dunn, H. G. Tyson, A. 

Wilson,) com. merchants, 38 vv Lombard 
Dunn Paul, lab. 227 n Bond 
Dunn Patrick, lab 39 Marion 
Dunn Peter, lab. 29 Union 
Dunu Peter, iron worker, 63 Luzerne 
Dunn Peter, tailor, 193 n Exeter 
Dunu Peyton A. (P.A.D.& Co.) St. Clair hotel 
Dunn Randolph, clerk, 393 Peuna av 
Dunn Richard A. mariner, 163 s Chester 
Dunn Richard, lab. 120 Ramsay 
Dunn Richard, rigger, 20 Stiles 
Dunn Robert H. baggage master, 393 Penna ar 
Dunn Mrs. Rosanna, 185 liasteru av 
Dunn Mrs. Sarah, 9 Irvine place 
Duun Thomas, lab. 54 8 Oregon 
Duun Thomas, lab. 62 Hillman 
Dunn Thomas, lab. 115 Elliott 
Duuu Thomas, cattle, 29 s Carey 
Dunn Timothy, carter, Bruce nr McHenry 
Dunn Walter F. huckster, 83 s Caroline " 
Dunn Wm. carter, 56 n Washington 

BOOKKEEPING Thoroughly and Practically TAUGHT 
At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 







t-^ • 




















I— ' 




Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 
DUS 206 IH V 
















I»unn Wm. '. 38o Franklin 

Dunn Wm. I tin 

Win li lab. M4 « P 
Iiunnavmit Tb< - J. canmkr 88 " Washington 
Dunnegan Bdward, enginr, Clinton nr Ninth at 
Dunnett Wm. plumber and gai» fitter, 171 n 


DanntU Walter, dark, 264 e Fuy< 
Donnetl ricker nr Pattaraon uv 

Dnnning John, portar, 1 19 W 

Dunning Joseph II. Oyster pkr, 417 c Lombard 
Dunning Win. B. Bond 

.\ in. S huckster 68 I Duncan al 

N WM. A.propr. of the Baltimore 
: mills, Hughes on the Basin, dw 45 

Dannock Wm. B. clerk, 57 Barre 
Dannock Wm. R. clerk. 57 Barre 
Duuphy Mrs. Fanny, 1 Wills 
Dunphy John, hostler, 7 Wills 
Dunphy Michael, baker, 35 n Greene 
Dnnpbj Patrick, lab, 53 Bank 
Dunphy Patrick J. huckster 10 Diamond 
Dnnpbj Wm. driver, 1 Wills 
Dujihoru Frank D. sewing machine agt. 413 8 

K u taw 
Duppelt Fred. lab. 97 Cambridge 
Dup"tit'9 Powder Agency, A. L. Webb k Son, 

cor Pratt aud Commerce 

Duroin Jesse, clerk, 138 Mulberry 

•'., clerk, 691 w Baltimore 
Duiborow Edwin D. upholsterer, 359 Lexington 
Durboiow Hammond, 35'J Lexington 
DURBOROW J. 0. k CO. (J.C.Durborow, 
land B llayw.udjgeul.rtgts. for the Kir- 
bj reapers and mowers, and dealers in agri- 
cultural implements, 55 Light 
Durborow John C. (J CD. k Co.) 173 w John 
Durchhausen Cbai. F. clerk, 60 Etting 
Dunling Mrs. Anna D. coufecty, 106 e Pratt 
Dording J<>hu E. clerk, 468 Light 
Durding John T. grocer, 464 Light, dw 468 
Dnrfeld Ernest, clerk, 714 Lexington 

y Mis. B. J. 193 w Biddle 
Durham Alhert, driver, 122 Bank 
Durham Alex, bear, 246 Canton av 
Durham Mrs. Ami, upbolsteress, 147 Preston 
Durham Mrs. Catherine, 4'.'0 w Baltimore 
Durham Chas. bricklayer, 43 Giltings 
Durham Coiumbus, barkpr, 122 Bank 
Durham Columbus, lao. 6 Whatcoat 
Dui ham Columbus R. inspector C. II., dw 6 

Durham Corbin, cigarmkr, 147 Preston 
Durham George, lab. Bampdao 
Durham Geo. W Bagman, Woodbenry 
Durham James M. helper, 133 Hudson 
Durham John,furuishg. goods, 490 w Baltimore 
Durham John M. miller, Milliogton la 
Durham John w Batter/ av 

• i:nuel , piuiiter, 04 Hamburg 
Durham Wiiltei 7 n Kutaw 

l»iii ham Wm. 94 Hamburg 
Dor bam Wm. overseer, 46 Jackson sq av 
Durham Wm. J. 143 s Chester 

in Bmil, clerk, 222 ■ Pratt 

Dtliigan Ernest, wood turner, 222 w Pratt 
During Edward, bricklayer, 28 Patterson ar 
Durkev Henry II. pell " inimenl 

Durkin James, brickmkr, 866 Light 
Duikin James, lab. 72 Durst a] 

Durkin John, lab. 72 Durst al 
Duikin John, lab. 98 * Castle 

Durklin Win. brickmkr. 411 s Charles 

Dnrlan Christ, tailor, 148 n Caroline 

Dunn Mr.-. Catharine, grocery, William and 

Fort nv 
Dunn Jacob, brickmkr, William and Fort av 
Dunn John, canmkr, 114 Fort a? 
Dunn Win. carter, 4H6 Light 
Durnek Joseph, Bboemkr, 25 Barnes 
Durney J. T. well digger, 594 w Pratt 
Duniey Mrs. M. A. seamstress, 594 w Pratt 
Doming M;iry, gtoo n 18? n Central av 
Durr Frank, tobacconist, 88 Pearl 
Duir John, salesman, 28 1 Franklin 
Durr Nannie, dressmkr, 158 Pearl 
Durst Geo. A. salesman, 198 s Charles 
Dur.-t Jus. (i. brickmkr, 198 s Charles 
Durst John U. miiniif. cotton wadding, Light 

nr Fort av, dw ] ;»tJ s < harles 
Dushane Frank McD. cleik, 135 w Lanvale 
Dushane Mrs. Elizabeth, 728 Lexington 

iue Jfts. A. clerk. 96 Lexington 
Dl'SliANK JOHN A. k CO. (John A. Dushane, 

Thos.H.Tolson) paper, 40 s Charles 
Dushane John A. (J.A.D. k Co.) Ballo. co 
DUSHANK JOHN T. apothecary, 559 w Fayette 
Dushane Mrs Mary E. 135 Lanvale 
Dushane Valentine, bookkpr,396 Druid Hill av • 
Dushane Walter, salesman, 728 Lexington 
Dusten Frank H.* engineer, lios High 
Dutousch Bernard, tailor, 76 Mulberry 
Dutousch Frank, tailor, 76 Mulberry 
Dutousch NichoUs, tailor, 76 Mulberry 
Dutrow Churles, C. conductor, Baltimore and 

Small wood 
Dutrow John, milk, 12 Washington av 
Dutton Geo. H. (John T. Mitchell k Co.) 281 

Linden av 
Dutton John, lime inspector, 310 Lexington 
Duttou Joseph, sugar refiner, 408 w Lombard 
Dutton Mrs. Man A. 325 e Pratt 
Dutton Mrs. Maria M. 408 w Lombard 
Dutton Capt. Nathan P. mariner, i 7 n Broadway 
Dutton Nolly J. cigar manuf. 169 w Pratt, dw 

97 Edmondson av 
Dutton Robert, expressman, 408 w Lombard 
DnttOO Wm. H. H. clerk, 325 e Pratt 
DU VAL E. B. genl. agt. Penu Mutual Ins. Co. 
aud ins. brokers, 63 Second, dw 95 Cathedral 
I >u Viil B. B. jr. clerk, 95 Cathedral 
Dn Val Gabriel, clerk, 95 Cathedral 
Duval Algernon S. salesman, John nr Townsend 
Duvul Mrs. B. R. 197 n Howard 
Duval H. Rieman, 197 n Howard 
Duval James E. clerk, 19 McCulloh 
Duval J. R. manager oomm. collection agency, 

iratoga, dw 197 n Howard 
Duval L. Kemp, dark. John nr Townsend 
Duvall A. Leslie, ei\il engineer, 411 w Fayette 
Duval] A.8.(8taley, Coons k Co.)4l s Howard 
Duvall Mrs. Adeline, 304 n .Strieker 
Duvall Andrew J. lab, 44 Williamson al 
Duvail Mrs. Araminla, Huntingdon av nr St. 

Duvall Arthur, painter, 84 s Carey 
Duvall Benj F. blacksmith, 41 s High 
Duvall k Bio. (Jacob S. and Gabriel E. Duvall) 

provisions, Baltimore aud Gilmor 
Duvall 0bas.(D. k Md'omas) 178 Franklin 
Duvall Chas. conduob -stiiution 

Duvall Chas. clerk, 75 n Car.. line 

HOLMB8 & CO., Engines, and Machinist*' Toole and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-en'l Agt. 




Du v:ill Chits. W. clerk, 75 n Caroline 

Duvall Cbas. S. lab. 17 s Schroeder 

Diivall E B. blacksmith, Vincent al nr Ramsay 

Duvnll Edward, salesman 304 n Strieker 

Duvall Edward B (Bayzand &D.)110 Argyleav 

Duvall Francis A. machinist, 937 w Baltimore 

Duvall Frank M. vvatebmati, 44 Rue 

Duvall Ferdinand, clerk, tobacco wareh. No. 3 

Duvall Fred, engineer, 186 Lee 

Duvall Gabriel E.(D. & Bro.) 73 n Gilmor 

Duvall Geo. W. salesman, 177 Chesnut 

Duvall Geo. W. clerk, 222 Druid Hill av 

Duvall Geo. W. shoemkr, 108 Hilleu 

Duvall Hamlet, pati'nmkr.O'Dounell or East av 

Duvall Harry, clerk, 26 Hollins 

Duvall Hair} L.(Dinsmore& Kyle)248Pennaav 

Tuvall & Harvey (P. E. Duvall, J. A. Harvey) 

photographers, over 65 \v Baltimore 
Duvall Henry (H.D. k Co ) 26 Hollins 
DUVALL HENRY & CO (H. Duvall) com. mer- 
chants and manufrs. Paluxent fertilizers, 68 

Duvall Henry C. clerk, 200 n Eutaw 
Duvall J. Harry, clerk, 304 n Strieker 
Duvall J;is. L. engineer, 84 s Carey 
Duvall Jas. K. patt'nmkr,0'Dontiell nr East av 
Duvall Jacob S. (D. & Bro.) cor Frederick av 

and Gilmor 
Duvall Jesse, keeper Mount Royal reservoir 
Duvall John H. 155 Park av 
Dnvall John H. carp. 79 Boyd 
Duvall John M. salesman, 96 Edmondson av 
Duvall Juseph, 145 n Calvert 
Duvall Mrs. Julia, 217 Jefferson 
Duvall Louis M. clerk, 75 n Caioline 
Duvall Marshall, plasterer, Mt. Royal reservoir 
Duvnll Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 17 s Schroeder 
Duvall k McComas (Chas. Duvall, G. M. McCo- 

mas) wholes, manufrs. tobacco, 6 s Howard 
Du«vall Dr. M. s e cor Lanvale and Fremont 
Duvall P. E.(D. k Harvey; 65 w Baltimore 
Duvall R. B. journalist, Kb Division 
Duvall Mrs. Rebecca, 48 s Gilmor 
Duvall Richard, cooper, 225 Dolphin 
Duvall Richard, cigarmkr, 75 n Caroline 
Duvall Richard T. paperhauger, 225 Dolphin 
Duvall Rufus E. machinist, 707 Lexington 
Duvall S. Turner, dep. City Register, 26 Hollins 
Duvall Satuuel W. clerk, 108 Hillen 
Duvall Thos. J. shoemkr, 75 n Caroline 
Duvall Thos. J. jr. painter, 83 n Ann 
Duvall Trueman, salesman, Miller hotel 
Duvall Wallace, lab. 109 n High 
Duvall Win. A. clerk, 7o7 Lexington 
Duvall Wm. B.(Wm.B.D. & Co.)113 n Charles 
Duvall Wm. B. k Co. (Wm. B. Duvall, W.W. 

Woolford) grain and flour com. merchts, 13 

Duvall Win. H. clerk, 304 n Strieker 
Duvall Wm. R. shoemkr, 84 s Carey 
Duyer Albert, mariner, 17 Bruue 
DWIXELLE Dr. JAMES E. s e cor Broadway 

aud Baltimore 
Dwyer Ctias. basketmkr, 97 n Eutaw 
Dw)er Daniel, bricklayer, Calverton mills 
Dwyer Francis, bricklayer, Calverton mills 
Dwyer James, lab. 6 n Schroeder 
Dwyer James, lab. 329 William 
Dwyer John, plumber, 128 s Fremont 
Dwyer John, basket manufr, 97 n Eutaw 
Dwyer John W. carp. 112 Ramsay 
Dwyer .Michael, lab. 25 Hampstead 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible offlcestill continues tomake the 
largestloansongoodsof every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city 

BEisrjAJHiisr & co. 

Dwyer Patrick, lab. 69 s Arlington av 

Dwyer Patrick, porter, 112 Ramsay 

Dwyer Philip M. draughtsman, 204 n Howard 

Dwyer Thumas, cooper, 112 Ramsay 

Dwyer Thomas, crp. 128 s Fremont 

Dwyer Timothy, lab. 694 w Pratt 

Dwyer Wm. plumber, 12k s Fremont 

Dwyer Wm. blacksmith, 283 McHenry 

Dwyer Win., Mount Vernon mills 

Dwyer Wm. J. painter, 326 s Bond 

Dwyer Wilfred, brakeman, 120 n Pine 

Dyer Benj. flour and feed, 47 n Paca 

Dyer D. R. inspr. tobacco warehouse No. l,dw 

26 George 
Dyer Frank M. 33 n Strieker 
Dyer H. P. & Co.(H.P.Dyer)ship and com. mer- 
chants, 40 w Pratt 
Dyer H. P.(H.P.D. & Co.) 3 Aisquith 
Dyer H. Page, attorney, 51 w Fayette, dw 49 

Dyer Mrs. H. Page, 49 Cathedral 
Dyer J. com. mercht, 108 s Charles,dw 227 Ar- 

gyle av 
Dyer James J. lab. 81 Fort av 
Dyer John J. clerk, 17 n Howard 
Dyer Waller, grocer, u e cor Howard and Lex- 
ington, dw 58 n Howard 
Dyer W. J. L. clerk, 447 w Fayette 
Dyott James A. carp. 86 s Caroline 
Dyrenfuth Solomon, lab. 27 Barre 
Dyson M. J. driver, 27 Gough 


Each us Edwin, butcher, 54 Lafayette Market, 

dw Penna av nr North av 
Eachus Joseph H. clerk, Penna av nr North av 
Eacks Christopher, lab. 151 n Eden 
Eader Jacob, tailor, 243 Montgomery 
Eader John W. carp. Millington la nr Ramsay 
Eades John P. com. mercht. 157 a Sharp 
Eades Mrs. Laura, notions, 157 s Sharp 
Eagan Calvin, painter, 90 Parkin 
Eagan Capt. Francis, mariner, 130 s Eden 
Eagan Francis, lamplighter, 83 Albemarle 
Eagan James, police, 3 Lemmon 
Eagan John- drayman, 8 Armistead la 
Eagan John, lab. il Bruce 
Eagan Capt. John, mariner, 39 Eastern av 
Eagan Mary, notions, 83 Albemarle 
Eagan Michael, 81 Goodman al 
Eagan Michael, lab. 334 e Lombard 
Eagan Michael horseshoer, 12 Poultney 
Eagan Moses, lab. Dover nr Fulton 
Eagan Patrick, lab. 2 n Calhoun ext 
Eagan Timothy, shoemkr, 252 n Front 
Eagan Win. lab. 1 Watson 



t— * ■ 






No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

















O. F. Brese i & Sons, "Life, Fire and Marine 















- - 1 

• ■in ,133 H 

M Hampden 

William fa | II | B uik 

u OUiuor 

ii (iilmor 


Established Fish & Cheese House 

EAKECKSON C. E. successor to 
F. F. Pope) Gonerul Commission 
Merchunt and wholesale doalcr 

in Kaokereli Herring, Cod Fish, 

Hnkc, unci Salt i? ish of ull kinds, 
No. b5 South st.dw 280 d Eden. 
Orders thankfully received. 

:, Eden 
Km in Da. BDVf IN. e|a>thevar) n ecor 
Baltimore and Bigb 

l* ii Bllioti, cterk, 56j St. P 
ksonJuliuA. boarding, 55 J St. Paul 
KSON V. C lumber meroht, Is Weal 
I a BO eP 
Bardie) Solomon, potter, 87 e Lombard 
Barbart Geo. W. jr. capt police, SiArgyleav 
Bar! J. restaurant, 88 German, 

:.i \ \\ clerk, 283 m Hoffuuwi 

es A. | aioter, 218 William 

oetakr, -*♦; Jaroi - 

Kill.- Jubo I B 

8 imoel, niillwi ight, 801 Bank 

I iblower, 1 16 Ridgely 
Karluiighcr Jame,epeddler, 20 n Bieter 
Barlougber Mrs Louisa D. 20 □ Bzi 
Barfj Mis. A ii ii C. 189 d Obertea 

Ii J. tailor, l*.$ e Baltimore 

I , McHenry 
Eugene, atlorni j . 188 n High 
Barij Jobn i 1 I ommercial and Farmeis 

Bank, da 89 Park av 
Barijf II. J. i e Uadboa 

i£nrlv Uapt. II. meriaei d av 

1 - j i r I \ Thomas, wheelwright, 83 b Madii m 
rbomaajr. oolien mkr, 5 Columbia 
Wui. ant. law librarian, 58 ■ M idiaoo 
Baruebaw Louis, potter, '256 s Obat 
Barp Charles, salesman, U7 Druid Hill si 

Barp lire. Matilda, 147 Druid BUI av 
■ mis. stonecutter, 165 <; 
Mrs. Bliaabetb, 183 s Ann 
j John T. ibipc irp. 185 Gough 
rVsa, II sbipe irp. 481 Canton av 
klto. Permaoeal Land and BaHding 8o- 
cieti , 236 e Baltimore 

■ klto. Dispe isar.v | Free • d «v 

J to i M P )i lh in ii.n eeor Aisquiib and 
'' '. 

Henry P. lab Mr. Ridgetj 
Basl Henry T. dairy, Sharp an i Dover 

ri P ca 18 Johnson 

iii" K. ■ > . ii immer, 180 n Rdan 


V 111 

Bastei Hamilton (H.K.Ag i iv rd 

Benrj B W W.Boyi . le Bal- 


. In ickmkr, 410 a Cbai lea 
i: HAMILTON k SONS (B. and 0. K. 
u :• -, w in Stanley Buster 
..i d Su wari P. Raster i Importers, jobi en and 

md 106 
a lialtin 

: , Q C at 

knikr, 412 1 
i. jr u Wavei lej lei i i 
I b, blacksmith, Lee and Warner 
Batter P. I u C irrollton av 

i Peti i , bi ickmkr. 41 u « Charles 
i Stewai t l\ i H.B.J Sons) Libi 1 1 
Bs •' i B B .'. Sous | Cai rollton 

in i bee Mis. s ii mIi. 8 L Goagfa 

\ renus M. B. Oh i i n av nr 

Ii oadwaj 

tern Oil j Spring, bounded bj Bden, Lorn- 

P ii and apt ii g 
Mem Dispensary, n ecot BalUmoreand Cen- 
tral IIT 

Pi uston and ( Ireenmountav 
fin Homeopathic Dispensary, 812s l><lti- 

Basl 9tati< n, Bank and Bethel 

si n Shore Steamboat I "7 South, 

P. EL ark, agi 
Liuan Henrj W. salesman, 6<il w Lombard 
BA8TMAM Da I.I.W IS M. :i-J9 Lexington, cor 


Bastou Mrs. Amelia. 288 I l>ullus 

•"I. .1. T. (B \ McMabon) Hew Fork 
BASTOA a McMAHON (J. T. Baeton, J. Me- 

MabouJ ahippina and com. merohts. over 46 

w Pratt 
Baston Lewis, mariner, 203s Dallas 
in Win. II cooper, 272 a Chase 
Bast wood (J. " II. Sailmkr, 2..-i t Madison 
Baton Albert, mariner, 143 s Obapel 
Baton M *. An . jirueery, r si t Dewberry .-il 
BatOD Ale.\ J. Oarp 493 n I'lfinoiii 

H.miii B - a Co iH.CBatou) drj aoodseom. 

merclus, Qerman bet Light ana Cbarles 
Katun Cbas. •) . M 52 Mount Vernon pi 
Batou Ueoi g<-. hsbermun 
Baton Mrs. George N 90 Franklin 
Baton Hooper c.;i. Bros.dtUo j 90 Saratoga 
Baton Jackson, carp. 493 n Fremont 
Batou Jobn, lab. 2.. Henrietta 
Batou iiiiin T. boilerutkr, BO Battery av 
Batou Joseph, carp. 86 u Uuou 
Baton Tbos. oaimkr, icg » Chester 
Baton Win. H. officer peuitentiur) ,327 Aiseuith 
Buardi Bayuaoud. butcher, 84 Hauovei Market, 
ii« (JarrawMi in ar llullms 

ii H p. hi i Sehroeder 
ii David P. ladles iiboee, 218 n Bntaw 
Btmugb Bdward, clerk, L 10 n Howard 
Bbaugh Framis ,\ . clerk, 182 Madisou av 
BuaugU Frauoui 1. plasterer, Patteraon av and 


mkr, 181 Madtsoa av 
Bbaugh Henry, dgarmRr, Hi n FVeraont 
Bbaugh Henry, watehmkr, 1 1 1 u Gay 

M. urj \N . aatohmkr, 1 1 1 n Gay 
Bbnugb Jacob, ahoecntter, j.t2 a Btddie 
Bbaugh Mrs. ttaohel, j;j a Biddle 
Bbaugh Mrs. .s .|itiia, Waeerlei 
Bbaogb \N'in. inn. Pattersea av am) Oalhoaa 

Win. II. carp, and Ice oream,8weet Air 
Bbbert George, Wilsou m Division 

Bnperior Paoilitiea at Sadler's BusinesH College. 

Insurance Agents jind Brok ers, A merican Bu ildin g. 




Ebberts Christian, milk, Lancaster and Clinton 

Ebberts George H. lab. Fulton nr Pratt 

Ebberts Lemuel, cigarmkr, 81 1 w Baltimore 

Ebberts Sylvester, boilermkr, 286 Ramsay 

Ebberts Win. lab. 112 s Strieker 

Ebbsworth David, carp. 29 s Chester 

Ebel Conrad, driver, 187 a Retrester 

Ebel Michael, lab. 347 n Durham 

Ebeline Michael, drayman, 338 Hamburg 

Ebelin Jacob, stevedore, 330 Canton av 

Ebeling Wm. bookkpr, 350 w Baltimore 

Ebeler E. H. tailor, 157 Mulberry 

Ebeu Henry D. cigarmkr, 295 North 

Eberanze Simon, beer, 432 n Gay 

Ebeidt R. butcher, 34 Hanover and 8 Hollins 

Mkts, dff Garrison la 
Eber Chas. lab. 6 Stockholm 
Eberhardt Aleius, 102 Patuxent 
Eberhardt Mrs. Catherine, 229 Aisquith 
Eber hard t Christopher, grocery, Clinton nr 

Eighth av 
Eberhardt Francis, driver, Belairavext 
Eberhardt Francis, driver, Lancaster nr Canton 

Eberhart Geo. lab. €1 Cross 
Eberhart Ch >s. engineer, 141 William 
Eberhart Chas. W. 141 William 
Eberhart Mrs. Elizabeth, 42 s Oregon 
Eberhart Henry, lab. 316 William 
Eberhart John G. brickmkr, 42 s Oregon 
Eberhart John G. brickmkr, 140 n Schroeder 
Eberhart Win. brickmkr, 42 s Oregon 
Eberling August, lab. 120 e Lombard 
Eberle John, clerk, 104 s Paca 
Eberle Jos. A. (J. A. Eberle & Son)124 e Eager 
Eberle J. A. $ Sou (Jos. A. and Philip Eberle) 

sheetiron workers, 73 Garden 
Eberle Philip, (J. A. Eberle & Son) 124 e Eager 
Eberlein Anton, tobacconist, 22 e Pratt 
Eberlein August, lab. 150 s Chapel 
Eberlein Conrad, confectiunery and bakery, 174 

Eberlein George, cooper, 189 Ann 
Eberlein John, Ub. 349 Orleans 
Ebersberger Michael, cabinetmkr, 443 Cross 
Ebeismeir Fritz, lab. 52 s Patterson Park av 
Ebert Andrew, driver, 124 Somerset 
Ebcrt August, liquors, McHenry nr Fulton 
Eb^rt Bartholomew, lab. 37 Fountain 
Ebert Charles S. glassblower, 106 Warner 
Ebert Christian, pianomkr, 7 Sterrett 
Ebert Fiederick, dry goods, 268 s Sharp 
Ebeit John, lab. 273 s Bond 
Eberl Peter, tailor, 191 n Bethel 
Ebert Wm. F. glassblower, 292 Hanover 
Euerwein August, cigarmkr, 114 Pearl 
Eberweiu Mary, grocery, 139 8 Spring 
Eberwein Wm. F. constable, 3 Bank la,dw 581 

n Gay 
Ebighausen August, tobacconist, 229 Canton av 
Ebighausen Mrs. Johanna, tobacconist, 256 

Canton av 
Eble Conrad, ehoemkr, 70 n Caroline 
Eble Wm. saloon, 70 n Caroline 
Ebley Henry F. uottrr, 71 Jacksou Eq av 
Eblin Theodore, shoemkr, 60 n Arlington av 
Ebling Henry, lab. 169 s Collington av 
Ebner Martin, shoemkr, 235 Frederick av 
Ebsworth Mrs. Ann, 361 e Lombard 
Ebsworth Thomas, carp 361 e Lombard 
Ebsworth Z. carp. 361 e Lombard 
Kby Henry, clerk, 581 Lexington 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 


22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established bj the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

Eccles Samuel jr. ( Eccles,Thoms & Co.) 369 

Madison av 
ECCLES. THOMS & CO. (S. Eccles jr.. E.T. 
Robb, P. F. Thorns) Canton Steam Sugar Re- 
finery, office 7 Riaho building, cor Second 
and Holliday 
Eccleslon & Bro. (G.E,# G.W.Eccleston) carp. 

and builders, 12 Hillen 
Eccleston Chas. E. (E.& Bro ) 111 e Madison 
Eccles ton Frank, lithographer, 236 Constitution 
Eccleston G. W. (E.& Bro.) Ann and Chase 
Eccleston James, 230 Constitution 
Eccleston John A. clerk, 230 Constitution 
Eccleslon Robt. B* horseshoer, 12 Hillen, dw 

225 Aisquith 
Eccleston W. C. 157 e Monument 
Ecclestou Wm. W. train despatcher, 454 n 

Echemendia Mariano, cigar pker, 19 s Schroeder 
Eck August, tailor, 1 1>7 Jefferson 
Eck Mrs. Catherine, 203 s Regester 
Eck Charles, shucker, 149 s Chapel 
ECK FRED, tavern, 13 n Frederick 
Eck Geo. barber, 203 s Regester 
Eck Henry, turner, 188 n Caroline 
Eck Henry, tobacconist, 203 s Regester 
Eck Joseph, shoemkr, 14 n Poppleton 
Eck Philip .J. shoemkr, 51 Union 
Eck Priscilla, dressmkr, 83 Druid Hill av 
Eckard Theodore, butter, 272 Franklin 
Eckardt Adam, lab. 35 n Dallas 
Eckaidt John, 4 Wagon al 
Eckardt John, driver, 49 n Spring 
Eckardt John jr. blacksmith, 49 n Spring 
Eckaidt Mrs. Sophia, milliner, 260 s Sharp. 
Eckhardt Louis, grocery, 614 Light 
Eckhardt Simon, clerk, 2 n Woife 
Eckhardt Wm. upholsterer, 260 s Shatp 
Eckel Conrad, grocery, 55 s Caroline 
Eckell Adam, tailor, 47 Abbot 
Eckell Wm. barber, 102 Thames 
Eckelman Harry T. clerk, 45 Centre Mkt sp 
Eckelman Herm. S. grocer, 45 Centre Mkt sp 
Eckelman Herman, salesman, 47 e Pratt 
Eckelman John, canmkr, 249 e Pratt 
Eckels Louis, driver, 25 L Gough 
Eckels Wm. A. engineer, 15 Russell 
Eckelt Edward, carp. 42 Bennett 
Eckenwalter Andrew, shoemKr, 72 s Eutaw 
Ecken waiter John, shoemkr, 72 s Eutaw 
Eckert Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, 16 Abey al 
Eckerman Henry, grocery, 21 China 
Eckerman John, pumpmkr, 8 Union 
Eckert Chas. carp. 368 Hanover 
Eckert Christian, restaurant. 17 Dover 
Eckert Edward, carp. 289 n Front 
Eckert Edward, carp. 42 Binney 

tr 1 










e-»- " 








At Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 


Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 




— 1 

— i 








i— t 




!'r nklui. 1 !9 n l'.ui 
Kikirl II. nn A iwiu'er. :'.IT S Eager 

Bckert Jamee 119 a P 

• John, Hardener, Itelair uv est 

I John, shoemkr, 1 1 15 »rnel 
Bckert Jolm, briakkyer, 114 Frederick af 
Bckeri Joh Stockton 

Bckerl John I An Chapel 

Kckert John I>. buNttboet, VI Holland 

i Jobo W . 33 Stocktqn 

Bckerl LewU, beer, Mi) Franklin 

.". I 99 I Wolfe 

i Root, brushenkr, 55 Oasedea 

Kckert Mis. Theicsa Ann, lit ■ PaOB 
Bckerl Vincent O.S. feed, 3 d Central av,dw 317 

I Win. jr. lab. 16 A bey nl 
ii Win. bruabmkr, or> Camden 

ECKES CONRAD J. Manufacturer 
and Dealer in Cigars. Tobacco and 
Pipes, 14 Thames. 

. .ir.mi. lli^haiul Eastern av 
Bckee John, tavern, 3o Tbamea 
Brkberdt Andrew, lab., Elliott and Canton nv 
Kckbardt Casper, cabinettukr, 299 Canton av 
Bckhardt Mrs Elizabeth, beer. Light and Fortav 
Kckbardt Henry, cooper, 47o*Saratoga 
Bckbardl Benrj, wheelwright, Clinton nr Elliott 
Kckbardt Henry, restaurant, 133 <• Pratt 
Kckbardt Henry, surgical ins' t inkr. 387 Light 
Bckbardt Henrj L. boilermkr, 114 Hamburg 
Kckbardt Jacob, liquors, 130 Barre 
Kckbardt Jobu, whiptnkr, 1G2 Cbesapeuke 
Kckbardt Louis, beer, 23 n Kredeiick 
Kckbardt Ludwig, slioemkr, 519 Light 
Kckbardt .V Mebler, ( Wm.Kckhardt, Wm.Mehl- 
er) gilders and picture frames, over 293 w 
Kckbardt Philip, printer, 132 e Pratt 
Kckbardt Wm.( KckhardtA Mebler)500eFayette 
Kckbardt Win. upholsterer, 260 8 Sharp 
Kckbardt Wm. cooper, 158 DoTer 
Eckbart Henry, wheelwright, Clinton nr Toone 

iff John P. beer, 72 Buchanan's wbf 
Eckles Alfred, tinner, 63 L. Montgomery 
Eckley Joseph, shoenikr, 210 e Chase 
K« klopsleiu John, lab. 102 Eastern av 
Ecklopstein John jr. lab. 102 Kastcrn av 
Kckman Geo. T. drayman, 77 Frederick av 
Eckmun John, lab. 137 s Fremont 

tine <3eo. paver, 514 IVnna av 
Kckstine John, lab. 14 1'resident 

'me John, carp. 494 n Fremont 
Kckstine Lewis, paver, Lafayette av w of Fulton 
Bckjtiae Wm. huckster, 1 U al 

TM Henry, s to vemould'r, 162s Washington 
Ecoff Ralph, plasterer, Chapel nr Cliase 

Dj Gas Light Improvement Co.,Isaac R. 
Trimble, prest, over s w corCharles audFayctte 
Bddini R. W. clerk, II n CarrolltOfl av 
Eddy Qeo. 218 I'eirct, 
Bdel Henry G. tailor, 368 e Eager 
Bdel Hear) J. beer, 269 i Eager 

lobn W. butter, 150 Harford av 
Kdel Joseph, painter, 249 e Eager 

Joeepb, brakeina- . ipse 

- imnel T. butter, 257 Harford av 

Win. cutter, 368 I Eager 
Edeien A. W. salesman, 180 Division 

1IOLMKS& CO., Engineers' and 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, 

i, clerk, Park av and Mulberry 
Bdeleo 0. Millard, salesman, 21 I Howard 
Bdele: XiiL'ust, clerk. 212 Eastern av 
Bdeler Br»s. [Chaa.H and Qeo.W.Edaler) mat- 

.i iniificturers 52 Penna uv 
Bdeler ('has. H. (Edeler Bros.) 52 Penna av 

EDELER BROS., Manufacturers 
of Mattresses and Bedding, 52 
Penna av. 

Bdeler Edward, harnessmkr, 161 East 
Bdeler Brnesl w, barneesnikr, 346 w Pratt 
Bdeler Geo. W. (Bdeler Bros.) 51 Penna av 
Edelruan C has. bo x mk r, 8(i ran t,dw24 4 Columbia 
Bdelman Obas. driver, 159 s Eden 
Bdel man Obas. biew master, Clinton and Elliott 
Bdelman Frank, baker. 153 Stirling 
Bdelman Geo. lab., Lancaster nr Canton Park 
Bdelman Geo. canmkr, Canton Park 
Kdel mi n Jacob, drayman, 159 s Eden 
Bdelman John, lab. 159 s Eden 
Bdelman .lohn, canmkr, Canton Park 
Edelnian John, boxmkr, 86 Johnson 
Bdelman Philip, bricklayer, 554 Ai-quith 
Edelman Roraauld, wheelwright, Fiederick ar 

and Payson 

man Tbos. S. bricklayer, Homestead 
Edelman Valentine, weaver, 244 e Eager 
Edelman Valentine, boxmkf, 3 Mercer, dw 86 

Edelman Wilhelinina, grocery, Clinton nr Elliott 
Edelmaun John, shucker, 394 Aliceunua 
Bdelmann Michael, ironworker, 594 Aliceanna 
Eden II Jenkins, (Murphy, E.&. Co.)45uStricker 
Eden Jas. A. clerk, 45 n Strieker 
Eden Robt. lab., Washington nr Chase 
Eden Wm. (Murphy E.& Co.) 45 n Strieker 
Eder Chas. butcher, 22 Elizabeth la 
Eder Francis J. peddler, 264 Orleaus 
Eder John M. canmkr, 348 Eastern av 
Eder Joseph, canmkr, 93 s Chapel 
Eder Lawrence, lab., Chase and Central av 
Eder Macarius, lab. 348 Kastein av 
Eder Mrs. Mary C. grocery, 264 Orleans 
Edgar Qeo. H. (Geo. H.Edgar & Co.)27 s High 
Edgar Geo.H. & Co.(Geo.H.Edgar,G. W. Hol- 

deu) ship chandlers, 73 Smith's wbf 
Edgar John, attorney, 54 Franklin 
Edgell Levi S. huckster, 106 William 
Bdger Geo. W. cigarmkr, 8 Comet 
Edgertou Thos. serg't police, 300 Bank 
Edlen Jacob, lab. 103 s Fulton 
Edler Louis, cabinetmkr, 57 Centre Market sp 
Edler Peter, lab. 104 s Central av 
Edler Philip, wheelwright, 18 Brune 
Bdling Juhu, piauomkr, 441 w Fayette 
Edlinger Fred. ckrk. luo ■ Chase 
Eilmeades W. T. ( W.T.E.A Co. )298 McDonogh 
Ediueades W.T.A Co.( Wm.T.Ednu-adesJale aud 

porter, 31 Postoffice av 
Edmonds & Bro. (Semi, and Win. E.Edmonds) 

grocers, u w cor Pearl and Lexiugtou 
Edmondl Carl, mariner, 201 Mulberry 
Edmonds Elias, matiukr, 2ol Mulberry 
Edmonds Mrs. Mary E 92 n Strieker 
Edmonds Dr. Page, dentist, 44 Hanover 
Edmonds Richard H. clerk, 92 u Strieker 
Edmonds Samuel. (K. &Bro.) nrc't Howard 

batik, 70 n Carey- 
Edmonds Wm. (E. & Bro.) 394 Lexington 

Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Building. 
EDM 211 EGG 

Edmondson Albert N. P. sailmkr, 2u4 Hanover 
Edmondson Cbas. lab. Cotton row nr Clinton 
Edmondson J. A. & Son, (J. A. and W.W. Ed- 
mondson, R M.Blundon,) wholesale grocers, 
48 s Calvert 
Edmondson Jas. H. clerk, 96 s Sharp 
Eduiondsou Capt. Jas. N. mariner, 2u4 Hanover 
Edmondson John F. mariner. 204 Hanover 
Edmondson Joseph A. (J A.E.&Sun, )CharIes-st 

iiv ext 
Edmondson Capt. Saml. P. mariner, 96 s Sharp 
Edmondson T. G. clerk, 9 Barnet 
Edmondson W. Winder, (J.A.E.# Son,) 165 n 

Carrollton av 
Edmondston Mrs. Elizab.seamst's,230eMMdison 
Edmondston Francis 0. salesman. 694 w Fayette 
Edmondston Leon H. salesman, 220 e Madison 
Edmondston Thos. L. painter, 220 e Madison 
Edmondston Wm. E. clerk, 66 Exchange pi 
Edmunds Jas.R.cashier of the Old Town Bank, 

dw 156 McCulloh 
Edrington John M. oysters, Woodberry 
Edsall Joseph W. clerk, 348 e Pratt 
Edwards Alfred, huckster, 29 s Front 
Edwards Mrs. Anna, 194 e Eager 
Edwards Benjamin, 70 s Duncnn al 
Edwards C. Frauk, clerk, 336 w Lombard 
Edwards Mrs. Caroline V.dressmkr,336 w Lom- 
Edwards Chas. E. traveling agt.Barnum's hotel 
Edwards Chas. E. teacher, 159 Lee 
Edwards Chas. T. carp. 24 s Oregon 
Edwards David, engineer, 28 s Bond 
Edwards David C. lab, Carey and Patterson av 
Edwards E. G. 370 n StricKer 
Edwards Edward J. clerk, 1 02 Mulberry 
Edwards Flemming, mariner, 254 Bank 
Edwards Frank A. clerk, Oxford nr York rd 
Edwards Geo. lab. 203 e Monument 
Edwards Geo. W. law student, 370 n Strieker 
Edwards Capt. Hiram, mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards James, actor, 277 n Broadway 
Edwards James, 70 Park av 
Edwards James H. clerk, 82£ McElderry 
Edwards John, conductor, Randall nr Light 
Edwards John H. carp. 48 s Bond 
EDWARDS JOHN R. bookbinder, over 5£ 
North and 122 w Baltimore, dw57lLexington 
Edwards John S. attorney, 675 Lexington 
Edwards John T. engineer, 36 Henrietta 
Edwards John T. caulker, 30 Byrd 
Edwards Joseph M. clerk, 94 Pearl 
Edwards Leroy, 280 Saratoga 
Edwards Mrs. Lucretia, 145 Scott 
Edwards Marcellus, engineer, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards OBcar R. clerk, 58 n Carey 
Edwards Richard, mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards Richard H. gauger C. H., Oxford nr 

York rd 
Edwards S. & Co. (States Edwards,) com. mer- 
chants, 11 J Camden 
Edwards Samuel, driver, 29 s Front 
Edwards Saml. H. huckster, 29 s Front 
Edwards States, (S. E. & Co.) 189 n Fremont 
Edwards <fc Story, (Thos. H.Edwards, Ephraim 

Story,) grocers, 47 s Fulton 
Edwards Sylvester R. clerk, 32 s Sharp 
Edwards Thos. lab. 144 Leadenhall 
Edwards Thos. lab. First av nr Clinton 
Edwards Thos. tailor, 44 n High 
Edwards Thos. H. (K. & Story,) 47 s Fulton 
Edwards Thos. J. teacher, 99 Franklin 

MONEY! $100,000 to loan i /®\ 

In Sums to Salt, at © O 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1880. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

BEisrjiLraiN & co. 


Edwards W. S. photographer, 278 e Fayette 
Edwards W. W. L. clerk, 55 Courtland 
Edwards Win. inspr. C.H. dw 125 Drnid Hil av 
Edwatds Wm. bricklayer. 370 n Strieker 
Edwards Wm. A. carp. 16 Woody ear 
Edwards Win. 81. clerk, 55 Courtland 
Eff Hubert, beer, 114 e Monument 
Effing Mrs. Christian, grocery, 107 Low 
Erring Henry, lab. 107 Low 
Effing John Henry, tailor, 206 William 
Egan Edward B. grocery, 117 s Exeter 
Egan Fiancis, bricklayer, 76 Argyle av 
Egan John, lab. 19 Valley 
Egan Joseph, restaurant, 814 w Pratt 
Egan Martin, lab. 12 Clarke al 
Egan Martin, lab. 92 Hnrford av 
Egan Patrick, blacksmith, 239 Lemmon 
Egan Wm. lao. 225 Alictanna 
Egan Wm. J. collector, 76 Argyle av 
Egan Wm. J. salesman, 280 n Eutaw 
Eger John, tailor, 12 Laylope 
Egerton B. clerk, St. Paul and Huntingdon av 
Egerton C. Carroll, jeweler, 54 n Strieker 
Egei ton Chas. C.(E. & Co.)St. Paul and Hunt- 
ingdon av 
Egerton & Co.(C. C. Egerton, ) com. merchants, 

70 Light-st whf 
Egerton John B. sr. 143 St. Paul 
MSgerton John B. 230 n Howard 
Egerton Oscar, butcher, 110 Belair Market, dw 
165 Harford av 
\Egerton Saml. E. (S.E.E.& Co. )345 Linden av 
\Egerton Samuel E. & Co. (S. E. Egerton, Wm. 
j M. Powell,) wholes, grocers, 37 Cheapside 
Egerton Wm. A.( Wm.A.E.& Co.) 14 Oliver 
VEgertoti Wm.A.&Co.(Wm. A. Egerton, John T. 
Broderick, ) oyster packers, 247 w Pratt 
Eggars Wm. cigarmkr, 33 s Monroe 
Bigger Belthazer, carp. 35 Waesche 
Bgger Henry H. cigarmkr, 35 Waesche 
Egger Paul, cigarmkr, 35 Waesche 
Eggers Henry, locksmith, 14 Thames 
Eggers Henry H. shoemkr, 8 Ridgely 
Eggers John, hostler, 454 Canton av 
Eggert Herman, undertaker, 93 s Regester 
Egges Claus, varnishei, 2234 w Pratt 
Egginsperger Philip, carp. Mosln-r and Bouldin 
Eggleston Benj. constable, 273 Saratoga 
Egglestou Edwin C. plumber and gasfitter, 144 

u Gay, dw 23 Stiles 
Egglestou Mrs. Harriet, grocery, 99 s Ann 
Eggleston J. W. carp. 212 Mulberry 
Eggleston Joseph M. printer, 273 Saratoga 
Eggleston Walter, cigarmkr, 273 Saratoga 
Eggleston Walter, plasterer, 212 Mulberry 
Eggleston Wm. clerk. 212 Mulberry 
Eggling Caroline, 10 s Dallas 

























No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, 


KID! ( I-., .s: Harris. ) 23 Scott 

. & iliuii-. (G.W.Bggling.Wm.Harria,) 
■founders, rent 44 Hanover 
Bggling Henry, sboetnkr, 27 i Bethel 
Eggner Chai purler, 34. Marion 

Louis, batcher, 91 Lexington and 20 
Boll'lDS Markets, dw In C>iver;on id 

K^nei Fred. proTietoM, B n Caroline 

Ehlcn Mrs. C. 18a Saraioga 
Klilen Prank, clerk. 330 Lexington 

Pred. clerk, 320 Lexington 
Bblen Geo. 11.. American liotel 
Bblen Heurj . 131 n 1" 
Bblen John H. clerk, 320 Lexington 
Bblen John F. 320 Lexington 
Bblen Kate, 109 Mother 
Bblen Wm. Meg. clerk, 32o Lexington 
Bblen Aaron, confectioner. ) 7 7 e Monument 
Khlern Henry, grocery', i. u McElderry 
BBLERS JOHN L». & CO. (J. 1>. Bblen) job 

printing and engraving, 87 Second. — [See 
■ rtisement 
Ehleis Joi.n. I). ( J.D.K..J- Co.) 5C Chew 
Fillers Lewis, grocery and feed, 378 Light 
Bblen Lewia C. lab. am Light 
Ehlert Geo. painter, 03 s Monroe 
Eh lies Win. Henry, police, iy3sPaca 
Ehuj John, lab. 294 s DallnS 
Klmi Joseph, shoerukr, 41 Johnson 
Kliiu Peter, t>eer, 420 n Gay 
Bbmann Chat, stonecutter, 32 Harford av 
Bbmaan 1 red. itoneeutter, 32 Harford av 
hhmann Goifiied, butcher, 31 Belair Market, 

dw 23 u Ann 
Entitling August, tuilor, Homestead 
BboffPied'k, tobacconist, 2u Conway 
Bboff Win. shoemkr, 32 Bane 
Ehrbar John, lab. 14b Johnson 
Bbrbeck Conrad, carp. 172 Freston 
Ehrbeck Geo. carp. 170 Preston 
Ehreu A. J. 831 w Baltimore 
Ehren Louisa, fancy goods, ^3 1 w Baltimore 
Ehren 1'hilip. lab. 3ii Hampslead 
Bhrbard Albert, muaie teacher, 227 Saratoga 
ahrbardt Absalom, cooper, 191 West 
Ebrbardt Geo paper banger, 252 s Botaw 
Ehrhail Thos. huckster, 4 Patterson la 
Ehrlich Alex, peddler, 51 Holland 
Ehi web Jacob, furniture, 78 Hillen 
Bbrlicb Suloinon, bookpr, 51 Holland 
Bbrliek Edward, 11 n Eutaw 
Bbriick Begina, boarding. II Eutaw 
Bbrlicbmanti Wm. bricklyr. Dillon nr First ht 
Bbrman Bcuj. uorsetruder, 86 German, dw 254 

n Bond 
EHRMAN k BRO. (Li F. Ehrman) grocers, 

Coal and wood, 282 s Broadway and coal yard 

310 I Caroline 
Bbrman Chai H. express agent, 94 s Paca 
Bbrman Fred'k, (E.i Bro.) 309 e Pratt 
Bbrman George M. Hour and feed, 47 s How- 
ard, dw 22 s Qreene 
Bbrman Geo. beer, 338 B Caroline 
Bbrman Jacob, 22 a Greene 
Kbrman Jacob jr. 22 s Greene 
Bbrman Jobu, clerk, 78 s Wolfe 
Ehrman Lewis, (E.& Bro.) grocery, cor Nichol- 

bon and Tom son 
Bbrman Michael, clerk, 254 n Bond 

Bbrman Mrs. Rose, 100 Prenklin 

Kbrman Solomon, clerk, 166 Franklin 

EJbert Henry, tutor, 245 Aliceanna 

■ Mr- Margaret, 2-15 Aliceanna 
Eicbelbergei August, lab. 2 Ponntain 
Bichelberger Alb't G. store, Hampden 
Eicbelberger ('has. A. E. painter, 207 Mulberry 
Bichelberger Chat, 10. painter, 93 " Fremont 
Bichelberger Mrs. (.'has. W. 93 n Fremont 
Bichelberger Mrs. Elizabeth, 205 Lombard 
Bichelberger Bmannel, clerk, 5H8 w Lombard • 
Bichelberger Edward C. attorney, 21 Lexing- 
ton, dw Mausion bouts 
Bicbelbei ger Henry, (Hoopes «$- E. )242 Pennaav 
Bichelberger Henry B. clerk, Hampden 
Bichelberger John, baker, 276 Ramsay 
Bichelberger J. Frank, painter, 284 Saratoga 
Bichelberger John M. painter, 83 n Poppleton 
Eicbelberger John W. painter, 83 n Poppleton 
Bichelberger Jobu W. cigarrakr, 276 Ramsay 
BICHBLBBBOBB OTHO W. liquors, 1 s How- 
ard, dw :«i n Howard 
BII IIKI. BERG BR SAMUEL E. public weigher, 
5 Spear's a*hf, dw Cold Spring, York id 

Eicbelberger Thus, S. machinist, Sweet Air 
Bichelberger Win. salesman, HI "2 w Pratt 
Bichelberger Wm. 304 Saratoga 
Bicbenaner Christ' n,8hoemkr, McCubbin n-Ann 
Bicbenbacb Julien, cigarmkr, 402 Canton av 
Bicbenberg Geo. cigarmkr, 1 18 s Central av 
Eichengreeu & Bro.tDavid k Wm. Eichengreen j 

boots and shoes, 200 s Broadway 
Eichengreeu David, (Eichengreeu A Bro.) 200 

8 Broad wm 
Eichengreen Isaac, cattle, 45 Gough 
Eichengreen Moees, 200 s Broadway 
Eichengreen Wm. (E & Bro.) 200 s Broadway 
Bicbborn Mrs. Ann M. 327 s Bond 
Bicbborn Barbara, grocery, 117 s Duncan a] 
Kicbborn Geo. lab. 8 s Durham 
Eichhoin Henrietta, grocery, 244 Aliceanna 
Bicbborn Peter, lab. 244 Aliceanna 
Bicbborn Mrs. Theo. brewery, 117 s Eden 
Eichler Cbas. C. F. mercht. tailor, 8 e cor St. 

Paul and Fayette, dw 187 n Carey 
Eichler Frederick, driver, 136 s Spring 
Eichler .Mrs. George, lannd. 81 Urleans 
Eichler Henry, driver, 81 Orleans 
Eichler John, blacksmith, 171 Columbia 
Eichler John G. porter, 81 Orleans 
Bicbman J. Charles, (Hopkins & E.)323 Druid 

Hill av 
Bicbman John, machinist, Columbia and Scott 
Eichmau John J. cabinetmkr, 238 Hanovor 
Eichtuiller Christopher, drayman, 150 West 
Eichmiller Fied. drayman, ISO We.-t 
Eichner Geo. butcher, 14 Hoilins Market, dw 

Frederick av nr tollgate 
Eichuer Geo. lithographer, 9 Comet 
Eichner Jacob, bootmkr, \i Gomel 
Eichner Jobu, grocery, Fred'k av nr tollgate 
Bicbner Lewis, driver, 15 1 w Biddle 

Eiclui'i Michael, baker, 146 i Central av 
BiCbolst Fred, lab. I 14 (.'anion av 

Bicborn Geo. blacksmith, 58 James 

Blcbom John, tailor, 43d Lantern uv 

Bicborn Martin, butcher, 558 e Fayette 

Eichorst Martin, lab. 407 s Wolfe 

Eick Andrew, moulder, 68 n Gay 

Bickel Henry, dyci and scourer, I'.isMadison av 

Bickenberg August, bakery, .'.2 Hampstead 
biickenberg Henry, tailor, m Hempstead 

EieUiol! Geo. ahoemkr, 220 Harford av 
EickhofF Theodore, clerk, 00 11 Holliday 
Eidig Prederick, Uiilor, 04 Portland 

BANKERS KXUJiAXGE to be bad on the Principal Cities of the 
U. S. and Canadaw at Sadler's BusincBS College, G and 8 N. Charles St. 

Largest Li fe Ins. Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt. 
~~ EID . 213 EKR 





i— ■ i 










Eidman Geo. tailor, 144 L. Greene 
Eidmann August, gasfitter, 133 Dover 
Eidmann Daniel, huckster, 600 Penna av 
Eidmann John, engineer, 299 Columbia 
Eidmann Lewis, clerk, 133 Dover 
Eidmann Mrs. Margaret. 133 Dover 
Eiermann Henry, hay and straw, Belair av ext 
Eiermann Wm. baker, 29 Soraerst't 
Eifert H. stripper, 122 Iceland al 
Eifert Henry, lab. 10 Angle al 
Eifert Mary, 16 Angle al 
Eigelberner Thos. F. agent, 323 Myrtle av 
Eigcldinger Conrad, porter, Lemraon nr Mount 
Eigeldinger Herman, lab. 14 Union 
Eigeldiuger Theresa, nurse, 14 Uniou 
Eigenbrodt Geo. carp. 92 Parkin 
Eigenbrodt Henry, tailor. 66 Aisquith 
Eigenbrodt Henry, paver, 55 n Ann 
Eigenbrodt Henry C. jr. clerk, 66 Aisquith 
Eigenbrodt John, trunkmkr, 92 Parkin 
Eigenbrodt John, silver plater. 55 n Ann 
Eigenbrodt Wm. carp. 92 Parkin 
Eigenbrot C. C. beer. 314 Sharp 
Eigenbrot Christian jr. barkpr. 30 Wilkens 
EIGENBRUT HENRY, brewery, J8 and 30 

Eigenbrot John G. silver gilder, 314 b Sharp 
Eigenrang Edward, harness, 161 East 
Eigenrang Fred harness, 142 Forrest, dw 161 

Eigner Adam, baker, 77T w Baltimore 
Eigner Andrew, cooper, 365 w Lombard 
Eigner John, lab. 9 n Eden 
Eigner John, baker, Federal nr Aisquith 
Eigner John, beer, 7 and 9 n Eden 
Eikenberg Chas. tobacconist, 91 Low 
Eilau Abraham, (Bamberger & Eilau) laces, 

millinery and fancy goods, 69£ n Howard, 

dw 350 Lexington 
Eilau Abraham W. druggist, 334 e Baltimore 
Eilau David, 350 Lexington 
Eilau E. W. clerk, 101 Gough 
Eilau Win. cabinetmkr, 1 01 Gough 
Eilbacher Geo. blacksmith, 307 Cross 
Eilbacher John V. blacksmith, 305 Cross 
Eiler Frederick, lab. 2 Walker 
Eiler Henry, cooper, loo e Lombard 
Eiler John, cooper, 100 e Lombard 
Eiles John, carp. 18 Granby 
Eiles John, mariner, 238 s Durham 
Eilingsfeld John, saddles and harness, 85 Fred- 
erick av 
Eillerman Jacob, mariner, 160 s Wolfe 
Eillerman John H. grocery, 1 Camden 
Eilmann Richard, lab. 171 Sharp 
Einbrod Chas. candymkr, 105 s Paca 
Einbrod Chas. H. wholes, and retail confect'y, 

425 w Baltimore, dw 105 s Paca 
Einbrod Daniel, lab. 233 s Bond 
Einbrod David, 105 s Paca 
Einolf Chas. baker, 445 w Lombard 
Einolf Conrad, baker, 42 Penu 
Einolf Lucius, shoemkr, 63 s Paca 
Einstein Samuel, grocery, 182 Cross 
Einwaeehter Adam, 255 s Charles 
Einwaechter Alex, blacksmith, 116 Columbia 
Einwaeehter Fred. F. salesman, 116 Columbia 
Einwaechter Margaret, grocery, 255 s Charles 
Eirich Louis, cabinetmkr, 358 Light 
Eisel Geo. lab. 201 Burgundy al 
Eisel Geo. butcher, 24 Lafayette market, dw 7 

Patterson av 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN 

Id Sams to Suit, at 



22 N, Gay Street, near Payette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

Eisel Nicholas, lab. 80 Durst al 
Eiseman Bernard, baker, 147 s Paca 
Eiseman Bernard, butcher, 221 Aisquith 
Eiseman Geo. lab. Nicholson nr Towson 
Eiseman Jacob, clerk, 205 Aisquith 
Eiseman John, huckster, 594 Penna av 
Eiseman Leopold, clerk, 205 Aisquith 
Eiseman Lewis, clerk, 205 Aisquith 
Eiseman Moses, 205 Aisquith 
Eisenbach Andw. L. shoemkr, 384 Penna av 
Eisenbach Catherine, 44 s Patterson Park av 
Eisenback Wm. cabinetmkr, 70 s Regester 
Eisenberg Andw. provisions, 2 s Washington 
Eisenberg Geo. sweepmaster. 2 s Washington 
Eisenberg Henry, lab. 2 s Washington 
Eisenberger Geo cooper, 162 s Collington av 
Eisenberger Geo. jr. driver, 162 s Collington av 
Eisenberger JohnA. cooper, 157 s Collington av 
Eisenbrandt Henry R. musical in?truments, 78 

w Biltimore, dw 39 s Broadway 
Eisendauer Frank, tailor, 463 Aisquith 
Eisenger P. L. carp. 240 s Paca 
Eisenhardt Anton, raanuf. Britannia ware, 254 

n Gay* 
Eisenhardt Catherine, confect'y, 444 Saratoga 
EisenhardtChristiiin,bootsand shoes, 94Frank- 

lin, dw 98 Peirce 
Eisenhardt John, cigarmkr, 25 St. Mary 
Eisenhauer Lewis, carp. 278 n Bond 
Eisenhut Chas. wheelwright, 58 n Wolfe 
Eisenreith Geo. lab. 2 Watson ct 
Eisenrich Chas. boimkr, 196 Bank 
Eisenrich John A. boxmkr, 196 Bank 
Eisenrich Joseph, lab. 196 Bank 
Eisfeld Lazarus, drover, 168 Gough 
Eisfeld Mrs. Rachel, grocery, 168 Gough 
Eisinger Paul, cabinetmkr, Paca nr Cross 
Eisli John D. tailor, 77 n Wolfe 
Eisman Albert, wheelwright, 29 Union 
Eisman Mrs. Annie C. junk, 57 Orchard 
Eisman John, tinner, 47 Orchard 
Eisner Rev. J. 28 n Exeter 
Eisner Julius, driver, 148 s Castle 
Eisner Lewis, driver, Castle al and Fountain 
Eisner Wm. clerk, 72 Columbia 
Eitel Edward, porter, Howard and Mulberry 
Eitel Fred, wagoner, 165 e Lombard 
Eitel Geo. cigarmkr, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitel Gotleib, beer, Howard and Mulberry 
Eitel Gustav, clerk, 165 e Lombard 
Eitel Jacob, cooper, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitel Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 26 Leadenhall 
Eitemuller Christian, lab. 150 West 
Eitemuller Fred, drayman, I .">0 West 
Eitener Conrad, lab. 219 Aliceanna 
Ekert John, shoemkr. 1 1 Clay 
Ekrag Lenhart, blacksmith, 418 Saratoga 













-Better One Hour TOO SOON than One Minute TOO LATE." 
Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 

Mutual Life I: 



of New York, ' 

EI. A 

ad i 















- Islington 
Elbel John. lal>. -» 1 8 Canton av 
Rlbert Jncob, grocer/, 314 Montgomery 
El bar Jowph. nil. 337 Orleans 
Ell'iio^ 11 R. reMaarant, 501 w Baltimore 
.'ames. lab. Hi Parkin 
Benj W machinist. 4>'.:t Franklin 
KliJi-r Fin- cie, painter. 79 1 1 i 1 l»-n 
Elder Preach W. (('.!' LaareaeOfi k <'o.) com. 
merchl 38 w Lombard, dw 50 w Madison 
Henrj bntkemnn, Col Lijzht 
Elder Jmnes, machinist, IS Bafllelt 
Elder James Carp. 457 w Lombard 
F. der Jeremiah B Bboemkr, 149 n Caroline 

Jobn II eugineer, 2< 5 Johnson 
Elder John T. wheelwi i^ln, 165 Hoi li ns 
Elder Michael, payer, Homestead 
Elder EUmnel & Co.(O.F L niz. Jacob F.Lanta) 

Hour merchants, 32 a Howard 
Elder Z.ichariah. miller. 340 e Chase 
Blderdice Dr. irein, 15 lIcHenrj 

Elderkin David 0. clerk, 2.'5 Lexington 

Elderkm David C. bookkpr, 79 n Strieker 
Elderkin Sarah E. 44 n Gilnior 

Eldermann Fred. 163 e Baltimore 

Eldon Hall, 78 w Fayette 

Eldrid^e Frank R hoo'.kpr, 216 n Broadway 

Bldridge Geo. baker. 108 e Pratt 

Eldridge R I) baker, 108 e Pjatt 

ELDRIDGE WM. D grocery, n w cor Forrest 

and Hiiien. d w "> ;-t 3 n <i>iv 
Eldridge Win. D. jr. clerk. "533 n Gay 
Eldridee Wilson, baker. 197 e Pralt 
C. salesman, 22 Hanover 
Mrs. Jane. Leminon nr Strieker 
Elfrey Philip, machinist, Lemmon nr Strieker 
Klgert Adam, beer, Eastern end Second av 
Elgert Adam, Bigblaodtown 
Elbert ChaB. Penna av ext 
Elgert George H. grocery, 214 n Wolfe 
Elgert J. Wm. drayman, 1-3 9 Caroline 
Elgert Jolin. shoemkr. 37 Bank 
Elbert John, grocerv, 63 Holland 
Blbarl Adoiph,( E . Witz & Co.) 128 Argyle av 
BLHABT, WITZ k CO. (Adolpb E bait ill. 

Heller.Isaac Wiiz,Levi Witz)w holes. notions, 

5 Hanover 
Bliai Eli, bookkpr. 94 s Howard 
Elias Joseph. (J.E.&Son) 55 Penna av 
Elias Joseph k Son, (J. and Wm. Elias) stoves, 

furniture, 55 Penna av 
Elias Wm. (J E.AcSon) 55 Penna av 
Eliason John A. bricklayer, 159 Hollins 
Bliaton Samuel. carp. 442 w Lombard 

in Wm. carp. 245 Dolphin 
Bliaaon Wm brick mkr, John nr Uuion R.R. 
Eliel Lone, clerk. 31 Hollins 
Eliel if Mn\er. (Sol'n Eliel, Elias Mayer) wholes. 

boot ami iboe mannfk 258 w Baltimore 
Solomon, (E & Mayer) 31 Hollins 
Bline Francis, carp. 2 Angle al 
Elkens John, lab. 35 Port 
Elkin Samuel D. notions, 1 s Caroline 
Blkina (.'has. carp. 6u5 w Lombard 
Elkmaii ll>-r nan, lab 37 Cambridge 
Bllecamp Benrv, lab. ISSterrett 
BUenbrok Fred, grocer, Frederick and Calver- 

toii roads 
Ellender F red. sheet iron worker, 185 e Madison 

Bllendet Qeorge W. ms* t engineer fin depart- 

ment, 168 Chesuut 

Furnaces and Ranges, Tin, Sheet- 
iron and Zinc Work; Roofing and 
Spouting promptly attended to, 
55 Richmond street, dw 89 N. 

Ellender Geo W. sheetironwkr. 185 e Madison 
Ellenmeyer George tailor, 14 Ensor 
BUenmeyer Wm. clerk, 14 Ensor 

Eller Peter, canmkr, 9 Pooltney 
Bllerbroch BenJ. machinist. 31 e Lombard 
Ellerbrock Frank M. fancy g'ds, 136 s Broad wny 
EHerhrock Herman T. coppersmith, 23 n Fred- 
Ellenbnick Lndwig, 192 Lexington 
Bllerman Frank, butcher, 47 Cross-st Market, 

dw Castle nr Madison 
Ellen Jobn T. lettercarrier, 125 Vine 
Ellert Anton, shoemkr, 6 n Durham 
Ellett Frank M. (Smith, Ellett&Co.)99 Townsend 
Ellieott 0. Lewis, clerk, 3 Spear's whf 
Ellicott David B. clerk, 3 Spear's whf 
Ellieott Ml». Evan T. 1 74 w Lombard 
Ellicott Francis F. clerk, 102 McCulloh 
Ellieott H. Wm.. Maryland Blast Furnace.s side 

\ basin, dw 63 Franklin 
Ellicott John, architect and civil engineer, 116 

St. Paul 
Ellicott Priscilla, 98 w Madison 
Ellicott W. C painter, 11 Barnet 
ELLICOTT WM. If. k SUNS, (W r m. M. and 

Thomas P. Ellicott) commission merchants, 

3 Spear's whf 
Ellicott Thos P.( Wm.M.E.fc Sons)Baltimore co 
Ellicott Wm. M.( Wm. ME & Sons)Baltimore co 
Filing Ludwig, lab. 7 Furrow 
EllingerB. G. 1070 w Baltimore 
Ellinger Emanuel, clerk, 1070 w Baltimore 
Ellinger Geo. cattle broker, Calverton, dw 1070 

w Baltimore 
Ellinger Isaac, clerk, 116 n Broadway 
Ellinger Isaac, eigarmkr. 531 n Gay 
Ellinger Jacob, pres't Drovers and Mechanics 

Bank and cattle broker. Calverton, dw 1070 

w Baltimore 
Ellinger John F. tnirkpr, 34 Camden 
Ei ling Julius, ( J. E.k Co.) 30 n Greene 
^Ellinger Julius k Co. iJ. Ellinger) teas, spices 

and tobacco, 52 s Cahert 
Bl linger Samuel, 116 u Broadway 
Ellinger Wm. grocery, 238 n From 
Ellingham Nicholas, engineer, 53A William 
Ellinirhaus Cbas. engineer 253 Bank 
Ellinghaus Theodore, engineer, 122 s Duncan al 
Elllnghansen Elizabeth, 25 I Central av 
Bllingbausen Herman, boxmkr, 2S s Central av 
El lingB Worth John E. jeweler, 66 n Caroline 
Elliot Abraham, 81 I Paca 
Elliot AQgttStM F. carp. 210 n Bond 
Elliot Prank, mercht. tailor, and clothier, 560 

w Baltimore, dw 159 i Broadway 
Elliot I. (L.B.fcBro.) 61 - P ca 
Elliot L. k Bro. (L.* I.Elliot) tobacconists, 12 

s G iv 
Elliot Lewis, Honors, 81 ■ Pace 

Elliot Lewis jr. (L.E.& Bro.) 6] s Paca 
Elliot Mis. Mary, 116 e Moiiuineiu 
Elliot Robert, canmkr, 881 e Payette 

Elliott Artliu i'.e Johns Hopkins Uni- 

versity, 80 u CI. I 

HOLME3 & CO., Engineers' an<l Machinists" Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-en'l Agt 




Elliott Bros.(W.L.,J.P.Elliott.John Nicholson) 
cotton, grain and produce com. nierchts, 64 
s Gay 
Elliott Chas. canrakr, Point la ur Greenmount 

Elliott Cbas. H clerk, 63 e Pratt 
Elliott Chas. M. teacher, 291 n Eden 
Elliott Chas. P. canrakr, 99 e Biddle 
Elliott Curtis, engineer, 166 Bane 
Elliott Cooper, cabinetmkr, 63 e Pratt 
Elliott Danl. S. brick mkr, 251 William 
Elliott E. clerk, 630 w Fayette 
Elliottt Edward, notions, 126 Lexington and 

296 n Howard, dw 217 w Townsend 
Elliott Edward jr. clerk, 217 vv Townsend 
Elliott Mrs. Edward T. 41 Preston 
Elliott Geo. oysters, 283 William 
Elliott Geo. shoemkr, 192 n Fremont 
Elliott Geo. carp. 252 e Biddle 
Elliott Geo. G. coachpainter, 328 vv Lombard 
Elliott Geo. T. packer, Appraiser's office, 257 n 

n Howard 
Elliott Mrs. Geo. W. 182 n Arlington av 
Elliott Gideon, lab. 487 w Pratt 
Elliott. Grafton, plasterer, 23 Stockton 

apothecaries, 286 Lexington 
Elliott Henry A. ( H.A.E.& Bro.) 151 a Arlin- 

ton av 
Elliott James, glassblower, 16 Henry 
Elliott James B. grocer, 372 Hollins 
Elliott James B. conductor, PresstmannrStricker 
Elliott James B. bricklayer, 316 n Bond 
Elliott James H moulder, 16 Henry 
Elliott James T. tavern, 22 Commerce 
Elliott Mrs. Jane, huckstress, 175 Ensor 
Elliott John, cotton sampler, 175 Ensor 
Elliott John, porter, 18 Sterrett 
Elliott John, agent, 7 w Baltimore 
Elliott John A. letter carrier, 5 w Chase 
Elliott John B. lab. 92 n Ann 
Elliott John B.(E.& Turner) 281 Canton av 
Elliott John S. lab. Hampden 
Elliott John T. canrakr, 153 Chesnut 
Elliott John W. bricklayer, 285 Orleans 
Elliott John W. bookkpr, 8 Edmondson av 
Elliott Joseph, shipcarp. 80 Rue 
Elliott Joseph, driver, 61 Granby 
Elliott Joseph P. (E.Bros.) 81 Saratoga 
Elliott Lewis, coppersmith, 19 w Federal 
Elliott Mrs. Mary, 15 Spruce al 
Elliott Mary, seamstress, 193 n Caroline 
Elliott Mrs. Mary E. 210 n Bond 
Elliott N. J. clerk, 658 Penna av 
ELLIOTT N. J. & SON, (W.W.Elliott) flour, 

grain atid feed, 15 w Pratt 
Elliott Mrs. R C. boarding, 63 e Pratt 
Elliott Richard L. carp. Chapel and Chase 
Elliott Robert, bricklayer, Point la nr Green- 
mount av 
Elliott Savilla, nurse, 151 Barre 
Elliott Mrs. Sophia, upholstress. 1 Federal 
Elliott T. Ireland, clerk, 307 n Caroline 
Elliott Thos. mariner, 32 Bennett 
Elliott Tho?. huckster, 102 n Poppleton 
Elliott Thos. mariner, 159 Johnson 
Elliott Thos. drug clerk, 286 Lexington 
Elliott Thos. F. painter, 102 n Poppleton 
Elliott Thos. J. butcher, 5 Centre and 55 Fells 

Point Markets, dw 16 Collington av 
Elliott & Turner, (John B. Elliott, Edgar A.Tur- 
ner) produce, 281 Canton av 


MOM! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

Iu Sums to Salt, at 




22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. ^ 

Established hy the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. ^ 

This responsible office still continues to make the ^ 

largest loans ou goods of every description and on y-^ 

Mekchakdise in General, on Lower Rates of 

charges than any other office in this city. hh 

' = == < 


ott Prof. Wra. jr. president Baltimore City 
College, 307 n Caroline 
ott Win. 217 vv Townsend 
ott Capt. Win. mariner, 67 Henrietta 
ott Wm. B. notions, 927 w Baltimore, dw 
32 n Gilmor 
ott Wm. B. clerk, 8 Edmondson av 
ott Wm. E. clerk, 78 Hamburg 
ott Wm. H bookkpr, 32 s High 
ott Wm. H. painter, 10 Laurel 
ott Wm. H. clerk, 266 Mulberry 
ott Wm. H. mariner, 161 s Eden 
ott Wm. H. N. painter, 99 e Biddle 
ott Win. L.( E.Bros.) 107 n Charles 
ott Wm. T. carp. 252 e Biddle 
ott Wm. W.(N., I. Elliott &Son)658 Penna av 
ott Wm. W. canvasser, 8 Edmondson av 
s Mrs. Ann, 34 Woodyear 
s Benj. ship carp. 133 s Caroline 
s Edward, bricklayer, 17 n Washington 
s Edward, lab. 10 Division 
s Geo. W. carp. 353 n Bond 
s Herman, shipping mercht. over 67 s Gay, 
w Balto. co 

s Mrs. Isabella, 615 Light 
s James, painter, 615 Li«ht 
s James M. carp. 105 s Bond 
s John, carp. 356 e M idison 
s John B. capper. 349 Aliceanna 
s John E. (R.P.Bayley&Co.) 167 Edmond- 
son av 
s John T. measurer, 383 William 
s Lewis, lab. Waverley 
s Luke, tinner, 615 Light 
s Marcellus, measurer, 383 William 
s Mary. 64 s High 

s Mrs. Mary, shirtmkr, 1 13 Jackson sq av 
s Mary A. dressmkr, 135 n Gay 
s Richard, puddler, 383 William 
s Robert, cutter, Heath nr Light 
s Dr. Robt. H. P. 167 Edmondson av 
s Wm. gasfitter, 615 Light 
s Wm. lab. 48 n Dallas 
s Wm. sr. gardener, Waverley 
s Win. jr. huckster, Waverley 
s Mrs. Wm. L. (W.L.E & Co.) 301 e Balti- 
s Wm. L. & Co. (Mrs. Wm.L.Ellis,R. E.Mal- 
ory) oyster packers, Aliceanna nr Boston 
son Wm. lab. 64 Cooksie 
Ells John L. reporter, 28 Lloyd 
Ells John L. jr. bill poster, 28 Lloyd 
Ellsler Henry, baken , 251 n Gay 
Ellswood Chas C. ins. agent, 119 e Baltimore 
Ellsworth WashingtonW. bookkpr, 109nCharIes 
Elm Conrad, lab. 472 Canton av 
Elmendorti" Herman, tailor, 242 e Chase 

El J 


















tT 1 




No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

O. F. Bresea & Sons, Life, Fire and Marine 













B i I. Blmei 12 Hill 

Kl tner Lev it II ,and Win. 

ider and vinegar manufrs. 1 and - 
- a h f 

Le« ..- I. Elmer .v Sooi 198 Mosbec 
Blmer WalterJ. <i\ii engineer, 187 Bum 
Elmer Wm. >. (L.Kltn- 13 n Strieker 

E more Carrie, 1 1 Watson 

lln akr, 138 '•'• 

Elphrin.: 1 :on 

BJphring Win. H. clerk, 190 Lezii . 
Blsasser Adam, lab. 193 Aliceanna 
Elsaaser Alet, clerk. '."> II >r 
Elsaaser Mrs. Oatharioi inna 

Henry, beer, I DO I W 
Klsasv - Harrison 

cber, jt J - Charles 
: Peter, lui'. 19 • Aliceanna 
Blseroad John, • Boa 

r Prederick M. liquors, 50 McHenry 
lah, 4 Diamond 
■ ih 
Eisner Geo. lab. Division nr Wilson 

r Jos machinist, Kurt at mid Johnson 
r Maurice P. machinist, 50 McHenry 
ElsroHd John T. gasBtter, 860 w Baltimore, dw 

363 Mulberry 
Bteroad Michael I IT7 a Lombard 

i Nelson, battkster, 347 Oonwaj 
Elton Chas. W. cooper, 48 n Ann 
Elton Chas. W bOQper, 1 s Ann 
HI ton 6eo. W cooper, 1 I Ann 
Elton Win. II. coopei . 1 I Ann 
Eltonh'Sd Arnold D watch mkr, 133 B Payette 
Eltonhfitd .in-. 11. bookkpr, 509 w Pajette 

Eltonhead Thos. driver, H Stirling 
Bltonbaad Win. f, c!erk. 391 n Eden 
El wood John, coppersmith, 44 Bennett 
Blwood Tbo*. lab. '.'71 Forrest 
BlwOOd TOOS. lab. 44 Bennett 
Ely Ch ..t|>el 

Ely Mrs. Calbarr isbington 

.is. lah. 180 s Obapel 
1 has. B. furn wagon, 854 Eastern »r 
Eh Chas. W 651 Lexii. 

ELY I>. J. & 00. (D.J.Ely, Oharlss A.Miller) 

cofft"-. 5 Commerce 
Ely D. J. (I) J.E I On.) {Tew Vork 
Ely Edward, 197 a Lombard 

erk, 5 ( lommercs 
BIy Enoch N. 'ngimer, 46 s Col liutrton av 
B y J. Benjamin, booti and shoes, 1 To u €raj 
Ely James, lab. 147 I 

Jesse F. ( Deford J; Co.) 147 Park av 
Ely J"im J. Letter carrier, •;•; s Bond 

Ely Joseph, furniture wagon, 858 Eastern av 

Ely .John B. sbipjoinar, ::5i Eastern a* 
Ely JohnB. bridge and whf. bnilder '.'.-<>t Pratt 
Ely M B., Bl James hotel 
BabloD B. 170 n G 

• r, 183 d Gay, dw 205 

I Monument 

Ely Wm. F. porter, 1 1 Comet 

Kly Win. K. clerk. >u; u Calvert 

Bll Wm. T apothecary, s e cor Calvert and 

. m -•'. n I '.it \> rt 
\ sold, firmer, I 45 Park av 

!••■ lor, M i Broadway 
dlector, hi n Oh 

lira. Mar] B .'■'•- William 
b Barnet, tr.ider, 294 Saratoga 

Bmerich David, musician and liquors, 291 Sar- 
atoga, dw 194 
Bmerich Geo. lah. 197 Peirce 
Bmerich Julm. lab. 14 Ponltney 
Bmerich Lewis, watchmkr, n>7 Aisquith 
Bmerich Mary, grocery, 197 Peirce 
Bmerich Martin, kid gloves and human hair, 
88 Lexington di 

i Mi i. Minnie, 103 Qraoby 
Bmerich Philip iboemkr, 294 Saratoga 
Bmerick David L clerk, 13 Mnlberrj 
Bmerick Mrs M. 0. 333 m Blddle 
Braei ine < too. police, B i Bo - 
Bmerine John W huckster, 337 n Oaroline 
Bmerson Ohas. H. 33 1 Argj i 

■ ■n Edwin, tinner, 4 r .t5 w Pratt 
Bmerson Jobfl P. SUp't Baltimore coffee polish- 
ing oo over B Oommerce, da 70 d Eden 
■ n Wm L. mariner, 53 n Ann 
Bmerj Caleb J |>rint«r, 268 e Biddle 
Emery I 'apt. Qeo 17 ■ Ohest 
Emery John B. (Test. Monumental Fire Ins. Co. 
a granite taw,dw 336 n Carroll ton as 

Eui" i \ John H. (Bur rough Bros. Mannf. Oo.) 

4j> ll.u lem iv 
Emery Joshua jr. auctioneer, 354 Linden av 
Bmfeng Henry, tailor, 136 e Payette 
Bmge a. lam, lab. 214 e Eager 
Etuge Andrew, lab 58 i Regi iter 
Bmge Mrs. Elisabeth. 214 e Baser 
Bmge John, broommkr, 138 e Biddle 
Bmge Joseph, beer 1 49 Forrest 

M irtm. type Bnisher, 214 e Eager 
Emue Peter, lithographer, 257 B Pratt 
Binicb Andrew, cabinetmkr, 403 Mulberry 
Emich Colnmbni V. (J. U.Perkins k Co.) 136 a 

d Howard 
Rmich DauielJ. salesman, 317 n Broadway 
Einicii Geo. W. eigarmkr, 403 Mulberry 
Bmich John V*., Qilmor nr Franklin 
Emit h Wesley, brickl • I'opi'leton 

•■ r, 72 Parriah 
Braick Mrs Mary, grocery, 72 Parriah 
Bmig Geo. M. grocery, Pederal and (Jhester 
Emmanuel Ohnrch of th Bvangelieal Associa- 
tion, cor Greene and Cidei a] 
Emmanuel Ohnrch Home. Augusta Tilgbmaa, 

matron, 266 n Howard 
Emmanuel German Lutheran Church, Caroline 

nr Baltimore 
Emmanuel German Reformed Church, cor Sara- 
toga and Scbroeder 
Emmanuel (M.B.South)Ob.Mother nr Myrtle as 
Emmanuel (P.E | Ohnrch, Oathedral and Bead 
Bmmart Adolpbna D (E >^ Quartlej > McMechin 

and Druid Hill av 

Bmmart ' 'has. painter, 14 Pri 
Bmmarl David, 104 n P 

Eminart II. my l>. oysters, IB I Ailington av, 
dw 41 

Bmmart John, driver, 89 •• Payette 

Eminart John, oarp, -<.l\ n Botaw 

Bmmart John M. carp 3ti a Butaw 

Bmmart P. T. bowling taioon, 17 w Fayette, 

dw j.t n Libei tv 
BMMART .v QOARTLI mmart) fres- 

■ 11 1 ii lUte p I Park av 

Bmmai I Mrs S. i^ r . Mnlberrj 
Bmmarl V. B. bookkpr, 104 n Pac 1 
Bmmart Wm II ier 

Bmmart Wm. M. k Oo! (Wm.M. Bmmart) com. 
merohts, Butaw ami I 

Arithmetic Bad Buaineea Oalc ilations taught by the most Improved 

Methods, at Sadler's Business College, Charles St. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 




Eumiart Wra. M. (Wm.M.E. &Co.) 79 George 
Emme D. H. painter, 192 Lexington 
Emmel Henry, toys, 176 e Madison 
Emmeler Ghas. rigger, 48 s Regester 
Emmell John, confect'r, 115 Bank 
Emmerich Christian, boots and sho"?. 63 w 

Fayette, dw 665 w Lombard 
Emmerich Geo. W. clerk, 693 w Lombard 
Emmerich J. Edward, clerk tax dept. 665 w 

Emmerich Ludwig, fruits, 867 w Baltimore 
Emmerich Wm. H. carp. 665 w Lombard 
Emmerson George F. employment agency, 20 

Emmert Andrew, lab. 144 Johnson 
Emmert Fred, brewer, 144 Johnson 
■ Emmerton Lemuel, agent. 386 e Madison 
Emmet t Mrs. Hester, 76 Richmond 
EMMONS HERMON L. Jr. attorney and com- 
missioner of deeds for all the States, 3 and 4 

Law buildings, dw 513 Franklin 
Emory A. Walsh, clerk, 88£ Franklin 
Emory Amos, porter, 5 Scott 
Emorv Ambrose M.(Seim & E.) 88£ Franklin 
EMORY ARTHUR, wholes, hard warn and com. 

mercht, 9 German, dw 364 Linden av 
Emory Clarissa J. shoefitter, 86 Myrtle av 
EMORY DANIEL G. agent Washington Life 

Ins. Co. 32J St. Paul, dw 566 Franklin 
Emory D. C. H attorney, 47 St. Paul, dw Lu- 

Emory Fred, editor, 117 n Charles 
Emory Gideon J. clerk, 65 e Baltimore 
Emory J. K. B. sr. drug clerk, 199 Dolphin 
Emory John, paver, 327 Hanover 
Emorv John, tailor, 317 Franklin 
EMORY JOHN H. pres't Laurel Cemetery and 

conveyancer, 47 St. Paul, dw Lutherville 
Emory John K. B.( Emory & Neavitt) 21 n Car- 

rollton av 
Emory Joshua, 354 Linden av 
Emory Mrs Juliet, 65 e Baltimore 
Emory (M.E.) Church, Penna av nr Hoffman 
Emory & Neavitt (J. K.B.Emory, F.W. Neavitt) 

com. merchts, 83 South 
Emory T. Julien, clerk, 65 e Baltimore 
Emory Thos. H. bookkpr, 220 n Broadway 
Emory Mrs. Wm. H. 385 Park av 
Emory Wm. H. collector, 47 St. Paul, dw 355 

Emory Wm. H. jr. bookkpr, 385 Park av 
Emory Wm. T. shipcarp. 23 Bradford al 
Emory Wilmer, attorney, 11 Courtland, dw 164 

w Fayette 

Cross, agent, North and Centre 
Emrich Abraham, clothing, 16 Harrison 
Emrich Andrew, tinner, 2 Woodyear 
Emrich Conrad, porter, 502 n Washington 
Emrich Conrad, wheelwright, 205 Ensor 
Emrich Fred, butcher, Frederick av nr tollgate 
Emrich Geo. barber, 265 Hanover 
Emrich Geo. barber, 109 w Favette.dw 212 Barre 
Emrich Henry, blacksmith, 205 Ensor 
Emrich Henry, lab. 112 West 
Emrich Henry, collector, 40 Wilmer al 
Emrich Herman, barkpr, 9 s Eutaw 
Emrich John, shoemkr, 2 Woodyear 
Emrich John P. jr. machinist, 309 n Caroline 
Emrich John P. (Flynn & E.) 309 n Caroline 
Emrich John P. jr. machinist. 286 n Broadway 
Emrich Otto, barkpr, 9 s Euta»v 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Suit, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Payette St; |2 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office still continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office In this city. 



319 TO 


Emrich Simon, watchmaker and jeweler 

n Gay 
Emrich Wm H clerk, 339 e Chase 
Ender Richard, tailor, 300 Montgomery 
Enders Conrad, porter, 105 Granby 
Enders Henry, baker, 485 e Monument 
Endley Francis, brushmkr, 15 Bevan 
End ley Geo. H. lab. 15 Bevan 
Endres John, tailor, 1 20 8 Wolfe 
Endres Martin, shoemkr. 106 Lancaster ~ 

Enlres Max, lab. 90 n Chapel <D 

Eney Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 58 s Carrollton av £-j 
Eney Benj. F. clerk, 642 w Lombard —; 

Eney Jeremiah, salesman, Calverton rd 
Eney Jeremiah, steamfitter, 10 Parrish 

^Eney John E. plasterer, 10 s Carey 
Eney Jos. R. (Jos. R 


E. & Co.) 69 Hollins 
ENEY JOS. R. & CO. (Jos. R. Eney) boots 

shoes, hats, Ac. 62 Hanover 
Eney Summerfield, salesman, 34 s Calhoun 
Eney Thomas R. machinist, 270 Ramsay 
Eney Wm. H. tinner, 58 s Carrollton av 
Engel Mrs. Anna, 19 n Wolfe 
Engel August, grocery, 162 e Lombard 
Eugel Adolph, cabinetmkr, 49 Milliman 
Engel Casper, lab. 165 s Washington 
Engel Conrad, baker, 524 w Lombard 
Engel Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, Washington g^, 

nr Chase 
Engel Fred, butcher, Lancaster and Clinton 
Engel Geo. grocery, 224 Harford av 
Engel Geo. shoemkr, 580 w Baltimore 
Engel Geo. puddler, 184 Bank 
Engel Geo. clerk, 97 North 
Engel Geo. tailor, 263 Hamburg 
Engel (ieo. sr. varnisher, 95 Noith 
Engel Geo. cooper, 165 West 
Engel Ht-nry sr. beer, 17 Harrison 
Engel Henry, clerk, 17 Harrison 
Engel Mrs. Henry, restaurant, 33 n Gay 
Engel Herman, cook, Patterson av and Woodyear ^ 
Engel Jno.D.confec'y, Woodyear & Patterson av 3 
Engel John, lab. 222 Hollins © 

Engel John C baker, Patterson av and Woodyear o 
Engel John, cooper, 165 West 
Engel John jr. cooper, 165 West 
Engel Julius L. clerk, 124 Granny 
Engel L. lab. 124 Gran by 
Engel Matthew, porter, 414 s Charles 
Engel Wm. barkpr, 23 w Pratt 
Engel Win. beer, 364 s Eutaw 
Engel bach Herman, beer, 1 Is s Eutaw 
Engelbert Jacob, brewer, Belair av ext 
Engelbrecht Barbara, notions, 132 s High 
Engelbright Martin, driver, 234 s Durham 
Engelbright Mary, grocery, 234 s Durham 
Engelhard t August, shoemkr, 136 Camden 








"LEARN all you can TO-DAY, you may need it TO-MORROW." 
Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 


Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York. 




Bngelbardt Fred. Utb. 1 38 n Spring 
i Durluun 
Bngelbardt Geo. lab. 74 Lancaster 
Rngelbardi lemkr, 212 s Durham 

h«rdi .1 icob, lab. 74 Lancaster 

• hnrdt John, tailor, 298 n Central av 

• Ibardt Margt. gn a Spi lag 
Ihnrdl Michael, lab. 33 Randall 

inpt Adam, clothing, -10 w Pratt, dw 52 
I Hitzh 
Engelhaupt F. W. t lllor, 77 D Fremont 

haupt Fred, clerk, 428 u Wolfe 
Engelhaupt rlearj B clerk, 53 I M iltIi 

baupt John, salesman, 52 s High 
Bogelbaapl Pbilip, (rrocerr, 18:-! Baborg 
lhaupt Win. cabinetmkr, 1>3 Raboru 
lolpb, cabinetmkr, 49 Milliman 
Bngelking Wm. blacksmith, 224 Orleans 
>iter Jacob, lab. 457 ("anion ft? 
I inton ar 
ta T ; i- Kager 

in an George, tailor. 20 n Wolfe 
Bngelman Gustavus.shoefitter, I2n Carrol I ton av 

.man John S. tailor, 44 Abbott 
Bugelmyer Wolfgang, woOdsawt er. 82 Somerset 

Bngelbert, shoemkr, 169 b Eden 
Kneels Henry, cigar man nf. 322 alioeanaa 
Bageltman Julius, wine, 22 n Paca 
Cbas. tailor, 101 I Wolfe 

- Pbilip, tailor, 101 1 Wolfe 
Bngland Chas. 8» McCulloh 

Fn^land Christian, shoemkr. 274 n Howard 
Bngland John, fireman, 659 Light 
Bngland John H. watchman, 14 South 
Bngland Jnlia, hoarding, 60 Saratoga 

id Mrs. Martha J. 146 Chew 
England Robt. J. engineer, Falls id nr tollgate 
England ('apt. Win. 8 I Saratoga 
England Wm G. engineer, 520 Atsquith 

irCla_\ton II 9 desman, 316 n Gilmor 
Engle Henry, lab 42 Frederick av 

Jesse, agt, Fulton nr Libertjr rd 
Engle John. lah. 21 Barrison, Canton 
Bngle Phili[i, driver, Hetreit nr Francis 

Thos. capper, '.o Fountain 

Wm carpet Weave . 42 Frederick av 
irt Bdward, broommkr, 94 Ilillen 
Engler Gotleib, cabinetmkr, 422 Canton ar 
Bugler John, bricklayer, 203 Burgundy al 
Bnglertb Casper, blacksmith, 64 Short 

- Henry, 63 Whatcoat 
BngleS John, lah. 63 Whatcoat 

ei Joseph, lah 313 Pretl 
Bogles Samoel. bricklarer, ">7 Stockton 
Engles Wm lab. 213 Preston 
English John A l Waverle.i Tern 
English John I), milk. 02 Pa 
English John R. grocery, 460 e Lombard 
: ; ibert, mariner, 2S1 Bank 
ih Wm II 105 Light 

English Ms '/, >ph. 3 n Care? 

kdolpb, shoemkr, 78 n Calvert, dw 18") 

nk r, 15 I High 
Louis drawing teacher, 45 I High 
l.ii'lu |g m ligh 

Bnnii James H. tinner, jn i; , 

- John A. hiksmith, 39 Parrish 
T blksmitb, 289 KxHenry 
Ennis Mrs. M.irv in av 

R. B. clerk, 54 Mi kfechin 
Euuis Thos. II carp. 272 n Ann 

Funis Thos. porier, 206 Madison av 
Eno Obas. F. clerk, 209 Oonwaj 
Ban Richard, baker, 38 Milliman 

1 le ■ carp. :t 7 1 McHenry 
Bnoa N. H. carp. 344 McHenry 
Enos Robert E. 371 McHenry 
Enquirer, The, Prank Mai koe, prop. and editor, 

over 28} South 
Fnright ('tins sawmkr, 35 Miller 
Kn-ev Lot, clerk, 24 McCulloh 
Ensev Nathaniel C. lah. 33 Waesche 
Ensey Richard F. clerk, 24 McCulloh 

Ensign Howard l». prest. Md. Steamboat Co. 

98 Light-It whf. dw Marnum's hotel 
Ensley Valentine, dredger, 13 Patment 

Ensor BenJ. F. lumber handler, 382 e Madison. 
Bnsor Chas stonemasou, Druidville 
Ensor ('has. lab. Dillon nr Third at 
Bnsor Ohas. jr. lah. Dillon nr Third av 

ropemkr, Centra] av and Monument 
I Dnnl. E. Omi p. 6( I 
Bnsor Bdward, ihipjoiaor, 270 Chew 
Ensor Edwd. jr. lumber counter, 237 n Caroline 
Ensor Geo. lab. Dillon ar Third av 
Ensor Henri G. clerk, 316 n Strieker 
Ensor Hiram. 46 Columbia 

ir Isabella, 315 n Strieker 
Ensor. James W. shipjoiuer. Dillon nr Third av 
Ensor Jesse, painter, 59 s Carndlton av 
Ensor John, wheelwright. 402 n Calhoun 
Bnsor Mrs. Mary, Mount Vernon mills 
Ensor Thaddeus, carp. Cross nr St. Peter al 
Ensor Wm. painter, Central av and Monument 
Ensor Wm II. tinner, Central av and Monument 
Hn-s!e Amelia, milliner, 26 Lee 
Bnssle Henry, stonecutter, 26 Lee 
i Mrs John C. hat nessmkr, 26 Lee 

Enttrline Dr. Samuel, 582 w Lomliard 
Enterprise Laundry, J. Ward Willson, propr. 

s e cor Front and (Jay 
Enters Hermanns, tailor, 211 n Bond 
Entler Eliza. 24 n Pine 
Entz Andrew, salesman, 137 St. Paul 
Bnts Bdward W. clerk, 137 St. Paul 
Bnts Go. If. clerk 137 St. Paul 
Bnwright Chas. sawmkr, 34 Miller 
Bnwright Frank, slater, lo Watson 
Bnwright Mrs. Mary, 28 Chesnnt 
Bnwright Michael, grocery, 28 Chesnut. 
Eohn Andrew, brewer, Belair av nr tollgate 
Episcopal Church Bookstore, George Lycett, 44 

Episcopal Reading Rooms, 78 n Charles, H. W. 

M iore agent 
Episcopal Register, George Lycett, manager, 44 


Bpple Henry, eiojraver, 268 8 Chase 
Bpple Louisa trimmings, 551} w Fayette 

Bpple Mi - M irtii 

Bppler Albert, lab. B6 Harford av 

Bppler Bros (John Henry and Geo. Bppler] 

furniture, 242 a Pratt 

Eppler Chas wheelwright, 80 Harford av 
BppWr <". barrels and casks, rear 242 w Pratt, 
OW i>7 Con wav 

Bpplei Mrs. Catherine, ''.7 Conway 

Eppler Edward, tinner, 66 Harford av 

Bppler < too. | 8 Bros | 61 ( loaway 

Bppler Henry, ( K Bros.) 67 Conway 

Bppler John, (E Bros | ''.7 Ooaway 

Bppler John,barreli and casks,rear 71 s Sharp, 

cor Dover 

HOLMES A 00., Engine** 1 

Packing, Belting, Ho8e, Boiler Felt, 

Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 

Waste, Bolts, Nutn, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Building. 




Eppler Wm. blacksmith, 86 Harford av 
Eppley August, huckster, 136 L. Greene 
Eppley J. M., Charles-st av nr Huntingdon av 
Eppley John A. police, 36 Somerset 
Eppley Julius A.clk.Sumwalt w of Maryland av 
Eppley Lewis, S.^ o Strieker 
Epron Mrs. Nancy, seamstress, 453 n Gav 
rille, 0. F. Bresee & Sons agents, American 
of the U S..R.H Mitchell, manager, 21 South 
Brbach Dr. S. dentist, 30 s Exeter 
Erbe Henry, drayman, 229 s Sharp 
Erbe Mrs. Lizzie, beer, 229 s Siiarp 
Erck Chas. tailor and notions, 158 e Baltimore 
Erdenbrecht Jno.L. wheelwright. 432 Canton a v 
Erdenbrecht Geo. sawyer, 278 s Dallas 
Erdman Adam G. g irdener. Belair av ext 
Erdman Andrew D. clerk, 233 Harford av 
Erdman Chas. gardener, Harford av ext 
Erdman Chas. 67 n Caroline 
Erdman David C. brassmoulder, 388 Harford av 
Erdman Fred, fanner, Belair av ext 
Erdman Fred. G coachtrimmer, 233 Harfurd av 
Erdman Francis S. butcher, Harford av ext 
Erdman Geo gardener, Homestead 
Eidman Gotleib H. gardener, Harford av ext 
Erdman Henry, cabinetmkr, 67 n Caroline 
Erdman John, gardener, Belair av ext 
Erdman John G. gardener, Belair av ext 
Erdman John C. clerk, 374 Aisquith 
Erdman Matthias, gardener, Harford av ext 
Erdman Peter G. gardener, Belair av ext 
Erdman Mrs. Susan, 233 Harford av 
Erdman Wm. H. letter carrier, 317 e John 
Erek Casper, 222 Franklin 
Erek Henry, cigarmkr, 190 n Front 
Ergood Gabriel S. salesman, 53 n Bond 
Erhardt Annie, 455 Canton av 
Erhardt Dorte, lab. 42 Port 
Erhardt Isadore, lab. 42 Port 
Erhardt John, boxmkr, 252 s Bond 
Erhardt John F. beer, 1039 w Pratt 
Erhardt Hugh, jeweler, Point la nr Green- 
mount av 
Erhardt Lorentz, lab. 42 Port 
Erhart Benj. stevedore, 39 e Lombard 
Erich Dr. Augustus F., Professor College Phy- 
sicians and Surgeons, 94 s Broadway 
Erich Fred, wireworker, 63 e Favette 
Erich Henry C. (H.C.E. & Co.) 79 Gough 
Erich Henry C. <y Co. (Henry C.Erich) plumb- 
ers and gas fitters, 77 and 79 Gough 
Erich John, driver, Retreat nr Francis 
Erich Julius, wood, 63 e Fayette 
Erich Rebecca, saleslady, 63 e Fayette 
Erichaon Christian A clerk, 174Siratoga 
ERICHSON & SOLBERG, ( W. Erichson, J. A. 
Solberg) ship brokers and com. merchants, 
over 65 s Gay 
Erichson W. (E. & Solberg) vice-consul for 

Denmark, 65 s Gay, dw 174 Saratoga 
Ericson Chas. watchmkr, 422 Mulberry 
Erlanger Bernard, clerk, 243 w Pratt 
ErlangerMis. Simon, 313 Saratoga 
Erlbeck John, tailor, 47 3 Bond 
Erlein Mrs. Margaiet, seamstress, 216 e Chase 
Erling Mrs. Amelia, tobacconist,232 s Broadway 
Erling Win. of German Correspondent, 232 s 

Broad way 
Ermer Christian, lab 95 Cambridge 

MONET! $100,000 TO LOAN 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 N. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
Thisresponsibleofficestill continues to make the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General., on Lower Hates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Ermer Henry, tobacconist, s w cor Gay and 

Aisquith, dw 245 e Madison 
Ermer J. Gotleib, 245 e Madison 
Ermer John, lab. Clinton nr Elliott 
Ermer John, shoemkr, 1 Spring ct 
Ermer John, brewer, 11 Calverton rd 
Ermold Mrs. Catherine, 179 Conway 
Errnold Fred, barber, 179 Conway 
Krmold John, drayman, 54 n Pine 
Ermold John C. patternmkr 155 Mulberry 
Erraold John F. salesman, 54 n Pine 
Erni Erail, bookkpr, 2 dlverton rd 
Ernst Albeit, marble polisher. 141 Vine 
Ernst Mrs Annie, 134 s Castle 
Ernst Anton, lab. 277 s Dallas 
Ernst Conrad, lab. 136 e Pratt 
Erilst Daniel, lab. 89 s Mount 
Ernst Geo. shucker, 327 Eastern av 
Ernst Henry, musician, 99 Albemarle 
Ernst Henry, cigar manuf. Clinton nr Elliott 
Ernst Henry, shoemkr, 7 May 
Ernst John, tailor, 255 Goss 
Ernst John C. boxmkr, 43 s Burke 
Ernst John G. patternmkr, 43 s Burke 
Ernst Joseph, lab. 277 s Dallas 
Ernst Wm. cigars, Clinton nr Elliott 
Ernstberger Frank, barber, 326 Penna av 
Einstberger Ceo. beer, 299 s Sharp 
Ernsberger Michael, tavern, 156 Lee 
Erpenbeck Jacob, barkpr, 42 e Lombard 
Erpenbeck John, grocery, 147 e Eager 
Erpenbeck Louis, hordes. 206 Canton av 
Erpenstein, Adolph, tailor, 37 n Dallas 
Erricks Chas. F. mariner, Madeira al nr Bank 
Ertel John, lab. 13 Cuba 
Ertel Nilans, lab. 5 Wilmer al 
Esberger Wendell J. musician, 63 e Fayette 
EscavailleG. J. conductor, 6 North av 
Escavaille Geo. machinist. 225 n Broadway 
Escavaille Jos. B. clerk, 225 n Broadway 
Escavaille Wm. M. clerk. 225 n Broadway 
Eschbacb Mrs. Courtois, 92 n Schroeder 
Eschbach Francis F.streetpiver.Oo u Schroeder 
Eschbach Fredk. paver, 46 Richmond 
Eschbach J. R. contrac'r for paving, Balto. co 
Eschbach John. 46 Richmond 
ESCHBACH JOHN E. contractor for paving, 

&c. 50 w Fayette, dw Hall's Springs 
Eschbach Dr. Jos. A. apothecary, ne cor How- 
ard and Saratoga 
Eschbach Leo, contractor for (fating', 12 Morse 

building, dw 97 w Biddle 
Eschbach Louis, paver, 92 u Schroeder 
Eschbach Matthew. 46 Richmond 
Esche Louis, printer, 135 Mulberry 
Esdale James, moulder, 421 Eastern av 
Esender Dr. James, 1 Pearl 


— i 







}-> . 













No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





— ■ 








Mutual Life Insurance 


of New York, 








•irk Fell 'a I*. lint Mark-t.dw 
Jackson ?<| *v ami Hi.rhim 

irp 21 I Mount 
t The dore It G II p. II * M "Hilt 
EMBiflC Win. F. carp 1 I'earl 
Bear Henry jr la' 
Benry, lab - 
; -t-r Joseph M. that k< r, B I Block 

■ lie i A plumbei .1" Patoxenl 
nee, pi umbei . . Patuzent 
Kskri-lt;. John E Mil iikr, 317 n Bond 
Bskrida. I, wharf builder, 10 Patusent 

\I nil) rr.v 
Q i. P. boxmkr, 248 Hamburg 

kh M Wilhelm 

\inkr. aed liquors, 47 
I i'r.itt 

tin Rr oestlne, trim* gi joinery 

Earner Qustave, confectioner, T. r > Mulliktn 
ban Rineh irdt, ezpreena in, 17:' Oonway 

\\'iu. clerk, 1 79 M intgomery 

Mr-. M u r B. 81 Job Oi in 
Bapj Wm. 1*. cooper, 192 a Fayette 

n 1'etei II. cigariukr, 152 n G ty 
l.r Charles, bricklayer, 31 1 Forrest 
Pace nr Cross 
Bssea Bicbard, brickmkr, 5 Heath 

Fred, sr butcher, Penna nv e.vt 

Pred.jr. butcher, Division est 

. mis, butcbir, Penna av cxt 
er, Division < xt 

NGER KDWABD,apothec*ry,220 e Bal- 

..ineer. 188 Lemmon 

,»... M. clerk, 289 n Ollinor 

.i .in (• 20 Mulberry 
Bstrp Bicbard 0. clerk, 288 n Gilmor 
Batep Thomas it. 288 n Qilmor . 
Batep Thomas B. jr. 2-<8 a Qilmor 

Wilev. clerk. 20 Mulberry 
Edith, :■'• J- Hereon 

k Hiram, ihoemkr, 95 Jefferson 
Bstler Susan, 7:' n Amity 

Win. H. driver, T9 n amity 
Btcbberger Cbas. B 34 '■ - Biltimore 
Btcbberf J*s. marine surveyor, lu5 

Thames, dw 34'2 e Baltimore 
Bicbberger James B clerk, (84 e Baltimore 
Btcbberger Mrs. Sarah, 17 Qougb 
Btcbison Fred, saddler, 328 • Pratt, dn 354 w 

L in 
Btcbison John, tinner, 22 ■ Bager 

B John W. Breman, 1 1 lUndall 
Btelman John F bricklayer, 383 Harford av 

■i John F. jr. bricklayer, 383 II irford av 
Btheridgc Wm. H. dentist, 21 s Broadway 
Eitintr " Lexington 

Btlingei <;•■". K. teacher, Lanvaleext 
Etsel Bsrld, tobacconist, 130 Aisqultb 
Btxel John, braesflnisber, 19 a Wolfe 
Btsel John J. driver, 8 State 
Btsel John L beer, 61 l Bnl iw 
Btsel Joseph, |iori«-r, 231 •■ B 
Staler Da»id L clerk, 216 Linden av 

B. II. B.F.Btsler A Co. I B mover, Pa 
BTZLBB R. F. k 00. (B F k B H.Btsler) pro- 
dnce com merchti . 1 65 North 

B i' | B F.Bttler k Oo.) 216 Linden »v 

Eubank < Jil«*a F. (E.& I 1 fO « Fayette 

Bubank ft D G F Eubank, Bamnel 

Downing, jr.) a boles, tobacconist! 64 Light 

Buchen Fred'k, musician, '■ I Lam i I t 

a Philip, paperhanger, 53 Lancaster 
Lngust, wheelwright, •; McMechin 
■ arles, boxmkr, 0:> Oonway 
Bu er Cbas A. boxmkr, :»!• Oonway 
Buler Christian, tailor, 5 Spruce al 
Ruler Edward, barber, 132 1'ennn av 
Buler Ernest, ihoemkr, l u Spring 
Kuler Ernest jr. ' arber, 508 Saratoga 
Buler Jacob, tailor, 132 Penna av 
Bnnick Bdward II. italrhiiilder, 714 Penna av 
Bnnick Then. K. conductor, "U Penn* av 
Bnnick Ttios. K.jr. 714 Pennaav 
Enrich Henry, tinner, 18:', ■ Bond 
Burich .John, linitier, 107 Canton av 
Enrich Peter.stove and I aware l07Cantonav 
European Hotel,J. J. Luits.propr, '26 w Phj ettl 

Levi, lab. i r -f> i Eden 
BUT AW SAVINGS BANK, s e cor Eutaw and 

Eutaw Place Baptist Church, cor Dolphin and 

But i'.\ 
Eutaw | M.P.) Church. Hall's Bprii 
Eutaw Street (M.B.I Church, Eutaw between 
Franklin and Mulberry 

leal Lutheran Church, cor Fremont and 

leal Lutheran Church, cor Eutaw and 

Evannelteal LutJieran Church (German) Sharp 

and Henrietta 

llsts( P. E.)Cba|iel, Potomac nrO'Donnell 
Evans Albert C. carp. 235 s Sharp 
Evans Alfred D. law and C Election office, 4 S 

Front, dw n e cor Aisijuilh and Obew 
Evans Andrew J. pilot, 262 e Pratt 
Bvana Andrew J. jr. 262 e Pratt 

Andrew J. carp Washington nr Chase 
Evans Mrs. Ann E. seamstress, '23G n W 

Lnnie seamstressj, 6 Hast Falls av 
Evans Beiij. F. produce, 6,2 e Baltimore 
Evans Benj. T. brickmkr, -427 McIIenry 
Bvana Mrs. Catherine, sea cost's, 127 McHenry 
Evans 0. Taylor, mariner, 61 Block 
Bvana ("has. plasterer, Hampden 
Evans Cbas. A. attorney, 49 w Fayette, dw 15 

Bar net 
Bvana Cbas II clerk, 565 w Fayette 
Bvana Cbas. W. hooks and stationery, 514 w 

Evans Cbas H. printer, 349 e Chase 

EVANS DAY .j CO (H Evans,jr., George W. 
Day) ■ I fruit packers, cor Boston and 

Evans Mis. Cbas. L. F. saleslady, 127 n Eutaw 
Bvana liiuiiel B. boiler mkr, i Parrisb 
Bvana Daniel T. pilot, Ann »nd Baltimore 
Evans David, coppersmelter.Clinton and Toone 
Bvam Bev. David, 18 J ickson pi 
Evans David G apothecary ,cor Ann and Alice- 
aima. dw 50 Light 

Edw »rd, carp. 49 n P 
is Bdward J. punter, M7 Lexington 
Mrs. Bliibtn. notions, 54 s Colling ton av 
Evans Mrs Emily, vestmkr, 11 h Bdeu 

Evans Mrs. Emily, drCSSm -i. 285 I L ■ uliard 

Bvana Mrs Esther, 1*7 Montgomery 

Bvana Eugene, lab. vFoodberry 

Evans Bran, coppers oelter, Clinton and Toone 

Bvana Fi oelter, Clinton nr Boston 

Evans I leo, plasterei , Hampden 

Bvana Geo lab. B Cubs 

Bvani U o. S'i'A w Hoffman 

SADLER'S Bryanl and Btratlon BUSINESS 0< ALLEGE, Baltimore, 

Nos. 6 an<l 8 N. Charles St., W. H. Sadler, PWeident. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World, O. F. Bresee, G-en. Agt. 
EYA 221 EVI 

Evans Geo. lab. Clinton nr Ninth 

Evans Geo. bookkpr, 207 Barre 

Evans Geo. H. bagg'emaster, 69 n Pine 

Evans Geo. N. carp. 157 Montgomery 

Evans Geo. N. police, 157 Montgomery 

Evans Geo. T. coach trimmer, 12ri e Madison 

Evans George W. (Pikesville Dairy Co.) 258 

Evans H. Clay, printer, 108 Jefferson 
Evans Hampton, engineer, Winans row 
Eviins Harriet, grocery, Clinton nr Boston 
EvansHenry jr.( Evans,Day & Co.)l 1 Jackson pi 
Evans Henry, machinist, 750 w Pratt 
Evans Mrs. Hen ry W. 565 w Fayette 
Evans Isaac, messenger, 172 e Monument 
Evans Jacob C. coaclitiimmer, 108 Jefferson 
Evans Jacob H. machinist, 13 Orleans 
Evans James, lab. Woodberry 
Evans James C. mariner, 262 e Piatt 
Evans James E. painter, 325 e John 
Evans James W. butcher, 342 e Lombard 
Evans Mrs. John, housekeeping goods, 18w Bal- 
timore, dvv 303 e Baltimore 
Evans John, coppersmelter, Clinton nr Boston 
EvansJohn B.painter,54Clay,dw 487 Lexington 
Evans John'H. train receiver, 678 Ramsay 
Evans John J. painter, 487 Lexington 
Evans John R. shoefitter, 351 n Strieker 
Evuns John S. 303 e Baltimore 
Evans Joseph, lab.*129 Harford av 
Evans Joseph, shoemkr, 25 Wolfe, a of Mon- 
Evans Joshua, carp. 22 Myrtle av 
Evans Lawrence, mariner, 154 s Durham 
Evans Lee M. clerk, 242 n Carey 
Evans Levi, printer, 108 Jefferson 
Evans Lilburn, plasterer. Woodberry 
Evans M. K. salesman, 9 Barnet 
Evans Mrs. Mary, 125 Hollius 
Evans Mrs. Mary B. diessmkr, 31 Whatcoat 
Evans Mitchell W. painter, 279 Aliceanna 
Evans Morgan, stevedore, Hull nr Fort av 
Evans 0. P. stationery, 342 e Lombard 
Evans Richard B. clerk, 325 e Chase 
Evans Samuel, Homestead 
Evans Saml. M. in3pr. C. H. 422 e Baltimore 
Evans Thos. carp. Iu8 Jefferson 
Evans Thos. coppersmelter, Clinton nr Second av 
Evans Thos. B. oyster packer, 63 n Wolfe 
Evaus Dr. Thos. B. s e cor Ann and Aliceanna, 

dw 18 Jackson pi 
Evans Thos. G builder. 211 n Howard 
Evans Thos. H.(T. H. E. & Co.) 565 w Fayette 
EVANS THOS. H. & CO. (Thos. H. Evans,) 
com. merchts. and produce, 82 Light-st whf 
Evans Thos. H. 367 n Central av 
Evans Thos. J. 66 s Washington 
Evans Uriah N. clerk, 262 e Pratt 
Evans Virginia, trimmiugs, 342 e Monument 
Evans Walter T. driver, Washington nr Eager 
Evans Wm. pilot, Ann and Baltimore 
Evans Wm. lab. 53 s Monroe 
Evans Wra. lab. Clinton nr Boston 
Evans Wm. A. J. cooper, 278 Greenmount av 
Evans Wm. B. 198 n Broadway 
Evans Wm. H. clerk, 3u3 e Baltimore 
Evans Wm. H. marblecutter, 394 n Eden 
Evaus Wm. H. H. carp. 51 s Fulton 
Evans Wm. W. printer, 278 Greenmount av 
Evans Wm. D. clerk, Eutaw hotel 
EVENING BULLETIN, Bulletin Publishing 
Co. propr's, 128 w Baltimore 

MONEY! $100,000 TO LOAN 

In Sums to Snit, at 



22 N. G-ay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
Thisresponsibleofficestill continues tomake the 
largest loans on goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Rates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 

BElVJA-lVtllV «fc CO. 

EVENING NEWS, E. V. Hermange & Brewer, 

editors and publishers, 133 w Baltimore 
Everett Amos, stonecutter, 243 Aliceanna 
Everett Chas. lab. 76 Grindall 
Everett Frederick, booth tter, 513 n Gay 
Evtrett Frederick, lab. 293 e Monument 
Everett Frederick C. carp. 41 Walker 
Everett Mrs. Johanna, notions. 543 n Gay 
Everett John, mariner, 195 s Chapel 
Everett John S. coachpainter, 162 Cathedral 
Everett Joseph, carp. 198 w Biddle 
Everett L. Frank, ( Norman, E.&Co.)190Saratoga 
Everett Robt. huckster, 269 Saratoga 
Everett Thos. carp. 41 Walker 
Everett Thos. H. 119 s Bond 
Everett Wm. 58 e Baltimore 
Everett Wm. coal, 53 n Central av,dw 72 n Eden 
Everhart Chas. confectioner, 70 n Arlington av 
Everhart Mrs. Elizabeth. 74 Battery av 
Everhart Geo. B. tinner, 74 Battery av 
Everhart Geo. G. confectioner, 88 Lexington 
Everhart John, gardener, 100 Preston 
Everhart Robt. lab. 349 Cathedral 
Everhart Saml. canmkr, 20 Johnson 
Everhart Mrs. Tryphenia, 88 s Mount 
Evering Bernard, 9l s Wolfe 
Everist Mrs. Frances, 104 s Regester 
Everist John M. sr. cooper, lo8 n Holliday, dw 

74 s High 
Everist Jno.W.carp.9 n Sharp, dwl92 Myrtle av 
Everist Joseph, cooper, 377 e Fayette 
Everit Mrs. Disney, 253 Gough 
Everit Mrs. Emma, 253 Gough 
Everit Mrs. Maria, 253 Gough 
Everitt Jas. lab. 1 19 s Chapel 
Everitt Jas. huckster, 60 Hamburg 
Everitt Peter, huckster, 249 s Charles 
Everitt Peter sboemkr, 242 Montgomery ' 
Everitt Thos. S. harnessmkr, 271 William 
Everly Geo. W. shoemkr, 125 Camden 
Evers Mrs. Ann, 228 s Ann 
Evers Henry W. shoemkr, 228 Battery av 
Evers Wm. H. brushmkr, 284 Canton av 
Eversfield John C. clerk, 343 n Broadway 
Eversman Fred. sr. 81 s Bond 
Eversman Fled. jr. musician, 81 s Bond 
Eversman J. Frederick, clerk, 309 s Charles 
Eversman John G. 309 s Charles 
Eversman Louis, musician, 81 s Bond 
Eversman Louis, 196 Barre 
Eversman Wm. clerk, 309 s Charles 
Everwiu Mrs. Christiana, 39 Whatcoat 
Everwin Samuel, engineer, 454 Division 
EVITT & BRO. (R. and J. Evitt, )wholes.sboe 

manufs. over 346 w Baltimore 
Evitt Casper, lab. Dillon nr Third av 
Evitt Henry, upholsterer, 249 Lee 



















Neatness, Accuracy and Dispatch are BUSINESS REQUISITES. 
Taught at Sadler's Business College, Nos. 6 and 8 N. Charles St. 





t— i 





Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York^ 




Evilt Johu, (E. & Bio.) 62 u Caiey 

Bvitt Kobt. (E. & Br>».) J 14 n Carrollton av 

Byoj Mrs Bllen, 574 Harford av 

Btoj Joseph T. 574 Harford av 

Bwalt Geo. paperbenginge, 309 n Gay 

Bwalt Henry, 169 ii Bond 

Bwalt Johii'll. stationery, fee. 2ol e Baltimore 

Bwalt Lewis, cnntnkr, 42* Alicenmia 

Bwalt 8aml. A. fruit packers, 182 Hamburg, dw 

74 D Poppleton 
Bwalt Basil, jr. 74 d Poppleton 
Bward John H. apothecary, 781 w Baltimore * 
Bwc Adolpli, carp. Lennuuu nr Payson 
Bwell Edward, inaobiuist, 121 German 
Swell Jobn, (Bwell'fl wine store,) 121 German 
KW ELL'S WINK STORE, 188 W Baltimore, 

-:. Paul, John Swell, propr 
K\\ ens Jobu F. bookkpr, 48 Saratoga 
Kwig Johu, tailor, 19u Madison av 
Ewig Jobu, lab. 3 Bounty [a 
Bwiog Chas. C. clerk, 89 s Greene 
Ewiug Henry, painter, 29 Brune 
Bwiog John J. police, 4u Eusor 
Ew iug Saml. teacher, House of Refuge 
Ewiug Thomas S. clerk, 132 n High 
Swing Thomas \V. 132 n High 
Ewiug Wm. com. mercht. 89 s Greene 
Ewiug Win. O. (Nay lor & E.) 26 6 Gilmor 
BwingS .Mrs. Eliza, 25 J Greeuinount av 
Bxcelaior Steam Forge, Geo. S. Dickey, propr. 

Locust Point 
Excelsior Stencil, Stamp and Novelty Works, 

W.K.Lauphear.propr. u e cor Gay aud Lom- 
Exchange Building, 55 Second 
Exchange Relief Fire Ins. Co. of N.V. 4 s Holliday 
Exchange Reading Rooms, Exchange building, 

entrance Second and Lombard, Porter $ 

Hamilton, proprs. 
Exchange Salesroom, Exchange bldg,55 Second 

George U. Porter, propr. 
Exeter Hall, Exeter n of Baltimore 
Lxctei-St. M. E. Church, Exeter ur Gay 
Ex. under Chas. tailor, 27 Thames 
By Fred, puddler, 40 Bradford al 
Ey George, lab. 29 Fountain 
Bj Guslav, barber, 149 Frauklin 
Ey Heury, tinuer, 29 Fountain 
Byerly Cbas. lab. 75 Dawson al 
E^erly Geo. packer, 75 Dawsou al 
Byerly Jacob, caumkr, 39 China 
E\erly Wm. S. brakemau, 280 Rauisay 
Eyll Geo. P. machinist, 131 u Fremont 
typi llermau, carp. 161 Madeira al 
Eynug Adolph, lab. 83 s Bethel 
Eyster Dr. Geo. H. 1 Waverley terrace 
Byiet Puilip, upholsterer, 2o6 w Fayette 
E> th Geo. coal aud wood, 328 Aliceanua 
Ey tinge E. S. furnishing goods, 112 Lexington, 

dw 39 n Howard 
Eyliuge Henry, dry goods, 165 u Gay 
K^ unge Moses S. restaurant, 12 McClellan 
Ezel Mrs. Sabine, 35-5 Eastern av 
Ezert Aloysius, lab. 297 Franklin 

Mrs. Anna, 468 Canton av 
Faber Bernard, grocer, loo s Charles 
Faber Fred. lab. 310 Lancaster 
F.tOer George, bookbinder and stationer, 342 
m Pratt 

Faber Henry, barber, 177 s Charles 

Paber Henry, tinplate maker, 66 s Wolfe 

Faber Henry, cook, 207 Lee 

Faber Uermau, stoves, 275 s Charles 

Faber John, butcher, 4 Brown la 

F>ber John, carp. 310 Laucasler 

Faber Louis, cooper, Belair av ext 

Faber Rev. Peter J. 126 n Gey 

Fabian Mrs. A. M., Madison ur Broadway 

Pabrill Francis J. blacksmith, 231 e Madison 

Face Charles H. carp. 13 Bartlett 

Pacb August, lab. 203 Stirling 

Pacta Jacob, 2o5 a Baltimore 

Pedal Rev. Gustav, 10 n Front 

Fader Cbas. W. foreman, 60 s Paca 

Padgen John, lab. 4 vYeflt Falls av 

Fadgeu Michael, 4 West Falls av 

Pedgen Tboe. lab. 4 West Falls av 

Fadum Fred, machinist, 222 s Charles 

Fadum Julius, lab. 222 s Charles 

Fadum Louis, machinist, 222 s Charles 

Faethe Golfi ied,(Graf, F. & Geveukort) 136 e 

Pagan Mrs. Ellen, 174 e Monument 
Fagau Hugh, lab. 280 e Mudisou 
Pagan Robert, clerk, 174 e Monument 
Fagau Wm. T. salesman. 20 n Eulaw 
Fagar Elizabeth, 6 Spring ct 
Fager Joseph, carp. 8 s Carey 
Fagrel Alfred, (F.cJ- Hodge) 201 Conway 
Fagret £ Hodge(Alfred Fagret.Jobn D.Hodge) 

cabinetmkrs, 201 Conway 
Fagret Mrs. Elizabeth, 201 Conway 
Fagret MadameL.Guillioud, ladies' hair dresser, 

224 n Howard 
Fague Johu, watchman C.H., 18 s Carrollton av 
Fague Theodore F. printer. 18 s Carrollton av 
Faherty Mrs. Mary, 2o3 Eastern av 
Fabey Mrs. Ann, grocery, 27 s Fulton 
Pataey Mis. Klleu, 9 Woodyear 
Fahey James, lab. 37 Hill 
Fahey John, lab. 644 w Pratt 
Fahey Mark, poiter,293 s Charles 
Fahey Martin, dairy, Tenant w of Fulton 
Fane.) Martin, huckmau, 128 w Towusend 
Fahey Michael, lab. 78 York 
Fahey Patriots, lab. 124 s Poj.pletou 
Fahey Patiick, coachpainier, 21 Stockton 
Fabey Patrick, lab. 1 Hudson al 
Fuhey Richard, lab. 12 s Poppleton 
Fahey Thomas, tailor, 170 n Front 
Fahey Tbos. lab. 53 Woodyear 
Fahey Tbos. lab. 71 North 
Fahey Thomas, dairy, Tenant w of Fulton 
Fahe.v Tbos. lab. 1 Hudson al 
Fableu Chas. H. 182 Mulberry 
Pabn Nicholas, lab. 3 Bruce 
Fuhnestock Albert, (D.F.& Co.)Madison avext 
Falinestock Dei ick, (I> F.«.v Co.)Madisorj av ext 
PAHNBSTOCK D. CU. (D. Fuhnestock, C. 
Brooks, Albeit and Harry Falinestock) bank- 
ers and brokers, 21 South 
Falinestock Edward, clerk, 81 n Strieker 
Fahueslock Geo. W. w holes, millinery goods, 

253 w Baltimore, dw K60 W Fayette 
F..huestock Harry, (D.F.& Co.)Madison av ext 
Falinestock Seymour, jeweler, 58 u Liberty 
Faid John, caumkr, 41 Bev.ui 
Faid Lewis, caumkr, 442 Light 
Fan Rev. Campbell, 43 llar.nn av 
Fairall Alexander, shoeinkr, 103 L. Hughes 
Fairall Mrs. Elizab.A. grocery, 567 w Lombard 

110LME8 & CO., Engineers' mid Machinists' Topli and 8uj»plies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.0a 


O. F. Bresee , Gren'l^ Agtr 


Fairall Geo- moulder, 17:-! Barre 
Fairall Geo. E. jr. machinist. 11 Etting 
Fairall Geo. E. brakeman, 567 w Lombard 
Fairall John B. weaver, Mount Vernon 
Fairall Mary E. dressmkr, 589 w Lombard 
Fairall Waiter J. helper, 589 w Lombard 
Fairall Win. E. (May & F.) 40 St. Peter 
Fairall Wm. H. blacksmith, 10 uCarrollton av 
Fairbank And.J.agt. Mt. Clare, 395 w Lombard 
Fairbank Chas. agent Bilto. and North Branch 

Soap Stone Co. dw 126 w Fayette 
Fairbank Chas. A. teacher, 262 Chew 
Fairbank Frank H. clerk, 790 w Pratt 
Fairbank Francis M. (F. .Murphy & Co.) 378 w 

Fairbank Gee. J. clerk, 325 Franklin 
Fairbank Geo. W. patternmkr, 790 w Pratt 
Fairbank John, conductor, 14 s Calhoun 
Fairbank John R. clerk, 708 Ramsey 
FAIRBANK, MURPHY & CO. (F.M. Fairbank, 

J. F. Murphy, John J.Faupel ) manufacturers of 

mouldings, picture frames, passepartouts, mats, 

&c, salesrooms 38 n Howard 

38 N, Howard St. 


MONEY ! $100,000 TO LOAN! 

In Sums to Salt, at 



22 IT. Gay Street, near Fayette St. 

Established by the late Levi Benjamin, 1830. 
This responsible office stil 1 continues to make the 
largest loans ou goods of every description and on 
Merchandise in General, on Lower Kates of 
charges than any other office in this city. 


Faistenhamer Bernard, tobacconist, 131 Forrest 
Fastenhamer Frank, cigarmkr. 131 Forrest 
Fait John, fancy goods, 82 Park av 
Fait Leo, clerk, 8'2 Park av 
Fait Win. bookkpr, 82 Park av 
Faithful Edw. J. bricklayer, 399 n Gilmor 
Faithful Mrs. Dr. Joseph, 257 w Fa\ ette 
Faithful Richard, bricklayer, 309 n Gilmor 
Fajen John H. restaurant, 147 w Lombard 
Falck Casper W. sr. porter, 32 s Carey 
Falck Conrad, cutter, 110 s Durham 
Falck John B. (Charles Hilgenberg & Co.) 177 

Portrait and Picture Frames, 

JE§f*01d Frames Regilded and Repaired. 

Fairbanks Chas. agent North Branch Sonpstone 

Co. dw 126 w Fayette 
FAIRBANKS & CD'S scaie warehouse, 166 w 

Baltimore, Geo. H. Gillman, agent 
Fairbanks Edvv. sbipsmith, 115 Mills, dw 20 s 

Fairbanks Jas. H. carp. 38 n Wolfe 
Fairbanks John J. lab. 38 u Wolfe 
Fairbanks Sarnl. H. shipjoiuer, 38 n Wolfe 
Fairbanks T. J. bookkpr, 244 Druid Hill av 
Fairbanks Wm. lab. 2-j1 Hollins 
Fairbanks Wm. J. police, 8 Russell 
Fai: child C. H. clerk, Ameiican hotel 
Fairchild & Co.( Wm.Fairchild and Francis T. 

Carver) merchant tailors, 51 n Gay 
Fairchild Mrs. R.C. proprietress American hotel, 

n w cor Franklin and Calvert 
Fairchild Wm. (F.& Co.) 333 e Chase 
Fairfax A. C. clerk, 28 w Monument 
Fairfax A. P. clerk, 14 Barnet 
Fairfax Edward H. bookkpr, 14 Barnet 
Fairfax Mrs. Eliza M. 14 Barnet 
Fairfax Hamilton R. clerk, 76 Saratoga 
Fairfax L. C. salesman, 76 Saratoga 
Fairfield Fire Insurance Co. of South Norwalk, 

Conn. 44 Second 
Fairley James, driver, 104 s Duncan al 
Fairley Mrs. Martha, laund. 104 s Duncan al 
Fairley Robt. canmkr, 104 s Duncan al 
Fairley Patrick, drayman, 9 Bartlett 
Fairley Thos. watchman. 120 Duncan al 
FAIRLEY THOS. florist, 233 Druid Hill av 
Fairman Geo. B. machinist, 366 n Washington 
Fairview Academy, Emma J. Clarke, principal, 

687 w Fayette 


cholas, clerk, 32 s Carey 
Falck Robt. moulder, 91 Dawson al 
Falck Wm. C. clerk, Miller hotel 
Falconer Alex, clerk. 25 s Gay 
Falconer Mrs. John, 12 Cathedral 
Fales Benj. R. clerk, 123 Hanover 
Fales Kbenezer C. mariner, 118 n Bond 
Fales Geo. E. moulder, 244 n Ann 
Fales Jas. H. wood turner, 27^ Aisquith 
Fales Joseph A. mariner, 74 s Washington 
Fales Wm. G. paperhanger, 118 n Bond 
Falk Mrs. Catherine, stationery, 477 w Pratt 
Falk Edward, confect'r, s e cor Poppleton and 

Falk Ferdinand, music teacher, 109 s Eden 
Falk Geo. lab. 7 Burrough 
Falk Geo. lab. rear 259 William 
Falk John M. pianomkr, 477 w Pratt 
Falk John P. cooper, 362 William 
Falk Otto, grocery, 2"> Abbot 
Falk Thos. P. cooper, 362 William 
Falkenhan Geo. (Falkenhan & Mulfinger) 395 

Falkenhan & Mulfinger, odorless excavators, 395 

Falkenstein Casper, driver, 139 Gough 
FALKENSTEIN GEO. restaurant, Frederick 

and Gay 
Falkenstein Fred. (F.& Weinmann) 2 L. Gough 
Falkenstein Henry, tanner, 130 n Howard 
Falkenstein § Weinmann, (F. Falkenstein, J. 

Weinmann) marble cutters, 4 n Front 
Fallan Daniel, carter, 123 s Sharp 
Fallau Daniel s